Brief Interlude

Author: Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  2
Spoilers:  Secrets
Size:  36kb
Written:  September 21-22, 2003  Revised:  January 13,20, July 10, August 10, September 10,14-15, 2005  Revised for consistency:  January 17, 2007
Summary:  Sex, Sex, and Jack cuts Daniel's hair!
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) This story was inspired by a comment made by blue kamelion as feedback to my fic, “Adjustments and Parameters.”  bk suggested I should write “a fic where Jack cuts Daniel's hair,” and this is it!
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  QuinGem, Allexandrya, Gail, Linda, Claudia!

Brief Interlude
by Orrymain

“There's my Space Monkey,” Jack said as he entered the bathroom and stood behind the naked body of his lover.  “I thought you'd never wake up.”

Enjoying the scent of his yawning lover, Jack placed a trail of kisses along Daniel's nape, shoulder, and back, causing shivers to circulate through the younger man's body.

“We were up late, Jack,” Daniel moaned, enjoying the continuing touches and kisses being placed on his body.

“Up's a good word for it,” Jack chuckled, his hands now wrapped around Daniel and slowly sliding down Daniel's abdomen.

“Jack, I haven't even ... I haven't ... Jack.”

“What, Love?” Jack smirked as his hands reached their objective, stroking Daniel's length, feeling it harden at his touch.


Daniel barely got out the word before his body turned into a quivering mass of jelly from Jack's strokes.

“Danny,” Jack whispered as his hand picked up the pace, squeezing and pressing, his fingers working magic on Daniel, making it difficult for the younger man to breathe.  “Coffee, tea, or me?”

“For crying out loud, Jack, get on with it,” Daniel rasped, suddenly unconcerned about his lack of caffeine.

“Always so demanding,” Jack teased as he turned Daniel around and kissed him on the mouth, before laying a new path of kisses back down to where his hand still worked his lover with vibrancy.

Jack had a couple of options, ultimately deciding to save his knees this time around and deal with his back instead.

~Danny can massage my lower back later; that'll be fun, too,~ Jack mused.  He pushed the younger man up on the bathroom vanity so that he was seated on it and leaning back towards the mirror.  ~Geez, how I need him!~

Daniel's hands ripped open Jack's brown shirt, resulting in buttons flying all over the bathroom.

“Hey, you're buying me a new one,” Jack teased as Daniel pushed the shirt off Jack's shoulders.  Replacing his shirt wasn't at all necessary because, for all Jack cared, Daniel could rip all his shirts off him, just as long as it meant they were together and about to make love.  ~I can't believe you want me this much,~ Jack thought as he remained amazed that Daniel loved his hairy chest so much the archaeologist couldn't wait to even unbutton his shirt.  ~You want me, Danny; if it's half as much as I want you, then I'll be happy forever.~

~Want!~  Daniel admired the sight before him.  He thought he'd never seen anything sexier ever.  ~Love it; love him -- perfect.  Mmmm -- need now!~  Daniel's desires took on a demanding edge.  “I'll buy you a whole freakin' wardrobe, O'Neill.  GET ON WITH IT!”

Jack's hands seductively traced their path back down to Daniel's eager lower body which was definitely 'up' for the occasion.  His fingers gently caressed Daniel's abdomen, touching here, rubbing there, in teasing moves.

“Jack,” Daniel spoke in exasperation.

Jack loved this, teasing his Love.  They both did this to the other sometimes.  It was all in knowing the right time for it, and this was definitely the right time, with Daniel only half awake.

“Eager, there, Dannyboy?” Jack teased.

“Jack, so help me if you don't, then I'll ... I'll ...”

“Hold your breath until you turn blue?  You're always so cute when you turn blue,” Jack joked.

Daniel was anxious and desperate as he fired back, “No, but *you* are going to have to take care of yourself if you don't do something *soon*.”

~Oops, time to get down to business,~ Jack decided.

Jack's tongue reached out to lick his lover's length, at first going very slowly, tantalizing Daniel, and then increasing the speed, with the rippling sensation of Jack's tongue making Daniel's stomach convulse.  Then he took a little nibble causing Daniel to arch his back slightly.  He licked Daniel more as if he were the tastiest popsicle in the universe, his tongue sliding up and down his lover's erection.

