Duct Tape Wars

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  Beyond the Series - April 23-28, 2014
Spoilers:  None
Size:  55kb
Written:  October 21-22, November 1-4,7,9,20,22, 2009
Summary:  A visit to Stargate Command results in a surprising course of events for the Jackson-O'Neills.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, Tammy, Navi, Mama Bear!

Duct Tape Wars
by Orrymain

“Jonny, this won't take long,” Samantha Carter-Shanahan told the eight-and-a-half-year-old Munchkin as she glanced through her rear view mirror.

Staring out the window, the Munchkin was wearing a light spring emerald green jacket, a short-sleeve gray shirt with faded black jeans, and white sneakers.

The pregnant colonel had received a call for assistance from one of her staff members at Cheyenne Mountain and had been about to leave her home to go to work when Jonny had asked to come along.  Sam's husband, Pete, was still at home, looking after their son, Kevin, and daughter, Susie.  A few members of the brood were also there since Jack and Daniel were both out of town on J-O Enterprises' business for a couple of days.  In their absence, the brood had been divvied up between the Shanahans, the Wilsons, and Janet.

Eager as he was to follow in his oldest father's footsteps in the military, Jonny was quick to take every opportunity he could to visit the top secret Air Force base.  Since the reason for the trip was simply a member of her science team having a problem with the re-engineering of an alien device, Sam didn't see any harm in Jonny coming along, especially when she expected the trip to be a relatively short one.

“What's re-engineering mean, Aunt Sam?” Jonny asked after getting bored watching rolling scenery from his seat.

“Well, it means ...”

Jonny stared at his aunt, a blank expression on his face as he surmised, ~That must be what Dad calls technobabble 'cause I don't know what she's saying.~

“Make sense?” Sam asked when she was done, her crystal blue eyes connecting with the endearing brown ones of the little general through the rear view mirror.

“Yeahsureyabetcha,” Jonny responded, not knowing what else to say.

Sam chuckled and then confided, “Jonny, I know that look.  I've seen it for years on your dad's face.”

“Sorry,” the boy returned a bit timidly.

“You're as smart as he is, Jonny Jackson-O'Neill,” Sam proclaimed.  “Okay, here is the easy version that is way oversimplified: if we get a piece of technology that we don't understand but need, we break it down ...”

“Take it apart?” Jonny interjected.

“Exactly,” Sam confirmed.  “And then we put it back together again.”


“Maybe, and maybe we make it into something else,” Sam elaborated.

“Now I get it,” Jonny stated with a nod while tapping on his legs in a drum-like beat to the music on the radio.


“Hello, Colonel,” the airman greeted at the first security checkpoint.  “General Jonny!  I haven't seen you here for a while.”

Jonny laughed at the moniker, but even so, he was proud of the title and pledged to one day be just as good of a general as his dad was.

“Hi ... Airman Franks,” Jonny replied, having to read the man's nametag in order to acknowledge him.

Getting the nod, Sam drove forward, glancing back at the smiling boy and knowing that he was loving every minute of the trip to the base.


Apparently not having learned from Jack's and Daniel's prior experience when taking their brood to Cheyenne Mountain, Sam made the mistake of getting lost in concentrating on the project problem with her staff and didn't notice when Jonny decided to take a stroll.  The boy smiled, nodded, and returned salutes that were given to him as he walked along the corridor.

Then Jonny came across two more airmen walking purposefully in his direction.  One saluted him, causing the other one to stare at his co-worker in puzzlement.

“What the heck are you doing saluting a kid?” the second airman asked as the two soldiers continued to walk.

“You're new here, Rylan,” the first airman stated, using his friend's first name.

“Yeah, so?”

“Excuse me,” Jonny called out, doubling back and standing in front of the military men, essentially preventing them from walking any further.  He looked at the second man and asked, “Have you ever been on report?”

“W...what?” the airman stuttered.

“Do you like being on report?” the sandy-haired boy asked, totally believing that he had every right to ask and be answered.

“Kid ...”

“What's your name?”

“Maloney,” the second airman responded indignantly.

“Rhymes with bologna,” Jonny quipped as he walked past the airmen.  Pausing, the little general looked over his shoulder and stated, “I'll remember that.  I bet my dad will, too.”

Maloney made a funny face as he twisted around to see the boy parading confidently down the corridor.

“Maloney, the next time you see me salute, you might want to salute, too,” the first airman suggested in frustration and slight amusement.

“He's a kid, Huff.”

“He's General O'Neill's kid,” Bart Huffington pointed out dramatically.  “He thinks he's a general and the way I hear it, he's been saluted since he could walk, so if I were you, and you see him again, salute, unless you want to go on report.”

“Report?  He can't do that.”

“You'd better reread the unofficial 411 on this place.  More than one airman's been reassigned for looking cross-eyed at those kids.”


Huffington shook his head, wondering how his new friend had missed getting the intel.  It was delivered now on the QT, one airman to another.  He'd have to fill Maloney in later or risk being put on report himself for being late to his duty assignment.

“Just salute, if you see him.”

As Huffington walked on, Maloney looked back just as Jonny rounded the corner.  Jonny, too, looked back, giving the airman a smirk that made him start wishing he'd never been transferred to the Mountain.

~O'Neill's retired.  What can he do?~  Maloney closed his eyes and shuddered, thinking of some of the rumors and stories floating around.  ~A lot.  Crap!~


“Hi, Sergeant Siler,” Jonny greeted as he entered one of the work labs.

