Heaven and Earth

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  6 - April 24 - May 7, 2003
Spoilers:  Extremely minor references to various stories from S1-S5
Size:  52kb
Written:  November 7-11,15,27, 2006  Revised for consistency:  February 8,14-17, 2007  Revised for timeline:  March 25, April 10, May 11, 2008
Summary:  When Daniel's doubts resurface, Jack takes his lover on another romantic getaway.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) “I'd Move Heaven and Earth”, composed by Jack Sundrud, sung by Ty Herndon
2) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
3) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
4) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s), “Betrayal” and “Goofy and the Boys”
5) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Robert, Claudia, Linda, Jodi, QuinGem, Lissa, Melissa!

Heaven and Earth
by Orrymain

“You're just being pig-headed!” Daniel accused, his arms folded tightly across his chest.

“Oink!” Jack barked, his facial features cold and cruel to match the sarcastic comeback.

Even though they were in the archaeologist's office at the SGC, Jack and Daniel were in the middle of an argument.  They'd been arguing almost non-stop for several days, which didn't really make any sense because they'd just survived yet another challenge to their eternal love affair.

Recently, Daniel had become too involved with his work, causing Jack to feel unimportant.  As a result, he'd come close to having a one-night stand during a night out.  It was one of the few times when their relationship had truly been on the line.  Thus, it seemed almost unthinkable that they'd be arguing now, so soon after patching things up.

The lovers had tried to make up after these quarrels, but something always seemed to interfere, be it missions, outside obligations, or phone calls.  As a result, their rather harsh bickering continued.

“Learn that at Old McDonald's farm, Jack?” Daniel angrily snapped.

“At least I know he had a farm!” the colonel replied, not thinking out his retort fully; that is, not until he saw the brief expression of deep hurt and sadness that enveloped his lover.  “Danny, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean that,” he said quietly and sincerely.

“I know,” Daniel acknowledged, turning around and walking a few feet away.  “Just ... go read a ... a memo or something.”

“Danny ...”  Jack reached out, wanting to touch his lover, but he knew Daniel's protective shield was back up, stronger, thicker and higher than ever, so he reluctantly let his arms fall back to his side.  ~You're a blasted idiot, O'Neill,~ he chastised inwardly.  “Daniel, we need to talk.”

“You hate talking,” Daniel replied a bit flippantly, his tone hiding the hurt he felt.

“Well, I do, but not with you,” Jack responded, moving a bit closer to the younger man.  He decided to follow his instincts, placing his hands atop his lover's shoulders and rubbing gently across them.  “Danny, what's going on?  We've been arguing for days, and I'm not sure why.”

Daniel blinked, licking his lips at the same time, and then swallowed hard.  He was glad he wasn't facing his life partner, because his protective wall had just turned to mush.  If Jack could see him, their war would be over; and, even though he didn't know why, Daniel wasn't ready for that.

~No,~ the younger man told himself firmly.  “I have work to do.”

“Okay, Daniel, but we *are* going to talk,” Jack asserted, reluctantly removing his hands from his soulmate's body.  “Mission briefing at 1300.”

“I don't need reminders, Jack.  I'm not a child,” Daniel spoke harshly, glancing back over his shoulder at the older man.

“We'll talk about that later, too,” Jack responded dryly as he left the office.

Daniel took a deep breath as he turned around and slowly walked to his desk.  He stared at the files and books that were beckoning him to focus on his job.  It felt as if he'd been backlogged all year.  Of course, he had been.  The combination of personal trials and an increasing number of missions from a growing number of SG teams had left the Head of Archaeology with enough work to last him a lifetime, or so it seemed at the moment.

What he wanted and what he was doing were two vastly different things, yet Daniel couldn't seem to stop himself.  Though he knew it was wrong, the distressed man was helpless as to how to get things back on track with his soulmate.  Jack had said he didn't understand their current bickering state.  The truth was, neither did he.

“Work.  Yes, I have work to do,” the archaeologist spoke softly, about to succumb to the refuge of translations and research.

The scientist closed his eyes, recalling his words to General Hammond earlier in the month.  At that time, Daniel had made a life-changing decision.  He'd announced with great conviction:

“If something demands my attention after hours, naturally, I'll be here.  I'm not talking about emergencies, General, but treaties, research and reports ... well, uh, there's only so many hours in the work day, and from now on, I'm ... I'm choosing my life.  I'm sorry.”

~My life.  So, why haven't I followed through?~ Daniel lamented, confused by his recent actions.  ~I made a choice, so why am I ignoring that decision?~  Taking off his glasses and rubbing his nose, he pondered his actions.  ~Why *are* we fighting?~

Daniel wished he could understand the emotions that were warring inside of him.  Maybe it was the difficulty of the past year and the hardships he and Jack had survived.  Then again, they'd had so many fun and wonderful times, too, when life was perfect.  Maybe he was just changing, his wants and needs growing or morphing into something else.  Maybe it was both.

