Even Bigger

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Holiday, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - December 31, 2009 - January 1, 2010
Spoilers:  None
Size:  33kb, short story
Written:  December 29-31, 2010
Summary:  It's another New Year's Eve celebration for the Jackson-O'Neill family.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Tammy, Classic, Navi!

Even Bigger
by Orrymain

“Where are the sprinkles?” Aislinn asked, looking around the very full table in the projects room.

“Here, Ash,” Chenoa answered, handing over a bottle of the multi-colored sprinkles that normally went on baked food such as cupcakes.

“Thank you, Noa,” the youngest of the three-year-old Munchkins replied appreciatively as she began to layer a bunch of the sprinkles onto her cardboard hat.

“Daddy, no stay,” Jenny whined about the red ribbon she had been trying to add to her festive hat.

Approaching the two-year-old's seat at the table, Daniel bent over and helped her to apply a bit more glue, which had been her only problem.

“How's that?”

With a huge grin, Jenny spoke her thanks.

Daniel walked over to the pottery area where his soulmate was standing and watching over Ricky and some of the others as they worked.

“Jen's idea is a smasher,” the general opined, referring to their oldest daughter's idea to make their own hats and noisemakers for New Year's Eve instead of buying them.

The younger man nodded and then advised, “Jack, I need to make a couple of calls before we turn off the phones.”


“Yeah.  I'm a little concerned about that ... hiccup Ty ran into in Texas,” the archaeologist noted about one of their employees and a problem that had come up the previous day during an excavation project J-O Enterprises was working on.

“Go make 'em,” Jack agreed, leaning in for a quick kiss.  As his lover began to walk away, the older man called out, “Danny?”

“Yeah?” Daniel asked, stopping and turning around.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Aislinn looked up and grinned, as did Little Danny, who had also heard the exchange.  The kids enjoyed all the love that filled their recently renovated home.  Expressions of love were common, and it simply filled their souls with goodness.

“What are you smiling at?” Jack asked the Munchkins.

Aislinn just giggled, while Little Danny refocused on the hat he was making for Katie.  He'd already finished his own hat, so he'd decided to get to work on the ones for the beagles.  He still didn't like the idea of them wearing hats, but his older father insisted.

~I make good hats for Bij 'n' Katie,~ the little boy determined silently.


After an early lunch, the Jackson-O'Neills settled into their SUV.  It had snowed early that morning, but was fairly clear now.  As Daniel drove, the family sang a variety of upbeat New Year's songs, most of which were familiar children's tunes with altered lyrics such as Toot Your Horn that was sung to the well known Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Finally, the family's destination was reached.  Several cars were already there, so Daniel had to park several houses away.

“Jen, make sure you have the girls secure on the leashes.”

“Yes, Dad,” Jennifer responded as she doublechecked the connections.

Freed from their car seats, the Munchkins and the twins were full of energy and began to sprint forward.

“Whoa!” Jack shouted.  “Three feet rule.  No running ahead taller than your tiny bodies.”

Jonny rolled his eyes at the reprimand, which reminded Jack of his lover's habit of doing the same thing.

Reaching the front door first, David tapped on it eagerly.  When it opened, Sam grinned and found herself surrounded by kids with happy smiles on their faces.

“Aunt Sam!” the chorus of voices rang out.

“This is the best feeling,” Sam responded as she hugged the kids.

“Grannnnnnnndpa!” Jonny exclaimed, leading the next charge of the brood in the direction of their much loved grandfather, better known to some as General George S. Hammond, leader of Stargate Command.

“Hello, Jonny,” Hammond greeted, following it with hugs and kisses for all of his grandchildren.  When that was done, he smiled at the parents.  “Jack, Daniel, I'm glad you could make it.”

“Wouldn't miss it for the world, Sir,” Jack responded.

Hammond was hosting a rather big party at his lakeside home.  It was a family affair for friends and personnel where the children could come, play, and socialize with one another.  Most would be gone by dinnertime, freeing Hammond up to enjoy New Year's Eve with his daughter's family.

The brood had a great time.  Jennifer was happy to see her friend, Trina Ferretti.  They were pretty close, even though separated by a few years in age and they didn't get to see each other as often as they liked.