Daniel's hands had been clutching the vanity, but when Jack began to suck on him, Daniel leaned forward and placed his hands on Jack's shoulders.  Tiny moans escaped from him as he relished his partner's actions to his body.

Jack sucked his lover hard, then pulled back and licked again, going all around his prize.  His tongue continued with flicking motions, oftentimes teasingly.  Next, Jack swallowed his lover's shaft as Daniel's fingers pushed down hard onto Jack's skin in response.  Daniel bucked into his Jack's mouth, but Jack continued to tease, licking, sucking, biting, and swallowing.  He left no part of Daniel's desperately-in-need shaft untouched.

The older man's hands went up, going underneath Daniel to help control the younger's man's involuntary thrusts.  Jack swallowed Daniel again and kept Daniel inside his mouth, his hands pressing against Daniel's buttocks.  He then released Daniel, returning his hands to Daniel's thighs, stroking them on the inside, rubbing and pressing his fingers against the skin firmly, as he consumed Daniel's hardness more intently than before.  He slid his tongue up and down Daniel, faster and faster, letting out teasing whiffs of air as he did so.

Jack again put his hands under Daniel, this time slipping a finger inside his lover, causing him to cry out from the pleasure.  Daniel was quickly becoming a trembling beggar.

“Gawd, Jack!  Love you.  Dang you, stop ... teasing.  Please, Jack.”

Daniel was on the edge now as Jack now had three fingers inside him, turning, rubbing, sliding along Daniel's insides as Jack continued to swallow, lick, and suck on Daniel's erection.  His hips rocked with Jack's pace, bucking into Jack's mouth deeper and deeper.  Jack's fingers twisted and pushed inside Daniel until he couldn't hold on any more.  Daniel screamed Jack's name as his release shot inside Jack's mouth.

Jack swallowed hard, tasting his lover's fluid.  This would never get old or routine for Jack.  Daniel collapsed forward onto Jack, who was still licking the taste of Daniel from his lips.

“Jack, I love you.  You're much better than coffee,” Daniel said, his breathing still labored.

With a satisfied smile, Jack straightened up, pulled his euphoric lover up to him, and kissed him on the mouth, his hands rubbing the soft and smooth skin of his lover's back.  Jack's kisses were deep, their tongues swirling around each other's mouths in a joyful chorus.

Daniel could taste himself inside Jack's mouth, and it turned him on, even though his breathing was still rapid and heavy from Jack's handy work.

“My turn,” Daniel panted as he became the aggressor, his body still trembling from its own pleasure, but anxious to return the favor.

Daniel decided they'd had enough of the bathroom, and as he kissed Jack, he gently pushed him backwards into their bedroom.  As they approached the bed, Daniel unzipped Jack's pants, pushing them and his boxers down.  He pushed Jack onto the bed, pulled off the remainder of Jack's clothing, and got on top of him, kissing the older man.  He moved down Jack's tall body, nibbling on his chest as he went.

Jack's erection was more than ready by the time Daniel's tongue started to tease, just as Jack had done to him.  He used his tongue like that of a slithering snake, flicking its tongue in and out looking for prey.

Daniel moved back up to Jack's belly button, kissing it, his right hand staying on Jack's length and beginning to stroke it gently, his fingers slowly tracing his lover's shaft.  Daniel was surprised to feel himself in a hardened state again so quickly.

“Geez, Jack, I love you so much,” Daniel said, realizing his predicament.

Jack loved that he had that effect on the man he cherished.  His hands reached down to touch Daniel's face, pulling him up to him.

“I want you inside me, Danny,” Jack requested, reaching under the pillow for the lube and handing it to him.  ~Forget my knees.~

Daniel apparently had the same idea as he instructed his lover to roll over.

Jack turned over, onto his hands and knees, getting into position.  Daniel put the lube on his fingers and inserted one finger, twisting it slightly, rubbing back and forth.  Then, he pushed in two fingers, pressing harder, rolling his fingers against Jack's most sensitive areas.  Moments later, he inserted in a third finger, pushing in deep, causing Jack to moan and call out his name, as Daniel shoved in against Jack's prostate.