“Jonny,” Siler acknowledged.  “Are you terrorizing the airmen?”

Jonny smirked, “Do you know Airman Maloney?”

“Nope,” Siler responded with a shrug, pausing at his task at hand.  “He must be new.”

“I had him sweating,” Jonny stated proudly as he joined the sergeant at a worktable.  “What are you doing?”

“Fixing a big fuse,” the man answered, using his infamous, at least at the Mountain, monkey wrench.

Jonny was interested in Siler's work until he noticed a small TV in the corner of the room.  On it was a TV show that drew his attention.  Leaving Siler and his fuse behind, the youngster quietly walked over and sat down on the floor.  He leaned back against one of the table legs and stared upward at the screen, totally absorbed in what he was watching.

Meanwhile, Siler continued his work, feeling completely at ease with having the Munchkin in the lab with him.


Ten minutes later, Jonny called out, “Sergeant Siler, do you have any duct tape?”

“On the bottom shelf, the box on the right-hand side,” Siler answered.

“Can I use some?”

“Help yourself,” the sergeant responded absently.

It wasn't until later that Siler realized just what he'd said to Jonny Jackson-O'Neill, though he didn't really think much of it, even then, except to hope Jonny wasn't going to use it to start tying up SGC airmen.


“Okay, I think I've got it,” Sam stated excitedly.  “If we take this part, jiggle this disc ...”

“More like a joint, giving it more flexibility,” the team member interjected.

“Right,” Sam confirmed.  ~Gee, I really miss doing this all the time.~

Excited at the scientific progress being made, Sam continued working on reengineering the object, completely unaware that her charge had gone AWOL.


“Sergeant, I need that ...”

Jonny stood up from the floor where he'd been working diligently on his project.  He looked around, surprised to realize he was alone.  Undaunted, he stared at the object of his desire which was located high up on a shelf.  He looked around to see if there was any way to get it himself.  He was tall, but not tall enough, he decided regretfully.

The boy walked out into the corridor and smiled when he saw an airman approaching.  Inwardly, he was highly amused, especially when the man started to salute.

“Airman Bologna, I need your help,” Jonny stated as he returned the salute.

“Maloney,” the man groused.

“Excuse me?” Jonny barked, impersonating his older father quite accurately.

~He can't possibly mean what I think he means,~ the airman thought.  Full of consternation, he groaned out, “My name is Maloney.”  He saw Jonny's stern look and there was something in the eyes.  He had no doubt that this was indeed General O;Neill’s son.  ~Oh, come on, kid.  You're a kid.~

~This is fun,~ Jonny opined.  ~I'm getting better at doing general eyes.  He's scared of me.~

The young boy almost broke out into laughter, but he caught himself just in time.  He was about to relent, knowing that he was being a bit silly and unfair on insisting on a real general-like reply, when he received a huge surprise.

“My name is Maloney, Sir.”

Jonny couldn't help it now.  He did grin, but then right afterwards, he shuffled his right foot against the floor and muttered indistinguishable phrases about general eyes having no effect if you laugh afterwards and about how covert means you keep playing the game even after it's over.

“Ah, shucks.”

“Kid, did you want something?”

“Yes,” Jonny sighed and went back into the room where he'd been working.  “I need that tube thing, please.”

Not sure what was happening with the strange boy, Maloney didn't see any harm in giving the cylindric object to him, so he did as requested.

“Anything else ... General?”

“No.  Thank you, Airman Maloney.”

For some reason, Maloney suddenly softened where the oldest Munchkin was concerned.  Out of the blue, the child seemed so down, so the airman decided to see if he could perk him up.

“Permission to return to regular duties, General, Sir?”

Jonny looked up and saw the airman standing still and erect.  He was holding his salute, his eyes focused straight ahead, as per protocol.

His grin huge, Jonny returned the salute and ordered, “Permission granted, Airman.”

Following stringent procedures, Maloney's hand snapped down.  He turned with precision and began to march out of the room.

“And, Airman, I'm gonna put you in for an accommodation,” Jonny called out.  When Maloney turned and stared at him questioningly, he explained, “Putting up with a playful Munchkin.  My dad, the *real* general will explain it to you.”

Maloney smiled and then went on his way, thinking maybe the kid wasn't so bad after all.

Jonny pondered the last few minutes, mentally taking time to center himself and think about how he'd acted and all he'd said.  Though he was trying to emulate his dad, it was the influence of his daddy which was at play now.  Conversations about being honest, kind, and compassionate flowed through his mind, as did discussions about their somewhat privileged status at the Mountain.  Talks he'd had with both of his fathers about respect, both receiving it and earning it, also churned within him.

Finally, the contemplative child took a breath and spoke aloud, “That's enough thinking.  My brain is gonna be too tired to finish my project.”

With that, Jonny returned to work.


“Thanks, Colonel,” the scientist sighed appreciatively.  “It had me stumped.”

“Not a problem.  Work on adjusting the angle some more and keep me posted on the results,” Sam ordered as she stood up and grabbed her purse.  “Jonny, it's ... Jonny?”  She walked all around the lab and then sighed, “Holy Hannah, I lost the Munchkin.”


“Sergeant Davis, I ... oh, excuse me, Sir,” Sam stated as she walked into the control room.

“Colonel,” General Hank Landry greeted.  “You're looking lovely.”

“For a blimp, Sir.  Thank you,” Sam acknowledged as she patted her rather large stomach.

