Fruitful Days

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - March 15 & 18, 2018
Spoilers:  None
Size:  14kb, ficlet
Written:  September 17-18, 2016, July 4-5, 2017
Summary:  Jack and Daniel get big news and the question is, can Jack handle it?
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

Fruitful Days
by Orrymain

“Stop grinning,” Jennifer laughed even as she was grinning herself.

“I'm trying, but it's not working,” Peter Hamilton responded to his bride.

“We shouldn't be doing this, out here in the open,” a bashful Jennifer giggled.

The young lovers were kissing as they stood in front of the medical office they were about to enter.  Jennifer's arms wrapped around her husband's neck as his arms held her so close that they looked like one person.

“We could be wrong,” Jennifer sighed.

“Jen, we've both researched it to death.  Every sign known to man is there.”

“Maybe we should have taken some home tests.”

“You said you didn't want to.”

“I don't,” Jennifer acknowledged as she shook her head, her long brown hair blowing in the wind.  “Peter, we're in a world full of technology, but I guess I'm a little old fashioned.  I want to be surprised, not that I'm surprised, but you know what I mean.”

“I do.”

“I love those two words,” Jennifer crooned.

The newlyweds were happy.  Their first two months of marriage were blissful, full of excitement and challenges as they adjusted to the beginning of their lives together.

“I didn't know my wife was so sentimental.”

“Neither did your wife, but I've never been married before either.  I like being sentimental.”

“How do you feel about being on time for our appointment?”

Her eyes widening, Jennifer gasped and then laughed as she walked backwards a few steps, her hand reaching out for Peter's as they headed inside.


Sometime later, Jennifer and Peter were concluding their visit with the OB-GYN they'd chosen.  The couple asked many questions during the appointment and were, of course, happy to have their belief confirmed.  Jennifer was definitely pregnant.

“Ah, Doctor Jetson, could you do me a favor?” Peter asked a bit nervously while pulling out a paper from his pocket.  “Would you sign this and verify what I wrote?”

Taking the paper with curiosity, Aurelia Jetson read the note and smiled.  She looked at the young lovers and let out a small laugh.

“I know it's crazy, but you don't know Jen's dad,” Peter explained.

“What is it, Peter?” the mother-to-be inquired, unaware of the note until now.

“Your husband wants me to declare that you did not conceive your child prior to January 14th of this year,” the Hispanic professional told her new patient.

“Peter,” Jennifer chuckled as her shoulders sank a tad.

“Jen, your dad will kill me if he even thinks we had sex before our wedding.”

“He knows we didn't,” Jennifer stated.  “I told him, promised him even.  He trusts me.”

“You, yes, me?  Well, I'm not so sure,” Peter refuted.

“I've heard of this before, but in these times ...” Jetson began.

“You don't know Jen's dad.  He's a general in the Air Force.  Please sign it,” Peter pleaded.

“Maybe it would be a good idea,” Jennifer reluctantly urged.  “After all, this little kickoff didn't even wait for the second night,” she laughed with some embarrassment.

Shaking her head in amusement, the doctor signed her name and wrote a little something on the paper before handing it back to an appreciative Peter.

Their first session with Jetson completed, the Hamiltons left the office and laughed all the way to the exit.  They stopped at the doorway and kissed before walking out of the building.

As the couple reached Peter's car, the young man stopped short of opening the door for his wife.

“What is it?” Jennifer asked.

“Jen, how are we going to tell them?”

“You don't mean your parents, do you?”  Jennifer chuckled and answered, “We'll just sit them down and tell them.”  After a moment, she added, “Don't worry, Peter.  I'll stand between you and Dad.”


Peter's serious expression turned into a smile as he opened the car door.  A quick kiss later, the couple headed for home.


“Are you ready to start spreading the news?” Peter singsonged early that evening, doing his best Frank Sinatra impersonation.

“You need a hat to do it right,” Jennifer teased.

“Jen, we need to get this done.  My stomach's in knots.”

“Peter, stop worrying about my dad.  He's going to be so happy.”

“If you say so.”

