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Updated May 1, 2021

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*** Story Overview***

This listing of my published stories was completed on demand by readers who wanted a chronological story list. There is some overlapping in time because of the duration of some of the fics, but that can't be helped. However, this should provide a good outline of how the universe fits together.

The core story (the start of my universe) is “The Don't Understand,” which utilizes Daniel's computer diary, something that is vastly different from his personal journal. It's based on Daniel's frustration at the prejudice in the world and his desire that someday people would look beyond the stereotypes and allow others to live and be happy. Ultimately, that's the theme of the entire universe.

NOTE: Thanks to MidnightA for providing the 'new' and 'revised' icons for my website.

Jack and Daniel's Universe, By Season

* * * * * * Before the Series * * * * * *

Little Boy Lost
In the blink of an eye, a little boy's life changes forever.
First Impressions
Jack O'Neill gets his first look at Daniel Jackson, and vice versa.

* * * * * * Season One * * * * * *

A Unique Perspective
General George S. Hammond takes over as commander of a secret operation at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, only he has his own secret and a very unique perspective on what becomes his flagship team as they explore the universe during those early years of Stargate Command.
Welcome Back - Daniel
Daniel receives a surprise, and Sha're isn't happy about it.
Welcome Back - Jack
Jack gets an unexpected visitor and discovers he's surprisingly happy about it.
Jack brings Daniel home on his first night back on Earth, thus setting into motion the beginnings of a beautiful friendship and a poignant love affair.
Jack 'invades' Daniel's new office. Artifacts beware!
Orders and Oddities
Jack tries to teach Daniel his place.
Architectural Intrigue
Daniel takes in the uniqueness of Jack’s home and feels something special about it, perhaps making him comfortable enough to share a story from his past.
The Truth Within
As Kawalsky is taken over by a Goa'uld, Jack and Daniel build their friendship. When Jack reveals that he wants Teal'c to be on SG-1, Daniel wonders if his friendship with Jack will be over before it's even begun!
Simple Sleep
Back from Abydos less than two weeks, Daniel has a problem and Jack is determined to come to his aid.
Waffling Around
Jack and Daniel continue to bond and get to know each other.  On this day, it's all about hiding the demons of their pasts and enjoying the fun.
Basic Training
Shaggy haired Daniel Jackson attends a ramped up boot camp as he undergoes basic training, enabling him to be a part of SG-1. It's not exactly a piece of cake for the archaeologist.
Colonel Mustard in the Study
During a mission, one member of SG-1 learns a bit too much about inhibition.
Peaceful Negotiations
Can two very different men with completely different points of view ever really become friends? That's the question of the day for Jack and Daniel.
Finding the Right Mix
In the early days of Stargate Command, Daniel finds himself embroiled in a fight with Jack, which is nothing new for the pair.
Daniel brings home something unexpected, causing Jack's good mood to change drastically.
The Colonel and the Scientist
Military missions or scientific missions? Jack and Daniel battle it out as they set the perimeters of their budding friendship.
Little Napoleon
Jack has his first encounter with the Chief Medical Officer of Cheyenne Mountain and then moves to fix a wrong.
My Limping Linguist
SG-1's thoughts and interactions as they walk back to the Stargate at the end of The Broca Divide.
On My Own
Daniel ponders the reality of his existence after two key events, Jack attacking him in the control room and his first dubious meeting with Janet Fraiser.
Baskets Full of Eggs
Eggs, bunnies, and Easter egg hunts help to unite two very different men as their friendship grows and evolves.
The Lunatic Fringe
As the members SG-1 gets to know each other a little better, the team goes on a rescue mission that risks Jack's life and reunites Sam with her ex-fiancé.
Letting Go
Unity is more than energy. In other words, Jack and Daniel, before, during, and after the mission where they meet the energy crystals.
Moving Out
Daniel goes apartment hunting, and Jack goes with him.
Jack and Daniel do a bit of cleaning and as they do, Daniel finds an unexpected item.
The Trouble with Listening
SG-1 meets some very special and unusual aliens who have them questioning their listening abilities.
A Cold and Windy Night
Jack and Daniel are hurt and trapped off-world during a storm, while Sam and Teal'c try to get back to the SGC for help.
A Flickering of the Flame
When Jack suddenly grows old, Daniel must deal with yet another loss in his life.
The First of Many
Jack makes a big deal out of Daniel's birthday, which the archaeologist thinks is just another day.
Don't Mess with Danny
SGC personnel learn an important lesson -- don't mess with Jack's archaeologist!
Nothing Much
Daniel takes note of Jack's birthday and then almost forgets it.
A Pumpkin for Daniel
It's time to carve the pumpkin!
The First Christmas
It's Christmas, and Jack rescues Daniel from spending it alone, or is it the other way around?
Auld Lang Syne
Jack heads out to escape the city's New Year's celebration and soon realizes he forgot something important.
A member of SG-1 is taken over by an alien influence; craziness ensues.
Clarity: The Merging of Fire and Water
As Jack mourns the death of his best friend and in the process discovers a startling truth. How will this revelation affect the Air Force colonel?
Faith of the Innocent
Jack comes to terms with his feelings of love for his best friend.
As Jack and Daniel commiserate over Hathor's visit to the SGC, Jack reveals a shocking truth about his past.
Mr. Jealousy's Debut
Jack's Mr. Jealousy makes his first appearance. Can he cover up his extreme overprotectiveness and irrational emotions, or will Daniel learn the truth?
Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down
SG-1 meet the Tollan, and it's up to the flagship team to prevent the alien race from being taken prisoner by the NID.
Tin Hearts
SG-1 awakens to see themselves. Do the two Daniels have something surprising in common?
The Fifth of June
Jack and Daniel enjoy downtime in their own unique way.
Midnight Scavengers
SGC personnel get together for a fun competition. Who will be the victor?
Wacky Dream
After returning from an alternate reality, Daniel discovers that no one believes his story, leaving him alone to fight Kinsey when the senator wants to shut down the Stargate program.

* * * * * * Season Two * * * * * *

Frozen in Time - Complete
By request -- Sequel to Faith of the Innocent, this is Daniel's realization that he is in love with Jack O'Neill!
The Cycle of Life
Jack's thoughts as he mourns Daniel's “dying” on the Mother Ship and then rejoices at his Space Monkey's resurrection!
Wish Upon a Star
Jack gets his biggest wish - Daniel!
Feeling Our Way
Jack and Daniel spend their first night together as lovers, and their first week together as soulmates for eternity.
Adjustments and Parameters
With Sha're still under Goa'uld control, Daniel's guilt about his love affair with Jack threatens to end their relationship.
Prisoners and Lovers
Jack and Daniel continue to make adjustments in their new romantic relationship, Sam wonders if she is seeing what she thinks she's seeing, and Teal'c worries about Daniel.
Developing Daniel
Daniel wants a team dedicated to archaeological projects and has to convince Hammond and the Joint Chiefs that the expense is necessary.
Lazy Day
It's a lazy day as Jack and Daniel enjoy some downtime at the cabin in Minnesota.
Skinny Dipping
Jack and Daniel venture to the Minnesota cabin together for the first time as lovers, and Daniel is a little shyer than Jack would like.
After the mission with The Gamekeeper, Daniel retreats to his apartment. Jack follows only to be told that Danny has checked out (in a manner of speaking). This explains why Jack calls Daniel “Danny”
Daniel decides Jack is getting too close and opts to end their relationship.
Dangerous Interlude
Jack fries Daniel's brain cells, but then wonders if he really had a right to do so.
The Need of Two
Daniel suffers withdrawal from the sarcophagus, and it's up to Jack to get his lover through a very difficult recovery ... but will Jack's own traumatic past catch up to him? Just who will end up taking care of who?
Everyday Needs
Sometimes, it is the everyday things that make life special.
Bare Necessities
Jack and Daniel retreat to Mickey's park for some much-needed relaxation.
Rubber Duckies
Jack introduces Daniel to some new friends. Merriment and embarrassment ensue!
Thor's Cimmeria

SG-1 returns to Cimmeria to set a wrong right.

