Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  S4 - April 9-10, 2001
Spoilers:  None
Size:  33kb, short story
Written:  November 8-11, 2010, March 13-14,16-17,21,25, 2011
Summary:  Daniel encounters a former nemesis who seems intent on ignoring the archaeologist's change from sleek and meek to buff and tough.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s): Basic Training
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Ali, Classic, Navi, Alverine!

by Orrymain

“Doc, I got assigned this gig at the last minute,” Major Lou Ferretti told Doctor Daniel Jackson as they stood across from each other near General Hammond's office.

“Lou, it's just ... that's not really my ... my area of expertise,” the archaeologist pointed out.

“You're all I've got,” the major sighed.  ~Come on, Doc, be a pal.~

“Uh, well, how about postponing the training until Jack gets back?”

“Tried that.  Hammond wants it done now.  I need manpower, Doc.”

“Somehow, I've never really thought of myself as ... manpower in this particular way before.”

Lou Ferretti had been assigned to conduct a training session with five potential new SGC personnel.  These were soldiers culled from various assignments being considered for duty at Cheyenne Mountain.  While none of them knew about other worlds at this point,  they did know that this assignment would be prestigious for their careers.

Normally, Jack would have handled the training, but he and Teal'c had been temporarily assigned to SG-3 to lead a rescue mission on PJ9-R23.  In fact, three other teams had been attached to the rescue.

There was also a flu outbreak that was keeping several key personnel out sick, including Sam.  Jack had actually been sick with the flu himself over a week ago, but was now fully recovered.  In fact, he was being credited with having brought the flu into the Mountain, although in reality, it could have been a number of people since the outbreak had been sweeping through Colorado Springs for the last two weeks.

This combination of the rescue mission and the flu crisis left Lou with very few on-duty personnel to assist with the training scenario.

“Doc, I'm beggin' ya.  Hammond's gonna have me cut up like a pizza if I don't get this done.”

~Lou's like Jack: pizzaholic.~  Daniel smiled, releasing a small chuckle at the same time. ~Maybe it will get my mind off of Jack being gone.  I'm worried about him.  I should have insisted on going on the mission.~  Taking a breath, he nodded his reluctant assent.  “Okay, Lou.”

A pleased Ferretti filled Daniel in on the particulars and then left to prepare, leaving Daniel stunned and surprised that he'd actually agreed to participate.

~Training Academy recruits with Jack is one thing, but I don't know about this.  I should have said 'no' and stuck to it.~  Realizing the truth, the archaeologist sighed in admission.  ~No, I need the distraction.  Come on, Jack.  Find Lieutenant Mackey and get your six back here before my imagination gets the best of me.~


“You men are being evaluated for your abilities to respond to the fiercest unknowns that exist out there.  Trust me, you may think you've faced danger before, but all you've witnessed are crap shoots.  This is a new hunk of Swiss cheese, boys,and if you can't miss the holes, you'll never make it any further inside this mountain.”

The five men stood at attention, all curious about the ridiculous sounding metaphors and this potential new assignment.  Even though they were having doubts about Ferretti's skill to lead them, they all wanted into the highly classified program that they'd heard stories about for years.  The problem was that all of the candidates had some issue in their military jackets that had prevented them from being assigned to Stargate Command.  This would be their one chance to make it.

None of them knew the name 'Stargate Command'.  What they did know was that they were at Cheyenne Mountain Complex with their access highly restricted to just the top floors, a fact that irked each of them while also arousing their curiosity even more.  Special Forces personnel were ever watchful, ensuring the five only went where permissible.  Try as they might, none of the men had gotten a smattering of information out of the SFs.

“We'll be running through several training scenarios over the next couple of days.  My team are the evaluators.  If you don't hate us yet, you will before you get off this piece of dirt.”

Before Ferretti could say another word, a man approached the area.  His head was down as he fumbled with the P-90 he was holding.  Apparently, he was having a bit of a problem with the cartridge.  He was so focused on fixing the issue that he tripped over a small fallen branch, though he didn't fall.

“Shibatwray!” the linguist swore under his breath.

Ferretti let out a chuckle, shaking his head a tad as he addressed the five SGC wannabes again.

