A Little Night's Romance

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  S8 - June 26, 2005
Spoilers:  None
Size:  28kb, ficlet
Written:  April 29-30, May 3,5, 2012
Summary:  It's a special anniversary for Jack and Daniel as they celebrate seven years of their togetherness as a couple.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s):  “Wish Upon a Star”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Navi, Mama Bear!

A Little Night's Romance
by Orrymain

The warm sprinkles fell on their naked bodies, the droplets of water creating erotic sensations that vibrated in both Jack and Daniel as their arms, legs, and most sensual areas joined together as one.

According to forecasters, it was going to a be a delightful Sunday in Colorado Springs.  Partly cloudy skies would be present throughout most of the day with temperatures rising to the mid-eighties.  Right now, though, in their shower, it was sizzling hot from the steamy passion of the lovers.  This was a special day, and the couple wanted to start it out right.

This was a day off for Jack and Daniel, neither having any obligations at Cheyenne Mountain.  Though they often slept in, or at least Daniel did, when they were on downtime, they had plans for the day, so they arose early, the alarm having gone off at 8:30 a.m.  The lovers cuddled for a few minutes, just saying a proper good morning to each other, only their cuddling wasn't limited to just each other.  It also included their two lovable canines, Bijou and Katie.  The beagles had slept on the bed with the couple and were eager for some morning playtime before heading outside to enjoy the warmth of the day.

Not intending to start out their day with lovemaking in the shower, Jack and Daniel had simply responded to natural urges and desires as they'd gone about their morning routines.  As they climaxed together, their love was stronger than ever.  It was the perfect way to start out this memorable date that both men cherished.


Wearing jeans and tee shirts, Jack and Daniel left their home shortly after 10 a.m., choosing to travel in Jack's Ford truck to their destination.  Their casual attire had everything to do with the event they were going to.  In fact, Jack's tan shirt had the Corvette emblem on it, while Daniel's navy blue tee had a white outline of the Pike's Peak Hill Climb path on it.

“McMuffins at Ronald's?” Jack questioned.

“Sure,” Daniel agreed, wanting his Love to be happy and knowing that Jack was a huge fan of McDonald's.  “Better use the drive through,” he suggested as he glanced at his watch while doing a quick calculation of what time they would reach the event site.

“That's my genius.”

“I'm just saying it's going to be crowded, but it's not like we have an appointment.”

“So true,” Jack chirped, his good mood evident in his happy-go-lucky demeanor.  ~This is a great day.~

“Order extra hashed browns,” Daniel instructed.  ~It's a good day to splurge a little.~

“Twice the browns: done,” Jack acknowledged.



“Please don't get a Happy Meal this time,” Daniel pleaded.

“Yeah, but the toy this month is ...”  Jack trailed off as he glanced at his husband.  “Okay, but just today.”  Silently, he realized, ~It's too early for a Happy Meal anyway.~

“I heard that,” Daniel noted.

“I'll get it tomorrow,” Jack teased.

Daniel rolled his eyes while thinking, ~My husband, the child.~


Less than a hour later, Jack turned into the parking area of the Pike's
Peak International Raceway.

“I guess we should have left earlier,” Daniel remarked after surveying the number of cars already parked and the long lines he could see in front of the ticket windows.

“We have time, Love,” Jack reminded.  “Today it's all about us and having fun.”

With a sweet smile, Daniel looked at the driver and affirmed, “I couldn't agree more.  Well said, Babe.”

With the truck parked, the lovers took their place in line.  As they did so, the crowd increased even more and not everyone was on their best behavior.

“Oops!” Daniel expressed, seeing two rowdy young men being detained by a couple of police officers.

“I think they already drank their beer limit before they got here,” Jack observed with a single shake of his head.

Jack and Daniel could see two young men in their twenties waving their arms as if to fend off the policemen.  Even from a distance, the men looked to be belligerent, their heads jutting out while apparently unkind words were being sprung at the law enforcers.

“What's the point in that, Jack?  I mean, uh, we're here for an interesting event, a race that doesn't happen very often, and they drink themselves silly before they even get here.”

