* * Glossary of Characters (Spoilers) * *

Readers all know the main characters, the main staples of our Stargate SG-1 universes - Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, General Hammond, Janet, Cassandra and other recurring characters such as Sgt. Siler, Major Paul Davis and Harry Maybourne.

Most of my fics are extremely Jack and Daniel centric.  Some, especially in S1 through S10, don't even have other characters.  The most 'vocal' series regular in my universe is Sam, followed by Janet, Cassandra, Lou Ferretti, General Hammond, and Jack's ex-wife, Sara.  Teal'c is probably my weakest 'voice' to be included in the universe.

Minor/recurring characters are present in my universe.  Sergeant Siler, Paul Davis, Walter Davis (and he *is* Davis and not Harriman!), Thor, Colonel Reynolds, the Nox, and others pop up from time to time, as do our favorite villains, Senator Robert Kinsey and Colonel Frank Simmons.

Below, in alphabetical order by surname (or given name, if that is all that is known), by category, are characters, some original, some created by other authors and used with their permission, and a few from the series that I've included just as a reminder of who they are. All of these characters are mentioned more than once in my fan fics.

**Reminder**:  These descriptions are up-to-date as of 2013 in the storyline, so if you aren't 'current', major spoilers could be present.

Immediate Family      Extended Family      Neighbors     

SGC Personnel/Special Ops Contacts      J-O Enterprises      Other Friends     

Enemies/Rivals/Villains      Off-World Allies      J-O 'Zoo'

Immediate Family of Jack and Daniel

Aislinn Elizabeth Claire 'Ash' Jackson-O'Neill: third of the three triplets, daughter of Jack and Daniel.  She has a beautiful singing voice and usually gets the upper hand on her two brothers.  She has long, silky brunette hair and blue eyes.  Born September 24, 2006.

Bijou 'Bij' Beagle Jackson-O'Neill: Daniel's beagle, mama to Katie; a birthday present from Jack.  She is very protective of Daniel, often standing watch over him.  Born June 12, 2001.

Brianna Michelle 'Bri' Davison Jackson-O'Neill: adopted in November 2010 at age 10, a tomboy; loves hockey and is a huge fan of Wayne Gretzky; loves baseball, especially the Rockies; has had a hard life, in and out of foster care since age 7.  She develops a love for dolphins and decides to study marine biology.  She has short blonde hair and black onyx eyes.  Born October 10, 2000.

Chenoa Lynn 'Noa' Morgan Jackson-O'Neill: youngest of the three Morgan children whose parents died in a car accident; they resided at Molly O'Hanlon's shelter and were eventually adopted by Jack and Daniel; she had a major crush on Teal'c with whom she had regular tea parties for many years.  Chenoa went through the Rite of Je'ming with K'hang.  Her best friend is Angela Wilson, the eldest daughter of Sara and Mark.  She loves dance, especially tap, and horses.  She has blonde, curly hair and brown eyes, very reminiscent of Shirley Temple.  Born October 6, 2005.

Daniel Michael 'Little Danny' Jackson-O'Neill: middle triplet, son of Jack and Daniel.  He was the last triplet to speak, but has made up for it big time.  He's a child genius/prodigy with a photographic memory.  He's extremely sensitive and most always is tending to some stray animal in need of attention.  He wants to be an archaeologist like his younger father when he grows up.  He has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes.  Born September 24, 2006.

David Morgan Jackson-O'Neill: middle child of the three Morgan children whose parents died in a car accident; they resided at Molly O'Hanlon's shelter and were eventually adopted by Jack and Daniel; he is very intelligent, is very interested in Ancient Egypt and astronomy, speaks a little bit of several languages including Arabic; wears glasses, has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes.  Born April 20, 2001.

Jeffrey Bryce 'Jeff' Hunter Jackson-O'Neill: father, Nelson Hunter, was a colonel at the SGC assigned to SG-8 and was killed in action.  His mother, Harriett, died of cancer when he was 5.  He has known General Hammond his entire life.  He called him 'Uncle George' until being adopted by Jack and Daniel in November 2010 at age 14, at which time 'Uncle George' became 'Grandpa George'.  He likes flying, but isn't sure he approves of military actions.  He's an excellent amateur photographer and is interested in architecture and design.  He also likes motorcycles and skiing.  His girlfriend is Chely Tillison.  For his 16th birthday, he was given a fixer-upper 2005 Ford truck.  He has sandy brown hair, wavy at the top, brown eyes, and is a bit tall for his age.  Born March 9, 1996.