“Are you excited?” Jennifer inquired.

“I keep think they're going to change their minds,” Trina spoke apprehensively about her pending adoption by Lou and Carolyn Ferretti.

“That's crazy, Trina.”

“I know, but I'm still ...”


“Just a little.  I love them, Jen, and I want a family.  You know how I feel,” Trina pleaded in empathy.

“Yes, I do.  I'll never forget how close David, Noa, and I came to being split up.  If it weren't for Mrs. O'Hanlon, I don't think we would have been adopted.”  Jennifer smiled comfortingly.  “You're Trina Ferretti.  It's a done deal.  You're just waiting on the paperwork.”

Feeling relieved and grateful for the reassurance, Trina hugged her friend and then moved on to discuss another important issue: boys.


Back at home, the brood were all taking long naps, including Jennifer.  Based on the last few years, the kids would all be up to bring in the New Year.  Jack and Daniel just had never been able to put the children to bed before midnight gave way to a brand new year.

Jack and Daniel took advantage of the situation and hid the lucky coins they'd acquired for their children.  These were actually the most expensive ones to date.

“And that's the last of the 5 guilders for me,” Jack informed his husband as he returned from the guest room after having hidden Ricky's coin.

“One more for me,” Daniel advised.  “Uh ... the quiet room?”

“Works for me,” Jack agreed, following his lover to the small room that was like a sanctuary to anyone in need when the house was just too crazy to deal with at any particular time.

“Think we went overboard?” the younger man asked as he contemplated where to hide the Dutch coin that had been a unit of currency for the Netherlands until 2002 when the Euro was adopted.

“No.  It's a good investment for their futures, Jack.  We let them find these tonight with the hot and cold game, talk a bit about wishes for 2010, and then they put them away.  These are going to increase in value.”

Jack considered the comments and the fact that they'd paid more for these than any of the previous coins they'd used for the lucky hide and seek game.

“Think we went overboard?” Jack repeated.

With the last coin hidden, the one that would be for Jenny, Daniel chuckled, gave his Love a kiss, and said, “No.”

“Just asking.”

“Is that ... all you can think to ask for?” Daniel queried suggestively.  “I mean, after all, we were talking about wishes and ... luck!”

“Why, Doctor Jackson, are you suggesting hanky panky in the afternoon?”

“Well, if you're not interested ...”

As Daniel turned to walk out of the room, Jack reached out, spun him around, and began a deep, passionate kiss.  Quietly, he pushed the door closed and placed the monitor onto the desk.  From there, he proved just how interested in hanky panky he was.


The beginning of the big family party had begun with the preparation of the Jackson-O'Neill Insanity Cake, an oddly delightful cake with some very unusual ingredients.  While it baked, the group watched the classic Rudolph's Shiny New Year.  No matter how many times they saw it, the brood, not to mention Jack and Daniel, loved the animated holiday tale of how Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer saved the New Year by rescuing Happy, the Baby New Year.  The only difference this year is that they watched it on the big screen television in their new, large recreation room.

Then it was on to another bit of family fun, charades.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Jack groaned about the card he'd just pulled.  ~Rigged!  This blasted game is rigged.~

Displeased by what seemed like his not-so-random luck of the draw, the general growled like a bear, causing the children to laugh.  He considered rebelling, but then Jonny spoke up.

“Be good sport, Dad,” the oldest Munchkin urged, not having a clue about the word or phrase his father had drawn but yet pulling from his own past experiences when Jack had often reminded that being a good sport was important.

“Right,” Jack acquiesced, shaking his limbs to start his charade.

The general held up a single finger.

“One word,” David called out, being on Jack's team.

When Jack got down on all fours, Bijou barked.  Jack shook his head.  He might feel like a dog, but he wasn't one.  He attempted to make it look like he had a tail.

“Horse!” Chenoa exclaimed excited, sighing when her dad shook his head, indicating a negative response.

~What is it with Noa and horses?~ Jack groaned internally.  ~Okay, she's a beautiful little horsewoman, but I swear, there will never be any horses living here.~

The clock was ticking down with just seconds remaining.  In a last ditch effort to get through to his team, Jack pointed at himself.

“Dad!” Aislinn called out.

