Borrowing Trouble

Author:  Orrymain and special guest co-author, Mama Bear!
Category:  Slash, Humor, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - November 20,24, 2013
Spoilers:  None
Size:  28kb, ficlet
Written:  October 18, 2007, September 5, 2008, April 21-22,25,28,30, 2010
Summary:  This is one side of the story about what happens when Paul Davis and Marc Reynolds borrow part of the Jackson-O'Neill brood.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, Tammy, Navi, Irina!

Borrowing Trouble
by Orrymain and Mama Bear

“What was that?” Daniel asked, hearing a sound and twisting his body around to look towards the kitchen.

“Jonny, you dropped it!” Aislinn wailed with a bit of angst.

“Uh, excuse me for just a minute,” Daniel requested calmly as he left his guests to check on the children.

Colonels Paul Davis and Marc Reynolds nodded as they looked around the Jackson-O'Neill living room.  The married couple, who had just arrived at the residence, would be enjoying dinner with the family tonight.  They'd already been told that Jack had been delayed by business at J-O Enterprises and wouldn't be home for another twenty minutes or so.

Davis and Reynolds, both still active in their service at Stargate Command and disguising their relationship under the guise of being best friends, walked leisurely around, taking in the decor and memorabilia lacing the room.  Both had been at the house before, but they'd never really examined the decorations or photographs that closely.

Paul stopped at the mantle and, amused by one of the pictures, laughed, “Marc, look at this one.”

“That looks crazy,” Marc chuckled as he walked up behind his husband, placing a kiss on the nape of his neck before interlocking their hands, and taking a closer look at the picture.

Thoughtfully, Paul pondered, “I wonder if that's the famous old sofa that collapsed?”

“What old sofa?” Marc queried curiously.

“Aislinn said something to me once about an old sofa that Daniel was overly attached to.  They tried to take a family portrait one day, and it broke.”

“This must be it,” Marc surmised from the look of the photograph.  Several seconds ticked by as the couple looked at the gallery of family events.  Then Marc observed something in his husband's eyes. “You've got that 'kid look' again, Paul,” he noted as their hands separated and Marc twisted around to look at his lover.

“We have talked about it.”

“Sure, when we get out of the service.  We're both in good spots with our careers right now .  The timing isn't right,” Marc opined.

“We need to talk about that, Ice,” Paul replied quietly, using the man's nickname.  “I don't want to be sixty when we adopt.”

“If ... the word is 'if',” Marc corrected, not yet sold on the children angle.

Reynolds had always had a bit of a commitment issue, though he was glad he'd finally leaped over that hurdle and married Paul, who he loved dearly.

Paul looked around for a second to ensure they were still alone and whispered, “We have to make a decision about this.  We both love kids.”  He paused, looking over towards the kitchen where he knew Daniel and some of the children were.  “We jump at any chance to be with the Jackson-O'Neill kids.”

Marc knew from his husband's smile that he was thinking about Aislinn.  The little girl didn't really remember that much of her time with Paul, but they'd formed a special connection when Jonny and Little Danny had been lost near North Cheyenne Creek a few years back.  The time had really struck a cord in Paul's soul.

“You really do want us to have a little girl like Aislinn,” Marc put forth even as Paul studied one of the photos of the youngest Munchkin holding Bobo, the giant stuffed monkey left to the Munchkins and Spitfires by their birth mother.

“Don't you?”

“Maybe,” Marc answered.  “We'd be giving up a lot of things, Paul, and I'm not sure we both really want to do that; at least, not yet.”

Paul laughed, “Maybe we should borrow the kids and see what it's really like to be ...”

Marc knew exactly what Paul meant, even if the man couldn't finish his sentence.  It was all about parenthood.  They both loved children, but they also were keenly aware that there was much more to being parents than loving kids.

Reynolds had devoted his life to the Air Force.  Once on a scientific track that led nowhere, now he was finally the full-fledged second-in-command of Stargate Command and had little fear of being replaced or reassigned.  He'd served in that capacity once before, for a year or so, but it had been an unofficial responsibility.  Now, it was very real.  If he ever had children, he knew he would need to make them his main focus in lieu of the military; that is, aside from Paul, of course.

“... parents,” Paul concluded, completing the sentence as Marc had known he would.

