A Startling Revelation

Author: Orrymain
Category: Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing: Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating: PG-13
Season: Beyond the Series - June 21-22, 2018
Spoilers: None
Size: 194kb, short story
Written: March 10-12, 14-15, December 27-28, 2020
Summary: A disturbing truth from the past is brought to light on an otherwise normal day.
Disclaimer: Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't. A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically. Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s): “JD's Miracle”

A Startling Revelation
by Orrymain

The first day of summer began with a typical breakfast for the Jackson-O'Neill family and was followed by a brief, but cheerful bike ride through the neighborhood. Afterwards, the family scattered, with some spending time in the backyard and others with friends at their homes. A few were upstairs in their rooms or in the library. Daniel opted to run a few errands, promising his husband he'd be home in time to help with lunch.

Six minutes before eleven, Jack was in the living room seated in his old and comfortable recliner. He was reading a book freshly published called, “There There” which dealt with Native Americans. He was still in the early pages of the novel when his eyes detected awkward fidgeting by eleven-year-old Little Danny, who held a book in his hands as he supposedly read it while sitting the sofa.

Closing his book and leaning forward, Jack inquired, ''Anything wrong?“

“Wrong? the pre-teen responded.

“Son, you haven't turned a page in twenty minutes and you're moving around as if you had fleas. Come on, talk to your old man.”

Little Danny sighed and then called out while getting up, “Be right back.”

The father watched the boy sprint to the stairs and considered calling a warning until his inner child detector of all things good and bad stopped him.

~Nope. Something's bothering the lad and whatever it is, that's more important than a short sprint through the living room.~

The silver-haired man put his novel on the side table and sat back in his chair, waiting for the Munchkin to return. He didn't have too wait long.

It was less than three minutes later when Little Danny approached his still-seated father. In his hands were a stack of publications. With some hesitancy, the youngster extended his arms outward in a gesture for Jack to take hold of the issues.

Jack stared at his son briefly before taking the printed materials. Slowly, he began to review their covers. His mouth opened slightly as he sighed. At the top of the stack were some comic books, all picturing exploding spaceships and panicked aliens. Next, there were magazines with headlines speculating on government cover-ups and potential alien survivors. Lastly, Jack saw a volume of the encyclopedia, a bookmark indicating a point of interest. He knew what it was without opening the tome.

The father's eyes looked pointedly at his son’s. He saw both emotion and fear in Little Danny's bright blue ovals.

“Is it true, Dad? Did that happen?”

The youthful voice had been timid, yet forceful.

Happily retired from the Air Force, the lieutenant general set aside the stack, placing it atop his book that was already on the table next to his chair and stood. He walked just a few feet towards the kitchen nook when he stopped and turned to face his son.

With poignancy and some self-incrimination, Jack answered, “I don't know.”

Little Danny took two steps forward and returned, “But you're a general and Thor's friend.”

“Look, I grew up hearing about Roswell, but I never thought little gray butts were real until I met one, and even then I thought they were hallucinations.”

Little Danny didn't need to say a word. His peering eyes reflected his soul, just as those of his archaeologist father did.

Jack reached around his neck with his right hand and began to scratch. He felt like a heel on more levels than he could imagine.

“Danny, the truth is that I never asked.” Jack took in the youth's ardent glare. All he could do in response was let out an aggravated growl and admit, “I thought about it once, but convinced myself I was being silly. Those stories about a ship crashing in Roswell were just that, stories.”

“Were they?”

“I don't know,” Jack conceded.

“Thor's an ally. He's helped Earth. He’s *saved* Earth. He's our friend, too, Dad; family even.”

Jack had no defense. He should have inquired years ago. He was wrong and one of the many gifts he had vowed to pass on to the kids was that of admitting a wrong and then either fixing it or living with it. In this case, though long overdo, he knew the correct action was to fix it as best he could.

At that point, JD bounded down the stairs into the living room and exclaimed, “Look what I made, Dad!” The six-year-old was holding an oddly shaped creation made from Legos. “Isn't it cool?”

“Yeah, very,” the clueless father responded just as Jonny entered the room.