“Jackass,” Daniel heard himself say.  “Oops.”

“Daddy, you're not on our team,” Jonny complained.

“Sorry.  It just ... seemed so obvious.”

“Very funny.  Your turn,” Jack snapped.  “Whoever put that in the pile, watch out,” he warned.

“It's just a word, Babe.  It means male donkey.  You're not saying that you're a donkey, are you?”

“Daddy?” David interjected.

“Yes, Son?”

“It also means a stupid person, a blockhead,” the very intelligent boy pointed out.

“And Dad's not stupid, is he?” Daniel queried in an attempt to dig himself out of a hole.

Suddenly, Little Danny snickered slightly as he hid a little behind Katie.

“What?” Jack questioned the middle Munchkin.

“Jackass means silly, too,” Little Danny noted a bit hesitantly.

Daniel chuckled in spite of his best intentions not to.

“You started this,” Jack accused.

The younger man approached his lover and kissed him sweetly, causing Aislinn to sing her usual, “Dad and Daddy kissing in the living room.”

“I put the word in.  We were arguing over bread at the time,” the linguist admitted.

“Sourdough or Ciabatta,” Jack recalled.

“Something like that,” Daniel affirmed.  “Want to sue me?”

“I'd rather do this,” Jack replied, kissing his husband again.

“Dad and Daddy kissing all the time,” Aislinn sang, giggling at the same time.

“You're my jackass, Jack, and I wouldn't have any other way.”

“And you're my geek,” the general responded, knowing that his Love felt the same way about that tease as he felt about the donkey comparison.


“Even,” Jack laughed before sealing the deal that the disturbance was over by kissing one more time.  “Give it your best shot,” he challenged as the game continued.


With the brood older, the mini-lessons that were part of the ritual were getting a bit more detailed, though for the most part, what was said was largely spontaneous.  In fact, when the family first settled into their cozy spots in the living room and Daniel went to sit down on the carpet in front of the coffee table, he'd been thinking about the history of resolutions and was about to bring that up when the newest member of the family jumped into his lap.

“Hi, Mittens,” Daniel greeted the family cat.

Mittens was actually still a kitten.  She'd been found by Little Danny earlier in the year while some of the children had been playing at the park.  A little malnourished at the time, she was now very healthy and, having been accepted by Bijou and Katie, was a full fledged member of the family.  Her leap onto Daniel's lap caused him to alter his topic.

“We've talked about some of this before, but cats were first domesticated in Egypt.  They were, well, the rat police, keeping out rodents in the food storage areas.”

“They were treated like gods,” Little Danny interjected.

“Yes, they were,” the archaeologist confirmed.

“They even had statues of cats,” David added, smiling and enjoying the conversation.  Like Daniel, he liked sharing his knowledge with others.  ~Maybe I'll be a petrology teacher when I grow up.~

“They did,” Daniel verified.  “Cats were sacred and revered.  The Egyptians were totally fascinated by them.  They went so far as to create laws that protected cats.”  He smiled at the feline's soft purrs as he caressed her gently.  “They were ... very serious about their cats.  Of course, cats spread out to become part of the entire world.  They become prominent in Europe ... and China.

“Uh, the Chinese people attribute a specific animal to each New Year.  Actually, they have a twelve-year calendar, with an animal assigned to each year.  The traits of the animal are believed to influence the children born that year.  For example, this past year was the year of ox, a very strong, determined, skilled animal.  Those characteristics are said to belong to any child that was born in 2009.”

“Is this the year of the cat?” Chenoa asked curiously about 2010.

“Actually, Noa, there is no year of the cat.”

“Why not?” Little Danny questioned, a bit offended that the Chinese culture would exclude Mittens from the merriment.

“Chinese mythology says that Lord Buddha put out word that all of the animals were to come before him one day.  He'd choose the animals for each year before he left the Earth. Now, the cat knew about this and being a good friend, he told the rat.  The two of them agreed to go to this ... meeting together, but when morning came, the rat went ahead, not waking the cat, who overslept.  So, the cat arrived late and wasn't assigned a year.”

“That why cats no like rats,” Jonny stated, bobbing his head up and down.

