Another Story, Another Addition

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  7 - October 13-18, 2003
Spoilers:  None
Size:  58kb
Written:  September 10-12,16-17 2003  Revised:  January 30, August 3,22, 2005, March 2, September 10, October 22-23,25, 2006, February 27, 2007
Summary:  Jack ponders houses, artifacts, and Daniel, not necessarily in that order.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Jack and Daniel sometimes say things that have double meanings.  A simple “Jack” or “What are you doing?” could mean much more than the words spoken and could carry multiple connotations, including feelings, desires, fears, etc.  These double meanings are noted like this:  “Actual spoken words”  **(double meaning)**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Tina, Mama Beast, Brynn, Linda!

Another Story, Another Addition
by Orrymain

“Jack, what are you doing out here?” Daniel asked.  He made sure his blue velvet bathrobe was tied snuggly as he walked outside into the backyard and the chilly early morning air.  It was barely 5 a.m., and he'd awoken to a lonely bed, his lover regrettably absent.  ~If I didn't love him so much, I'd kill him for making me wake up alone.~

The young man had felt a sadness in his heart when he had reached over for Jack with his arm and hit a pillow instead.  They had stayed up late the night before, so for Jack to be up this early was a bit of a concern, especially since they both had a late check-in time on this day, neither having to be at the Mountain until 10 a.m.

“Just thinking, Danny,” Jack answered, seeing his lover as he sat in a green patio chair that he had moved to the middle of the lawn.  He faced the house at an angle, giving him a great view of the entire back of the partial two-story home.  He wore only his hunter green robe, the sash tied at the waist, but open quite a bit at the chest, revealing his gray chest hairs.  ~Trying to figure out a plan.~

Daniel stood at the top of the patio steps, his hands crossed, rubbing his arms as he asked curiously, “Thinking about what?”

“The house,” Jack answered simply.  Gesturing to his side, he requested, “Danny, grab a chair, and come sit with me for a few minutes, okay?”

“Okay.”  Daniel took one of the other patio chairs, placed it to Jack's right, and sat down.  Once he was settled, he questioned, “Kinda early for this, isn't it?”

“Early? What time is it?” a clueless Jack asked.

“A little after five.”

“And you're up?  Miracles do happen,” Jack joked.

“Jack!  I was ... worried.  I woke up, and you were gone,” Daniel moaned unhappily.  ~I wish you wouldn't do that.~

“Sorry, Love,” Jack spoke as he reached over with his right hand and took Daniel's in his.  He leaned over, kissing his Heart.  Then he explained, “I woke up a while ago with an idea, and my brain wouldn't shut off, so I decided not to fight it and came out here to think about it.”

“Okay, I'll bite,” Daniel responded.

“Love it when you bite,” Jack said quietly, a hint of mischief in his tone.

“Jack!” the younger man chastised gently.


“No, you're not.”

“You're right, I'm not,” Jack snickered as he looked back towards the house.

~Love him even when he's incorrigible!~  Daniel felt like he could see the wheels turning in Jack's mind.  “So, Colonel, what are thinking about?”

“Additions.”  Jack squeezed Daniel's hand, bringing it up to kiss it, his fingers entwining with his lover's.  “We love this house, right?”

“Right,” Daniel confirmed.

“You don't want to move *ever*, or, at least, not for a very long time, right?” Jack questioned, his eyes focused on the country-style home.

“Right.  It's home, Jack.  It took me a long time to find it, to find you, and I don't want to leave it,” Daniel confessed strongly.

Jack smiled.  He clearly remembered a time when Daniel would have hesitated to say something so openly, without pause, so for him to have said this so bluntly meant that staying here was truly a personal want and need.  He felt a tingle of electricity flowing through him at the knowledge that his soulmate was now so free of his abandoned child past.  He couldn't help feeling like he had done that; he, Jack, just by loving Daniel with every fiber of his being.  Jack felt so good inside that at long last, his lover felt free to express his personal desires.

“So, do we build a third story, which we'd have to check the zoning laws about, or maybe extend the house, bring it back this way?” the older man asked.  “We have a lot of room back here, so even if we built on both stories, we'd still have a huge backyard for the children.”

“The four-legged or two-legged variety?” Daniel asked with a smile.

“Both,” Jack answered, glancing at his Love and smiling himself.

“I don't want to lose the roof deck, so no matter what we do, we have to plan for that.”

“Can't lose the roof deck,” Jack agreed.

The soon-to-be-married couple shared a look.  So many tender and warm moments had happened on that small roof deck.  Laughter and tears had been shed there by both men, separately and together, and neither could forget that it was on the roof deck where they shared their first kiss and began their eternal love affair.  No matter what, they'd always have some kind of decking at the top of their home.

“Actually, Jack, we don't really need to do any of that.  We can just remodel.  We have the spare bedroom and the utility room upstairs.  We don't need anymore than that.”

“We have stuff in there, Danny.  What do we do with it?” the older man questioned.

“Priorities,” Daniel responded.  “We can box it up and put some of it on the rafters in the garage.  If we need to, there's the apartment, too.”

Sternly, Jack remarked, “Daniel, the day I retire, that thing goes on the market.”  He realized his comment had sounded sharper than he had intended.  He grunted and shook his head rapidly as if trying to whip himself into shape. “I'm sorry, Love.  I just can't wait until we can be together without having to worry about all that mess.  The apartment -- it's just a sign that we still have to hide.”

“I know,” the younger man acknowledged, his eyes soft as he gazed into his lover's chocolate brown eyes.  “It's okay.”

Jack angled over for another kiss and stayed very close to Daniel's face afterward, saying tenderly, “It's never okay when I snap at you for something you can't control.”

