JD's Miracle

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - May 13 - October 30, 2017
Spoilers:  None
Size:  35kb, short story
Written:  May 2,4,6, June 6,12, 2010 Revised for Consistency: January 19, 2015
Summary:  It's Greek to Jack and Daniel, but to the Asgard, it's a miracle in the making.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Tammy, Irina, Navi, Claudia!

JD's Miracle
by Orrymain

Jack strode nonchalantly over to the gazebo where his second-in-command was sitting, a piece of paper in her hand.  She had that look on her face, one Jack knew well.  It meant something was disturbing the colonel, and it wasn't a trivial something, either.

“Carter,” Jack acknowledged, stepping inside the gazebo and sitting down across from the blonde.  “How's Pete?”

“What?” Sam asked, jostled from her internal musings.  “Oh, he's fine.”

“The kids?” the general asked, though he could see the entire Shanahan brood from where he was sitting, and they all looked terrific to him.  In fact, even Kevin was having a good time.  He'd broken out of his autistic shell earlier in the year and was interacting with others as he'd never done before.  “Carter!”

“Oh, Sir, I'm sorry,” Sam apologized.  “My family is good, very good.”


Sam smiled at her commanding officer's interest.  Of course, their military relationship didn't exist anymore, not really, but she'd always think of Jack O'Neill as her superior officer.  They'd worked together for too long not to have that protocol between them.  Still, they were also family.

“Sir, it's this,” Sam explained, handing Jack the paper she was holding.


“JD's ... scribbles,” Sam announced.  “He has an understanding of what this is, but he doesn't know what it means or how to express it.”


“The Asgard are running out of time, General,” Sam declared straightforwardly.  “Their numbers are shrinking at an alarming rate.”

“Yeah,” Jack groaned.  “We got the ball rolling again last year, but ... Carter, I don't know what we're supposed to do.”

Looking over at JD playing with his best friend, Tommaso Luca, Sam responded, “I don't, either, but he might.  It's in his head.  He just doesn't know how to tell us yet.”

“My son is not the Asgard savior,” Jack rebutted, looking at JD as a mere five-year-old and nothing more.

“Pardon me, Sir, but I've seen some of JD's schoolwork,” Sam stated pointedly.  ~That kid can doodle circles around some of the more brilliant minds in the country, and they barely know a tenth of what these doodles mean.~

His best poker face on, Jack returned, “Okay, he's a bright kid.”

Sam smiled and replied, “I know you didn't start teaching him more advanced concepts on your own.”

“What's your point?”

“JD told me he likes to watch Little Danny; he gets ... excited.”

“Carter!” a more agitated general snapped.

“Sir, you and Daniel are teaching JD at the level you think he's ready for, but he's learning without you.  He's learning on his own and from Little Danny.”

Jack leaned forward, almost treating Sam like a hostile enemy, “My kid is a kid, and he's going to stay that way.”  He wanted to destroy the paper full of scribbles, only he knew they weren't simple scribbles, which was in a sense a direct contradiction to the statement he'd just spoken.  They were equations he didn't comprehend.  ~Base 8, or something,~ he surmised.  He returned the paper to Sam and, standing, warned, “Don't interfere with that, Colonel.  Let my son be.”

Sam watched Jack walk away and join the youngsters in playtime.

~I can't interfere, General.  JD is your son, and I know how you feel, but what about the Asgard?  What if JD does have the answer in his mind somewhere?  Our scientists aren't getting anywhere on their own.  These ... scribbles of JD's that you're allowing me to pass on to our scientific teams are what keeps them going, but without them ...~

A shout from Kevin drew Sam from her internal worries about Earth's greatest allies and back into her role as mom.  Folding up the paper she'd gotten from JD earlier in the day and sticking it into her pocket, she hurried over to her son and joined in the fun.


Daniel sighed as he looked out the kitchen window.  He could see David supervising some of the younger children as they played.  Actually, he was just there in case he was needed.