“He worked a long time on it,” the oldest Munchkin advised.

“It's a great monster, JD,” Little Danny complimented.

~Monster? Ah, yes, a monster,~ Jack's brain processed. “Out of this world.”

Just then, Jack noticed an intense stare between Jonny and Little Danny. He knew they were somehow communicating, just as he and his husband had long been able to do.

As he walked toward JD and gently took his arm, Jonny spoke, “JD, your monster needs a friend.”

The boy nodded in agreement and followed Jonny up the stairs, not noticing that Jonny looked back in apparent communication with his fellow Munchkin.

Jonny will be right back,“ Little Danny told his not-surprised father.

“Son, I don’t know what to tell you, or what you’re hoping to hear,” Jack spoke, desperately trying to figure out the correct action to take.

“All I want is the truth.”

“The truth,” Jack sighed. “I don’t know what the truth is.”

“Okay, JD is out of the way,” Jonny advised as he bounded down the stairs. “What’s going on?”

“Look at these, Jonny,” Little Danny requested, pointing at the publications.

Jonny reviewed the stack and his heart sank as he realized the issue. He had to admit he’d wondered about it, a very long time ago when a friend mentioned the Roswell aliens one day when they were playing spacemen invade Earth.

“Do you think they were Asgard?” Jonny asked his brother.

“Look at the pictures,” Little Danny directed. “They look like Thor to me.”

“Dad?” Jonny probed, his eyes aimed directly at his father’s.

“I don’t know, Jonny. If I knew, I’d tell you.”

“Would you? If our government was holding the Asgard, would you tell us?” Jonny interrogated as his feelings finally surfaced about thoughts he’d put away with his childhood.

“Yes!” Jack exclaimed.

At that point, Daniel arrived home, totally oblivious to the intense discussion he was walking into.

“Traffic was crazy,” the younger father whined. “I almost got hit by a teenager on their cell phone.” He paused, waiting for his husband’s anticipated response regarding misuse of smartphones. He blinked a few times as he took a moment to look at his family. “Okay, what’d I miss?”

“I’m going out. I’m not sure how long I’ll be,” Jack stated as he brusquely walked to the entry wall closet to get his jacket. “Kids, you tell him.”

The bang of the door was loud and clear, prompting Daniel to focus on the Munchkins and issue a demanding, “Talk to me.”

Jonny and Little Danny shared in the storytelling until the archaeologist knew as much as they did.

“Do you know, Daddy?” the man’s namesake inquired.

“No, but like your dad, there was a moment, in the beginning, before we met the Asgard, when I wondered if, just maybe, some part of the Roswell legacy was true. I didn’t ask, though. I was too caught up in trying to be a viable part of SG-1 and I told myself I was being too critical of the government, which I wasn’t a big fan of and still am not. They do keep secrets from us, and I’m not convinced that’s always a good thing.”

“I wonder what Dad’s doing?” Jonny spoke aloud.

“Trying to find answers,” Daniel suggested. “You shouldn’t be surprised. You’ve taken a buried thought, perhaps a deeply hidden guilt, and made it a potential fact that has to be dealt with before life can be normal again.”

“Was I wrong to bring it up?” Little Danny asked.

“No.” Daniel sighed with his silent thoughts. “No, you weren’t wrong. We should have checked this out years ago, long before you were even born. Whatever the truth is, if it’s bad, it’s on Dad and me, not on you. Remember that.”

The boys nodded, but still felt a little guilty. Still, they lived in a family where honesty was tantamount. This was something that had to be brought out into the open sooner or later and the fact was that, in their minds, it was already too late.

“Please put those publications away and make sure they are out of JD’s reach,” Daniel requested of his sons. “He’ll have to know the truth, but not until we do, and not until we can speak with Thor.”

“Yes, Daddy,” the two boys spoke within seconds of the other and then proceeded to do as asked.