No sooner did the debriefing about the second mission to Cimmeria end, than SG-1 was called back into action in an attempt to rescue SG-2 from hostile natives on another planet.
Love Lost: The Feisty Danny Version
Jack leaves Daniel to return to Sara, and the archaeologist isn't happy about it one bit.
Love Lost: The Milder, More Insecure Daniel Version
Jack leaves Daniel to return to Sara.
Guilt's Indiscretion
While Jack is out of town, Daniel goes on a mission that has disastrous results.
Moonlight Madness
After some fun in the moonlight, Daniel is kidnapped from SG-1's camp. Will he survive the torture the inhabitants have in store for him?
Messages of a Friendship
As Jack fights for his life, and Daniel struggles to save him, Sam makes a decision that will change their lives forever!
Big, Huge, Ugly, Honkin' Bugs
Jack and Daniel comfort each other when one of their teammates is threatened first, by an off-world bug attack and second, by the appearance of Harry Maybourne.
Echoes of the Past
Daniel returns to the Museum of Art where his parents died for the first time since the incident with the Gamekeeper. Jack tags along and what follows is a combination of tears, anger, and romance.
The Naughty List
Confusing his lover, Daniel the scientist suddenly says bah-humbug to Christmas.
A Little Night Music
Jack and Daniel ring in the new year in their own special way.
Twilight's Jubilation
Daniel's drunk and thinks he's about to be fired. Jack makes it all better and takes Daniel shopping!
Drawer of Trust
Jack needs space, and Daniel decides to give it to him.
I'm Fine
Daniel evades Jack's advances causing Jack to worry about Daniel's motives; at the same time, Jack worries about Daniel's health. Is Daniel sick? Why is he hiding from Jack? Will it affect their current mission?
Brief Interlude
Sex, Sex and Jack cuts Daniel's hair!
A Glimpse into the Past
With Jack's help, Daniel faces his childhood, recalling precious memories of his parents, after having a roll of his mother's film developed.
Come Rain or Come Shine
Some things people can always rely on, such as the sun rising and setting each day, Harry Maybourne being a thorn in SG-1's side, and Jack and Daniel, loving and being loved.
Silver Linings
Is Jack too old and run-down for his youthful, energetic lover? That's the question Jack is asking himself, and it's one Daniel needs to answer before it's too late!
St. Julien's
Jack and Daniel attend a special wine tasting event that forever affects Daniel's sensation of taste.
Beach Blanket Blond
An unexpected event upsets Daniel, but turns on several of the SGC personnel. It's up to Jack to save the day for his lover and, at the same time, prevent himself from committing murder!
When Jack has the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain, his 'forever' with Daniel is threatened.
Jack wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style, but will a fight with Daniel interrupt his plans?
What Would I Do
As Jack recuperates, Daniel contemplates his Love.
Blah Blah Blah
After a rather bland recon mission, Jack finds the night a bit frosty, and it's not due to the winter weather.
A Matter of Choice
What happens when your old life runs smack dab into your new one? That's a question Jack has to answer, and his choices may cost him the one thing he values most -- his relationship with Daniel!
One Night
Jack and Daniel do what they do best.
Switching it Up
SG-1 switches it up, physically, after meeting Ma'chello, inventor of devices to fight the Goa'uld.
Dark Demons
Apophis seeks asylum at Stargate Command, during which time an emotional discovery is realized.
Plant Me a Kiss
After arguing off-world about plants, Jack and Daniel end up facing off once again on the subject of fauna.
Tough Guys Aren't Always So Tough
Will the third boy Charlie in his life be one Charlie too many for Jack O'Neill?
Hide and Seek
A spur of the moment trip to San Francisco results in a rather unexpected outing at the mall.
A trip back in time brings temptation to Jack and Daniel.
SG-1 is offered an extraordinary opportunity to give their friends their ultimate happiness, but it comes at a price to them personally. Will they pay that price, and if they do, what happens to SG-1 and their future?
In Memoriam
A surprise visit stirs up Jack's past and spurs Daniel to plan a trip for the couple.
Out of the Fire, Into Our Souls
After yet another nasty experience with Hathor, Jack and Daniel come to a major realization about their love and their future. In doing so, they make a pact that will forever be a part of their universe.
Something is wrong with Daniel, and Jack blames himself for missing the signs. Big time H/C coming up!

* * * * * * Season Three * * * * * *

July Eighth
Amid health concerns, Jack surprises Daniel on his special day.
This Old Man
Daniel worries about Jack's health. Meanwhile, Jack is afraid the truth will cost him everything.
Singing Soprano
Jack hams it up after Seth is killed, while Daniel reflects on the eerie aspect of the events.
Earth: The Next Protected Planet?
Jack meets Thor for the first time, but it's not all that friendly. The Asgard proposes adding Earth as a protected planet in order to save them from an impending Goa'uld attack. Things get even more complicated from there.
Cross Cycling Jack and Daniel have another adventure, a cross affair that has more than one meaning.
In Puris Naturalibus
Jack goes to unusual lengths during some hard-core negotiations with a potential new ally. Later, Daniel gives his lover some strokes of his own!
Calming Influences
Daniel is incorrectly diagnosed with schizophrenia. What will happen when the truth is revealed, and everyone has to come to terms with their willingness to lock Daniel away in a padded cell so quickly?
A Kiss is but a Kiss
Daniel isn't happy with Jack for kissing the alternate Sam. Can Jack explain away the goodbye kiss?
Not Again
When SG-1 explores a new planet and becomes faced with a language barrier of sorts, it may cost Daniel his life.
When Teal'c dies on a medieval planet, his agonizing teammates struggle to decide on their next move, a decision that has Jack and Daniel on opposite sides.
Engaging the Rules
SG-1 come upon a youthful group of SG teams, only their boss is Apophis and not General Hammond.
Murphy's Law
Daniel experiences Murphy's Law to the maximum. Anything and everything that can go wrong, does. Even Jack gets a bit of whumping in this one! But can Jack kiss and make Daniel better?
Forever and Always
After Sha're dies, Jack fears he's lost his reason for living to the destroyer of worlds. Is it really the darkest before the dawn?
Welcome to Netu
Times are difficult when SG-1 join Martouf in a rescue mission after Sam's father is captured by Sokar. The mission literally means going to hell and experiencing some very emotional memories.
After the Calm
The events of "Legacy" linger, but Daniel needs to make peace with Janet, and it's up to Jack to make sure that happens.
Hanging Around
Daniel is a tad put out about having been left hanging around during the foothold crisis at the SGC! Is that the real reason for his anger, or does the answer lie in Netu?
Close Call
When Daniel is taken captive, SG-1 is faced with a tough choice -- to save their teammate or let him die. The usually simple choice is complicated by a unique substance that could make the Goa'uld invincible.
Tal Pat Ryn
Jack, Daniel, and some very romantic fire rain on Edora.
Tears of a Valentine
Separated and uncertain of their future, two lovers cry tears of a lonely Valentine's Day.
A Hundred Nightmares
Daniel's world is nothing but a series of nightmares as he waits to learn if Jack is dead or alive on Edora.
Black and White
Barely back from Edora, Jack goes undercover. Then he and Daniel do some covert operations of their own.
Harsh Realities
Three members of SG-1 are taken captive while making first contact on a planet, and Daniel gets the worst of it before things are resolved.
Jack agonizes over Daniel's disappearance while Daniel despairs about finding a way home to his lover.
Jack and the number nine: what does the combination mean?
Daniel screams out in the throes of passion, but it's not because of making love with his soulmate!

* * * * * * Season Four * * * * * *

Drawing the Line
Jack and Daniel come to terms with Jack's choices on Euronda, including his humiliation of Daniel in front of the rest of SG-1 and the Eurondans.
Of Boys and Spice
The arrival of Anise stirs the green-eyed monster for both Jack and Daniel. Will she, or the ancient armbands she asks them to wear, affect their relationship?
Daniel becomes colorful; Jack follows suit; Teal'c and Junior battle for their lives; Sam worries!
When Teal'c is reunited with an old flame, sparks fly, putting SG-1 in a difficult situation.
More Than I'm Supposed To
A machine brands Jack and Sam as potential assassins and feelings are to blame. So, what's the big deal?
Opportunity's Agony
Window of Opportunity may have looked like fun, but was it really?
Bearilicious to Bearumpy
It's Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, Jack-bear style!
On a mission, SG-1 come across an unusual wall that has a strange impact on one of them.
The events of “Watergate” concluded, Jack struggles to get back into Daniel's good graces when the young man seems inexplicably angry at Jack's decisions during the mission.
Unas, Go Home
Chaka abducts Daniel, resulting in both angst and some loving comfort for our heroes.
Stepping It Up
After Daniel is rescued from the Unas, Jack has to step it up, only that means putting Daniel right in the thick of it, and that doesn't make the colonel happy.
Regulations for the Brave and Harried
Hammond's had enough and he orders Jack to handle the situation.
Under the Surface
Dress blues, cutoffs, no air-conditioning, hot weather, love in the afternoon, and the aftermath of memory stamps!
The Man from Outer Space
SG-1 encounters Marty, the man from outer space. He has his problems, but so does Jack, who is dealing with an angered Daniel.
Fade Out
Jack and Teal'c are dying in space. Can Daniel and Sam get to them in time with a little help from their friends?
It's All Phoenician to Me
As Jack and Daniel continue to make up after an argument, they, Sam, and Jacob travel to the Tobin System to reprogram a mine.
A bit of fluff for the boys, just a wrestlin' and a lovin'!
Resignation Denied
After General Hammond steps down from command, SG-1 is dismantled by his replacement. Jack investigates, sensing something fishy is going on.
What If
When the klaxons blare and a bloodied note is tossed through the Stargate, SG-1 begin to wonder, what if.
Daniel grows distant after Shifu leaves Earth. Can Jack discover the true reason why, and if he does, can he handle the truth he learns?
Stargate Trials
Jack and Daniel go on trial for their misdeeds at Stargate Command.
Keep Out
SG-1 goes on a rescue mission that takes a few unexpected twists and turns, leaving both Daniel and Sam in jeopardy. Is the answer to the situation really as simple as it seems?
Lighting My World
Can you get back what you thought was lost? Or was anything ever really lost at all? Jack and Daniel struggle to answer these questions after the events of “The Light” transpire.
These Are Not the Days
A miserable Jack laments his latest assignment and separation from his favorite archaeologist.
Jack reels in his archaeologist for a bit of evening fun, or is it Daniel doing the reeling?
Daniel encounters a former nemesis who seems intent on ignoring the archaeologist's change from sleek and meek to buff and tough.
A Dish Best Served Cold
Is Jack suffering a string of bad luck or is someone after revenge? Daniel knows the answer. Does Jack?
Traces of Love
After putting Daniel to the test, Jack has to deal with the fallout.
Trouble in Paradise
On the fluffy side, there is sex, sex, and more sex! On the serious side, Jack frets about Daniel being more of a soldier than a scholar; and the lovers take a time out while on a mission which has hefty consequences.
Please Don't Die
Daniel dies ... again, and Jack goes on a bender as a result!

