Boys at Play

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  1-7 (vignettes from various years)
Spoilers:  None
Size:  55kb
Written:  October 4-7,13,16,22, 2003  Revised:  February 1, 2005, April 18. September 8, October 7-9, 2006, February 26-27, 2007 Tweaked: March 15, 2007
Summary:  Money to burn?  If you've ever been curious about Jack's and Daniel's financial status, read on and learn just how they've acquired so much green stuff!
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) “Big Spender”, written by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields, from the musical “Sweet Charity.”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Mama Beast, Brynn, Linda!

Boys at Play
by Orrymain

--September 25, 1997

“Jack, I have a challenge for you.”

“Oh really?  And what would that be, Daniel?” Jack asked, then sipped a cold beer he had just retrieved from the refrigerator in Daniel's new apartment.

The two teammates were playing a game of chess, relaxing as much as possible between missions.  Daniel was still adjusting to life back on Earth after having lived on Abydos for a year.  He had spent quite a bit of time at Jack's house before getting his own apartment and had actually only moved in the week before.

The archaeologist responded, “Yeah, I need ... money.  I still don't think I'll ever get paid, and I need to play catch up.”

“Catch up?”

“Jack, I ... I was broke when Catherine asked me to work with her,” Daniel explained, referring to Catherine Langford.  “I had nothing left.”

“You're making good money now,” Jack stated as he made a move on the chess board.  ~That should confuse him for a while.~

“I know, but when you start with nothing and need to get everything, then making a lot isn't always making a lot.”

“Danny, you're giving me a headache.”

Daniel shifted slightly.  He was still getting used to Jack calling him by the nickname of 'Danny'.  No one had done that since he had been a little boy, and those two people, his parents, had been killed in front of him in a tragic museum accident.  He had done his usual “It's Daniel” correction the first several times Jack had used the name, but then he had stopped, for reasons the younger man still hadn't figured out.

The scientist felt close to Jack, and he trusted his friend in a way he had never trusted anyone before.  In fact, as Daniel briefly pondered the use of his shortened name, he realized that he was trusting Jack with a piece of himself that he would not even allow another human being to know.  He couldn't define that part of himself; he only knew it was something buried deep inside.

“Danny, are you okay?” Jack asked, puzzled by his friend's sudden retreat inside of himself.

“Oh, yeah, sorry, Jack.  Just thinking,” Daniel mused, leaning forward to consider his next move.

“Careful.  It could be hazardous to your health,” the older man teased.  “What was your challenge?”

“Stock market,” Daniel answered as he quickly responded to Jack's chess move.  “I want to invest, see if I can make enough to get some extras sooner rather than later.”

“It's your money,” Jack said, grimacing at the younger man's fast response to what he had thought had been a masterful move.  “What do you need me for?”


“Oh, yeah?” Jack asked as he leaned forward slightly, the idea of doing friendly battle with his friend enticing.  ~I have to have better luck with that than I do at this game.~

“Yeah, we could each pick a stock, invest some money, and then see who did the best,” Daniel suggested.

As he stared at the black and white board, Jack questioned, “And how long does this competition last?”

“I don't know -- a month, maybe two.”

“How about right before Thanksgiving?” Jack suggested.  “If we invest in the right stocks, it could give us extra cash for the holidays.”

“Well ... I guess we could pick out stocks tonight, invest tomorrow, and go through ... the middle of November,” Daniel responded thoughtfully.

With a confident smirk, Jack spoke, “Okay, but let's make this first go around a food and drink competition.  Whichever stocks we choose, they have to be from a beverage or food type.”

“Sure, I have a couple of possibilities already,” Daniel replied.  “Uh, your move.”

“I'll bet you do,” Jack chuckled.  “Don't be so impatient,” he said, nodding down at the chess pieces.  “Speaking of bets, let's make one.”

“Jack, what good does it do to play Wall Street only to lose what we gain with a bet?” Daniel answered, moving over to the sofa and lying down.

“Daniel, what are you doing?”

“Resting,” the younger man sighed, making sure his sofa cushion was centered comfortably beneath his head.

“I can see that,” Jack responded.  “Why?  We're playing a game here.”

“It's going to take you an hour to figure out a move, Jack.  In the end, it'll be the same move you'd make if you'd just follow through with your gut instinct,” Daniel put forth.

Jack grumbled, made a move, and said, “Fine.  Your turn.”

With a small smile, one that was pleasing to the older man, Daniel returned to the table to continue the game.  The smile quickly disappeared, almost as if wearing it was somehow wrong.

“C'mon, Danny, where's your sporting blood?” the colonel asked about their stock market bets.

“Back in New York.”

“Don't be such a geek,” Jack whined.  When Daniel looked down and quietly made another move on the game board, Jack sighed, afraid the linguist had misinterpreted his comment.  He took a swig of beer, letting it swivel around in his mouth for a few seconds.  “Danny, you know I don't mean anything by that.  It's just a nickname, like ... Danny.”

“I know,” the younger man replied calmly, though not looking up at the older man.

“Daniel ...”

“Checkmate,” Daniel said and then smiled unabashedly.

“Check... grrrr,” Jack grumbled, sounding very much like a bear.  “You're a sly one, Dannyboy.

Daniel chuckled as he got up to get the daily paper, tossing it to Jack and saying, “Okay, Colonel, pick your bet.”

Without a moment's hesitation, Jack challenged, “I win, and you have to attend two hockey games with me.”

“I do that anyway.”

“I wasn't done,” Jack said, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Oh, uh, sorry,” Daniel said, standing and heading for the refrigerator.  “Beer, or anything?”

“No on the beer, yes on the anything -- Cracker Jacks,” Jack requested.

“I don't have ...”

“Over the oven, on the right,” the older man instructed.  ~Always be prepared.~

For a moment, Daniel just stared, amazed at the comment, but not doubting it at all.  Then he retrieved the caramel coated popcorn and nuts for his friend and some snack mix for himself.

“About the bet,” Jack continued.  “Hockey games without whining, complaining, or reading a book instead of watching the game.  You have to smile and try to like it, just a little.”

Daniel groaned, but then smiled as he came up with his part of the bet, and agreed, “Okay, and if I win, you attend that exhibit with me in Denver that I've been wanting to see *with* the same rules.  *No* whining, complaining, saying you're bored, falling asleep during the speakers, or anything remotely like that.”