Daniel kissed his lover's back, withdrew his fingers, and then pressed in slowly.  His arms went around Jack, and his hands made contact with Jack's erection.

“Danny ... need you ... hard,” Jack commanded, his need swelling within him.

Daniel waited a moment to give Jack time to adjust to his size being inside him.  He loved this feeling.  He began to move inside Jack, as his hand worked Jack's shaft.

“Gawd, Danny.  Faster.  Come on, Love.  I want to feel you so much.”

Daniel began to lose himself inside Jack.  He thrust harder and harder as his hand pumped in synchronicity.  He couldn't go fast enough.  His heart was thundering from the grunts and sounds of their passion, and the beads of sweat were falling from his forehead.

Jack's hands were fighting to grip the sheets, the pounding of Daniel's hard and engorged erection making him fight to stay in place.  Daniel was panting and Jack was crying out from the fire inside him.

“Yes ... Go, Danny.  I want it.  Make me feel you.  Take me hard.  Yeah ... tha...that's it!”

Jack moved in rhythm with Daniel's thrust, moans, grunts and whimpers coming from both as they solidified the emotional union of their hearts with their bodies.  Jack arched his back, trying to take more of Daniel, wanting every inch of his lover deep inside him.

Daniel was panting loudly from his thrusts.  He bore down hard, setting a frantic pace like a jackhammer, hammering himself into his Love.

Both men were sweating from their lovemaking.  It was never enough; they always wanted more, and this was no exception.

“Geez, Danny,” Jack cried out, his head lowering as his back again arched from Daniel's latest drive.

This time, Daniel leaned even closer into Jack's back, making him go even deeper than before as he impaled himself into Jack.  He stayed close as he pushed inward, Jack's whimpers and cries urging him on.

They were so close now.  Daniel's hand pumped Jack's erection furiously, keeping the rhythm to match his thrusts which were now even faster, harder, and if it were possible, deeper than before.

Each drive inward was powerful, forcibly hitting its mark against Jack's prostate sending waves of pleasure through the older man.  Each stroke and pump was strong, overloading Jack's senses at the double-ended jolts of electricity running through him.

Jack was in paradise, but couldn't think beyond that, and Daniel had long ago left the world of thinking, his body totally controlling him.

Jack arched his back even more and drove himself back into Daniel to meet his lover's forward momentum.  It was more than like fireworks on Independence Day; they were like two engines colliding in a massive explosion, one that lit up the sky in bright lights for hours.

“Danny ... do me hard ... gawd, Danny ... yes, there ... yes ... YES ... DANNNNNY!”

Daniel used his length like a whip inside Jack, slapping and slamming it against Jack's prostate as hard as he could, using every ounce of his strength.  His breathing was rapid, the sweat falling onto Jack's back.  His grunts were loud from his efforts.

Daniel's hand squeezed Jack's erection as if holding onto it for life, grasping it with a tightened grip that made Jack scream from both the pain of the hold and the pleasure of Daniel inside him.

“OH SHHHHH ... Danny ... yes ... GAWD MORE, YES ... No one but you ... YESSSSSS!”

Each shout and cry gave Daniel more strength and made him plunge into Jack with more force, embedding his own erection deeply against Jack's prostate.  Daniel's body was about to give in to itself, their long joining taking its toll on both men.

“Mine,  Jack ... you're mine, all mine,” Daniel shouted with his last series of pounding drives against his lover.  “Mine,” he panted again.

“Yes.  Oh ... yes, Danny.  DANNIELLLLL,” Jack screamed as Daniel gave one final hard thrust inside Jack, shoving and pushing his length as hard as he could.  A loud, grueling grunt escaped from the older man's throat from the effort of the jamming action.  ~Oh, yeah, Baby.~

Even in the throes of passion, Jack knew better than to call Daniel 'Baby'; he'd be on the sofa if he ever said it out loud.

At the same time, Daniel applied a final pressure to Jack's erection, demanding Jack's release.  The soulmates came together, Daniel inside his lover, and Jack in Daniel's tired hand.

Daniel fell to Jack's back, and Jack collapsed forward, his knees finally giving out with his release.

“Mine, all mine,” Daniel gasped, his head resting on Jack's back, his spent length only just being withdrawn.