From the Jackson-O’Neill residence to the Mountain was a forty-minute drive and it was even longer to Jack’s destination. All the way there, he stewed. His mind was shouting obscenities, the harshness directed solely at himself. His gut, the one thing he relied on the most while serving actively in the military, told him years ago that he should have verified the truth or rumor of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in July 1947. Some claimed to have seen a flying disc in the sky; others saw debris falling from the supposed craft; and others swore they actually saw the aliens, not all of whom were deceased.

Jack grew up hearing the stories. As a child, he and his friends played all kinds of spacemen games that sometimes included the small aliens in their imaginative minds. Later, he forgot about it and put it out of his mind. By the time SG-1 was formed, any thought of the Roswell incident was well buried, except for one time, one brief span of minutes on a quiet night at home when he was stargazing. In that passage of seconds upon seconds, he thought of Roswell and those stories. Knowing then that life was indeed out there, Jack let his mind consider the possibilities, but then he shook his head and told himself he was just being crazy. Not even when he met the Asgard for the first time did he allow himself to think about the United States government possibly holding Asgard as prisoners.

~Nah, they’d all be dead by now. I’m just thinking like a silly kid,~ Jack had told himself at the time.

That was it. In all of the years since, years that included an exchange of technology and military know-how, years in which Thor became an extended member of his family, did Jack let himself question the truth. Now, he was forced to face it.

“Crap!” Jack exclaimed, muttering indistinct words afterword. “Okay, kids. Dad’s gonna get to the truth, but it might be a costly ride. Hang on.”


Arriving at his destination, Jack sprang out of his truck and headed for the front door, which he banged on with intensity.

“Jack!” General George S. Hammond, now retired from the Air Force, exclaimed. “What the dickens are you doing here? Come in,” he spoke as he moved backward to give the man access.

“Hello, General.”

~Very formal.~ Hammond inquired, “You usually go around the back when you’re alone.”

“Not today,” Jack groused as he faced Hammond.

“Okay, Jack. What’s stuck in your crawl?”

“The Asgard. Roswell. Aliens. Little gray butts that may still be alive.”

Hammond just stared at his fellow general and then slowly walked past him and deeper into his living area.

“Sir, I’m sorry for the gruffness, but I just got hit over the head by my kids who are demanding the truth about a race they know for a fact has saved this ungrateful planet and whose leader they consider an uncle. Now, call me an idiot, but I had to tell those kids that I’ve never bothered to check out what happened in New Mexico because I wasn’t even born yet when it happened and because, oh, geez, well, I buried it, so I’m a bit upset with myself and what I need from you, right now, is the truth. General Hammond, was it a balloon that crashed in Roswell in ‘47, or was it an Asgard spacecraft, and were there survivors?”

Hammond took a deep breath and answered, “Jack, I don’t know.”

“Sir …”

“I don’t know. If I knew I’d tell you. Now, I tried to find out. After our first contact with the Asgard and your description of them, I couldn’t get how out of mind how much they resembled the photographs in the papers. I went upstairs and asked the question. Jack, I was told in no uncertain terms to table it, to let it go, unless I wanted to retire right then and there.”

“You were threatened?”

“By people with the power to do exactly what they said they’d do,” Hammond returned strongly. “I didn’t believe them, though, so I kept asking. Then I got retirement papers, delivered here, not to the Mountain.”

With a sigh, Jack surmised, “They were telling you they were serious.”

“Yes, so I had no choice. Jack, I’d already lost my wife. I had nothing to live for without SGC and the Program. I decided to let it rest. I’m sorry, and I’ll face up to that with the brood.”

“We’ll support you, Sir,” Jack replied quietly. “It’s true, isn’t it? Why would they try to force you out for a rumor, a lie?”

“I don’t know, but you’ll have to go a lot higher up the chain to find out for sure.”

“Thanks, Sir, and I’m sorry for barging in,” Jack said sincerely as he headed for the door.

“Son,” Hammond called out. “We may be retired old fools, but they still have ways of getting to us. Be careful.”

“I know who to go, George. Thanks again.”

Hammond went to his door and watched as his one-time flagship team leader walked swiftly to his vehicle.