“Is there something you need?” Landry asked when Sam simply stood in place.

Taking a breath, the blonde advised, “Well, actually, General, I'm not here alone.” She paused a moment and then added, “Jonny Jackson-O'Neill is here with me, sort of.”

Landry put his hands on the back of Davis' chair and dropped his head, shaking it momentarily as he groaned inwardly.

Looking up, the current commander of Cheyenne Mountain questioned, “Colonel, George lost all of his hair because of those kids, didn't he?”

“Ah, General Hammond was bald for a long time.”

“Then it was their parents,” Landry determined dryly.  Finally, he stated, “Sergeant, order the SFs to ...”

“Actually, Sir, if I could just ...” Sam took a few steps closer to the console and motioned towards the tannoy.  When Landry nodded his permission, she quickly, but nervously, went to the microphone and pressed the appropriate buttons.   When she spoke, it was more forcefully than most personnel had ever heard her speak. “General Jonny, this is Colonel Carter.  I'm in the control room, and that's where you'd better be, *on the double*, or you're going to be bottom sorry and by the time you eat ice cream again, you will have forgotten what it tastes like.”

Sam released the button and turned off the public address system, smiling at Landry and Davis.

“Bottom sorry?” Davis finally had to ask.

“Empty threat,” Sam admitted.  “The kids don't get spanked.  However, the ice cream threat?  That was real and that's what will get him.”

Davis stared in complete ignorance of the sacredness of ice cream to the Jackson-O'Neill clan.  As for Landry, he just shrugged and decided to carry on with his duties, which involved a conversation with Davis.


Hearing the ice cream threat, Jonny gasped.

“Trouble?” Siler asked, having had returned to the room about ten minutes earlier.

“Big trouble,” Jonny admitted as he stood up and started frantically to gather up his materials.  “It doesn't get any worse than when they threaten no ice cream.”

“I'll help you,” Siler volunteered as he moved to assist Jonny in picking up his materials.


“Here I am, Aunt Sam,” Jonny called out, his arms full of his materials.

Behind the Munchkin was Sergeant Siler, carrying a box of other items.

“Sergeant?” Landry asked curiously.

“Ah ...”

“It's my stuff for my project, General Landry,” Jonny answered.  “It's still classified, but if it works, I'll tell you about it.”  He knew he was stretching the truth a little.  ~Okay, a lot.  It was on TV, and TV isn't exactly covert.~

“Let's go,” Sam sighed, nodding towards Landry as she turned Jonny around and headed away from the control room.

Watching the three leave the area, Landry mused, “Sergeant, I'm not sure what bothers me most, the fact that a child has our best technical sergeant acting as his caddy or that Colonel Carter was confident that an eight-and-a-half-year-old could find his way to the control room of a top secret facility.”

“I wouldn't think about it too hard, General,” Davis replied calmly, used to the insanity that is the Jackson-O'Neills.

“Good idea,” Landry responded.  Tapping the side of the technician's chair and leaning forward slightly, he instructed, “Make sure General O'Neill is billed for everything that child removed from my base.”

“Yes, Sir,” Davis responded, knowing that would get a reaction out of Jack O'Neill, which was bound to have hysterical consequences.  ~I just hope I'm on duty when he gets his payback for the bill.~


Midday next, Jack and Daniel were in the middle of the happy reunions with their children.  Everyone was gathered in the living room, hugging, kissing, and telling stories about their two days apart.  Sara and Janet had both dropped off their charges just after breakfast.  With Pete working a late shift, he was home with Kevin and Susie, leaving Sam to watch the reunited brood until their parents returned.

**Jack, namesake trouble.**

**Whice one?** Jack questioned as he began to focus in more on Little Danny and Jonny.

**Yours, and look at Sam,** Daniel instructed.

Sam was leaning against the counter, her eyes firmly aimed at the oldest Munchkin.  Jonny was looking down, his hands in his pockets as he lightly scuffed the carpet.  He could feel her eyes on him without even seeing them.

“Oh, okay, I'll confess,” Jonny finally called out, silencing the brood and saving Jack and Daniel from having to investigate whatever was up privately.

Daniel took a few steps over to the sofa, sat down, and asked innocently, “Is there something you want to tell us, Jonny?”

“Um, *want* to?” the boy asked.  Seeing his daddy's unwavering rebuke at the technicality of his words, Jonny nodded and let out a big sigh.  “Okay, okay.  At the Mountain ...”

“The Mountain?” Jack queried incredulously, his eyes darting over to Sam as he moved to sit down next to his lover.

“I had to make a quick stop,” Sam interjected.  This time, she felt Jonny's stare working full force.  “Sir, to be honest, working part time, well, it felt good to get back in there and really do something.  I intended it to be a quick stop, but I got more involved and time just slipped away.  Before I knew it, we were there for a couple of hours.”

“I got bored and took a walk,” Jonny stated, summing up his aunt's explanation.  “Oh, Dad, you need to promote Airman Maloney.  He's really nice, once you get to know him.”

**There's a story there, Danny.**

**For later,** Daniel returned.  **Let's stay on task.**

“We'll discuss that later, Son.  What happened when you took a walk?” Jack questioned.

“I found Sergeant Siler,” Jonny answered.  “He had his TV on.”

“Siler has a TV?” the general queried curiously as he looked at Sam, who just shrugged and felt clueless.  “Times have changed,” he quipped.

“I had a TV,” Daniel reminded.

