Behind the Disclosure

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  S6 - June 11 & 20, 2003
Spoilers:  Disclosure (Danielized)
Size:  33kb, short story
Written:  May 3-9, 2017
Summary:  Hammond enlists the help of Jack, Daniel, and the Asgard in order to maintain control of the Stargate while also keeping Senator Kinsey at bay.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

Behind the Disclosure
by Orrymain

--June 11, 2003

“Sir,” Jack called out as he tapped on the open door to Hammond's office.

“Colonel, Doctor Jackson, come in, and close the door,” Hammond requested as he sat at his desk.

“Is something wrong, General?” Daniel asked, curious about the invite to the base commander's office, one that specifically excluded the rest of SG-1.

“This is classified and not to be shared outside this office.  Is that understood?”

Jack and Daniel exchanged a very quick glance before both nodded and Jack affirmed, “Understood.”

“In nine days, I'll be in Washington for a top secret meeting with representatives from various countries at the Pentagon.”

“Our allies?” Jack questioned.

“Great Britain and France, yes,” Hammond responded.  “Russia and China, too.”

“China, Sir?” a surprised Jack asked.

“The purpose of the meeting is to inform them of the existence of Stargate.”

“Whoa!” Jack exclaimed, sitting up straighter.

Daniel, too, straightened a bit and leaned forward on his chair.

Stunned, Jack stated, “General, you can't be serious about China.”

“As one of the world leaders ...”

“And potentially powerful with nuclear weapons,” Daniel interjected as he considered the nations invited to the top secret meeting.

“Correct,” Hammond affirmed.  “As you know, since the beginning of the Stargate Program, there have been many incidents we've had to explain away to the world. That task has become increasingly more challenging, especially after what happened with Anubis' ship recently.”

“The other governments aren't buying the cover story, are they, General?” Daniel asked.

“No, they're not.”

“It was a bit of a stretch,” Jack agreed.

“Meteor versus ship,” the archaeologist said with a deep sounding sigh.

“We told them the Rostov was less than forty-seven miles from a meteor that impacted the Pacific Ocean.  A shockwave damaged the Russian vessel and caused it to sink.  As a gesture of good will and in the name of international cooperation, we sent a submersible to attempt a rescue, but, unfortunately, the Rostov’s reactor went critical before our vessel could get there.”

“And they aren't buyin' it?” Jack asked in a near rhetorical tone.

“Not for a second, Colonel,” Hammond replied.

“Imagine that,” Jack said with sarcasm.  ~Heck, we've all seen those sci-fi disaster stories.  Our cover story sounds like a B-movie plot.~

“We've reached the end of our cover story rope.  The President feels it's time to come clean.”

“That's ... going to be interesting,” Daniel put forth with great uncertainty.

“Major Davis has been tasked with preparing the background and providing the necessary detail at that meeting.  I'd like you to work with him, Doctor Jackson.  The major knows facts, but you've lived and breathed the Stargate for more than six years.  Make sure he doesn't lose sight of the heart of the program.”

“Yes, Sir,” Daniel agreed.

“Do you want me to come with?” Jack asked.

“I think we can better use your talents elsewhere, Jack.”

“He means he's afraid you might not be your diplomatic best,” Daniel teased lightly.

“He's probably right,” Jack returned with a small smile.

“Senator Kinsey will also be present.”

“He is right,” Daniel asserted dryly upon hearing about Kinsey attending the important meeting.

Not disagreeing at all, Jack opined, “That's gonna be trouble.”

“That's my assessment as well, Colonel,” Hammond replied.

“General, what are you thinking?” Jack prompted, his gut telling him that Hammond had a plan.

“Jack, I need you to coordinate what could be our ace in the hole, should Kinsey have something up his sleeve.”

“You think he does,” Daniel surmised.

“Kinsey's a snake,” Jack spoke harshly.  “He's not going to meet with those reps just to shake their hands.”

“I'm not sure what the senator has planned, but I'd bet my horseshoes he's attending for reasons other than assisting with a smooth transition.”  Looking at Daniel, Hammond reiterated, “That's another reason I need your help, Son.  Major Davis is a fine negotiator, but we're going to need one whale of a persuasive argument to convince the ambassadors to allow this command to continue overseeing the Stargate without their interference.”

