General Jonny

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - September 28, 2011
Spoilers:  None
Size:  15kb, ficlet
Written:  December 27, 2005, March 19-20, April 2-3, 2006  Revised for consistency:  September 8,13, 2007
Summary:  Where, oh, where is Jonny Jackson-O'Neill, and just who is in charge of the SGC today?
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, Linda, QuinGem, Heather, Carol!

General Jonny
by Orrymain

Jack paced in front of his desk, his phone switched on to speaker mode as he argued with his foe.  If not for the small humming noise the boy was making, he might have forgotten that sitting on the floor in the corner of his office was his namesake, Jonny Jackson-O'Neill.

The day was supposed to be a special 'father and son' day, but en route to their intended destination, a local miniature golf course, General Hammond had summoned Jack to the SGC to handle a few urgent crises, complicated by the fact that Hammond himself had been called to the Pentagon at the last minute for a top-secret meeting and was already on a plane to the nation's capital when contacting his second-in-command.

Normally, Nyan would be watching Jonny, but not knowing he'd be needed, the Bedrosian had gone off-world to the Land of Light to visit his girlfriend.

Arriving at the base had been pretty funny in and of itself.

Reaching the internal security gate where Jack had to sign his son in, Jonny had questioned, “How come they don't have my palm in the 'puter, Dad?”

Jack had smiled and just shook his head.  He had then been totally surprised when Jonny placed his palm over the scanner and made a bold statement.

As if chastising the airman on duty, the sandy-haired boy had declared, “I'm Jonny Jackson-O'Neill.  You remember me from now on!  Let's go, Dad.”

“Should I log him in, Sir?” the airman had asked, torn between laughing at the youngster and following the order of a general's son.

“Call him an airman,” Jack had responded with a shrug, the whole thing amusing him greatly.

At the moment, Jonny was building something with his Legos that were normally kept in Daniel's office, while Jack went voice-to-voice with the current leader of Area 51, who was demanding that artifacts be sent to them on a more timely basis.

Jack concluded, “Colonel, you'll get them when the head of the department here feels it's appropriate to release them for your study and perusal and not a moment before.  That's it.”  He ended the call and let out a groan as he raised his hands to his face, happy the conversation was now over.  ~I may tell Daniel not to send them anything for a month,~ he decreed silently, disgusted by the entire conversation.

Then Jack remembered his young son and turned quickly, seeing nothing but Legos in the spot where Jonny had been just a minute or so earlier.

“Jonny?”  Jack searched his office, which only took a minute.  There were only so many places a boy could hide there.  Actually, make that one -- under the desk, and Jonny wasn't there.  The general ran into the outer office, looking all around.  “Walter, have you seen my son?”

“No, Sir,” Chief Master Sergeant Walter Davis replied as he headed into the control room.

“Great,” Jack responded dryly, moving urgently down the corridors of the twenty-seventh floor.  As he passed an airman, Jack noticed the unusual smile on the man's face.  “Airman ...”

“He got on the elevator, General,” the airman replied without being asked.

“My son got on the elevator?” Jack snapped.

“Yes, Sir,” the airman responded, though now standing a bit more erect.

“And just *how* did he get on an elevator?” Jack challenged, since to get on an elevator a person had to use a special card.  ~He may have clearance, but he certainly doesn't have a card.~

Almost self-consciously, Jack checked his pocket, relieved that his card was still there.

“He ordered his way on, General,” the airman explained.

“Ordered?” Jack questioned with widened eyes.

“Yes, Sir.  He was very clear about his intentions,” the still-amused airman replied.

Jack sighed, “Where was he going?”

“I believe he said he wanted to wrestle with Teal'c, Sir,” the airman answered.

“Thank you,” Jack acknowledged, turning and rolling his eyes as he hurried to the elevator.

Jack wasn't sure if his five-year-old son would make his way to Teal'c's quarters or to the gym.  He was about to start with the Jaffa's room when glances from passing SGC personnel told him to just follow the smirks and smiles.

~I think he's been here.~

“In there, General,” a female sergeant called out, nodding towards the workout room.

“Thank you.”

“He's so cute,” the woman added as she went on her way.

“Yeah, cute,” Jack echoed softly before continuing towards the room.  ~And maybe a bit too much like me.~

As the major general closed in on the room, Jack heard sounds, and then he heard himself -- as a child.

“Attention!” Jonny demanded.

~The kid is power hungry,~ Jack mused, grimacing as he dared to peek inside.