“Not always.”

“Well, if I needed one for a project, I did.  Maybe he needed it for whatever he was working on,” Daniel theorized.  He looked at Jonny and inquired, “What was he working on?”

“A fuse, but it was really big fuse.”

Jack turned slowly to look at his husband, a smug expression on his face as he silently communicated, **Shall we get back to staying on task, as you call it?**

“Jonny, what was on the TV?”

“A really old, old, old, old, old ...”

“Son, enough with the old.  My head is spinning,” Jack interrupted.  ~And I'm getting an age complex.~

“But it was really old, Dad.”

“An old episode of what exactly?” Jack queried.

“Mythbusters, and it was all about duct tape.”  With a spurt of energy, Jonny stated, “You have to see what I'm building.”  He turned to Sam and asked, “Can I go get it and show them?”

“Go ahead,” Sam permitted, waving her hand toward the patio doors.

Jack stared at his 2IC incredulously as Jonny hurried out of the room and into the backyard.

Sam simply smiled and decided to add, “By the way, he's on restriction.  Only two bites of ice cream per night through the weekend.”

The brood gasped at the punishment.

“He must really have been bad,” Chenoa whispered to Lulu.

**Babe, look at Noa and Lulu,** Daniel requested, seeing the dancing duo huddle close.

**More mischief?**

Knowing that their children never took pleasure in seeing their siblings in trouble, Chenoa's and Lulu's reactions were telling.  Jonny clearly wasn't the only one to have been up to mischief.

**They look a little happy that Jonny might be in trouble,** the archaeologist put forth.

**They aren't the only ones, Danny.  Take a look at the Spitfires.  Notice how quiet and demure they are.**

**Yes, I've noticed.**

**Jonny's their salvation,** Jack mused.

**I'm thinking so,** Daniel chuckled in his mind.

“Come look,” Jonny called out to everyone, beckoning them to walk outside and join him.

Jack, Daniel, and the rest made their way to the patio deck and stared at the object lying in Susie's borrowed red wagon.

“What's that?” Daniel questioned nervously about the odd-shaped object.

“It's a cannon,” Jonny answered brightly.  “Well, it's going to be a cannon, a duct tape cannon.”

“Which reminds me, Sir.  Sergeant Davis expressed over a bill from the United States Air Force.”

“A bill?” Jack echoed with raised eyebrows.

Sam chuckled, seeing the questioning look Jack gave her, and expounded, “He rushed it through, personally, on orders from General Landry.”  Not certain whether or not she could laugh at Jack's expression without getting into trouble herself, she struggled to withhold further chuckles.  ~General Landry didn't order the express; that was Davis' personal touch.  He's always been a cheeky little sergeant.~

Jonny sighed a bit dejectedly and offered, “You can take a dollar out of my allowance every week to pay for my materials.”

“How about we take all of your allowance until it's completely paid for?” Jack countered.

“There's that,” Jonny replied, sounding just like his older father did when he spoke that exact same phrase.  Getting a new wind, the boy then insisted, “Dad, Daddy, this is really cool.”

The parents exchanged a look and then Daniel stated, “First, Aunt Sam said you're on ice cream restriction.  Tell us why.”

“Because I wandered off without telling her,” Jonny explained without hesitation. He turned to the blonde and sincerely spoke, “I'm really sorry, Aunt Sam.  I just wanted to have some fun, like you were.”

“I know,” Sam acknowledged, walking over the few steps it took to reach Jonny and then leaning over gently to give him a kiss.  “I love you.”  She looked over at Jack and Daniel and advised, “I really have to go.  I'm glad you guys are home and don't be too hard on the brood.  They missed you; that's all.”

Jack and Daniel toured the looks of 'ut oh' on the faces of their children and just shook their heads.

“Thanks, Sam,” Daniel responded appreciatively.  “I'll call you later.”

“Bye, kids.”

“I'll bring Susie's wagon back later,” Jonny promised.  “I'll make sure it's nice and shiny for her.”

“She'll like that,” Sam replied with a smile as she headed for the security gate that separated her yard from that of Jack and Daniel's.

With Sam gone, Jack and Daniel stood and suggested the kids play in the backyard or in the game room for a while so that they could have a chance to unpack and take a look at the mail and their messages.

“What about my cannon?” Jonny asked innocently.

“Don't make anything explode,” Jack answered as he headed back inside the house, intending to get his duffel bag.

“I won't.  It's not ready for the dynamite yet,” Jonny replied eagerly.

“Yet?” Daniel questioned quietly, standing next to Jack with a slightly horrified expression.  ~This can't be good.~

“We should have at least a half-hour,” Jack responded.  Seeing Daniel's skeptical look, he sighed, “Fifteen minutes?”

“Ten,” Daniel corrected as he grabbed his own bag and headed up the stairs.


“You know, it could work,” Jack stated enthusiastically.

“Maybe,” Daniel agreed, still thinking that duct tape can't make a good projectile cannon.

“Hey, you might be the expert on trinkets ...”

“Artifacts,” the archaeologist corrected.

“But I'm the military guy, and I'm tellin' ya, Danny, I think we could make a working cannon out of duct tape.”

Jonny was grinning widely now that he had his father the general all gung ho about his project.

“Why?” Daniel asked simply.

“Why?” Jack echoed somewhat sarcastically.

“Why would you want to make a cannon out of duct tape?”

“Why not?” the older man returned, stunning his lover into silence, albeit only for a brief second.