“Do you think they'll want to go public?” Daniel questioned.

“I think it's safe to say they are not going to sit by passively after we inform that about the Stargate.”

“How do I come in, Sir?” Jack questioned curiously.

“That ace in the hole,” Hammond answered with a grin.  “I want you to contact Commandor Thor and let him know of the situation.  It's vital that you convince him to cooperate.  No force, Jack, no threats.  We need the Asgard.”

“You just want me to use my influence with the little gray butt to ...” Jack trailed off, his unfinished response actually a probing query.

Looking at his watch, Hammond suggested, “Doctor Jackson, Major Davis is awaiting a call from you this afternoon.”

“Of course,” Daniel returned, standing and saying, “I'll go call Paul.”  He glanced at Jack and then left the office.  ~I wonder what he has in mind for Thor.~


“Who's turn is it?” Jack questioned as the lovers entered the country-like home they shared late that evening.

“You know exactly whose turn it is, Jack,” Daniel returned with a slight leer.  ~He's not getting out of cooking tonight.~

“Cut out the evil eye, Danny.  I know it's my turn.”

“I know you know.”

With a smile, Jack replied, “And I know you know that I know.”

“No more,” Daniel said, yawning as he spoke.  “Jack, what if they go public?”

Jack sighed, “It's cliché, but the world isn't ready for that, Danny.”

“You know that, and I know that, and General Hammond knows that, but what about the ambassadors?”

The colonel cocked his head and shrugged helplessly before replying, “I don't trust Kinsey.”

“None of us do, but what could he say to influence three world powers?” Daniel asked, not concerned about Russia since there was already an agreement in place between them and the United States.

“We probably don't want to know.  At least Chekov's on our side.”  Jack grimaced. “I can't believe I just said that.”

With a tiny smile, Daniel opined, “He's protecting Russia's participation in the Program.”

“Yeah.”  Jack saw his lover yawn again and suggested, “Why don't you relax while I whip us something to eat.”

“Okay.  Thanks, Babe,” Daniel returned, kissing his soulmate before heading upstairs.

Jack whistled as he headed for the kitchen and prepared the couple's dinner.  Thirty minutes later, he entered the master bedroom and grinned.  Daniel was sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep.

~Who knew reading books all day could be so exhausting.~

The colonel returned to the kitchen and put his dinner creation on warm.  He was confident it would survive well for up to an hour and figured Daniel would wake up by then.  If not, he'd secure it in the fridge.

~It'll nuke okay,~ Jack determined as he considered the taste of the meal after being warmed up in the microwave.

When he was finished handling the food, the colonel wandered back into the living room and decided to go outside to the front yard and check on the state of the greenery.  He had a lot of bushes around the house that created a cozy atmosphere and he liked to keep everything looking sharp.

~Danny will be awake by the time I'm done and we can eat, and other things,~ Jack chirped mentally.

--June 20, 2003

In one of the conference rooms at the Pentagon, Colonel Chekov was doing his best to convince the ambassadors from China, Great Britain, and France that the most recent cover story was accurate.  However, the political trio were unconvinced.

“My dear colonel, if we can agree on anything, it's that your lost submarine is merely the latest in a long list of extremely unlikely events the Americans have attempted to foist upon us as 'the truth,' the British representative stated.

Without hesitation, the French ambassador agreed, “Yes, the Americans are up to something.”

“They did summon us here for some reason,” the British man asserted.

“To hear more stories of falling meteors and exploding hot air balloons,” the very skeptical Chinese man spoke.

“Mister Ambassador, I'm sure we can provide you with the necessary evidence,” Chekov put forth.

“That won't be necessary, Colonel,” Hammond interjected as he entered the room with Major Paul Davis and a Russian aide behind him.

With a nod to the major, Davis requested, “Gentlemen, please be seated.”

The room featured a U-shaped table.  General Hammond sat down at the first seat on the U's left side.  Chekov sat next to him.  Across from Hammond was the British representative and to his left sat the French ambassador.  To that man's left was China's spokesman.  The space between him and Chekov was vacant.