~I should have had more gumption,~ Hammond sighed. ~I caved. I needed the family that was Cheyenne Mountain. I’d bet my hat, if I had one, that it was the Asgard. Heaven help us, and the Asgard, if we’re still holding aliens from Roswell captive.~


As the clocked struck 1:45 in the afternoon, Daniel was pacing the living room when Jack entered, took a quick look around, and called out, “Jonathan Charles Jackson-O’Neill, get down here now!”

Upstairs in the boys’ room, Jonny looked up and immediately uttered, “Ut oh.”

“What did you do?” Ricky questioned.

Jonny shrugged, standing and heading out of the bedroom.

Whenever a full name was used, the brood knew not to waste time responding and to make no excuses for whatever they were being called to task for.

“I’m here,” Jonny announced within seconds of the beckoning.

“Me, too,” Little Danny called out as he and other children came to see what was happening.

“Listen up! Kids, I want all of you to go upstairs and stay there, all night and all morning if necessary. Stay in your rooms except for bathroom needs and meals, which Daddy will make and call you for.” Jack turned to his lover. “Danny, I have somewhere to go. I need Jonny for this. We’re taking Jo,” he advised about the family’s private plane. “We’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Jack …”

“Danny, I have to do this,” Jack interrupted. Without explanation, he disappeared into his study for less than a minute. When he returned, he called out, “Jonny, let’s go Get your jacket.”

Jonny gave his younger father a shrug, retrieved his jacket from the entryway closet, and then hurried to keep up with his fast-walking dad.

Daniel looked at the brood and instructed, “Do as your dad said. Now, please.”

Reluctantly, the brood returned to their rooms, leaving Daniel alone to ponder the situation.

~Why did he go into the study?~

Daniel found himself at the door to Jack’s study. He looked around the room, looking for anything that might be disturbed. Seeing nothing, he walked over to the desk. He bent over to open the bottom drawer.

~He keeps this locked.~ Daniel sighed. ~No reason to now, right? He took with him the reason for the key.~

The archaeologist confirmed his hypothesis when he pulled out a small box from the drawer that also was normally locked. He opened the box and instantly his eyelids shut for a few seconds.

~Why would he take the GPS chips?~

The chips were powerful. SG-1 used them for a few years near the end of its service to Stargate Command. Jack had, for emergencies, kept the small items.

~All he has to do is call Sam, but why? Where is he taking our son where he’d use those? Gawd, I don’t like this.~

Daniel returned the box to the drawer and closed it. He left the study and returned to pacing in the living room.


Having already contacted trusted connections at the airport, the family’s 1960 Meyers 200A was fueled, fully prepped, and ready to go when the father and son arrived. Jack did a quick pre-flight to assure himself the blue plane was in good order and then they were in the air.

Mid-flight, Jonny ended the silence that lasted since he and his dad left the house by asking, “Where are we going, Dad?”

“To see a friend.”

“I know him?”

“Very well, and,” Jack looked at Jonny, “you may be how we get inside.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will,” Jack stated. “Jonny, I need you to do exactly what I say, when I say it. Understood?”


Jonny wasn’t sure if he should be frightened or not. What he did know was that he and his dad were on a mission, most likely to discover the truth about Thor’s people. It was both exciting and scary. He decided not to initiate anymore conversation.

~I think this is Covert Ops Dad and I don’t think I should mess with him.~ Jonny settled himself. ~Sit back and learn, Jonny,~ he told himself.


After almost an hour, Jack landed the plane and led his namesake to the rental car he’d ordered before leaving Colorado Springs. They drove in silence to a nearby large ranch with plenty of security. It was a little after four when Jack stopped at the closed gate and pushed the button to the speaker.

“Yes?” came a voice over the speaker.

“Jack Jackson-O’Neill and son. Is he in?”

“One moment.” The voice said nothing for three minutes. Then the gate began to open. “Drive in, Sir. Someone will meet you up front and park your vehicle.”

“Thank you.” Jack pulled forward and surprised his son with a request. “Jonny, this is very important. When we get inside, there will be some chitchat, but sooner or later, our host is going to ask why we’ve showed up at his hideout. When he does, I want you to whisper, and I mean whisper, something to him.”