“What makes you think I'd do that?”

As he handed Jack the Cracker Jacks, Daniel answered, “Because the one time you went with me to a museum you acted like a five-year-old who would have rather been at the zoo.”

~Yeah, I did,~ Jack inwardly admitted.  He laughed, “Deal.  You're on!  Now, can we play something I actually have a chance of winning?”

Daniel considered the options and smirked, “Go Fish?”

“Why you ...” Jack began as he got up and made a move towards the archaeologist.

The younger man immediately began evasive maneuvers as Jack began to chase him around the loft's living and dining areas.  Jack caught his prey near the fish tank, only because Daniel was afraid of running or falling into or against it.  He didn't want to hurt his swimming friends.

Tackling Daniel to the carpet, Jack and his archaeologist wrestled until suddenly, both began to laugh.


“Get off of me, O'Neill,” Daniel ordered, still grinning as he pushed his friend away.

Jack moved to the side, sitting on the floor.  He was still catching his breath, and smiling from their boyish play.

“So you like this place?” Jack asked suddenly, taking a cursory look around.

“Yeah, it's, uh, worked out well,” Daniel said as he sat up.  “The fish seem to like it.”

Jack chuckled, “Only you would care about whether or not your fish like the apartment.”

“It's their home, too,” Daniel responded as he pulled his legs over to the side slightly and leaned his left hand on the floor while they chatted.

Suddenly, Jack suggested, “Let's play poker.”


“Sure,” the older man said, standing up.

“There's only two of us.”

Standing with his hands on his hips, Jack looked down, asking, “Daniel, do you know how to play?”

“Um, well, no,” Daniel admitted.

Shaking his head, the colonel asked, “Where are the cards?”

“Jack!” Daniel exclaimed, looking up at his friend.  “Are you going to take advantage of me?”

“Nope.  I'm going to make sure you know how to play, and *then* I'm going to take advantage of you.  After that, we'll play Teal'c.”

~He's impossible,~ Daniel thought as he rolled his eyes.  He stood up and retrieved the cards from a drawer.  “Here you go,” he said, reaching out to hand Jack the deck of cards.

Their hands rubbed together slightly as Jack took hold of the deck.  He smiled, as did Daniel.

“Okay, so this is what you need to remember ...” Jack began.

--November 14, 1997

It was a Friday night, and Daniel had gone to Jack's house for their usual pizza ritual. After devouring the large-size pizza, he reminded the older man about their bet. Together, they went to the study, where Daniel had placed his laptop earlier. He sat down, opened the laptop, powering it on, and then used his bookmarks to take him to the website that would give the day's closing stock information.

“You'll have to get the information, Daniel.  I'm still not sure how to turn the thing on,” Jack stated.

Daniel laughed as he sat down, powered on the computer, and headed for the website that would give the day's closing stock information.

“Okay, Jack, what company did you invest in?” Daniel asked, his fingers poised to seek out the named business.

“Chicago Pizza.  They make great pizza, and, believe it or not, they even brew their own beer.  It's good stuff.  Wish they'd set up a restaurant in the Springs, though.”

“I've never heard of them.”

“There's one in Boulder,” Jack replied as he looked over Daniel's shoulder.  “I'll take you there some time.”

“Did you go there a lot growing up?”

“No, they aren't located in Chicago.”  Jack moved to the side of the desk and saw the questioning look on Daniel's face and explained, “The name is from the type of pizza, not the city.  They specialize in deep-dish pizza, and did I mention they make their own beer?  Can't beat the combo!”

Daniel rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore Jack's excitement over the beer, and continued on asking, “What's their symbol, and what did it open with when we started the bet?”

Jack checked his notes and answered, “CHGO and, uh, two point nineteen.”

“Okay, well it closed today at an even two, so you lost.”  Daniel chuckled, but tried to bite his tongue from saying anything, considering the look Jack was giving him.  Still, he clarified, “You're down point nineteen.”

“I'm just luring you in with a false sense of security.  I wanted to start small,” Jack justified.

“Right,” Daniel responded skeptically.

“Okay, Genius, what did you do?” Jack challenged pointedly, his eyes daring his friend to beat him at the contest.

“Starbuck's!” Daniel answered enthusiastically.

“I should have guessed that.”

“Yes, you should have,” Daniel chuckled, feeling completely amused by the situation.

Jack gave Daniel an intense stare as he commanded, “Get on with it.”

Daniel chuckled under his breath, then reported, “They opened at forty-one point fifty and closed at ...”  he sighed, having been totally deflated by the results.  “I don't understand.”

“How bad?” Jack asked, trying to hide his glee.

“Thirty-four point seventy-five.  How could they go down?  Starbuck's?” the archaeologist questioned incredulously as he sat back in the office chair, a frown on his face.

“Better luck next time, Dannyboy.  That's two hockey games you owe me where you don't grin and bare it, but smile and love it,” Jack spoke happily, rubbing his two hands together in celebration.

Daniel gave a fake smile, dryly responding, “Right.”

“Want to try again?” Jack asked eagerly, his eyes bright with hope.

“Yes, but I'm not giving up on Starbuck's.  It'll get better!” the archaeologist stated as confidently as he could.

“With you drinking it like water, there's no doubt about it,” Jack teased.

Daniel logged off the computer and shut it down.  Standing, he said, “After the holidays, Jack, we'll do another round.  It's a good thing my other choices fared better than this one, or I'd be more broke than ever.”

--April 28, 2000

“Jack, we don't have to do this now,” Daniel spoke quietly.

“Danny, I want my life back, and that life is with you, just in case you weren't sure,” Jack spoke, taking his lover into his arms.  “I'm not saying it'll happen overnight, but it's the little things that bring us back to normal.”

“So wise, Colonel,” Daniel replied softly just before the two kissed.

“You kept the Journal?” Jack asked about the Wall Street Journal that he currently subscribed to.

“Yes, but I couldn't ... I didn't ...”

“Normal, Danny.  C'mon.  Let's go in the study, pull out the papers, and have some fun.  I'm home, and we're late.  Time for you to pay up!”

“Oh, I don't think so.  This was a shoe in,” Daniel chuckled as the two headed for the study.

Their latest stock market challenge had begun on January third, and it was scheduled to end on April third.  Unfortunately, on that date, Jack was off-world, having been stranded there after the planet's Stargate had been buried.  He'd been gone for an even one-hundred days.  In fact, this was only his second full day back on Earth.  He was trying desperately to put the experience behind him and was hoping this would be a catalyst to helping their nation of two rebound from their unwanted separation.