“Okay, Kid ...” one of the gruffer Marines began in complaint.

Suddenly, though, Jack saw the Marine straighten.  Full of curiosity, he looked towards the back of the room, behind his young son.  There, glaring at the man, was Colonel Marc Reynolds.

Looking at the little boy, Reynolds inquired, “Would you like to be a general for the day?”

“I'll be a good general,” Jonny answered in affirmation.

“Very well,” Reynolds acknowledged.  Then he addressed the personnel, stating seriously, “I suggest you treat Jonny as an acting general.”

~Didn't know you had it in you, Reynolds,~ Jack thought appreciatively.  ~You're a good man to have on a mission, but I didn't expect this.~

“They're all yours, Acting General Jonny,” Reynolds said with a smile.

With a nod, Jonny positioned himself in the middle of the room, put his hands on his hips, and ordered, “We start with kick.  Good place to begin.  Like this.”

Jonny swung his foot upward towards an imaginary target and thrust forward, the ball of his foot 'landing' on the invisible target.

“Now you do.”

For the next fifteen minutes, Jack covertly watched as his son led the assembled Marines and airmen in a workout, even teaching them some of the things Teal'c had taught him in the past.

No matter what, though, Jonny was insisting on obedience to his 'orders' and that everyone remain at attention when not engaged in an exercise.

Jack noticed that not everyone present was thrilled with the idea of taking orders from a small boy who apparently loved hearing the sound of his own voice.  More importantly, he was fully aware that Reynolds was making sure the military group followed along.  The colonel's looks, glares, and stares easily got his point across, and, for this, Jack was appreciative.

Then the major general watched as Reynolds leaned down and whispered something into Jonny's ear.  All of a sudden, the boy grinned, looking up at the colonel and nodding.

~What did you say to him?~ Jack wondered curiously.

With Reynolds' struggling to keep a straight face, Jonny ordered the assembled men to play Simon Says.

“You do what I tell you to do, or you're out,” Jonny stated demandingly.

“Out works,” one of the unhappy men stated.

“I'll put you on report if you get out,” Jonny threatened, the boy in full command of the adults.

“Yeah, riiii...ght,” the man said, gulping when he saw Reynolds' expression, one that indicated his life would be much worse if he didn't play along.

“Acting General Jonny,” Reynolds called out.  “You just let me know who goes on report, and I'll make a list and *hand*-deliver it to General Hammond myself.”

“You're a good colonel, Colonel,” Jonny replied before turning his attention back to the men in his charge.  “Simon says touch your nose,” he ordered.

Jack couldn't help but smile knowing that Reynolds was enjoying Jonny's ‘command’ of the troops as much as he was.  Though moans of protest could be heard from some of the men, they lessened with the colonel's subsequent glares.  With one final gasp of exasperation, the moaning stopped, and the men stood at attention.

The spying general had to stifle a laugh as he watched the personnel all standing on one foot and hopping in a circle.  Two or three of the men eventually became dizzy and fell to the floor.  Even Reynolds was trying not to laugh at the ongoing comedy.

From outside the room, Jack's presence kept newcomers from interrupting the action inside the workout room, though a couple had watched for a minute or two at his side until choosing to go elsewhere for a while.

Meanwhile, Jonny continued to lead the Marines and airmen through the game of Simon Says until a mini-rebellion occurred.

“I am not going to 'oink' like a pig,” one Marine finally objected, having had his fill of the junior general.

Jonny marched forward, his hands on his hips, and demanded, “What's your name?”

“Michael Callahan, Brat!” the Marine daringly stated.

Extending his right arm upward, Jonny touched the Marine with his finger, saying, “You're on report.  My grandfather gonna make you peel spuds.”

The man cackled, sure everyone else would, too.  He began to be unnerved when Reynolds wrote down his name, shaking his head.  He also noticed several others shaking their heads and muttering things like, “Bad move, Callahan.”

“Hey, this kid has no power,” Callahan argued.

“Do you know who 'this kid's' father is?” Reynolds challenged.

“O'Neill.  So what?” an unmoved Callahan asked as Jonny grizzled.

The little boy scowled and then turned back to face Reynolds, saying, “Tell Grandpa he needs spud duty and polite lessons.”

“Yes, Sir,” Reynolds replied as if he'd just been given an order from Jack.  Looking at Callahan, he asked, “Do you know who 'this kid's' grandfather is?”