“What do you want me to say?” The teenager listened to the specific words of his father and his eyes widened. “I have it. I’ll tell him.”

“It’s very important and it’s especially important that no one else hear you. Got it?”

“Got it.” Exiting the rental car and watching a man in a suit drive off with it, Jonny pondered in amazement, “Wow. Valet parking at a ranch?” Then he thought, ~I wonder who lives here. Heck, I’m not even sure where we are.~

“You may come in,” a gentlemen announced to the visitors. “He’s waiting for you in the parlor.”

Staying all business, Jack tugged slightly on Jonny’s shirt to keep him from standing and staring at their surroundings.

“Jack! Jonny! Now this is a surprise.”

“President Hayes!” Jonny called out happily, approaching the former President for a hug. “I didn’t know you lived here.”

“Jonny,” Jacked reproached in warning.

The boy tensed slightly, but now realized for sure why they were there and why he needed to act smart.

~Years of playing covert; time to put up or shut up, Jonny,~ the pre-teen told himself, letting his excitement quell for the time being.

As Jack said, there was some light chatter about families and who was doing what. Then it was time to get to the heart of the matter.

“Jack, what is it you need from me?” Hayes questioned.

The answer was a nod to Jonny, which Hayes observed. He leaned over a bit so Jonny could whisper in his ear.

Very carefully and repeating exactly what his dad told him, Jonny whispered, “Roswell. The Asgard. Time for truth.”

Hayes stood erect, smiled, and replied with a forced chuckle, “Yes, yes, well, I know how that is.” He met eyes with Jack and understood what was behind the statement instantly. “Gentlemen, follow me.” Hayes turned and advised one of the men standing near the door that he would be indisposed for a few minutes. Then he closed and locked the door to the parlor and led his guests to a much smaller room on the left side of the building. Once inside, Hayes secured that door as well.

“Okay, Jack. We’re alone. No one can hear us. What do you want to know?”

“The truth, Sir. Is the American government now, or did they at any time, hold captive aliens from a spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico sometime in July of 1947, or anytime after that?

“That’s direct.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Hayes’ head bobbed up and down a couple of times, after which he inquired, “What is it you think you know?”

Jonny stepped forward and spoke, “Mister President. Thor is like a member of our family. We’ve just been putting together pieces of a puzzle. Can’t you tell us the truth?”

The political leader looked into Jonny’s eyes and nodded. Jonny was very special to Hayes, ever since the Munchkin had the guts to invite Hayes and his wife to an anniversary party for Jack and Daniel. As a result, Hayes and Jonny were especially close.

Hayes lowered his head for a moment and then advised, “What you are about to hear is highly classified. You blow the lid off this, Jack, and there’ll be a price to pay.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jack acknowledged.

“Very well,” Hayes said. “Yes, it was an Asgard vessel. Something went wrong with an engine. It might have been experimental. No one knows for sure. The ship crashed. Some of the aliens died in the crash and others within days or weeks.”

“Survivors?” the general interrogated, even as the need for air was becoming threatening.

“Three, as far as I know,” Hayes revealed. “The ship only carried a small crew, but three did survive the crash with minor injuries.”

“Mister President Hayes, are they still alive?” Jonny asked.

“They were as of my last day in office,” Hayes answered. “I don’t know about now.”

“Sir, with all due respect, why didn’t you do something when Thor was saving our dirty butts?”

“Jack, I couldn’t. The pressure to keep it a secret was huge. How could we tell our new and best allies that we’ve had three of their people in a prison for the last several decades?”

“Area 51?”

“My understanding is that they are now at Area 52,” Hayes advised. He paused and queried, “What do you want now, Jack, as if I don’t know?”

“I want them released, Sir, and I want our government to issue an apology to the Asgard along with a request for mercy for our lack of concern for them.”

“It’s out of my control.”

“Who has the control?”

Hayes took out a sheet of paper from a desk and wrote down a name. He handed it to Jack, who saw the printed name as well as an address. He knew it well, as did all of America.