“Okay, forget why, but what are you going to do with it once you get it built?  You can't shoot anything out of it.”

“We can at the air strip,” Jonny stated smartly, joining into the debate.

“Ya see!” Jack exclaimed, pointing proudly at his namesake.  ~Nice thinking, Munchkin.~

Daniel rolled his eyes and walked back into the house.

“What did they say about keeping this thing round?” Jack asked his son, pointing to the cylindrical barrel.  “I'm concerned about this caving in on itself.”

“They were, too, so they put a tube inside it with, I don't know, olive oil or something on it, so that it would pull out.”

“Like a plug?” Jack questioned.

“Uh-huh,” Jonny acknowledged.

With that, father and son were totally engaged in their cannon creation and remained so for hours.


“Jonny,” Jack warned, pulling the boy back and keeping him safely out of harm's way.  “Sergeant,” he called out, preparing to give the order.  Then he tapped on his son's shoulders and gave him a nod.  ~Oh to be eight years old again and think there is nothing more than this,~ he both mused and lamented as he saw the wonder in the sandy-haired boy's eyes.

“Sergeant, light that candle!” Jonny called out, jumping up and down as Siler lit the long fuse and then ran full speed back to a safe barrier.

“It's gonna blow, Dad!” Jonny exclaimed excitedly.

“There she goes!” Jack shouted, his body scrunching down somewhat from the visual of the metal ball being thrust mightily from the makeshift cannon.  “Wow!”

“It worked!  It worked!  It worked!”


Further back, Daniel and some of the other children applauded and cheered supportively.

“I knew it would work,” Little Danny told his daddy.

“I wasn't so sure,” Daniel admitted.

“Duct tape is like magic, Daddy,” Jenny reminded her daddy.  “MacGyver trusted it more than anything.”

“MacGyver is ...”  Deciding not to go against the brood's strong love of the 1980's adventurous television character, Daniel smiled.  “Everything has its limits, Jenny.  Duct tape is very strong and durable, but it's not magic.”  He noted the disbelief in his young daughter's eyes and pondered the oddities of his and Jack's parenting.  ~Where did we go wrong?  Ice cream is a religious ritual and duct tape is an essential staple for daily living.  Somehow, that doesn't seem ... normal.~

Of course, just thinking about being normal was enough to jar the archaeologist back to reality.  The Jackson-O'Neills weren't about being normal; they were about being themselves, regardless of what anyone else thought.

“Daddy, maybe we could try and make a duct tape trowel,” Little Danny suggested, getting more excited about various possibilities with duct tape.

“Okay, we'll do that.”

The suggestions kept coming, prompting the archaeologist to make a mental note to order a new case of duct tape soon.

~Ah, better make that three cases,~ Daniel thought as the children's ideas kept flowing.


“Daniel,” Jack stated quietly, cocking his head to the right and walking in the direction his lover was standing.  Leaving the curious children behind by several feet, the two parents stood close together and spoke quietly.  “Jonny said they made a sailboat out of duct tape on that show.”

“It wouldn't work,” Daniel refuted.  “Well, unless you used some kind of steel frame.”

“That's what they did.  I'm thinking a small boat, very simple.”

“What exactly are you suggesting?”

“A little trip to the lake,” the general responded with a sly smile.

“I assume you mean to the Colorado cabin,” Daniel replied.  He grew suspicious, however, when his husband just continued to face him with that unchanging expression of smugness.  “Jack, what are you ... no, you aren't ... you can't ... Jack.”

“Think about it, Danny.  You, me, the kids, and some fun at the beach,” Jack implored with boy-like mischief.

“Yes, but that beach is located across the galaxy.”

“Two just-bright-and-warm-enough suns, lots of gooey sand to run between your toes, palm trees with coconut juice that tastes like sweet wine that wakes up your palette to succulent heights ...”

“Succulent heights?” the younger man questioned in disbelief, questioning if he and Jack were still on the same page.  “Babe, what exactly do you think is going to happen there on that beach with you, me, and at least ten children present?”

Jack's response was complete silence and total stillness for several seconds until he answered, “Fun.”

Daniel chuckled lightly, but still had one concern.

“How are you going to convince General Landry to let us go on this little ... journey?”

With a huge grin, Jack answered, “Hank's in D.C. for the next few days.  Guess who's in charge this weekend?”

“Jack, she's pregnant,” Daniel warned about Sam, not wanting to do anything that might upset her as her due date neared.


“*Very* pregnant.”

“And your point would be?” the general questioned almost musically.

“I'm just saying you shouldn't give her a hard time,” Daniel argued.

“No hard time, Love.  I'm just going to remind her who it was who lost our son at the Mountain the other day.”

“Gawd, you're incorrigible,” Daniel laughed.  Still, he liked the idea, so he nodded his head and agreed, “Fine.  Okay, we'll go.”

“That's my Danny,” Jack returned happily, pulling his soulmate in for a kiss and then turning and calling out, “Kids, guess what?”


“What we're going to do,” Jack began thoughtfully, “is make this like a fabric.”

“Which is why you're going to listen to me,” Jennifer chuckled, amused by the direction of their project.

“Dad!” the oldest Munchkin gasped at his sister's remark.

“Jonny, who's the expert tailor in this family?” the general questioned.

“Jen,” Jonny admitted solemnly.  “But we're not making a dress.”

“Do you want this thing to float?” Jack inquired pointedly.