“They aren't here for the race or the exhibitions, Danny.  The only point they're making is that they are young and dumb.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“We're not exactly purists, you know,” Jack remarked in reference to the couple's drinking history.

“At home,” Daniel pointed out.

“Good point.”

“Thank you,” the younger man mused, looking over in time to see the two drinkers being handcuffed and then placed in the back of the police unit.  ~Not the way I want my Sunday, or any day for that matter, to go.~


“That was awesome!” an excited Jack voiced enthusiastically, pumping his fists for emphasis and having an extra bit of pep in his step as he walked.

The lovers had been at the event for a few hours and were now making their way out of the raceway.

“We could stay a little longer,” Daniel replied about the activities which would continue on for a couple more hours.

“Nah, we have things to do.”  Jack grinned, having had a marvelous time.  “Love those spin outs.”

“Better than NASCAR,” Daniel agreed.

“The 350z' were incredible.”

“I liked the Toyotas.”

“They were old,” Jack noted, not having been as impressed with the 1986 vehicles as he had been with some of the other cars in the drifting competition.

“Old is good,” Daniel maintained, smiling at his soulmate.

“I think I'll stop while I'm ahead,” Jack contended while taking his keys out of his pocket.

“Excellent decision.”

“Thank you,” Jack acknowledged with a light chuckle.  “We have to do this one day, Danny.”

“It would be exhilarating.”

“And accelerating,” Jack teased.


“Beautiful,” Jack praised as he took his soulmate into his arms.

“You approve?”

“Daniel, you are edible!”

“Eat me later.  Right now I want to eat a good steak,” Daniel replied, leaning in for a kiss that promised there was more to come later on in the evening.  “By the way, you are one hunky silver fox.”

“Except for the cowlick,” Jack groused, raising his hand to try and push down the pointy lump of hair.

“Love you cowlick,” Daniel crooned, sharing another kiss with his husband.

The duo had returned home and changed into evening wear that was casual yet distinctive for a night out.  Daniel wore blue pants with a casual blazer that was buttonless.  He'd left the top two buttons of his white shirt open.  As for Jack, he wore a long-sleeved, coral-colored, lightweight shirt over a black undershirt with stone pants.  Both had on black loafer shoes.

The two smiled, a silent message relayed between them.  Each pulled out their wedding rings which had been kept in their respective velvet pouches.  They hadn't worn them to the track for fear of running into friends or associates.  It had proved to be a smart decision since they'd run into some SGC personnel at one of the car exhibits.

“Forever and always,” Jack declared as he took Daniel's ring and placed it on the man's finger.

“Always and forever, My Love,” Daniel responded in kind as he slipped Jack's ring on, though his eyes never left Jack's.  “I love you.”

“Danny, I love you so much I can't think straight.”

“Then I'll drive.”

With one more kiss, a smiling Daniel walked out of the master bedroom.

“Smooth, Jackson,” Jack called out.

“Yeahsureyabetcha!” Daniel exclaimed in fun as he walked down the stairs.

“I swear, he's on a roll tonight,” the colonel mused.  ~Can't wait to get him bed.  Whoa boy!~


The couple drove to Denver where one of their favorite same-sex bar and grills was located.  It would be an oddity for them to run into anyone they knew there, which is why they frequented this particular establishment.  They could wear their rings without worry, hold hands and not have to look around to see who might be watching, and they could share occasional kisses while eating or dancing and not fear that their enemies were spying on them.  They felt as free at this bar as they did anywhere in the world.  After all, anyone inside the bar who was military probably wasn't anxious to be recognized, either.

Dinner had been excellent.  Jack and Daniel had each enjoyed a perfectly prepared steak and potatoes meal that was accompanied by coffee.  Neither drank anything alcoholic, knowing they'd have some wine later on at home.  After having pie with a dollop of ice cream for dessert, the lovers took to the dance floor.

“Remember our first dance here?” Jack asked his Heart as the two relished their third dance of the night.

“I'll never forget it, Jack.  It's ... part of me.  It meant so much; it still does,” Daniel answered and then rested his head against his husband's.