“I want kids; it's just timing,” Marc replied.  ~I think.~

Paul looked back at the mantle and took note of a colorful photograph of the Munchkins in Halloween costumes.  Aislinn was dressed as Snow White, with Jonny as Superman and Little Danny as Spiderman.

“Marc, look at these three.”

With an accepting sigh, Marc observed, “They're very cute, Paul.”  He nodded and then acquiesced, “Okay, we can discuss it further at home.”

Paul's heart tumbled from the softening words of his lover, but he also realized something at the same time.

“You're right, Marc.  It's not the right time,” Paul sighed regretfully, his shoulders sagging a bit.

The spell broken, Marc nudged his husband’s chin up as he agreed, “No, it's not, but we could still do it.”

“We're not ready, no matter how much we want it,” Paul put forth.  ~I'm ready; I think.~

“I agree, but they are cute.”

“If we give in to the emotional side of our hearts, we'll end up resenting them,” Paul elaborated.  “I still have some things I need to do in my career.”

“Me, too,” Marc seconded softly.  “Timing, Paul.”

“Timing sucks.”

“Every time we see these kids ...” Paul began, trailing off and then offering a small smile when his husband caressed his upper arm.

From the hallway, Little Danny listened.  He hadn't intended to eavesdrop, but he'd been going from the recreation room to Jennifer's bedroom, which was on the other side of the house.  He'd stopped to tie his shoelace when he'd overheard the discussion.

“Sorry,” Daniel apologized, returning to the living room with Jonny and Aislinn in tow.

“I had an accident,” Jonny sighed.  “Hi!” he added brightly.

~What a day,~ Jack thought, walking in the door at that precise moment.  “Sproglet?”

“Shoelace,” Little Danny explained, only now standing up.  “I was going to ask Jen a question.”

“No hug first?” Jack asked, acting forlorn.

Little Danny smiled and gave his father a big hug before heading for his sister's bedroom.  He knew Paul and Marc were staying for dinner, and he really needed to get his question answered now.

“Hey!” Jack greeted, walking in and immediately going to his husband for a 'welcome home' kiss.  “Missed you.”

“Missed you, too.”


Later that evening, with their guests still present, Jack mentioned, “Danny, before I forget, the Doc can't baby-sit the kids this weekend like she thought.”

“Anything wrong?”

“Staffing shortage,” Jack replied, giving Marc a bit of a look.  ~Gotta love my rank.~

Going back and forth between his husband and Reynolds, Daniel queried, “Uh, did I miss something?”

Knowing exactly what Jack was referring to, Marc explained, “It's not exactly a shortage, but we agreed to loan out some of our medical staff to the Academy for a special training.  It was a last minute decision.”

“You *stole* our babysitter,” Jack groused.

“Then we should make up for it,” Paul offered, getting a confused look from his husband.  In more of a quiet tone, he said, “Borrow: good opportunity.”

After a moment, Marc got the lightly coded message, realizing this was their chance to 'borrow' the Jackson-O'Neill children and gain some parenting insight.

“Yes, we should.  I was responsible for the decision,” Marc expounded.  ~Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that.  He's still a general, retired or not.~

With a knowing expression, Jack reminded, “We're talking about the entire brood, Reynolds.  There's twelve of them and only two of you.”

There was a bit of a challenge in Jack's remark, and while Paul didn't respond to that, Marc definitely did.

“We'll do it, Sir,” Paul Davis interjected, slipping into military protocol.

“We can handle them,” Marc asserted confidently, knowing it was especially important to Paul for them to have time with the brood.  Then he caught a glimpse of something in Jack's eye, and that made him a tad nervous.  ~Crap, he set me up.~

“Wait,” Daniel interjected, giving his soulmate a reprimanding stare.  “Paul, Marc, I apologize for Jack's ... behavior.  For some reason, his inner child has decided to play with you.  The truth is that the older children all have plans, but Janet was going to watch all the younger ones -- the Munchkins, the Spitfires, and JD.  That's still ... a lot.”

“We *can* do it,” Marc repeated firmly.  ~No way can we back down now.  Besides, maybe timing isn't important.  Those kids are darn cute.~

“You're hired,” Jack announced eagerly, pointing over at the couple.

“Jack,” Daniel warned, really hoping that the couple in front of them knew what they were getting into.