“That's exactly what the myth says, Jonny,” Daniel returned.  When Mittens jumped onto his shoulder, he laughed.  “Okay, okay.  In this house, we'll have a year of the cat.”

“Purrrrrrrr,” Mittens responded, jumping down and walking over to Bijou and shaking her fur.

“Woof!” Bijou barked, seemingly allowing the event to happen since, after all, every year was the year of the beagle at the Jackson-O'Neill home and no cat would ever change that.

“Okay, so my point in talking about mythology and the year of the ox or ... dog ... or our special year of the cat is that the New Year is more than a big party.  It's not just about Insanity Cakes, charades, or ... or even conversations like this one, it's a culture.  You see, every day is just as important as the one before it and the one after it.  It's how those days add up, what we do in them to better ourselves and those around us.  Mythology is about our societies, how we live, what we do, and who we are.  Sometimes, a myth is nothing but a story, but sometimes, it's very real, and it tells the story of a people.  One day, maybe someone will talk about the myth of the crazy Jackson-O'Neill New Year's Eve celebrations.  Who knows?”

“We be legends!” Jonny exclaimed happily.

“Down, boy,” Jack cautioned.  “Right now, we're mere mortals.”

“Never discount a story because it seems impossible because the possible is just around the corner,” Daniel concluded.  “Ice cream?”

“Yeah!” rang out the cheers of approval.


Everyone had enjoyed a scoop of ice cream, after which the coin game was played.  The kids all loved their new Dutch guilders since it was the first one they'd been given that was golden in color.  Now there were two activities going on.  Some of the family were playing Monopoly in the recreation room, while others were with their parents in the new train room.

Ole Lucky 97 and the Egyptian Express, Jack's and Daniel's trains, were at full speed as they chugged along the winding and complex railroad tracks that were permanently laid out for their runs.  Following was David's new train, a Christmas present he named the Rock On, which had nothing to do with music and everything to do with petrology.

The setup actually included multiple tracks so the train owners could have competitions and race, something Jack and Daniel often did.  They usually placed wagers, which oftentimes had to do with their sexual preferences and desires.  At the heart of the train room and its contents, however, was the simple act of play.

Daniel had learned more about relaxation and the joy of play from this gift his lover had given him before they were married than from almost anything else.  When the house was remodeled, they knew they wanted a place to take advantage of this intimate love at their convenience.  The train room was their playroom, off limits to the children without permission or one of the adults being there.

Daniel had taught David that same joy of play through the train sets when he'd first been adopted.  The boy had grown to love it so much that he'd received his own set, already especially engraved with its Rock On name thanks to a trip to the mall earlier in the week.

Aislinn cheered her brother on as Rock On's engine gained ground on the Egyptian Express.

“Awk!” Daniel exclaimed when he was passed.

“Sorry, Daddy,” David apologized insincerely.

“So I see,” the younger father replied, after which he smiled.  “Go get him, Son!”

“Hey!” Jack objected, getting only a shrug in response.

“Go, Dad!  Go, Dad!  Go, Dad!  Go, Dad!” Jenny encouraged, jumping up and down as she urged her older father on.

“There's some loyalty,” Jack snarked as Ole Lucky 97 entered a tunnel and emerged at full steam.  “One more turn to go.”

“Next time,” Daniel reassured his son when he came in just a half engine behind Ole Lucky 97.

“Good race, Son,” Jack stated.  “I didn't think I was going to be able to hang on.”

“You were a great engineer, Dad,” David praised as the two hugged.  “Like Daddy said, I'll get you next time.”

“I'll bet you will.”


“I just don't get it,” Jennifer bemoaned as she walked with the family upstairs for the annual astronomy mini-lesson.  “He's only three, and he beat all of us.”

“It's just a game, Jen,” Daniel replied as the quiet discussion continued.

“Daddy, if we were talking Chutes and Ladders, I'd agree with you, but this was Monopoly.  He was a tycoon, and Jonny wasn't far behind.”

Daniel just shrugged while Jennifer shook her head in amazement at Little Danny's stunning win.  He'd bankrupted the entire family, except for Jonny, and in a much shorter time than their usual game play.

~Those little brothers of mine are beyond sharp; they're ... geez, they're little geniuses.  Of course, I knew that already, but Monopoly!~


On the roof deck, Jack had a little surprise for his husband, something that would become known as his talk unfolded.

