Jungle Fever

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17 light
Season:  Beyond the Series - March 27 - April 2, 2012
Spoilers:  None
Size:  40kb, short story
Written:  June 27, July 4-8,12-14, September 25,30, October 1,4,7,10,14, 2007
Summary:  Jack's been Danny-deprived, and it's showing.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Bear photos courtesy of First People of America and Canada : Turtle Island, located at:  http://www.firstpeople.us
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, Carol, Melissa, Linda, Sara!

Jungle Fever
by Orrymain

“That's sweet of you, Peter, but it's almost midnight there,” Jennifer spoke, holding her cell phone in one hand while she used the other to work the keys into the front door lock.

“I miss talking with you, Jen,” Peter Hamilton spoke, having surprised his friend by calling her all the way from Oxford University where he was attending college.

“That's not it,” the girl said as she opened the door and removed her keys.  “You're not really happy there; I can tell, but you need to stick it out.”

“My parents are happy.  I guess that's what counts,” Peter sighed.

“Daddy liked Oxford,” Jennifer pointed out.

Peter laughed, “Then I'd better like it, too.”  He sat up a little straighter and admitted, “You're right, though.  I have an exam in the morning, so I'd better get some sleep.”

“You'll ace it,” Jennifer expressed confidently while looking around for signs of her parents.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Peter replied.

With amazing seriousness, the teenage girl responded, “Peter, I have all the confidence in the world in you.  You can do this.”

“With you believing in me, Jen, I know I can.”  After a pause, the boy said, “Goodnight, Jen.  I miss you.”

After having checked the rec room and finding it empty, Jennifer headed towards her bedroom to rid herself of her backpack before finding her family.

As she passed the living room, Jennifer spoke softly, “I ... miss you, too, Peter.  Bye.”  Letting out a deep sigh, she flipped her phone closed and turned to go up the stairs to her bedroom, which was over the garage.  ~Where is everyone?~

Once in her room, the teenager put down her backpack and visited the restroom.  She wanted to change into more casual clothes than what she'd worn to school that day, but she felt a little off kilter because she had yet to see or hear any of her family.  Given the size and natural boisterousness of the Jackson-O'Neill clan, that was a trifle worrying.  Just as she was about to go in search of them, she heard footsteps running up the stairs.

“Hide, Jen; it's the grizzly!” Chenoa called out, dashing into the room and taking refuge behind her oldest sister's bed, actually crouching down and crawling under it.

“Not again!” Jennifer sighed, somewhat amused by the comment.  ~They really need to go out.  Forget the date night, just ... go.~

Jennifer headed downstairs.  Just as she got to the bottom step, Aislinn and Jenny scurried by her.

“We hafta hide in your closet, Jen.  The grizzly is loose,” Aislinn stated as Jenny hurried by her, anxious to get to safety.

~Maybe I can ask Teal'c to drop by and kidnap them?  After all, it's for the good of the brood,~ Jennifer thought as she let out another big sigh.

The teenager continued onward, bravely venturing into the dangerous unknown depths of her home.  She walked into the living room and was about to enter the kitchen when two blurs dashed by her.

“Gonna hide in your closet,” Jonny called out as he and Ricky stopped at the edge of the living room, about to turn down the hallway that included the steps up to Jennifer's bedroom.

“Uh, it's taken,” Jennifer replied.

“Under the bed then,” Ricky said.

“Taken, too,” the teenager informed.

The oldest Munchkin frowned, but then smiled and said, “In your bathroom.” Giving his little brother a tap on the upper arm, he urged, “Let's go.”

~Maybe Grandpa can order them to go out tonight in the interest of national security,~ Jennifer wondered as she shook her head once and then went through the kitchen into the rec room.  Looking over to her left, she finally found her older father, making mince meat out of a steak.  He was cutting it into tiny pieces, the chef's knife moving quickly and making a loud sound as it made contact with the baker's board beneath it.  ~I think I'll wait until he's through,~ she decided, quietly leaning against the doorway.  ~Or at least unarmed.~

“I know you're there, Jennifer,” Jack called out without looking over at her and not pausing in his mutilating of the steak, even for a second.

