Jack and Daniel's Universe By Story Arc
Last Update: April 15, 2021

This is a repeat listing of some stories named by season, grouped according to story arcs, in the order of the story in the “arc”. Some stories actually fit into more than one arc, so are listed more than once. All stories stand alone, but if you want to follow a specific thread all the way through, this would be one way of doing that.

The "They Don't Understand" Arc
aka: Daniel's Computer Diaries

Anger's Song (a prequel of a sort)
They Don't Understand
The Spirits of Our Hearts
A Time for Us
Never a False Step
Little Gray Butts
Sharpshooter Secret

The "Falling in Love" Arc
The Truth Within
Clarity: The Merging of Fire and Water
Faith of the Innocent
Frozen in Time
The Cycle of Life
Wish Upon a Star
Feeling Our Way

The "Jack's Mini-Me Clone" Arc
Little Gray Butts
Between Two Worlds
It's a Clone's Life

The "Ori" Arc
Sunshine Down
What Must Be
What Must Happen
What Must Occur
What Must Transpire
What Must Zig Must Zag

The “Beagles” Arc
Never a False Step
Home at Last
Odyssey of the Mind
Because You Loved Me
Delusions of Love
Beagle Interlude
Beagle Interlude, Too!
Beagle Intervention Now!
Beagle Intervention
The Name Game
Ten Months
Transitions: The Next Ten Months
Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months
Alien Drugs are Yuck
Thor's Gift
Bijou and Katie's Big Adventure

The “Alien Drugs are Yuck” Arc
Delusions of Love
Unspoken Fears
Daniel Meets His Match
Alien Drugs Are Yuck
Thor's Gift

The "Someone Is After Jack And Using Daniel" Arc
For Better or Worse
Remember This Warning
Odyssey of the Mind
Final Justice

The “Wedding” Arc
The Circle of Our Love
Being Ourselves
Remember This Warning
Heart and Soul
Because You Loved Me
New Rules
Ten Months

The "Flying High" Arc
Flying High
Oshkosh U.S.A.
Daniel Jackson - Fly Boy?

The “Human Children” Arc
Something to Think About
Beagle Interlude, Too
The Name Game
The Pact
Ten Months
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Transitions: The Next Ten Months
Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months
Homer Bites the Dust
Nyan and the Munchkins
Mexican Adventure
Room for One More?
It's Raining ... Kids?
A Box in Time
Unexpected Miracle

The "Warm Fuzzies Tales" Arc
Warm Fuzzies
A Home for Two
Towel Soft

The "Tragedy Strikes" Arc
Twist and Shout
Twisted Minds

The Story Time Series
Let Go of My Legos
Careful What You Wish For
Junior's End
It's What We Do

The “Will Alex Find Happiness” Arc
Life Really Sucks
Be My Valentine
Butting In
Casey's Lament
Wanderin' in the USA: Chapter 2 - St. Louie Surprise
But It's Armani
Twist and Shout

Stories With Jack's Birthday Bits
Nothing Much
Surprising Jack ... Again
It's Raining ... Kids?
Unexpected Miracle

Stories With Daniel's Birthday Bits
The First of Many
Goofy and the Boys
July Eighth
Home at Last
The Name Game
Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months
Unexpected Miracle
Not Just Another Day

Stories With Holiday Theme Focus
S1 - Baskets Full of Eggs (Easter)
S1 - A Pumpkin for Daniel (Halloween)
S1 - The First Christmas (Christmas)
S1 - Auld Lang Syne (New Year's Eve/Day)
S2 - Blarney (St. Patrick's Day)
S2 - In Memoriam (Memorial Day)
S2 - The Naughty List (Christmas)
S2 - A Little Night Music (New Year's Eve/Day)
S3 - Tears of a Valentine (Valentine's Day)
S3 - Pressures (Columbus Day)
S4 - Bobbin' for Archaeologists (Halloween)
S6 - Gifts of a Lifetime (Christmas)
S6 - Jack and the Professor (Easter)
S7 - The Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmas)
S10 - What Must Occur (Christmas)
S10 - What Must Transpire (New Year's Eve)
S10 - What Must Zig Must Zag (Valentine's Day)
BTS - A Munchkin Christmas (Christmas)
BTS - Even Bigger (New Year's Eve)
BTS - Erin Go Bragh (St. Patrick's Day)
BTS - Lost (Easter)
BTS - A Christmas Miracle (Christmas)
BTS - Be My Valentine (Valentine's Day)
BTS - Diamonds in the Rough (Father's Day)
BTS - Unexpected Miracle (Thanksgiving)
BTS - Unexpected Miracle (Christmas)
BTS - Unexpected Miracle (New Year's Eve)
BTS - The Great Santa Claus Caper (Christmas)
BTS - Icicles (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 1 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 2 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 3 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 4 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 5 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 6 (Christmas)
BTS - Scenes of the Season - Scene 7 (Christmas)
BTS - Hernando's Hideaway (Christmas)
BTS - The Night Before Christmas (Christmas)
BTS - The Day of the Presidents (President's Day)
BTS - Christmas Hiccups (Christmas)
BTS - Christmas Druthers (Christmas)
BTS - Is There a Santa Claus? (Christmas)
BTS - Christmas is Here (Christmas)
BTS - Christmas Future (Christmas)