“The stars: they're out there, reminding us that life extends beyond this planet.  The constellations are among the most beautiful creations in the universe, so says your old man,” Jack mused to his children.  “The Greek constellations got their first mention in a book known more for its mythology.”

“Homer,” Daniel interjected, already knowing where his Love was taking the mini-lesson.

“The Iliad to be precise,” Jack noted with a twinkling eye.

“Have to be precise,” Daniel chuckled.

“No barking from the peanut gallery,” the older man mused.

“Daddy's not a peanut,” Ricky objected.

“Never mind,” the general negated.  “In the Iliad, Homer describes the creation of Achilleus's shield by Hephaistos, the god of metalworking or Forge or volcanos.”  He cocked his head and then shrugged.  “You get the idea.  He was a hothead who created stuff.”

The kids laughed, while Daniel rolled his eyes.

“Listen up.  Homer wrote, 'On it he made the earth, and sky, and sea, the weariless sun and the moon waxing full, and all the constellations that crown the heavens, Pleiades and Hyades, the mighty Orion and the Bear, which men also call by the name of Wain: she wheels round in the same place and watches for Orion, and is the only one not to bathe in Ocean.'”

“Wow,” Daniel expressed, totally surprised by what he'd heard, but then not so surprised as he thought about it.  ~My  husband, the genius who tries to hide it.~

“That was way back in the 7th century B.C., but less than two centuries later, astronomy and mythology were linked together forever.”  Jack smiled at his lover, his words a double entendre for their own love, two worlds joined together for all of time and whatever might be beyond that.  **Love you, Angel.**

**I love you, too, Jack.  Thank you.**

**Just the truth.**

It might be the last time Jack uttered the statement about astronomy being just like mythology, but tonight, it was a special gift to his Heart, just a little surprise reminder of how much Daniel meant to him.

“Even the names of planets were taken from mythology,” Jack told the children.

“Like Venus!” Aislinn called out, a lovely smile on her face.

“Affirmative,” Jack responded.  “The planet was named for the goddess of love and beauty.  Who knows another?”

“I do!” Chenoa exclaimed.  “Mars.”

“Indeed,” Jack stated, mimicking Teal'c and causing his curly-haired daughter to laugh and even blush, a result of her huge crush on the Jaffa.

“Mars was the god of war,” Jack explained.  “The list goes on.  Just remember kids, the more things may seem unrelated, the better the odds are that somehow, there is a link, and that link can be the most powerful thing imaginable.”

“Like love,” Aislinn sighed.

~She is *such* a girl,~ Jack bemoaned.  ~I may have to lock her in her room until she's thirty.~

**Babe, focus.**

Jack smiled inexplicably in the minds of the children and then began ushering them back inside the warmth of the house.

“Hey,” Daniel called out softly, his hand gripping his lover's arm to stop him from following the brood inside.  “That was sweet.”

“It happens,” Jack responded.  “I couldn't live without you, Danny.  I just wanted to remind you of that.”

Daniel's hand reached up to caress his Love's cheek while his eyes bore into the chocolate brown ovals that offered so much strength, protection, and devotion.

“I need you so much, and I want you even more.  That has never changed, and it never will.”

“La Mio Bello Stella Cadente,” Jack declared from the depths of his heart and soul.

Jack's shining star smiled in response and replied, “Caro Mio.”
After a kiss and a long, intense gaze that spoke more than words ever could, the lovers rejoined their family.  It was time to make the final preparations for the midnight countdown.


“I want chocolate in mine,” Little Danny requested.

“One chocolate shake coming up,” Jack responded.  “Ash?”

“Pineapple,” the girlie Munchkin replied.

“Marshmallow for me,” David called out among all the other requests.

“Strawberry for me, with actual pieces of strawberries, Dad,” Jennifer interjected.

Going with Jennifer's idea from a year ago, the family was preparing individualized milkshakes to toast in the New Year.  They had a variety of flavored syrups and fruits to choose from.  The shakes were placed into decorated cups that the children had made that morning and each one had a long, twisting straw to use just to make it more fun and festive.

When the shakes were finished, they were placed on the rectangular table in the hospitality room to wait for the big moment.