~What's happening to us?  To me?~


It was after ten that evening when Daniel finally walked into the cozy home he shared with Jack.  Their day at the Mountain had been busy.  The mission briefing for tomorrow's recon had gone smoothly, though Jack had glared a lot at his lover, who had been the last to arrive in the conference room and had taken a seat not only across the table from him, but at the other end of it.

Inside the country-style home, Daniel didn't even turn on the lights, preferring to remain in the darkness with his thoughts and emotions.  He walked to the kitchen, uncharacteristically pulled out a beer, and then sank down onto the sofa in the living room.

“Finally decide to come home?” Jack asked softly, a hint of frustration coming through in his tone.

The archaeologist's heart startled upon hearing the older man's voice.  He'd been so within himself that he hadn't heard Jack walk down the stairs.

“I should have gone to the apartment,” Daniel spoke.

“*The* apartment,” Jack echoed thoughtfully, still standing at the base of the stairs.

“What?” Daniel asked, not sure why Jack had repeated the words.

“You used to say '*my* apartment' all the time.  Lately, you're calling it '*the* apartment'.”

“I ... I don't understand what you're saying,” Daniel replied quietly as he fidgeted with the unopened beer bottle.

“I'm saying you believe in us, Danny, but something's got you uptight lately.  Was it that crap with that Ryan imbecile?” the colonel asked about the man who had threatened to come between the lovers.

“No, that wasn't your fault, Jack.  You made mistakes, but ... so did I,” the younger man admitted.

“We worked through it, Danny; at least, I thought we did,” Jack stated.  “You even talked to Hammond about your work load.”  He paused, reaching up to scratch just behind his ear.  “Easter was great.  I don't get it, unless you've just been coming home on time because I was hurt.”

“No,” Daniel refuted instantly, twisting the still-unopened bottle around in his hands.  “No, no, that's ... that's not it.”

“Well, something's wrong,” Jack replied.  He walked over and sat down on the sofa, though he left a foot or so between himself and his Love.  Staring at the younger man, he supposed, “If I didn't know better, I'd swear you're picking fights with me.  I'm not excusing my part in our arguments, like that stupid thing I said this morning, but I'm not the one starting them, and I think you know that.  Talk to me, Angel.”

Daniel stared down at the cold bottle of Heineken in his hands.  He twisted it around nervously as he sought the words to explain how he felt.  He wasn't sure if he could find them or not, basically because he wasn't sure he really knew how he felt, or maybe it was just that he wasn't sure he was ready to deal with the truth.  He was just so confused.  He didn't even understand why he'd grabbed a beer instead of pouring himself a glass of wine, which he far preferred.

Patiently, Jack waited.  The couple had been here before, facing moments of decision and truth.  He knew full well his lover was debating with himself, trying to decide whether or not to bare his soul.

~Do it, Love,~ Jack urged silently.  ~Our souls are already one.  I know you're hurting.  You just need to tell me why.  Let me help you.~

In the darkness of the room, Daniel turned to look into his Love's chocolate brown eyes.  It was as if he had heard Jack's words.  Though the lights were out, the drapes hadn't been pulled, and some light from the full moon shone through.  Their eyes had also adjusted to the room's subdued light, and Daniel could see the concerned look on the older man's face.

With a sigh, Daniel responded, “We've been through so much, and it feels like you're always having to ... to be patient with me, to coach me, to ... rescue me.”

“Daniel, may I remind you that it was *you* who rescued me from that Ryan creep?  It was all your idea,” Jack spoke about the plan that had rid their lives of the man they'd both rather forget.

“One time out of a hundred?” Daniel asked.

“Not true, Love,” Jack denied quickly, reaching over with his right hand to gently caress the younger man's cheek.  His hand slowly glided to his soulmate's neck, and, there, he continued to make soothing, supportive motions.  “We've both had our moments.  Geez, Danny, you've saved my six at least three times this year.”

“Maybe, but ...”

“And it goes beyond the simple explanation here.  Your faith in me and the love you give me fuels me in ways you can't imagine.  I feel like anything is possible, all because you believe in me.”

“Jack, I ...” Daniel began, but he stopped and just shook his head, a rush of emotion flooding over him.  His heart was so full, yet he couldn't find the words to explain the chaos he was feeling.  He just gazed into the beautiful eyes before him, a mute plea he knew would be answered.  His lover seemed to know what he needed, even if he himself didn't, or couldn't articulate.  ~Help me.~

“You're scared,” Jack surmised, the light bulb flipping on in his mind.  “*That's* what this is about.  You made a decision, told Hammond that you had a life and were going to live it, and,” he paused, seeing Daniel turn away, “now you're afraid that because you believed in us that we'll disappear or something crazy like that.”