Davis stood at the front of the room and behind him was a large video screen.

“Thank you.  First and foremost, gentlemen, welcome to the Pentagon.  Please forgive any security measures you've had to undergo in order to get here.  In America, we try never to underestimate the competence or curiosity of our media. We've asked you here to inform you of a top-secret operation the United States Air Force has been operating out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.  It's called the Stargate Program.”

After a beat and once a diagram of the Stargate appeared on screen, the major continued by telling the story of the Stargate's discovery.

“The device itself was discovered in Egypt in 1928 where it lay buried for several thousand years.  In 1945, a team of scientists hoping to find a military application for the device successfully established a stable wormhole by a process of random dialing.  It was, for all intents and purposes, a lucky accident, which they were unable to repeat.  The Gate remained inactive until eight years ago, when this man,” Davis clicked a button that prompted Daniel's picture and certain data to appear, “Doctor Daniel Jackson, joined the program.  Doctor Jackson successfully deciphered the symbols on the Gate, allowing us to begin routine exploration of alien worlds.  Since that time, Mister Ambassadors, we have visited literally hundreds of planets.  Thousands more remain to be explored.”

The foreign representatives were extremely doubtful about what they'd just heard.

Aware of the unease, Hammond acknowledged, “I know it's a lot to process, gentlemen.  The first time I saw the Gate activated, I could hardly believe my eyes.”

“It is true,” Chekov verified, which served to mystify the other men in the room.  He added, “The Russian government has been aware of the Stargate Program for quite some time.”

“Are you quite serious?” the upset British ambassador asked with incredulity.  “Did your President not recently call Great Britain America's closest ally?”

“One of our own people illegally sold the Russians information which allowed them to temporarily operate their own program,” Hammond explained.  ~And their involvement since then was the result of political blackmail; we didn't have any other options.~

As the story continued, Chekov told the others about a second Stargate, telling them, “It was recovered from the bottom of the ocean two years ago.”

“I don't understand,” the Chinese ambassador responded.

Davis elaborated, “SG-1 was trapped aboard an Asgard vessel.  They beamed aboard our Stargate as their means of escape.”  He spoke more about it and concluded, “So the Gate the Russians recovered from the Pacific was the Gate first discovered in Egypt.  We replaced that Gate with the one we discovered in Antarctica five years ago.”

“That Stargate has since been destroyed,” Hammond advised.

Davis added, “The original Gate is back in Cheyenne Mountain under lease from the Russian government.”

The Chinese representative surmised, “The explosion of your nuclear submarine was a cover story for these events?”

“Actually, the Rostov explosion was to cover up the explosion of a crashed Goa'uld ship,” Hammond clarified.

Davis began to talk about the Stargate being on an Asgard vessel, but he quickly noticed how bewildered the government representatives were.

In fact, the British political figure rambled on about his skepticism, admitting, “Although I am a bit dubious that not one, but two reported meteors in the last few years were in fact alien ships.”

“Actually, there were three,” Davis corrected, causing the Brit to stare in disbelief.

At that point, Senator Robert Kinsey entered the room, not caring if he was interrupting anyone or not.

“Gentlemen.  I'm sorry I'm late.  I had a meeting on the hill that couldn't be postponed.”

When Kinsey sat down next to the Russian, Hammond cooly greeted, “Senator.”

“General.  What have I missed?”

“Your officers have been telling us several tall tales, as you might say,” the Frenchman replied.

Kinsey relished the implication of the ambassador's remark.  Looking at Hammond, he referenced in a mocking manner that the men weren't believing what they'd been told.  When that was said, he verified the story was true and that missions through the Stargate were done on a daily basis.

“Does everyone in your government know about this?” the Englishman asked.

“As Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Senator Kinsey was given a full briefing,” Hammond answered.

Kinsey interjected, “The truth is, I demanded to know where all the money was going and believe you me, we're talking about a lot of money.  I'm sure that what you're finding hard to believe is why we would come forward with any of this. Granted the Chinese government has threatened to go public with information that contradicts one of our cover stories, but that isn't the only reason.”  Looking at the major general, he stated, “The fact is, due in no small part to the actions of the Stargate Program's flagship team, SG-1, our planet is facing imminent danger.”

