Chocolate Envy

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Drama, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - December 4, 2010
Spoilers:  None
Size:  17kb, ficlet
Written:  June 10-12, 2013
Summary:  It's a bit of an adventure when Little Danny decides he wants some chocolate no matter what!
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) The inspiration for this story actually came from a tweet by Lexa Doig apparently re: the actions of her own kids.
2)Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
3) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

Chocolate Envy
by Orrymain

It had been a cloudy, somewhat overcast day in Colorado Springs and as evening fell, the temperature was already a dreadfully chilling 29 degrees outside.  Fortunately, the climate inside the Jackson-O'Neill home was comfortably warm.  With Christmas on the horizon, the kids were buzzing with joy.  Their Saturday had been full of chatter, though not all of it was about the holiday and the gifts it brings.  

Just the month before, the Jackson-O'Neill brood grew from eight to eleven when Jack and Daniel officially adopted three more children: Jeff, Brianna, and Lulu.  All three needed the love that the family had to share and everyone was looking forward to their first Christmas together.  Even so, the house was functioning pretty much in normal mode.

Jack and Daniel had enjoyed a wonderful date out on Friday and then most of today was spent tending to things around the house.  Unfortunately, they'd had little sleep and were zonked, so much so that both were taking naps, though each was unaware that the other was also asleep as well.  Daniel was in his den and had simply leaned forward, placing his head on his arms as they leaned on the desktop when he'd nodded off.  Jack was in his favorite chair, the  newspaper covering his face from view.

This left the children to their own devices.  For most of them, there wasn't a problem as they tended to chores, played, talked, or were otherwise occupied.  For the middle triplet, however, life was bleak at the moment, so desolate did he feel that he just could not concentrate on anything, not even the special artifact his daddy had given him last week.

As he sat Indian style  in the middle of his bed, Little Danny's body was hunched forward, his small hands cupping his face in despair.  He sighed, his mind wandering back to the night before when David had pulled out a Hershey chocolate bar to share with his younger siblings without Jack and Daniel knowing about it.  As the candy bar went around the gathering of kids, somehow the middle sibling was left out, all of the squares unevenly having been yanked away by the others.  They all apologized, of course, and the devoid-of-chocolate Munchkin was gracious in missing out on the covert treat.

The four-year-old child suddenly rolled from his position to his left so that he was lying on his side.  A tiny groan escaped his lips as he settled.  Now the boy's mind went to early Saturday morning at breakfast.

Still hungering for a chocolate fix, Little Danny had his heart set on enjoying chocolate milk with his cereal.  He smiled as he watched his younger father bring some to the table in the hospitality room where the family was about to enjoy the first meal of the day.  Licking his lips while Daniel poured some of the drink into Aislinn's glass, Little Danny was nearly salivating.

“I love chocolate milk,” Lulu spoke enthusiastically as she waited for Daniel to approach.  “They'd never buy it for me,” she added in a muted, somewhat muffled tone, her head down as she briefly recalled the family she'd lived with before finding the Jackson-O'Neills.

Daniel smiled and was about to pour when he realized there just wouldn't be enough for the rest of the children who had also expressed a desired for the brown liquid.  He knew his namesake was particularly eager for this variety of milk.

“Looks like there's only enough for one more glass,” the father stated, glancing at Lulu and then at the Munchkin.

“Oh,” Lulu expressed in what was barely a whisper.

Little Danny's heart sank.  He wanted the chocolate milk so bad, but he felt sad for his new sister.

“Daddy, give it to Lulu.  We've had it lots,” the sensitive child encouraged, getting nods of agreement from the other kids.

Lulu's face lit up as she watched Daniel fill her glass.  She couldn't help herself and immediately began to drink it.

“Whoa, Lil' Bit,” Jack called out as he approached the table with a tray full of breakfast ham and bacon.  “Save some for the meal.”

“Sorry, Dad,” the curly-haired girl replied, putting her half-empty glass down and then  using her tongue to glean every teeny drop of liquid left on her lips.

Little Danny smiled, feeling good that Lulu was so happy, yet sad that he had once again missed out on a chance for something chocolate.
//End of Flashback//

Having thought about chocolate all day long, the middle Munchkin was unable to concentrate on anything else.  All he'd talked about with his family was chocolate, be it a desire for chocolate cake for dessert (which had been vetoed in favor of sherbet) or choosing a chocolate colored crayon to draw with (it was actually the basic brown, but to Little Danny on this day, brown was chocolate).

The boy rolled over again, going onto his stomach and then rolling even more until he was completely on his back and staring up at the ceiling.

Jonny entered the room, his favorite fire engine in his hand, and immediately kneeled down and began to move the red vehicle around the floor.

“Little Danny, come play.”

“It's red.”