“Everything goes away,” the younger man whispered.  “Everyone goes away, eventually.  Sooner or later, Jack, you'll figure out that I'm just not ... worth it.  You'll get tired of ... gawd, this ... this drama that I'm putting us through now.  It'll happen.”

“Since when are you a fortune teller?” Jack questioned.  “It's a good thing you're not because, if you are, your ball is broken.”  Happy that Daniel had turned to face him again, he continued, “You're worth everything to me, Angel.  If it weren't for you, I'd have been dead years ago, and so would a bunch of innocent Abydonians.”

“Jack, that's not ...”

“Yes, it is.  That's exactly what this is about,” Jack insisted as he cut off the younger man's words.  “One of these days, you might figure out what you're worth.  What I'm afraid of, is that when you do, you'll be the one to know how much better you can do.”

“No!” Daniel interjected sharply.  “No one is better for me than you.”

“Tell me that when I get jealous of some innocent airman, or when I accuse you of prattling.”

“You don't accuse, Jack,” Daniel replied.  “You tease.”

Jack smiled and leaned in for a very soft, quick kiss.  His smile returned when he felt Daniel's left hand come up to touch his cheek.

“We're forever, Danny.  The sooner you accept that, the happier we'll both be.”

“Jack, let's ... go to bed,” Daniel suggested.

“You didn't even open your beer,” Jack mused carefully, glancing down at the brew that was between Daniel's legs.

“I'm not that fond of beer, anyway,” Daniel replied softly about the concoction that he really didn't like, but often drank.

Their problem not really solved, but their love and their libidos soaring, Jack and Daniel escaped to the warmth of their bed and eagerly sought the connection their bodies craved, one that words couldn't achieve.  They were once again back on track; they just needed to sort through a few things in the days to come.

~And I know exactly how we're going to do it.  Better check on that surprise; make sure it's coming,~ Jack thought about something special he'd been working on ever since the most recent nightmare had ended.  ~That'll do it.~


“Did you get it?” Jack asked over the phone the next day.  “Great!  Make sure he follows through, and Fed-X it pronto ... No, I'm not giving you the details.”  He laughed, “No whine stories, pal.  With all your Nashville contacts, I'm sure this was a piece of cake for ya.”

Jack hung up the phone and clasped his hands together on his desk, pleased that his friend who had been bragging to him for years about his connections to the music industry had apparently come through for him.  He'd been told the surprise would be done sometime in the next forty-eight hours.  The friend would follow-up on it as soon as they'd completed their conversation.

The colonel stared at the computer on his desk, knowing he should be working on his report regarding SG-1's morning recon, but with verification that the surprise was practically on its way, he decided to implement the rest of his plan.

~Okay, next call,~ Jack thought, confident his friend would come through on time.  ~We need reservations.  What was the name of that place?~ he asked himself, trying to recall the details from an article he'd read not long ago.  “Oz.  It was something like ...”  He clapped his hands and cackled, “I'll get you, my pretty,” as he proceeded to get the number he needed.


“That'll work.  Thank you,” Jack spoke to the front desk, hanging up the phone.  He was happy that things were working out so well.  ~Danny, you're fighting yourself, that little boy who wants to believe versus that shield of armor that protects him.  I'm your shield, Angel.~

Flipping on the computer screen, knowing he needed to get his report done, the colonel began to type, but once he'd formed the name 'Daniel Jackson', he stopped, sitting back in his chair.

~You're worth a thousand of me, Danny, and I'm going to show you just how much I need you.  Soon, very soon, My Love.~

With a mischievous smile on his face, the colonel proceeded with his task.


“Yes!” Jack exclaimed, seeing the air-express package he'd been expecting.  ~I'll never doubt you again,~ he thought about his friend with the 'bigwig' contacts.

The package was with the mail that had just been delivered to the colonel's office at the SGC.  He ripped it opened, smiling at the note that was attached.

“Dana was curious, as am I, but here it is.”

Jack laughed, “Stay curious, but thanks.”  He tapped the package in a gung ho fashion, feeling so good about the surprise.  “Dannyboy, we're off to see the Wizard!~


Daniel was puttering around the house, having just finished dinner.  Jack was still at the Mountain, but once his duty there was fulfilled, SG-1 was on their scheduled downtime.

~Three whole days,~ the archaeologist sighed contently.  He was looking forward to just lounging and making sure he and his lover were secure in their nation of two.  ~It's been all my fault.  Gawd, sometimes I'm so insecure, and it's for no reason.~

Daniel felt guilty for having been so ornery recently.  He still wasn't over his feeling of worthlessness or that he caused Jack more problems than the older man should have to deal with, but he didn't want to lose the man who had made him laugh and smile more than he had ever thought was possible.  He was torn between giving in to what he believed was a doomed reality, or hanging on and fighting with all that he had.  Sadly, it was the former that seemed to be winning.