* * * * * * Season Five * * * * * *

It's a Jaffa Revenge Thing
SG-1 assists the Tok'ra in moving bases and end up battling Apophis and the Replicators. In the process, a member of their team is at risk and turns against them. Will it be all's well that ends well, or will SG-1 be forever changed?
The Art of Friendship
Daniel fears for Jack's life while struggling to maintain his friendship with Teal'c.
How's Sam?
Overworked and without a life outside of the SGC, Sam apparently faints on a mission and creates an alien entity to keep her company. Jack and Daniel worry, but with the nation going through what is arguably its worst crisis ever, they have to focus elsewhere and let Sam deal with her situation alone.
Anger's Song
Jack and Daniel go through a difficult time, especially after Paul Davis arrives in town.  After Jack gets drunk and Daniel doesn't come home, will they ever be able to find their way to each other again?
Mary Steenburgen
Daniel is tired of being second-string to Mary Steenburgen, so he decides on a bit of payback for his lover.
Daniel can't stop looking at Jack's eyes, and those eyes speak loud and clear.
Playtime on PBJ
While on a strange planet, the female inhabitants take a special liking to Daniel. Are the women what they seem to be? Will Daniel fall under their spell?
Planet of Beauties
Jack and Daniel have female problems and end up sharing a brain. Can Sam restore them to their natural selves before they die?
A strange power burst sends Jack and Daniel to an unknown world where they become stranded. Can they find their way home to Earth?
The Right to be Free
Jack and Daniel clash over how to handle Chaka's abduction, then their battles continue back on Earth as they fight over Daniel's decision to provide arms to the Unas. Will the lover's relationship survive?
It Goes Both Ways
Frank Simmons threatens Jack, and Daniel decides it's time to take action, with a little help from a friend.
Battle of the Tomb
SG-1's mission is to explore a Babylonian ziggurat on a planet devoid of life for millennia, but when a package of Russian cigarettes is found in the entrance, everything changes.
Stuck in the Middle
Jack and Daniel negotiate with the Tollan for several ion cannons in exchange for Trinium, only when they find out what the Trinium is being used for, the world changes for everyone.
Jack's Mr. Jealousy exacerbates a small squabble with his lover. Will rationality win, or will the Air Force colonel face a very cold night?
Two Guys in Love
Jack and Daniel enjoy being just two guys in love.
Jack and Daniel argue - is it real?
Poisoning the Soul
The Tok'ra want Daniel to take out the System Lords while the rest of SG-1 wait on Revanna. What price will a successful mission exact on the secret lovers?
SG-1 goes on an explosive mission. Will their mission succeed, and will the team still be friends after spending ten days in a small spacecraft together?
The Veiled Irishman
A mission goes awry, leaving Jack in an awkward state and Daniel feeling frustrated.

* * * * * * Season Six * * * * * *

More Than Meets the Eye
Daniel is attacked and ends up questioning his choices and his lifestyle, while losing confidence in his abilities and his sense of self. Can he rise above his fears when Jack's life is on the line?
The Spirits of Our Hearts

Daniel begins his computer diary, recalling when the Tau'ri met Tonane and the Salish. When Jack reads it, he's more interested in how his lover refers to him than the memory of the event.
Jack's Abyss

Jack undergoes one of the most traumatic experiences of his life and then wonders why his lover has forsaken him. Where is Daniel, and can he save his lover from the abyss of his mind?
Good Luck
Anubis launches an attack on Earth, and it's up to SG-1 to save the day.
Missing in Action
Jack is ordered to lead a rescue mission in Iraq and is reported killed, leaving Daniel behind to try and pick up the pieces of his life.
Gifts of a Lifetime
Jack gives a small child a gift of a lifetime, one that deeply affects Daniel!
Holding Our Breaths
While Jack is eager to add a new toy to the Air Force arsenal, Daniel displays another hidden talent. Only there's more to the story than he first lets on.
A Time for Us
When is enough, enough? That's the question Jack and Daniel examine during their latest downtime from the SGC.
For Daniel, it's frustrating, but for Jack, nothing is necessary.
An Unsteady Allegiance
After the Goa'uld destroy the Tok'ra base, the Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra refugees have to co-exist on the Tau'ri's Alpha Site. Unpleasant memories and the need to be diplomatic wreak havoc on Jack's soul. With Daniel on an alternate mission, how will the lovers cope with the current events?
Dinner at Seven
When Daniel is reported dead, a disbelieving Jack leads SG-1 with its newest 'member', Jonas Quinn, in a search for his lover. What Jack eventually finds is full of surprises.
Night of the Zombies
SG-1 travels to a very strange town where they uncover an eerie secret that could destroy Earth.
A visit to a previously unknown world leads to a big surprise for SG-1 and one of their allies. It also forces Jack to deal with his hostility over his temporary joining with a Tok'ra symbiote.
Hand in Hand
When Jack is injured and trapped inside an alien structure, it's up to Daniel to save them both.
Daniel discovers Jack is cheating on him and kicks him out of the house. Is Jack really having an affair, and how will this effect the lovers' nation of two?
With Daniel and Sam on board, the still-unfinished Prometheus is hijacked. Then Thor asks SG-1 for a favor that could prove to be deadly.
A Story
There's a story? Jack and Daniel get artistic, and then get a little surprise!
Never a False Step
Jack's flying high, teasing his lover endlessly about planes, Danny dances, and meaningful conversations with dogs!
Melons, Fiber and Krispy Kremes
Jack and Daniel go grocery shopping and find beautiful women, melons, donuts, and even, dare I say it, sex!
Jack and the Professor
Things just don't go as planned when SG-1 goes on a secret mission.
I'm Not Crazy
When SG-1 returns from a mission and Daniel sees creatures no one does, the archaeologist fears being placed in a mental hospital as he was years earlier. Will Jack allow history to repeat itself?
Heaven and Earth
When Daniel's doubts resurface, Jack kidnaps him, taking his lover on another romantic getaway.
Paradise Regained
Harry Maybourne returns and turns Jack's and Daniel's lives upside down. How will Jack and Daniel survive and can they regain their personal paradise?
When Jack is accused of murder, Daniel and SG-1 vow to exonerate him.
The Cabal Princess Affair
SG-1 discovers an interesting trio stranded on a planet, and one of them is after Daniel.
A nine-year-old Jack and eight-year-old Daniel terrorize the SGC ... and no, it's not an alternate reality!
Brain Drain
Daniel studies for another PhD while at the same time dealing with a departmental crisis at the SGC.
Behind the Disclosure
Hammond enlists the help of Jack, Daniel, and the Asgard in order to maintain control of the Stargate while also keeping Senator Kinsey at bay.
SG-1 board the Prometheus for its shakedown cruise, only things don't exactly go as planned.

* * * * * * Season Seven * * * * * *

Jack and Daniel celebrate their fifth anniversary together as lovers and partners!
Strange Things Happen
Jack returns home and finds his pajama-clad and incoherent archaeologist is suddenly deathly afraid of both Janet and Teal'c.
Home at Last
As Daniel bemoans Jack's absence on his birthday, he recalls their first trip to Disneyland together. Then, he gets the birthday surprise of his life!
A fairly routine mission becomes distracting for the leader of SG-1. Not long afterwards, Jack unexpectedly takes off for some time alone. Can Daniel decipher the puzzle and help mend his lover's heart?
With Daniel's body serving as a lifeboat to at least twelve alien beings, Jack watches, waits, worries, and then takes action.
They Don't Understand
(This is the core story that started it all!)

Daniel talks about his relationship with Jack, remembering points in time over their history, from their meeting through “Lifeboat” in Season 7, and reflects on why people don't understand them.