“Are you sure it's safe?  It was so quiet when I got home, I thought I was in the wrong house,” Jennifer responded as she headed into the hospitality room.

“There's nothing wrong in this house,” Jack barked, cutting an end piece so hard that it flew off to the right and onto the floor.

As her father just stared at her, the teenager knelt down to retrieve the wayward piece of meat while saying, “Of course, there isn't, Dad, but I understand that there's a grizzly bear loose.”  Smiling knowingly, Jennifer rinsed the meat thoroughly under the faucet while commenting, “Do you want to call Aunt Sam, or shall I?”

“Carter?  Why?” Jack questioned.

“So you can kidnap Daddy and ... and, uh, well, you know, and let us get back to normal,” Jennifer responded.

Jack impaled the knife in the middle of the last remaining chunk of steak so that it stuck there and turned to face the girl, snapping, “We *are* normal, Jennifer.”  Wiping his hand on a towel, he ordered, “Put that in the stew, and don't burn it,” and then whizzed by the girl, disappearing from her sight.

“Oooookay.”  Jennifer walked forward, examining the countertop, stove, and other appliances.  “Um ... what stew?” she questioned since there was absolutely nothing else out.  ~Guess I'd better make one.~


“Thanks for feeding him, Jen,” Daniel spoke that evening as he walked into the nursery where Jennifer had just finished giving JD, the youngest member of the family, his bottle.

As she finished changing the baby's diaper, Jennifer smiled and replied, “That's okay, Daddy.”  Looking at the baby, she asked, “How about a story JD?”  With her younger father looking on as he put some laundry away, she began, “Once upon a time, there was a fun loving general.  He was a great guy.  He knew how to juggle and tell stories and play games.  One day, he met this scientist, a geek as scientists are sometimes called.”

Daniel closed the drawer to the dresser and looked over at Jennifer with a growing fascination.  He wasn't quite sure where the tale was going, but he knew it wasn't going to be an average bedtime story for the three-month-old infant.  He also had the feeling the story was being directed more at him, than at the baby.

“Just to clarify,” the archaeologist interjected, “the general was a colonel when he met the geek, uh, scientist.”

“Technicality,” Jennifer laughed.  “Well, one thing led to another, and they got married and had a dozen perfect, loyal, sweet, wonderful, ideal ...”

“Jen, I think he gets the drift,” Daniel opined with a wry smile.

“... kids,” the teenager completed.  “Life was great, and every Friday the happy couple would go on a date night, so they could ... do stuff we kids prefer *not* to think about.”

“I prefer you ... kids to not think about that, either,” Daniel responded, leaning against the dresser as they talked.

“But there a came a time when their date nights were interfered with.  First, Jenny had a sudden flare up of her allergies, something that hadn't happened in a long time, so instead of going out, the general stayed up all night, making Jenny feel better, while the scientist was on the phone with Doctor Syl going through everything in the house in a noble quest of trying to figure out what triggered the allergy attack.”

“That's the last time Teal'c brings Jenny clothing from Chulak without verifying what it's made of,” Daniel sighed.

Jennifer laughed, “It was cute.”

“I agree, now that it's back on Chulak,” the father mused.  “Go on with your story.”

“Well, JD, the next week, the couple was supposed to go out on Friday, but then we all ended up going to Canada.”  Jennifer giggled, admitting, “I think we're all happy for that quick trip, but the bad part was that the general and the scientist still didn't get any real alone time.  That's really when things began to go sour.  Two weeks of no date night turns the general into a great, big, ferocious grizzly bear.”

“That bad?”

“Daddy, half the brood were hiding in my room this afternoon,” the teen revealed. “You two really do need to get a room, and I mean that,” she added.

Daniel walked over and took JD from his daughter, smiling and making a face that made the baby laugh.

“The end of the story, JD, is that the scientist tames the loud, unruly grizzly, and they all live happily ever after.”

“Soon, Daddy.  Please tame him soon,” Jennifer requested, placing a kiss on Daniel's cheek and tickling JD's abdomen before turning and walking out of the nursery.

