A Trip Back in Time

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - December 14, 2013
Spoilers:  Stargate: The Movie, The Other Side
Size:  31kb, short story
Written:  May 8-9,11,13-14, 2008
Summary:  Jennifer gets an unexpected look at how her fathers have changed each other's lives.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) This story was suggested by Kelly.  Thanks for reading and giving me the idea!
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s), “The Truth Within” and “Drawing the Line”
4) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Melissa, Tammy, Bernice, Linda, Keri!

A Trip Back in Time
by Orrymain

“This is so exciting,” Skylar Fieri remarked as the Stargate event horizon formed.

“It never gets old.  There's always something new to learn and see,” Jennifer commented, sounding just like her younger father.

“Makes sci-fi on TV laughable,” the seventeen-year-old opined.

Jennifer nodded, her next words silenced by a voice over the tannoy.

“Teen Gaters, you have a 'go' to PRN-024.  Good luck!” General Hammond spoke from the control room.

~I won't let you down, Grandpa.~  Jennifer smiled and waved at her grandfather.  She looked at the three members of her team and ordered, “Move out!”

Standing in the doorway, Jack and Daniel shared a look of amusement and pride in their daughter, whose Teen Gater project was continuing to grow and expand every year.

“Gawd, she sounds just like you,” Daniel observed.

“Yeah!” Jack responded, standing up straighter with pride.

While Jennifer and the other teenagers in her program had gone through the Gate several times before, this was a special mission.  For the first time, an entire team comprised solely of Teen Gaters, dressed in green BDUs, was going out to explore a new world.  No other SGC personnel were accompanying them.

SG-3 and SG-9 had explored this particular world the year before, formulating an alliance with the society whose technology was way ahead of Earth; and SG-1 had been to the world twice this year.

On the flagship team's last trip to 024, Jennifer had gone with them and subsequently come up with the idea for a team of her peers to continue their alliance and contact with this world.  People aged very slowly on this world, so many people over forty on Earth looked quite ancient to the inhabitants of the youth-like planet.

“Daniel, there's still time for us to gear up and go,” the older man suggested as pride gave way to concern for his daughter.

“Jack, she's been through the Gate a ... a lot in the last few years.  She wants to continue working here, but next month, we won't be.  We have to let her go.”

Jack stared at his lover thoughtfully for a moment and then observed, “I hear your words, but you don't look so sure of yourself.”

“She's our daughter, and she's an adult now.  We've done everything we can to make sure PRN-024 is safe and to teach her how to make smart decisions.”  After a pause, Daniel added, “Besides, I saw you put one of Thor's communication patches in her backpack when she wasn't looking.”  He looked at his husband and said, “I assume Thor is standing by, watching.”

Jack gave his soulmate a guilty smile as he bobbed up and down on his feet twice.  It was Jennifer's mission, and she was on her own, but what she didn't know, wouldn't hurt her, so the general opined silently as the Stargate shut down.

“It's not that I don't trust her, Danny.  I just don't trust anyone else with our little girl,” Jack finally replied, revealing some of his unease to his husband.

Daniel nodded, not really able to argue with the remark his lover had just made.

Looking up at a proud-looking Hammond, the two fathers smiled and proceeded on with their day.


“Jennifer!” a female, who looked twenty-one but was actually eighty-two, greeted.

“Leotona, it is so good to see you,” Jennifer greeted, happy smiles on both of their faces as they hugged.  “Leotona, I'd like you to meet my team.  This is Skylar, Jeri, and James.”

“Welcome to Parquesha,” Leotona spoke, her tone and expression welcoming. “We have much to show you about our homes and families.”

“We're eager to learn.  Um, Skylar will be staying with you for a week as part of our exchange program.”

With a nod, the humanoid, whose only outward physical difference from the Tau'ri was that their index and middle fingers were woven together, smiled and replied, “You'll be staying with my family, and it will be my daughter, Rivta, who will be returning with you.”

“My parents can't wait to meet her,” Skylar responded.  “Dad wanted to come and escort her back, but his team was delayed on their return from a mission.  I hope you don't think that's rude or anything.”