With the Munchkins now ten-and-a-half years old and the Spitfires just a year younger, the children were being given much more freedom than ever before.  JD, though, still required more attention, and that was really the reason David had, without being asked, gone outside to be present in the case of conflict or emergency.

The archaeologist turned around, his arms folded across his chest as he leaned back against the sink, and opined, “Jack, two years ago, we told the children where they were, academically.  They haven't asked since, but they all have a good idea.”  He smiled and let out a tiny laugh as he continued, “David knew he was doing college work.  I don't know what we're accomplishing by trying to pretend that they aren't all advanced, educationally.”

“Homeschooling has helped with that, Danny.  Most kids would do better if they had the one on one that our kids do.”

“I agree,” Daniel affirmed with a nod.  “But they're all several grades ahead of their ages.  Jack, it's time to admit it.  We've quietly upped their assignments, but we didn't have to.  Little Danny isn't far behind David.  I suspect he's holding back, on purpose.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because I'm seeing JD doing what we saw Little Danny doing at his age,” Daniel began.  “I think he's still doing it.”

From across the kitchen, Jack gripped a couple of apples in his hands as if they were baseballs  and responded sharply, “Daniel, I haven't a friggin' clue what you're talking about.”

“Yes, you do.  You just don't want to think about it,” Daniel accused pointedly as he glanced back out the window for a few seconds.  “Remember how Little Danny would go in and out from genius mode?  He'd talk like a toddler one second and then recite the encyclopedia with perfect pronunciation the next?”

Jack let out a big sigh.  He did know what his lover was talking about after all.

“He wanted to fit in, so he altered his behavior, his speech, his actions, and ... I don't know what else, but that's what Little Danny did.”  Daniel licked his lips as he contemplated the situation in silence.  “Jack, Little Danny aces any assignment we give him, and haven't you noticed he finishes his homework almost immediately?”

“It's not tough enough for him,” Jack sighed reluctantly.  ~La la la.  I don't care.  I don't want my kids growing up too fast.~

“Two years ago, he was doing a sixth grader's work.  The assessment we just finished has him doing the equivalent of a tenth grader.”

“And it's still too easy.”

“Yes, and I think our fears are hurting him, and maybe the rest of the brood,” the archaeologist put forth.  “I think Jonny isn't that far behind, either, but don't tell him that or he'll up his dumb game.”

Jack just nodded in resignation and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Talk to them; see if they want to learn more, or if they just want to coast,” the archaeologist put forth.  ~At this rate, the brood will finish college before I did.~

“Crap, Danny.  Doogie Howser was a friggin' TV show, but we're living it in spades.”

Daniel crossed the room and leaned in for a quick kiss before replying, “Babe, I passed my fears onto you, but my fears were wrong.”  Quickly, he reversed course, realizing he'd misspoken his thoughts.  “No, they weren't wrong.  Those fears were justified, but they don't take into account one very important difference between my experiences and those of our brood.  They aren't alone.  We've made our home a ... a sanctuary for our children.  They're free to learn and grow as they want to.  They understand how to play, and they're secure in their world.  Had we not be able to raise them the way we'd hoped, maybe things would be different.”

“You're saying we did a good job and now we're just holding them back,” Jack surmised.

“Maybe.  Look, Little Danny isn't going away to college,” Daniel proclaimed strongly.  ~Studying here at home and learning is one thing, but I won't let the children be subjected to that kind of social nightmare, no matter how intelligent they may be.~

“That's so not happening,” Jack concurred.

“But he has two parents who can let him start exploring the world more.  We can access college libraries.  We can take him, let him wander around a little.  We can see what books he wants to read.”

“Jonny's going to want a piece of that action.”

“Then Jonny gets a piece of it,” Daniel returned.  “For a long time, we challenged them.  Then we got complacent because of our paranoia.  Now it's time to let go a little.  We're not going to push them, and we can pull back in a ... a ...”

“... heartbeat,” Jack completed for his Love.


“And how does all of this concern JD?” Jack asked, getting back to what had started this entire discussion.