“Can I lower the TV screen now?” David asked in excitement.

“Go ahead,” Jack permitted, watching as the huge screen lowered down from the ceiling.  ~Gotta give it up to that Alex; he knows his craft,~ he thought about the interior designer the family had hired to do the renovation.  Many a time, it looked like the dream house was going to be a flop, but after a lot of head butting, the young interior designer came through and more in the end.  ~Happy New Year, Pal, wherever you are.~

“Spread it out, kids,” the general instructed when Daniel put down the box of bubble wrap.

“Jen, it needs to be cut.”

“I got it, Daddy,” the teenager responded, taking charge on the latest addition to the family's celebration.

Soon, the wooden floor was layered with long sheets of plastic bubble wrap, the kind with large bubbles.

With the kids getting older, instead of the plastic play steps that had been brought in from outside and used in the past few years, a regular chair was put into place on this night.  As soon as it was properly positioned, Bijou and Katie both jumped on it and leaped down.

“You're early,” Jack chuckled, though the beagles didn't really seem to care.

“It's time!” Daniel called out.  “Hats on?  Jack, the girls!”

“I thought you weren't crazy about the hats?” Jack questioned with a chuckle.  He bent down and tried placing the hats on the playfully shifting beagles.  ~Hold still!~

“Bad influence,” Daniel teased, giving his soulmate a bit of a smirk.

All of the hats were on and the noisemakers were at the ready.

“Count it down loud!” Jack urged.

“Ten!  Nine!  Eight!  Seven!  Six!  Five!  Four!  Three!  Two!  One!”  Jack, Daniel, their brood, and the canines all began to shout, cheer, and bark.  “Happy New Year!”

From the sofa, Mittens yawned and curled back up into a ball; that is, until Katie jumped up and gave her a nudge.



A dog-nose to cat-nose kiss was exchanged and repeated with Bijou, after which Mittens sought out a quieter place for her rest.

Human hugs and kisses were given with the entire family and then it was time for the big leaps.  Jennifer was first, as always.

“Look out, 2010, I'm jumping in!”

After her jump, David took his turn, followed by Chenoa.  Like the Mouseketeers, the Munchkins all leaped into the New Year without any assistance from their parents, though the twins still made assisted jumps.

The family joined in with the singing of Auld Lang Syne as it was sung on television, after which they got the go ahead from their parents and began jumping on the bubble wrap.

“Fireworks!” Jonny shouted happily.

All of the children, including Jennifer, had a blast bursting the bubbles.

“Dad, Daddy, you, too!” David called out.

With a quick look at each other, the parents shrugged and then joined in the fun.  It took several minutes to get the bubble wrap to look like flat plastic wrap, but finally it did.  The kids ended up on their rear ends, laughing wildly from their adventure.

Then it was time to enjoy a few sips of their milkshakes and toast the New Year.

“To our family,” Daniel began.

“To beating Ole Lucky 97,” David laughed.

“To being a general,” Jonny boasted proudly.

On it went, even the beagles had barked their toasts, bringing an end to the children's New Year's Eve festivities.


Jack and Daniel had made their goodnight rounds and spent their special quality playtime with Bijou and Katie.  As was tradition, the girls then hurried upstairs to sleep with the brood, though now the boys and the girls had their own rooms, and the nursery had been converted into a room just for Chenoa.  It had left the beagles in a bit a quandary at first, but they solved their dilemma by either splitting up or just moving from room to room when they felt like getting up and stretching.

Downstairs, alone in the wee hours of New Year's Day, Jack and Daniel had danced for a while and now cuddled together in front of the fire in the living room.  The lights were out and the house was locked up.

“This little shindig was even bigger than last year's,” Jack noted at one point.

“We keep adding to it.”

“We're keeping the bubble wrap,” the general insisted playfully as he nibbled on Daniel's ear.

Sighing contentedly from the touch, the linguist responded, “You liked it more than the brood.”

“Not more, as much.”

“Yeah, and I ...”

Daniel's train of thought was soon lost, thanks to the loving movements of his husband.  Their nation of two celebrated the coming of 2010 in its own special way, leaving life in Colorado Springs the best ever for the duo.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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