“Fire engines are s'posed t'be red,” the oldest triplet responded.  He heard nothing but a soft groan in reply.  He sighed as he continued to play with the toy. “Maybe we can have popcorn tonight.”

“Want choc'late.”


“Choc'late!” the younger Munchkin insisted.

“But I want popcorn,” Jonny insisted.

Suddenly, Little Danny sprung up, actually bouncing a couple of times on the bed.  His face was alight with joy, his eyes sparkling in anticipation.

“What?” Jonny asked eagerly, getting up and leaving the fire truck behind as he walked to the bed.

“Let's have both!” Little Danny exclaimed.

“They won't let us.”

Little Danny thought about it and then grinned.

“You have an idea?” Jonny questioned, seeing his brother nod in response.


As the boys walked toward their destination, Jonny queried, “Maybe we should have dinner first.”

“Choc'late healthy.  Daddy says so,” Little Danny opined.

“Popcorn is, too,” Jonny added confidently.

“'gether they double healthy.”

The boys were totally convinced that they were on a winning course, that a combination of chocolate and popcorn made for a healthy dinner.  Truth be told, they were listening more to their stomachs than their brains.

Quietly, Jonny and Little Danny walked into the den.  They approached the sleeping Daniel, stopping by his chair.  The boys knew that Daniel had a small box of Godiva milk chocolates that Jack had given him on their date night in the kitchen.

“Daddy, can we have your choc'late please?” Little Danny asked.

“Choc ... yum.”

“Is it 'kay if we have popcorn 'n' choc'late for dinner?” Jonny questioned.  He heard a little groan in response.  “Okay to have choc'late, Daddy?”


“Was that 'yum' or 'yes'?” Jonny asked in a hush.

“I heard 'yes',” Little Danny answered, thanks to his selective hearing.

Then the boys went downstairs and noticed their dad asleep in his chair.

“Should we ask Dad ta make it?” Jonny questioned his sibling.

“Be easier,” Little Danny concurred.

“We do it an'way,” Jonny declared confidently.  He climbed up the side of the chair slightly so he could whisper in his father's ear.  “Dad, can you make us choc'late popcorn?”

Jack's shoulders flinched forward slightly as he made a funny face, his mouth and nose scrunching up a bit as he fought the urge to wake up all the way.

“Dad?  Choc'late popcorn?

“Ah ... no,” came the unaware, somewhat automatic response from the still mostly asleep military man.

Jonny looked over at his brother and smiled before climbing down the chair and responding, “It's okay.  We'll do it.”

The brothers walked into the kitchen.  Little Danny started to pull a chair over to the cupboards, but Jonny bounced up and down a couple of times as if on a trampoline and then managed to jump as high as he could, grab on to the counter's edge, and pull himself up.

“Cool!” Little Danny praised.

The agile Jonny was a bit taller for his age, but the jump was still impressive.

Jonny opened the counter and pulled out a box of microwave popcorn.  While the family usually made their popcorn via more traditional methods, they usually had some of the microwave version around just for those 'can't wait' moments.  The youngster sat down on the counter, his feet dangling below him, making contact with the lower cabinets.

“Jonny, feet,” Little Danny cautioned as he heard the tap of Jonny's heel against the wood.

The older boy began to look down, almost falling before catching himself.  He just smiled and continued on with the mission.

“What we do now?”

“Hafta get the choc'late in the bag,” Little Danny theorized and then walked over to another counter area, reaching up with his hands and just managing to touch the box of Godiva chocolates he knew were there.  ~Gonna get you, choc'late.~  Imitating his brother's earlier move, he sprung up on his feet until he was able to scoot the box forward, latch onto it, and pull it into his eager hands.  ~Told ya.~

Happily, the little boy returned to Jonny's position and requested, “Open the bag.”

Jonny studied the bag of microwave popcorn, trying to decide how best to open it. Internally, he pondered how to seal the bag once the chocolate was inside.

“It won't open,” the sandy-haired Munchkin complained, displeased that the bag wouldn't tear.

“I know!” Little Danny exclaimed, opening a utility drawer and retrieving a pair of scissors. “We'll cut it.”

Taking the scissors, Jonny cut open the bag, smiling at the result.  Then Little Danny opened the box of chocolates and emptied it, a total of twelve pieces falling into the bag.

“Mix it up good,” the middle triplet instructed.

Nodding, Jonny held the bag in front of him, his fingers keeping it closed while he shook it as hard as he could.

“Now what?” the older child sought.

“We put it in the mic'wave.”

“But the bag's open.”

Little Danny thought for a minute and then suggested, “Let's tape it!”

“I'll get my duct tape.”

“Take too long.  Use this,” Little Danny offered, returning to the utility drawer and pulling out a roll of Scotch tape.

“'Kay,” Jonny agreed before taking the tape and sealing the bag with an abundance of the clear tape.  Still on the counter, he leaned over and popped open the door of the microwave door, placing the bag inside.  “Should we pop it twice 'cause of all the choc'late?”