Daniel returned to his previous position in front of the sink.  There on the counter was a notepad, full of not just scribbles, but words.  He picked it up and then circled back to face his husband.

“JD is also altering his behavior a little bit.  He's been the little brother for so long that it's the role he knows.  He's been watching Little Danny a lot.  Now, Jonny is his ... leader, and Jonny has taught him that covert is the way to go.  Somewhere along the line, JD has learned to ... mute his achievement.”

“Daniel, speak English.”

“He wants to learn more than we're teaching him, and since we aren't teaching him, he's covertly watching the Munchkins and the Spitfires, and he's learning from them.”

“He's *five*,” Jack snapped.

“Hold that thought,” Daniel requested, putting up a finger.  He opened the kitchen window and called out, “JD, would you come into the kitchen, please?  It'll just take a minute.  Uh, everyone else, stay outside and play.  Thanks.”

Daniel closed the window and waited for the youngest Jackson-O'Neill to reach the kitchen.

“Here I am, Daddy,” the energetic youngster announced as he jumped into the kitchen.

“Thanks for coming inside,” Daniel stated as he walked over to boy's position, picked him up, and then sat him down on the small kitchen table so they could be face to face while they chatted.  “Son, I want to ask you a couple of little questions.  It's a ... a game we're going to play.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I want you to clear your mind and just answer with the first thing that you think of, okay?  Don't think about anything but giving me a quick answer.  Okay?”


“Okay ...”

“Enough with the 'okays',” Jack barked.  ~I’m getting a headache with all the echoes.~

“Jack!” Daniel warned.  He regained the boy's focus and smiled as he explained, “Dad's out of Froot Loops, so he's a little testy.”

JD snickered, “Jonny took them.”

“What?” Jack barked again as he began towards the door.  “I'll ...”

“Later, Jack,” Daniel rebuked sternly.  He was happy that JD was giggling and appeared to be completely relaxed.  “Okay, ready?”

With a snicker, JD responded, “*Okay*, Daddy.”

Jack growled, but didn't say anything.  He did notice that JD's laughter grew at his older father's growl.

“First thought now.  What does 'absorb' mean and, if you can, use it in a sentence.”

Quickly, the little boy answered, “It's like a sponge.”  He smiled and said, “Little Danny absorbs words.”  He giggled, “He learns them and soaks them all up.”

“Good.  Okay, so, do the same with this word -- 'exceed',” Daniel instructed.

“Do better.  No one can exceed Jonny in being my big, big brother.”

“You're doing great.  Uh, do you know what the Battle of Shiloh is?”

With a nod, JD orated, “The Battle of Shiloh was part of the Civil War.  Some people call it the Battle of Pittsburg Landing.”

“Can you tell me anything more about it?” the archaeologist queried calmly.

“The Con'erates attacked the Union, but they didn't plan very well, and the Union won.  A lot of people died.  That's sad, Daddy.”

“Yes, it was very sad.  One more question,” Daniel stated.  “What's the number 12?”

JD grinned as he answered, “It's us -- the brood.”

“And what else?”

JD's face crunched as he thought and then finally erupted into a broad smile while he answered, “It's a dozen.  There's twelve in a dozen.”

“Anything else?”

“It's a number.  It comes after 11 and before 13, and it's a composite number.”  The youngster smiled, prompting Daniel to believe he was through, only JD added one more thing.  “And Jacob had twelve sons, too, the twelve tribes of Israel.”

“Yes, he did,” a smiling Daniel acknowledged of the Biblical reference.  “I love you,” he added, giving the boy a kiss on the cheek as well.  “That's enough thinking for now.”

“I wasn't thinking, Daddy.  You told me not to think,” the boy laughed while swinging his feet around.

“You're right.  Go outside and have fun playing.”

“Okay, Daddy,” JD said as Daniel helped him off the table.  As the boy ran out, he  called out, “Jonny, you better hide.  I forgot and told Dad about the Loops.”

Jack just shook his head as Daniel chuckled at JD's words.