With Jonny acquiescing, Daniel looked at their brood.  Except for JD, who didn't know anything about the Stargate at this point and was being cared for by his grandfather, all the children were present on PC8-904, a paradise-like planet that was uninhabited and was now used occasionally for rest and relaxation for SGC personnel.  The weather was almost always in the eighties.  In fact, since the planet had first been visited by SG-11 nine years ago and then monitored, the highest the temperature had ever gotten was ninety-five degrees.  The coolest had been an even seventy degrees.  Often, slight breezes occurred.

Like Earth, the alien world was on a twenty-four hour per day cycle, though daylight was a constant sixteen hours.  As a joke, Lou Ferretti had once called the beach paradise Eden and the name stuck.  While it made some wary, most simply enjoyed their playful visits to the planet.  Those recreational outings had been approved and begun just four years ago.  At that point, a few permanent structures had been built to store some basic supplies and essentials.  In addition, a basic dock had been built, allowing for walks over the water and fishing.

Since Eden was a beach world with no arid lands and just a couple of mountain ranges, most Tau'ri preferred to take hammocks and camp out on the beach at night.  Any SGC personnel, as well as their loved ones with knowledge of the Stargate and proper clearance, were now allowed to travel to Eden, though as a rule there was only one or two trips there per month.

Also, the reality was that only a few loved ones even knew about the Stargate so many of the trips were more like team parties and considered good for morale.  Still, there were a few exceptions, such as some of the civilian scientists who had married military personnel they'd met while working at Cheyenne Mountain.

Jack and Daniel had been to Eden a few times over the years, but this was the first time they'd brought the brood with them.

Naturally, the family was dressed in summer attire.  Everyone had on shorts and tops that were either sleeveless or had short sleeves.  They wore beach sandals or thongs and some had sunglasses on or around their necks.

At the moment, Daniel was still looking at the children when he instructed, “Those of you who would like to help with the construction of the duct tape sailboat, please walk over to Jonny and Jen.  The rest of you stay here.”  He watched with great curiosity.  ~That's interesting.  I wonder why those two don't want to play on the beach.~

As if hearing Daniel's thought, Little Danny chimed, “Gotta support another Munchkin, Daddy.”

“Yeah,” Aislinn agreed.

Daniel blinked several times and looked like he was staring into the headlights of an upcoming vehicle.


**I don't want to think about it.**

**Think about what?** Jack asked, having no idea what was transpiring.

“It's interesting to see who wants to do what, isn't it, Daddy?” the child prodigy asked innocently as he got on his knees to study the wire framing that would be used for the sailboat.

“Very,” Daniel responded nervously.

“Daniel?” a still very confused Jack called out.

“We're going over there,” Daniel replied, though he didn't point or look in any direction since he was still staring at his namesake.  ~This had better be my imagination.  Little Danny, it's against the rules to read my mind, or Dad's ... ever.~  Taking a breath, he looked around and clarified, “Right there,” as he pointed.

As Daniel began to lead his part of the brood to where they'd be spending the day, he grimaced as he heard two words.

“Okay, Daddy,” the middle Munchkin stated.

Frozen in place, the archaeologist twisted around and noticed Little Danny was busy conferring with Jonny and Aislinn.

~It was my imagination.  You're not in my mind; I mean, you're not reading my mind.  Right?  Little Danny?~

Not getting a response, Daniel started walking again, though he found himself doing a lot of 'Little Danny mind dropper' tests, just to be sure.  After all, the Munchkins seemed to have their own strange ability to help one another, whether they were together or not.  Their Munchkin Power had been a mystery to Jack and Daniel for years.  Ultimately, though, he decided the earlier 'conversation' had been a simple case of coincidence and imagination.

~Either that, or he's just obeying the rules.~


“Jonny, let me explain about the fabric concept,” Jennifer urged her brother, bringing him over so that they were both facing the wire frame.  She had her arms around her brother as she tried to get him to visualize as she spoke.  “Picture putting one piece of duct tape here and another right next to it.  How secure do you think it would be?”

The boy thought for a moment and answered, “Good, but what about between the seams?”

“Exactly,” Jennifer replied.  “That's why we want to apply the duct tape to make it like a cloth.  Each strip needs to be put on very smoothly, each piece overlapping the next.”

“Maybe we could start over here,” Chenoa offered, having fun with her siblings.

“Yeah, we'd go faster,” Jenny agreed.

“Probably, but our cloth wouldn't be like one piece.  It would be like patches put together, and for a duct tape sailboat, I don't think that's our best choice.”

“Okay, Jen.  You tell us what to do, and we'll make a cloth out of duct tape for our sailboat,” Jonny declared firmly.

With that, the project was on.  The family had brought with them to the planet several cases of duct tape, the metal wire frame for the boat, and some plywood.  Jack supervised the project, but he pretty much let Jonny and his siblings figure things out on their own.

The workers didn't stop until it was time for dinner.


“Glad we came?” Jack asked.

“I'd forgotten how beautiful the sunsets are here on Eden,” the archaeologist sighed contently as the lovers strolled across the endless beach, their hands entwined together.  He stopped, leaning in for a tender, prolonged kiss and then answered, “I'm very glad we came here for the weekend.  The children ...”

“Forget the kids,” the older man reminded his soulmate.  “The next three hours are ours, and we're going to make the most of them.”

“Oh, are we?” Daniel questioned playfully.