“Here's my team ...”  Lou introduced four of his five helpers.  “And this is Doctor Daniel Jackson, archaeologist, linguist, and a pain in the butt to Colonel O'Neill's backside.  Don't underestimate this man, gents.  He can take any of you down in thirty seconds.”

One of the five men stared intently at Daniel.  There was something about the archaeologist that was familiar, but he couldn't figure it out.  Then Daniel returned his gaze.

Daniel blinked a few times.  He could sense trouble; he just didn't know why as yet.  Then it hit him, and he stood agape as he focused on the contender.

~Great: just what I needed. ~  Turning his back to the newcomers and facing Ferretti, Daniel quietly requested, “Lou, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“We're on a schedule, Daniel,” the major pointed out as he moved a few steps away, the reluctant trainer right on his heels.

“It's just ... I know one of those men.”


“I don't think I'd say it was good.”

“Daniel, don't worry about it; just keep him in line,” Ferretti instructed while heading back toward the recruits.  Ready to explain the first challenge to the men, he called out, “Scenario one ...”

Daniel stared at Sergeant Arnold Troutman, groaning inwardly as he did so.  This was the man who had tried to wash him out at basic training back when SG-1 was first formed.  For several days, the sergeant had made his displeasure about Daniel's presence felt.  He definitely wasn't a fan.  In fact, had it not been for Jack's intervention, Daniel might have lost his long hair to Troutman rather than to Hathor.


As Daniel's luck would have it, the very first training scenario had him running across Troutman.  With gunfire going on around them, the archaeologist stared at the sergeant, who finally made the connection as to the trainer's identity.

His weapon poised to fire and his eyes on the battle, Troutman spat, “You're that geek I had to pamper a couple of years ago.”

“Pamper?  I don't recall being ... pampered,” Daniel refuted.

“What the heck are you doing at Cheyenne Mountain?”

Troutman's tone was sarcastic and full of the sneer that his face expressed.

Looking at the man, Daniel quipped, “Judging you.”

Troutman was angry.  How dare this pipsqueak civilian make such a statement.

“Look, I don't want to fight you,” Daniel stated, sensing the wrath within the other man.  ~Really.  I hate fighting, especially since it feels like that's all we do off-world anymore.

Suddenly, the combatants were surrounded by the 'enemy'.

“Daniel, what's goin' on?” Ferretti questioned, disbelieving of the easy capture.

“I'm sorry.  Maybe you'd better get someone else to handle this,” Daniel told the major as he started to walk away.  ~I know I need a distraction but not this.~

“Still a sniffling baby,” Troutman accused, bobbing his head up and down as he sneered at the exiting scientist.

The statement caused Daniel to stop, while at the same time had Ferretti understanding that there was definitely some history between the two men. He still wouldn't have let the archaeologist walk away from the training assignment, but he now wondered if he should have pursued the specifics of their past dealings more.

~Nah.  The Doc's capable of handling his own business.  He's not that sniffling dweeb he used to be on Abydos that first time.~

“Go ahead, run away like a baby!” Troutman called out sarcastically.

“Troutman, Jackson's one of the best we've got.  If you want to see more than two levels inside of the Mountain, you'd better learn some respect,” Ferretti told the sergeant.

“If he's the best, this place must be kiddie land.”

“Troutman ...” Lou started to reply.

“He cut his hair and that's supposed to make him a man?” Troutman denigrated, completely oblivious to the mounting tension that he was creating.

“Hey!” Ferretti objected, ready to kick the man out of contention for SGC duty on the spot.

“Lou!” Daniel called out, stopping the intervention.  He walked back to stand about a foot or so in front of the visiting sergeant.  Looking at him closely, the archaeologist calmly inquired, “What do you want?”

“To tear you apart,” Troutman answered with such venom that it stilled the archaeologist’s breath for a moment.

“I, uh, feel obligated to tell you that I'm ... not exactly as ... naive as I was at basic training.  I've ... learned a few things.”

“Better listen to him, Troutman,” Ferretti warned.  ~Boy, would I just love to kick his keister for his lip.  Better yet, I think I'll hand him over to Jack if he survives.~

“Prove it.”