Then Daniel walked up to his Love and  stared into his eyes for a minute before querying, “Do you understand now?”

With a quiet acceptance, Jack answered, “Those were sixth grade words.”

“And he shouldn't have had that understanding of the Battle of Shiloh.  Do you know why he knew as much as he said?”

Jack wasn't yet ready to concede the battle, so he stood stoically in front of his husband and said nothing.

“That was part of Jenny's and Ricky's history lesson a couple of weeks ago,” Daniel elaborated.  “They were studying in the rec room one day, and JD was between them, coloring, only that was a cover.”  He sighed, “And while we've taught our children to think creatively, his thought process in knowing what '12' is just shows what's he capable of, even at this age.  I mean, he answered it socially, mathematically, and even religiously, and that was without thinking.”

“Fine.  We change the curriculum,” Jack finally agreed.  At last at a place where he could discuss the situation without feeling like he was betraying the brood's childhood, he asked, “What's on the notepad?”

Daniel returned to the counter, picked up the pad, and read from it, “'Genetic', 'clone', 'birth', 'survive'.”

“What?” Jack inquired, hurrying over to his soulmate's side.  “How does he know how to spell those words?”

“How does he even know them?  Well, 'genetic' and 'clone' anyway?  Jack, I don't have the answer, but that's why we need to let JD absorb whatever he's ready and wanting to, because we don't know what this could mean, and neither does he.”

Jack took the notepad and stared at it incredulously.  The letters weren't written very well, but the words had been spelled correctly.  Along with the words were more equations and numbers that he had no clue as to what they meant.  As the parents had done before, they'd give the notes to Sam, and she would see to it that the Earth scientists who were tasked with helping the Asgard with their problem would get them to study and utilize in their research.

“We keep it a game, Jack, like what we just did.  He wants to learn.  They all want to learn.  We have to let them,” Daniel maintained.


“Ricky, did General Grant ...”

Jack smiled.  He couldn't help it.  JD was his son with Daniel, and over the last month, he'd taken to his new learning curriculum like a duck to water.

~Absorb: to sponge up.  JD is absorbing more than we can teach him,~ Jack opined silently.  Hearing a tap on the patio door, he walked over to greet Sam.  “You're early.”

“Pete got home early,” Sam explained.

Jack looked at the folder the blonde was holding and asked, “More written technobabble?”

“JD's doing very well,” Sam advised with a bit of a smirk.  “He likes technobabble,” she teased, adding, “unlike certain generals I know.”

The general laughed and inquired, “What's in the lesson plan for today?”

As she began to accompany Jack through the kitchen, the astrophysicist answered, “Elements.”

“I could teach him that,” Jack replied sarcastically.

“Here you go,” Sam challenged, holding out her lesson plan.  “Teach away.”

“Very funny.”  Jack sighed, “You're teaching him from a scientist's perspective.  Danny says we need to nurture that.”

“You still have doubts?”

“Carter, he doodles in Base 8 math.  Have you ever wondered if he knows this stuff already?” the general questioned as he tapped on the folder.

“He might; the essentials anyway, but he needs to know the terms and how to express them.  Once he does, we don't know what he might come up with.”

“Thor owes us big time,” Jack grumbled, still wanting JD to remain a kid without adult demands of any kind.

With a serious expression, Sam corrected poignantly, “Not yet, Sir.”

Jack nodded and then motioned towards the rec room where Sam and JD would begin their special science lesson.


Daniel was sound asleep on his Jack pillow, while Jack, too, was deep in slumber with his Daniel blanket warming his body.  Neither heard the tap on the door.  The tap finally gave way to a peek inside the room.  Then the youngster responsible for opening the door hurried inside and began to shake his younger father's arm.

“Daddy, wake up.  Dad!”

“Huh?  Uh?  No more coffee on Earth?  There *has* to be!”

“Daniel!” Jack exclaimed, amused by what had just come from his lover's mouth.