Before Jack could answer, Daniel took off running.  He knew exactly where he was headed, down the beach about a mile or so, to another half-mile inland where there was a cozy, grassy hideaway.  There, the couple could hear the sounds of the ocean and see the twinkling of the stars as they gazed downward on the humans.

“Got ya!” Jack exclaimed, tackling his lover as they approached the hideaway.

Daniel laughed as his face touched the grassy meadow.  It felt so cool and comfortable.  Jack was atop him, his head resting on the small of the archaeologist's back.  Both took deep breaths from their run.

Just when Daniel thought he might actually fall asleep, he felt his Love's hand begin to run up his thigh, and then there was the kiss of his Love's lips against his back.  Thoughts of sleep were gone in a split-second.

“Love you so much, Angel,” Jack declared in a husky voice in between a series of kisses that he placed in row after row on the smooth skin of his Heart's back.

The general's hands rubbed seductively along both of Daniel's thighs and upper legs.  They traveled inside, slowly making their up to the crotch area.

Daniel's eyes closed, and he gasped in expectation.  He waited until he thought he might scream.  Finally, he felt Jack's hand rub his length.

“Want this, so much,” Daniel gasped as he panted from need and want.

Jack stood up on his knees, lowering his shorts and underwear.  He'd already dislodged his sandals, and those of his husband.  With Daniel arching his rear end upward, Jack quickly pulled the clothing down, though he didn't yet have the patience to back away long enough to completely remove his or Daniel's bottom attire.

The silver-haired man moved in closer again, letting his hands rub against Daniel's butt cheeks.  He squeezed and kissed them, resulting in a moan and gasp.  Expectation and anticipation were running high, and only seconds had passed.

Jack's hands ran up his Love's back, scooting the shirt up towards Daniel's shoulders.  Applying more kisses, he also reached around Daniel, letting his hands caress the pectoral muscles, pressing gently in the right areas to get more guttural sounds to be released.  Surprising Daniel, he moved his hands to caress around his length.

Daniel's head bowed down as his lower half naturally rose.  He wanted Jack inside him, and he wanted it now.  He was so on edge.  His fingers scratched the grassland below him.

“Gawd, Jack.  What are you waiting for?”

“Good things, Love,” Jack promised.

“Gawd, teasing,” Daniel groaned.

Sometimes it was just like this, with the lovers teasing and taunting the other until one was about to explode with frustration.  Apparently, Jack had decided to taunt, to make his Love wait for them to join together.  That is, if he could wait himself, and he really wasn't sure about that.

“Oh ... ah ... gaw...oh, yeah,” Daniel panted when Jack suddenly inserted a finger inside.  He wiggled it around enticingly, pressing against his lover's prostate repeatedly.  “Mo...ooo...yeah.”

When Jack redrew his finger, Daniel groaned and complained, “Come on, Jack, don't be so ... aggg....”

Daniel could only make an indistinguishable sound when he felt his Love's length dig into him.

“Oh, yeah, baby, this is ... this is it,” Jack grunted as he shoved his length forward, impaling his lover again.

The lovers passion grew with every touch, kiss, and pounding of Daniel's prostate.  They were deep into the physical act that was part of their eternal love. While it had started in a teasing way, their union lasted for quite a while, until both were satiated and struggling to remember where they were.

“I love it when you can't speak,” Jack mused while holding his sweaty soulmate in his arms.

“Too, me,” Daniel responded, causing the older man to laugh.

“I've still got it,” the general mused.  He placed a kiss atop Daniel's wet hair and declared, “Always and forever, Angel.”

“I love you, too,” Daniel replied as his senses returned.

For a time, the couple simply enjoyed being in each other's hold.  Then they went for a quick swim to clean their very -sexed-up bodies.  After a few minutes more of kissing and fondling, they began a leisurely stroll back to their family.


With the family working and playing together, time was flying by.  Still a bit unnerved about what had happened earlier with the potential mental eavesdropping, Daniel found an opportunity to speak with his namesake as they walked the beach, looking for seashells.

“This one's pretty,” Little Danny observed, kneeling down and picking it up.  “Can I take it and give it to Carrie?” he asked, referring to his good friend, Carrie Lapierre.

“Sure.  Just remember, you can't tell her exactly where you got it,” Daniel replied lightly.  “Uh, Little Danny, remember earlier when we were picking teams?”


“You said something,” Daniel began.  “It was about supporting Jonny and Ash.”

“We always support each other, like Ricky and Jenny do, too.”

“I know, but ... why'd you say that?”

“You looked funny,” the little boy explained, adding, “Like you didn't know why we'd teamed up, so I told you.”

“Oh, so it was my expression that made you say that?”

“Uh-huh,” the boy acknowledged, looking down at the seashell that he was twirling in his hands and was still fascinated by.

“Okay, well, what about a little bit after that?  Um, out of the blue, you said, 'Okay, Daddy,' but I hadn't said anything.”

“Yes, you did.”  Little Danny looked up at his father and reminded, “You told us where you were going.”

Replaying the conversation mentally, the archaeologist refuted, “But that was a minute or two earlier.”

“Oh, well, I was thinking about the project.  I guess I wasn't paying attention.  I'm sorry.”

Daniel smiled, his hand rubbing the middle of his son's back supportively as they continued walking.

“Nothing to be sorry about.  I was just curious about some of the things you were saying, like ... well, your comment about it being interesting who decided to work with whom.”