~I'm ... stuck in my past.  I know we're good.  Gawd, I love him, but I can't deny history.  I'm always causing him problems.  There's ... there's always something to make him unhappy.  He needs someone special, not me.~

The young man's puttering ceased as he stopped to stare out the patio doors.  He put his hands in his pockets and bowed his head in despair.  If he were smart, he'd end it before he hurt Jack once again.

Just then, Jack walked into the house, his eyes smiling as he whistled a happy tune.

“Dannyboy, we're going on a mission,” the older man announced once his whistling stopped and he'd greeted his Love with a warm kiss.

“Wha...what?” Daniel questioned incredulously.  “Jack, can't you tell the general ...”

“Not that kind of mission.  It's not for work, it's for us,” Jack chirped as he turned and headed up the stairs.  He yelled down, “Daniel, get it in gear.  We have to go!”

“Go?  Go where?” Daniel shouted in reply, looking up the stairs just as Jack disappeared into the bedroom.  “What's he up to now?”  He hurried up the stairs, surprised when he reached the top and could see his lover packing.  “What's going on?”

“Get your shaving kit, Love,” Jack ordered, not bothering to answer the question.

“Jack ...”

“And don't forget socks,” the older man chuckled, adding, “Unless you want to go barefoot like you did when we went to Bangor.”

“Jack, it's almost nine o'clock.”

“No magazines or anything related to rocks, Daniel!” Jack instructed sternly.

“Are you kidnapping me again?” the younger man inquired, a slight smile fighting to come through.  ~Gawd, I love it when he does that, but I shouldn't.  But I do.~

Jack grinned in response to the scientist's question, then stated playfully, “It's only kidnapping if it's against your will.”

“Good point,” Daniel responded while nodding his head in happy resignation.  He still had no clue where they were going.  ~Who says I need to know?~ he mused as he began to pack.


Hours later, as they merged eastbound onto I-70, Daniel looked up at the stars from his spot in the passenger seat of Jack's Ford truck and asked, “Are you going to tell me yet?”

“Nope,” Jack answered playfully.

“Not even a hint?” Daniel questioned hopefully, looking at his mischievous lover. ~I am *so* curious.~

Jack smiled and answered, “Taste buds.”

“Taste buds?” Daniel echoed.  “That helps -- not.”


“Missouri?  St. Louis?  You want to see the Arch?” Daniel questioned just minutes later as the couple crossed the state line.

“What would that have to do with taste buds?” Jack challenged, referring back to his clue.

“Hmmm.  Arch ... McDonalds?” Daniel smirked.

Jack glanced at his lover and shook his head, replying, “Not even close.”

“But we are going somewhere in Missouri.”

“We're in Missouri,” Jack responded.

“I can see that by the road signs,” Daniel retaliated.  “I want another hint.”

“Love,” Jack answered simply, keeping his eyes on the road.  He was glad he'd managed to sneak in a nap while he was at the SGC.  ~It's a long drive.~

“Love?” Daniel echoed, nodding.  “Okay ... love,” he repeated, not having a clue.


“Jackson Street?” Daniel mused as their roughly thirteen-hour journey was coming to an end.

It was noontime, and the couple were in Augusta, Missouri.  Jack had just turned onto Jackson Street as he headed toward their destination.

“Still no ...” Daniel began, only then he stopped, the answer finally hitting him like a zap from a zat gun.  “The winery!”

“The winery,” Jack acknowledged with a big cheese-eating grin.

Daniel smiled.  He and Jack loved going on wine tours, and they'd gone on several since becoming a couple.  He knew they'd have a great time.

“My taste buds are *so* ready,” Daniel replied, his smile growing when Jack reached over and took his hand, squeezing it for just a moment.


After checking in under the guise of just being two friends wanting to relax for a weekend, the lovers relaxed for a few hours, then went for a walk.  Their cabin was one of several, but it was isolated, giving them lots of privacy.

“It feels so historic,” Daniel commented as they returned from their walk.

“The clerk said this was a log cabin from the 1870's,” Jack responded.  “If these logs could talk!”

“Oh, gawd, I hope they can't,” Daniel teased, a leer in his eyes.

“I'll burn 'em if they try,” Jack joked as the lovers kissed.

“River Witch,” the younger man mused.  “It's, uh, an interesting name.”

“Adds to the lure,” Jack spoke.  ~Anything that reminds me of Oz has to be good,~ he thought about the article he had read about this unique motel.

“It's not fancy, that's for sure.”

“We could get a regular hotel,” Jack responded, thinking Daniel didn't like the choice of staying at the historic, but relatively primitive cabin.

“No, Babe, I love it here.  This area is beautiful, and all we need is each other,” Daniel refuted.

“Don't you forget that, Danny,” Jack spoke, kissing his Heart.

One kiss led to another, and the couple enjoyed a night that could set the cabin logs on fire without the aid of matches.