“Daddy, there's coffee in the kitchen,” the boy reassured his younger father.  “I need to talk to you,” he insisted while climbing up on the bed, just as Daniel rolled off Jack and calmed from his caffeine depletion nightmare.

“Now *that* was a bad dream,” Daniel admitted as he regained his equilibrium and then sat up.

Already sitting up, Jack helped JD to settle between the two men and asked him, “Did you have a nightmare?”

“I need to talk to Heimdall,” JD stated calmly, as if his request were no more unusual than asking for a glass of milk.

“Whoa!” Jack exclaimed.  He hadn't heard the name Heimdall in over a decade.

“Heimdall?” Daniel questioned.  ~I really need caffeine.~

“He's Uncle Thor's friend,” JD explained, not knowing whether or not his parents knew the Asgard he was asking about.

“We know who he is, Son,” Daniel replied.

“How do *you* know him?” Jack asked more sharply.

“I met him on Daddy's ship.”

Daniel's eyes closed as he contemplated the answer.

**That lyin', friggin' little gray butt,** Jack communicated angrily.

**He's trying to save his race, Jack.**

**He *promised* us, Danny.  No more midnight space rides,** Jack groused.

**He wouldn't put JD in harm's way.**

**Daniel, he ...**

“Dad, Daddy, this is important.  I need to ask Heimdall something,” JD reiterated.

“Okay,” Daniel sighed.  “What is it you need to ask him?”

JD pulled out the small piece of paper in his pocket and said, “This.”

“What's that?”

JD shrugged and stated, “I don't know, but I need to ask him.”

“You don't know?” Jack questioned dubiously.

**Jack, don't upset him.**

**Daniel, how can he ask the question if he doesn't know what the question is?**

**He knows it on paper; not in words,** Daniel stated via the couple's special non-verbal communication.  “JD, go back to your bedroom and get into bed.  Dad and I will see if we can reach Uncle Thor.”

“Okay, Daddy,” JD agreed, scooting away and getting off the bed.  “Tell him it's important.”

“We will.”

“Daniel, this is ridiculous,” Jack complained.

“Probably,” Daniel agreed as he got out of bed and retrieved the Asgard communication device.

“Why go through that hassle?” Jack snarked.  “*Thor, get your butt down here!*”

“Ja...Hi, Thor,” Daniel greeted upon seeing the Asgard appear.  ~Forgot our house is Asgard wired.~

Getting out of bed, Jack walked menacingly over to the tiny Asgard and warned, “Thor, listen to me, and this time, you'd better get it.  My kid stays on Earth.  You Asgard-nap him again, and you won't have a little gray butt left to sit in that throne of yours.  You got me?”

“Why did you call me?” Thor inquired, completely unperturbed by Jack’s accusing demeanor.

Though Daniel started to speak, Jack waved off the response and addressed the alien again, saying, “Thor, you better hear me this time.  I won't let the Asgard near him or his doodles if you take him out of this house again without our permission.  Now you acknowledge that, or get out of here and never come back.”

Daniel heaved a huge sigh at the antagonistic tone of his husband.  However, he wasn't happy about Thor not keeping his promise, either.  They'd learned only by accident that Thor had occasionally brought JD to his ship, The Daniel Jackson.  The Asgard perceived JD as their last great hope.  He apparently had multiple Ancient genes, something no one else was known to have.

While Daniel understood the ramifications of JD's 'gifts', he really didn't want Thor, or anyone, taking JD anywhere without his knowledge.  Thor had promised not to do it again, but apparently, that promise had not been kept.  Thus, Daniel remained quiet as Jack directed their disappointment and ire at the Asgard commander.

“I understand, O'Neill.  Is that all?” Thor finally replied.

Jack sighed, “I wish, but it seems our son wants to talk to Heimdall.”

“Here,” Daniel interjected.  He walked closer and stated, “Thor, I understand.  I really do.  You're ... trying to save your people, but you need to understand that JD is our son, and we have a right to say when and where he goes anywhere, let alone to your ship.  We *want* to help you, but you need to respect our wishes.  Please, JD stays here unless we're with him.”