Joel-Dai George William Angus Thor 'JD' Jackson-O'Neill: youngest child of Jack and Daniel and is their true biological child together, thanks to some alien technology.  His first word was 'cream' for 'ice cream'.  He's extremely observant and aware of his surroundings.  Born January 1, 2012.

Jennifer Renee 'Jen' Morgan Jackson-O'Neill: oldest of the three Morgan children whose parents died in a car accident; they resided at Molly O'Hanlon's shelter and were eventually adopted by Jack and Daniel; as a young teen, she loved the music of Britney Spears, but then grew into an enjoyment of Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Robin Thicke, Alicia Keys, and others. Her first love was Peter Hamilton. She has decided to attend Colorado State University at Colorado Springs and major in business. She has long, brunette hair and blue eyes. Born May 18, 1995.

Jennifer Samantha 'Jenny' Jackson-O'Neill: oldest of the twins, daughter of Jack and Daniel.  She's highly spirited and very confident, not afraid of much and is willing to confront her fears.  She's an excellent chess player and likes to understand how things get put together.  She's interested in mechanics and enjoys helping with her Uncle Lou's MonsterMobile.  She sometimes has allergy problems and is definitely allergic to down.  She has red hair and brown eyes.  Born September 8, 2007.

Jonathan Charles 'Jonny' Jackson-O'Neill: oldest of the triplets, son of Jack and Daniel; child escape artist, very competitive.  Loves to fly and is into military protocol and being covert like his older father.  He has short sandy-brown hair and brown eyes.  Born September 24, 2006.

Katie Beagle Jackson-O'Neill: Runt of Bijou's only litter, a gift to Daniel from Jack.  She loves to sleep on Jack's stomach and to go on "digs" in the play yard Jack and Daniel made for her in their backyard.  Born July 8, 2003.

Lulubelle 'Little Bit' Lewis Jackson-O'Neill: She was 5 when adopted by Jack and Daniel in November 2010; loves to dance, especially ballet; has a cat named Calico.  Her mother died in childbirth; her father in Iraq.  She was adopted, only to have those parents killed in a plane accident.  She was placed in foster care at the Guyers for one year and was abused by Kevin Guyer until she was 'found' by Jonny and Little Danny.  She created an imaginary friend named Cindy in 2012.  She has curly brown hair and brown eyes.  Born December 12, 2004.

Richard Patrick 'Ricky' Jackson-O'Neill: youngest of the twins, son of Jack and Daniel.  He is very attached to his blue baby blanket.  He has an amazing gift for drawing on his Etch-a-Sketch; may be an architect when he grows up.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  Born September 8, 2007.

Brood: Nickname for the Jackson-O'Neill children collectively.

Mavericks: Nickname for Jeff, Brianna, and Lulu.

Mouseketeers: Nickname for Jennifer, David, and Chenoa.

Munchkins: Nickname for the triplets: Jonny, Little Danny, and Aislinn.

Spitfires: Nickname for the twins: Ricky and Jenny.

Extended Family and Family of Friends

Kayla Armentrout: In her 20's, she's an adventurer who loves to travel who ends up becoming a close friend to both Jack and Daniel as well as the surrogate mother to the triplets and the twins.  She is a freelance photographer and the author of a 'great American novel'.

Carolyn Ferretti: Wife of Lou Ferretti, mother of three daughters, one of whom is adopted.  She's a great cook and very understanding of the military way of life.  She was sick for several years, which drained the Ferrettis of their finances, but she's healthy now.

Lou Ferretti: Was on the original mission to Abydos and was then assigned to the SGC permanently. He's Italian and married to Carolyn. They have grown daughters in college and have a solid friendship with Jack and Daniel. He's been promoted to lieutenant colonel.

Ernest and Catherine (Langford) Littlefield: Catherine is the one who recruited Daniel into the Stargate program.  She went to Heliopolis with SG-1 where she was reunited with her fiancé, Ernest.  They eventually married.  In 2012, the couple embarked on a year-long cruise and vacation, after which they are moving into a condo.  In 2011, they gave their Hyacinth Macaw, Ptolemy, to the Jackson-O'Neills.

Dominic 'Dom' Luca: Cassandra's long-time beau; he proposed in November 2009, and they were married on January 22, 2012. Currently employed by a firm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tommaso Giovonni Daniel Luca: Son of Cassandra and Dominic, named after Dominic's father as well as Jack and Daniel.