“Delays happen.  Please, come with me.”


Six hours into their ten-hour mission, Jennifer was visiting with Gemika, one of the leading scientists on the planet.

“This device is a learning tool for our children; it is highly sophisticated, though, and I am not sure the children of your world would be able to benefit from it.”

“Oh, well, what does it do?”

“We call it lolung,” the scientist began.  “It allows the user to observe moments in time in order to learn from them.”

“A time machine?”

“In a sense, but the onlooker cannot change any part of what they are watching. However, they can interact, if they choose.  It is ... like a game.”

“A hologram?”  Jennifer chuckled, “On Earth, we have these television shows, and some of them have these fantasy suites, where people can interact with whomever they want.  It's never real; just for relaxation and play.”

“Then hologram might be a good word, except the situations are real.”

“So, it's like a safe way to go back and see how or why something happened.”

“So that the onlooker might learn and be more aware.  It is often easier to learn from observation then simply from hearing words,” Gemika put forth.

“But you can interact?”

“Yes, but that only is to make the experience more real for the learner.  It doesn't change the essence of the event, and, of course, the actual event is not changed.”

“Okay, so if I went back to see my parents or something, I could talk to them, but it's really just my mind talking.  My parents wouldn't know I was there or anything.”

“Correct.  Would you like to try it?”

“May I?”

“Of course.  I will set the program for a random time.  All you must do is put on the headset and close your eyes.  When you are ready to end the experience, simply open your eyes.”

“Um, this is ... safe, right?”

“Yes, we have learned from our past exchanges that our physiology is very similar.  The differences are very miniscule.  However, if you prefer not ...”

“No, Gemika, I would like to try it.”

A minute later, Jennifer took a breath and put on the headset.

“The lolung will randomly select a time from the parameters I have set.  If you want it to move to another time, concentrate and speak in your mind, 'next'.  It is very simple.”

“Can I talk to you while it's ... on?”

“No, you will be in the experience.  You may concentrate and say in your mind, 'pause', and then you may speak, but it ends when you open your eyes.”

“I understand.  Okay, I'm ready.”

//Jennifer's Lolung Experience//
Wow!  Where am I?  Okay, this is a planet with lots and lots of desert.  Oh, Egypt? No, I don't think this is Egypt, but it sure ... a pyramid.  This is definitely weird.  It's pulling me closer.

Dad!  Wow, You look so different.  Brown hair.  I've seen pictures, but I think you look better with your silver hair.

What is that?  Oh, that's a bomb.  A bomb?  I wonder what he's doing?

There's Daddy.  He's so young, and look at all that hair.  Cute, Daddy!  Way cute!

“You had accepted the fact that no matter what happened, you would not be going home?  Don't you have people who care about you?  Do you have a family?” Daniel asked.

“I had a family.  No one should ever have to outlive their own child,” Jack responded.

“I don't wanna die.  Your men don't want to die, and these people here don't want to die.  It's a shame you're in such a hurry to.”

Oh, wow!  Dad is so empty, and Daddy is so ... there's Sha're.  She really was, is,was -- geez, I don't know what tense to use.  She's beautiful.

Oh, Daddy, she's dead.  She's not dead?  What is that thing big thing you're putting her in?  Now she's alive again?  Okay, that's definitely weird, too.

Hey, now, you're working together.  This is how it started -- the first fight with the Goa'uld, so this ... this is Abydos.  They blew up Ra's ship, and now they're going back to Earth, only Daddy is staying.

“You sure you want to do this?” Jack asked.

“Yes. I'm sure.”

“You gonna be all right?”

Dad is worried about him, but he thinks Sha're will make Daddy happy.  Daddy looks happy.

“I'm gonna be all right.  How 'bout you?” Daniel inquired.

Thoughtfully, Jack responded, “Yeah.”

Look at them, smiling at each other.  Dad thought he was going home to Aunt Sara, and Daddy thought he was going to live forever on Abydos with Sha're, but I see it.  Why didn't they?  Dad's chuckling now.  He's already changed from a while ago when he was sitting by the bomb.  He's got a little life in him now.