Happy Places
Things aren't always happy for Jack and Daniel, but somehow, they always end up getting there.
Space Break
Jack and Daniel enjoy a break in space as Sam has fun in a space race.
Rain, Jaffa, and a Man Named Felger
Daniel's stranded on a weather-torn moon, Jack and Teal'c are off-world under attack, and Sam has to soothe the ego of Jay Felger after a virus program goes bad and knocks out the entire Stargate network.
Because You're Mine
Daniel tries to convince Jack that Felger isn't such a bad guy; memories of Robert Rothman ensue.
Stay Awake
On a routine mission, an injured Jack and Daniel fight for survival.
Simple Joys
Daniel uncovers a secret of Jack's.
Puppy Love
As Jack and Daniel enjoy their first day with Bijou and Katie, Jack remembers another puppy love that warmed his heart.
For Better or Worse
Something is wrong with Jack, and Daniel decides it's time to find out what. Gulp, sex ensues!
Jack leads SG-1 on a rescue mission, but Daniel is on the sick list so has to stay behind. As he waits and worries, he recalls the time when he first found out that Jack was in love with him.
The Circle of Our Love
Daniel has a very important question to ask his lover, but he wonders if he's pushing his luck in wanting it all. How will Jack respond, and what will his answer be?
Being Ourselves
Jack and Daniel spend a day alone together, only they aren't as alone as they think!
There's trouble in paradise when Jack and Daniel face off over events that happened off-world. Is the wedding off?
Remember This Warning
Daniel disappears and Jack isn't sure who to trust or how to find him!
Something to Think About
Is a bundle of joy in Jack and Daniel's future?
Another Story, Another Addition
Jack ponders houses, artifacts, and Daniel, not necessarily in that order!
Trick or Treat
Jack wants Daniel to go trick or treating with him! Guess what he wants him to wear?
Falling Star
Jack speaks to Daniel in their own language of love!
Evolutionary Thoughts
After Daniel's kidnapping, Jack goes to Nicaragua to find him. This is their story from their reunion to their return home.
Little Gray Butts
Thor zaps up Jack at an inopportune moment, leaving behind a very angry and frustrated archaeologist.
Heart and Soul
Jack and Daniel tie the knot!
The newlyweds honeymoon in Australia!
A blissful Jack and Daniel return home from their honeymoon and make another pivotal decision about their future.
Because You Loved Me
Just back from their honeymoon, Jack and Daniel face their first separation, and neither is happy about it.
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Jack and Daniel celebrate their first holiday season together as husband and husband! Share the laughter and the tears, day by day!
Boys at Play
Money to burn? If you've ever been curious about Jack's and Daniel's financial status, read on and learn just how they've acquired so much green stuff!
Friendship's Grace
As Jack pulls away from Daniel, Sam comes to a painful realization, one that jeopardizes the trio's friendship. Will this be the end of SG-1?
Beagle Intervention
Jack and Daniel have a huge fight. Can Bijou and Katie end their bickering before it's too late?
Kelowna No More
Jonas Quinn and the Kelownans visit Earth. How will Jack keep Daniel safe this time?
Odyssey of the Mind
Daniel is abducted, beaten, tortured, and drugged. Then he does the unthinkable to Jack. Will their love survive?
Jack asks Daniel to play the piano. Will he? And what discoveries are waiting to be made if he does?
House of Walls
Daniel's desire to buy a house sends Jack into a rage.
Goofy and the Boys
It's the story of Jack and Daniel at Mickey's theme park and how that incriminating photo of the lovers with Goofy was taken.
Dare to Quiz
Jack and Daniel's three-month anniversary results in a special surprise for the archaeologist.
Turnabout Danny
When Daniel catches Jack with another man, he goes off the deep end. Will the marriage survive?
Daring to Achieve
Not satisfied with his score on the marriage test, Daniel decides it's time to work on his romantic self -- luckily for Jack!
Delusions of Love
A stalker taunts Daniel. Can Jack save Daniel? Can Daniel save Jack?
Beagle Interlude
When Daniel worries about Bijou and Katie being in harm's way, Mr. Fix-it takes charge, which leads to a bit of sap and a food fight that delights both men.
New Rules
Jack and Daniel have a party and end up making some new rules for themselves and their guests.
Picket Fences
Jack isn't happy when Daniel spends several nights alone in his new home; neither is Daniel, whose sleep has been nothing but restless.
When the super soldiers attack the Alpha Site, Sam fights for her life. Then it's up to Jack and Daniel to not only rescue their friend, but try to salvage the alliance between the Tok'ra, Jaffa, and Tau'ri.
Time Out
Jack gives Daniel a puzzle to solve and then rewards him with an adventure in the sky!
Beagle Intervention Now!
Jack and Daniel have a huge fight. Can Bijou and Katie stop their “parents” from splitting up?
The Truth About Heroes: Janet's Song
Stargate Command mourns the loss of their dear friend and colleague, Janet Fraiser, and then they get the shock of their lives.
Remote Control
Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c head to Los Angeles to assist Agent Barrett with an urgent situation. Meanwhile, a worried Jack recoups at home.
Beagle Interlude, Too!
After Jack gets carried away while playing with Katie, Daniel doesn't approve, which leads to the younger man doubting his ability to be a parent. Can Jack help his lover to overcome his fears, and will Katie forgive Jack for his actions?
Surprising Jack
Daniel has a special surprise for Jack, but he's worried the surprise may backfire.
The lovers have a lot to think about. What choices will they make, and how will those choices impact their future family?
Unspoken Fears
Daniel is forced to face the possibility of a life without Jack.
Katie and the Bandana
Katie takes a liking to Daniel's favorite bandana.
Daniel Meets His Match
When caffeine mixes with an alien drug, turning the normally understanding Daniel into an overbearing boss, Jack performs an intervention. In the process, Sam has to stand up to her friend, and Teal'c gets to show his soft side.
Jack and Daniel meet a very special young woman. Will she become the mother of their children, or are they in for a big disappointment?

* * * * * * Season Eight * * * * * *

Season 8 is a bit different from other years. First, because the story arc that ends Season 7 and begins Season 8 starts with Inauguration Day, which would be January 20, 2005 in the USA, many stories will take place long before the "official" season unfolded.

The Name Game
Jack and Daniel celebrate Daniel's birthday while pondering names for their future children.
The Pact
After once again coming face-to-face with their mortality, Jack and Daniel review their pact and make some important amendments now that they've decided to have children.
Jack's Bad Day
Jack is having a bad morning. Can his day get any worse?
Mixing the Old and the New
It's the face-off of the husband and the ex-husband when Sara and Mark Wilson invite Jack and Daniel to dinner for the very first time.
Sharpshooter Secret
Current events trigger a nightmare from Daniel's past. Haunted by long ago happenings, he debates sharing the truth with Jack.
Final Justice
Jack and Daniel's plans for a romantic getaway are interfered with when Daniel disappears. Later, the two come face-to-face with the person who has been after them for months. What follows is anything but romantic.
Surprising Jack - Again
Daniel wants to do something special for Jack's birthday, but he's full of self-doubt about it. Can he go through with it, and will Jack's Mr. Jealousy from Daniel's secret cause problems?
Bobbin' for Archaeologists
Jack takes Daniel to a Halloween party which results in one very crazy, but entertaining, evening.
Twinkie Wars
It's a crazy but oddly typical twenty-four hours for Jack and Daniel.
Return to Juan de Fuca
Jack and Daniel celebrate their first wedding anniversary by returning to the place of their wedding.
The Last Mission
Jack is set to retire; Daniel is looking forward to becoming a full time archaeologist/anthropologist again; both are happily planning their new life together, living openly as a married couple as they start their family. But will their final mission through the Stargate ... the last mission ... prevent them from making their dreams come true?
Inauguration Day
Jack and Daniel relax at home while the country welcomes a new commander-in-chief. How will the new President react to the news of the Stargate?
Aveo ... Amacuse
Having just returned to active duty, Jack and Daniel are faced with another crisis, one that threatens the future of Stargate Command, SG-1, and their life together.
My General
Jack gets promoted, and Daniel makes plans.
Who Shot Me?
After Jack shoots Daniel, the archaeologist doesn't get mad; he gets even!
A General No More?
Jack is upset with Sam for having ignored his orders, and he's not so sure he wants to be a general anymore, either.
Get a Life, People
As Jack tries to get home to his lover, he has another one of those crazy commanding days.
Fun in the Sun
Jack wants to play with his truck, but Daniel's in the mood for love.
Atlantis or Bust
Daniel has found Atlantis and “we can go there” -- “We?” Jack asks. Will the lovers survive a misunderstanding, or will they be sunk trying?
Been There, Done That
Will Daniel's time with Leda on the planet cause a rift between him and Jack?
Games People Play
Jack and Daniel relive some unpleasant memories when Teal'c ends up part of an elaborate video game and can't get out.
Jack and Daniel confront the issue of rights versus national security when Teal'c finally moves off the base.
Alien Drugs Are Yuck
Jack and Daniel have a small crisis off-world, and then get a pleasant surprise ... but did they learn all that they needed to?
Welcome to My World
When businessman Alec Colson shows off what appears to be an Asgard, SG-1 has to convince him not to go public with his beliefs. Meanwhile, Jack and Daniel go about their business, at home and at the Mountain.
Fizzle and Sizzle
If you were Jack, and you had seen Daniel and Sam greeting Ishta's people in the gate room, wouldn't you be jealous, too?
A Little Night's Romance
It's a special anniversary for Jack and Daniel as they celebrate seven years of their togetherness as a couple.
See You Soon
Jack's angry, and once again, Daniel is trying to figure out why.
Gemini Minus One
While Sam and Teal'c are battling the Replicator image of Sam, Jack and Daniel debate how things should proceed, whether or not Sam should be held accountable for her decisions made at the Alpha Site, and the upcoming mission to Atlantis.
Between Two Worlds
How do you define life, and when you're 16 going on 53, how do you survive day by day?
What's So Great About Atlantis
Can the lure of exploring Atlantis cause a fatal rift between Jack and Daniel? How will Daniel feel when the shoe is on the other foot?
The Chicago Caper
Jack and Daniel host a murder mystery party. Who's the victim, and who will successfully solve the crime?
Giving Back
In a time of crisis, Jack and Daniel help others to find hope.
No Yes No
Jack's thing for peridot jeopardizes his night of love with Daniel.
An Honor and A Privilege
Jack moves on, and Daniel gets a long overdue surprise!