~Okay, Senator, it's on,~ Hammond thought, not the least bit surprised.  ~Do your best with whatever you have in mind, but this Program will continue.~


Later that day, during a recess of the session, Hammond placed a call to the Mountain.

“How's it going, Sir?” Daniel asked.

“Son, we need the big gun.”

“Senator Kinsey?” the archaeologist questioned.

Hammond told Daniel that the ambassadors were told about the Goa'uld.

“Major Davis went into detail about their vessels,” the general recalled.

With the screen behind him displaying photographs, Davis advised, “This is a single Ha'tak class vessel.  Each Goa'uld System Lord operates entire fleets of these.  Typically a Goa'uld flagship is several times this size.  They also have mid-range bombers called Al'kesh and small fighters known as death gliders.”
//End of Flashback//

Hammond continued, “Davis tried to explain how dangerous the Goa'uld are.”

“The Goa'uld are a predatory species.  They will enslave a planet or in the face of resistance simply wipe out its inhabitants.  They don't negotiate.  Now we have witnessed Goa'uld attacks on several worlds.  Their standard procedure is to begin with a long range assault launched from orbit designed to take out planetary defenses and instill fear in the population.”

As he explained more about the Goa'uld activities, Davis added more detail.

“Once they've completed their orbital assault, they'll then be free to move in for tactical strikes against any remaining ground position.  After that, they'll put their troops on the ground.  Each mother ship is capable of carrying hundreds if not thousands of warriors.”
//End of Flashback//

“That's when Kinsey began to play his hand,” Hammond told Daniel.

“It was high time you were all briefed on what we're up against,” Kinsey put forth strongly.

The man from France spoke, “If what you are saying is true, then the United States government has unilaterally taken actions which have placed the whole world in jeopardy.”

“Believe me, Mister Ambassador, I know how you feel.  When this was first brought to my attention, I insisted the Gate was too dangerous to remain in operation.  Unfortunately, I was overruled.”

“With due respect, Senator, the President took your recommendation, and it nearly resulted in disaster.  It was only because of the efforts of SG-1, who violated your order to shut down the Gate, that we managed to survive,” Hammond stated in defense of the Program.

“Oh, and they've done a great job since under your tenure, haven't they, General?” Kinsey snapped.  “You managed to defeat the Goa'uld known as Apophis only to see him replaced by another more dangerous one.  Isn't that a fair assessment?”
//End of Flashback//

Daniel sighed, “He still wants to shut us down.”

“No, Son.  He wants to run the show.”


“Major Davis advised the ambassadors about the two attempts Anubis has made to destroy Earth.  He told them about that asteroid Anubis directed towards us.”

“That ... was a close call,” Daniel acknowledged as he reflected back on the situation where Sam employed her astrophysics knowledge and was able to open a hyperdrive window through which the asteroid traveled, saving the planet.  

“Fear of the unknown by the other governments is allowing Kinsey to fight for control of the Stargate,” Hammond informed the archaeologist.

“The Chinese government?”

“As we predicted, their ambassador is insisting on a public announcement.”

“We can't let that let happen.  General, if ...”

“Doctor, I know what it means.”

“I'm sorry, Sir,” Daniel sighed, reeling in his emotions.

“These men are a hard sell,” Hammond stated.  “I thought it might help to explain the Goa'uld's fatal flaw.”

“Their arrogance,” Daniel assumed.

“We've seen that from the very beginning,” Hammond responded.  He continued, “We told them about the progress we've made with the Goa'uld technology we've acquired, starting with the X-301, then the 302, and currently with the Prometheus.”

“You didn't mention the news crew?” Daniel dared to ask, his tone a bit light.

“Not likely,” Hammond responded with an equal lightness while reflecting on the recent mess when a news crew was allowed onboard the new vessel, only to take it take its crew hostage.

“How did the Chinese react?”

Hammond sighed as he recalled part of the meeting.