Phil and Ellen Morgan: Birth parents of Jennifer, David, and Chenoa.  Both were killed in March 2007 while on vacation in New York City.  Ellen had been ill for quite some time.  The trip was a celebration that she was healthy again.  Ellen was a talented seamstress.  She was also into beauty pageants and often entered them when she lived in Montana growing up.  Phil was a successful Double-A baseball player, but a knee injury ended his career.

Jillian 'Jilly' O'Neill: Wife of Billy O'Neill, born in Australia and owns a large cattle station there.  Mother of seven children, one deceased.  She's 5'11”, has hazel eyes, and flaming red hair with streaks of gray running through it.

William Carrigan 'Billy' O'Neill: older brother of Jack, believed killed in action in Vietnam in 1967 until discovered alive in 2011.  Father of seven children, one deceased.  Has hypoglycemia.  Loves to paint in the impressionistic style.

Pete Shanahan: Denver detective who moved to Colorado Springs after falling in love with Sam. They were engaged, on and off, for several years before finally getting married in 2011. He has some construction background. He supports Sam and has agreed to adopt the Jackson-O'Neill children should something happen to Jack and Daniel.

Suzanna Simpson: Foster sibling of Daniel's. They keep in touch as much as they can; she's the only foster relationship Daniel has retained contact with on any level.  She's been in a few relationships, but hasn't yet found Mr. Right.

Angela 'Angie' Wilson: Daughter of Sara and Mark; Chenoa's best friend; loves horses and balloons. Born May 8, 2004.

Madeline 'Maddy' Wilson: Younger daughter of Sara and Mark.  Born February 2010.

Mark Wilson: Sara's husband, who ends up with an extended family that includes Jack and Daniel. Successful executive; he's turned down a vice-presidency that would have required relocating to another city. He and Sara have agreed to adopt the brood should anything tragic befall Jack, Daniel, and Sam.

Sara O'Neill Wilson: Jack's ex-wife, now married to Mark. Mother to Angela and Madeline. She is a substitute teacher and an expert mechanic. She has an extensive bell collection. She's blonde with short hair. She and Mark have agreed to adopt the brood should anything tragic befall Jack, Daniel, and Sam.


Ben and Joan Iverson: Neighbors who have a dog named Bowser.

Shelly McClain: Lives with Bob Stevens.  They have two kids, including Melinda.

John and Mitzi Miller: They live next door to Mrs. Valissi.  Mitzi works in a department store.  They have three kids, including son, Calvin.

Carl Ramirez: Married to Maria.

Bob Stevens: Lives with Shelly McClain.  They have two kids, including Melinda.

Christa and Jacob Svenson: Jack and Daniel's neighbors, a very wise senior citizen couple who live across the street and are like family.  These characters were created by ELG and Brenda Anders.

Mrs. Sophia 'Mrs. V' Valissi: Long time neighbor of Jack's who 'adopts' Daniel early on. She loves the boys and treats both as sons. She's an expert seamstress and weaver and is mentoring Jennifer (who, in private, calls her 'Grandma Sophia'). She has a dog named Andie, given to her by Jack and Daniel. Andie is a shepherd-collie. She's a senior citizen who believes in staying fit and regularly takes early morning and late night walks and jogs. Her house is two houses down from Jack and Daniel, but when the couple buys the McLamore property, she becomes their next door neighbor.

SGC/Military/Special and/or Black Ops Personnel

Carlton: Mysterious past associate of Jack's who is able to handle difficult and delicate 'clean up' operations, and more.

Jeff Cornell: Went to the Academy with Jack; transferred to the SGC in 2003. He was the original owner of Bijou and Katie, but his wife Margaret insisted he give the dogs away.  He continues to checkup on the beagles as time goes by.

Casey Hemmings: Male nurse at the SGC, long time friend of Lou Ferretti's, had a crush on Daniel and is infatuated with Alex Dennison. He's lean, 6'1”, has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. He was born in 1965. He has a brother named Randy. He was transferred to the Academy in 1997 and joined the SGC in late February 1999.

Marie Hill: Nurse at the SGC, had a crush on Daniel for years and is still single.

Carolyn Lam: Physician brought in to work at the SGC after Janet Fraiser cut back on her infirmary hours to work on research.  She's the daughter of General Hank Landry.