* * * * * * Season Nine * * * * * *

The Season 9 of my universe is the segueway between the first eight seasons of the show and the beyond the series fics. It combines the canon episodes of S9 and S10. As with S6 episodes that are 'Danielized', S9 and S10 are 'Jackized' and altered to match my universe. Fics are compressed for the most part to occur from September 2005 through most of February 2006

Email Education
Jack and Daniel communicate with someone who might be key to their future life.
Sunshine Down
SG-1 survives another mission, only to be tossed into a confusing situation that lands them into a sea of SG-1 teams.
Visceral Discord
Daniel struggles with ethics, personal and professional, when the team comes face to face with Anubis' clone.
A Nice Mess
On Halloween, Jack and Daniel find themselves in an odd situation and struggle to find their way out.
Bad Guy Rebels
SG-1 gates to a world in search of weaponry and ends up in a hostage situation where they are accused of being rebels against the government.
What Must Be
Daniel comes to a reluctant conclusion, and it's one that could have deadly consequences for everyone he knows, including his beagles.
What Must Happen
As the battle with the Ori continues, both Jack and Daniel have to endure individual battles of their own with their souls.
What Must Occur
SG-1 continues to lead the battle against the Ori, risking their lives in the process, and then take time out to celebrate Christmas.
What Must Transpire
As a new year dawns, the war with Ori intensifies, Sam deals with a crisis, and Jack and Daniel face a painful separation.
What Must Zig Must Zag
The war with the Ori climaxes, leaving Daniel in utter despair and the entire team fighting for survival.
It's a Clone's Life
General Jack decides it's time to make a move where his youthful clone is concerned.

* * * * * * Beyond the Series * * * * * *

Just When You Thought You Knew Jack ...
Jack has retired and is clearing out his office with Daniel's help. What is it that Daniel finds that could threaten their happiness?
Ten Months
Jack and Daniel finally start their family. Witness it all, from the insemination through those first crazy weeks when they come home from the hospital.
Flying High
Jack and Daniel attend an unofficial Air Force Academy reunion where things don't go smoothly, but while there, Daniel makes a discovery.
Oshkosh U.S.A.
Jack and Daniel take Jo to the big experimental air show in Oshkosh, where they run into some friends.
Daniel Jackson - Fly Boy?
Daniel studies to become a pilot. Will his sultry instructor cause Jack's Mr. Jealousy to commit murder?
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Daniel worries over being a good parent, but a simple story comforts him and the children.
Little Racers
Jack and Daniel introduce the Munchkins to the world of racing, and Daniel makes a stunning realization!
A Munchkin Christmas
It's the holidays, and Jack and Daniel splurge as they celebrate their first Christmas with the Munchkins!
The Start of Something Big
Jack and Daniel celebrate their first New Year's Eve with the Munchkins.
Rockin' Robin
Sara drops by, bringing with her a very special remembrance of yesterday.
Fledgling Cogitation
A glimpse into the life of young Daniel Jackson, as told from parent to child.
Paybacks are Sweet
Daniel delivers some sweet payback to Jack, which naturally leads to some sweet Jack and Daniel lovin'.
Erin Go Bragh
On St. Patrick's Day, Jack gives the Munchkins their first introduction to their Irish heritage.
Our Little Miracle
A special time is shared by Daniel and Aislinn.
Transitions: The Next Ten Months
As the Jackson-O'Neills continue to settle in to their new life outside of the SGC, something surprising happens!
Spider Pig
Today is a national holiday, in the mind of Jack Jackson-O'Neill, that is. For Daniel, however, it's a 'D'oh of Torture'.
The Name and the Fantasy
Jack and Daniel get an amusing earful when Sam pops in for a visit.
Life is like a fabric, various threads linking different experiences together. This is the story of some of those threads for Jack and Daniel as the years pass.
Warm Traditions
Daniel brings out something special for Christmas Eve.
On their way home from a brief getaway, Jack and Daniel find themselves stranded.
It's Getting Bigger
Jack and Daniel celebrate New Year's with their growing family, which now includes the Mouseketeers.
Angelic Surprise
Jack and Daniel get an emotional surprise on a busy and hectic day.
Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months
The original version was the Winner 2005 Stargate Fan Awards - Family-Rated Fiction Awards. The story was revised in 2007 with consistency revisions done in 2008 and 2010.
The Jackson-O'Neills suffer a loss just as they prepare for their first family dig in Egypt. What mysteries will be uncovered as they excavate Abydos, and what person from their past will endanger their family?
Heavy is The Head
Newly promoted, Sam goes to Jack and Daniel for some advice.
Oops, Someday I Hope to Understand
What do you do when the person you admire almost more than anyone else lets you down big time? That's the question Jennifer has to answer, and her parents can do nothing but sit back and watch.
Celebrating Valentine's Day with a night out, Jack and Daniel run across an unusual site that threatens to interfere with their romantic evening.
Goodnight, Everything
Jack and Daniel enjoy time with their babies.
Toddler 101
Jonny gets a lesson on being a toddler.
Innocence Be Gone
The Munchkins are toddlers with a growing understanding of the world that may lead to an early loss of their innocence and leave their parents in a difficult position.
Jack and Daniel are asked to officially rejoin the Stargate Program. If they do, what will it mean for their family and their business?
The Morgans Go Home
As Jack and Daniel return to the Stargate Program, their family enjoys Chenoa's third birthday and embark on a surprising and emotional journey to the home where the Mouseketeers were raised as the Morgan children.
Dad Versus Daddy
The Mouseketeers face a crisis. Can they each handle their problems without hurting their fathers?
Million Dollar Baby
J-O Enterprises has a chance to land a whopper of a deal, but is the price too high? Meanwhile, Jonny finds a new friend.
Back to work at the SGC, Jack and Daniel discover they still have some adjustments to be made.
Where Color?
The Munchkins experience their first culture shock.
The Teddy and the Grizzly
When the Munchkins run rampant at the SGC, it proves embarrassing for Jack and tiring for several new recruits.
Bigger Yet
Jack and Daniel make another New Year's Eve special for their brood of eight, plus two.
Homer Bites the Dust
The Jackson-O'Neills deal with a death in the family, and then Jack and Daniel get the shock of their lives.
Nyan and the Munchkins
Nyan of Bedrosia meets the Munchkins of Colorado Springs.
Mexican Adventure
The Jackson-O'Neills venture to Muyil, Mexico on a dig. While there, Daniel gets a big surprise, one that jeopardizes not only his future, but also that of their children.
Saturday at the J-O's
Jack embarks on a special project with his children, and it leads to a surprising moment at the end of the day.
The Disappearance of Daniel Jackson
When Daniel disappears without a trace, Jack tries to figure out how to find an archaeologist in a haystack, or is that an universe?
The gang takes time out to shoot some hoops at the Ferretti's.
Jackson Vs McKay
Daniel goes to Atlantis. Can Rodney McKay deal with his presence?
Murphy's Law Redeux
Daniel has another bad day! Can Jack kiss and make it better, or will their 'Eight is Enough' brood interfere?
Room for One More?
Is there room for one more in the Jackson-O'Neill household?
Basic Essential
Jack and Daniel share a tender moment while pondering mankind.
Chapters 1-4            Chapters 5-8

A plethora of fires blaze for Jack, Daniel, and their family in the form of prejudice, arguments over their past, and how to best educate their children. Will they be able to put out the fires before the blowout overwhelms them, or will the fires' combustion consume them?
Out of Control
Jack and Daniel take their brood out for dinner and it is far from a quiet and peaceful outing. The aftermath ends up being even more surprising.
Munchkins Away
The Munchkins prepare to take on the universe!
I'm a General, Not a Cook
Jack finds himself perplexed when Jenny demands something he's not sure he can deliver.
The Great Santa Claus Caper
Is that Santa Claus kissing Daddy underneath the mistletoe?
Even Bigger
It's another New Year's Eve celebration for the Jackson-O'Neill family.
Let Go of My Legos
It's the tale of the end of the Replicators and dinner with Oma!
Munchkin Mardi Gras
Jack, Daniel, and the Munchkins are off to Galveston and Mardi Gras!
Jonny and Little Danny are missing. Can their parents find them before they fall upon the evil of the night?
Let's Go Fly a Kite
Kite flying memories, both old and new, sweep over Daniel.
Noa and the Clowns
Chenoa gets sick and misses out on a fun event. Story over? Not if her loved ones have anything to say about it!
Dig for Justice
J-O Enterprises accepts an unusual job, one that prompts Jack and Daniel to include their children at the dig site and which ultimately brings historic reality to the forefront of their lives.
It's a hot day in Colorado Springs so the children devise a way to cool down. A few lessons are learned along the way.
Undomesticated Equines
Daniel and one of the brood have an unexpected and potentially dangerous adventure while on a business trip.
Big Mouth
Foot-in-mouth disease hits Jack big time, and General Hammond isn't happy about it.
It's Raining ... Kids? (Original)

It's Raining ... Kids? (Revised)