After another kiss, the archaeologist spoke, “Okay, the day you retire, we give notice on the apartment, so, if we need storage, we rent space for a while.  We don't need an addition.”

“Yeah, but we'd have to move a lot of stuff.  You remember what I said about toddlers and anything within their reach,” Jack reminded, his memories of his late son Charlie's pre-school years vivid in his mind.

“Yes, I know.  I also know we aren't in any rush, Jack.  We have a couple of years here.”

Nodding, Jack acknowledged, “I know.  Like I said, just thinking.”

“I have another suggestion,” Daniel offered.

“What's that?” Jack inquired.

Daniel smiled seductively as he moved his hand to rub against Jack's chest and slowly made its way down towards the sash, undoing it.

“Oh, yeah, I could go for that,” Jack smirked happily.  “Excellent idea, Doctor Jackson.”


~There should be a law,~ Jack thought that afternoon, having grown tired of an abundance of paperwork he was doing in his office.

With SG-1 between missions, General Hammond had “strongly suggested” that his second-in-command catch up with two bins worth of reports and memos requiring his attention before he even considered stepping through the Stargate again.

As he signed his name for what he was sure was the hundredth time that morning, Jack figured he was due for a break.  After all, he'd been working on the paperwork for, he checked his watch, a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes.  He groaned and trudged through more papers until he couldn't take touching another piece of dead tree.  Fifteen minutes had passed.

~That's it!  Court-martial me, if you want, General, but I need a break,~ the rebellious colonel determined silently.


On a higher floor at the SGC, Daniel sat dutifully at his desk, studying an artifact brought back by SG-8 the day before.  It had strange writings or symbols on it, and the linguist was struggling to decipher the language.

Jack sauntered into Daniel's domain and immediately picked up some pointy object.

“Jack, put that down,” the younger man ordered.

Jack laughed.  Daniel was still hunched over the vase-like object he was working on and had never even looked up to acknowledge his entry into the corner office.

“What's that?” the colonel inquired about the artifact.

“I have no idea,” Daniel answered dryly, blinking once as he looked at the object in question.  “Looks like a vase, as I'm sure you can see for yourself.”

“In other words, go away, and leave me alone.”


Jack nodded and walked over to another shelf where a blue and white crystal-like relic sat.  He picked it up, bobbing it up and down in his hands.

“Jack, put that down,” Daniel ordered without even glancing at his lover.

“Put what down?” Jack questioned innocently.

“Whatever you're holding,” the archaeologist answered, even though he still wasn't even looking at the older man.

Jack responded, “If you don't know what I'm holding, how do you know I'm holding anything?”

“Because I know you, and you can't walk into my office without holding something.”

Jack put the article down and looked at all the different relics that were on the shelves.  Daniel's office was more packed than ever.  He thought back over the years since the scientist had first occupied this space.  As time passed, they'd had to rearrange the office space and add more shelves.  Some objects were passing through, artifacts and relics Daniel had studied that SG-1 and other teams had brought back would find a place on the shelves for a while and then move on to Area 51, or to a storage facility.

Still, as he looked closely, Jack recognized a lot of things that once sat in Daniel's apartment, back when Daniel actually lived there.  Other items the archaeologist had discovered or purchased were also here.

Jack knew Daniel treasured these rare pieces of history, and he was equally sure that having them shoved together on shelves wasn't what Daniel had in mind when he had acquired them.

Daniel kept several treasured possessions at their house, but the soulmates still had to be careful.  A few items were on display downstairs, objects that mixed in with Jack's things without too much of a question, and there were some artifacts in their bedroom as well as in the spare room, but there was so much other stuff there that there had never been much room for the pieces to be properly exhibited.

Jack turned to Daniel and watched him scribbling a note about the vase, which he had apparently put down to open a book.  Then he glanced back over at the shelves.  After a few moments, he ambled casually over behind his working lover and took a quick peek toward the open door.

~Risk is healthy for the blood,~ Jack thought, glancing for a split second at the security camera.  Leaning in, he sneaked his arms around Daniel's waist, kissed his nape, and whispered, “I love you.”

“Jack,” Daniel sighed.  “I can't concentrate when you do that, and we're ... at work.  No hanky panky at work.”

“Spoilsport,” Jack whispered again, his eyes focused on the door.  It was dumb and a tad exhilarating to touch Daniel on base as he was now, with the camera on and the door open.  Yet, he knew he wouldn't mind being exposed as the love and lover of one Daniel Jackson.  “Besides, you said I'm always holding something when I come in here; just wanted to prove you right.”

“Get out, Jack.”

“Get out?  Why, Daniel, what happened to that 'can't get enough, yes, Jack, more, Jack' that you were screaming this morning?” the older man smirked.

“Jack, get out ... now,” Daniel barked without much bite.  The problem Daniel was having was that he was leaning into Jack, and he was shocked to realize his body was quickly responding to Jack's whispers about their interlude.  He hated it when his body didn't listen to his brain, and his brain was screaming, ~I need to finish this translation.~

“Going, Love.  You'll miss me.”

Daniel grunted, but when Jack stopped for a quick look back as he stood at the doorway, the archaeologist smiled and mouthed, “I love you.”


“I'm going to miss you,” Daniel spoke sadly the next day.

“Going to?” Jack challenged fondly as the two stood close together in Jack's office, the security equipment turned off, and the door locked.  “I miss you already.  I go crazy when you aren't here, Danny.”

“It's going to be a long week without you,” the melancholy archaeologist sighed, though he wouldn't actually be gone a full week.

“Well, once you get there, you'll be so busy playing with your rocks you probably won't even remember my name,” Jack claimed.


“Good.  You still remember,” the older man mused with a crooked smile.