“Daniel, they want to borrow our kids; let them,” Jack replied, internally smirking.  ~Let see what these guys can do.~

“Borrow?” Daniel questioned.

~How'd he pick up on that?~ Paul wondered.  A second later he realized, ~He didn't.  That's just a figure of speech.~

The decision made, the adults discussed the specifics of the arrangement.


“Munchkins!  Spitfires!  It's time to go,” Jack shouted in his best military form from the base of the stairs.

“Jack, do you realize how far your voice has to travel for the children to hear you?” Daniel questioned as he buttoned JD's coat and smiled at the youngest Jackson-O'Neill.

“They heard me,” Jack insisted confidently.


Upstairs, the five children were hurrying out of their bedrooms when one of them called out, stopping the pint-sized human herd from continuing.

“Brood, come here,” Little Danny beckoned just as the others reached the jog that connected the new addition from the original side of the house.  When the five children were together, the middle Munchkin informed quietly, “We need to get kinda in trouble today.”

“We do?” Aislinn questioned curiously.

“We do?” Jonny asked simultaneously, a pleased expression on his face.  “I can do trouble.”

Nodding, Little Danny explained, “Paul and Ice are borrowing us.”

“I thought they were babysitting us,” Ricky refuted.

“Na-huh,” Little Danny expressed while shaking his head.  “They want us to convince them not to have kids yet.”

“Oh,” Jenny responded, her face scrunching up as she thought.  “Little Danny, that doesn't make sense.”

“Yes, it does,” the child prodigy claimed.  “They wanna have kids someday.  They think we're cute.”

Aislinn giggled, “I get it.  We always behave around them.”

“Ooooh!” the redheaded Spitfire exclaimed.  “They need the *real* us.”

“We're nice,” Ricky rebutted, not quite understanding as yet.

“Ricky, they want to have kids, but not yet.  They still have Air Force stuff to do.”

“Remember Dad and Daddy telling us stories about how they waited to have us?” Jonny asked his younger brother.

Ricky nodded, the stories circling in his mind.  His parents had talked to the children a lot about how they'd waited to retire from the Air Force until the time was just right.

“They aren't ready for kids every day yet,” Little Danny expounded.

“Besides, they can't have kids and be in the Air Force,” Jonny sighed.

“Right,” Little Danny acknowledged.  “So, we have to remind them why they *don't* want kids.”

“But you said they do want kids,” Ricky sighed in exasperation, tired of the conversation going in circles.

“They do, but not now,” both Jonny and Little Danny spoke together, laughing afterwards.

“It's the cute factor,” Aislinn acknowledged again.  “They see us and think we're cute, so they want kids like us.”

“I thought we were cute and adorable,” Ricky questioned, still not quite getting it.

“Ricky,” Jenny began sternly, turning her brother to face her and then keeping her hands on his shoulders.  “It's like this.  Paul and Ice think we're perfect because we act practically perfect around them, so they think they want kids like us, too, but what they really want is to go through the Stargate some more and beat the bad guys in outer space, so we have to show them that kids aren't always perfect so they'll remember that they aren't ready for kids yet.  Then they can play military some more until they really are ready for kids.  Then they can have their own kids and find out that they aren't really perfect anyway, but then it won't matter because they'll be totally ready for them, and they'll love them, so it'll be okay.”

As Aislinn looked down, Little Danny blinked, though he said nothing about Jenny's prolonged ramble, which sounded a lot like something he, or his daddy, would say.  His older triplet, though, was opening his mouth to say something; that is until Little Danny stepped on his brother's foot, causing an 'ouch' to come out instead.

“Why didn't you say so?” Ricky asked, the long oration making perfect sense to him.  “So what do we do?”

With a mischievous grin, Jonny took over for his brother and helped to devise the game plan.


“Kids, let's move it!” Jack shouted, standing on the third step up.

Daniel rolled his eyes and checked his watch.  To him, all was normal, even his shouting husband.

~He'll never change,~ thought Daniel, smiling.  ~Thank goodness.~


“Be right back,” Aislinn told her siblings.  “I have to get my special crayons.”

With a devious look, Jonny added, “I gotta get something, too.”  He hurried back to his bedroom.  ~I'll bet my fake bugs and spiders will come in handy.~

The five children all retrieved something they hadn't originally intended to take with them to Paul Davis' townhouse and then scurried down the stairs.


