Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  5 - November 6, 2001
Spoilers:  None
Size:  21kb, ficlet
Written:  June 3,6, July 6, 2007
Summary:  Daniel can't stop looking at Jack's eyes, and those eyes speak loud and clear.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Drawing on the website is courtesy of Sara-Lorne.
2) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
3) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
4) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Linda, Claudia!

by Orrymain

--6:15 a.m. - Starting a New Day

“Angel, time to wake up,” Jack spoke softly and then leaned down to give his lover a kiss.

Daniel's eyes fluttered open, and the first thing he saw was, ~Eyes.  I love his eyes.~

“Morning,” the older man greeted, knowing his lover was awake now.  “I'm gonna take a quick shower and start on breakfast.  Better scoot.  Briefing is at 0900,” he said, patting his soulmate's thigh as he proceeded to get out of bed.

The archaeologist sat up, stretching his arms high up into the air as he attempted to wake up his muscles.  He stared at his naked lover, now standing in front of the dresser, having stopped to do something Daniel couldn't determine.

“Hey, Danny, I'm in the mood for Italian tonight.  How about we make a night of it, just the two of us -- maybe in Denver?” Jack asked, smiling.

Daniel was game.  All he needed to see where those eyes.

~Look at them -- sparkling, for me.  They're bright and fresh, ready for a new day.  Right now all he sees is me.  Gawd, he makes me feel so warm inside.  His eyes -- crisp and ... chocolate.  I *love* chocolate.~

--9:12 a.m. - Time for Business

“The intel says they're lying, or at least hiding something,” Sam stated as SG-1 reviewed the latest information on PR7-301.

“Why would they do that?” Daniel asked.

“Perhaps they wish to bargain for the information,” Teal'c suggested.

“I don't buy that,” Jack refuted as he sat across the table from his lover.  “We've dealt with these types before, and that Busch guy just rubs me the wrong way.  He's after something, and I think that something is us.”

“Us?” Daniel questioned.

“Not 'us', us, but what we have,” Jack corrected.  “General, they're covering up, gambling we want that binko...wringo...wonko ...”

“Benrinerine,” Sam corrected about the name of a device that provided four times the energy of anything Earth had and at almost no cost.

“Whatever,” Jack replied.  “They think we want it bad enough to walk into their trap, and it is a trap.”

Daniel stared at his lover, mesmerized by his eyes.

~His eyes are so focused.  He's using sarcasm and wit, but his eyes give him away.  He's worried it's a setup, that we'll be hurt.  His eyes -- they're concentrating on a backup plan already.  Strength -- I see it in his eyes.  He's strong, ready to follow through with whatever the general decides.  My Jack knows his stuff; he's concerned.  He's ready to fight, too.  I see it, and if we go in, he believes we will have to fight.  Oh, there's that look.  Gawd, I can't breathe from that look.  He's ready to die for me, to keep me safe.~

“Doctor Jackson, what's your take on what this planet has to offer?” Hammond asked.

~Not worth it, Sir.  No way.  Those eyes -- I believe in those eyes.~


“Oh, uh, sorry, General.  I don't see anything relative to our future in what we've already seen.  Uh, I mean, no, I don't think there's any reason to go back.”

“Very well.  Major, what do you perceive to be SG-1's next mission?” Hammond asked, agreeing with Jack's assessment of the situation and having decided to remove PR7-301 from the dialing system.

“Well, Sir, there's ...”

--11:01 a.m. - Never Leave Anyone Behind

Daniel was in his office, working on some translations when the klaxons began to blare and the announcement of an unscheduled incoming wormhole was made.  He paused for a moment, then got up and sprinted to the control room.

“It's SG-2,” Sergeant Walter Davis reported.

“They aren't due back for five hours,” Hammond stated as he headed for the gate room, where SFs were hurrying into position.

Jack and Daniel followed Hammond to the ramp, arriving there just after the big kawoosh thundered from the Stargate.  They watched as Lieutenant Miles Adams scurried through the Gate, arriving out of breath and looking panic-stricken.

“Lieutenant, where's the rest of your team?” Hammond asked anxiously.

“I ... I don't know.  There were these ... things.  I had to get out, or ...”