Jack didn't let Daniel finish his word, his tongue entering his lover's mouth as they tasted each other.  He needed to capture as much of Daniel as he could with this last kiss, to hold him close, and make sure his Heart knew just how much he loved and wanted him.  In moments, Jack stopped talking with words and began a more intimate conversation with his body.

The couple only had a few more minutes, and then Daniel was off with SG-11 for a dig on PR9-112.  It hadn't been planned, but the scheduled replacement personnel for Doug Landon, who was off on his honeymoon, had come down with a bad case of Bronchitis.  Daniel deemed their assigned dig to be too important to postpone, so had no choice to go himself.

That meant Jack would be puttering around the lonely halls of the SGC, alone and abandoned, or so Jack tried to say in order to gain sympathy from his lover.  He didn't get sympathy, but he did get an evening of mind-blowing sex last night, which Jack figured, all things considered, was a good deal.

The only reason the colonel wasn't more upset was because he'd been to the planet himself and was satisfied it was safe.  Still, he spent forty-five minutes lecturing Colonel Carl Rappaport on the proper care and feeding of his archaeologist.

Rappaport was fairly new to the SGC, and this was only his fourth mission as the leader of SG-11, so he had been a bit stunned at Jack's rambling 'orders' about making sure Daniel stayed safe, until he mentioned it to his old friend Lieutenant Colonel Lou Ferretti.

Lou had then spent another twenty minutes strongly advising Rappaport to follow whatever instructions Jack had given him regarding said archaeologist, unless he wanted to deal with an unhappy Jack O'Neill.

“Let me put it this way, Colonel, the last mission commander who failed to see that Doctor Jackson was returned safely ended up stationed at Elmendorf for six months.  The one before that resigned his commission forty-eight hours after Daniel's release from the infirmary.  He denies Jack had anything to do with it, but I wouldn't bank on that.  Jack takes his archaeologist's safety very seriously,” Lou had warned.

Rappaport had then decided to do his best to make sure the archaeologist remained safe.  It had taken him years to get assigned to Stargate Command, and he wasn't about to be transferred over some “irrational, crazed colonel” who had some “insane attachment” to the members of his team.


“How's it coming?” Jack inquired as he arrived home from the SGC.

“Right on schedule, Colonel,” the man answered.  “You must have some real clout with the owners,” he added with amazement.

“Me?  Nah,” Jack said, dismissing the comment.

The construction crew chief laughed, “Listen, Colonel, we had at least ten jobs ahead of this one.  On top of that, it was made clear this job *had* to be finished on time.  I don't know who the heck you are, but my hats off to you for pulling this off.”

Jack shrugged and replied, “Maybe it just fit into the schedule.”

“Fit into the schedule?” the foreman laughed.  “Colonel, we've got two crews here, working around the clock so that this job can get done in half the time, or less, than it would normally take.  Some of these men were pulled off another job this morning, too.  This doesn't fit *into* the schedule, it *is* the schedule.”

Jack smiled as he watched the man return to talk with a couple of workers.  Yes, sometimes it was good to be a United States Air Force colonel, who had lots and lots of ties to 'important' people who could make things happen in a hurry.  He might regret it later when his benefactors pulled in their markers, wanting favors in return, but, right now, Jack was flying high.


“And the bonus, as agreed,” Jack remarked later in the week, passing over payment for the project that had been finished in an unusually short amount of time.

Jack and the manager had just completed a final look at the completed job.  Everything met with Jack's approval, so now he was handing over the bonus he had promised.

“Thank you, Colonel,” the manager of the company spoke.  “If you need us again, please call.”

“I'll keep you mind,” Jack said with a smile as he showed the man out.  Rubbing his hands together, he smirked, “Okay, Dannyboy, now for the fun part.”  He walked into the living room, smiling at the unopened boxes of equipment, all of which had been purchased within the last few days.  Jack couldn't recall the last time he'd spent so much time shopping.  ~Let's start with this one.~


It was late, about 10 p.m., and the SGC had only a skeleton staff on hand.  Sam had been working late on a new dialing program for the computer and was about to head home.  She had the next twenty-four hours off, but she also knew Daniel was expected back and wanted to drop a little 'Welcome Home' note under his office door to greet him.

“Sir?” Sam gasped in surprise at seeing her CO in the archaeologist's office.

“Carter, what the heck are you doing here?” Jack snapped, almost dropping some 'rock' onto the floor at the sound of the female's voice.

“I wanted to leave this for Daniel, Sir,” the major answered, holding out the note which she sat on the keyboard of Daniel's primary computer.

“He'll be back tomorrow, Carter,” Jack said, anxiously waiting for his 2IC to depart.

“Is everything all right?” Sam asked as she leaned her head to the right to look behind Jack where a box full of relics sat on the floor.

“Everything's fine, Carter.  Have a good night,” Jack said, making sure his dismissal sounded as close to an order as it could be.

“Sir, are you sure ...”

“Goodnight, Carter,” Jack stated in a light but forced tone.

“Goodnight, Sir,” Sam nervously replied, reluctantly walking out the door.  She was tempted to turn around and peak back through the door, but just then, the door closed and locked.  ~Ooookay.  Mind your business, Samantha.~


“Decided to come back, did ya?” Jack teased upon seeing his lover the next afternoon.

“Good to see you, too, Jack.”

Jack and Daniel stared deeply into each other's eyes.  They had to act calm and nonchalant.  They were at the base of the ramp in the SGC gate room, surrounded by Marines, the rest of SG-1, and various personnel, not to mention General Hammond and the others staffing the control room who were focused on the returnees as well.

The lovers' vocal chords spoke calmly, jokingly, but their eyes were saying things like, “I love you; missed you so darn much; can't wait to get you naked.”

“Colonel, as you can see,” Rappaport stated as he pointed to Daniel with one hand, “safe and sound, and well fed.”