Hank Landry: Old friend of Jack's who also is a general.  He is eventually stationed at Peterson and often subs for Hammond and Jack when they can't be at the base.  He takes over for Hammond in 2013 when Hammond ultimately retires.

John Myers: Major in the USAF, assigned to SG-3 and is the 2IC to Colonel Reynolds.  He's in his thirties, is slim, with black hair and blue eyes.

Nyan: The Bedrosian who fled his planet while helping SG-1 is the Off-World Cultural Consultant.  He is dating a woman from the Land of Light.  He has often baby-sits the Munchkins and the Spitfires when they accompany Jack and Daniel to the SGC.

Carl Rappaport: USAF Colonel, leader of SG-11, new to the SGC in 2003.

Michael Rittenhouse: Special Ops colleague of Jack's who sends him a message letting Jack know he's being targeted and that the person behind it will use Daniel to get to him. He has a connection to Carlton.

Grace Satterfield: Went through the training scenarios when SG-1 was in charge and was quickly placed on an SG-team.  Eventually, she was part of SG-1A when Jack and Daniel initially retired.  She has been on a fast-track, promotion-wise, and is currently a lieutenant colonel, leading SG-24 and assisting with the current training scenarios off-world.  She drives a truck.

Skeet Warner: Original physician brought in to work at the SGC when the Stargate Program was first begun.  'Skeet' is his nickname since he likes to shoot skeet.

J-O Enterprises (Employees and Clients)

Bibreanay Appleton: One of the original J-O employees.  She's now their leading expert in skeletal excavation and handling of human remains.

Yazid Awad: Handsome and pleasant Egyptian, who is the executive assistant to Abayomi Sharif, the owner of Passion Incorporated; he's also a chiropractor.  Jack was initially jealous of him.  Yazid also has connections to Hammond who is good friends with Yazid's father.  He's a reformed playboy, thanks to his love for his fiancée.  He's well built, about 6'3”, with thick, wavy brown hair with piercing brown, almost black eyes.  He has an incredible smile and delectable dimples.  He's 45 in 2008, but looks 35.

Ty Harper: One of the original J-O employees.  He's now their machinery and equipment expert.

Dora King: Meets Jack and Daniel while clerking in a clothing store at the mall.  She's majoring in dance at Denver University.  She goes to work part-time for J-O Enterprises as a gopher.  Eventually, she becomes a research assistant.  At the end of 2011, she works for J-O full time, while still completing her degree.

Abayomi Sharif: Owner of Passion Incorporated.  He's a multi-millionaire who now does things that he has a passion for.  He was one of J-O Enterprises' first clients and has developed a friendship with Jack and Daniel.

Karissa Lewis: One of the original employees of J-O Enterprises; promoted to Megan's assistant when Jack and Daniel returned to the SGC and later given the title of Cultural Resources Manager.  She drives a company car, a 2012 Saturn.  Little Danny has a big time crush on her, and she adores him in return.

Megan Williams: Originally a civilian specialist on Daniel's staff at the SGC; has worked with SG-11.  She subsequently goes to work for Jack and Daniel as their Director of Operations.  In spite of a personal tragedy that harmed several members of her family, she's always positive.  She finally became engaged in late 2011.  She drives a company car, a 2012 Chrysler.

Other Friends

Lisa Anderson Cassidy: College sorority sister of Sara's; married to Carl, a freelance photographer.  She's a Marriage Commissioner in Vancouver; she performs Jack and Daniel's marriage.

Franklin DeMilo: Long time resident of Ashby, the small town nearest Jack's cabin in Minnesota.  He often looks after the place when Jack is away and will make deliveries for Jack.  He is an older man with white hair and worked for Jack's grandparents and then his parents.

Alex Dennison: Full name is Alexander Benicio Dennison. He's 1/8th Italian and 1/8th Arabic. He's 30 in 2009. He has a light early complexion, high cheekbones, sculptured features, pencil-thin mustache and beard, emerald green eyes, and is well-groomed. He's the designer who is invaluable in the renovation of the Jackson-O'Neill home. One of eleven children, he has a special fondness for the Munchkins, and he's very good at what he does for a living. He originally owned a yellow Ferrari, but traded it in for a Jaguar. He's dating Soncirria Suvulpo and is searching for three of his siblings, who are missing.

Trina Ferretti: Befriended by Jack and Jennifer, the troubled girl became a foster child of the Ferrettis, who eventually adopted her.  She was 11 in 2008 and is younger than Jennifer, but they are very close friends.