The next day, Jack and Daniel enjoyed a tour of the wineries located along the Missouri River.  It began with the Augusta Brewing Company, where they tasted not only wines but several beers and ales.  Jack's favorite was the Hyde Park Stout.

“Jack, you've already had three samples,” Daniel whispered as his lover headed back for a fourth round.

“Can't beat a good Irish stout, Danny,” Jack quipped as he finagled a fourth sample to enjoy.

The tour then shifted to the Mount Pleasant Winery, which was also located in Augusta.  From there, they went to the small town of Dutzow to visit the Blumenhof Vineyards and Winery.

Scattered throughout their day were visits to some gift shops, and, after the last winery visit, they went on a bike ride along the Katy Trail.

Daniel's head was buzzing from all the alcohol, having consumed more in a single afternoon than he normally would in a month.  Had it not been for the constant activity of walking to burn off some of the alcohol in his bloodstream, he would have long since passed out.  For a brief second, he questioned the wisdom of attempting to ride bicycles in their inebriated state, but since Jack was in charge of their 'mission', and he didn't want to be a spoilsport, he had agreed, or rather, he hadn't disagreed.

“Danny, watch out!”

“Me?  You're the one who almost hit the tree,” Daniel responded as his bike wobbled.

“You know darn well that tree jumped right out in the middle of the road.  By the way, where *is* that road?” Jack asked.

“Forget the road,” Daniel spoke.  “I want to know where the pedals are!” he exclaimed, realizing his feet were no longer on the pedals.

“Daniel, watch ... out!” Jack yelled out as his lover's bike went off the trail, hit a bump, and then lost traction.  ~Ole Jack to the rescuuuuuuuuuuuuuue.  Crap!~ he thought as he hit a rock, was dislodged from his mount, and spun in the air underneath it.

“Jack?” Daniel called out, scurrying out from beneath the bicycle to get to his lover, who was now the pillow to a piece of metal.

“Daniel, get this thing off of me!” Jack requested.

Chuckling, Daniel pushed the bike off, then asked, “Are you okay?”

“Nothing's hurt but my pride,” Jack responded.  “What about you?”

“Same,” Daniel answered as he lay down next to his lover.

Their heads were touching as they laughed.

“Too much sippy-do for me,” the younger man teased.

“Sippy-do?” Jack asked.  “Yeah, that's it for sure,” he agreed.

“And too much stouty for you,” the archaeologist laughed.

“No such thing,” Jack refuted lightheartedly.

The two men caught a glimpse of each other's faces with the slightly puffy eyes and goofy grin that is the only smile possible when one is tipsy-silly-giddy drunk.

~We're gone,~ Jack thought.  He moved his arm so that the younger man could lean against his shoulder.  When they were settled, he suggested, “How about we sleep off the wine, the beer, and whatever else we drank today?”

“I think it's safer than trying to ride the bikes,” Daniel agreed.  “Gawd, that stuff must be potent.”

“Maybe it's just that we drank too much,” Jack suggested.

“It hasn't affected our speech,” Daniel put forth.

“We can talk, but we sure can't drive,” the older man chuckled.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Daniel sighed contently as he closed his eyes.  Sleep didn't grab hold of him, though, as he was the first to giggle, “You should see your face, Jack.”

“No, you should see *yours*, Dannyboy!” came the reply from the other man just before he let out an unplanned chuckle.

Helpless to stop it, the couple became undone, giggling and laughing, unable to bring themselves under control.  The powerful wave of laughter overtook them, making them unable to focus on anything but the funny sounds escaping from them and the pain their guts felt from the endless jocularity.  They were no sooner on the verge of settling down than one of them would let out a snort, and it would start all over again.  The laughter drained away the tension that had built between them over the last two weeks, leaving them satiated in a way not totally unlike the afterglow of making love.

Finally, with spouts of laughter still occasionally bubbling forth, the lovers relaxed in each other's arms, letting their overly abundant intake of spirits settle.  After their nap, they continued their bike ride and looked forward to a romantic night together.


As evening approached, the lovers enjoyed a bottle of The Norton, Missouri's official State Wine, that they'd purchased before returning to their cabin.

“It's not St. Julien's,” Daniel retorted, adding, “But it's good.”

“It reminds me of a California cabernet,” Jack observed as he swished the red wine in his glass before taking another sip.

“I was surprised when the tour guide said it's a hybrid from Europe, including the cabernet,” Daniel replied.  “You just never know.”

“Grapes, they breed everywhere,” Jack cackled evilly, as if accusing the grapes of having committed sin.

After sharing a kiss, Daniel looked out the front window and noted, “It's a beautiful night out.”

“Danny, I have a little surprise,” Jack announced, giving his soulmate a kiss and then putting his glass down and disappearing into the bedroom for a minute.