Daniel's eyes bulged as he exclaimed, “Jack!”

Jack smirked, ignoring Daniel's outrage and addressed his reply to the his fellow team leader, saying, “Thank you, Colonel.  Receipt acknowledged.”

As SG-11 headed for the lockers, Daniel stared sharply at Jack, angrily snapping, “What did you say to him, Jack?  Is that why he was stuffing power bars down my throat and making Megan act like a water girl?”

Megan Williams was a civilian archaeologist on Daniel's staff, currently assigned to SG-11.

Jack laughed and took Daniel by the elbow to guide him out of the gate room as he asked, “Now, Daniel, do you really think I would ...”

“Yes, Jack, and you did, or he wouldn't have said that,” Daniel accused as they walked, Jack's hand still on his elbow, and Daniel's head turned to face the older man.  “Megan's not a slave.  She's a well-trained archaeologist, with degrees in ...”

“Daniel, I was only ...” Jack interrupted.

“I know what you were only,” Daniel retorted, finally removing Jack's hand from his elbow.  “Jack, I can take care of myself.  You don't need to go around terrorizing ...”

“I wasn't terrorizing anyone, I only suggested ...”

“Suggested or threatened?” Daniel asked forcibly.



“I would never ...” the colonel began.

“But you did, and you know ...” the archaeologist began.

“I know nothing of ...”

The two were almost to the lockers.  As they walked, various SGC onlookers steered clear of the two men.  Jack and Daniel were known for their bickering or bantering, or whatever people chose to call it, but when they were doing that thing where neither of them ever finished a sentence, most people figured they should keep a fair distance away.

Like a warning beacon, one Marine nodded towards another, eyes wavering towards the oblivious Jack and Daniel, and the two were given a wide berth.  It had been this way for years, but neither had a clue.  When they talked like this, they never heard anything or saw anyone else.

“Jack, Rappaport was like a scared ...”

“Scared? Cool! I haven't lost my touch,” Jack spoke with pride.

“And you aren't getting touched any time soon either,” Daniel whispered as he opened the locker room door.

Jack laughed loudly as Daniel looked back and glared.

**Right, Danny, a full week of no touching, loving, fondling, kissing, and mind-blowing sex, you'll last about, oh, another hour, which is how long it will take us to get out of here and home.**

What frustrated Daniel so much is that Jack's message was the absolute truth.  What was worse was that he knew that Jack knew that he knew it was the truth.  Even worse than that, now surrounded by the members of SG-11, Daniel was unable to retaliate like he would have liked to.  Instead, he turned around and tried to ignore his stalker as he prepared to shower and change.

“Colonel?” Rappaport asked, stopping his undressing.

“Ah, Rappaport, mission go well?” Jack asked in reply.

“Yes, it did.  Did you need something?” Rappaport inquired, curious why Jack was just standing around in the locker room.

Daniel was hiding a snicker.  Jack had no reason for being in the locker room, and his nonchalant lingering, with hands in his pockets, made him look pretty suspicious.

“Actually, I needed to get something,” Jack spoke, trying to explain his presence.

“In here?”

“Towel.  I needed a towel,” Jack said, using the first thing that popped into his mind.  “Something spilled in my office.”

Jack picked up a towel and stole a glance at his lover, who was working hard to suppress a hearty laugh.

“You came all the way down here for a ... towel?” Rappaport asked, his look saying what his mind was thinking.  ~I don't think so.  I wonder if there is anything to those stories I've heard?~

“Yes, Colonel, I did.  You have a problem with that?” Jack spoke forcefully, deciding to go on the attack, rather than be questioned by a newcomer to the SGC.  He stood nose to nose with Rappaport.  ~When in doubt, intimidate.~

Jack's change in tactics proved a winner as Rappaport backed down, stammering, “No, Sir, Colonel ... no, I don't.”  He quickly closed his locker and moved around the benches to put distance between him and Jack.  “Excuse me, Colonel.”

Jack nodded as Rappaport headed for the showers, where his other team members now were.  Jack surveyed the area and made sure no one else was near.  He walked up to Daniel, startling him by pinching his right butt cheek.

“Jaaaaack!” Daniel almost yelled, but happily managed to make it a squeak.

“My office ASAP,” Jack whispered softly in his ear.  He started to communicate his next words silently, but there wasn't any fun in that, so leaning in closely while no one was looking, he added, “Love you, Danny.”

Daniel wanted to wring Jack's neck for saying those two words, after nearly a week apart, when they were surrounded by SG-11.  Besides, he was mad at the older man; at least, he wanted to be mad, but darn, if Daniel didn't want to kiss Jack more than he wanted to yell at him for scaring Rappaport into playing mother hen in his stead.  Daniel shook his body as if to wring out the last several minutes like a towel would water.  Then, he headed for the showers.

~Paybacks, O'Neill.~


“Aren't you coming in?” Jack asked his lover, who stood leaning against the doorframe, hands in his pocket and a smirk on his face.

“No, but I am reporting in as ordered, Sir,” the archaeologist snarked.

“Daniel!” Jack chastised, wanting desperately to kiss his lover.

“Paybacks, O'Neill,” Daniel remarked, batting his eyelashes flirtatiously.  “Time to check out,” he said lightheartedly and then casually turned and headed for the elevator.

~Sneaky geek,~ Jack bemoaned as he quickly exited his office to catch up with the younger man.


“That was real funny,” Jack teased on the way home.

“I'm glad you thought so,” Daniel replied.  “You shouldn't have ...”

“It's my ...”

“Not, Jack, it's not your job to ...”

“It's always my job to take care ...”

“I don't need you to take ...”

“Yes, you do, Danny, and you like it.  Admit ...”

“I will do no such thing,” Daniel sighed stubbornly.  ~Even if it is true.~

“*Thank you*!”