Jack and Daniel decide it's finally time to adopt another child. Will it be as simple as it sounds?
A Box in Time
Jack and Daniel are adopting three more children, all of whom become curious about their environment, especially the intriguing boxes in all of the children's rooms.
Luck of the Irish
The Munchkins and twins learn more about their Irish heritage as Jack tells a tale that enlightens beyond even his own expectations!
The Burning
Teal'c learns about a strange Tau'ri ritual. Will he ever be the same again?
Chocolate Envy
It's a bit of an adventure when Little Danny decides he wants some chocolate no matter what!
A Christmas Miracle
Daniel and the children try to get through the Christmas season though Jack is missing and believed to be dead.
Meet My Folks
A trip to Jeff's old neighborhood isn't quite what Jeff and his new family expected.
With the utterance of a single word, changes take hold, forever altering the lives of those we love.
Jack checks, but it's Little Danny who gets the king!
Reading Together
Jack and Daniel add a little something to their routine. Later, a surprise visit stirs things up.
Life Really Sucks
A promotion, a mystery, a visit from a friend, and a madhouse gone wild! In other words, just another day at the Jackson-O'Neill's!
Time to Tell
Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed. What does this mean for Jack and Daniel and their colleagues, Paul Davis and Marc Reynolds?
Deranged Attack
Jack and Daniel face off with a previously unknown enemy who uses an innocent to get their attention.
Be My Valentine
Jack and Daniel, along with their guest, Alex Dennison, attend an eventful Valentine's Day party at Janet's.
The Darndest Things
Kids say the darndest things, as Jack and Daniel can attest to as they listen in on their younger children and some of their friends playing in the game room.
Butting In
Daniel butts in, Jack goes along, Mr. Jealousy surfaces, and life goes on for the Jackson-O'Neills.
That Darn Cat
Jack continues to have the family's zoo adore him, whether he likes it or not. This time it's Mittens at the center of the fray.
Casey's Lament
Casey's heart flickers for Alex, while Jack and Daniel share an unexpected pick-me-up.
Red Alert
The Jackson-O'Neills, all thirteen of them, go grocery shopping. Will the store survive?
Through a Daughter's Eyes
It's a special father - daughter day for Jack and Brianna!
The Little Ones
Cassandra visits the Jackson-O'Neills and can't take her eyes off the children. Is she just enjoying her stay, or is there something more?
Let the Sun Shine In
Jack and Daniel hope to surprise someone special, but they are the surprised themselves when they discover one of their children has an amazing talent.
Diamonds in the Rough
It's Father's Day, and not everyone is happy about it.
Warm Fuzzies
Little creatures bring new joy to the Jackson-O'Neill family.
Hidden Enemy
Jack and Daniel get an unwanted reminder that, even after all these years, they still have enemies.
Things are shaking at the Jackson-O'Neill residence.
Red Alert 2 - The Jackson-O'Neills Strike Again
The Jackson-O'Neills, all thirteen of them, take on a new bookstore. Who will be the victor?
General Jonny
Where, oh, where is Jonny Jackson-O'Neill, and just who is in charge of the SGC today?
Soldiers, Nerds, and Little Girls
The Munchkins go to day camp and learn the old adage, 'Sticks and stones ...'
Jennifer's Gift: A Legacy
Jack and Daniel, as well as General Hammond, retire for good from Stargate Command. What impact will their departure have on Cheyenne Mountain?
General Jonny Takes on ...
Another trip to Cheyenne Mountain leads to more adventure for Jonny Jackson-O'Neill.
Careful What You Wish For
After Aislinn and Jenny fight, Daniel shares a special story with them about the time when SG-1 went back in time and almost had their wishes come true.
Unexpected Miracle
Chapters 1-3       Chapters 4-6       Chapter 7       Chapters 8-9
Jack and Daniel discover something unusual on another planet. Can something normal for their new alien friends become an unexpected miracle for the lovers? What other unantcipated joys await the Jackson-O'Neills?
Uncle Thor
Thor, the Munchkins, tattling, and a tale; or just another early morning at the Jackson-O'Neill's.
Escape from Plantacia
The NID want to get their hands on the two aliens living on Plantacia. Will Tony and Terri become caged specimens, or can Jack and Daniel stop the government from proceeding with their plans?
O'Neill's Folly
Daniel smirks, Jack squirms, and Mrs. Valissi just smiles. The question is -- who will get the last laugh?
Janet is about to become a grandmother, only when the heck is Cassandra going to have her baby?
Decision Time
Jennifer faces a turning point, one of many as she begins to leave childhood behind and faces the future as an adult. Meanwhile, the family puts on another show.
The Jackson-O'Neill children, assisted with some special tricks of the trade, face off against The Trust while their unsuspecting parents enjoy a romantic evening together.
Red Alert 3 - The Brood Versus the White House
The Jackson-O'Neills visit President Hayes at the White House. Will the Oval Office ever be the same again?
The Smiler
J-O Enterprises hires a new employee, but the man has a secret that will both shock and delight Jack and Daniel.
Out on Strike
The brood wants a raise in their allowances. Jack and Daniel just want the house clean. Who will win the battle of the strike?.
Alex and Sunny host an eye-opening dinner party.
A windfall lands on the Jackson-O'Neill's oldest daughter, and it just might change her life forever.
Evil's Terror
A confrontation proves to be the catalyst in an important change for Jack and Daniel as well as causing the lovers to fear for the safety of their children.
Jungle Fever
Jack's been Danny-deprived, and it's showing!
An April Day in Fiji
As part of a project for J-O Enterprises, Daniel takes his namesake on a quick trip to Fiji, but the outing gets interrupted by an unpleasant event.
A Worm's Life
Fishing, a father, a little boy and his two siblings, and lots of squiggling worms -- it's a combination that isn't as simple as it sounds.
Raising JD
It's a typical day for the Jackson-O'Neills as they go about their daily business while also tending to four-month-old JD.
Lil Bear
Jack has another secret; as always, Daniel finds out.
Tripping the Light Fantastic - The Concept
The lovers' Minnesota sanctuary suffers growing pains, and it's up to Alex to find the cure.
Towel Soft
Strawberry and Shortcake present Aislinn and Jenny with a problem. Fortunately, the answer results in more warm fuzzies for members of the family.
Giggle Factory
Jack and Daniel can't help but share some laughs in this tale of silliness.
A Day at the Races
The Munchkins go racing. Who will be the victor?
Hard Lessons
A diplomatic mission has a surprising end for SG-1's archaeologist, who is forced to relive some hard lessons.
Hafta Try
The brood sees a wrong, and they set out to try to right it.
Bahamas Bound
Two teenagers, two parents, and a few days in the Bahamas.
Love in Bloom
Having returned from a vacation with his parents and sister, Jeff has a heart-to heart with Chely.
One Bad Apple
A trip to the market proves to be very revealing for Jack and some of the kids.
All's Fair in Love and Gelatin
It's the battle of the sexes, and Daniel isn't happy about it at all!
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 1: In Search of America
The Jackson-O'Neills decide to take a road trip to see the USA. The who, what, when, where, why, and how unfolds and begins here in chapter 1.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 2: St. Louie Surprise
The Jackson-O'Neills get more than they bargained for when they visit a St. Louis park, proving that vacations aren't always fun and light-hearted.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 3: Rocky Top Revival
A curious question takes the traveling Jackson-O'Neills on a Smoky Mountain adventure.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 4: Carolina Cruisin'
A vintage TV series leads to a southern adventure for the Jackson-O'Neills and to an unexpected surprise for Brianna.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 5: Punxsutawney Jack
As the Jackson-O'Neills continue their travels, Jack answers the brood's questions about Groundhog's day as only he can do. Then, after meeting some new friends, Jack gets a chance to share some Gaelic with his lover.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 6: Alden's Surprise
A Mouseketeer surprise makes the next leg in the Jackson-O'Neill road trip particularly poignant.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 7: Dayton's Gems
A lesson learned and more fun occurs as the Jackson-O'Neills visit Dayton, Ohio.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 8: Midwest Adventure
A test of trust gives Jack and Daniel some insight into one of their children.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 9: Cat Rebellion
The Jackson-O'Neills are trekking across America when faced with a family crisis --rebellious cats.
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 10: Texas Two Step
It's yellow roses, lots of opinions, and an attempted two-step to avoid trouble for the Jackson-O'Neills as they hit the great state of Texas during their road trip across America.
JD gets a new toy, but no one seems to know where it came from.
Licks of Approval
Beagles, boxers, and humans, oh my!
The Bet
Jack and Daniel make an unusual bet with their brood.
In preparation for their parents' anniversary party, the brood take dancing lessons.
Halloween Madness
It's Halloween and that means time for some crazy fun for Jack, Daniel and their brood.
Like Father, Like Son
Jack and Jonny head to Texas for a bit of special father and son bonding time.
Full Throttle
Jack and Daniel celebrate another wedding anniversary, only this one has one is full of pint-size surprises.
The Party's Over
Jack and Daniel's anniversary party winds down, but while the party is over, the after effects are only just beginning.
It's just not Jack's day.
Red Alert 4: Not Them Again
The Jackson-O'Neills go shopping and that means just one thing: trouble!
Noa Grows Up
Chenoa turns seven and learns that growing up is both painful and joyful. In the process, Sam confronts another fear, and Teal'c faces a mighty challenge.
The Most Expensive Christmas Ever
Jack, Daniel, and the brood help another family to discover the true joy of Christmas.
Reflections of the holiday season and a cozy late night for lovers are the subject of this Christmas tale.
The Munchkins are on their first official mission with their parents tagging along. Naturally, things don't quite go as planned.
Jack makes a New Year's resolution that Daniel believes will cause nothing but trouble.