An angry Chinese ambassador interrupted the representative from the United States, arguing, “Your government has been operating this Stargate for six years, supposedly for the benefit of all mankind.  Yet now, we find out that you've been taking advantage of the situation to create military hardware that radically alters the balance of power on this planet.”

“The X-302 was designed to defend against the Goa'uld.  We have no intention of using it against our neighbors.”

“And for that we have only your word.”

Colone Chekov interjected, “The United States has had such capabilities for some time, but have not used them on other nations.”

After a bit, Hammond shared what he knew would be a higher point of contention than the X-302.  He was hesitant to make the revelation, but he also knew he must share it.

“Ever since we encountered a Goa'uld mother ship, we have been working to find a viable counter measure,” Hammond stated as he informed the others about the Prometheus, technically designated the X-303.

“Prometheus was designed to carry a complement of eight X-302 fighters, and is one of several planned,” Davis advised those in the room.
//End of Flashback//

When the conversation was over, Daniel focused on his next task and went to the control room.

“Sergeant, establish communication with Thor.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sergeant Walter Davis acknowledged, using a special device to contact the Asgard leader.

“Doctor Jackson,” Thor acknowledged from his spaceship.

“Thor, it's good to speak with you.  Is Jack around?”

“Hey, Daniel,” Jack spoke while grinning.  “What's the word?”

“We need the ace,” Daniel answered.  “Jack, Kinsey doesn't want to shut down the Stargate, he wants full control of it.”

“What the ...”

The archaeologist related the story he'd heard only minutes ago from General Hammond.

“I must contact my government immediately,” the Chinese ambassador spoke as he closed his notebook and stood.

“Mister Ambassador, we volunteered this information in a spirit of cooperation. We're trying to create a coalition to defend the entire world.”

“Under your leadership?”

“We have the experience.”

“I'm sorry General, but it may be impossible to achieve an agreement as long the Stargate and any resulting technologies remain solely under the control of the United States military.”
//End of Flashback//

“Apparently, the French ambassador wanted to move the Gate to someplace neutral and create a staff made up of personnel from each of the five nations involved.”

“Not gonna happen,” Jack responded.

“You might want to know that Colonel Chekov argued strongly in support of the United States.”

“Of course, he did.  He knows how much it costs to this thing.  Russia's doing squat and still getting to eat the ice cream.”

Daniel blinked at Jack's odd correlation, but opted to move right along with the report.

“Jack, Kinsey made a recommendation of his own.”

“He's a scoundrel.”

“Yes, well, anyway, he told them the Stargate shouldn't be under military control.  General Hammond said he called it a recipe for abuse in spite of good intentions.”

“What's he after, Daniel?”

“Stay calm,” Daniel urged.


“He wants the NID to control the Stargate.”

“*Not* going to happen.”

“He claimed the NID is the only group that could run the Stargate; you know, they have the knowledge, the, uh, experience, and kill, I mean, skill to run it.”

“You were right the first time.  Kinsey's out of his mind.  The NID just tried to take him out.”

“That was brought up, but he dismissed it as simply being a few rogue agents.”

~He's an idiot.~  Jack made an audible groan, but let it go.  “Okay, where do we stand?”

“The general argued with them about the NID, telling them that the NID's true mandate has always been to acquire alien technology at any cost.  Paul tried to back that up with examples, but Kinsey used us as a reason to support his idea.”

“You're kidding?”

“He had a folder full of mission data, like, uh, that black hole.”

“Ouch.  I prefer not to think about that, but, Daniel, who knew that would happen?”

“Exactly the point Paul and the general tried to make.”

Daniel continued, “Kinsey mentioned the alien entity who speared you to the wall, the Replicators, those things that tried to take over the SGC.”

“Okay, so he knows the worst of it.  Are you telling me the ambassadors are buying Kinsey's story?”

“Apparently, but Paul found out something interesting due one their breaks.”

“Care to share?”

“Jack, Kinsey isn't going to be a part of the Appropriations Committee anymore.”

“Let me have it.”

“He's about to take over the Oversight Committee.”

“And that would put him over the NID and ...”