Daniel slowly slid off Jack, who rolled over and opened his arms.  The younger man collapsed back down onto Jack's chest.  He wasn't able to speak more yet, his mind far from sanity.

Jack held Daniel, kissing the top of his sweaty, shaggy mane, both their bodies still trembling with convulsions from their orgasms.

As his breathing calmed, Jack finally found his voice as he caressed Daniel's back.

“I love you so friggin' much, Daniel.  Every time is better than the last.”

“Jack?  You're mine, all mine.  Love you so much.”

“All yours, Love,” Jack acknowledged, still struggling to control his breathing.  He could feel Daniel's breathing begin to even out as his lover moved his sensual fingers in small circles around Jack's chest.  ~Never felt so loved, Danny.~

Daniel mumbled something that Jack couldn't make out, and then he realized it was one of Daniel's twenty-three-plus languages.  The linguist was definitely in an euphoric state.  He was so beyond seeing stars that he didn't know his name, and he was still mostly incoherent, rambling on in some language or another that Jack couldn't understand.

Jack didn't need to understand the words, though; they had just spoken in their own language of love.  Within a few minutes, both were sound asleep.


A few hours later, Jack awoke to something tickling his nose.  As he opened his eyes, he realized it was Daniel's shaggy hair that he had been rubbing up against as they slept.

Jack chuckled, “Gonna cut this one day.”


“He lives,” Jack teased.

“Barely.  Geez, Jack, I thought I'd died.  I think I ... Jack, I think I passed out.  Wow.”

Jack couldn't help but have a feeling of joy float through him.  He loved it when Daniel felt new facets of love and happiness.

~I wonder if anyone has ever let you be the leader before, Danny?  Making love isn't meaningful if you don't have a choice; if you can't do what you want to be fulfilled.  Crap!  I'll bet you've always done what others wanted or needed.~  Jack sighed.  ~What I need is for you to do what you need; I'm here to make your desires and wishes come true.~

In truth, knowing how he made Daniel feel made Jack happier than his own bliss did.

“It was amazing.  *You* were amazing.  Never felt like that before, Love.  Never.  What you do to me, Daniel,” Jack spoke in wonderment.

Jack squeezed his lover to him, and Daniel let out a contented sigh.  Jack was making him feel so desired and wanted.  It felt so good to be lusted after.  Daniel had never imagined himself that way.  He had been incredibly shy in his past relationships, but then again, he'd only had a couple of intimate relationships before Jack.

Jack was his first significant other that made Daniel's pulse race and heart flutter with just a look, a glance, or a smile.  Jack could transform Daniel into silly putty in two seconds flat, and they both knew it.

Daniel placed a kiss on his love's chest and sighed again.  He felt incredibly good, and surprisingly contented and peaceful.

~I could get used to this; it would be so easy.  Please, let me get used to this,~ Daniel thought silently.

Their love affair was almost nine months old, but, with his history, it was difficult for the archaeologist to believe it would last.  Emotionally, nine months was like a mere nine days, and it was a struggle for him to believe, no matter how much he really wanted to.  Still, just thinking about his lover made Daniel feel incredibly warm and good inside.

~I'm not used to being wanted; gawd, he ... he lusts for me, and ... and ... it's not just physical; I know it's not,~ the desirous man thought with all the conviction he could muster.

Even before their romance had begun, Jack had wanted to spend more time with Daniel doing things the younger man valued.  This is something that continued to the present time.  As much as they watched hockey, star-gazed on the roof deck, and ate pizza, they also went to museums, antique auctions, and dined on Chinese, all things that Daniel loved.

~I ... I thought for a while that maybe you wouldn't to keep doing those things, but you do.  You whine and complain, but it's only teasing.~  Daniel smiled.  ~You're the one who got the tickets to the exhibit next weekend.  You, the hater of ... rocks.~

“It's about both of us, Danny,” Jack had said when surprising his lover with the tickets.  “I love that you drive me crazy during ESPN and my favorite hockey game, and I want to return the favor and drive you insane at King Tut's Tomb or ... whatever this thing is.”

“You hate exhibits, Jack.”

“But I love you, and it's not that bad. I just like to tease you.  Besides, you don't really hate sports that much, do you?”