“I'll do anything to make you happy, Angel, even stay here all night and dance,” Jack vowed, meaning every word.

“It's been perfect,” Daniel expressed contentedly, pulling back as the music ended.  “But you know what I really want now?”

“Another steak?”

Daniel chuckled, “No.  I want to go home, play with the girls for a while, and then watch the stars on the roof deck with you.”

“A lot of clouds out tonight.”

“The stars I'm planning on seeing can never be covered by the clouds in the sky,” Daniel whispered into Jack's ear while grabbing his six.

“I love the way you think, Danny,” Jack responded, totally ready to make Daniel see those stars once the time was right.

Jack took the younger man's hand and led him off the dance floor.  Sharing a kiss, both men were pleased with their evening out, but it was time to go home for a more private anniversary celebration.  They paid their bill and began the drive home.


Back at their suburban home, the lovers changed into more comfortable attire for the conclusion of their celebration.  In jeans, dark stonewash for Jack and medium stone for Daniel, both men wore pullover sweaters since the weather had cooled to the mid-sixties and would obviously decrease while they were outside on the deck.  At this point, the clouds were still out making the stars a little less visible than when the skies were clear.

“Woof!” the beagles called out happily when the couple walked outside.

“Playtime!” Jack exclaimed while the dogs ran around in circles, delighted that their humans were home and wanting to have some fun with them.

The play with Bijou and Katie was exciting and joyful.  For a while, the couple tossed a ball around, giving the girls their exercise for the evening.  Then they held a tug of war competition which the beagles won handily.

“One of these days, I'm gonna win,” Jack told the beagles.  Suspiciously, he observed the dogs and the way they were looking at him.  “Danny, I swear they're laughing at me.”

“That's a surprise?” the younger man teased.

When the girls settled down inside their large doghouse that Jack had built for them, the lovers headed up to the roof deck and settled down themselves, sitting side by side with their arms touching, as was their norm.  Soon, though, Jack's arm encircled Daniel, who nestled in closer, letting his head rest on his husband's strong shoulder.

“Happy?” Jack asked.

“More than I know how to say,” Daniel responded.

“Geez, Danny, it's been seven years since that first night,” the older man expressed in some amazement.  “Sometimes I still can't believe it.”

“Me, either.  I mean, uh, I don't think either of us could ever have imagined, not even in our wildest dreams, what happened that night.”

“It blew my mind,” Jack sighed happily, placing a kiss atop his lover's head.  “When I realized I was in love with you, I was so dang confused.  It wasn't something I ever thought would happen to me.  I kinda imagined getting Sara back somehow.  That was crazy, of course.”

“Not any crazier than me thinking I was going to be able to rescue Sha're and live out my life on Abydos.”

More reflectively, Jack imparted, “I thought I was dead because there was no way you were ever going to love me.”

“Ever wonder what might have happened if you hadn't mumbled that you loved me after you were hurt?” Daniel required, referring to Jack's injuries after the incident when the second Stargate was found in Antarctica.

“Never.”  Jack glanced at his soulmate with great curiosity and some contemplation.  “Seriously, Danny, I don't think I've ever thought about that.”

“I haven't either, until just now.  It just ...  popped into my fron.”

“Ouch!  No Asgard-speak tonight,” Jack ordered, having noted Daniel's usage of the ancient word for head.

“You would have told me,” Daniel opined about the secret love Jack had for him.

“I doubt it.”

“Yes, you would have.”



“No way.”

“You couldn't keep that inside forever,” Daniel asserted.

“Why would I ever think that you could love me like I love you?” Jack refuted.  “Wait!” he ordered, not wanting to be interrupted.  “Yes, I know better now, but seven years ago I shocked myself by falling in love with a man, a man who was scientist, a man who drove me crazy, and to top it off, a married man.  Crap, Danny, we had a friggin' affair.”

“We justified it to be what we wanted, didn't we?”

“We survived.”

“Sha're didn't deserve that,” Daniel sighed desolately.  Quickly, he stopped his husband from refuting his words as Jack had done to him moments earlier.  “I know, Jack, but the truth is the truth, and we are way beyond trying to rationalize what we did and why.  The truth is the truth.”