A part of Daniel almost wanted the fight, but then he remembered his true nature.  He abhorred fighting, especially in ridiculous situations like this.  If he were watching this play out between Jack and some old military acquaintance, he'd give his lover grief for even considering a fight.

The archaeologist sighed, shaking his head as he turned and looked at the leader of the training.

“Let's get back to it,” Daniel suggested, reclaiming the P-90.


“Hand-to-hand,” Ferretti called out.  “Troutman and ... Doctor Jackson.”

Daniel's mouth opened.  He didn't want this, but it was obvious that Troutman was foaming at the mouth with delight.  He also knew why Ferretti had set up the match.  It was one way to settle the argument in a controlled environment versus letting the conflict fester and explode at an inopportune time.

“I hope you like the dirt,” Troutman vexed as his cracked his knuckles for dramatic effect.

With a roll of his eyes, Daniel took the position his lover had taught him a year or so ago.

The truth was that in addition to learning military protocol and tactics while being on SG-1, Jack had also begun teaching the archaeologist Special Ops tactics roughly a year or so ago.  No one knew about it, but it was something they felt was necessary due to dangers both faced from sources away from Stargate Command.

Though the lovers often made a game of the training, they treated the task with deadly seriousness.  In addition, Daniel was working out more frequently with Sam and Teal'c, both of whom enjoyed staying in shape.  The end result was that Daniel Jackson was now a buffed up military machine, whether he liked it or not.


Troutman wasn't buying into Daniel's more athletic look.  All he saw was the out-of-place invader who had been assigned to his training detail.  He'd had to make accommodations for Daniel's presence back then.  Now he wanted to make sure the archaeologist knew who was really the boss.

~Gonna take him down in two minutes, maybe one,~ Troutman vowed inwardly.

The two men circled each other, their hands outstretched and moving in anticipation.  The other four newcomers cheered Troutman on, feeling a kinship with him.  That left Lou and his team to root for Daniel, although a couple of them weren't all that convinced about Daniel's prowess as a combatant.

“Wimp!” Troutman exclaimed, referring to Daniel not having made any offensive moves as yet.  The sergeant lunged forward, but then turned suddenly, catching the archaeologist by surprise.  He tossed Daniel over his shoulder, smiling at the thud that resulted when the body made contact with the pad.  “Why don't you just give up and go home to Mama?”

~Okay.  I can follow my moral principles and get tossed on my rear, or worse, for the next half hour, or I can give him what he wants and go back to my office where my worst problem is worrying about Jack breaking a relic.  Jack.  Gawd, I hope he's safe.~

“Gonna lie there all day?” Troutman cackled, his supporters all making equally annoying catcalls.

“I was thinkin' about it,” Daniel answered blandly, still flat on his back.

“I told ya he was a coward.”

“No, just deciding whether to end this or not.”

“I think we're done.”

“Unfortunately,” Daniel sat up, “we're not.”  As he stood up, he stated, “I really don't want to do this.”

“Give it your best shot.”

“Okay,” Daniel acknowledged, grabbing hold of Troutman, sending him flying over his shoulder, and then getting to the man before he could react.  Daniel flipped his adversary to the prone position, took hold of the man's hands, and then used his handkerchief to bind the hands.  Standing, he took a breath and ran the back of his right hand across his forehead.  “That was my best shot, for now.  Good enough for you?”  Not waiting for a response, he looked over at Ferretti and advised, “Lou, I have some work to do.  I'll see you tomorrow for the survival scenario.”

“Okay, Doc,” Lou replied proudly.  He snickered as he looked down at the grumbling Troutman and then over at the other four SGC hopefuls.  “One of you pieces of meat help him up.”


That night, Daniel was restless.  He walked around his apartment aimlessly, full of both frustration and worry.  The frustration was that he'd given in so easily and had fought Troutman; the worry was because Jack's rescue team hadn't checked in.  Had he not needed to tend to his fish, he probably would have stayed on base.  All in all, he ended up getting about two hours of sleep before returning to work.


The final scenario, often referred to as war games, was currently in play.  It was the recruits against the veteran SGC personnel.  The goal of the recruits, dubbed Redhawk, was to successfully forge across enemy lines and capture the enemy, which of course were Lou and his training staff, dubbed Eagle Fortress.