Daniel hadn't answered, but had begun a round of his now-favorite past time -- making love with Jack.  He sighed again as he rested atop Jack's chest.  That had been the sixth consecutive contented release from him in the last four minutes.

Jack smiled.  His Daniel was happy, and that made Jack's heart bubble over in a rising joy.

“So, what's on the calendar for today, Love?” the older man asked.

“Hmm ... gone already ... used up half of day,” Daniel chuckled in a broken English, still in a lingering ecstasy.

They had stayed up late the night before talking about all kinds of things, sharing thoughts about their feelings for each other, talking about their new allies, the Tok'ra, and making plans for their first vacation together, away from Colorado Springs.  Then, they had made love.

Being a morning person, Jack had risen at 8 a.m., which to him was sleeping in late.  He had showered and dressed, whistling as he did so.  Daniel hadn't stirred except for a short grumble when Jack disentangled himself from him.  Jack had laughed, kissed his forehead, and shoved a pillow in Daniel's arms to replace his warm body.  Daniel had then hissed and mumbled something that sounded like, “not as warm as you,” but never opened his eyes or moved a muscle, except to hold the pillow tightly to his chest.

Then, Jack had eaten a bowl of Froot Loops and gone for a walk in the neighborhood.  He had picked up some scattered items tossed around the house and gone to fill the truck up with gas before returning home at twenty minutes after ten.  That's when Jack had gone upstairs and found his naked lover in the bathroom, thus beginning their last round of lovemaking.  Now, it was 4 p.m., and whatever plans had been on the agenda for the day were more or less shot.


“Na-uh,” Daniel compliantly said.  He felt too darn good lying on Jack's chest, and being wrapped up in his arms to care about his plans being waylaid.

“So, what were you going to do?” a snoopy Jack inquired.

“Hmmm,” Daniel was still working on finding his vocabulary.

Jack broke into a fit of hysterics, laughing out, “We really need to get you a cup of coffee.”

“Coffee ... mmm ... no, you,” Daniel chuckled. “More fun than coffee.”

“Geez, I love you, Danny, so friggin' much,” Jack crooned happily.

“Haircut,” Daniel said in a strange non sequitur.

~Okay ... I tell him I love him and he says 'haircut' - think, O'Neill.  Oh, yes, got it.~  Jack smiled and then suggested, “I'll cut it for you.”

“Love you, too, Jack,” Daniel said softly, his eyes closed.

Jack couldn't help but laugh some more.  He definitely needed to get Daniel some caffeine since the younger man's brain cells were operating on a delayed basis, something that he'd discovered was common during his lover's post-coital bliss and sometimes just from being slow to wake up.

“Come on, Lover Boy, time for some caffeine.  You've gone almost twenty-four hours without some, and it's beginning to show,” Jack said as he gave another kiss to Daniel's mop of shiny brown hair.

“Not cutting my hair, Jack.  You'd butch it,” Daniel replied in an anxiety-ridden voice, even though he wasn't yet fully awake.

Jack shook his head in disbelief and said, “Danny, rise and shine.  Let's go.”

“Hmmm, yeah, coffee, but you're more fun, Jack,” a still-behind Daniel responded.

Jack grunted, totally amazed at Daniel's fried brain cells.

~We've already covered that, but it's still good to hear.~

Jack pushed his resistant soulmate off of him and got up.  He found his pair of gray sweats and put them on before tossing Daniel his pair of midnight blue sweats that Jack had gifted him with recently.

Daniel groaned, but started to move up off the bed.

“I'll put the coffee on, Danny,” Jack said as he headed for the kitchen.


A few minutes later, Daniel ambled down the stairs and stood over the kitchen counter.

“Hi, Jack,” the still-tired young man yawned as he reached towards the ceiling, his hands clasped above him, stretching his torso.

Jack felt himself reacting to the movements and decided not to fight it, moving towards his lover and scooping him into his arms.

Daniel's arms came down to rest around Jack's neck as they began a very long, moist kiss.

“Hmmm, much better than coffee,” Daniel crooned.

“Geez, Danny, do you have any idea what you do me?” Jack asked.  “You're so darn sexy.”

“Sexy?  Am not,” Daniel refuted bashfully.