“Jack, *stop* eavesdropping in my mind,” Daniel replied sternly.

The two looked at each other and then broke out into laughter.  Though the archaeologist had continued to give Jack a difficult time about his orders to Rappaport, they both knew the older man would never change, and, like it or not, both knew Daniel did like having someone care so much.  Still, the banter continued.

As they pulled into the driveway and Jack shut off the truck's motor, Daniel asked, “Jack, did you hear anything I said about taking care of myself and not terrorizing the rest of the SGC?”

Reaching over and grabbing hold of Daniel's left hand, Jack answered, “Heard every word, Love.  You're home; you're safe.  That's all I care about.”

Daniel sighed inwardly, ~Okay, I tried, but he'll never change.  What really bugs me is that I don't want him to change.  It ... it feels darn good to be loved so much.~

Jack and Daniel got to the door and looked at each other.  They both knew what was probably going to happen as soon as they got inside the safe confines of their home.

“Better say hello to the girls first,” Jack advised.  “They've missed you.”

“Are you suggesting I shouldn't jump your bones as soon as you close the door?”

Jack surprised himself.  He didn't say anything.  He wanted Daniel so much, and yet he felt a weird sort of paternal compassion for their beagles, who had missed Daniel terribly.  He unlocked the door, pushing it open.

Daniel followed his lover inside, shut the door, and paused to give Jack one very long, powerful kiss.

“Soon, Love,” Daniel stated before heading to the backyard to greet the two dogs.

Seeing Daniel, Bijou and Katie began jumping up and down excitedly on the patio, tails wagging, letting out little “woofs.”

Smiling, Daniel walked outside, chuckling as the dogs went crazy trying to get to him.  As soon as he kneeled down, Bijou stood up on her hind legs and pushed against him, causing Daniel to roll back onto the deck.  With both dogs standing on him, the young man was gigging and smiling, petting the happy dogs, who were licking and pawing him with zeal.

Jack stood happily watching his lover romping with their pets.

~Beautiful: you're beautiful, Danny,~ Jack thought about his soulmate.  ~I love seeing this; it's what I've lived for.~

The scene was something the colonel had fought for since befriending the archaeologist years ago.  He'd wanted to remind Daniel that he was deserving of happiness; more than that, he wanted the younger man to be happy.

As if hearing his Love's thoughts, Daniel managed to look over at him and smile a special smile just for him.  His eyes shone, clearly stating what was obvious.  After all these years, Daniel Jackson was indeed a happy man.


“Hmmm, I missed you, Jack,” Daniel moaned as he kissed his lover at the foot of the stairs.

After twenty minutes of playing with the girls, Daniel was now ready to play with his colonel, and the colonel seemed willing, at first.

“Danny, I want to show you something.”

“I know exactly what I want to see, Jack,” the hungry-for-Jack's-body archaeologist replied as his hands roamed his lover's body.

Jack was definitely eager, but he was eager for the younger man to see his surprise, too.  Then again, Daniel's hands were like magic, and he figured if Daniel didn't notice, the surprise could wait.

The couple went upstairs, Daniel totally oblivious to anything but Jack.  As they touched and fondled their way into the bedroom, they began to undress each other.  Their shirts had just been thrown onto the carpeted floor when Daniel gently pushed Jack backwards onto the bed and began planting a row of kisses on Jack's chest.  Suddenly, Daniel's head popped up, a look of confusion on his face.

“Danny, are you okay?” Jack asked, surprised by the sudden cessation of their foreplay.

Daniel turned his head towards the door and then back at Jack.  He didn't say anything, but he got up and walked into the hallway.  He stared, blinking a few times as he stood in place.

“Jack?” Daniel asked, his voice a bit high-pitched as he took in the change.

~Oh, well.~  Jack shook his head and laughed.  He'd waited days for the mission to conclude and twenty minutes for the dogs to get in their licks.  He figured he could wait a few more minutes in order to show Daniel his surprise.  He had intended, after all, to show it to the archaeologist before making love.  He walked up behind Daniel and put his arms around him.  After a sweet kiss on Daniel's neck, Jack said, “Surprise, Love.  This is for you.”

Daniel turned his head back to look at Jack, still unsure of all the man had done.  When he had last left the home, the upstairs consisted of three very separate rooms -- the master bedroom and bath, the spare bedroom, and the smaller utility room, which was really just a hall closet.  In addition, the hallway had been white, whereas now it was a light blue.

Instead of the spare room and utility room doors Daniel remembered, there was now a set of two ornate-styled sliding panel doors that were located in the center of where the two separate rooms used to be.  Daniel was speechless.

Jack moved to get in front of Daniel and took his right hand, leading him into his new piece of heaven.

“This is ... Daniel's Den,” Jack announced with a big smile.  He was proud of the place he'd created for his lover, and watching Daniel take in his new hideaway filled Jack with pride.  ~Just for you.~

Daniel stared at Jack for a moment and then ran his hands over the white carved doors.  He noticed locks were on the door.

Through the doors was one large room, with overhead lighting as well as several small accent lights to highlight certain shelf areas.  The room was painted a light wedgewood blue.  The wall-to-wall plush carpeting was the same color.

Upon entering the room, Daniel started on his right, seeing a wall of built-in shelves against the hallway wall.  They were full of artifacts and relics from his office and apartment, all carefully placed on display with the appropriate lighting to highlight each piece in their ancient beauty.

The surprised man turned to the wall facing the front of the house.  There were a couple of bookshelves that reached from the floor to the ceiling in each corner of the wall.  The shelves were about eleven inches deep, and they were full of books, ones Daniel had kept in boxes in the garage as well as in his apartment and his office; some had previously been in the living room of their house.  Jack had even placed the dreaded Budge in the center of one of the shelves which garnered a soft snicker from Daniel as he browsed the collection.