Now, Jack was insisting they conclude their challenge, just as if he'd been home on that date.


“Yes!  He shoots!  He scores!” Daniel exclaimed enthusiastically.

Jack shook his head in disbelief, throwing the notes he had made into the waste basket.  He watched his grinning lover running back and forth in their study as if he were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

“I can't believe Ronald let me down,” Jack moaned.

Daniel laughed, still enjoying his victory, one of the rare times he had beaten Jack in their stock market challenges.

“It's about time your stomach got the better of you.  It's what you get for not researching and relying on a Big Mac instead,” Daniel gloated.

“Research?  C'mon, Daniel, I know you and the market.  You just pick out a name that sounds pretty or peaceful,” Jack accused as he leaned back against the desk, sitting lightly on the edge.

“Not this time, Lover.  I researched Ciena like an artifact,” Daniel replied with proudly.

“Convince me,” Jack demanded.  “What the heck is a Ciena anyway?”

Standing across from his lover, Daniel folded his arms casually and answered, “It's a corporation for service providers.  You know, long distance, wholesale, even the Internet, especially high bandwidth.  They ...”

“Okay, okay.  Stop!  I believe you!” Jack ordered.  He walked the few feet it took to reach the younger man, taking him into his arms when they were within inches of each other.  He smiled when Daniel's arms wrapped around his waist as well, so that they were holding each other.  “Well, Space Monkey, I guess you get to keep me living in style for a while.”

“It wasn't exactly the lottery, Jack, but I'm happy with it.”

“You should be.  I want to see those numbers again, to relish your one and only victory,” Jack teased.

“Babe, I'm just starting,” Daniel spoke, his eyes radiating his delight at having won the current round.  ~I feel like a million dollars; gawd, it feels good.~

“All talk,” Jack accused lightheartedly.

Chuckling, Daniel replied, “I like winning, and I've won before.  You know that; you just have selective memory recall.”

The couple walked over to the desk and reviewed the numbers briefly.  Daniel's Ciena stock had opened at fourteen point fifty-nine and closed at twenty-eight point forty-six for an increase of thirteen point eighty-seven.  Jack's trust in McDonald's started hopefully with an opening number of forty on the dot, but it had closed with only thirty-eight point fifty, for a loss of one point five.  Daniel had won the latest stock market challenge.

“Okay, Jack, it's your turn to pay up, and you'd better make it good.  No hedging!  You have to do exactly what I say for the next twenty-four hours,” the younger man joyfully reminded.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to win this one,” Jack sighed.  ~I'm going to take my business to Jack in the Box from now on.~

“Yes, I do,” Daniel quickly responded.  Grinning he added, “Winning would have been the only way of getting me to follow your orders.”

“I bet you would have found a way around it, too.”

“How much?” the archaeologist asked, his grin turning sly as he gazed into his lover's eyes.


Daniel explained, “You said you wanted to bet!”


“That's my grizzly bear,” Daniel chuckled, moving in for a kiss.

“Okay, your lordship, what first?” Jack asked.  ~Might as well start to pay up.~

“Hmmm ... well, my car needs to be washed,” Daniel commanded gently.

“Yes, Sir,” Jack shouted, snapping a mock salute and exiting to get the necessary tools.

~This is going to be fun,~ Daniel silently mused, smiling as he walked out of the study.


“All done, Love,” Jack said, wiping his hands on a rag as he walked up to the porch where Daniel was sitting.

“Let me check,” Daniel stated a bit smugly, walking to his car and checking it out. “Uh, Jack.”


“You missed a spot,” Daniel announced, his look as serious as if he were admonishing a member of his department for a faulty translation.

“What?” Jack asked incredulously, looking the car over and failing to see any dirty spots.

“Here,” the younger man insisted, nodding towards the area with his head.

“Where?” Jack groused.  ~He's just picking on me.  This car is a shining example of 'clean'.~

“Right here,” Daniel answered, pointing to a spot just above the rear left wheel.

Jack leaned forward, squinting and asking, “What 'here'?”

“Here,” Daniel repeated, tapping his finger against the spot in question.

Still bent over, Jack turned his head and looked up at his Love, saying, “Danny, that's a speck.”

“It's a smudge.”

“It's a teeny, tiny dot.”

Shaking his head, Daniel maintained, “My car is still dirty, Jack.”

“Daniel ...”

“Ut!  I won!” the archaeologist smirked, his eyes focused and determined that his car would be completely cleaned to his satisfaction or else.

“Paybacks, Daniel,” Jack warned, wiping away the barely visible spot.

“Threats, threats, threats,” the younger man responded playfully.

“Satisfied?” Jack asked.

Daniel knelt down and inspected the area closely.  He made a sound, then another.

“Okay,” Daniel agreed, standing.  “One down, and lots more to come,” he smirked.  “Follow me, Babe.”

“To the ends of the Earth,” Jack replied.

Smiling, Daniel responded, “Not right now; just upstairs.”

“Upstairs is good!” Jack stated in anticipation of hanky panky.


~Let's see.  We'll start with a massage and ...~  Jack was stunned when he and Daniel entered the master bedroom.  All of his erotic and romantic thoughts were squashed when he saw six pairs of shoes, lined up like sitting ducks on the bed.  ~This is not what I was expecting,~ he sighed.

With a gleam in his eye, Daniel explained, “I pulled them all out for you; I even got the cleaning supplies.  I want them to *shiiiiine*, Jack.  I want to see your reflection in them.  I'll be back.”

Daniel left his lover grumbling and went downstairs for a cup of coffee.

“Who does he think he is?” the colonel groused.  ~I'll tell ya who -- a clever little geek who has my number.  Just you wait, Daniel Jackson -- just you wait!


“Very nice, Babe,” Daniel praised as he looked over Jack's shoulder a bit later.

“I'm so glad you approve.”  Jack finished rubbing the last shoe and declared, “Done.”  He groaned when he saw his lover meticulously studying the shoes.  The only thing missing in his estimation was a magnifying glass to find otherwise unseen 'defects'.  “Trust me, Daniel; they'd even pass Kinsey's inspection.”

Daniel chuckled, “Okay, your next chore ...”

“Daniel, don't you think ...”