“Gonna have to check your eye glass prescription, Doctor Jackson.  You're the sexiest creature in the universe.  Look at you!  Your blue eyes are like the oceans of the world.  I just want to swim in them.  I could get lost in your eyes, Danny.  And your beautiful shaggy hair, all mussed up like that, crisscrossing all over the place.  Just wanna run my fingers through every millimeter of your hair.  And your scrunchy nose,” Jack said unable to stop himself from kissing the nose of which he spoke.  “Geez, so cute when it gets all twisty like that because you're tired or not yet fully awake.”

“My nose doesn't twist, Jack,” an embarrassed Daniel responded.

All this attention Jack lavished on Daniel continued to overwhelm the archaeologist, especially since the tough-as-nails colonel had turned out to be a complete romantic sap; he was almost poetic at times.  So often, Jack's words of affection and adoration of Daniel's best assets would cause Daniel to blush, sometimes even making him shiver slightly, as he now was.

“I love you, Jack,” Daniel spoke tenderly.

“Love you, too.”

Jack was a happy man.  The last few months had been full of pleasure and delight.  They had survived a bit of a rough patch while Daniel had struggled through accepting their relationship and dealing with a mountain-load of guilt about his wife, Sha're, but he seemed to have worked through it, and sometimes, like now, Daniel was freer about saying those magic three words first.

They hadn't talked about it very much, not even after Sha're gave birth to Apophis' baby which had been a very difficult event for Daniel to handle.  Daniel had almost run from Jack, but in the end, he cried into Jack's arms instead.  Jack had been very quiet, unsure of his status with his lover, but as he held and comforted Daniel that night, Jack hadn't tried to find the answers; he only conveyed to his Love that he was there and always would be.

The soulmates had shared a bottle of wine, and Daniel had gotten drunk, passing out in Jack's embrace on the roof deck.  Jack had put him to bed and held onto him, holding him close, knowing the nightmares would come, which they did.  Quickly, thought, Jack had been there to calm Daniel, reassuring him as best he could that they would find Sha're and bring her home to him.

Jack still feared that when they did find Sha're, he'd lose Daniel forever, but today, Daniel was his, and he was going to enjoy every second of it.

“Jack, what are you thinking about?  You look so ... far away,” Daniel observed.

“Just thinking about how much I love you and how I never want to lose you, Danny.” Jack paused and then said, “And I was thinking I'd better get that caffeine into you before you wilt in front of me.”

Jack brushed his lips against Daniel's and then fetched his lover some coffee as well as a sandwich.

“You're spoiling me, Jack,” Daniel spoke shyly.

“That's the plan,” Jack spoke with a charismatic smile on his face that made Daniel hunger for something tastier than food -- his Jack!

“Aren't you going to eat something?” Daniel asked.

“Already did,” Jack smirked.  “Had Froot Loops for breakfast and you for lunch.”

“Oh,” Daniel said with a reddening face.  “Uh, where are you going?” Daniel asked as he took a bite of the ham and cheese sandwich Jack had prepared.

“Be right back; just getting something upstairs,” Jack informed his lover.

Daniel raised an eyebrow, but since he was hungry, he concentrated on his sandwich and coffee while still pondering what Jack was up to.


“Okay, ready to chop,” Jack smirked upon his return a couple minutes later.

Daniel's eyes widened as Jack reappeared, holding a pair of scissors, a bath towel, and a spray bottle of water.

“What are you going to do with ... with ... with those ... those ... things?” Daniel stuttered.

Jack laughed mischievously and answered, “I'm going to cut your hair.  You said it yourself, Daniel -- you need a haircut.”

“I do, but ... but ...”

“Just trying to oblige, Sir,” Jack teased and bowed mockingly.

“Oh no.  You are *not* coming near me with those ... those scissors.  No way.  Na-uh,” Daniel stated strongly.

Daniel had risen from his seat by the counter, quickly backing up towards the patio door.  Jack put the objects down on the counter as he cleared away the remnants of Daniel's brunch.

“Must have been hungry,” Jack laughed, noting Daniel had eaten every bite, which he didn't often do.

“It was all the ... exercise,” Daniel explained as his face turned rosier in color once again.  ~I think red may become my natural skin color soon.~

“Exercise?  You mean the *sex*, Daniel?”