“Yeah, I think so,” Jack responded, shaking hands with the archaeologist and heading up the steps towards the Stargate.

“Tell Catherine this brought me luck,” Daniel said, stopping Jack and placing the Eye of Ra necklace into his hands.

“I will.”  Jack paused in front of the wormhole for a moment and then said, “I'll be seeing you around, Doctor Jackson.”

Wow.  Just wow!

Um, next!

That's our house, or how it used to be, which isn't all that different.  They're at home.

“Daniel,” Jack leaned forward, clasping his hands together in front of him, “I need to make sure you're okay with what's happening.”

“Which is ... what?”

“I've requested Teal'c be a part of SG-1.”

“Oh, okay,” Daniel responded.

I don't think Daddy looked happy.  Why wouldn't he want Teal'c on the team?  He's never told us about that.


Uh oh.  Daddy isn't happy about Dad calling him 'Danny'.

“Daniel, he's earned his place.  He saved our lives,” Jack stated about the Jaffa.

“I know that.”  Daniel faced the older man and asked, “What do you want from me, Jack?”

“I want you to be okay with it.”

“And I want Sha're back!”


“Forget it, Jack.  We both know it doesn't matter what I want.”

Listen to them arguing about this, and ... what?  Daddy, you wanted Teal'c on SG-2?  Why?  I wonder what Dad said about that.  Well, there's the answer.  He really wants Teal'c on SG-1.  Daddy, do you really believe that Dad doesn't care what you think?  He does.  I can see that.  Daddy, look at Dad.  He does care.  It's written all over him.

“Daniel, you were there.  You know the circumstances.  You know why Teal'c did what he did.”

“That's not the issue,” the archaeologist responded.

“Then what is?”

“She's my wife, Jack, and she's ... she's a host now because he chose her.”

“He didn't have a choice, Daniel.  Teal'c was a slave.  He had to pick someone.  It just ... it happened to be Sha're.”

Okay, so Sha're became a host to a Goa'uld because Teal'c chose her to be one?  I didn't know that.  I didn't know any of this.  Why did he choose Sha're?  How did he choose her?

“Don't you get it, Jack?  Yes, I know he was slave, that he was forced into that way of life.  I understand that ... intellectually!  But emotionally, in my heart, all I can see is Sha're, standing there with that ... with Apophis.  Gawd, who knows what is happening to her, what nightmare she is living this very second because HE chose her.”

“I want him on SG-1, Daniel.”

“FINE.  I already said FINE.  It's not a problem, Colonel.”

“It is if I can't trust my team to function.  I have to be able to trust you to ...”

“Gawd, you trust him more than me, don't you?” Daniel lashed out.

“Daniel ...”

“DON'T YOU?  Forget it, Jack.  It won't be a problem.  I'm used to being second.  Heck, I'm usually so far down the list no one even knows I'm there.  If Sha're wasn't out there somewhere, I wouldn't bother.  But make no mistake, I am going to find her, and you, Colonel, are my best bet, so I'm not going anywhere.  You want Teal'c on SG-1?  Fine, go ahead, and put him on the team.  I understand what he did and why he did it.  I'll ... adjust.”

“Stop acting like a whiny child!”

Bad fight.  How did they get past this?  Daddy's gone upstairs now.  He's so hurt, and I think he's scared, too.  Look at Dad, moping around the living room.

“Daniel, I swear, you are driving me crazy,” Jack mumbled in front of the fireplace.  “We could be a good team, but, okay.  I guess I can't blame you.  Sha're is your wife, so ... okay.  Deep breath, O'Neill.  Get the crazy geek, and let's get on with our day.”

Way to go, Dad!  Good choice.  Yeah, go upstairs and tell Daddy.

Daddy, what the heck are you doing?  Packing?  Wow, you look so wounded.  Daddy, Dad cares.  Listen to him.

“I ... I assumed ... I mean ... You want me to go, don't you?” Daniel asked vulnerably.