Frances and Crystal: Two sisters who met Jack and Daniel on their first vacation to Disneyland.  Frances, who lives in New Orleans, had taken the photo of Jack and Daniel with Goofy.  Crystal, who is married, was a freelance romance and mystery writer and was active in her local theater company.

Annie Glenn: Old friend of Jack's who works for Social Services.  She assisted both in removing Danny Hopkins from a bad foster home and then being adopted, and in the adoption of Lulu.

Adolph Granger: Mark Wilson's boss who owns a stable.  He regularly allows Angela and Chenoa to go riding there.

Peter Hamilton: Jennifer's first love.  He comes from a very wealthy family living in the exclusive Broadmoor Bluffs section of Colorado Springs.  He drives a red Lamborghini.  He made inappropriate moves on Jennifer during their first date, and she essentially decked him.  He later apologized and now shares a friendship with Jennifer.  He is attending Oxford University in England.

Mrs. Barbara Harper: One of Daniel's neighbors at the apartment. She's a sharply-dressed widow in her fifties. They aren't close, but she knows both Jack and Daniel, and they help her out sometimes.

Dave and Julie Jenkins: Old friends of Jack's who live in Baltimore.  Dave is a civil engineer.  By 2013, they have seven children.  After adopting Danny Hopkins, they had William and Kevin (age 3 and 2 in 2007).

Danny Hopkins Jenkins: Befriended by Jack as a foster youth.  His parents and cat died in a fire in 2001.  Jack got his friends to adopt the youngster.  He loves baseball and comes for frequent visits.

Mark Kingston: Jack's and Daniel's personal lawyer, not to be confused with either Sara's husband or Sam's brother.

Carrie Lapierre: Few months younger than the Munchkins, Little Danny befriends her when they meet at a play camp.  She has a basset hound named Toto.

Stuart and Grace Lapierre: Carrie's parents, down on their luck when the construction industry dries up for a while.  In 2009, they also have a son, Michael, age 5, and twins, age 1.  With the help of the Jackson-O'Neills and their friends, the almost homeless family gets back on their feet.  Grace goes to work for the shoe department of a store, eventually getting pregnant again after being promoted.  Stu goes to work for the construction company that does the renovation for the Jackson-O'Neills.

Pam Lawrence: Jack's and Daniel's thirty-something veterinarian for Bijou and Katie, as well as the entire Jackson-O'Neill animal kingdom.  She drives a Toyota.

Gordon Leviwitz: Contractor in charge of renovation of the Jackson-O'Neill home and works with Alex on other projects.

Mike: Father of Sara Wilson.  He eventually purchased a small ranch-style house and farm near North Cheyenne Creek that bordered the Pike National Forest.  He boards Angela's two Shetland ponies there.

Nellie Montgomery: Was a baby in one of the foster homes Daniel was in.  Daniel eventually got in touch with her after telling Jack about the tragedy of his stay in that foster home.  She works in a bank in Philadelphia.  They aren't close, but they have a warm acquaintance.

Amber Nelson: One of Jennifer's good friends.  She doesn't quite understand it when Jennifer begins sewing her own clothes.  Her father is a lawyer.

Tracey O'Connor: One of the SGC personnel, currently a technical sergeant.  She loves the J-O brood.

Molly O'Hanlon: Irish women who began a children's shelter after her husband died.  She 'set up' Jack and Daniel to adopt the Morgan children.  When her main benefactor died, she had to close the shelter.  Eventually, she returned to Ireland where she still has family.

Solomon Conlan O’Shea: Rescue Jonny and Little Danny when they were lost.  Has a newfoundland dog named Starbuck.  Now works for a flight cargo company.

Gloria and Chloe Payne: Gloria is Chloe's mom.  She homeschools, and Chloe is a good friend of Chenoa's.

Sylvia Preston: Physician in her forties, she's an old family friend of Jack's and Sara's. Jack first calls on her to tend to Daniel. She ends up becoming their personal physician outside of the SGC and aids in their family planning decisions. She eventually opened an office in her home, but continues to have her Denver office as well as working from the clinic that handles Kayla's pregnancies.

Dale and Nancy Rancolini: Dale went to the USAF Academy with Jack; is married to Nancy; they now live in Denver.  They own a small plane and get together once a month or so with their fly buddies.

Sheila: Jennifer's best friend.  She loves Britney Spears.  She's going to Arizona State University, majoring in Women and Gender Studies.