In between the bookshelves was an expensive and complex stereo system complete with phonograph, AM/FM radio, dual cassette deck, MP3 player, and CD player.  The speakers were massive.  All of Daniel's favorite CDs and cassettes were there, plus some new ones he had been wanting.

There was also a thirty-inch Tivo in the center of the display with two VCRs, one of which also included a dual DVD deck.  A collection of documentaries and specials and a group of blank tapes were there, too.

In addition, there was a nature sound device so that Daniel could relax to the sound of rain or ocean waves, or perhaps birds chirping or winds blowing.  There were thirty different selections available, including whale sounds and dolphin songs.

What affected Daniel the most as he looked at this wall was that on two shelves there was a group of personal items, memorabilia from Jack and Daniel's secret life together.  Many of these things had been kept tucked away in their special keepsake box, but Jack had pulled out a few photos and framed them to adorn the shelves.

None of the picture were that incriminating, but the photos were of the two men, smiling for the camera, or looking at each other, saying words no one but they would understand.

Daniel chuckled at the Mickey Mouse ears Jack had set out, but was grateful his lover had kept the photo of them and Goofy under wraps.  He looked affectionately at the collection of assorted items -- an empty bottle of St.  Julien's from a wine tasting trip, a mini-pyramid from their trip to Egypt, a large wooden Hershey chocolate bar, and a bobble head for the Colorado Avalanche.  He looked at his lover and shook his head as he made the four-inch-tall item bob up and down several times.

Center stage amid the decor was the dreaded Boonie Bear which Jack had brought from his office.  Daniel traced his fingers over the boonie hat and wire framed glasses and then turned to Jack, who had the sweetest smile on his face. For the first time, Daniel thought maybe that bear wasn't so bad after all; and it looked like it belonged on that shelf, just as Daniel knew he belonged here, in this house, with Jack.

Daniel turned to the outer wall.  There was a large double window at the center of it.  If Daniel wanted to open either section of it, he could.  The midnight blue blinds were room darkening so that if he wanted to rest or sleep in the recliner (which he had yet to survey) without the invasion of sunlight, he could do that, too.

The archaeologist noticed there seemed to be more light coming into the room than from the window.  When he looked up, he saw six skylights evenly spaced across the ceiling.  They could also be opened if he so desired via a remote control that sat in a cradle attached to the wall.

Centered below the window was an antique cherry wood desk which was large enough for Daniel to easily spread out his books, laptop, and an artifact or two, but not so large that it took away from the ambiance.  If he wanted to work in his den, he could, or he could get lost in the sounds of nature or opera or rock'n'roll, all the while enjoying the relics and treasures he had discovered over the years.

Daniel noticed a phone on the desk, plus there was another jack for the computer line in case Daniel brought his laptop into his den and needed to use the phone and be online.

Jack even put in a small navy blue bean bag next to the desk for the girls to relax in if Daniel chose to let them up there.  Their dogs were well trained, and Jack wasn't too concerned about their potential to ruin anything, but the decision would ultimately be up to Daniel.  Jack simply wanted to cover all the bases.

In the middle of the room, closer to the window and desk, was an extra wide navy blue recliner and ottoman.  A navy blue blanket sat on the ottoman.

At the wall that joined with the master bedroom, there were more bookshelves filled with many of Daniel's favorite artifacts that he had collected over the years.  These were things Jack specifically remembered Daniel handling with great care or that he had talked about endlessly.  Some of the things had been at the house already, but most were buried on the crowded shelves of Daniel's SGC office.  A few larger pieces had been retrieved from Daniel's apartment.

While most of what Daniel had left at his apartment had been for show, trinkets designed to indicate he still lived at the loft, a few of the pieces were treasured.  Yet, Daniel had hesitated to bring those items to the house because there wasn't a proper place to display them.

On the final section of wall, that part of the room that was to Daniel's left when he first walked in, Jack had hung many of the younger man's personal items, including a set of swords.  There was plenty of room to add more.  In fact, there was room on all the shelves for Daniel to add to his den.

For the most part, Daniel had been silent as he had carefully and slowly checked out each shelf.  He had occasionally reached in and touched some precious artifact before checking out the next unit.  He had run his fingers across the antique desk and sat quietly for a few minutes in the chair, reclining it backwards and surveying the room.  He had noticed the chair came with a massager and heater that would certainly come in handy.

Jack had watched with a mixture of emotions.  At first, he had wanted to gloat that he had done good, but watching Daniel, his heart had turned into mush.  Daniel hadn't been acting like a kid in the candy store, he had been acting like someone who had gotten something they had never even thought about wishing for, a dream come true, a dream that maybe he hadn't been deserving of.

If Jack had had any doubts about what he had done, they had vanished with each touch of Daniel's hand to some 'rock'.

Having examined the room thoroughly, Daniel went to the middle of the room and stood.  Slowly, he turned around in a circle, taking in the panorama of his sanctuary.  He stopped, looking out the window, and didn't move for a couple of minutes.

Finally, Jack ambled over to his lover, putting his arms around his waist.  As if the most natural thing in the world for him to do, Daniel automatically leaned into his Love, a contented sigh escaping from his throat.

“You can change anything you don't like, and I mean anything, Daniel.  This place, it's for you.  I tried my best not to forget anything, but I'm sure I did.  Danny?” Jack turned his silent motionless lover to face him and saw the tears that his Heart couldn't hold back.  “Ah, Danny,” Jack whispered as he pulled him in tight, lovingly caressing Daniel's back as the young man rested his head on Jack's shoulder, still having not spoken a word.  “I love you, Angel.”