Daniel looked over at his lover and saw his eyes.

~Worried eyes.  Even the little wrinkles around his eyes are frowning.  His eyes are dark.  He's definitely concerned about Lou.  Oh ... Jack, calm down.  The poor lieutenant here is only on his third mission; he's scared.~

“Colonel!” Hammond shouted as Jack moved towards the cowering lieutenant.

“Jack, don't!” Daniel yelled as he and Teal'c, who had just entered the gate room, pulled Jack away from the frightened SG-2 team member.

“You left your team behind, Lieutenant.  We *don't* do that here!” Jack barked.  “General, request permission for SG-1 to lead a rescue mission.”

“Granted.  You'll ...”

~His eyes are fierce now.  He wants to strangle Lieutenant Adams.  It's not his fault, Babe.  We'll talk.  I'll get you to understand.  Eyes.  I can see the emotion darting from your eyes.  They're laser cold now.  You're preparing to do battle.  Yes, I'm here.  It'll be okay, Jack.  I'll cover your six, while you're covering mine.~

--1:42 p.m. - Playful Relief

“Couldn't beat me if you tried, Jack,” Lou challenged as they stood in the rec room.

“Foolin' yourself again, Laddie?” Jack teased with an Irish accent.

Daniel chuckled as he watched the sparring in front of him.  He was relieved.  Lou and the rest of SG-2 were fine.  The young lieutenant had overreacted to the different appearance of an alien race.  Unfortunately, it meant the end of his career at the SGC.  He just wasn't ready for it.  The important thing, though, was that everyone was okay.

~Look at Jack's eyes.  Wow, they make it hard for me to breathe.  Two hours ago, they were hard and cold.  Now, geez -- playful.  Eyes full of spirit and mischief now.  Happy, relieved eyes.  Look at all that shine in them.~

“I'll get you ...” Jack threatened as he and Lou began to wrestle.

“Jack, be careful!” Daniel called out.

~Oops, frowning eyes.  Well, Eyes, then don't yell at me when his knee starts hurting tonight and we can't ... uh, you know.~

--1:50 p.m. - Feed The Body

“Jack, how can you eat blue Jell-O every single day?” Daniel asked as he sat across from his lover at one of the small tables, which meant, of course, that no one could join them.  It had been an unspoken, mutual decision to sit at this particular table, one that elicited smiles from both men upon realizing they were on the same page.  “I mean, uh, too much of a good thing ...”

“That's just a silly cliché, Daniel,” Jack responded.  **You're a good thing, and I can never get enough of you, especially when you're all naked.**

Daniel blushed, quickly looking down and away in the hopes that no one would see.  As his lover grinned, he dared a look in his direction.

~Lustful eyes.  He wants me; gawd, me.  Those eyes are undressing me.  Jack, put my clothes back on.  Not here!~

“Daniel, you're blushing!” Jack teased verbally.  “Is there something about you and onion soup I don't know?” he quipped about his soulmate's lunch of the day.

~He's loving this.  Those eyes are proud as a peacock at making me redder than a sunburn.  Pure brown eyes bearing through my soul with desire and want.  Those eyes are making love to me, right here in the mess hall.  I can't turn away.  I'm being held hostage by those seductive eyes.  Oh, gawd!~

--2:18 p.m. - Muddy Waters

His left hand in his pocket, and his right hand waving in front of his body in a gesturing motion, Daniel continued, “... it was incredible, Sam.  The drawings depict ...”

Sam smiled as she listened and then nodded at a friend as they passed by.  As they rounded a corner, she could hear her CO's voice.

Daniel could, too, and broke off his remarks about the archaeological find.  He and Sam wandered over to the door, watching in a bit of amusement as Jack addressed a handful of recruits in one of the training rooms.  He smiled for a second as he listened to his lover's gruff demeanor.

~Talk louder, Babe.  You're a marshmallow.  Okay, they don't know that.  They aren't seeing through the facade of your eyes.  Oh, oh, oh!  That recruit said the wrong thing.  Look at you, standing right in front of his face and threatening to feed him to a lion, a better fate than throwing him to a Goa'uld, so you're saying.~

“I wonder where he gets those ideas from,” Sam pondered softly.