“Na-huh,” Little Danny responded.

Focused, Jonny's finger aimed for the pre-coded 'popcorn' label on the microwave.


Upstairs, Daniel's senses were returning as his eyelids fluttered and his mind left his dream of a chocolate ocean behind.  He blinked as he lifted his head.  Voices on replay began to stir in his mind.  As they did, his eyes widened.


In the living room, Jack, too, began to stir.  A smile on his face from the somewhat X-rated dream he'd been having of his naked husband, he sighed happily.  He shook his head, trying to figure out what was over his face.  The ripple of the paper moving began his waking process.  As his sexy lover's image faded, he had a feeling he'd heard from a couple of the kids.  Still fuzzy, he forced his inner general to replay the facts.  Suddenly, he sat up, grabbing the newspaper from atop his face and tossing it aside.

In unison, though in two separate rooms, Jack and Daniel both shouted, “What?  Waaait!”


In the kitchen, Jonny's finger was just about to press the 'popcorn' button when he heard a blaring voice.

“Jonny, don't touch that microwave!”

“Aw, crap,” the Munchkin whined.

“Yeah, crap,” Little Danny muttered, his head down.

“What do you think you're doing?” Jack questioned sternly, picking up his namesake and putting him down so the boy was standing on his own two feet.

“Hey!” Daniel called out, rounding the corner from the living room into the kitchen and taking a big breath from his quick sprint down the stairs to the room.

“No running, Daddy,” Jonny chastised in a failed attempt to take some of the attention off of him and his brother.  The glare he received from his dad, however, indicated he should have thought better of it.  ~Shucks.~

“What's in here?” Jack questioned, opening the microwave and taking out the bag.

“We wanted choc'late popcorn,” Little Danny volunteered, his face droopy and sad.  ~Never gonna get more choc'late.~

Jack resisted the urge to chuckle at the sight of Scotch tape on the popcorn bag and quickly tore the bag open to see inside.  Amused and not really surprised, he then showed it to his soulmate.

**Did you hear about the Hershey bar incident last night?** Daniel asked his husband via their unexplainable silent communication.

**Yeah, I head the scuttlebutt through the brood grapevine: big bites.  He was excluded.**

**And he gave up his chocolate milk this morning for Lulu.**

**Sure did,** Jack responded.  **That doesn't leave Jonny off the chopping block.**

**He's supporting Little Danny.  You know that.**

“We're in big trouble,” Jonny whispered to his triplet.

“Sorry, Jonny,” the other boy replied.  “My fault.”

“Na-huh.  I wanted choc'late popcorn, too.”

“But you only did it for me.”

“We stick together.”

“Always,” Little Danny agreed.

All of a sudden Aislinn appeared, hurrying over to her brothers and standing between them.  She looked up at her parents and then sighed.

“Are we in trouble?” the girl asked the boys.

“Not you, Ash, just us,” Jonny answered.

“We're Munchkins!” Aislinn corrected sternly.

“Love you, Ash,” Little Danny declared, turning to hug the girl.

**Danny, how'd she know they were in trouble?  Wasn't she upstairs with Jenny?**

**I don't know,** Daniel answered.  **I was asleep.**

**Me, too, but she's been nowhere in sight,** Jack pondered.  **Odd.**

**Well, look at us, talking in our minds. How odd is that?** the linguist asked somewhat rhetorically.

“We're ready,” Jonny sighed, certain punishment was in short order.

Jack looked at his lover, who shrugged innocently.  Then he put on a serious face, one that said he was about to lay down the law.

“First, dinner.  Salads with veggies, lots of veggies that you will each devour with a smile.”

The triplets exchanged looks.  This was going to be bad.

“Then we're having ... chocolate popcorn for dessert,” the general spoke, his mock glare turning into a smile as the Munchkins all cheered.

“Daddy, pleeeeease can I ...” Little Danny asked, not bothering to complete his sentence, but his big eyes ands moist lips begging without the verbal equivalent being uttered.

Daniel took the bag from Jack, reached in and pulled out one of the Godiva candies.  He took a knife and cut the round candy into three pieces, handing one to each of the children.

“Now get out of here while Daddy and I cook dinner,” Jack ordered.  As the children began to make their happy escape, he called out, “And we'll talk about sitting on counters and playing with microwaves later.”

Daniel chuckled, “Sure, we will.”

“Tonight, while we're eating Godiva-laced popcorn,” the older man replied with a chuckle.  “By the way,  I had the best dream about you earlier.”

“Yeah?  Tell me?”

“Tonight,” Jack promised, leaning in for an inviting kiss.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Little Danny's chocolate envy abated and plans set for an enjoyable Saturday evening, the Jackson-O'Neills set about their way, all happy and healthy as they enjoyed life in Colorado Springs!

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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