The war game was being played out in a secluded area at the rear Cheyenne Mountain.  Cheyenne Mountain was covered with trees, filled with crevices, and had many secret, more or less hidden-from-residents locales for occasions just like this.

“I don't like this,” the major opined as he glanced outward from his temporary base.

“You don't think they're coming?” Daniel asked.

“They're comin', Doc.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be engaged in the scenario, but it's been too long.”  Turning to get the attention of the other team members, he ordered, “Lane, stay here and guard the fort.  Everyone else fan out.  Those guys are out there; I can smell 'em.  Stay in radio contact.”


Twenty minutes later, Daniel was searching for any sign of Redhawk.  He'd just checked in over the radio, reporting that he'd seen nothing but the wind.  Then he heard a noise, the sound of a twig breaking.  Casually, he edged forward and then took a sharp left turn behind one of the trees.

It was a game of cat and mouse, only at the moment, Daniel wasn't sure which animal he was.  For several minutes, he walked in circles, listening for sounds of movement, little wisps of air that interfered with the natural sounds of the wind or snaps that indicated a human was making contact with some tangible object.

Then the archaeologist caught a glimpse of a green camouflage jacket moving among the trees.  He didn't know which member of Redhawk it was, but he knew it was one of them.  Circling some more, he was able to surprise the recruit from the rear.

“Okay, you're caught,” Daniel advised the man whose back was to him.

According to the war game rules, once clearly captured, the combatant was to turn over his weapon and report to the enemy's command post, but that wasn't good enough for Troutman.  He wasn't about to be taken in by the man he still thought of as a worthless nerd.  Instead, he turned and threw his weapon at Daniel, who ducked to avoid being hit.  With that diversion, Troutman charged, beginning a vigorous fight with Daniel.

Troutman was sure he could defeat Daniel.  He had put their hand-to-hand combat battle out of his mind, believing his having been taken down was a fluke.  He was full of anger; revenge was at the forefront of his mind.

Daniel wondered what was going on.  The attacker was hitting him as if he were a weapon unleashed.  Kicking his strength into full gear, the scientist fought back.  The two rolled over and over along the grass, veering away significantly from their original location, until they actually hit one of the trees.

Trying to move away to get some distance and hopefully regain control, Daniel was on his knees, inching his way to the right.  Troutman grabbed Daniel's belt, pulling his foe towards him again.  The wrestling turned to blows, a combination of rights and lefts that pushed both of them backwards.

Finally, Daniel was able to get in a good kick to his opponent's midsection, causing Troutman to double over.  The archaeologist looked around for his weapon, but knew it had to be higher up on the hill from where he now stood.  Breathing heavily from the encounter, he began the upward climb and eventually caught a glimpse of his black Beretta amid the green of the hillside.  As he walked towards it, he heard the sound of scampering.  When he turned, his fears were realized.

“Ah, hey, wait!  You can't go that way!” Daniel shouted to the fleeing sergeant.  “Troutman, you're off the marked path!”  After retrieving his weapon, the archaeologist ran after the stranger to the Mountain.  ~Crap!~


“That's a shiner, Doc,” Ferretti observed when he arrived at Daniel's current location.

“He didn't like being caught,” came the reply from the aching archaeologist.  ~Something else I don't need: a black eye.  Jack is not going to be happy, which means if Troutman is still around ...~

“Who does,” the major quipped, snapping Daniel out of his internal thoughts and back into the conversation.  “He went that way?” he asked about Troutman's direction.

Pointing, Daniel responded, “We were fighting up there.  I saw him come this way, but then he disappeared.”

“He's not cut out for SGC,” Lou stated, shrugging at the obvious comment.  “Grid search,” he called out to the team.  “And no fooling around with this guy.  He's a loose cannon.  We need to find him and ship him home -- A.S.A.P.”


Forty minutes later, in one of the more remote sections of the woods that were part of the Mountain, Daniel thought he heard a moan.  He followed the sound to a steep edge.

~Not good.~  Carefully, Daniel planted his feet and looked down into the steep crevice. ~That's what I was afraid of.~  He looked around to get a handle on the location and evaluate the best course of action.  Then he clicked his radio.  “Lou, this is Daniel.”

“What's up, Doc?”