Daniel's face reddened more, his arms folding around him.

Jack laughed as he silently mused, ~My Danny is so shy.~  He pranced towards his self-hugging heart and kissed him solidly, forcing Daniel to give up hugging himself in favor of pressing Jack closer against him.  “Sex, Daniel?”

Daniel only smiled as he kissed Jack again, his tongue licking Jack's lips and then flicking inside of Jack's mouth where their tongues danced together.

“Come on, haircut time,” Jack announced with a grin.

Jack pulled his reluctant, nervous, and very skeptical lover into the kitchen and seated him on one of the chairs, pinning the ivory bath towel around his neck.

Hesitantly, Daniel said, “Jack, I don't know about this.”

“Let's see,” Jack began.  “A butch cut, right?”

Daniel began to bolt, but Jack was prepared and pulled him back down onto the chair.

“Only kidding, Love,” Jack assured.

“Jack, I can go to the barber next week,” Daniel suggested.  “I think that might be a better idea.”

Daniel's pulse was racing from nervousness, and he began to fidget anxiously.

“Trust me,” Jack requested.

“Jack, I trust you with my life, but not my hair,” Daniel argued.

Jack laughed heartily as he clicked the scissors, saying, “Okay, five inches off the bottom.”


Daniel started to run, but again, Jack was prepared and pulled Daniel back onto the chair, holding him to it with his strong arms.

“Where's your faith in your fellow man, Love?” Jack challenged.

“Oh, I have lots of faith in my fellow man, Jack, faith enough to know you won't be able to resist the temptation with those scissors.  Let me go,” Daniel demanded as he squirmed.

“Come on, Danny, trust me,” Jack begged, a mischievous smile on his face.

Daniel sighed.  Although their banter was still lighthearted, Jack's request had been made with a plea in his voice.  He loved this man with all his heart.  He trusted him, with his body, his soul, his life ... but his hair?  Daniel closed his eyes.

“Jack, so help me, you military cut my hair, and I'll ... I'll ...”

“You'll what?” Jack asked softly, kissing Daniel's nape in one of his most sensitive areas.

“That's no ... fair, Jack,” Daniel moaned, quickly becoming silly putty as Jack next nibbled his ear.

“Trust me,” Jack seductively urged.

Daniel was gone.  Jack had sent him to another plane of existence, his mind shooting back to their lovemaking bliss of earlier that day.

“Okay, I ... trust you,” the somewhat stressed linguist stated.

“Even with your hair?” Jack questioned.


“Even if I chop it off?” Jack challenged.

Daniel closed his eyes again.  Jack's hands had snaked up under his blue sweatshirt and were rubbing small circling caresses on Daniel's chest.  Jack's hands were moving slowly down his torso, and Daniel wanted him to go lower.  Jack was also still nibbling on his ear and placing kisses on his nape, licking and tasting his lover with his tongue.  At this moment, Daniel didn't care what Jack did to his hair.

“Whatever.  Cut it all off,” Daniel moaned.  ~Who needs hair?  Gawd, don't think about it.~

Jack smiled at his job well done.  Daniel was so his.  He continued his caresses and kisses for another minute or so, making sure Daniel was willing and compliant.  At last, Jack began to cut Daniel's hair.

Daniel heard the snipping of the scissors and occasionally felt a piece of hair being clipped from his head, but anytime he thought of rebelling, Jack would stop cutting and resume his caresses and nibbling.  Daniel had no defenses left.

“Hurry up, Jack, and get this freakin' haircut over with,” Daniel demanded.

“Anxious to see the finished 'do', eh?” Jack guessed jovially.

“Forget the hair, I want to ... to ... you know,” the younger man responded, determined that if he was about to be 'butch' or bald, that he was at least going to get one incredible round of lovemaking in return.

“You know?” Jack teased.

“Jaaaack, finish the *freakin'* haircut already!”

Jack grinned.  One day, he was going to get Daniel to actually say he wanted sex, to actually say the word 'sex' instead of his usual 'you know'.

“Hmmm, not even; better take some more off here,” Jack stated with mock anxiety as Daniel's eyes blinked.


“Gotta have it even at the neck,” the older man explained.