Stories Co-Authored with Claudia
Planet of Beauties
Playtime on PBJ
Surprising Jack - Again
Jack's Bad Day
Dinner at Seven
Hanging Around
Guilt's Indiscretion
A Dish Best Served Cold
Twilight's Jubilation
Dare to Quiz
Moonlight Madness
Brain Drain
A Pumpkin for Daniel
It's Raining ... Kids?
The Chicago Caper
Unexpected Miracle

Stories Co-Authored with Jodi
Keep Out!
Stories Co-Authored with Lil Bear
Stories Co-Authored with Mama Bear
A Munchkin Christmas
Let's Go Fly a Kite
That Darn Cat
Escape from Plantacia
Cat Rebellion
Licks of Approval
Borrowing Trouble

Stories Co-Authored with Robert
Life Really Sucks
The Burning
O'Neill's Folly
Let the Sun Shine In
The Bet

Stories Co-Authored with Sara
Singing Soprano
COVID-19 Era & Slice of Covidity Stories
Coming Together
Peanuts aka: Bowling for Peanuts
Survival aka: The Future of Tomorrow
s Movement
Christmas Druthers
Is There a Santa Claus?
Remembrance aka: William and Elizabeth
Christmas is Here
Moments of Truth
Connections (not yet published)

Missing Scenes/Epilogues

Stargate: the Movie - First Impressions
Stargate: the Movie - Sha're: A Tale of Lost Beauty

S1 - Children of the Gods - A Unique Perspective
S1 - Children of the Gods - Welcome Back - Daniel
S1 - Children of the Gods - Welcome Back - Jack
S1 - Children of the Gods - Beginnings
S1 - The Enemy Within - A Unique Perspective
S1 - The Enemy Within - The Truth Within
S1 - Emancipation - WasherGate
S1 - The Broca Divide - The Colonel and the Scientist
S1 - The Broca Divide - On My Own
S1 - The Broca Divide - My Limping Linguist
S1 - The First Commandment - The Lunatic Fringe
S1 - Cold Lazarus - Letting Go
S1 - The Nox - The Trouble with Listening
S1 - Brief Candle - A Flickering of the Flame
S1 - Thor's Hammer - Traces of Love
S1 - Thor's Hammer - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S1 - Bloodlines - Don't Mess With Danny
S1 - Fire and Water - A Unique Perspective
S1 - Fire and Water - Clarity: The Merging of Fire and Water
S1 - Singularity - Mr. Jealousy's Debut
S1 - Cor-ai - Mr. Jealousy's Debut
S1 - Enigma - Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down
S1 - Solitudes - Waiting (flashback)
S1 - Tin Man - Tin Hearts
S1 - Hathor - Backlash
S1 - There But For the Grace of God - Wacky Dream
S1 - Politics - Wacky Dream
S1 - Within the Serpent's Grasp - Wish Upon a Star

S2 - Serpent's Lair - A Unique Perspective
S2 - Serpent's Lair - Frozen in Time
S2 - Serpent's Lair - The Cycle of Life
S2 - In the Line of Duty - Adjustments and Parameters
S2 - Prisoners - A Unique Perspective
S2 - Prisoners - Prisoners and Lovers
S2 - The Gamekeeper - Danny
S2 - Need - The Need of Two
S2 - Thor's Chariot - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S2 - Thor's Chariot - Thor's Cimmeria
S2 - Message in a Bottle - Messages of a Friendship
S2 - Family - Kindred (not yet published)
S2 - Secrets - They Don't Understandr
S2 - Secrets - Fathers and Daughters not yet published)
S2 - Bane - Big, Huge, Ugly, Honkin' Bugs
S2 - Tok'ra, Parts 1 and 2 - I'm Fine
S2 - Spirits - The Spirits of our Hearts (flashback)
S2 - Touchstone - Come Rain or Come Shine
S2 - The Fifth Race - Download
S2 - A Matter of Time - What Would I Do (Epilogue - Jack's Recovery)
S2 - Holiday - Swithing it Up
S2 - Holiday - A Chance Reunion
S2 - Serpent's Song - Dark Demons
S2 - One False Step - Never a False Step (flashback)
S2 - Show and Tell - Tough Guys Aren't Always So Tough
S2 - 1969 - A Unique Perspective
S2 - 1969 - Temptations
S2 - Out of Mind - Out of Fire, Into Our Souls