Daniel sighed and whispered, “I'm not real happy about those two missed date nights, either.”  Bouncing the infant in his arms, he added, “And this week isn't looking too promising, JD.  Maybe the ... geek will have to pull some strings and work some magic on his sexy Silver Fox.  Uh, that's Dad, aka: the general, aka: the grizzly bear.”

Laughing, the father and son headed downstairs to continue on with their evening.


“Good morning, Ja...ck,” Megan Williams greeted as Jack walked down the hallway at J-O Enterprises, giving her a curt nod as he breezed by her.  ~Oh, it's going to be one of those days.~  She sighed as she gathered together some papers and a file and headed for the general's office.  “We have a busy calendar today,” she began, ignoring the growls as her boss glared at the files that were already on his desk.

“Enough!” Jack exclaimed, raising his right hand into the air.

“I haven't even started,” Megan pointed out.

By the time Jack had finished complaining, whining, and growling in response to just about everything she'd brought up, Megan wished she'd never started.  It had been a rough fifteen minutes.  When she left his office and closed the door, she went to her desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out an envelope.

The staff of J-O Enterprises had come up with their own way of warning each other about their boss' moods.  Although the envelope lived in Megan's desk, all the staff knew where it was, and the first person to encounter Jack that day would retrieve it and pull out the appropriate photo, if his behavior warranted it.

The woman smiled at the image of the grinning grizzly bear.  Those were for the days when Jack was especially jovial and even playful.  It signified that it was a good day to pitch even your craziest idea, push for that dig that they never usually had time for, or maybe even ask for a raise.

Megan shook her head as she came to the picture of an adult bear glaring at the photographer.  That was used on days when this particular boss was all business and not amenable to any funny business at all.  It helped employees to walk cautiously and prepare themselves for the extra sarcasm and so-called wit that might ooze out of the silver-haired man's mouth.

Then Megan found the shot she wanted.  She returned to Jack's office and, using Velcro, affixed it to the door.  Just as she was making sure it was secure, the door opened.

Jack stared at Megan, surprised that she was standing there.  He looked at the door, seeing the picture of a large grizzly bear, growling ferociously with a murderous look in his eyes.  This photo was used for days like today, which was strictly an 'enter at your own risk' day.  He looked at Megan, then back at the picture again, and then, making a grizzly-like grunt, slammed the door shut.

“Yep.  That was the right choice,” Megan commented quietly as she turned around.

“Megan, is Jack in?” Karissa Lewis inquired.  “I need to talk to him about ...”  The woman stopped, seeing Megan pointing towards the office door.  Spying the grizzly photo, she gulped and smiled.  “You know what?  It can wait.”

Megan nodded, and both women returned to their tasks.


As Friday afternoon approached its end, the grizzly bear was eagerly looking forward to a romantic evening with his husband.  Nothing was going to interfere with their night -- nothing.  Of course, Daniel had that ~blasted~ conference that was threatening to go late, and Jenny had been sneezing again for some reason.  Both situations could cause problems for the intended date night.  Then came the knock at the door.

“What?” Jack snarled, looking very much like the ferocious grizzly bear in the photo that was attached to his office door and had been most of the week.

“You have to meet with Mister Columb in one hour at this address,” Megan informed, handing her boss an eight-by-ten envelope with the address on the front of it.

“Why isn't *he* coming *here*?” Jack snarled.

“He insists on you meeting him at this location,” Megan answered.  “He has lots of contacts, Jack, and he's a good friend of Abayomi's,” she reminded, referring to Abayomi Sharif, who was J-O Enterprises best client.  She could hear the mumbling, though Jack's words were indistinguishable.  “Uh, if you want, I could call Daniel and have him take the meeting.  Of course, that means rescheduling his conference for this evening.”  She ignored the daggers radiating from the man's eyes and continued, “This meeting can't be postponed.  What's your pleasure, Jack?” she asked, the daggers deflected by the defensive armor of her own eyes.

“My pleasure?” Jack snapped as he stood up and leaned forward over his desktop, his hands gripping the front edge of the piece of furniture.  “My pleasure, Ms. Williams, is to take my husband somewhere private and do things to him that will have him *not* remembering his name!  My pleasure is to ...”

“Jack, pardon me, but I don't really want to know,” Megan interrupted, smiling as she shook her head and waved her right hand in front of her.  “Shall I call Daniel, or ...”