“The clichés or how he's gonna make their lives miserable?” Daniel asked.

“Both,” the blonde chuckled.  “Holy Hannah.  I'm out of here.  See you later, Daniel,” she said, deciding to leave as Jack's threats became more intense, not to mention more creative.

The archaeologist nodded and was about to leave, but his feet wouldn't move.

~Move feet,~ Daniel ordered, only his feet betrayed him.  ~It's those eyes.  They don't know them like I do.  He's promising to dismember their bodies ... I think he got that from Teal'c ... or maybe it was from that body-eater movie,~ he thought, shivering slightly from recalling the flick.

“If that's the best you can do, Airman, you'll be zipping your fly in the coldest, most loneliest part of Alaska that I can find.  Do you understand?”

“Sir, yes, Sir!”

~Geez, Jack, you love the threat of transferring people, but he is intimidated by you.  The tougher-than-nails colonel: that's what he sees when he looks into your eyes right now, but I see it's a facade.  Those brown eyes are just a muddy surface right now, but like quicksand, I slide right through the grime and see your soul.  You threaten them so they'll be their best.  If they are a little afraid, they'll learn better.  Lie to them, Eyes, but you can't lie to me.  Show them power and hate, but I've swum through the murkiness, and I see the caring.  Wow, those eyes!  What those eyes do to me.  I love those eyes.~

--3:30 p.m. - Green's in Season

“No, Daniel, not yet,” Casey Hemmings spoke as Daniel moved to put his shirt back on, leering at the archaeologist, who was currently dressed in nothing but his boxers.

SG-1 had been ordered to undergo a routine, but mandatory physical exam.  Actually, all of the teams were going through it.  The exams were the result of a possible virus brought through the Stargate by SG-4.  So far, the results had been negative, but no one was taking any chances.

Jack growled at Hemmings.  The male nurse had always been interested in Daniel. Daniel knew it; Jack knew it; and Casey knew that Jack and Daniel both knew it.  Sometimes, though, the very homosexual Hemmings just couldn't resist getting a closer peek at Daniel's physique.  He knew he didn't stand a chance with the archaeologist.

~But what's a guy to do?~ Hemmings silently mused.  ~He's all undressed, and someone has to watch those pecs, oh, I mean, those abdominal, I mean his ... oh, never mind, Casey.  Just don't drool, or the colonel will land me in a grave somewhere.~

**Jack, be calm; it's just an exam.**

**He's drooling, Daniel.**

Daniel rolled his eyes as he sighed.

~Nothing wrong with those eyes,~ Daniel thought.  ~I miss the brown, but right now, there's no brown to be found.  Nope, definitely green -- deep, deep, deeeeep green.~  **Jack, stop glaring at Casey.**

**Tell him to stop leering at you, and I will,** Jack replied.

~Ut oh, those green eyes are turning nasty.  There's trouble in the infirmary if I don't do something,~ Daniel realized.  **Hey, Good Looking,** he communicated with a seductive mental tone.

Jack's head jerked to his side to get a better look at Daniel.

**Smile for me, Big Guy, and let me see those brown eyes again, and I'll make it worth your while.**

**Hhhhow?** Jack stuttered in his mind.

With a confident grin, Daniel explained what he had in mind for their shower that night.  He went into great detail, loving it when the green eyes disappeared completely.

~Eyes: gorgeous, yummy brown eyes,~ the younger man thought.  **Jack?**

**Yes, Love?**

**Smile for me ... please.**

Within two seconds, Jack unleashed his best Irish grin on his lover.  It was broad, in happy anticipation of a wild shower that night.

~Now that's my kind of green -- Irish grin green,~ Daniel mused with a contented sigh.

--5:35 p.m. - When In Doubt

~Five more minutes, and I'll have this translation ...~

“Daniel,” Jack greeted simply as he meandered his way into his lover's office.

~Eyes: bored eyes that want to play,~ Daniel sighed.

Jack picked up the single most delicate object to be found on the shelf he was staring at and began to examine it: holding it up to his eye, raising it above his head to look at more clearly with the light in the background, bobbing it up and down slightly in the palm of his hand.