“I don’t know if you can get in there, Jack, or what will happen if you do, but I wish you luck.”

“Thank you, Sir. Jonny, let’s go.”

“Goodbye, and thanks,” Jonny said as he followed his father.

“Goodbye, Jonny. It was good to see you again.”


Two hours later, Jack and Jonny entered their house. Jack immediately called out and told the children that they were back. He reiterated that they were to stay in their rooms, however, except for Jonny and Little Danny, who could remain.

Daniel could only watch as he stood with his arms crossed in front of him, a pose used in times of stress or protective need. It was time for dinner, but he wasn’t hungry and wasn’t sure if the children were, either, even though most of them still didn’t know what was happening.

At the last second, the father groaned, “JD, get over here.”

As the rest of the family disappeared, the living room provided space for only Jack, Daniel, the two male Munchkins, and the youngest member of the brood.

Jack knelt to his haunches and reached out to hold his son’s arms as he spoke, “JD, there’s going to be some bad things coming out. We’re going to tell you and your brothers and sisters everything, but before we do that, we have business to take care of. Look, I need to speed things up, so would you call out for Thor to pop in, for real, and not the hologram.”

“Okay, Dad.” JD drew a deep breath and then said loudly, “Uncle Thor, I need you, in person. Can you come?”

“JD, you almost missed me. Another five minutes, and my ship would be out of range.”

“Dad needs you, Uncle Thor.”

“I am here.”

Jack nodded and still kneeling said, “JD, now I need you to go to your room and stay there until we call you.”

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

Daniel gently guided the young boy away as he spoke, “JD, we’ll tell you later. Please go to your room and close the door completely shut.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jack stood and stated, “You’re looking pretty good in that body of yours.”

“Better than being a half-pint,” Thor retorted.

“You’ve been watching ‘Little House on the Prairie” again.”

“Yes,” the alien acknowledged. “O’Neill, my ship …”

“Thor, this is important and it’s going to take a while,” Jack advised. “Sit.”

“As you wish,” Thor agreed, sitting down on the sofa. “This is … quite comfortable.”

“I’ve always thought so,” Daniel responded somewhat timidly. ~I have no idea what Jack is going to tell him. Did he find out about Roswell?~

“Thor, first, I want to apologize to you for being a dunce.”

“O’Neill, your lack of intelligence is not …”

“I’m not talking about my IQ. I’m talking about not doing the right thing years ago.”

“I, uh, think that goes for me, too,” Daniel interjected. ~This is not going to be good.~

“Hammond tried, Thor. He wanted the truth, but they threatened him, and he had to let it go.”

~So that’s where Jack went earlier, but where did he and Jonny go?~ the archaeologist pondered.

“I do not know what you are telling me,” the Asgard commander admitted.

“Roswell, New Mexico. Does it ring any bells for you?” Jack asked.

“No, it does not.”

“How about an Asgard ship crashing on Earth in 1947.”

Suddenly, Thor’s head when back a tad and then he stood up to reply, “We were doing what you call a recon of Earth. We did many of them. We lost touch with one of our ships around the time you mention.”

“The ship crashed, Thor, in Roswell.”

“I see; and the crew?”

“Geez, sometimes I hate the military and the government,” Jack bemoaned. “Thor, Earth was different then. The idea of aliens visiting this world was pure science fiction, theory, and just a bunch of vivid imaginations at work. The government didn’t think people could handle it, knowing there really were living beings on other worlds. We didn’t have technology; we only had wild stories about aliens wanting to take over our world.”

“O’Neill, were there survivors?”

Jack gulped and confessed, “Yes. According to President Hayes…”

~President Hayes? Okay, that’s where he and Jonny went. Hayes likes us, but he loves Jonny, so that explains it. Jack knew Hayes wouldn’t turn him away with Jonny there. There? Where was there?~

Jack was continuing to talk while Daniel was surmising the day’s events.

“... most died in the crash. There was some who lingered a bit, but died.” Jack took a breath and completed the truth. “As of Hayes’ term in office, three of the Asgard crew were still alive. We don’t know their current status.”