“You looked confused again, Daddy.  I thought maybe you were sick or something.”  The child stopped walking and stared up at his younger father while asking, “Daddy, are you sick?  You acted so funny earlier.”

“No, I just have an overactive imagination.”

Little Danny giggled, “Me, too, sometimes.”

~What a relief,~ Daniel sighed internally.  He'd been so freaked out by the possibility of his son being able to read his mind.  After his initial scare, he'd done a series of tests throughout the day, and Little Danny hadn't responded to a single one, not by action or thought that the archaeologist could tell.  ~Apparently, it was all me.  I scared myself, and it's all because he just read my face.  I must be getting rusty; I should know better.~  Shaking his head, he opined, “You need at least a week-long vacation, Jackson.~


Late the next afternoon, the sailboat was completed and it was time to test the waters.

“Hey, she's floating,” Jeff chuckled as the sailboat rested on pure blue water.

“Who knew,” Jack mused.  “I'll try it first,” he stated while still staring in amazement at their creation as it bounced up and down with the tide.

“But it was my idea,” Jonny boasted.  “Well, I'm the one who saw that old TV show.”

Jack looked at his husband, who contemplated the decision for a few seconds before nodding his assent.  Even if their creation sank like a stone, Jonny wouldn't really be in danger of anything except getting soaked.

“Life jacket on first,” Jack ordered.

Jack and Daniel already had their life protective floatation devices on, as did all four of their oldest children.  Now all of the other children were having their protective wear secured.

“Ready, Dad,” Jonny advised as he ran to the dock to which the sailboat had been secured.

“Come aboard,” Jack ordered.

The boy carefully climbed into the silver sailboat and sat down.  He looked closely at the interior seams, paying close attention to anything that might indicate the boat was coming apart.

“There's no water at all,” Jonny remarked happily after a minute of observation.  “It's floating.”

“Let's see how far she'll sail.”


Two hours later, it was Jenny and Ricky who were sailing with Daniel on the ocean.  The duct tape sailboat had performed beautifully.  There still hadn't been a single drop of water inside the boat, and the breeze helped the boat to sail freely around the area.

“This is fun, Daddy,” Ricky opined.

“It sure is, but it's time to get back to shore.”

“I'm hungry,” Ricky admitted.

“Me, too,” Daniel laughed.


Once the family was done with their afternoon snack, Brianna was playing around with some duct tape.

“What are you making?” David inquired curiously.

“Wouldn't you like to know,” the tomboy teased, holding her creation away from her brother's sight.

“I bet I can make something more useful than you,” the budding geologist challenged.

“Ten bucks says you can't.”

“You're on!”

The next thing Jack and Daniel knew, bets were flying everywhere, and all of the children were participating.  Then the parents stared at each other for several seconds.

“My paperwork on the Jeeves project for your accounting schedule on the Warks job,” the general challenged.

Not much had changed over the years.  Jack still hated paperwork and Daniel still wasn't fond of anything related to mathematics.  The prospect of not having to do his paperwork for a particularly detailed archaeological job was thrilling to him.  By the same token, the Warks job was even more detailed when it came to budgeting.  It was a multi-site task, and Warks wanted to be charged in a very special way.  Daniel knew he'd be spending hours, if not days, to appease the client.

“Fly Boy, eat my dust,” the archaeologist replied as he headed for one of the boxes of duct tape.

“Big words, Dirt Boy,” Jack returned with flair.

The great duct tape wars were on, and it was a great way to end their weekend on Eden.


“I'm going outside to play,” Jonny told his parents as he passed them in the living room a couple of days later.

The whole family had greatly enjoyed their time off-world, and JD was full of stories about his time with his grandpa.  The sailboat had been left on Eden for the use of SGC personnel.  Also left behind were an assortment of duct tape accessories that every paradise should have, including Little Danny's trowel.

The duct tape wars had been fun and profitable for some of the Jackson-O'Neills and fun and not-so-profitable for others.  Among the losers was Jack, whose fishing pole had lost out to his husband's ice cream scoop.  Poor Jack had received just one sympathy vote from Lulu during the big duct tape wars vote off.

One of the winners was Jenny, whose duct tape wallet was deemed superb and the perfect place to put her winnings from the bets she'd made.

“Have fun,” Jack responded to the boy, who was holding a box in his hands.  Speaking to his lover, he stated, “I wonder what's in the box.”

“More duct tape,” Daniel mused as they rounded the corner into the hallway that led to the study.  Focusing on their business again, he stated, “Jack, what do you think about the ...”


About twenty minutes later, Jack and Daniel were hard at work.  The general was working on some financial calculations at his desk, while Daniel was sitting on the sofa, leaning forward while he did some research on his laptop, which rested on the coffee table.

All of a sudden, Jonny appeared at the doorway, asking, “Dad, Daddy, do we have any dynamite?”

In rote, both men responded with a strong, “No,” and continued with their work.

“Okay.  I'll figure out something,” Jonny replied as he turned and disappeared.

For the next few seconds, Jack and Daniel continued working.  Jack moved the cursor to look at more figures at the bottom of his spreadsheet, while Daniel bookmarked a page dealing with a recent dig in Egypt.  It wasn't really business, but he knew Little Danny would be interested in reading about the adventure.

Suddenly, Jack and Daniel both looked up and faced each other.

“Dynamite?” the parents questioned urgently in unison.

Moving swiftly, Jack and Daniel rose and chased after their creative son.  In their minds, being innovative was fine, as long as their house wasn't blown up in the process.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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