“As you wish.  I will attempt to locate Heimdall.”

With that, Thor vanished via a stream of light.

“He's gonna have attitude for at least a year,” Jack whined.

“He's just ...”

“Daniel, I get it, but we're talking about our son here.”

“I know, and you're right,” Daniel conceded.  He yawned, “Coffee.  I need ... coffee.”

“That must have been some nightmare,” Jack stated as he followed his husband out of their room.

“The worst.  Dunkin' Donuts put coffee bean eating cockroaches in all of Starbuck's Coffee, totally deleting their supply,and then Starbuck's retaliated by, uh ... well ... I won't say.”



Some months later, in the wee hours of this particular morning, JD burst into his parents' bedroom once again.  His meeting with Heimdall had taken all of three minutes, the boy essentially having shown Heimdall his equations and the Asgard having responded by making a few doodles of his own.  That had been all there was to it, and after that, JD hadn't said anything more about it.

Jumping up on his parents' bed, JD shook their shoulders excitedly, calling out to them urgently.

“Dad, Daddy, I need Thor and Heimdall now.”

As Jack and Daniel roused, JD began to talk a mile a minute, sounding more like Daniel and Little Danny than he did himself.  He was speaking about things neither one of his parents understood.

“Okay, calm down,” Jack urged as he got out of bed and picked up the boy.  “Slowly,” he urged with a nod.

“Dad, it's really super, super, super, *super* important.  Please call Thor!” the boy pleaded.

Daniel sighed, “Son, Thor's out of the galaxy.”

“Can't you phone him?  It's super, super, super ...”

“I got it, and we'll try.  Go back to bed.”

“I don't think I can sleep.  This is super, su...”

“We got it,” Jack interrupted.  “How about some milk and cookies?”  As JD grinned, the general looked back and suggested to Daniel, “Why don't you give it a shot.”

Jack and JD out of the bedroom, Daniel retrieved the communication device and activated it.  The device had been upgraded over the years.  Once a basic homing signal, now it was capable of recording and transmitting messages, even from galaxy to galaxy, though it had a time lapse.

“Thor, JD says he needs to see you and Heimdall right away.  Uh, if you get this soon, we'll be in the kitchen.  You're welcome to join us for milk and cookies.”

Chuckling a bit at his invite, Daniel yawned as he thought, ~Forget the milk.  Give me the coffee.~


“Hi, Uncle Thor,” JD called out just after Thor and Heimdall arrived in the Jackson-O'Neill kitchen in a flash of light.

“Hello, Little Thor,” the Asgard greeted warmly.  “You have called us.”

“Hey!  He's not alone, you know,” Jack reminded hurtfully.

“O'Neill, Doctor Jackson,” Thor acknowledged politely.  “What is the problem?” he asked JD.

Retrieving his notes, JD showed them to the two Asgard.

Jack and Daniel watched, sensing something powerful was happening.  Heimdall had never looked this intense before.  At least, they didn't think he had.  It wasn't always been easy to gauge an Asgard expression.

“JD, you may have just saved the entire Asgard race,” Heimdall praised.  “Thor, you must get me to my lab immediately.  There is no time to waste.  O'Neill, Doctor Jackson, please.  It is vital.  JD must accompany us.”

“I'll go,” Daniel told his husband.  He stood up and walked over to the two Asgard.  Picking up JD, he advised, “I go with him.”

“As you wish,” Thor agreed.

Daniel looked back at Jack and said, “See you ...”

Daniel and JD were literally gone in a flash.

Jack let out a sigh and completed, “... yeah, yeah ... soon.”


“Where's Daddy?” Jenny asked as she sat down for breakfast later that morning.

“Dad, JD isn't in his room,” Brianna informed her father as she entered the hospitality room, a touch of worry in her voice.

“Daddy and JD are with Thor.  They're ... working on a project,” Jack told the brood.

“Wow!” Jonny exclaimed.  “What kind of project?”