Hearts and Wills
Who knows what beats within the hearts of the young. It's something only parents can ponder and youngsters can wonder about.
Cream Cheese
Just like a pencil needs an eraser, bread needs butter, and Jack needs Daniel, a bagel needs cream cheese.
A Fluke in Time
Jack and Daniel come face-to-face with people from their past with SG-1.
But It's Armani
Alex is all discombobulated over an unexplainable circumstance and ends up going to Bijou and Katie for advice.
Aislinn and Jenny are worried sick when their beloved guinea pigs become ill. Their family vet is worried, too, as the cavies could die.
Heart Attack
When someone close to them suffers a heart attack, the Jackson-O'Neill brood jump into action and rally round.
Icarus Star
The arrival of an unexpected Air Force contingent to the Jackson-O'Neill home means just one thing: the military wants Jack and Daniel back in the fold. .
Our Four Moms
Having four mothers is a blessing, most of the time.
Digging Deep
Jennifer's graduation from high school brings about some interesting surprises for her and the Jackson-O'Neills.
Jack's Jock
If they're being honest, this is a day neither Jack nor Daniel could never have imagined happening when they first got together.
Jack's lost in a hockey video and gets a big surprise when he finally rejoins the world.
Rocks and Sons
While on business for J-O Enterprises, Daniel and two of his children spend some quality time together. It all sounds good, until their trip suddenly turns into a nightmare.
Where, Oh Where, Is JD?
JD experiences his first covert mission, courtesy of big brother Jonny.
Tripping the Light Fantastic - The Reality
The lovers' Minnesota sanctuary is ready to be revealed. How will the brood react?
Not Just Another Day
It's the eighth day of July and for anyone who loves Daniel Jackson, that means one thing: it's not just another day!
Thor's Gift
Thor finally reveals what he did to Bijou and Katie all those years ago!
Good News
The brood and their friends band together to fight for change.
Ricky gets a case of the terrible two's, only he's not two.
Living With You
It's been a long day for Jack and Daniel. How will it end?
The J-O Norm
It's just another Saturday at the home of Jack and Daniel Jackson-O'Neill and their brood plus zoo.
We Remember
The Jackson-O'Neills remember 9/11 in their own unique way.
Junior's End
What does a retired general do when his son asks, 'Dad, would Junior like me?'
A Day in Egypt
Daniel takes three of the children on a special trek to Egypt.
It's What We Do
When bullies hurt Aislinn, Jonny wants revenge. Can Teal'c get him to see reason?
Keys in a Box
Sometimes trying to be fair actually means you've been unfair. That's the lesson for Jack and Daniel as they prepare to take some of their brood on special trips.
Great Gobbly Gooks
Little Danny's outing with a neighbor leads to an unexpected surprise for Jack and Daniel and some Thanksgiving gobblers.
Borrowing Trouble
This is one side of the story about what happens when Paul Davis and Marc Reynolds borrow part of the Jackson-O'Neill brood.
Scenes of the Season - Scene 1
Today's holiday scene is Decking the Halls and More. Can it really be that simple?
Scenes of the Season - Scene 2
Today's holiday scene is Sounds of the Season. Can it really be that simple?
Scenes of the Season - Scene 3
Today's holiday scene is Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Can it really be that simple?
Scenes of the Season - Scene 4
Today's holiday scene is Seasons Greetings. Can it really be that simple?
Scenes of the Season - Scene 5
Today's holiday scene is Uh, Santa? Can it really be that simple?
Deja Vu
The Jackson-O'Neills and their family of friends get a big surprise. Is their family about to grow ... again?
Scenes of the Season - Scene 6
Today's holiday scene is Zoo Panic. Can it really be that simple?
A Trip Back in Time
Jennifer gets an unexpected look at how her fathers have changed each other's lives.
Sha're: A Tale of Lost Beauty
Jennifer learns the true story of Sha're and realizes just how complicated life is when it comes to family and friends.
A Beary Party
A scathingly fun idea that leaves Jack all verklempt and prompts another member of the family to make a surprising announcement.
Scenes of the Season - Scene 7
Today's holiday scene is Christmas is Everywhere. Can it really be that simple?
Jack deals with an unusual cat-napping event
When two potential best friends are torn asunder by prejudice, can Jack and Daniel find a way to make it work?
At the Hop
Aware of the future, Jeff wants to say goodbye in a very special way.
Replenishing Piggy
Following Jack's lead, David comes up with a unique solution to a financial dilemma.
Captain Nice
Ricky becomes Captain Nice. The question is why?
Jack tells another tale to the brood, only it doesn't quite go over as well as past stories.
The Boyfriend
Brianna gets a surprise invitation that stirs up some internal questions and conflicts, but she's just one member of the brood that has Jack ready to have a heart attack.
Destiny's End
Jack finds himself in a bad situation and wonders if he'll be as lost to his family as the Destiny's crew may be to theirs.
Munchkin Racers
The Munchkins are off to the races, taking their entire family along for the ride.
The Baseball Kid
The Jackson-O'Neill kids meet up with someone from Jack and Daniel's past.
Parallel Time
Jack and Daniel have a conversation with Jack and Daniel about Jack and Daniel, and it's one full of twists and turns.
Silliness in the Suburbs
JD gets an idea, and silliness ensues.
Repurposing Today
It's tax day, and Jack and Daniel are too tired for school, which leads Daniel to come up with a different type of learning activity for the brood.
Duct Tape Wars
A visit to Stargate Command results in a surprising course of events for the Jackson-O'Neills.
Moving Right Along
Chenoa reaches another crossroads and finds support from both David and JD.
A Donkey for Jack
Jack takes offense and then takes action.
Fire Drill
Jack and Daniel conduct a fire drill at home, but the drill takes an unexpected direction before it even gets started.
The Wicked Witch of Broadmoor Bluffs
Jack and Daniel can only watch as Jennifer's life is threatened in a way she never thought possible.
The Mystery at Broadmoor Bluffs
Jack and Daniel find themselves involved in a mystery that comes too close to home for their liking.
Just what exactly did happen to Peter Hamilton's parents, and what will be the fallout?
Too Many Pets
Are there really too many pets at the J-O home, and is Daniel really ready to get rid of them?
Peanut Brittle
Dogs, cats, lizards, guinea pigs, bunnies, birds, fish, and, oh, my, Peanut Brittle?
Making a Miracle
Strange things happen in this world, as Jack realizes in this tale of unexpected and odd occurrences.
Dolphin's Edge
Sometimes life isn't fair, something Brianna has a hard time struggling with while working with dolphins.
It's Time
It's time for Jack and Daniel to honor their promise to Kayla Armentrout. How will the brood react when they see how those in a third world country live?
Torn Asunder
Heartache of the young and innocent is sometimes the most painful of all. Just ask Little Danny Jackson-O'Neill.
Memories of India and the realities of poverty bring on changes within the Jackson-O'Neill family.
Pi Versus Pie
It's Pi Day, a time for math lessons and a time to reflect on SG-1's first meeting with Thor of the Asgard.
April Madness
As March gives way to April, madness takes over the Jackson-O'Neill residence.
Collision in the Sky
Daniel and two of the children face unexpected danger on a business trip to Louisiana.
When some of their new friends make fun of Jack, the brood fights back the only way they know how.
Graduation Day
When the brood asks their parents an unexpected question, Jack and Daniel make another difficult decision.
Just Another Tuesday
A trip to nature's splendor ends up putting two of the brood in unexpected danger.
Legal Smeagle
Finally, the Jackson-O'Neills are the Jackson-O'Neills throughout the land.
Tragedy strikes the Jackson-O'Neill family.
The brood decides to celebrate Kevin Shanahan's birthday with a special gift, and that leads to some SGC zaniness and an extra special party.
Twist and Shout
The Jackson-O'Neills are hit with a tragedy that could forever change their lives.
Twisted Minds
Everything isn't ice cream and peaches as the Jackson-O'Neills adapt to the sudden and dramatic changes in their lives brought about by the accident.
Still adjusting, but settling into their new lifestyle, the Jackson-O'Neills are surprised by a new twist in the recent events that have so drastically altered their lives.
Outer Limits
In Egypt, Jack has a conversation about outer limits with Kevin Shanahan.
Girls or Boys OR Boys or Girls
A trip to the toy store becomes a challenge for the Jackson-O'Neill children.
The Day of the Presidents
In their own special away, the Jackson-O'Neills take note of Presidents' Day while also honoring a man they never actually met.
I Said ... I Want a Bra!
A rite of passage is sometimes tougher when a father has to be a mother.
The Oasis
Jack and Daniel are confronted with an ornery situation at their company and are surprised by the solution and its source.
Irish Spring
It's time for another St. Patrick's Day celebration and the Jackson-O'Neills are making the most of it.
Yesterday Once More
While out of town on business, Jack receives a distressing call from his namesake, one that frightens him more than any Goa'uld ever had.
Twelve Dates
Shortly after his latest near-death experience, Daniel goes one-on-one with each of his children, having new adventures, learning surprising information, and reinforcing family bonds.
Four Times the Charm
Believe it or not, Jack and Daniel get married again.
For the Love of Bugs
Morning cartoons, members of the zoo, and reality clash, putting Jack in a tough spot with his kids.
Jahindi's Mirror
When Little Danny brings home a human stray, assistance comes from two of Jeff's closest allies.
All About the Love
Little Danny strikes again when he visits J-O Enterprises and discovers a need that resonates deep within him. Can he convince Jack and Daniel to go along?
An August Day
Little Danny's reaction to a tragic scene spurs change within the Jackson-O'Neill family.
The J-O Olympics
Jack and Daniel hold The Jackson-O'Neill Olympics featuring their brood and family of friends.
A trip off-world holds an historic discovery for Jack and Daniel, only they aren't the ones who unearth the find.
The Right Thing
One of Jack and Daniel's sons decides he wants to do the right thing. After asking for help, he listens to his heart and shows just how observant a child can be.
Ten Percent
Jonny has a scheme to earn some money, only the result takes an unforeseen leap.