“Always,” the scientist said with a smile.  “Now, here's your next chore,” Daniel said, taking hold of Jack's hand and leading him to the hall closet.  “Jack, I don't think you've cleaned out this closet since you bought this place.  It's a disaster area.”

“Daniel, I don't use this stuff,” Jack whined, believing he had better things to do with his time to sort through the accumulation of acquisitions that had been stuffed into the closet over the years.

“Then throw it away because I could use some space,” Daniel suggested, then leaned in and kissed his lover.  The kiss, however, was teasing in style, lasting just long enough to make Jack want more and just short enough to make sure Daniel remembered his goal for the day.  “I'll be in the study; I want to do some research on the desktop.”

“Have fun.”

“You too, Babe,” Daniel replied as he headed downstairs.


Daniel was listening to music in the living room, his head leaning comfortably against the sofa cushion, when suddenly he felt the impact of one of the sofa pillows against his body.

“Ouch!” the archaeologist exclaimed as he pushed aside the pillow.

“I thought you were doing research?” Jack inquired as he stood a few feet away from his still-seated lover.

“I did,” Daniel responded, glancing over at his soulmate, but not moving from his relaxing position.

“You don't look like it,” Jack challenged, standing with his hands on his hips.

Daniel calmly explained, “I finished.”

Not buying his partner's claim one bit, Jack inquired, “And just what exactly were you researching?”

“Chinese take-out,” Daniel smirked.


“Did you finish?” the younger man asked innocently, totally ignoring his lover's outrage.

“Finish what?” Jack responded.

“The hall closet,” Daniel answered.

“Yes, Daniel, it's all clean.  Go see for yourself,” Jack stated.  ~I am *so* gonna get payback for this.~

“I'll just do that,” the younger man smirked, getting up and walking upstairs to the hall closet.  He opened the door and, sure enough, found it nicely cleaned and well organized.  Then he glanced at his watch.  Jack had been working a long time, but Daniel knew there was a bunch more stuff that had been in the closet than was there now, and his lover hadn't taken anything outside to either haul or give away.  “Okay, Jack, where's the rest of the stuff?”

“What ... stuff?” Jack asked, bobbing up and down on his feet just slightly.  “Danny, don't you think ...”

“Yes, and what I think is that you fudged.”

“Fudge sounds good,” Jack replied, rubbing his hands together.  “Let's go make some,” he suggested, turning around and eagerly heading towards the stairs.


Jack let out a reluctant groan as he stopped his forward momentum.  He turned around and let out a smile as he questioned, “No fudge?”

“Where is the rest of the stuff?” Daniel queried sternly.

The older man let out a sigh, walked into the master bedroom, and opened the closet door, revealing a clutter that made it not only impossible to see the floor, but for their jackets and blazers to hang properly.

“Clean it, Jack,” Daniel ordered, walking away.  “And this time, do it right!”


“You should be so lucky,” Daniel quipped as he headed back down the stairs.


“Can I rest now?” Jack asked his 'owner'.

“After you order dinner,” Daniel replied from his supine position on the sofa as a Rolling Stones CD played.

“Good, because I could eat a horse.  I'm getting four pizzas,” Jack announced as he walked to the phone.

“Chinese,” Daniel said softly.  “All of my favorites, Jack, and you know what they are, or, should I say, you'd better know what they are.”

“This is torture,” Jack griped.

“Not yet; maybe later.”

~Is that a promise?~  Jack wasn't sure whether to smile at that or not, but he noted his body had a funny reaction to it.  “Danny, how about we skip dinner?”

“Chinese, Jack.”

Jack scowled, mockingly singing with the song on the CD that he just couldn't get any satisfaction.  Resigned to his supper fate, he made the phone call.  Then he plopped down in his chair, surprised when Daniel didn't hadn't stopped him from relaxing.

“I get to sit?”

Chuckling, the younger man answered, “Of course.”  With a sly smile, he added, “This is your rest period.  I have more planned.”

“Sweet,” Jack groused as he sank down more in his chair, the music of the rock group still filling the air.  ~I know how you feel, Mick.~


“Not so fast,” Daniel chided as his 'slave' was about to dig into their Chinese cuisine.  ~This is going to be fun,~ he thought as he stood by the table and chairs in the dining nook.

“What?” Jack asked.

“I haven't been seated properly,” Daniel reminded.

“You have *got* to be kidding me,” the older man spoke loudly.

“Let's not lose our tempers,” Daniel chastised, shaking his head.  “Bad boys will have to go to bed all by themselves.”

“Daniel ...”

The younger man stood firm, obviously waiting for his lover to get up and seat him.  It was something he'd never done before and would never do again, but this was his one big chance to get some real payback for all the embarrassments he'd endured at the hands of the older man.

Grumbling, Jack stood up and held out the chair for his soulmate.  Smiling, Daniel nodded and sat down.

“Will there be anything else ... Ma'am?” Jack asked before sitting down again.

“Sarcasm will get you nowhere but in the shower, where it will be very, very cold!” the archaeologist reminded.

Jack sighed and was about to sit down when Daniel let out a cough, one of those attention getters that told a person they'd missed something.

“What?” Jack asked.

“Coffee,” Daniel requested.

Rolling his eyes, Jack brought out his lover's favorite mug and filled it with coffee.

“Anything else?”

“Not at the moment,” Daniel responded, looking down at their food.

~I may kill him,~ Jack thought as he sat down.

Just as Jack was about to finally dig in, Daniel spoke, “Oops.  No napkins.”


“Napkins,” Daniel repeated.  “Get several, Babe.  Not all of us are as neat as  others when they eat.”

Jack glared, but slowly got up, mumbling, “Not all of us.”

“But I won't name names,” Daniel smirked.

~One.  Two.  Three.~  Jack counted to ten as he debated on methods of execution, until he realized that would mean no more cuddling, cute smiles, or great sex.  ~Crap!~  Returning to the table with an inch-worth of napkins, he asked, “Is that enough?”

“That will be sufficient,” Daniel responded.  “Uh, are you going to eat?  It's getting cold,” he said as he took a bite of his own food.

“Someday ... someday, Daniel,” Jack retorted as he sat down.

“Someday ... your prince will come?” the archaeologist mused.

Jack chuckled, “He's already here.  He just makes me crazy.”

“Good.  We're even then,” Daniel laughed.


With dinner eaten, Daniel led Jack to his next task.