Jennifer chuckled and admitted, “Peter, Bri, Ash, and Little Danny are doing their rotation at Mike's, taking care of the horses while Ares is being weaned.  I really want the whole family present when we tell them.”

Peter sighed and nodded.

“It will only be a couple of days.  Dad and Daddy wanted a few days for the brood to be home together for St. Patrick's Day, so how about we go over on Sunday?”

“You're thinking your dad might have a hangover and it will be easier for me to escape.”

Laughing, Jennifer kissed her husband and promised, “Dad never gets drunk anymore, not since the Munchkins were born.”

“I know, but you know.”

“I know.  Sunday, Peter, please?”

“Sunday,” the young businessman agreed.


“Hi, troops!” Jennifer called out as she entered the hospitality room with her arm around her husband's at a little after ten in the morning.  “Still eating?”

“Join in,” Jack offered.

“Oh, we already ate, but thanks,” the young woman replied.

“Jen, is everything okay?” Daniel asked.

“Yeahsureyabetcha,” the long-haired brunette chirped.

“You've got a secret,” Chenoa surmised, following up with a giggle.

“We have news we want to share,” Jennifer stated.

“How come he's not saying a word?” the general questioned.

“It's safer that way, Sir,” Peter answered.

As he finished eating his pancakes, Jonny questioned, “Peter, what are you holding behind your hands?”


“Is there another Peter here?” Jack questioned.

“Peter,” Jennifer nudged with a bright smile.

“It's just,” he brought the object from behind his back, “ this,” and then he threw it over to Jack.

Catching the item, Jack announced, “A bear?  You brought me ... a bear?”

Daniel leaned back in his chair and observed his oldest daughter with great care, but he said nothing.  He simply took in her beauty and smile.

“You have been accused of being a bear, Dad,” Jennifer reminded.  “Megan has a lot of stories.”

“I'll bet she does.”

Jennifer caught eyes with her daddy and smiled sweetly.  Jack took note of the exchange and felt there was something different about it.

“Enough of the theatrics,” Jack complained.  “If you have something to say, spit it out.”

Still looking at Daniel, Jennifer said serenely, “We were wondering if you'd let us borrow something very special.”

“Bor...borrow?  You came here to borrow something?  I don't ...”

“Jack,” Daniel interrupted.



“Look what?”

“Look at our daughter.”

Confused, Jack stared at the young woman, but he wasn't making the connection, but the brood was, one by one.  Little sounds, gasps, beaming expressions, and giggles abounded.

“Will someone speak English around here?”

“Dad, we'd like to borrow one of the cribs,” Jennifer advised with a big smiles.


~Life's about to get very interesting around here, not that it's ever not interesting around here.~  As Jennifer nodded, Daniel stood up.  He walked around the long table and as he passed his lover, he put his hands on Jack's shoulder and said softly, “They're having a baby.”  He continued on until he reached the pregnant woman.  He caressed her face and smiled.  “I'm so happy for you.”

Father and daughter hugged tightly as the brood erupted, running from their seats to their sister and her husband.  Hugs and happy slaps were made until everything became quiet.

It was the father-to-be who broke the silence, saying, “I brought you something, Sir.”  Carefully, and keeping his distance, he took out the signed paper and spread out on the table in as close proximity to Jack as he dared.  “See, she signed it.”

“Who signed what?” Jack intoned as he processed the information.

Daniel walked over and read the paper, laughing outwardly as he did so.

“Babe, read it.”  The archaeologist scooted the paper closer to his husband.  “Read it, Jack.”

Jack read the note and, in spite of his best intentions not to show any emotion, he chuckled at the end.

“Couldn't even wait a day, could you, Son,” Jack asked Peter somewhat rhetorically.

The young husband gulped and stammered, “Wwwouldd ... you?”

“Not a good question to ask a father about his daughter.”

“No, Sir.  That's not what ... it's uh, oh, geez, it's not what I meant.  I ... fudge.”

Everyone laughed since they all knew that Jennifer's normal swear word was fudge and apparently Peter was using it now, too.

Jack glanced again at the note and chuckled inwardly at the doctor's words, which included a simple request: “Please don't kill the husband.  Your grandchild needs him.  As has been said, they're going forth and multiplying.  What could be a greater gift for any father?”