“I see,” Thor acknowledged as he looked over at the teenage boys. “Why are you telling me this now, O’Neill?”

“Because of them,” Jack answered, motioning to the Munchkins. “Little Danny brought it to my attention this morning and I couldn’t deny what the probable truth was any longer. Look, Thor, I thought I was nuts, wacko, crazy the first time I met the Asgard. It didn’t make sense in my mind and then I buried it, convinced myself that my government wouldn’t keep the truth hidden, not after we became allies.”

“But they did,” Thor stated.

“Apparently,” Daniel acknowledged sadly.

“Where are my people?”

“Hayes believes that if they are still alive, they are at Area 52. I think he’s probably right.”

“Is there anyone who knows for sure?”

“Yes,” Jack answered. “The current President.”

“I must go,” the alien announced.

“Thor, please,” Daniel pleaded. “Our world was so different then.”

“Yes, but this is now.”

“I know,” the archaeologist spoke reverently. “Do you need us to do anything?”

“We’ll do anything you want,” Jack vowed. “Anything,” he repeated. “Just ask.”

“Thank you. I must get our people back. Their bodies cannot last much longer. I must contact Heimdall and the others. Excuse me.”

Before another word could be uttered, Thor returned to his ship.

“Is he angry?” Jonny inquired.

“Oh, yeah, and a lot more things, too,” Jack confirmed. “Okay, Jonny. Get the brood. It’s time for them to know the truth.”

**Jack, you took the GPS chips. Why?**

**Back up,** Jack answered. **I might have gone in there, alone, to confront that idiot in office, but I couldn’t put Jonny at risk.**

**How’d you know where President Hayes was?**

**He mentioned this ranch in a phone call a while back. I made a note.**

The mental conversation ended when the brood began to assemble. A phone call was made to Jennifer, who quickly came to the house for the family meeting.

The evening was long, full of questions and uncertainty the children. Ultimately, they believed in their parents and maintained no blame should be held.

“Uncle Thor will forgive you,” JD promised. “You’ll see.”

“Gawd, I hope so,” Daniel remarked with a lack of confidence.

“Kids, it’s been a long day. Go to bed now,” Jack ordered, not getting a single argument from the stunned children. “Jen, thanks for coming over.”

“I couldn’t miss this,” Jennifer responded. She gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and added, “You always say to give it time when there’s an upset. That applies to the Asgard, too. Give them time, Dad. They know you. They know us. They won’t hold this against our family.”

Jack nodded and hugged his now-married daughter and watched her say goodbye to Daniel and then leave.

“That was smart,” Daniel put forth. “You didn’t tell her what you were thinking.”

“And what I was thinking?” Jack questioned.

“That the Asgard might not blame us, but they could blame the government, and that could get … ugly.”

Jack nodded and then asked, “Did our kids have dinner?”

“No,” Daniel responded.

“Let’s make some sandwiches and call them back down for a bit.”

Agreeing to the suggestion, Daniel headed for the kitchen to start preparing a light meal for the family. It would be sandwich, chips, and a beverage, and nothing more.


The next day, the family tended to be on the quiet side. They were all still reeling from the reality of yesterday’s news. It was when the family was eating lunch that four visitors popped in for a quick visit.

“O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, the brood, these are the survivors of the Roswell crash. They tell me the engine failed and caused a huge explosion that killed the rest of the crew. They were taken to a cold, gray facility and survived there in small cages for seven decades.”

“Thor, we’re so sorry,” Daniel expressed from the depths of his soul.

“This is Antar, Miak, and Nike. They are amazingly strong, but I must take them now to my planet so they can be treated and when strong enough, get new bodies.”

The kids smiled at the little aliens. They looked as Thor did only a year ago before getting his new body.

“My people, that is JD Jackson-O’Neill. He is the one with the ancient gene that saved us all.”

The three nodded at the slightly embarrassed youth.

JD shrugged and returned, “It’s okay, especially because I don’t know what I did.”

“A lot of fancy math that none of us knows,” Jonny told his little brother.

“Oh, well, I don’t remember anymore.”