“Bye, Daddy,” Aislinn stated, hugging Daniel, which officially concluded all of the good-byes between the siblings and their fathers.

“Kids, would you like some lemonade?” Paul questioned.

“We have some cookies, too,” Marc Reynolds added enticingly.

~They're  already going for the food bribe,~ Jonny snickered inwardly.  ~This is gonna be easy.~

“Yes, please,” Jenny responded on behalf of the children.

Jonny waited until Paul and Marc had disappeared from sight and then waved over the kids, whispering, “Huddle!”

With Aislinn holding JD, the children grouped together and talked softly throughout the discussion.

“Ash, see that spot over by that chair?” Jonny asked, pointing in the direction.

“That's perfect, Jonny.  Done,” the youngest sibling promised, not even needing to hear the act that was to take place there.

“Ricky, look at all those magazines,” Jonny requested.

The Spitfire grinned and remarked, “I can mess them all up.”

“Ricky, be careful, though.  They might need those,” Jenny told her twin.

“I know, Jenny.  I can handle it.”

“Jenny ...” Jonny began.

“I'm gonna have fun with all those pillows.  They have more pillows than Dad and Daddy do,” Jenny giggled.

Jonny nodded his agreement and then looked at the middle Munchkin, asking, “Little Danny, I'll bet they have a lot of cooking stuff in the kitchen.”

“I can do one of David's microwave experiments,” Little Danny suggested.  Then he frowned, “Well, maybe not that, but I can do some food experimenting.”

“You sure?” Jonny challenged.

“Piece of cake,” the middle Munchkin insisted.

The huddle continued for a couple of more minutes until the kids heard Paul and Marc returning.

“That ought to do it for round one.  Be on the lookout for round two ideas,” Jonny ordered.  Putting his hand out, he said, “Brood, on three.”  Then he nodded and began the countdown.  “One, two ... three!”

“Brood!” came the hushed cheer, the children separating just as the adults entered the room.

Jonny took the chance for the first use of his bug plan.  He quickly placed a realistic bug on Jenny's neck.  On cue, Aislinn saw it and screamed.  This caused Jenny to scream and run around the room, backing right into Marc.

~Way to go, sisters!~ Jonny exclaimed as lemonade and cookies flew into the air and then all over the carpeting.  ~I love being trouble.~


“To your rooms!” Jack ordered the five children sternly.  He looked over at the curious faces of the other children who happened to be in the living room at the moment.  “Noa, take care of JD, please.”

“Yes, Dad,” Chenoa acknowledged, taking possession of her brother and heading up the stairs.  ~Uh oh, trouble.~

“I'll help,” Lulu acknowledged, hurrying after her fellow dancer.  Knowing when to retreat was a survival skill in the Jackson-O'Neill household.  ~I'd rather find out what happened later.~

Jack looked around at the others and issued an informal command: “Scram.”

“I think he means us,” David mused, looking over at Brianna.

“Considering we're the only other two around, I'd say that's a good guess, Bro,” Brianna chuckled, getting up and vacating the room.

With the children gone, Jack filled his lover in on the sight he'd heard about, and seen in part, when picking up the children at Paul Davis' townhouse.

“Danny, I just don't understand it,” Jack remarked helplessly.  “The brood never misbehaves like that: running around, screaming, coloring the walls, playing dress-up with their uniforms, reprogramming their speed dials ...”

“Jack, I've heard the list,” a perplexed Daniel interrupted, shaking his head.  “They didn't say anything on the way home to explain their actions?”  Hearing his soulmate's cough, he queried, “Jack?”

“They didn't have a chance.  I lectured them most of the way home.”

“That's why they marched in like that,” Daniel deduced. “They felt like the troops being led to KP duty.”

“They'd be lucky to just get KP duty.”  Jack reiterated, “They destroyed Davis' townhouse in a single day, and it was just the six of them!”

“How did Paul and Marc react?”

“Be glad I'm a general, *very* glad,” Jack responded.  “Davis looked like Phyllis Diller, his hair all spiked and everything.  I didn't know he had that much hair.”  He looked to the side in contemplation.  “Now that I think about it, I'm not sure that was his hair.”