“Go?  Why would I want that?”

“We ... fought.  I mean ...”

“Danny ... and don't say it ... *Danny*,” Jack emphasized the nickname, “we had a fight.  People ... fight.  It's not the end of the world, and it's a not a reason to leave unless ... unless that's what you want to do.”

“But ... I meant what I said ...”


I can't believe how insecure Daddy is here.  It's like he's someone else.  He's always telling us to stand up for ourselves and to find solutions to our problems.  He says compromise and caring always work when done sincerely.  I know he had to go along a lot.  It just seems so ... odd to see him like this.  He really believed Dad wouldn't want him around at all because they'd had a fight.  Geez, we all fight, a lot, but it's just a fight; it doesn't mean anything, not really.

“Daniel, listen to me.  I'm loud and abrasive.  I say what I think.  So do you.  We didn't agree the first time we met, so what on Earth makes you think we aren't going to disagree now and again?”

“I'm sorry, it's just ...”

“Do you hold grudges, Danny?”  After Daniel shook his head, Jack continued, “I didn't think so.  Do you want to leave?”  Seeing another shake of the head, he smiled.  “Good, because it's fun having you around to tease all day and night.”

“Nice to know I'm finally good for something.”

Good for something?  You're not really teasing there, Daddy.  It's in your eyes.  If I can see it, I'll bet Dad can, too.

“Daniel, you didn't let me finish what I was saying downstairs.  Will you let me finish now?”

“Um, yes, okay.”

“I want Teal'c on SG-1.  I think he's proven himself, and yes, I trust him; but I also trust you, and your place is on SG-1.  I meant what I said about an effective and efficient team.  We have to work together, depend on each other.  I can't afford to wonder what you're thinking about Teal'c, or vice versa.  Now, I need to know if you can work with Teal'c, if you think you can move forward.  If you can't, then we go to Plan B.”

“Plan B?”

“As I said, Doctor Jackson, your place is on SG-1.  You say the word, right now, and I'll ask Hammond to assign Teal'c to SG-2.”

“You'd really do that?”

“Yes, Danny.  I think SG-1 could be a dynamite team -- you, me, Carter, and Teal'c -- but I won't force it.  He'd be a great asset to Kawalsky on SG-2, if that's the way it has to be.”

“Okay.  Put him on SG-2,” Daniel challenged.

Without a moment's hesitation, Jack nodded, saying, “Done.  Come on, we have to go.”  He stood, grabbed the pile of clothes Daniel had on the bed, and put them away.  When he was done, he clapped his hands together.  “Let's go.  We're going to be late.”

“Jack, I'm sorry.”

“Me, too.  Fun awaits, Daniel.  Let's go.”

“Daniel,” the young man said softly as Jack was almost to the stairs.

“Danny, for crying out loud, the general is going to have my behind if we miss the briefing.”

“Sorry,” Daniel said, smiling in spite of himself at the use of the nickname.  He put on his jacket and hurried down the stairs.  Reaching the door, he called out, “Jack?”


“Teal'c can be on SG-1.  It's okay.  Really.”

I guess that was an obvious turn around.  Dad, you did great!

Um, next!

Whoa, Dad!  You really told Daddy to shut up on a mission?  Look at Aunt Sam and Teal'c.  They don't know how to respond, and Daddy looks crushed.

Well, at least you figured out that you were wrong.  Dad, that wasn't good.  Uh, can this thing ... 'forward a bit'.

Yeah, back at home, and ... oops, big fight.  Daddy is challenging Dad to do the right thing.

“No, Jack.  I love you, but there's no freakin' way I'm going to let you get away with treating me like a child you don't respect during a negotiation.”

“I didn't ...”

“Yes, Love, you did,” Daniel maintained.  “You knew I had doubts, but you wouldn't listen to me.  You let the ... prime directive ... motivate you.  Jack, I don't care if you do what you have to do, as long as you do it with understanding and without making me look like a bumbling imbecile.”

“Daniel, you wouldn't stop.  I needed you to stop,” Jack stated quietly.