“Why am I sitting in front of the computer, Daniel?” Jack questioned curtly.

“Jack, do you hear that sound?”

With a bit of a whine, Jack responded, “I hear it every time I turn this contraption on.”

“And what does it say?” Daniel asked patiently.

“You have mail,” Jack sing-songed sarcastically.

“Exactly,” the younger man responded.  “Click here,” he instructed.

Jack did as told and then remarked, “Hey, a new funny.”

“Wait,” Daniel ordered, tapping his lover's hand and preventing him from opening the email.  “Jack, what does this number mean?” the linguist asked, pointing to some digits.

Seeing the high number, the colonel guessed, “Your IQ?”


“I hate tests!”  Seeing his lover's glare, Jack responded, “The number of emails in my inbox.”

“And how many are there?” Daniel inquired.

“Three-hundred and nine,” Jack answered.  ~I wonder if any of them are memos.  I'm never getting my memos.~

“And how many of those have you read?”

“Read?” Jack asked.

Elaborating, Daniel answered, “As in clicked on the email and read it.”

“Oh, maybe ...”  Jack gulped.  “I suppose, if I'm honest ...”

“By all means be honest, Babe,” Daniel requested smugly.

“Maybe ... nine...ty.”  Seeing Daniel's eyes widen knowingly, Jack growled and finally admitted, “Technically, I guess it was more like fifty or so.”

“See this number, Jack,” Daniel said, pointing to a different number.  He saw his soulmate's reluctant nod.  “Say it.”

“It.”  Again, Daniel's eyes chided Jack into speaking, “Two-hundred and fifty-four.”

“That's the number of unread emails,” Daniel stated.

“I've been busy, saving the world and stuff,” Jack argued.

“Jack, you've been sitting on your six on some planet, waiting for us to rescue you.  Now, I kept your email up, deleting the spam while you were gone, so there really isn't a lot of new mail.  What's here are the emails you had before your little adventure,” Daniel stated.

“It was more like a cartoon, Danny.”

“A cartoon?” Daniel asked incredulously.

“Yeah -- Wile E. Coyote in space,” Jack responded.  “And he kept getting clobbered by the anvil,” he sighed.

“Jack ...”

“I missed you, Danny.”

“I missed you, too,” Daniel stated softly.  They kissed, and he saw the hope in his lover's eyes.  “No, Jack, you're not getting out of it, but, uh ... nice try.”

“Crap!” Jack exclaimed at his failed plan.

“So, as I was saying, there are some new emails, but most of these are the ones you had before your ...”  Daniel paused, seeing Jack's look of contempt.  ~Okay, not an adventure.~  He continued, “... off-world stay.”  Noting his lover seemed satisfied with that comment, the archaeologist asked, “And of the three-hundred and nine emails in your inbox, how many of those have you responded to?”

“Responded to?”

“Answered,” Daniel clarified.

“Answered,” Jack said in a low tone.


“A hundred,” Jack snapped.  ~He's worse than Hammond when he gets like this.~

Daniel glared, refuting, “You haven't even read that many.  Try again!”

“Seventy-five?” Jack answered as a question, but then he gulped, seeing Daniel's intense glare.  “Forty?”  Jack sighed.  “Would you believe twenty-five?  Fifteen?  Okay, okay.  Four.”


“Four,” Jack repeated, adding, “I think.”

“Answer them, Jack,” the archaeologist commanded.  “Before they think you've turned into Rip Van Winkle.”

“I feel like Rip.  I'm tired ...”

“Jack, answer them -- now,” Daniel insisted.

“*All* of them?”

Sternly, Daniel answered, “Yes, Colonel, every freakin' one of them.  That's your next duty.  Answer them, and do it properly.”



“It'll take all night,” the older man groused.  ~I thought I was the one who gave the order.  Doesn't it say 'colonel' on my uniform?~ he asked silently as he looked down at his sweatsuit.  ~Crap!  Not wearing my uniform~

“Then you'd better start!” Daniel suggested, after which he gave his lover a chaste, but encouraging kiss.  “Or you could sit here and whine ... allllll by yourself, allllll night, aaaaaaaloooooooone.”

“I'm typing; I'm typing,” Jack replied, opening the first email in his inbox.


It was well into the night, and Jack was beginning to think his fingers would fall off.

“Danny, all this reading has exhausted me.  Please have mercy,” Jack begged.

Getting off the sofa, Daniel walked over to Jack, cupped his face, leaned over, and kissed him soundly.

“No more email?” the weary typist asked hopefully.

Smiling, Daniel replied, “Actually, Love, I have something special in mind for now.  My feet are tired.”

“Your feet?”

“Yes, I've been sitting over there for hours watching you, and now my feet are exhausted from the effort.”

“Yeah, you worked hard,” Jack groused.  ~If I worked that hard, I'd be an airman again.~

“Let's go in the living room,” the archaeologist suggest.  “TLC has a special on Mayans that I want to watch, and while I'm watching it, you can massage my feet.”

After powering down the computer, the lovers walked into the living room.  Daniel turned on the TV and settled onto the sofa.

Just as his life partner was about to sit down, Daniel called out, “Oh, Jack, I'd like some coffee, please: Arabian Mocha.”

“Your wish is my command ... at least for sixteen more hours,” Jack said with a grin.


Thirty minutes later, Daniel had sipped his last fluid ounce of coffee and placed his mug on the coffee table.  He was completely stretched out on the sofa.

Jack sat on the other end, his soulmate's feet on his lap.  Without stopping, he had serenaded his lover's feet, not with words, but with the song of his hands, gently massaging and rubbing, from the toes to the arches to then ankles.  He was having a good time, except that the show on the Mayans was boring.

“Danny ...”

“Shhh, Jack.  Massage, don't talk.”

Jack had tried in vein for ten minutes to get his lover's attention.  Finally, the colonel developed a strategic plan.  He'd worked hard, been Daniel's slave for hours, and he would continue to do so, as per their bet, but all slave and no fun, he thought, just wasn't fair.

~You're about to me mine, Dannyboy,~ the colonel silently decreed.

Jack moved off the sofa, but kept his caresses going, so that Daniel, who was focused intently on the television program, didn't react much.  Then he leaned over and began to wash Daniel's feet with his tongue.

Daniel's eyelashes fluttered, his mouth opened, and a strange shiver ran through him as he felt Jack suddenly sucking on his big toe.