“And what's that?”

“That we were always meant to be together and that somehow, fate helped us.  Sha're was a victim of that, and so was Sara.  It's all worked out, except maybe for Sha're.”

“You weren't responsible for her death.”

“I know.”

Jack sighed with understanding as he added, “Just like I wasn't responsible for my son shooting himself.”

“Life is full of burdens.”

“And miracles,” Jack pointed out, repositioning his body somewhat to kiss the man who was a miracle to him.  “I love you, Angel, to the moon and back and beyond.”

“That's a long ways, Babe.”

“Every mile of it is a joy.”


Sometime later, Jack told Daniel that he had a little surprise for him.  He pulled out an MP3 player on which he'd programmed a special playlist.

“Dance with me, Angel.”

With a smile, Daniel stood up and enjoyed dancing to song after song, all of which had one recurrent theme.

“I love your song list, Jack,” the younger man chuckled upon making the connection.

“I thought it was appropriate,” Jack mused, a gleam in his eyes.

The unique collection of tunes included “Baby, It's Cold Outside,” “Cold World,” “Angel in the Snow,” and “Cold as Ice.”

“That was nice,” Daniel spoke appreciatively as the final song finished.  “Thank you for doing that.”

“Somehow, Danny, cold just doesn't mean to me what it used,” Jack stated as he sat back down in his favorite spot on the deck, his back against the wall.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Daniel agreed as he joined his lover.

“Hey, I almost forgot,” Jack evinced, getting up and going to the box where he often kept his telescope and equipment.  Opening the box, he retrieved a package, handing it to Daniel and sitting back down.  “Happy Anniversary, Love.”

“I thought we said no gifts this year.”

“Daniel, we say that every year.”

Daniel laughed and admitted, “True.  I have something for you, too.”

The archaeologist stood and walked over to the other side of the small deck where two chairs were.  A tarp was over them, something Jack had noticed and thought was odd, but hadn't dwelled on.

“Happy anniversary, Babe,” Daniel wished his soulmate, handing his package to Jack and then reclaiming his spot on the deck.

“We're two of a kind,” Jack noted in amusement.

“Apparently,” a happy Daniel concurred.

“Well, at least we stopped at one each,” the older man remarked.

“Did we?”

“I did,” Jack admitted a tad nervously.  ~I could be in trouble here.~

“So did I,” Daniel confessed.  “I think this may be a first.”

“First and only,” Jack added, having a hunch the two would probably never limit themselves to just one gift again.  “Open it up.”

Daniel unwrapped the package and pulled out its contents.  He smiled as he captured his first look at the gift, which was inside a zipped plastic container.  Taking the object out of the protective bag, Daniel felt it tenderly, rubbing his hand across the top.

“Soft.  I love it, Jack.”

“Now don't get any ideas, Danny.  I'm still your official and preferred cold warmer-upper, but when I'm not around ...”

“This will do nicely.”

Daniel smiled as he caressed the folded cerulean blue blanket.  It was knitted of acrylic material and felt incredibly soft, yet warm.  It fit the theme of the anniversary perfectly.

“It matches your eyes,” Jack pointed out as he tenderly stroked his spouse's cheek.  “I love your eyes.”

For a moment, the two got lost in each other, their love transcending the spoken word.

“Open yours,” Daniel instructed, breaking the spell for the time being.

“Actually, Angel, there is one more thing.”

“There is?”

“Inside,” Jack advised, motioning at the blanket.

“Oh, uh, okay.”  Daniel reached in and lifted up the top of the folded blanket.  There he found a frame with a poem in it.  He read it, and when he was done, he leaned his head back and echoed the last part of it which was already stamped into his heart.  “... lover's whispers, they sigh, and I sedate them with a cerulean blue blanket and the inward touch of a Celtic Warrior’s hands.”

“I thought it fit.”