The archaeologist took another drink as he walked over to where Jack had left his glass.  He placed his glass next to it and stared at the two partially full glasses.

~Half full, never half empty,~ Daniel told himself, determined to pull himself out of the uncertain rut he'd been in.  He hadn't thought about his inadequacies since being 'kidnapped' by his lover, and he wished he hadn't thought about it just now.  ~Don't spoil this trip.  Jack's trying to make me forget how ...~

“Here we are,” Jack spoke, interrupting his lover's lament.


“This,” the older man explained, holding up a portable CD player.  “It's nice out.  Let's go outside and listen to it under the stars.”

“Okay,” Daniel agreed, putting his arm around Jack's waist as the two headed out into the warm night air.

“Wait,” Jack said, stopping his lover from sitting down on the old porch steps.  He returned inside the cabin for a couple of minutes,  then rejoined Daniel outside.  He laid out a large blanket, a tray of some cheese and crackers, and The Norton wine with their glasses.  “Now you can sit down,” he spoke with a smile.  A moment later, he joined his lover, placing the CD player nearby.  “Ready?”

“Ready,” Daniel answered, not having a clue what was going to happen.

“Lay back, Love,” Jack requested.

Soon, the lovers were on their backs, looking up at the starry night.  Daniel's head was nestled snugly against Jack's left shoulder.

The music began to play, but instead of a band, it was just a couple of guitars, making the song more intimate.

Then a sensuous male voice spoke, saying, “This is a special request, from Silver Fox to Angel, with love.”

“Jack?” Daniel asked as he shot upwards, crooking his legs and looking back at the older man.

“Come here, Angel,” the older man beckoned as the words began to air.  “Listen to the words.  They're important, and every word is the truth.”

The stars are set like diamonds in the sky

“You're my diamond, Love -- a brilliant, flawless, clear, diamond,” Jack spoke, his fingers carding through the silky strands of Daniel's hair as they gazed into each other's eyes.

But you're the only jewel I see tonight
Like this river rolling through the dark
Your love courses deep inside my heart

“It keeps my blood flowing and my heart beating,” Jack interjected, leaning forward to share a brief kiss with his Love.

Strong as any force of nature
I need you with every breath of my life

I'd move Heaven and Earth for you

“Heaven, Earth, and every System Lord out there that gets between us,” the older man intoned, his right thumb rubbing gently against the edge of Daniel's nose.

I'd steal the tides right from the moon
I'd lift the street to the Angel’s feet
If you'd say the word

I'd fight for you
I'd die for you

“Without hesitating, Danny.”

With my last breath I'd cry for you
Baby that's what your love is worth
I'd move Heaven and Earth

“That's the truth, Danny.  Everything is for you, and I'd do anything for you,” Jack spoke as the song continued to play.

Every time you're holding me I swear
For you there's not a cross I would not bear
And baby when we kiss my heart has wings
Love can do some supernatural things

“My soul soars when we're together like this.  It's what keeps me going,” Jack pointed out as his hand clasped his soulmate's, holding it tightly.

And if a mountain stood between us
I'd roll up my sleeves and tear it down

“Even Cheyenne Mountain,” Jack noted, bringing Daniel's hand to his mouth and kissing it.  He rubbed his cheek against the hand for a moment, saying, “I'd resign before I'd let anyone keep us from being together.”

I'd move Heaven and Earth for you
I'd steal the tides right from the moon
I'd lift the street to the Angel's feet
If you'd say the word

“Anything for you.  All you have to do is tell me what you want; that's all,” Jack insisted.

The song continued, Jack reinforcing the song's words as it played.  Their hands were still joined up until the end, when the younger man could no longer hold back his tears, and Jack released the strong hand held within his own in order to wipe away the moisture streaming down Daniel's cheeks.

Oh, there's no secret to this power
I draw all my strength from your sweet love

“All my strength, Danny.  You don't realize how important you are to me, how much you make me the person I am.  It's all you,” Jack professed and then leaned forward for another kiss.

This time, Daniel's left hand went up to his lover's back, stroking it gently.  Then he moved it to the back of his Love's head, pushing it forward slowly until their foreheads leaned against each other in a sign of unity and togetherness.

I’d move Heaven and Earth for you

“Heaven, Earth, and any force of nature,” Jack promised.

I'd steal the tides right from the moon
I'd lift the street to the Angel's feet
If you'd say the word

“Just say the word, Angel, and I'll do whatever you ask,” Jack vowed.

Id fight for you
I'd die for you
With my last breath I'd cry for you
Baby that’s what your love is worth

“*Your* love, Angel.  Your love is what I live for.”

I'd move Heaven and Earth

The song ended, and the male voice said, “I hope you enjoyed it, Angel.  Silver Fox donated some big money to my favorite charity to make this CD happen in a hurry.  I hope you enjoyed it.”

Then, all the lovers could hear were the beating of their hearts.