Daniel gulped and nervously repeated, “Neck?”

“Gomer Pyle would be proud of this cut, Daniel,” Jack spoke with pride.

Daniel's eyes were wide as he swallowed hard.  His breathing was rapid.  Jack really was cutting off his gorgeous hair.  Not that Daniel really believed it was gorgeous, but it was a part of him he was comfortable with.  He desperately tried to calm himself, closing his eyes and trying to focus on The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

“Okay, make me like the King of Siam, I don't care; just get it done already.  I want you, Jack,” Daniel told his lover.

“Hmmm, that's more like it,” Jack replied seductively.

“I was hoping that would get your attention.”

“What, Danny?  Sorry, wasn't paying attention; still trying to even out this hair, what's left of it anyway.”  Silently, Jack mused, ~He's going to kill me; we have great sex when he's angry.  We have great sex even when he doesn't want to kill me, but when he does, holy smokes!~

~Wise guy.~  Daniel grunted.  He was going to kill Jack, just as soon as he'd had his way with him again.  “Nothing, Jack, just wondering what your charge is for cutting off my hair.  How much longer?”

“Almost ... <snip> ... just a little more ... <snip snip> ... and a final ... <snip>.  There.  Now you're all set,” Jack said, removing the bath towel and throwing it down on the kitchen floor as if to cover up the locks of Daniel's hair.  

“I'll clean this up in a minute,” Jack stated, nudging Daniel towards the mirror.

Daniel walked over to the mirror, not sure what to expect, but certain he'd lost his shag forever.  He could feel some hair left on his head, but he was sure Jack had butchered it.  As Daniel stared into the mirror, he froze.

Jack came up from behind and kissed Daniel's nape, his arms going around his lover's waist as he asked, “What do you think?”

Daniel blinked as he stared, totally stunned by the result.

“It's ... per...perfect,” the younger man stammered.

Jack stared into the mirror at his surprised lover and promised, “I'd never cut your hair, Danny.  It's part of you, and I love you.”

Jack's words were spoken solemnly.  He had laughed and chuckled, and had some fun teasing his true love, putting a bit of nervous fear into him.  He had used distraction and seduction to get his way, and it had worked, but Jack would never truly take advantage of Daniel.

If the younger man ever did cut his hair, it would be at a time and place of his choosing.  Jack felt good, though.  Even though the lure of another sexual liaison had been the bait, he knew if Daniel didn't really trust him, he would not have sat on the chair.  Knowing that the insecure, frightened child within his lover did have doubts only made Jack treasure Daniel's trust all the more.

That child was used to people taking from Daniel, taking things they wanted, irrespective of Daniel's needs, wants, or feelings.  The child had rarely been on the receiving end, until now, as Jack worked hard every day to make Daniel feel as special as Jack knew he was.

Daniel smiled as he turned to face Jack.  His lover had only cut about half an inch all around, which is exactly what Daniel had wanted.  The cut was also even; Daniel couldn't see a single jagged edge as he carefully studied the haircut.

“I do trust you, Jack.”

“Even with your hair?”

“Even with my coffee,” Daniel said just before devouring Jack's mouth.

“Now, about my fee, the, oh, yes, the 'you know'?” Jack inquired, eager to collect for services rendered.

“It's called ... sex,” Daniel said with a smile.  “And I think now would be a perfect time, don't you?” Daniel asked, but not allowing Jack to answer as he kissed him again, Jack's answer coming through the kiss that grew in passion.  “Gawd, I love you, Jack.  I need you so much, so much,” he whispered into Jack's mouth as they kissed again.

“Upstairs,” Jack moaned in a barely audible voice.

Daniel's hand had just slipped inside the front of Jack's sweatpants and was stroking Jack's already hardened length, rendering Jack practically speechless at the moment.

“Love you, Danny,” Jack softly stated as he put his arm around Daniel's waist.

The two hurried upstairs where they once again staked their claim on each other.

Silently, Daniel mused, ~I think I'll just let Jack cut my hair from now on.  After all, he has great rates.~

At the same time, Jack inwardly teased, ~I need to convince Daniel to let me cut his hair some more.  After all, he's a great tipper, and what a *big* tip it is!~~

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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