“... the Stargate,” both men said at the same time.

Daniel looked at his watch and said, “Jack, engage the ace.  There's not much time left.”

“Understood,” Jack responded, ending the communication.

Daniel looked at Sergeant Davis who had a concerned look on his face.  He smiled, sighed, and then left the control room.  He hoped Thor would come through.  If not, life at the Mountain was about to change, and not for the good.

As for the archaeologist's next move, his time on the base was almost over for the day.  He was on light duty, having just recovered from a severe case of the flu.  With his role in Hammond's plan completed, it was time to go home and wait for his lover to return and let him know how it all played out.


“Thor, ya gotta do this,” Jack told the alien.

The Asgard commander blinked one time and cocked his head, without saying a word.

“Alright, you don't have to, but let me put it to you this way.  If that rotten self-absorbed Kinsey gets control over the Stargate, *he's* the one *you* will have to deal with.  I'll be gone, and Daniel, too, and probably Hammond.  If we don't leave to retire, Kinsey will find a way to kick us out.  Now, the Asgard may think we're primitive, but you gotta admit we're on the same page here.  Trust me, Thor, Kinsey's on his own page, and it's not one you want to go near.”

The small cloned body of the alien blinked again as he considered the situation.

“The clock's ticking.  Come on, Thor, help a body out.  Use your doohickeys, wait for Hammond's signal, and give those ambassadors a pitch they can't refuse.”

“A pitch?”

“A curve ball, Thor.  Oh, never mind.  Just tell them the truth from the point of view of the Asgard.  You know the stakes.  Do what you think is right.”

Jack let out a sigh.  He'd said all he could to convince the commander.  Now it was up to Thor.

“Beam me back to SGC,” Jack requested.  “And don't forget to send Kinsey to some planet out in the boonies, way, way out.  He's a pain in the mikta, a double pain for his actions surrounding the Stargate *and* Hammond.”

“As you wish, O'Neill,” Thor responded before hitting a button that immediately caused Jack to disappear from Thor's ship.

~I can only hope,~ the colonel thought while being beamed down to the Mountain.


At the Pentagon, Kinsey returned to the meeting after having been called away to handle a non-related situation.  Once he returned, the focus was once again on his proposal to have the NID take control of the Stargate.

Hammond continued his attempt to prevent having the Stargate Program shifted away from the control of the Air Force.

“Gentlemen, I realize we're in no position to make demands here.  We're trying to reach a consensus, but before you go back to your leaders and make your recommendations, I want you to consider something.  Whoever is running the Stargate will be acting as representatives of this planet throughout the galaxy. They will be our ambassadors, meeting other races, establishing ties with other worlds.  It is true that in the six years we've been running the Stargate we've made enemies, but we've also made friends.  I believe we've acquitted ourselves with honor.  On that score I stand by the record.”

Hammond told the men about the Asgard and how Earth formed a friendship with them after Jack first encountered them several years earlier.

The Chinese ambassador responded, “You make an interesting case General. However, I must take this matter back to my government and recommend full disclosure to our people.”

The  man from France added, “I must do the same, though I admit Senator Kinsey's proposal is interesting.”

Happy to hear the Frenchman's remark, Kinsey replied, “Thank you, Mister Ambassador.”

~Jack, don't let me down,~ Hammond thought.  He knew the Asgard had the capability to monitor activity on Earth.  They'd been doing it long before the Stargate Program even existed.  ~It's now or never.~

Right on cue, Thor arrived, seated in his command chair, stunning the gaping ambassadors.

The British representative let out a hesitant, “Hello?”

“Hello. I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.”

“Thank you for coming, Thor,” Hammond spoke.  ~You may just have saved our bacon.~

“It is my pleasure, General Hammond.  The Asgard are in your debt.”

“Your debt?” the Brit queried.

“SG-1, under the command of General Hammond, has saved my people and yours on many occasions.  We are not only allies against the Goa'uld, we are true friends.”

Kinsey stood and interjected, “Commander Thor, my name is ...”

“Senator Kinsey,” Thor stated for the politician.  “O'Neill suggested I send you to a distant planet for your actions here, but I am reasonably certain his statement was in jest.”