“The kind that gives me a headache,” Jack groused.  “Sit down and eat your Life.”

“Life?” Jonny groused, seeing the box of Life cereal on the table.  “Where are the Froot Loops?”

Jack gave his son a revengeful cackle as he leaned in and whispered, “Those who taketh away Dad's Loops must deal with Life's repercussions.”

“Does that mean Life for life?” the sandy-haired boy asked, his face full of misery at having been caught yet again in secretly hiding away boxes of Froot Loops.

“We'll see.”

Aislinn leaned over and whispered, “Don't worry, Jonny.  Ricky has some stashed away.”

“I heard that.”

“Ash!” Ricky exclaimed, frowning at his apologetic looking sister.


“Jack, it's ... it's amazing.  I don't understand much of it, but JD does, somehow, and I'm not even sure how.  They're making progress.  We should be home soon, and ... Jack?  They're all calling him their savior, and maybe ... I don't know, but he's helping them, anyway.  I love you.”

The Asgard communication device stopped glowing, and Jack stared at it, taking in the message.  Was it really possible?  Was JD loaded with Ancient knowledge, just bubbling to come out?

It was all too much for Jack to contemplate.  For that matter, having Daniel and JD gone for four days hadn't been that great, either.  Aside from a quick, two minute return that first night to retrieve clothing and JD's stuffed dog, Patch, his husband and son had been on some intergalactic scientific retreat.  The point was that the Jack pillow missed his Daniel blanket.

“Time to hide the Froot Loops again,” the general stated in the hope of distracting himself from his sorrow.


“Okay, kids, it's time to ...”

Jack looked around, realizing immediately that he was no longer in his living room, talking to the brood.

“Ah, Thor, the kids,” Jack stated.

“One moment,” Thor stated, patching in a link.  “Brood of O'Neill and Daniel Jackson.  This is Thor, commander of the Asgard vessel, The Daniel Jackson.  Bijou, Katie, protect.  Your parents and JD will be home momentarily.  Thor out.”

“Bijou, Katie, protect?” Jack mouthed to his husband, who just shrugged in response.  “Jen's home,” he stated more audibly, confident that the college student would handle anything that could come up during this unexpected pow wow.  “What's going on?”

“Jack, meet Marcodell.”

Jack looked at the stranger, a five-foot being with gray skin and wide eyes, but otherwise, not all that unlike humans.

“Hello,” Jack replied uncertainly, noting that the being, whatever it was, was rather stiff looking.

“Marcodell is a model, Dad,” JD announced as he ran over to Jack for some love.

“I missed you,” Jack told the boy as he picked him up and hugged him.  “A model?”

“A prototype,” Daniel explained.  “They're still testing.”

“Little Thor has assisted Heimdall in locating a gene lost amongst the Asgard as a result of our cloning,” Thor explained while looking fondly at JD.

“If we can replicate this gene, we can save the Asgard,” Heimdall announced.

“After generations, we can transfer our consciousness' to new bodies, like Marcodell, and we can reproduce.”

Jack coughed as he stared at the prototype and then observed, “Very well endowed.”  He squinted as he stared more closely at the midsection.  “Daniel, that's ...”

“Jack, isn't it great that JD could help?”

“But ...”

“Jack, shut up.”

Jack stared at his husband, his pupils slowly going down to Daniel's groin area and then over to Marcodell again.

“I know as good as I'm standing here that ...”

“Hey, Babe, missed you,” Daniel interrupted, walking over to join his husband and son.  “JD did a great job.”

“He's not the only one.”

“Daddy helped,” JD added brightly.

“I can *see* that,” Jack responded.  Walking over to the prototype, he tapped against the arm for a second.  “He's a little stiff, Thor.”

“Marcodell is only the model, O'Neill,” Thor reminded.  “With the gene JD has located, we can create better bodies that will allow us to repopulate our worlds.”

“You do realize you're missing the, uh, other half?”

“We will make arrangements to rectify that situation,” Thor stated, not fazed at all.