The linguist wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth to speak, Jack's tongue flicked on his littlest toe.  It then ran up and down the toe, then between it and the next digit.

Thus, the only thing escaping Daniel's throat was a very weak, squeaky sounding, “Jack?”

Jack never responded verbally.  He let his tongue and mouth do his talking for him.  His tongue alternated from long licking strokes, to quick flicks.  He swallowed each toe, his mouth closing around each, and moving in and out.  The touches were slow at first, and then more and more rapid.

Daniel was warm, very warm.  He had forgotten the educational program minutes ago.  He reached down and unsnapped his pants which were suddenly way too tight.

“Gawd, Jack,” the anxious archaeologist finally managed to squeak out.

Jack took a final deep taste of Daniel's toes and then moved on top of Daniel, kissing him sweetly on the mouth.

“Not ... up ... here,” Daniel moaned, shoving his slave down by pressing on his shoulders.  

Jack smiled and moved down to Daniel's waist, unzipping his pants and pulling them down to below the knees.  He made a tentative swipe of Daniel's erection with his tongue, nipping its tip causing Daniel to call out Jack's name.

“What, Love?  Oh, you want to watch your TV show?  I'll just go back down here ...”

“OH, NO, YOU DON'T, and ... that's an order, Jack!  You started this ... and you will finish it.”

“I am your slave,” the older man spoke irreverently, his grin matching his tone.

“Then get to it,” Daniel ordered.

“Do you know you're adorable when you get all commanding like that?”

Daniel argued, “I am not adorable.”

“Cute and adorable even,” Jack insisted.

“Am not.”

“Are, too.”

“Okay, okay, Jack, I am cute and adorable.  I'm even a freakin' Space Monkey.  GET ON WITH IT!” Daniel ordered, about ready to burst as it was.

Jack snickered, but was ready for action himself.  He stroked his lover's length with his hand a few times, squeezing, sometimes lightly, sometimes more deeply. Then, he swallowed Daniel's erection, sucking it like a lollipop.

Daniel's hands clenched the sofa pillows, and the next time Jack sucked, he called his lover's name again, “Gaaaaawd, Jackkk!”

Jack worked his lover with pulsating strokes, increasing in intensity and speed until Daniel was on the edge, calling Jack's name again.  He moved his hand away and nibbled and licked Daniel's length.  At the last moment, he bit on it and then sucked.

Daniel yelled “Jack” and came into his lover's mouth, his release long.  After his soulmate climbed up and began caressing his cheek, he gasped, “I love you, Jack.”

Jack smiled and kissed Daniel, who moaned slightly and then licked his lips, tasting himself in the older man's mouth.

“Jack,” Daniel gasped, “where'd you learn that toe thing?”

“Made it up.”

“Oh, geez, that was ... unreal,” a happy Daniel responded.

Insincerely, Jack replied, “Sorry you missed the rest of your program.”

“No, you're not.”

“You're right, I'm not.  Mad at me?” the deviant slave questioned.

Daniel shook his head, his hands raising to cup Jack's face; but he didn't say anything, just stared, his eyes searching Jack's.


“I just love you so much, Jack.  That's all.”

“I love you, too, Angel, more than life.  So, what's next, ole master of mine?” Jack asked.


Surprised, Jack questioned, “You tired already?”

With a smirk, Daniel answered, “One good turn deserves another, Love.”

“I do like the sound of that.  I think I may have to lose another round sometime.”

“Oh, you will.  You can bank on it.”

“C'mon, my little genius,” Jack requested as he stood up.

“Little?” Daniel challenged.

Jack thought for a moment and replied, “Not little, definitely not little.”

A few chuckles and another kiss later, Jack and Daniel went upstairs to continue their mutual bonding.

--March 23, 2002

“Oh, for crying out loud!  DANIEL!” Jack shouted thunderously.

Daniel ran into the study thinking Jack had fallen or injured himself, but what he saw was his lover banging against the keys of the keyboard and swearing a multitude of profanities.

“Geez, Jack, don't do that.”

“Do what?” Jack asked agitatedly.  “And get over here, and help me.”

A bit frustrated, Daniel responded, “First, don't scare me like that by bellowing as if you've had a heart attack or something.  I happen to love you, and when you shout like that, I tend to think you've hurt yourself.  Secondly, where are we?”

Jack shoved the keyboard back towards the monitor, swearing once again and then barking, “Danny, move your sweet six over here, and fix this thing.”

Calmly, but with a strained voice, the younger man responded,  “Jack, one more time, where are we?”

“In the study of our home.  Now would you get over here?”

~Dense.  I hate it when he does the dense thing.~  Daniel held his place, arms folded, leaning against the frame of the doorway.  He stared for a moment and then continued, “And at home, what is the one thing you can't do here, that you can at least try to do, though admittedly without much success, at the SGC?”

Jack's blood pressure rose three notches as his face reddened in frustration and he angrily exclaimed, “Daniel!”

“Jack?  Think.  I *know* you can do it,” Daniel spoke confidently.  ~He has a brain.  I know it's in there -- somewhere.~  “Just take a breath, and think about what you said.”

Jack mumbled, cursing under his breath as he stared at the technical device in front of him.  He considered getting the hammer and putting it, and him, out of their misery.

“Let me rephrase the question,” Daniel stated.  “What is it that you wish I'd do that I'll probably never do?”

“Follow orders,” Jack instantly responded.

“Very good.  Now, with your new found awareness, would you care to try again with your *request*?”

~I may put him out of his misery soon, too,~ Jack huffed, his hands pressing hard against the wood desk.  “Daniel, My Love ...” Jack began with a fake smile and false gentle voice, “... I seem to be experiencing a slight problem.  If it would fit into your busy schedule, would you consider, possibly, I mean, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, MOVING YOUR BUTT OVER HERE AND HELPING ME?”

“I love you, too, Jack,” Daniel laughed, shaking his head as he walked to stand next to his lover and see exactly what kind of computer issues Jack was experiencing.  “I guess you tried, in a weird sort of way.”

“Danny, I'm sorry,” Jack spoke genuinely.  “It's just I didn't save the report I was working on, so I'm angry, at myself, not you.”  Jack took his lover's right hand that was leaning on the table in his.  “I *am* sorry.  I'm just frustrated, that's all.”