“Big money, huh?” Daniel whispered, swallowing from his emotion.

“Yeah, it helps the kids, and us.”

“Jack ...”

“Daniel, listen to me.  I know you're going through one of your doubt things,” Jack began.

“A doubt thing?” Daniel questioned lightheartedly, his voice clearly displaying how emotional he was feeling.

The couple's faces were still close, within inches of each other, and Daniel's hand was caressing the back of his lover's neck, occasionally sliding up to run through the fine silver-gray strands of Jack's hair.

Jack smiled, saying, “Yeah, where you mistakenly think you aren't as good as me or anyone else.  What you should be thinking is that you're thinking too much.”

“That makes a lot of sense,” Daniel spoke, trying to tease his Love a little.

Chuckling, the older man continued, “Danny, we've both made our share of bad decisions, but what we have together is stronger than anything.”

“I ... it's just I make you work so hard to ... to keep us going and ... well, someday ...”

“Someday, Love, is the someday when we're going to live together openly.  Someday, the military isn't going to control our lives.  Someday, we'll walk down our block holding hands and acting like two school kids in love, because we can.  That's the 'someday' I want you thinking about, not pointless concerns about us ending, because we just won't end,” Jack maintained.

“There's always something, Jack,” Daniel asserted.  “I'm no good at this.  I do ... dumb things.”

“Daniel, trust me.  You're very good at this.  Boy, are you good at this!” Jack exclaimed emphatically, a smile on his face.  He kissed his lover again, a deep, passionate kiss that lasted quite a while.  “See!”

“That's not what I meant,” Daniel sighed with a little smile of his own.  “Some of the things I do ... like ... Ke'ra ...”

Jack pursed his lips and cocked his head, countering with, “Laira.”

“Nothing happened between you and her, Jack,” Daniel intoned.

“Nothing happened between you and ole destroyer breath, either,” Jack reminded.

“That's not the point.”

“Isn't it?  Danny, you want to play the you-me blame game?  Okay, you're on.  Ready?  'Shut up',” Jack spoke, referring to when he had humiliated his lover on the planet of Euronda.

Daniel blinked and then came back with, “Shyla.”

“Our first vacation, acting like a jerk, ignoring you for old buddies who don't mean squat.”

“Yeah, that was bad,” Daniel agreed, quickly adding, “But you weren't the one who was going to leave.  I always leave, just like after that foothold incident.”

“I'll always come after you,” Jack promised.  “But I earned the ultimate stupid prize when I let the Doc lock you up in the looney bin when we all know you're saner than all of us.”

“Yeah, that was bad,” the younger man agreed again.

“The game and going too far with it,” Jack spoke with regret even before the younger man could get in another one of his own negative experiences.

“We have to play the game, even if we hate it,” Daniel acknowledged, disallowing Jack's point.

“Danny, do you really want us to sit here and go back and forth with all the ways we've messed up over the years?  Or, would you rather think about the good times, like our trip to Disneyland?”

“Gawd, Goofy,” Daniel recalled with a mock shiver as he thought about their brief contact with the Disney character at the theme park.

“Sometimes, when we get all mushy, what do we talk about?” Jack asked rhetorically.  “I'll tell ya,” he said quickly.  “We talk about how much we love each other, how we're forever, how nothing will ever tear us apart.  Nothing's perfect in life, Danny, but when we look at those glasses over there,” he said, nodding at their partially full wine glasses, “we see it's half full.”

“It's never half empty,” Daniel replied, amazed that Jack had made that same connection with the glasses and their lives, just like he had before coming outside.  “Never.”

“Let the doubts go, Angel.  I know you get scared.  I do, too, but we're a team, and, together, we're unbeatable.  We're ...”

“Synergy,” Daniel offered, as if he'd just had an epiphany.

“There's that,” Jack chuckled.  “Two peas in a pod that make the best pea soup in the universe.”

“Jack, we're talking seriously here, and you compare us to vegetables?” the younger man asked incredulously.

Jack cocked his head, saying, “See!  Look what you have to deal with.”

Smiling, Daniel replied, “My grizzly Silver Fox.”

“Not perfect, far from it even,” Jack responded.  “But with you, I'm a better ... grizzly,” he chuckled.

“Ah, thanks, I think,” the archaeologist chuckled.  Then he sighed, “I'm ... thinking too much, letting my insecurities turn things upside down when they're right side up.”

“Yes,” Jack agreed.

“I'm ... trying to cause us problems when we ... really don't have any, right now, anyway,” Daniel surmised.

“I think so,” Jack agreed again.  “Angel, any relationship takes work, and we're different people, but we love each other, and that's what counts.  Don't make trouble for us when there is none.”

Daniel slid his hand to caress Jack's cheek as he nodded against the blanket.  He sighed, blinking a few times as he processed their discussion.

“I wish I didn't keep having them, Jack, these doubts, but ...”