Daniel heard the chuckle.  All things considered, he really didn't know Lou Ferretti that well.  Even though the major had been a part of that first mission to Abydos and they'd gone on missions together several times since, in his mind, Lou was Jack's friend.  The archaeologist's relationship with Ferretti was cordial and friendly, but there was still a bit of distance there.  That's why hearing the quip made Daniel cringe.  It was supposed to be funny, but it wasn't, not to him, not right now.

Ignoring the muse, Daniel replied, “Troutman's fallen down a crevice.  Looks like he might have a broken leg.  It's steep; we're going to need help.”

“What's your six?”

Daniel answered, providing his location as best he could, and then waited for help to arrive.

“Help!  Someone help me!” Troutman called out at the top of his lungs with a loud but trembling-from-pain voice.

“Hang on!” Daniel shouted back.

“You!  Get your ...”

Daniel just shook his head at the expletives that followed.  It was clear Troutman didn't want *his* assistance.

“Sorry.  I have to stay here if I'm going to rescue you, and, well, whether you want me to or not, I ... I do have to rescue you,” Daniel replied.  ~Or I could go get a cup of coffee.  I really want a cup, or two, right now.~

Shouting out more swear words, Troutman tried to move, wanting to get away from the archaeologist just as fast as he could.

“I wouldn't do that,” Daniel yelled down to the man who simply didn't like the idea of being rescued by a geek.  Seeing the man slip and fall and hearing him scream out in pain, he sighed, “Told you so.”


Eight long hours later, Daniel heard the klaxons sound.


In an instant, the archaeologist left behind his open tome and ran from his office into the corridor.  His heart racing, Daniel couldn't get to the gate room fast enough.  He slid his card into the slot to call the elevator.

~Come on!  Come on!~

Finally, the doors opened.  Daniel rushed inside, pressing the button for Level 28 as soon as he'd turned around to face the front.  His head bobbed slightly several times as he licked his lips anxiously.  He placed his hands on his hips while silently willing the elevator to reach the bottom floor more quickly than normal.

At last, the doors pulled back, freeing the eager man to make haste to his destination.  Daniel sprinted into the gate room just as the first man emerged from the event horizon.  Then two more appeared, carrying a stretcher.

~That's Lieutenant Mackey,~ Daniel observed about the man on the stretcher.  Just then, he felt Janet and her medical team rush by.  ~Hope he's okay.~  He could hear not just the beating of his heart, but the throbbing of his rapid pulse.  ~Where's Jack?~

More personnel came through, all looking weary and some with obvious injuries, though they looked minor to the anxious archaeologist.

“Teal'c!” Daniel called out, his eyes darting past the Jaffa.  “Where's Jack?”

“O'Neill is behind me, DanielJackson.”

Daniel's eyes centered on the Stargate.  He actually stepped up onto the ramp.

“Where?”  No one had followed Teal'c through, and Daniel was on the verge of panicking.  “Teal'c ...”

The sound of another person coming through the Gate interrupted Daniel's words.


“Hey, Daniel,” Jack greeted, walking down the ramp.  ~Okay, something's been going on around here since I've been gone,~ he thought as he studied the man who gave his life a purpose.  “Been defending my honor?”

“Huh?  What?”

Jack raised his right hand briefly as he pointed toward his Love's eye and responded, “The, uh ...”

With the twitching of Jack's finger, Daniel realized what was being asked.  It was his black eye, a result of the fight with Troutman.

“Jack, no one could defend your honor.”

“Hey, I'll have you know I'm a prize catch.”

“I'll send out a memo and alert the female personnel,” Daniel teased half-heartedly, well aware that others in the gate room could easily overhear their conversation.

“Put Carter at the top of list,” Jack countered a bit reluctantly, though no one but Daniel could sense the hesitation.  ~Dang game.~

Just that fast, relief overtook the archaeologist, and everything was back to normal.  While he wanted to throw his arms around the older man, they were surrounded by personnel.  The best deflection was to switch from loving endearments to as much snarkiness and banter as possible.  They also needed to cover their conversation, especially with such a diverse group within listening range.  That meant the game, the one in which Jack and Sam pretended to have a romantic interest in each other.  It was all a cover, one that Sam had suggested sometime back.