It was true and it was something Jack and Daniel were grateful for. Apparently, after he relayed information to Asgard scientists using sophisticated arithmetic computations, the knowledge left the child, much like Jack once held information in his brain and then lost all of it later.

“I wanted them to meet you,” Thor confided to the family. “Relationships between our peoples are now strained, but not broken. Your President has learned that this must never happen again. There shall be no secrets ever again. Do not worry, JD. I am your Uncle Thor. The Asgard, and me, will always be here for you and your family.”

“I love you, Uncle Thor.”

Thor smiled, nodded, and said, “We must go now. Goodbye.”

“Hey, wait … a second,” a despondent Jack spoke, only to see the four Asgard transport out in a beam of light.

“At least he doesn’t hate us,” Little Danny opined.

“I’m not sure how he feels about everyone else, though,” Jack put forward,

“Dad, Daddy, it’ll be okay,” JD insisted. “He does love us. He’s just upset. He needs time, like you always tell us when we get upset. Uncle Thor will come back and it’ll be okay. I know it will.”

“We all hope so, JD,” Daniel replied. “Finish your lunch.”


The kids were in bed and the goodnight rounds were long concluded. Jack and Daniel were in bed, both lying on their backs. Their eyelids couldn’t shut, even if they wanted them to do so. The lovers were wide awake and full of a mixture of emotions.



“Do you think it’ll ever be the same again? I mean, with Thor and the Asgard?”

“I don’t know, Danny. They could wipe us out if they wanted to, and they know good and well, our government would do it if anyone did to us what we’ve done to them.”

“Somehow it feels funny to think Thor might not pop in anymore,” Daniel confided. “I mean, I sure never wanted him interrupting us like he used to when we, uh … were you know-ing.”

Jack grinned and turned over on his left side and suggested, “Danny, we’re not going to fall asleep anytime soon, so why don’t we make this useless, rotten day into something positive while we can?”

Daniel smiled and uttered a soft, “Okay.”

The couple began touching and kissing lightly. They let their foreplay build gently and slowly. As their passion grew and they were about to get deeply connected, they saw a flash.

“Oh, gawd!” Daniel exclaimed in frustration.

“Thor, you little gray butt, what are you doing?” Jack questioned the hologram that watched over the couple.

“I wish to say thank you. You see, if you hadn’t gone to General Hammond and then to President Hayes, the Roswell survivors would have died very soon. Our doctors say they had only weeks to live, O’Neill. You have saved the survivors. The Asgard are thankful.”

“But our government …” Jack began.

“My government will speak with your government. We will mend our differences and we will go forward. I will not allow harm to come to your family.”

“Buddy, you almost sounded emotional there.”

“These bodies allow our emotions to return,” Thor confided. “That is why I came here tonight. Governments are sometimes good and sometimes bad. For true understanding, there must be patience and forgiveness. It will come. This is my promise to you. I must go now.”

“Thor, pop in anytime,” Daniel heard himself say, not believing he’d said it and yet feeling glad that he did.

“Thank you, Daniel Jackson. I will … pop in again. Please tell JD he can talk to me anytime through Patch.”

Daniel nodded and added, “He knows that.”

“Goodnight,” Thor stated as the hologram ended.

“It’s going to be okay, Jack.”

“Oh, yeah. Here’s to patience and understanding,” Jack toasted, holding up a pretend drink and sipping it. “I hope the Asgard are better at it than Earthlings.”

“They are,” Daniel put forth. “Uh, Babe, I’m waiting.”

With a grin, Jack began to make love with his husband. Their nation of two was as strong as ever. They knew this and even as they nurtured their love, they hoped that the good neighbor relationship between the Asgard and Earth would continue. They felt better about it now, Thor’s visit a sign that all was peaceful, at least in their eyes.

While all life was not totally certain at the moment, for the Jackson-O’Neills of Colorado Springs, it was looking much better than it did twenty-four hours ago. They had hope, and where there was hope, there was a tomorrow and that’s all they needed or wanted, a tomorrow with their friends, the Asgard.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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