~So, I won't get the translation done,~ the younger man thought as he stood up and retrieved the quarter-sized, yellow artifact from the older man.  “No, Jack, it is not a toy for you to amuse yourself with because you're bored.”

“Who says I'm bored?” Jack asked.

~Eyes that don't lie,~ Daniel thought.  “Aren't you?”

“That's beside the point,” the colonel argued.

Returning to his desk, Daniel sat down and questioned, “Jack, is the Mountain about to be destroyed?”


“Are the Goa'uld attacking us?”


“Is Kinsey here, waiting to interview you?”

“Friggin' no!”

“Then get out of my office, so I can finish this!” Daniel ordered.

“I thought you liked it when I visited?” Jack asked as he approached the desk and leaned forward, leaning down on his elbows and smiling at his unprepared lover.

~Oh, gawd -- the charm.  His eyes are smiling now.  They're bored, and they want to play ... with me.  No!  I have to get this done.  Eyes, stop it!  No, I said ... don't ... please ... oh, not with the 'I'm not as important as your work' look.  Crap!~

“Okay, Daniel, I'll go away,” Jack sighed, standing up straight.

~Eyes, I hate you.  Well, I would, if I didn't love you so much.  I suppose I should focus on the positive.  Eyes, you're never bored when you look at me.~

--9:15 p.m. - Been a Long Day

“Keller has possibilities, but I think Burr is a washout,” Jack spoke, having completed his evaluation of the recruits as he finished cleaning the kitchen after having dinner with his soulmate that night.  Sitting down, he sighed, “Why are we talking about work?”

“*We're* not,” Daniel answered.  “*You* are,” he pointed out.

Jack sighed and chuckled wearily; then he yawned, a big, wide, long movement, complete with a strong audible sound.

“I, uh, think maybe we'd better skip the chess game tonight, Babe,” Daniel suggested.

“You're probably right.  Tomorrow's an early day.  I have to be at the Mountain at 0700,” the colonel bemoaned.

“Sorry,” Daniel smirked, his eyes bright and smug.

“Go ahead, Love, and rub it in.”

“Maybe I will, *if* you're not too tired,” Daniel teased.

Despite himself, Jack yawned, though a yawn was the furthest thing on his mind after his Love's promising tease of sex.

“Or not,” Daniel chuckled as he sipped the last part of his coffee.

Jack made a swiveling motion with his head, going forward, to his side, to the back, to the other side, and then to the front again as he tried to wake up and loosen his tight muscles.  He yawned again as he looked at Daniel.

~Love.  So much love in those eyes, but they're tired.  They had a long, hard day today.  Yeah, there was a lot of fun, but you were really afraid for Lou, and then you had to teach the new guys.  You put so much pressure on yourself to help them.  People think you're harsh, but you just don't want them to make a mistake.  Eyes:  weary eyes, tonight.  They want me, want me to make good on my tease, but they also want sleep.  Eyes of a compassionate man; eyes of My Colonel.~

--11:45 p.m. - Eyes of Truth

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Jack screamed as his lover pounded against his prostate for the final time, causing heart-pounding orgasms for both men.

“Jaaa...od,” Daniel mumbled as he collapsed down atop his lover's chest.  He meant to say his lover's name and 'good', but that wasn't what came out.

The soulmates stayed as they were for a few minutes, just letting their bodies settle.  Finally, Daniel withdrew his length, and Jack sighed.  After another moment, they flipped over so that Daniel was lying supine with the older man looking down at him.  He was sure Jack was going to say something, but all he did was smile.

The lovers were still catching their breath.  They'd begun their lovemaking almost immediately after leaving the kitchen.  In spite of the fact that Jack was tired, their union had been intense.  Their bodies were soaked with sweat, and their sheets were a sticky mess, as were parts of themselves.  Still, they were in great anticipation of their time in the shower; that would come soon enough, and then, so would they -- again.

~Eyes: loving, beautiful chocolate brown eyes that melt into my soul,~ Daniel thought as Jack continued to gaze into his own soul.  ~Protective, longing, needy eyes -- protecting me, wanting me, needing me,~ he sighed as he ran his fingers through Jack's wet hair.  ~Eyes:  mine, all mine, forever mine.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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