“I wouldn't stop because it was too important that I get through to you.  You weren't listening, either, Jack -- not at all.  You could have taken me outside and spoken to me in private.  I still wouldn't have liked what you had to say, but at least it wouldn't have been so humiliating. That wouldn't have done it for you though, would it?

“You were in full Alpha-mode, running full steam ahead with visions of weapons dancing in your head, knowing you had Hammond and the Pentagon firmly on your six.  So you ... you took advantage, Jack.  You were determined to stamp your authority over me for all to see, weren't you?”

He's got you there, Dad.  I guess your military background was in full swing here, and I think you know, uh, knew it, too.  Yeah, I thought so.  You're apologizing now, but Daddy's saying what he tells us, too.  Sometimes sorry isn't enough.  Looks like you realize that, too, finally.  Daddy does deserve better than how you treated him on that planet.

“They had so much that could have helped us,” Jack spoke.  “The military: they drum it into us -- the need for superiority.  The government wants this war with Goa'uld to end; and you know the military, Danny.  Let's face it; the Brass wants anything that would give us an advantage here on Earth, too.”

“They?” Daniel echoed probingly.

“I'm in the Air Force, Daniel, and even when nincompoops are leading us, I love this country.  I want us to have an advantage.”  Jack sighed.  “I guess Alar's toys blinded me for a while.  I didn't think about the cost, and I was angry that you were.  I was wrong,” he admitted contritely.

“Jack,” Daniel said, caressing Jack's chest.  “I know the higher powers want weapons, that they are putting the heat on the SGC, on Hammond and you, to get those devices.  Our missions are different now, and to be honest, I hate that.  I realize they are hounding you, urging you to do anything and everything to acquire something to help us in the battle.  I can handle that.  I can handle losing the argument, as long as you listen.  Is that so much to ask, especially between us?”

“No, no, Angel, it's not,” Jack answered as the lovers moved in for their first kiss of the night.  “I should have listened to you.”

“We both should have worked harder, Jack.  We need to be more diligent in the future.  Maybe, uh, maybe I could have approached it differently, too, rather than barging ahead with the questions,” Daniel confessed.

That's Daddy.  He's making Dad feel better.  Wow.

//End of Jennifer's Lolung Experience//

“That was incredible,” Jennifer spoke, opening her eyes and removing the headset.

“Do you see how valuable the lolung is?” Gemika asked as she put the headset back in place.

“Yes, I can, but Gemika, how did you get those memories?” Jennifer asked with some concern.

“Anyone who comes through to the Grand Spiral is scanned automatically when they walk down the Grand Stairs.”

“Oh.”  Jennifer sighed, “Gemika, I need to speak with Romell.  Is he around?”

“Come,” Gemika stated, leading Jennifer to the transportation gliders that would take them to the government complex.


“You see, Romell, our thoughts are private.  While I found my experience enlightening, it's also considered very invasive to access the memories of my parents in that way.  On Earth, permission is needed before anything like this could happen.”

“We have no such concerns here.  We have no secrets such as you describe,” the Parqueshan leader replied.

“I think that's probably a good thing, but ... we do on Earth.”

“We will erase all of the patterns of your people.  They will be completely eliminated from our systems,” Romell promised understandingly.

“Thank you,” Jennifer stated with a smile.  “Uh, I need to rejoin my team.  We have to be going soon.”

“I hope you will return again, Jennifer.”

“I'd like to, very much.”


“There is one more thing,” Jennifer said that night.  Her parents were making their goodnight rounds and had been speaking with their daughter about her day, aside from the mission.  “Dad, Daddy, I love you both so much.”  She got up and hugged her older father, saying, “You really made him believe.  Thank you, Dad.”

“You're welcome.  Made who ... believe what?” a confused Jack questioned.

“And, you, Daddy, you broke through all that military stuff.  That wasn't easy,” Jennifer stated, hugging Daniel.

“Uh, thank you ... I guess.”

As the college student sat back down on her bed, both parents asked in unison, “Jen, what are you talking about?”