The ruse worked.  Had anyone questioned the unusual dialog a minute ago, they weren't now.  Jack and Daniel could both hear a few of the men gossiping about Jack and Sam ignoring the chain of command rules.

“You okay?”

“Peachy,” Jack responded sagely.

Blue eyes looked into brown ones and saw a lot of need.  Apparently, Jack's adventure over the last couple of days hadn't been any more pleasurable than Daniel's.

“Colonel, let's go,” Janet ordered, noticing Jack's injury across his cheek.

~He is,~ Daniel bewailed internally.  He felt so guilty for not having been aware of cut before.  It was just that he was so glad to see his lover.  “You're hurt,” he expressed remorsefully.  ~I wish I could touch you right now.~

“Just a scratch.  See you later,” Jack promised with a smile.

“Maybe,” Daniel responded, again covering their tracks.

“Hot date?” the colonel questioned as he walked down the ramp and towards the exit.

Still standing on the ramp, the younger man replied more playfully than before, “Maybe.”


“It was a little rough,” Jack conceded, his naked body enjoying the comfort of the 300-thread count sheet beneath him and the equally naked body of his Danny blanket atop him.  “For a minute, I wasn't sure we'd be able to get Mackey out of there.”

“But you did,” Daniel replied, placing a kiss on his soulmate's hairy chest.  Then he caressed the bandage that was on Jack's right cheek.  It was about two inches long, but the actual wound was just half that size and would heal quickly.  “Just a scrape,” he whispered.

“Hey.”  Jack reached up and cupped Daniel's face in his hands.  “It'll heal. In a few weeks, you won't even see a scar.”

“It's just ... gawd, Jack, I was scared.  I should have gone with you.”

“Hammond wanted you on site.”

“I don't know why.”

“Half the base was out with the flu, he needed someone to rely on.”

“Jack, I barely saw the general,” Daniel negated.

“Something could have come up,” Jack suggested.  “Apparently, it did, too.  You still haven't told me about the black eye.”


“Troutman?” Jack queried.  He searched his mind, but was coming up blank.  “Daniel ...”

“Remember my basic training?”

Jack thought for a moment and then winced as he asked, “That guy who ran ... Troutman?”

“Yeah.  Apparently, he wanted to be transferred to SGC.”

“*Not* going to happen,” Jack declared firmly, ~Not gonna happen, ever.~

“No, no, it's not,” Daniel confirmed.  “Lou drummed him out.”

“Daniel, you love words.  Say a few that explains what the heck we're talking about.”

With a nod, Daniel settled down against his Jack pillow and told him everything about the training scenarios and Troutman's attitude.

“I gotta admit, Danny, that I'm a bit surprised you fought him.”

“Me, too,” Daniel sighed.  “I needed a distraction.”

“You're human.”

“That's not an excuse for what I did, Jack,” Daniel returned, hugging his soulmate closer.  ~How'd I get to this point, where I need him so much?~

“Danny, your heart wasn't even in it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I've spent the past year making sure you could fend off anyone who gave us trouble,” the colonel stated.


“And from what you just told me, while you got the best of him in hand-to-hand, during the war game, you wrestled with him and let him get away.”

“I wouldn't say I *let* him get away.”

“I've trained you better than that.  I refuse to believe he outdid you.  No way!  Your heart wasn't in it, Love,” Jack affirmed, knowing his Heart well.

In a soft tone, Daniel reiterated, “I was distracted, and it didn't mean anything.  There was no point to it, Babe.  I mean, uh, it meant nothing to me.”  He sighed as he reflected back on the last two days.  “I just don't get it.  He could have been a part of the Stargate Program, but he threw it all away on an old ... vendetta that made no sense in the first place.”

“I'd bank money that his jacket is almost as big as mine.”

Daniel chuckled, “Your jacket is bigger than everyone's.”

“Speaking of bigger ...”

“I'll show you bigger, Colonel.”

“I dare ya.”

Shifting his position, Daniel's response was physical, not verbal.  His physical transformation from slender to buff had added some power to his sexual prowess, and right now, he intended to remind his Love of that fact.  For the reunited Jack and Daniel, all was well in Colorado Springs.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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