Soncirria 'Sunny' Sulvulpo: Runner up to Miss Florida 2011.  She's the girlfriend of Alex Dennison.  She's beautiful, shapely, and blonde.

Byron Stone: Owner of Archonics Ltd, the architectural firm Jack and Daniel hire to renovate their home.

Chely Tillison: Jeff's girlfriend.  She has a younger sister named Bianca.  She likes 1950's beach movies.  She calls Jeff 'Gaffy' sometimes.  She has long blonde hair and brown eyes.

Evan Valissi: Mrs. Valissi's son.  He is homosexual and married to Robert. They live in Europe but visit a few times a year.  They have a solid friendship with Jack and Daniel.

Erik Wilcox: Jack's oldest friend from his days in Chicago.  He's homosexual.


General Franklin Armstrong: General working out of the Pentagon, first seen in Season 6 when he forces Jack to go on a mission.  He continues to be a foe and thorn in the couple's side.

Mary Beth: Goes to school with Jennifer.  She was disgusted when she found out that Jennifer's parents were a same-sex couple.  She gave Jennifer mono by infecting her drink.  Later, Jeff got even.  Mary Beth's father clashed with the family at a carnival, and her brother faced off with David when he was still going to private school.

Mick Eglund: Neighbor of Lou Ferretti with an intense hatred of homosexuals. He made effigies, leaving them on the Ferretti property when Jack and Daniel stayed there briefly in 2009.

Off-World Allies and Contacts

Ardyl: Leader of the Hedronix, an advanced culture with heavy beliefs in honor and integrity. Ardyl oftentimes refuses to deal with anyone but Jack and Daniel.

Korsha: A Filgrun, a short creature reminiscent of a koala and a monkey. His wife is Swarsha. They befriended Jack and Daniel when they were stranded off-world on a planet they named Xanadu (was Filgra). The Filgruns are protected and hidden from the Goa'uld by the Nox.

J-O 'Zoo'

Bagel:  New Zealand bunny given to the brood by Paul Davis in 2010.

Bijou: See Immediate Family.

Bogey:  Lizard, technically a bearded dragon, found at the creek by Jonny during an outing with Daniel.  His cage is kept on Jonny's desk in his bedroom.

Calico: Stray calico kitten found by Lulu when she was living with the Guyers.  She was returned to Lulu when the little girl was adopted by Jack and Daniel.

Chocolate: One of two Shetland Ponies rescued at Chenoa's insistence.  The Jackson-O'Neills purchased property behind their home and built a stable for the tiny animal and her companion, Hot.

Homer (original): Lemon peel Angelfish gifted to Jack by Daniel for Christmas in 2004.  Until Jack and Daniel had children, Homer was the only fish given a name.  Discovered dead early morning on January 9, 2009 by Chenoa.

Homer the Second: Replacement angelfish purchased by Jack to fool the younger kids into thinking the original Homer was still alive.  Little Danny immediately realized the fish was a replacement.  Jenny was the last to know it, but not until later in 2010.

Hot: One of two Shetland Ponies rescued at Chenoa's insistence.  The Jackson-O'Neills purchased property behind their home and built a stable for the tiny animal and her companion, Chocolate.

Katie: See Immediate Family.

Mittens: Abandoned kitten found by Little Danny.  She was stuck in some bushes at the neighborhood park.  She adores Jack.

Ptolemy:  Hyacinth Macaw, originally owned by the Littlefields and given to the Jackson-O'Neills at the end of 2011.  Jack calls her Polly.  Regardless of her name, the queen bird most always gets the best of Jack.  She has a large cage situated by the window in the recreation room.

Strawberry:  Guinea pig Aislinn acquired from her friend.  She shares a cage with her sister, Shortcake, in the girls' room.

Shortcake:  Guinea pig Jenny acquired from Aislinn's friend.  She shares a cage with her sister, Strawberry, in the girls' room.

Drawing by I.M.Mueller
Back Row: Jeff, Daniel, Ricky (in Daniel's arms and holding Mittens)
Middle Row: David, Jack, Brianna (in Jack's arms), Jenny (holding Homer II in fish bowl), Jennifer (she is holding Jenny)
Front Row: Lulu (holding Calico), Chenoa, Jonny (holding Bogey), Aislinn, Little Danny
On the Ground and All Around: Bagel the Bunny, Bijou, Katie, and miscellaneous critters that come and go as part of the 'zoo'
Not Pictured: JD, Ptolemy

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