“Well, I made an appointment with Grandpa for tomorrow morning because I left out one thing from my report this evening.  I wanted to tell you first, but I have to tell him.”

“Okay.  Why?” Daniel asked.

“Forget why, what?” Jack questioned, wanting to know what the young woman was talking about.

“Well, the why is because I take my responsibility at the SGC seriously, and something happened on Parquesha that he needs to know about so he can follow up on it.  The what is why I hugged you.”  Jennifer smiled and explained, “They have a really neat device on Parquesha called a lolung.  It's kinda like a hologram, except it uses real memories.  They use it as an educational method for their children to learn from, only not just to learn lessons like math and history, but morals and values -- things important to life and family.”

“Jen ...” Jack prodded, anxious for her to get to the point.

“Gemika randomly selected three moments from your lives for me to view.  I saw glimpses of your past.”

“What glimpses?” Jack asked.

At the same time, Daniel questioned, “How?”

“The 'how' is that everyone who comes through the Stargate is scanned.  They have all our memories in what they call patterns.  I talked with Romell, and he promised that all the patterns from the Tau'ri would be erased from their computers, but I think Grandpa will probably want to follow up on that, considering all of the Gate codes and things, you know.”

“Oh, yeah,” Jack agreed with certainty.

“Dad, they're good people.  We're still learning about each other.”

“Spoken like a true scientist,” Jack said a bit snarkily.  “What glimpses?” he repeated, becoming somewhat concerned.

“You probably won't like it, but the first thing I saw was Abydos.”

“Great place.  It doesn't exist anymore,” the general stated curtly.

“It doesn't?”

“Jack!” Daniel admonished.

“Long story,” Jack stated.  “What did you see?”

“Daddy was on your case about a bomb.  I think you were gonna detonate it or something.  Sha're was there, Daddy.  She died, but you put her in this ... big box-like thing and then she wasn't dead.”

“Sarcophagus,” Daniel stated.  “We can talk about that later.”

Jennifer nodded and, looking at Jack, continued, “And I saw you leaving Daddy there.  It was odd.  I mean, I can't believe you left him there, but it ... I don't know.”  She shrugged and repeated, “I don't know.”

Jack and Daniel exchanged a look, each recalling that time.  Were they in love, even then?  To be honest, neither had ever truly been able to figure out the answer to that question.

“Then it showed me an argument you had about Teal'c,” Jennifer revealed, her head bowed a bit.

“Jen?” Daniel prompted, concerned about the girl's demeanor.

“Daddy, Teal'c was responsible for what happened to Sha're?”

Daniel stared at Jack and then sighed, “Jen, it was such a long time ago, and he was the First Prime to Apophis, who was a bad ...”

“... bad,” Jack interjected.

“... bad,” both men said together.

“... System Lord of the Goa'uld,” Daniel continued.  “He was doing his job.  I hated him for a while, but then he became my friend.”

“That must have been really hard,” Jennifer said softly.  “Daddy, will you tell me about Sha're sometime?  I mean, the truth, and not just what you tell people?”

“Yeah, we'll talk about her.  Maybe we can have lunch this week, and I'll tell you all about her.”

“Jen, you said three times.”

“Oh, yeah, Euronda?  You told Daddy to shut up.”

“Yes, he did,” Daniel accused with wide eyes, the memory still stinging a tiny bit after all these years.

“We were both wrong,” Jack reminded Daniel sternly.  Sighing, he admitted, “But me more than Daddy.  I was a different person back then.”

“You know something, Dad?  You both were.  I gained so much respect from what I saw.  I mean, Dad, back then, you were lifeless.  When I saw your eyes, it was like there was nothing there; and, Daddy, you were just so scared and alone, but when you were together, you both were so caring, and you fought so hard to help each other.  Mostly, what I saw was love, lots of love, even on Abydos.”

“Jen, that first mission to Abydos wasn't long after Charlie died.  I was deep in a black hole,” Jack confided.

“Daddy, pulled you out and sealed the hole,” Jennifer said, smiling.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed, looking into the eyes of his Love as he reached out to take Daniel's hand in his.