“What could it have been?”

“I don't think I want to know, but ... licorice comes to mind,” Jack responded, as he scratched his chin thoughtfully.

“What about Marc?”

“Rank,” Jack responded abruptly with a smirk.  “He wants to run SGC one day, and he knows better than to mouth off at me.”


“I didn't say a thing, Danny, but it's how he thinks.”  Jack snickered, “I don't have a say in that, but can I help it if Reynolds thinks I do?”

Daniel rolled his eyes and then suggested, “We need to talk to the children.”

“It's a good thing we don't believe in corporal punishment.”

The couple began the walk up the stairs, each still trying to figure out what had happened to their 'normal' children.

“Babe, there has to be something we're missing,” Daniel stated just as the two reached the top step.

“Yeah.  It's like they acted up on purpose, but why would they do that?”

“I have no idea,” the archaeologist answered thoughtfully.  ~But I would really like to know the reason.~

Jack and Daniel called the Munchkins and Spitfires together in the boys' room.  Before they could say anything, Aislinn began to giggle.  Within seconds, all five kids were laughing.

“Hey!” Jack snapped, not pleased with the behavior of the children.  “This isn't a laughing matter.”

“What's so funny?” Daniel inquired as he stood next to Jack with his arms crossed.

“Dad, Daddy, did we do good?” Aislinn asked innocently.

“Yeah, did we?” Ricky inquired with a smile.

“It was hard being bad, but it was fun,” Jonny giggled.  ~Okay, so it wasn't hard, but if I think about how easy it was, I might forget and be trouble all the time.~

“We did good, huh?” Little Danny piped up excitedly.

“Whoa!” Jack questioned, his hands held up in the air.  “What the blazes are you little monkeys talking about?”

The stunned parents listened as the children explained their theory, with Little Danny telling them about what he had overheard earlier in the week when Paul and Marc had come to the house for dinner.

“You know, Babe, it makes sense,” Daniel opined.  **Paul's mentioned children a few times, usually when we're talking about Ash.**

“Geez, it does,” Jack agreed, nodding at the non-verbal communication he'd received from his husband.

“Dad, Daddy, if they want to borrow us again, we agree,” Jonny stated on behalf of his younger siblings.

“I'll bet Noa and Lulu would help out, too,” Aislinn remarked eagerly.

“I'm sure they would,” Daniel sighed, shaking his head at the occurrences of the day.

“Can we go play in the game room now?” Jenny asked without any fear of retribution being directed in the way of the children for their troubling actions at the townhouse.

The parents stared for a moment and then exchanged a glance.  With shrugs and nods, they stood in place as the five children excitedly exited the room.

“I've never heard of anything so ridiculously insane that it's ... sane,” Daniel commented as he shifted his position and leaned against the doorway.

“Borrowing our kids?” Jack questioned.  Then he laughed, “I guess they got the answer they wanted.  You should have seen their faces, Danny.  I don't think they'll wonder about having kids for at least a year.”

“Babe, what about ... punishment?  I mean, uh, it sounds like there's damage to Paul's townhouse.”

“No allowances this week,” Jack decided aloud.  “They've spent it on the cleaning expenses.”

“Agreed,” Daniel acknowledged.

Then Jack laughed raucously, “Pardon me, Sir, but may I borrow your kids for the afternoon?  I need to stop myself from having my own.”

“Smart,” the younger man opined, a grin starting to form on his handsome face.

“Smart and funny as heck.”

“They really do care for our children,” Daniel put forth, his voice still light from laughter, but his tone serious.

“I trust them, or I wouldn't let them borrow them,” Jack chuckled.

“So, uh, should they want to ... borrow the brood again ...”

“It's okay with me.”  Then Jack pulled his Heart close and into a long, tender kiss.  “I'd like to borrow some of your time.”

“Are you going to return it?”

“I have a way of doing that,” Jack returned suggestively.

“Just as soon as the brood is asleep for the night,” Daniel promised, kissing his lover again.  Just then, they heard a loud noise and a bunch of voices over the intercom.  Both let out sighs.  “We'd better go see what's happening now.”

“There's always something, Love,” Jack remarked as the couple began the walk down the hallway.

“Yeah,” Daniel replied with a wonderfully bright smile.  “It's great, isn't it?”


~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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