Jack stared at Thor skeptically and finally asked, “Just who do you think you're going to get to ... model the other half?”  When Thor didn't answer, the general looked over at his soulmate and questioned, “Daniel?”

“Uh, well, there's really only a few possibilities.”

“She's not going to like it,” Jack replied.  Looking at Thor, he added, “Do you realize how long it took me to convince her to get a life?  And I was ordering her?”

“She will assist.”

“Dad, are you proud of me?” JD questioned eagerly, interrupting the discussion.

“Very proud, JD.  I have no idea what you did, but I know it was good, and we need the Asgard.  They're our friends.”

“Thor, as soon as we get back, we'll contact General Landry,” Daniel advised.  “I'm sure he'll assign all the personnel we need to help you get through this transition.”

“Thank you, Doctor Jackson.”


Back on Earth, Jack contacted General Hank Landry, informing him of the Asgard discovery.  Then he turned the phone over to Daniel and hurried downstairs to check on a calamity, or at least the sounds of destruction that had flowed up the stairs all the way to the master bedroom.

The archaeologist filled in some of the blanks, since he'd been the one to witness much of the scientific growth that had occurred, and then discussed with Landry what needed to happen next to move the work forward.


“I can't believe you posed for them,” Jack remarked in disbelief that night.  “And Carter?  She did it.  She actually did it,” he spoke in amazement at the fact that Sam had quickly beamed up that evening to The Daniel Jackson to assist the Asgard with their female prototype.

“Well, I don't think she felt threatened by ...”

“Little gray butts?  Wait until Marcodella starts procreating with Marcodell, and let's see what she says then.”

Daniel sat down on the bed and quietly remarked, “Our son may have the Asgard's knowledge.”

“How?  I still don't get that.”

“Something in the scribbles,” Daniel answered.  “I don't know all that stuff, but he found some gene that the Asgard used to have.  They have to figure out how to recreate that gene or re-ignite it or ...”

“... something,” Jack mused.  “Neither one of us has a friggin' clue what JD discovered or how it works.”

“No, no, we don't, but the Asgard do, and they think they are finally on the way to saving themselves.  General Landry is going to contact Harlan.”

“Synthetic bodies?”

“Yes.  Jack, those bodies could do ... anything, so if the Asgard can adapt them so that those brains can handle their knowledge, and if this gene can be adapted or inserted or ...”

“... something,” Jack said for his husband, a smile on his face.

“Yeah.  I don't know, but somehow, between the Asgard, Harlan, our scientists, and JD, maybe the Asgard can go back to living again.  They deserve it, Jack.”

“JD's miracle.”

“Saving the Asgard race,” Daniel agreed.  “They still have a long way to go, but Heimdall thinks by this time next year, the Asgard could be living in their new bodies.”

“A five-foot Thor,” Jack mused.  Both men became lost in their thoughts for a moment, each silently hoping that the speculation and the hope for the future of their alien friends came true.  “Danny, what exactly did you tell Landry?”

“That the Asgard made a huge discovery, and they contacted us because they trust us,” Daniel answered.

“And JD?”

“What about him?”  Daniel saw the look of consternation on Jack's face and smiled.  “Relax.  Jack, before Thor beamed you up, we had a little ... chat.  He really does care about JD, and he doesn't want him to become some government project.”

“Which means?”

“Which means that he's being left out of it,” Daniel stated.  “Thor talked to JD about keeping a ... a very important secret, and JD agreed, so only we'll know the truth.”

“And JD only has to worry about being a little genius,” Jack surmised, satisfied with the news.

“We need to have family meeting about it with the brood in the morning,” Daniel stated.

“We can do that.”

Daniel noticed a peculiar look on his Love's face and questioned, “What?”

“Model for me.”


The older man leaned in for a kiss, one that grew in power and scope.  His left hand began to roam until he found the bulging area it was seeking.  It was the start of a passionate round of lovemaking, during which Daniel did indeed model his wares to the complete and satiating happiness of his husband.  That was the couple's own very special miracle.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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