“It's a friggin' conspiracy to keep us apart,” Jack barked.

“Okay, but shall I call Daniel, or do you want to meet with Mister Columb?” Megan asked, not allowing herself to be deterred from her task.

“Out,” Jack ordered as calmly as he could.

“Does that mean ...”

“Yes!” Jack exclaimed as he made a harsh face.  “Out,” he ordered again.

“Anything you say, Jack,” Megan chuckled, turning around and heading for the door.  “For the record, Jack, you're worse than a woman suffering from PMS.  You really should take Daniel out for a night on the town.”  As she closed the door, she heard the book hitting the door and dropping to the floor.  She laughed, ~Much worse.~


~Crazy place for a meeting,~ Jack observed as he parked his truck in front of an out-of-the-way residence.

The building was located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs and had a single access road made of gravel that led up to it.  The frame was wooden in design, and it had an overabundance of plants and foliage surrounding it.  Parked in the drive was a single vehicle, a 2012 Lincoln Town Car with Hertz rental tags on it.

Putting his keys in his pocket, Jack took hold of his briefcase and headed for the front door.  To reach the door, he had to go along a walkway that actually wrapped around the side of the house.  Always on guard, he instinctively surveyed the area while heading along the narrow strip of cement.  He was a bit surprised at the density of the foliage which gave the area a type of jungle feeling.  As he approached the door, the shrubbery thickened.  He shook his head, thinking the owner must really be a plant nut.

~This isn't a hotel or motel, or a cabin.  Columb must know somebody; must be a rental,~ the general concluded about the strange location and property he was on.  He rang the doorbell, still looking off to the side at the abundance of plant life.  Then, though, he did a double take, wondering if he'd heard what he thought he had.  Not really believing it, he pressed the bell again.  ~Ooookay,~ he expressed silently, as the roar of a lion thundered.  ~This is gonna be an odd one.~  Suddenly, the door opened, though no one was there.  ~Remote control?~ Cautiously, he entered the unusual home, or whatever it was.

“Please, come in and sit down,” a muffled voice called out over a speaker.

As he looked all around, the general felt like he was on a mission and not at a business meeting.  In fact, he considered leaving.  Just as he was about to turn around, drums began beating, leaves began rustling, and an African chant began to play.  Not only that, but the door closed.

Jack was a little worried by that .  Any number of people from his past could be responsible for a stunt like this.  Yet, he had a funny feeling; his sixth sense was telling him that whoever he was meeting didn't mean him any harm.  His gut and intuition had gotten the man far in life, and he wasn't going to stop trusting them now.

~Doesn't mean I'm going to let my guard down, though,~ the general told himself.

“Please sit down,” the voice ordered.

Jack walked back a few steps to check the door, discovering it had been locked by remote.  What was worse, there was no way to open it that he could see.

~Windows,~ the man thought .  He took a few steps into the sitting room, surveyed the area, and was a little concerned to realize that there were no windows.  ~There has to be windows.~

“General, I'm waiting.  Sit, please,” the indistinguishable voice stated.

~It's electronically disguised,~ Jack noted as he walked towards the sofa.

“No, the chair,” the voice instructed.

Jack walked over to the Queen Anne desk chair and quipped, “Like the cherry finish.  I'll take six.”

“Not a dozen?”

The general frowned, pondering the question, and then responded, “I'm on a budget.”

“Sit,” the voice ordered.  “And put your briefcase on the floor, under the chair.”

“How about if I just come back sometime when you're through playing 'Candid Camera'?”

“Sit,” the voice repeated.

“Choiceless?” Jack called out, nodding his head at the logical answer and then sitting.

“A good general should always know when to follow orders,” the voice said.

Jack frowned, wondering, ~Why does that sound familiar?~  Aloud, he responded, “A good general should be giving the orders, not taking them.”

“To teach, one should first experience,” the voice retaliated.

“Depends on what you're teaching,” Jack replied.  “Maybe I don't teach.”

“Perhaps you should learn,” the voice said.