Finally, Jack stood up and slowly walked over to the couple.  He looked into the happy eyes of his daughter.  He saw the tenderness, hope, and love that he'd seen years ago when Sara told him she was pregnant with Charlie.  It was the same expression, the same depth he'd seen in Daniel's eyes when they'd learned that the surrogate mother of the Munchkins was with child.  He'd seen it in Sam's eyes when she unexpectedly became pregnant with twins.  He'd seen it many times over the years.  It was a look of joy that could not be described beyond words of exhilaration and delight.

“I remember the words my mother told me, *all* the time after I married Sara,” Jack began with some amusement.  “'And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.'”

“Genesis 9:7,” Jennifer acknowledged.

“I love you, Princess, and I'm so happy for you.”

“Oh, Dad,” Jennifer expressed as she was instantly embraced.  She began to cry on the man's shoulder and when they pulled apart, she said a soft, “Sorry.”

“No need to cry, but if you're anything like Sara, you'll cry a lot and for no real reason.”

“Probably,” Jennifer agreed.

Jack turned his attention to Peter.  He smiled and held out his hand.  As Peter engaged in the shake, Jack pulled him in for a hug.

“I couldn't be happier, Son, but you do know if you hurt my daughter or her child, I'll ...”

“Dad!” Jennifer chastised.

“Peter, it's a father's right to threaten his son-in-law.”  The general looked at Peter and promised, “Trust me on this.  In not too many years, you'll say the same thing.”

“Probably,” Peter agreed.

His arms around both Jennifer and Peter, Jack announced, “It may be Sunday morning and we just had breakfast, but there's only one way to celebrate.”

“Ice cream!” the children exclaimed.

“David, you're in charge.  Set 'em up.”

“It's so cool, Sis,” David said again, moving in for another hug before heading for the ice cream.

“I'm going to be an aunt!” Chenoa noted with a grin.

Jennifer walked over to her sister and hugged her while saying, “And I'll need you to help me sew some baby clothes.”

“We'll have so much fun, Jen.”

“With a doc named Jetson, it's gotta be fun,” Jack teased.

The children were happy to have their ice cream, but they also wanted to be around Jennifer and talk about the baby.

As the morning continued, Jack and Daniel finally had a chance for a moment together.

“It finally happened,” Jack sighed.

“Jack, you knew it would.  They wanted children right away.”

“They got it.”

“You are happy about this.”

Jack reached out and pulled Daniel close as he answered, “Yeah, I am.  Danny, we're gonna have a passel of little babies around here once our kids get married, and they are going to get married and have babies.”

“Are you feeling old?”

“Heck, no.  We're young, Angel, and we're lucky.  We have so many kids that they'll keep us in grandkids and great-grandkids for the rest of our lives.  I'm ... ecstatic about that.”


“I just hope my knees hold up.”

“If they don't, I'll help you.”

The soulmates kissed and held each other close.  Life just took another turn for them, but it was a good one and it was one both knew was on the horizon.

“Thank you,” Jack said as he gazed into his Heart's eyes.

“For what?”

“For loving me, for marrying me, for having children with me, for bringing happiness back into my life, for being you.  Geez, I love you so much, Angel.”

“I love you, too, Babe, so much and so deeply there aren't words to describe it.”

“Girl or boy?”

“Jack, they'll tell us when they're ready.”

“Names: we need to start thinking names.”

“No, that's they're honor.”

“They'll ask us for advice.”

“Maybe, but I doubt it.”

“They'll need dogs.”

“Excuse me?”

“Every baby needs a dog.”

“I remember,” Daniel responded with a loving smile.  “Jack?”


“I love you.”

“And I love you.”  Jack beamed at his lover and made a heartfelt wish.  “Here's to many more long and fruitful days.”

“Many more,” Daniel replied tenderly.

The lovers kissed again and then joined their family for what would be a day-long party.  Joy was in the air and the future looked brighter than ever.  For the Jackson-O'Neills, and the Hamiltons, life in Colorado Springs was full of sunshine and hopeful optimism as their love and families grew.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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