The Little Ambassador
There's a call to duty at Stargate Command, only the call isn't to Jack and Daniel.
Evil Winds
The horror of Lulu's past resurfaces, threatening the young girl's future.
Million Dollar Son
A special day between father and son leads to questions, doubts, and uncertainties for Jonny Jackson-O'Neill.
Million Dollar Conversation
At the end of a very long and special day for Daniel and Jonny, Jack surprises Jonny with a late night trip that is both eye opening and emotional.
Brianna is presented a choice, one that could make for a tragic end to her fun evening out.
The Night Before Christmas
The Jackson-O'Neills celebrate Christmas Eve with a favorite tradition.
Christmas Hiccups
A Christmas hiccup or two interrupts the family's holiday meal.
Bijou and Katie's Big Adventure
Bijou and Katie come to the rescue and end up having quite the adventure. Meanwhile, Daniel worries, Jack and Jonny plot strategy, and the rest of the brood does a bit of both.
Hernando's Hideaway
While Jeff and David contemplate their futures, Jack and Daniel are losing their minds. Can Hernando's Hideway help save them, and what does the year have in store for the two oldest male members of the brood?
Burning Hot
It's burning hot in the kitchen. Will someone get burned as a result?
Jack and Daniel disappear while on a project for J-O Enterprises and end up having to fight for their lives.
Dangerous Day
The mysterious Strudel event rears its ugly head again and may cost Jonny and Little Danny their lives when the two boys are kidnapped.
Daniel and Jeff have a chat about women, while Tommaso Luca makes an inquiry.
Maturity Blues
Can Jack and Daniel handle the growing pains of their brood? See what happens in the course of just one day.
Ouch Otra Vez
Life repeats itself, causing a scare for Jack, Daniel, and their brood.
Nirrti Versus Doctor Moreau
Jack and Daniel entertain some friends and end up recalling the mission that resulted in Nirrti's demise.
The Kernel's Rise
A marvelous breakthrough prompts a major change for the Jackson-O'Neills and their good friends, the Shanahans.
Future Tide
Jack, Daniel, their brood, some of the zoo, and several members of their family of friends adjourn to the Minnesota cabin compound for the Memorial Day weekend, which proves to be more memorable than anticipated, especially for Jack and Jennifer.
JD's Miracle
It's Greek to Jack and Daniel, but to the Asgard, it's a miracle in the making.
Jack-of-All-Trades, master of none, definitely does not apply to Jack Jackson-O'Neill, who masters much for many in an average day.
Thunderbirds Thrills and Chills
Jack and family take in the United States Air Force Thunderbirds at an air show and discover some real thrills and chills.
Danger at Cheyenne Mountain
When Jack and Daniel go missing, it's up to their brood to rescue them, with some help from an old friend.
Bijou's Big Day
Thanks to Little Danny, Bijou is in for a big surprise. Along the way, though, the young boy learns a lesson.
The brood studies mythology, and the god of the heavens brings something unexpected to the family.
Chivalry and the Feminist
It's a sensitive time when a newcomer to the neighborhood acts in an untoward manner. How will the Jackson-O'Neills handle the juvenile offender?
The Other Ninety Percent
While her brother has big plans for his ten percent of her singing career, Aislinn debates the meaning of her ninety percent.
Tuxedo Wars
Jennifer deals with a bit of brotherly rebellion when it comes time to prepare for her upcoming wedding.
Mrs. Hamilton
It's a time of change as Jennifer and her family celebrate what could be the most important transition of her life.
The Bouquet
Ricky decides the tradition of the wedding bouquet should be honored by two people very close to him.
The Natural Way
The Jackson-O'Neills have choices to make about their horse family, Zeus, Athena, and Ares. Meanwhile, David gets a surprise and loved ones who have passed on are remembered.
Community Mess Up
The Munchkins and the Spitfires face a tough decision, prompting Jack and Daniel to make one of their own.
Fruitful Days
Jack and Daniel get big news and the question is, can Jack handle it?
Tender Chills
Jack receives some bad news and has to pass it on to the children in the middle of a busy time for the family.
General Jonny Comes of Age
Jonny Jackson-O'Neill finds himself in a pickle, a very serious one. Will he survive a perilously newsworthy adventure and if so, will his actions meet the approval of his parents?
In the Absence of Bliss
Love may not be enough for one couple to survive as they battle the heritage of the ages.
A Startling Revelation
A disturbing truth from the past is brought to light on an otherwise normal day.
It's word game time at the Jackson-O'Neill residence, until there's a sudden turn of events that takes center stage.
Hey, Susie Q
It's Jack's birthday and this year, all he wants is peace and quiet. His family, of course, has other ideas.
The Last Hour of Christmas
It's another Christmas for Jack and Daniel, one marked by sentiment and a coming of age ritual for many of their brood.
A Chance Reunion
While running errands, Daniel meets an old acquaintance, or rather, an old acquaintance meets him.
Change Comes Curiously
While Jack and Daniel enjoy a weekend at home with most of their brood, Janet takes Chenoa and Lulu on a rewarding trip that ends with an evolution of sorts.
Pivotal Modifications
Jack and Daniel have an important decision to make, while at the same time, some of the brood approach them with a pointed inquiry.
Little Danny's favorite Valentine is hiding something and when he figures out what it is, it threatens to cause a rift between the Munchkin and his parents.
The story of Captain Samantha Carter and SG-1's experience on Simarka as told in a very unusual and public way, thanks to the Jackson-O'Neill children.
Coming Together
As the country deals with a new disease, the Jackson-O'Neills work together to help make things easier for one and all.
Calamity (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, which means nothing when it comes to Murphy's Law.
Dynamo (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but when things need to get done, not even the virus can stand in Daniel's way.
Peanuts aka: Bowling for Peanuts (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, and the Jackson-O'Neills are bored, suffering from sheltering-in-place fever; that is, until Daniel makes a suggestion.
Awareness (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but it has little to do with the eye-happening times facing the Jackson-O'Neills, who not only become aware of their family dynamics, but whose youngest member finally discovers the origin of his birth.
Opportunity (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, and one patient presents the Curly Tops with an opportunity of a lifetime.
Survival aka: The Future of Tomorrows (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but that means little to the Asgard who, led by Thor, give Jack and Daniel a unique and precious gift of necessity.
Movement (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but every now and then something fun does happen.
Expansion (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but Little Danny is undeterred in his quest to protect the vulnerable.
Christmas Druthers
As the holidays inch onward, Aislinn leads the way towards a magical Christmas Day in spite of COVID-19.
Is There a Santa Claus?
With the COVID-19 pandemic still a global issue, the Jackson-O’Neills attempt to celebrate the holiday season with their usual jubilant pattern. However, one of them isn’t so jubilant. Can the family find a way to solve the problem and welcome Christmas cheer?
Remembrance aka: William and Elizabeth (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but when Sara arrives with a prized object, the Jackson-O'Neills set aside the problems of the pandemic to remember a very special couple: Jack's parents.
Christmas is Here
Isolation is over, JD reveals his Christmas wish, and the family enjoys their first visit with their grandparents since early 2020. It all equals a very merry Christmas for the Jackson-O’Neills.
Moments of Truth
Jack and Daniel take in the first snow of the year and perhaps the first truly emotional thunderstorms for a few of their children.
Legacy (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, and with it can come a sense of self-worth and a re-dedication to doing the right thing.
Transformation (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but that doesn't stop children from growing up or thinking about their future.
Samaritan (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, and it's one that assists in a major decision for one of the Jackson-O'Neill brood.
Purpose (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but through it, Jennifer learns her purpose and her parents couldn't be more proud of their oldest daughter.
Realities (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but at the moment, there are even more important issues to Jack after another mass shooting occurs in Colorado.
Awakening (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but it doesn't matter when two hearts meet for the first time.
Homecoming (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but with the bad comes the good, and for the Jackson-O'Neills, life is full of both.
Connections (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, but in 2021 Jonny discovers something completely unexpected and he makes a surprising promise as a result.
Remnants (Slice of Covidity)
COVID-19 is still an issue, and it's time to make sure that the young ones remember what it was all about and how it impacted their lives.
Rainbow Island
A casual remark may trigger the solution to the years-long problem held by Brianna and her long-distance boyfriend, Conway Bell.
The belle of any ball, the beauty with boys always eager to be around her, suddenly becomes the obsession of an unknown young man. Can Jack and Daniel protect their young daughter from danger?

* * * * * * Before the Series - Future Undated Stories * * * * * *

The Joy in Happiness
Time marches on for the Jackson-O'Neill family and then one day, Jack and Daniel discover a joy in happiness they've never known before.
Possessions: the act or fact of possessing; domination, actuation, or obsession by a feeling, idea, etc.; the feeling or idea itself.
Precious Memories: A Baker's Dozen
As Jack and Daniel await the arrival of their family for a special gathering at their Minnesota compound, they recall some precious memories from years past.
Christmas Future
A small remembrance of Christmas past is the reality of the future present.

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