S3 - Into the Fire - Out of Fire, Into Our Souls
S3 - Seth - Singing Soprano
S3 - Fair Game - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S3 - Fair Game - Earth: The Next Protected Planet? (not yet published)
S3 - Legacy - Calming Influences
S3 - Legacy - After the Calm
S3 - Learning Curve (not yet published)
S3 - Point of View - A Kiss is But a Kiss
S3 - Deadman Switch (not yet published)
S3 - Demons - Pressures
S3 - Rules of Engagement - Engaging the Rules
S3 - Forever in a Day - Forever and Always
S3 - Past and Present - Forever and Always
S3 - Jolinar's Memories - Welcome to Netu
S3 - The Devil You Know - Welcome to Netu
S3 - Foothold - Hanging Around
S3 - Pretense (not yet published)
S3 - Urgo (not yet published)
S3 - A Hundred Days - Tal Pat Ryn
S3 - A Hundred Days - Tears of a Valentine
S3 - A Hundred Days - A Hundred Nightmares
S3 - Shades of Grey - Black and White
S3 - New Ground - Harsh Realities
S3 - Maternal Instinct (not yet published)
S3 - Crystal Skull - Footsteps
S3 - Nemesis - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S3 - Nemesis - Ouch!

S4 - Small Victories - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S4 - Small Victories - Ouch!
S4 - The Other Side - Drawing the Line
S4 - Upgrades - Of Boys and Spice
S4 - Crossroads - Sparkage
S4 - Divide and Conquer - More Than I'm Supposed To
S4 - Window of Opportunity - Opportunity's Agony
S4 - Watergate - Freefall (Epilogue)
S4 - Watergate (not yet published)
S4 - The First Ones - Unas, Go Home
S4 - Scorched Earth - Regulations for the Brave and Haried (Preamble)
S4 - Scorched Earth (not yet published)
S4 - Beneath the Surface - Under the Surface
S4 - Point of No Return - The Man from Outer Space
S4 - Tangent - Fade Out
S4 - The Curse (not yet published)
S4 - The Serpent's Venom - It's All Phoenician to Me
S4 - Chain Reaction - Resignation Denied
S4 - 2010 - What If
S4 - Absolute Power - Nightmares
S4 - The Light - Lighting My World
S4 - Prodigy - These Are Not the Days
S4 - Double Jeopardy - Please Don't Die
S4 - Exodus - It's a Jaffa Revenge Thing
S4 - Exodus - The Art of Friendship

S5 - Enemies - It's a Jaffa Revenge Thing
S5 - Enemies - The Art of Friendship
S5 - Threshold - It's a Jaffa Revenge Thing
S4 - Ascension - How's Sam?
S5 - The Fifth Man - Anger's Song
S5 - Red Sky - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S5 - Red Sky (not yet published)
S5 - Rite of Passage (not yet published)
S5 - Beast of Burden - The Right to be Free
S5 - The Tomb - Battle of the Tomb
S5 - Between Two Fires - Stuck in the Middle
S5 - 2001 (not yet published)
S5 - Desperate Measures (not yet published)
S5 - Wormhole X-treme - Two Guys in Love
S5 - Proving Ground (not yet published)
S5 - 48 Hours (not yet published)
S5 - Summit - Poisoning the Soul
S5 - Last Stand - Poisoning the Soul
S5 - Fail Safe - Confidence
S5 - The Warrior (not yet published)
S5 - Menace - They Don't Understandr
S5 - Menace (not yet published)
S5 - The Sentinel (not yet published)
S5 - Revelations - Uncle Thor

S6 - Redemption, Parts 1 and 2 - Good Luck
S6 - Descent - Holding Our Breaths
S6 - Frozen - Jack's Abyss
S6 - Nightwalkers - Night of the Zombies
S6 - Abyss - Jack's Abyss
S6 - Allegiance - An Unsteady Allegiance
S6 - Cure - Mistrust
S6 - Prometheus - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S6 - Prometheus - Choices
S6 - Unnatural Selection - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S6 - Unnatural Selection - Choices
S6 - The Other Guys - Jack and the Professor
S6 - Sight Unseen- I'm Not Crazy
S6 - Smoke and Mirrors - Illusion
S6 - Paradise Lost - Paradise Regained
S6 - Metamorphosis - Nirrti Versus Doctor Moreau
S6 - Disclosure - Behind the Disclosure
S6 - Forsaken - The Cabal Princess Affair
S6 - Memento - Shakedown
S6 - The Changeling - Junior's End
S6 - Prophecy - Aveo ... Amacuse
S6 - Full Circle - Dinner at Seven