Daniel leaned down and placed a quick kiss on Jack's lips, after which he replied, “S'okay, Love.  Let's see what happened.”  He hit a bunch of keys that seemed like Greek to Jack and finally rebooted the computer.  “It'll be fine now.”

“What was the problem?”

“Out of memory,” Daniel explained.  “Jack, how many times have I told you that when you play all those games, you need to close them out afterwards, especially when you've got fifteen other programs open?”

“But we spent all that money to get all that extra elk ...”

“RAM, Jack, it's called RAM, and, yes, we did, but it's not endless.  Just ... close a few programs, especially the game ones, when you are done,” the younger man requested.

Jack grumbled as the computer rebooted and connected to AOL automatically.

“You've got mail,” sounded from the speakers.

“Betcha it's spam,” Jack snorted.

“I still can't believe you had stock in AOL once,” Daniel mused.

“Hey, it paid for this house.”

“Yeah, but, Jack, you practically don't know what the Internet is.  Why would you invest in it?”

Jack shrugged,saying, “It sounded different.  To be honest,  I liked the attitude.”

“Attitude?” Daniel questioned, feeling completely confused.

“Yeah -- A - ol.”

“I don't get it.”

“A - hole.”  Jack couldn't believe the blank look Daniel was giving him.  “Use your brain cells, Genius, and think about what we did last night and how we ...”

“Okay, okay.  I get it,” Daniel responded, putting his hands up, chest high, and backing away slightly.  “Why'd you sell?”

“I'd made a fifty-percent gain by the time I sold, which was .... hmmm, Spring of ninety-eight.  I didn't want to risk it any longer.”


“Hey, it was your idea when you came back from Abydos to start the game,” the older man reminded.

“Well, yeah, but I didn't think you'd be so good at it,” Daniel admitted.  “I'm not even that good at math.”

“You didn't think I could play the market and win, did you?”

“No, I wouldn't say that ... exactly.”

“Love your faith in me, Danny,” Jack teased with a wry grin as he stood up, deciding to get a beer before continuing with his report.

“I have lots of faith in you.  I just had no idea you'd have such lucky hunches when I suggested we do this.”

“I'm glad you did suggest it, Love, especially the betting part,” Jack said, pinching his lover's butt.


--November 29, 2002:

“Time to face the grim reaper, Danny,” Jack stated, pulling his soulmate away from the evening news.

“Jack, what makes you so sure you'll win this time?” Daniel asked as the two headed for the study.

“Because I'm me, and the Stock Market loves me,” Jack sing-songed smugly.

Daniel coughed as he sat down at the desk and pulled out his records.  As he waited, Jack held the latest Wall Street Journal in his hand.

“Let's check it out online.  It'll be totally up to date,” Daniel suggested.

“Counting on a last minute rally?”

“Don't need it; thought you might,” Daniel stated.  He surfed to one of the many stock market websites to get the latest information.  “Okay, I selected Harmonic, HLIT, and they went up.  Last sale price was two point zero-one, up point seventy-five from where it started last month.  Beat that, Fly Boy.”

“Why Harmonic?” Jack questioned curiously.

“I don't know: peaceful explorer, living in harmony, that kind of thing,” Daniel answered with a shrug.

“Geez, Danny, I thought you researched this stuff.”

“I do, but last month when we started this bet I was tired, so I just picked something that sounded good and put some money on it; and don't look so smug, Jack.  I did make money!” the archaeologist reminded.

“So I heard,” Jack responded in disbelief.

“C'mon, what about yours?”

“China Unicorn, CHU,” the older man answered.

“Unicorn?” Daniel asked as he entered the company's symbols.

“I like unicorns,” Jack replied as he looked down at his lover.  “They're good luck.”

“Do you even know what this company does?” Daniel asked, but then cursed in Abydonian when he saw the results of his lover's investment.

Jack snickered, “That good, eh?”

Daniel responded dejectedly, “Started at five point forty-nine and ended at six point thirty, so that's up point seventy-nine.”  Then he frowned, perplexed over a realization.  “Jack?”


“It's not China Unicorn,” Daniel stated informatively.

“Sure, it is,” Jack replied.

“No, it's not.”

“Yes, it is.  I wrote it down,” the older man insisted.

“Well, you wrote it wrong, Babe.  It's China Unicom.”

“Can't be,” Jack disputed.

“Is,” Daniel replied.

“No way.”


“China Unicom?  What's that?” Jack asked, then suddenly laughed, as did the younger man as they flashbacked at the familiarity of their banter.

“Geez, Babe, wear your glasses the next time you write down the symbols,” Daniel suggested.

Jack was still a bit taken aback for a minute, but he shrugged it off with a smile, saying, “Unicorns, unicom, doesn't matter.  It's still better than yours.”

“By point zero-four; that's not much.”

“Good enough.  Pay up, Love,” Jack demanded.

“I was close,” Daniel sighed.  “Almost made it.”

Jack mused, “Close only counts in horseshoes, Love.”

“Right,” Daniel groaned.  How could he have ever imagined that Jack would be so good at investing in the stock market?  “Where do you want it, Jack?”

“In bed; definitely in bed.”

“You're so predictable,” Daniel chuckled, turning off the computer and standing.

Jack kissed his Love, putting his arm around his waist as they walked out of the door and up the stairs to their bedroom, where Daniel would pay up by giving the older man a full body massage.

Daniel chuckled, “All things considered, Jack, losing isn't so bad after all.”

Jack gave Daniel a squeeze as they entered their paradise together.

--December 26, 2003

Jack was excited.  It was Stock Market Challenge Day.  He knew he'd win; he usually did.  The stock market had been kind to both he and his soulmate.  While Daniel frequently lost the challenges, his instincts had always been good, and both of them had made quite a bit of money over the years.  The best part to Jack, though, were the bets.

The Air Force colonel laughed as he recalled all the various wagers placed over the years.  Their early bets were for things like tickets to hockey games, music CD's, books, and dinner at O'Malley's.  Then they began to bet on services, which is how Jack ended up painting Daniel's apartment and how Daniel had to do the oil change on Jack's truck one time.

Now that Jack and Daniel were lovers, their bets were often of a sexual nature. The current bet was especially titillating for the older man.  If he lost the bet, he would have to serenade Daniel all night.  The archaeologist had loved it when Jack had sung to him during their wedding reception.  Until that moment, he'd had no idea Jack could sing without hamming it up.  Jack had refused to do it since then, except for having gifted his lover with a CD of him singing their wedding song.