“It does,” Daniel affirmed, his voice light and airy as he contemplated the poem written by Suzie Ashby.  “It ... wow, it says a lot.”  He faced the other man, feeling so lucky to be loved by  him.  “You are my Celtic warrior,” Daniel proclaimed,  ~Celtic Warrior is a great name for this poem, and it definitely fits Jack.~

The lovers kissed and then Daniel insisted on Jack opening his gift at last.

“Angel, I love it!” Jack expressed happily as he unraveled the cashmere and silk-blend scarf.

“It isn't exactly emerald green, but I loved it so much that I got it for you anyway,” Daniel told his lover.  ~Too bad they didn't have a burgundy one.  Gawd, I love him in burgundy, but green is good, too.  So is gray.  Actually, I rather love him in the flesh.  Who needs colors?~

“Danny?  Hey, Angel!” Jack called out, realizing his lover had drifted somewhat.

“Sorry, Jack, I was just thinking.”

“Should I be worried?”

“Definitely not,” Daniel answered as he fiddled with the scarf a little as it warmed Jack's neck.

“The fringe is great,” Jack pointed out, flailing the bottom of the scarf playfully.  “And it feels great.”

“Cashmere, Jack, it had better,” Daniel asserted as he briefly recalled how much he'd paid for the expensive item.  “Babe, there is one more thing.  Check the box, under the tissue paper.”

Pulling back the tissue a bit more, Jack chuckled as he saw the additional present. He pulled it out, a big smile on his face as he did so.

“Great!  Now I can get that Happy Meal tomorrow,” Jack informed his lover as he looked at the McDonald's gift card.

“Forever the child,” Daniel sighed while rolling his eyes.

“That's why you love me,” Jack returned, giving Daniel a sweet kiss that caused both to swoon from the deepness of their love.

Settling in, Jack continued to wear his new scarf, while Daniel spread out his new blanket to cover both men.  Hands joined, they leaned their heads together and just reveled in the reality of being together.


“Jack, the stars,” Daniel pointed out.

The couple had been on the deck for a couple of hours at this point, and in that time, the clouds had disappeared, revealing a clear night sky as the midnight hour approached.

“Hey, you're not looking,” Daniel objected, having sensed his husband's eyes were not looking upward.

“I'm looking at the only star I need to see,” Jack expressed lovingly.  “La Mio Bello Stella Cadente.”

“That's so sappy, but I love being your falling star,” Daniel conceded with a smile.

“My *beautiful* falling star.”

“Not very manly, Babe.”

“Okay, I won't say it anymore,” Jack threatened as he moved away slightly.  ~At least until tomorrow.~

“Hey, say it.  Say it all you want,” Daniel permitted, reaching out to pull his husband back to him.

“La Mio Bello Stella Cadente,” Jack whispered, his face so close to Daniel's.

“Caro Mio,” Daniel returned, his lips touching Jack's.

The lovers stood up, a silent understanding of where they were headed, but before they reached the ladder that led to the patio, Daniel paused and uttered a vague, “Uh ...?”

“What is it, Love?”

“I'm ... cold, Jack.”

There was a smile in Daniel's words.  He'd spoken them before, right there on the roof deck.  Jack smiled in return, immediately taken back in time to a night that he would never forget.  It had changed his life and led to incredible joy.

Caressing the younger man's cheek just as he had first done seven years earlier, Jack replied, “I ... may have a way to fix that.”

“I was hoping you might think of something,” the archaeologist responded, his words more certain than when he'd originally spoken them.

Jack and Daniel kissed, not really recreating the tentativeness of their very first kiss, but touching lips gently and tenderly in this spur of the moment recreation of their original coupling.

“Still cold?” Jack asked.

“No, getting warmer by the minute,” Daniel answered, again speaking much more confidently than he had years before when nervousness competed with his feelings of love.

“Me, too.”

Their bodies reacting to their love, Jack and Daniel returned to their bedroom, pausing only for a couple of a minutes to ensure Bijou and Katie were happy and secure in their doghouse, and began the foreplay that would culminate in a stellar explosion of their union during which Daniel was able to see his unclouded stars over and over.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect anniversary of their first night together as lovers.  So much had happened since that 1998 evening and while the past had sometimes been rocky, it had never been truly cold, nor would it ever be again.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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