S7 - Fallen - Dinner at Seven
S7 - Homecoming - Dinner at Seven
S7 - Fragile Balance - Little Gray Butts (flashback)
S7 - Fragile Balance - Between Two Worlds
S7 - Orpheus (not yet published)
S7 - Revisions - Memories (flashback)
S7 - Life Boat - Lifesigns
S7 - Enemy Mine - Happy Places
S7 - Space Race - Space Break
S7 - Avenger 2.0 - Rain, Jaffa, and a Man Named Felger
S7 - Birthright (not yet published)
S7 - Evolution, Parts 1 and 2 - Evolutionary Thoughts
S7 - Grace - Friendship's Grace
S7 - Fallout - Kelowna No More
S7 - Chimera - Picket Fences
S7 - Death Knell - Strain
S7 - Heroes, Parts 1 and 2 - The Truth about Heroes - Janet's Song (Epilogue)
S7 - Heroes, Parts 1 and 2 (not yet published)
S7 - Resurrection - Remote Control
S7 - Inauguration - Inauguration Day
S7 - Lost City, Parts 1 and 2 - Aveo ... Amacuse

S1-S7 - Almost Every Episode through Lifeboat - They Don't Understand

S8 - New Order, Parts 1 and 2 - Aveo ... Amacuse
S8 - New Order - My General
S8 - Zero Hour - A General No More?
S8 - Lockdown - Who Shot Me?
S8 - Lockdown - Freedom
S8 - Icon - Been There, Done That
S8 - Avatar - Games People Play
S8 - Affinity - Freedom
S8 - Stargate Atlantis: Rising - Atlantis or Bust
S8 - Covenant - Welcome to My World
S8 - Gemini - Gemini Minus One
S8 - Sacrifices - Fizzle and Sizzle
S8 - Endgame - See You Soon (Epilogue)
S8 - Prometheus Unbound - What's So Great About Atlantis
S8 - It's Good to be King (not yet published)
S8 - Full Alert - The Chicago Caper
S8 - Full Alert (not yet published)
S8 - Citizen Joe - No Yes No
S8 - Reckoning, Parts 1 and 2 - Let Go of My Legos!
S8 - Threads - Let Go of My Legos!
S8 - Moebius, Parts 1 and 2 - Careful What You Wish For

S9 - Avalon, Parts 1 and 2 - Sunshine Down
S9 - Avalon, Parts 1 and 2 - What Must Be
S9 - Origin - Sunshine Down
S9 - Origin - What Must Be
S9 - The Ties That Bind - Sunshine Down
S9 - The Powers That Be (not yet published)
S9 - Beachhead - What Must Be
S9 - Ex Deux Machina - Sunshine Down
S9 - Prototype - Sunshine Down
S9 - Prototype - Visceral Discord
S9 - Babylon - What Must Happen
S9 - The Fourth Horseman, Parts 1 and 2 - Sunshine Down
S9 - The Fourth Horseman, Parts 1 and 2 - What Must Be
S9 - Ripple Effect - Sunshine Down
S9 - Stronghold (not yet published)
S9 - Ethon - What Must Happen
S9 - Off the Grid - Corncob
S9 - The Scourge (not yet published)
S9 - Arthur's Mantle - What Must Happen
S9 - Crusade - What Must Occur
S9 - Camelot - What Must Occur

S10 - Flesh and Blood - What Must Occur
S10 - Morpheus - What Must Occur
S10 - The Pegasus Project (not yet published)
S10 - Insiders (not yet published)
S10 - Uninvited (not yet published)
S10 - 200 - The Veiled Irishman
S10 - Counterstrike - What Must Occur
S10 - Company of Thieves - What Must Transpire
S10 - The Quest, Parts 1 and 2 - What Must Transpire
S10 - Line in the Sand - What Must Transpire
S10 - The Road Not Taken (not yet published)
S10 - The Shroud - What Must Transpire
S10 - Bounty (not yet published)
S10 - Bad Guys - Bad Guy Rebels
S10 - Talion - It's What We Do
S10 - Dominion - What Must Zig Must Zag

MOVIE - The Ark of Truth - What Must Zig Must Zag

Stargate Atlantis: Grace Under Pressure - The Name and the Fantasy (minor)
Stargate Atlantis: The Real World - The Name and the Fantasy
Stargate Atlantis: McKay and Mrs. Miller - The Name and the Fantasy
Stargate Atlantis: Adrift - Heavy is the Hand
Stargate Atlantis: Lifeline - Heavy is the Hand
Stargate Atlantis: Reunion - Heavy is the Hand
Stargate Atlantis: Doppelganger - Heavy is the Hand
Stargate Atlantis: First Contact - Jackson Vs McKay
Stargate Atlantis: The Lost Tribe - Jackson Vs McKay

Stargate Universe: Air Part 1 - Icarus Star
Stargate Universe: Gauntlet - Destiny's End

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