“I'm sure it was, Commander.”

As the senator raised a finger, intending to speak, the Asgard quickly corrected, “Supreme Commander,” while raising his own finger in emphasis.  “It is the opinion of the Asgard High Council that Stargate Command should be left in the very capable hands of General Hammond and his team, and while our continued friendship with Earth is not contingent on that, it is preferred.”

As Kinsey sat down, the Brit asked, “You came all this way, just to tell us that?”

“And to install Asgard designed shields and weapons on Prometheus, a small token of thanks for SG-1's recent efforts in securing our galaxy, and yours, from certain destruction.”

~Nice touch,~ Hammond opined, assuming the addition was Jack's doing.

“I see.”

“I hope I have been successful in convincing you.  Good day, General Hammond.”

“Always a pleasure, Thor.  Please drop in any time,” a pleased Hammond responded and then watched as the Asgard disappeared.

One by one, the government officials gave Hammond their support, even if it was done with reservations.  There was only man remaining who was yet to speak.

“Senator?” Hammond called out.

“I'll say this, General, well played,” Kinsey stated and then rose and left the room.

Hammond looked out at the ambassadors and stated, “Thank you for your support.  Additional details about the Program will be forthcoming.  For now, you can address any questions or concerns through Major Davis.”

Soon, the gentlemen stood and departed, leaving only the Air Force officers.

“Major, our job is done here,” the general spoke.  “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It's always a pleasure to work with Stargate Command,” the major replied.

With a nod, Hammond exited the conference room, completely satisfied with the meeting's resolution.


“Danny?” Jack called out two hours later as he entered the house.

“Hey, Babe,” Daniel responded as he appeared from the kitchen.  “Lentil soup okay for dinner?”

“With steak?”

“Steamed vegetables.”

“You drive a hard bargain,” Jack quipped as he kissed his soulmate.  “It's fine, Angel.”

“You can have steak,” Daniel permitted.

“Nah, we'll have a healthy, light dinner,” the older man agreed.  ~His stomach is probably still a little wonky after being sick.~

“What happened with the meeting?  Did Thor show up?” Daniel asked as he and Jack sat down on the sofa to talk for a few minutes.

“According to Hammond, Thor saved the day.  He put Kinsey in his place and had those ambassadors eating out of the palm of his itty bitty hand.  The Stargate is save with Hammond.”

“That's good.  I was a little worried.”

“We were all, but Thor came up with his own ace in the hole.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hammond gave me credit for it until he realized I didn't know what the heck he was talking about.”

“I know the feeling,” Daniel spoke dryly as he waited to hear the specifics.

“Sorry, Love,” Jack spoke.  “Guess what the Asgard are doing this very minute.”

“I have no idea.”

“Putting in new shields and weapons on the Prometheus.”


“Yep, all newly improved and state of the art, Asgard grade.”

“Wow.  Sam must be ecstatic.”

“It's right in time for the shakedown cruise tomorrow,” Jack responded.

“It's not going to delay the mission?” Daniel asked, concerned that the upgrade would postpone the vessel's initial trek into space.

“Those little gray butts are speedy,” Jack mused.  “Actually, they've called in all off-duty engineers and yadda-whoever-they-need.  They may not get it all done before the lift off, but they want to get as much done as they can.”  He smiled as he caressed Daniel's left hand.  “It will postpone the departure by a couple of hours, but that's as far as they'll push it back.”  He paused and asked, “You gonna be up for it?”

“Jack, I'm fine.”

“Just making sure.  I love you, my falling star.”

“I love you, too,” Daniel responded before the two kissed again.

“Why don't we have that healthy dinner and then spend the rest of the night in bed?”


“Eventually,” Jack answered with a grin.

Daniel stood up and reached for his soulmate's hand.  When Jack stood, the couple entered the kitchen and finished cooking the meal Daniel had already started.  Both were feeling good, happy that Thor assisted in preventing Kinsey from wreaking more havoc upon them and that the Asgard were upgrading the United States' first spaceship.  They were even happier to be together, just living their lives in Colorado Springs.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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