“Who?” Callahan asked sarcastically, though he really didn't care.

Jack chuckled as the group all answered, “General Hammond.”

“Gen...eral ... Hammond?” Callahan echoed nervously.

Jonny grinned, saying, “You're in truuuuuuuble!”  Then he returned to his position and ordered, “Simon says 'oink' like a pig while rubbing your tummy.”

Jack slid down to the floor, barely suppressing his laughter, as every person in the workout room, including the mouthy Marine, did as 'Simon' ordered.

~Wish I had this on tape,~ Jack stated.  ~Oh, wait, we do.  Have to get Carter to pull this.~

“Jonny,” Reynolds called out.  “How long do you recommend for Callahan's spud duty?”

Jonny thought hard, his face scrunching for a moment, and then answered, “One week.”

~Really didn't expect this from you, Reynolds,~ Jack thought as he watched his son and the leader of SG-3 converse.

“Colonel Reynolds, not fun anymore.  Where's T?” Jonny asked suddenly.

Reynolds smiled and suggested, “Why don't you *order* one of these men to go find him?”

Jonny's smile was huge, and Jack coughed when he realized that he, too, was smiling at the suggestion.

“Simon says stop,” Jonny ordered, much to the relief of the oinking and tummy-rubbing military personnel.  He looked around, finally pointing at Callahan and demanding, “You!  Go find Teal'c.  Tell him ...”

Jack stood up from his spot just outside the doorway as he inwardly groaned, ~Ordering Teal'c?  I don't know, Jonny.~  He was surprised when Jonny made a funny face.  ~Second thoughts?~

“*Ask* Teal'c if he'd come play with me,” Jonny ordered, having decided to carefully reword his request.

Jack finally lost his control and laughed loudly, prompting everyone to look his way and instantly snap to.

~I hate it when they do that,~ Jack thought, though he knew it was probably Jonny that was scaring them right now.

“Dad!  I taught them good moves,” Jonny said, running eagerly to his father.

Jack picked the boy up and responded, “I saw.”

Reynolds blinked when he saw Jack looking his way, a smile on the general's face.

“Thank you, Reynolds,” Jack inexplicably said.

“You're welcome, General, but I ...” Reynolds began.

“Just thank you,” the silver-haired man repeated, silencing the other officer.

“Colonel Reynolds, don't forget he's on report,” Jonny stated, pointing at Callahan as Jack bounced him in his arms.

“I will let General Hammond know personally,” Reynolds assured.

“Good!” Jonny replied, looking as serious as he'd ever been.

~Danny isn't going to believe this.~  Jack smiled, gave a look over at the group, and nodded their dismissal.  Then, thinking of something, he turned and called out, “Callahan.”  When the man approached, he asked, “Didn't Acting General Jonny give you an order?”

“He's ...” Callahan bite his lip, barely stopping himself from saying something that was going to get him in even more trouble.  When Jack continued to stare at him expectantly, the man finally answered, “Yes, Sir.”

Jack looked at his son and inquired, “Do you wish to modify your order, Acting General Jonny?”

Jonny nodded and said, “You go find T and tell him why you're on spud duty.  Ask him to give you 'listen lessons'.  T good at listening.  You need to learn how.”

Jack cocked his head slightly, wondering where 'listen lessons' come from, but it made sense to him.

“Go!” Jack said when the Marine was still staring at the boy incredulously.

“I'd love to be a fly on the wall,” Reynolds mused.

“You and me both,” Jack replied, giving the other man a grateful nod.  Then he turned and walked out, saying, “Son, we need to have a little discussion about you disappearing from my office.”

“Yes, Dad,” Jonny replied, smiling at a passing Marine who saluted.

Jack shook his head slightly.  He'd discouraged that standing at attention and saluting stuff years ago.

~It's for you,~ the general decided, appreciative that the men and women at the SGC who knew about Jonny's love of military protocol, gave the child all the proper flourishes when he was around.  ~Yep, it's for you,~ he deduced as Walter Davis passed by, saluting not Jack, but Jonny.  “Time to go, Jonny.”

“Are we still going mini golfing?” the child inquired.

“You bet we are,” Jack answered with a smile, grateful that he had been able to handle all the crises in a timely manner, meaning he and Jonny would be able to do almost everything they had on tap for the day.

“We all done, Dad?” Jonny asked.

“We're just beginning, Jonny,” Jack replied, the joy of being a father swelling within him.  “We've only just begun."

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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