“And you know about me,” Daniel commented.  “We don't need to go there.  We have so much in our present.  Worrying about the past just wastes our time.”

“I admire you both so much.  I'm so glad you're my parents,” Jennifer said, brushing away a tear.

“We are, too,” Daniel replied as the parents got up and prepared to continue their rounds.

“Oh, and thanks for not giving me the 'using alien technology' lecture,” the young woman added.

“That's coming tomorrow,” Jack responded strongly.

“Dad, I had to make a decision, and I did think about it before I tried the lolung. We've already used some of their technology here from our prior visits, and Gemika said the same thing Aunt Janet did, that our bodies are essentially the same.  I had to make an on-the-spot decision.  Isn't that what a team leader does?”

Daniel sighed and looked at his lover, opining, “She's right, Jack.”

“If it had been anything that required some kind of ... I don't know, attaching something to my body or injecting something or ... well, I don't know, but anything more severe, I don't think I would have done it, but all I had to do was put on the headset and close my eyes.  Dad?” the young woman called out, pleading for his understanding.

Nodding reluctantly, Jack the team leader had to agree.  Sighing, Jack the parent wanted to ground his daughter for life.

“Get some sleep, Jen,” Daniel urged, smiling at her and then gently tugging on his husband to exit the room before the older man put his foot in his mouth.

“Oh, Dad?” the young woman called out.  “I hope you thanked Thor for hanging out in orbit today.  It wasn't necessary, but I do appreciate it.  Just, um, well, next time, please trust me.”

Jack sighed and nodded.  Apparently, Jennifer had found the patch, but she wasn't angry.  Instead, she was smiling, appreciative of the love it meant.

“I'm your dad, Jen.  I can't change.”

“I know.  Goodnight,” Jennifer said, smiling as her parents finally left the room.  ~Wouldn't want you to, either, but I just had to let you know you didn't get one over on me,~ she chuckled as she settled in to get some sleep.


“Sounds like she found the patch, Jack,” Daniel mused.

“Our kids are way too smart,” Jack groused as the lovers now stood in the hallway.  Suddenly, he accused, “She got it from you.”

“Uh, got what?”

“The 'touch' syndrome,” Jack groaned, walking away.

Daniel chuckled and then sprinted forward to catch up with his husband, prepared to remind the older man about all the times that he, too, had touched alien devices and therefore been responsible for getting the team into some kind of trouble.

~Okay, so maybe it was just once or twice when compared to me, but he did it!~ the archaeologist justified to himself, knowing it was going to be a fun night for the lovers.


“What are you going to tell her?” Jack asked a while later as he and Daniel enjoyed a snack in the kitchen before bed.

“The truth.  I think she's gonna have some questions about Teal'c.  Jack, unless you object, I'm going to talk to Teal'c and, if he's okay with it, I'm going to suggest that Jen to talk to him about Sha're, too -- get his point of view.”

Jack nodded in agreement.

“As for Sha're, I'll answer her questions.  I ... think it would be nice for someone else to remember her and celebrate her life.”

Jack looked over and took his lover's hand in his as he quietly spoke, “Danny, I remember.  She loved you.  She was a brave woman.  I wish we could have saved her.”

“Me, too.”

“Bologna,” Jack said a few seconds later in a complete non sequitur.

“What?” Daniel questioned, confused about the sudden change of subject.

“I need bologna,” the older man commented, standing up.  “Want anything?”

“I have everything I've ever wanted, right here.”

Jack leaned over for a long kiss that became even longer, after which he declared, “I love you, Angel.”

“I love you, too.”

A trip back in time for their daughter had been unexpected for the couple, but, a bit surprisingly to both Jack and Daniel, neither of them were that upset about the invasion into their minds.  Both silently acknowledged that their pasts were what had brought them to their present and future, first as friends, later as lovers, and finally as a family.  They'd come far since that moment on Abydos and since that time on Euronda, and they had far to go as their family grew, all happy, loved, and secure in Colorado Springs.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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