Jack held his speechless lover for a few minutes, his hands caressing his back, his lips kissing Daniel's neck.  Daniel didn't seem to want to move, but when he finally pulled back, and his teary blue eyes met the misty brown eyes of his love, Daniel asked for the one thing he wanted most in that moment.

“Make love to me, Jack.”


~Room.  Too much room,~ Jack's mind processed as his eyelids fluttered open.  ~Blanket.  Where's my blanket?~

Jack awoke at 3 a.m., alone in the king-size bed.  He and Daniel had made tender and lingering love for hours, savoring the taste of the other.  Jack's lover still hadn't said much in words, but with his heart and body, he had spoken volumes.  They had fallen asleep holding on to each other, Jack's arms around Daniel, their hands entwined.

~How'd he do that?~  Jack marveled that Daniel had been able to disentangle himself without waking him.  Still, over the years, the archaeologist had learned Jack's sleeping patterns pretty well and was an expert on how not to wake Jack. ~You've learned well, Dannyboy.~

Jack put on his robe and went in search of Daniel, though he had a hunch he'd find him in the den.  He was right.  Wearing his own robe, Daniel was seated Indian-style in the middle of the floor, looking up at the shelves full of artifacts on the wall that was closest to the master bedroom.

“Hey,” Jack said with a smile.

“Hey,” Daniel whispered.

~To heck with my knees,~ Jack thought as he sat on the floor in front of Daniel, reaching out taking his Love's hands in his.  “You okay?”

“No one has ever done anything like this just for me before.  Jack, this is incredible.  And ... it's all ...”

Daniel looked down.  He thought he must sound terribly silly and look even sillier, but he couldn't help it.  Another tear escaped, running down his right cheek.

“It's all for you, Daniel.  This is ...” Jack paused and looked around the room and then back at Daniel, giving him a big smile.  “This is Daniel's Den.  It's your place for the things you love most, to keep them safe, where you can look at them and appreciate them, and ... do whatever you do with those rocks.  It's all for you.  Remember, you can change anything you don't like.”

“No, Jack.  It's perfect, except for one thing; well, maybe two things,” the younger man hesitantly responded.

Jack laughed, then said, “Make a list, Love; we'll do whatever you want.”

Daniel shook his head and explained, “No, it just needs ... Jack, I know you don't like this stuff, and it's for me, but sometimes, maybe ...”

“What, Danny?”

“It needs ...”  Daniel looked over at the window, his eyes blinking several times.
Jack could see Daniel working something out, so he waited patiently.

“Jack, could we get another one of those leather sofas, the comfy ones, and put it there, under the window.  Then, maybe sometimes you could, I mean, if you ...”

Jack leaned over and kissed his soulmate, their tongues tingling from the delight of touching.  He had built Daniel's sanctuary.  Now, Daniel had said it wouldn't be complete without a place for Jack.  The older man thought he might burst from delight.

“I'd like that, Danny.  You can tell me the stories about each one of your treasures, and we can listen to opera.”

“And the girls have their own spot, too.  I'm so glad you thought of that, Jack.  They're really careful.”

Daniel was looking at all the things in the room as Jack caressed both his hands, keeping him grounded.  He was truly overwhelmed and happier beyond his wildest dreams .

“How'd you do all this Jack? I didn't think you could outdo yourself after the car and that crazy day when everything went wrong, but this ...  Wow, Jack.  How'd you do it?”

“I've been thinking been about it a little while.  You needed a place for your stuff, and since we decided to add to our family, you needed someplace that would be off limits, a place where your things would be safe.  Danny, your office at the Mountain is crowded with stuff.  You can't enjoy much of it when it's shoved into small spaces like it was in your office.”

“I admit that's, uh ... well ...” Daniel paused, his smile finishing his acknowledgement of that fact.

The older man expounded, “I used a couple of contacts to get a good construction crew lined up at a great rate; talked over the ideas with a couple of people, and then when I found out you were going to be gone with SG-11, it seemed like the perfect time.”

“I was only gone a few days,” Daniel spoke softly.

Jack brought Daniel's hands up to his mouth and kissed them before continuing.

“Overtime,” Jack explained.  “And while they were working on the den, I brought things home from the office and the apartment that I thought were special.  I have to admit, Danny, I took some stuff from the apartment to fill in some of the spaces in the office temporarily.  You'll have to sort through that, but I didn't want it to look like everything disappeared overnight.  As it was, Carter caught me there last night.”


“That would be Carter.”

“Jack,” Daniel laughed softly.

“It wasn't that hard, Danny,” Jack confessed.  “I went shopping.  Notice all the blue.”

Daniel lowered his head for a moment as he blushed slightly.  Jack loved his blue eyes and always tried to surround him in shades of blue whenever possible.  There was blue all around in Daniel's den.

Jack smiled, glad that Daniel just happened to consider blue to be his favorite color, so he couldn't go wrong.  It was a win-win situation, color-wise.

“I love you, Jack.  I can't believe you did this.  Thank you.”

“Come back to bed, Danny,” Jack urged.

Jack and Daniel stood and headed for the door.  Daniel took another look around before they walked out.

“It really is perfect, Jack, but you were wrong about one thing,” the younger man noted.

“What was that?”

With a tender smile, Daniel answered, “I do love those things, but what I love most, is you.”

Jack's knees felt like Jell-O, and his heart was melted butter.  He could hear the sweet violin music in the air.  How he loved this man who was his heart.  They kissed and went back to their bedroom, where made love again before falling asleep in each other's arms.


Though having slept in late, Daniel was still yawning as he entered the kitchen and cozied up behind Jack, putting his arms around his waist while greeting, “Morning.”

“Good Morning,” Jack said, leaning back a little and turning his head to give Daniel a morning kiss.

“Smells good,” the younger man commented about the scrambled eggs Jack was frying.