Jack smiled, leaned in for a kiss, and asked, “But what?”

“Um, I think too much.”

“No argument from me,” Jack responded.

“Do you, uh, know a ... cure for thinking too much?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jack affirmed.

With love filling their hearts, the couple continued to kiss for a while under the stars, then went inside and made passionate love, without any thoughts at all, save pleasing each other.


“Thanks for kidnapping me, Babe,” Daniel spoke the next morning as they began their drive home.

“My pleasure, Love,” Jack replied.

“Jack, I feel like I'm changing, not ... I mean, it's not ... bad, but, gawd, how'd I ever become a linguist?”

Jack chuckled, “Lots and lots of being one-on-one with dictionaries.”  More seriously, he stated, “Danny, you're believing in us.  That's the change.  Okay, we're not all the way there yet, but the more we go through, the more we endure, the more convinced you become.”

“It's this crazy year; I mean, uh, our lives aren't actually ever ... normal, but lately, I mean in the last several months, it's been ...”

“Insane,” both men said together, chuckling afterwards.

“It can't possibly get any worse,” Daniel spoke, suddenly wishing he hadn't uttered the words.

“If it does, we'll get through it, just likes always,” Jack said, glancing at his soulmate for a moment.  He reached over and took his lover's hand, squeezing it as he spoke, “Danny, I love you, and that's all you really ever need to know.”

Daniel smiled, his dimples showing his happiness as he replied, “I love you, too, Jack.”


“Danny,” Jack called out, shaking his sleeping lover.

It was four in the morning a few days later, and Jack had an early start at the Mountain, though Daniel wasn't scheduled to report in until 9 a.m.  They'd have a chance to talk there for a bit, but then they'd be going in separate directions for the day as Daniel was heading off-world on an anthropological mission with SG-11, while SG-1 had an assignment elsewhere.

The older man was already dressed and ready to go, but, remembering Daniel's repeated requests to be awakened whenever Jack left him alone in their bed, he reluctantly was trying to rouse the younger man.

“Daniel, I have to go!” Jack exclaimed.

“Sleeeeee...” Daniel mumbled, fighting off his lover's arms.

Jack laughed, shaking his head as he replied, “Daniel, I'm leaving now.  I love you very much, and when you finally wake up, I hope you remember that I tried to wake you up.”

“Sleep,” Daniel muttered, smacking his lips as he snuggled in closer to his pillow.

“I love you, Angel,” Jack said, getting up and bending over to kiss the younger man on the side of his forehead.  “I'd move Heaven and Earth for you every second of every day.  I'd be a lonely, miserable S.O.B. if you hadn't come into my world.  Be angry with me, Love, but I can't work any harder to wake you up because I know you're tired.  Okay, they're rocks to me, but I know how hard you work.  I'm protective, Danny, and you need your sleep.  I love you,” he concluded, pressing his lips against his lover's skin one more time, letting them linger there again.

With a smile and a last look, Jack began to leave.  When he was at the doorway, a loving noise stopped him.

“I love you, too, Jack, so much.”

Jack turned around to see his soulmate smiling at him.  Daniel was arched upwards slightly, his weight against his right arm that rested atop his pillow.

“I thought you were asleep,” Jack spoke.

“I am.  I mean, I was, but ... how could I sleep through those beautiful words?” the younger man intoned.

The colonel walked over to his side of the bed and sat down.  The two men leaned forward, sharing a tender kiss.

“Thank you,” Daniel spoke quietly.

“For what?”

“Loving me so much that you'd risk me getting mad at you,” Daniel chuckled.

“Anytime,” Jack teased in reply.  “I'm late, Love.”

“I'll see you at the Mountain,” Daniel said just before the two shared another kiss.

“Get some more sleep,” the older man requested.

Jack rose and headed for the door when he once again heard the voice that he treasured so much.


Turning, Jack asked, “What?”

“I'd move Heaven and Earth for you, too, and those doubts I had?  They were just ... dumb.  I don't really have any, not anymore.  I mean, I ... I try not to because I do believe in us.”

“Me, too, Angel.  Me, too,” Jack responded.  Then he added, “And, uh, don't feel bad about having doubts, Danny.  It's what you do about them that matters.  Faith only grows if it's tested.”

“Who'd ever think such a philosopher lurked behind those gorgeous brown eyes,” Daniel replied with a loving smirk.

Their eyes speaking of their joy, the two gazed at each other for several seconds until Jack finally headed downstairs and out the front door to begin his drive to Cheyenne Mountain.

Daniel lay back down, getting comfortable once again.  With a smile on his face, he fell back into a peaceful slumber.

Jack and Daniel's nation of two had grown stronger once again as both pledged what they both already knew, that they'd move Heaven and Earth to protect each other and that together, nothing nor no one could prevent them from keeping their cup forever full of love.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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