~I'm not going to lose,~ Jack smirked inwardly.  ~It's a sure thing!~


“I don't believe it,” Daniel sighed.

“Believe it!” Jack said with a huge grin.

“This is not good,” the younger man lamented.

“But it's very good,” the older man rejoiced, practically jumping out of his skin to receive the payoff for the bet.

Unfortunately, their discussion was interrupted by a phone call, one Daniel took upstairs in his den.  It was Sam, wanting some personal advice about her boyfriend, and since Janet was away at the moment, she sought out her 'science twin' for some advice.

As patiently as he could, Jack waited for the call to conclude so that Daniel could honor his debt.  The colonel was almost giddy with anticipation.

Finally, Daniel returned, having finished his phone conversation with Sam.

“So, what's the lowdown?” Jack inquired, anxious to know the scoop on his 2IC and her mysterious boyfriend.

“I really don't know anything, Jack.  She's just concerned because she has to lie to him about what she does.  You can understand that.”

“Yeah, yeah!  Enough of Carter.  Time for the fun!”

“Fun?” Daniel echoed.  ~His idea of fun is different from mine.~

“Pay up, Dannyboy!” Jack exclaimed, grinning as he awaited the floor show that was about to begin.

“Jack, you lucked out, and you know it,” Daniel whined.

“A bet is a bet, and you lost,” the colonel smirked.  “Time to pay up.”

Daniel sighed in resignation, and headed for the stereo, asking, “Have a preference?”

“I don't suppose we have any vamp music in there?” Jack laughed flamboyantly.

“You can stop snickering, Love.  You may have won this round, but the next one is mine, and I have something very special planned for you,” Daniel responded slyly.

“Promises, promises.”

Jack looked his lover over from head to toe.  He was beautiful to Jack, a perfection of the human body.  In a few moments, he'd be seeing that body up close and personal, au natural, which was exactly how he liked it.  He leered at his spouse with lust, watching him as he fingered through their CD collection.

After Daniel finally found a selection to his liking, he put it on and pressed 'play'.  Then, he went to the patio door and closed the vertical panels.

“Chicken,” Jack taunted.

“I only vamp for one man, O'Neill, and that's you,” Daniel said, starting to sway seductively as the music began.

Jack laughed at the choice of song -- Shirley Bassey's “Big Spender.”

As Daniel began to unbutton his shirt, his hips rocking to the song, Jack counted his blessings, and silently taunted, ~You don't have a prayer, Danny.  Someday, I may just tell you that my parents brought me up playing the stock market.  You may be a genius, My Love, but in this one thing, I can meet you brain cell for brain cell, and when you move like that, um, oh, yeah, like that, I am *so* motivated to keep my success streak alive!~

Jack decided to stop thinking and enjoy the show, especially since he knew what the encore would be.

“The minute you walked through the Stargate ...”

Jack laughed at Daniel's improvisation as he playfully sang along with the catchy tune.

“I could see you were a man of distinction
A real big spender
Good lookin', so UNrefined ...”

“Hey!” Jack rebelled at Daniel's change in the lyrics.  “I'm refined.  Just because I don't eat snails doesn't mean I'm not refined.”

“Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind?”

“No offense, Love, but right now, your mind isn't exactly what I'm thinking about,” Jack spoke seductively, his voice low.

“So let me get right to the point.
I don't pop my cork for every guy I see ...”

“You *so* had better *not*, Danny!” Jack warned.

“Hey, big spender.
You're mine.
Spend a little time with me.”

“How's an eternity sound, Love.  Forever?” Jack asked sincerely as Daniel continued his striptease.

“Say, wouldn't you like to have fun, taste me?”

Daniel kept in time to the music as he stood in front of Jack, who was gawking at his lover from his seated position on the sofa.  He put one of his fingers in his mouth and sucked on it, and then he leaned over and put that finger into Jack's mouth.

Jack's tongue licked the finger and started to suck, but Daniel withdrew it, as he went about undoing all of his shirt buttons.  He removed his short sleeve white shirt and slowly rubbed it across his back, as if drying himself with a towel.

“How's about a few laps, Jack?
I can show you a good time.”

Daniel turned around, his back to Jack, and twisted down, keeping the shirt moving against his bare back.  Then he turned back around and put it in his mouth as he ran his hands down his chest and inside his pants.

Entranced, Jack couldn't take his eyes off of his lover.

Daniel took the shirt and slid it down his chest, and then walked to the back of the sofa, sliding the shirt around Jack's chest.  He leaned over from behind and nibbled on Jack's ear and then licked the side of his neck.

Jack's pants were definitely way too tight for his bulging mid-section.

“Let me show you a good time.”

“Oh, yeah, please show me, Danny.  Show me now,” Jack begged, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off hastily.  “When did it get so warm in here?”

“The minute you found me in the hallway
I could see you were a man of compassion
A real big marshmallow.”

Daniel tossed his shirt at his husband, who quickly grabbed it as if it were a million dollar prize.

~You're the real prize,~ Jack thought as Daniel wiggled his behind in his face, going up and down with his body.

Daniel faced Jack and unsnapped his brown pants, unzipping them very slowly, his hips gyrating in synch with the vamp music.

“Good lookin', so sexy
I couldn't believe you wanted to know what was going on in my mind.

“So let me get right to the point.
I don't pop my cork for anyone else.”

At that moment, Daniel slid his pants and boxers down and reached over for Jack's hands, placing them on his hardened length momentarily.  He let go of Jack's hands and moved his to Jack's shoulders.  As he did so, Jack stroked his lover a few times, sending shivers through Daniel's body.

Jack tugged Daniel's pants off his legs, along with the young man's shoes and socks, resulting in the archaeologist being totally naked.  The older man was lost in his lover's skin, wanting to meld with it, but Daniel pushed him back.  The song hadn't finished yet.

“Hey, studmuffin!
Hey, Silver Fox!”

Daniel meandered down, sitting momentarily on Jack's lap, brushing their lips together briefly.  His hands unsnapped and unzipped Jack's blue jeans as he finished the tune.

“Hey, My Fly Boy,
Spend the rest of your life with me.

“Make sweet love to me, Jack.”

Daniel sank down to the floor and swallowed Jack's erection whole as the CD ended.  The music of their love, however, was only just beginning.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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