“Hope so.  I'm starved,” Jack replied.  With a smirk, he explained, “Worked up quite an appetite with all that exercise we got last night.”

Daniel laughed, “Jack, is the den what you were thinking about a couple weeks ago when you were outside in the middle of night?”

Jack shook his head, but clarified, “It wasn't the middle of the night, Daniel.  It was what ... six or seven?”

“Like I said, the middle of the night,” Daniel chuckled, leaning his chin against Jack's shoulder while watching his lover cook.

“No, then, I was thinking about the kids,” Jack answered.

“Bijou and Katie?”

“Daniel, it's not the middle of the night now,” Jack quipped.

“Oh,” Daniel said shyly, smiling at the notion of one day having human children with his soulmate.

“Danny, we both use the study, but it's always been my place with all the sports stuff.  I wanted you to have your own place, too, for your stuff.  I figure we can add an addition to the house, cut off part of the backyard for the human kids.  What do you think?”

“I think I'd better keep my job so we can afford it, which reminds me ...”

“Daniel,” Jack chastised, not willing to bend at all.  **(Don't even think it.)**

“Jack,” Daniel pleaded.  **(But it cost so much.)**

“You paid me back for the car.  You are *not* paying me back for your den.  End of subject,” Jack stated assertively.

There was a definite finality to Jack's statement, and Daniel didn't mind.  There was a big difference between the car and the den, and their relationship had was different now as well.  With every month, Jack and Daniel became stronger, and they were about to be married.  They'd be making everything as legal as possible when they wed.  What they couldn't do now, they would do once Jack retired, including getting a joint bank account.

The couple really didn't pay attention to who paid for what anymore, anyway.  It was usually whoever had their credit card or checkbook the handiest that bought or paid for whatever they wanted.  Daniel sighed at the thought of sharing so much with this man who continued to make him feel so special.

Jack turned off the burner and moved the pan to a cool burner.  Then he turned to embrace Daniel.

“Happy?” the older man questioned.

“Eternally.  You?”

“,” Jack mused.

“That's not a word, Jack,” Daniel correctly.



“Forget you're a linguist, and concentrate on being a lover for a minute, okay?”

“Okay,” Daniel agreed, trying to hide his smile.

The lovers engaged in a round of heavy-duty kissing for a few minutes, the scrambled eggs cooling significantly as the men shared their love.

“I love you so much, Danny.  Only you, always.”

“Always and ... foreverly,” Daniel responded, taking his lover's advice.  After Jack chuckled, the two kissed again.  “So, you really love me?” he asked.

“You know I do.”

“Then stop ruining my breakfast.  The eggs are cold,” Daniel teased before they kissed yet again.

“I'll have to warm them up,” Jack remarked, about to turn his attention back towards their late breakfast.  ~You've already warmed me up.~

“Jack, are you sure you're that hungry?” Daniel asked, having other things on his mind now besides food.  ~Gawd, I'm warm.~

Seeing the gleam of lust and desire in Daniel's eyes, Jack took a brief look at the eggs before planting another kiss on Daniel's soft lips.

“Hungry for you.”

Their arms around each other’s waists, Jack and Daniel walked back up the stairs and once again exchanged their passion with the trembling and rocking of their bodies until they collapsed onto each other.


“Jack?” Daniel spoke as they sat on the sofa after finally eating breakfast later that day.

“Yes, Love?”

“This is going to be real sappy, okay?” the younger man warned.

Jack chuckled a little at the warning and kissed the top of Daniel's head before responding, “Okay.  I consider myself duly warned about the impending excessive use of sap.”

Daniel chuckled and then let the words flow as best he could, saying, “We're forever, Jack.  I know that, but I need you to know that no matter what happens or what we deal with in the future, I'm ... happy, so incredibly happy, and I never thought I could be, not really, not like this.

“And it's all because of you, and how much you love me, and the thing is, you don't just ... tell me, you show me in ... in ways I couldn't ever have imagined, and you give me so much, way too much, Jack.  And I don't mean things, not possessions and ... and ... stuff, but your heart and your soul, they're mine and I know it.

“Geez, Jack, I know it like I've never known anything before.  You've sacrificed for me over and over again, and you never let me run.  Gawd, I've tried to ... escape so many times, but you wouldn't let me because ... well, I wasn't escaping, I was running away from you, from us, from everything I really wanted, but was afraid to actually have.  I love you so much, Jack.  Thank you for loving me, too.”

Jack leaned his chin against Daniel's forehead and tried to stop his eyes from tearing.  He had a lump in his throat that was the size of an apple.  He wasn't sure he could ever speak again.  He kept caressing Daniel, placing small kisses on his silky hair.  Feeling a bit of moisture on his chest, he knew it was from Daniel's eyes, and then he couldn't stop his own tears.

“Sappy to the max, Danny,” was all Jack could say, his voice cracked and full of emotion, but he needed to say just one more thing before they settled and regained control over their emotions.  Somehow, he choked out, “Love you, Space Monkey, always and forever.”

“Forever and always,” Daniel replied, unwittingly setting in motion a round of classic Jack and Daniel back-and-forth repartee.

“To the end of time,” Jack responded.

“Throughout eternity,” the younger man crooned.

“To infinity and beyonnnnnnnnd,” Jack said in a deep voice and extending his right arm out for emphasis as he spoke.

“Oh, gawd, you just had to bring Buzz Lightyear into it, didn't you?”

Jack laughed, and the lovers kissed yet again.  They had another hour left before they had to report to the SGC, and the soulmates spent it snuggling into each other, savoring their nation of two.  They'd added a new addition to their house, and, one day soon, they'd make even more changes by adding human children to their family.  As they enjoyed their kisses and touches of longing and love, Jack and Daniel knew life would only get better with each passing hour.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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