A Bit of Orrymain History

Artwork by Amy

How did we get here? I still can't believe it, in large part because I never even used to read fan fic until 2002 when Sam Walker, the evil enabler, convinced me that Stargate SG-1 fan fic was worth it. I gave it a try, and she was right. I owe Sam, who is a fan fic writer herself, a big, big thanks for starting this entire thing.

She also told me that some of the best fan fic was slash. At the time, I had absolutely no desire to test her statement, but when I had read everything I could find that was “gen,” I broke down and began to read slash, doing lots and lots of “page down” hitting on the keyboard.

Then on July 13, 2003, a strange thing happened. With absolutely no intention of ever writing a fan fic, and having never even entertained the concept of doing so, I went to work at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning. As I sat down at my computer, waiting for customer phone calls, Daniel suddenly began speaking to me.

It was the craziest, strangest experience of my life, but when Daniel talks, I listen ... and I write. At 10:30, my work announced that it was so slow that if anyone wanted to go home, they could, so I did, taking my group of handwritten Daniel ramblings with me.

Now in front of my own computer terminal at home, I continued to listen to Daniel, typing frantically. I recall looking up at the clock one time when I noticed “oh, I'd be getting off work now,” and then it was back to typing.

At 6:30 p.m., Daniel was done, and what a story he had told me! I was in total shock. It truly felt like I was possessed. What amazes me, is that many of the things in the story are counter to anything I ever would have believed “myself,” such as when Jack and Daniel got together. No one was more floored than I was by the revelation I was given.

The story was called “They Don't Understand,” and obviously, it's a point of view piece as it's Daniel talking about his relationship with Jack, covering their adventures from the series pilot “Children of the Gods” through “Lifeboat” in season 7.

I did think it needed a couple of enhancements. Daniel hadn't been very eager to talk about a couple of things, especially Sha're, but I had this crazy surreal conversation with him, and on the Tuesday that followed that crazy Sunday, Daniel filled in the blanks, completing the story.

As I said, I was flabbergasted. I decided to go ahead and post it. Obviously, Daniel didn't talk to me for nothing, and thus, my fan fic was born. There have been ups and downs during this crazy adventure, but as long as I'm having fun, am getting feedback from others saying they are enjoying it, and the boys keep on sharing, I'll continue to write.

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