“Yeah, well, school was never my thing,” Jack said, leaning forward and clasping his hands together.  He was still on alert, but he was beginning to think he recognized the muffled voice.  There were a few inflections and pronunciations that were familiar, and he was trained to recognize such details.  ~If this is who I think it is, what on Earth is he doing here?~

Covertly, the Special Ops officer glanced around him for any sign of this mysterious man, but found nothing.

“You're never too old to learn,” replied the still-muffled voice.

“Just think of me as an old dog -- untrainable,” Jack snarked.

“Close your eyes, General,” the voice ordered.

“Oh, I'm fine the way I am, but thanks.”

“I said, close your eyes.”

Now more sure than ever of his kidnapper, Jack replied, “You're a very demanding voice.”  He closed his eyes as he leaned back into the chair.  “Should I count to ten?”  Silence filled the air as his question went unanswered.  “Hey, I asked you a quest...”

Suddenly, Jack felt something against his neck, after which the voice said, “Don't move a muscle.”

“Didn't plan to ... yet.”

“Shhh,” the voice said, leaning forward from behind the chair and licking Jack's right ear.  “Not ... one ... muscle.”

“Daniel, you've always been such a dictator.”

“Obey orders, General,” Daniel replied with a smile as he wrapped a bandana over his lover's eyes.

“What the blazes are you doing?”

“General-napping you,” Daniel replied.  He slipped off his lover's black blazer, tossing it over to the sofa.  Then he gently pulled Jack's hands to the back of the chair and lightly tied them to the chair back.  “Not one muscle,” he whispered, nibbling slightly on the older man's ear.

“Danny, are you going kinky on me?”

“I do not ... kink,” Daniel replied as he walked in front of the chair where there was a bit of open space.  He clicked a button, and the sounds of the jungle grew louder, and the beat of the drums intensified.  “Just let yourself go, Babe.  Listen to the beat, and feellllllll the rhythm.”

“Danny, are you naked?”

“As a jaybird, Love,” the archaeologist responded as he cozied up to the older man, straddling the chair and letting his chest rub lightly against his husband's chest.  “Hear that?”  After a pause, he said, “That's my heart, and it's beating just for you.”

Daniel sat atop his Love's lap and began to nibble on Jack's lips, following that by slipping his tongue inside Jack's mouth, eliciting a moan of excitement and want from Jack.  As the kiss deepened, his fingers kneaded against the older man's neck before slipping down to undo his tie and unbutton his white shirt.

The kisses didn't stop as Daniel pushed back Jack's shirt as far as it would go.  He let his hands slide slowly down the man's hairy chest, his fingertips tapping and kneading tauntingly every inch or so.

“You realize,” Jack gasped, “that this would be easier if I could see you and use my hands.”

“Consider it an adventure,” Daniel replied.  He brought his hands up and began to massage his soulmate's forehead.  “Too much stress.”

“No stress; lots of frustration.”

“No ... you know,” Daniel chuckled.

“Until now.  Pleeeeease tell me we're gonna 'you know' until our brains blow up.”

“Not our brains, Mr. Big,” Daniel corrected as he placed a line of kisses along his lover's neck while his left hand moved to Jack's waist.

Everything was strangely erotic to Jack at the moment.  He couldn't see a thing, but the sounds of the birds, lions, monkeys, and other jungle creatures on the soundtrack was alluring.  It was like they were chanting in time with the bongo drums.  The drums themselves were drawing him in, and he could feel his body constricting to the beat.  His lover's scent was like an aphrodisiac.  He wanted Daniel at this moment as much, maybe more, than he'd ever wanted him before.

The younger man got off his lover's lap, though his hands continued to rub against Jack's chest, often tapping against it in time with the drums.  Keeping his hands at play, Daniel walked all around Jack, who was breathing heavily in anticipation and desire as his body reacted to his husband's touches.

When he was in front of Jack again, Daniel collapsed down to his knees, his hands still working their magic against his lover's skin.  Then, he brought them down, unbuckling Jack's pants, sliding them, and his lover's underwear down.  As Jack's head snapped back in response, Daniel kissed his inner thigh while removing the man's shoes and lower body clothing.  Then his hands pressed against the thighs, rubbing back and forth.

“Feel the rhythm of the jungle,” Daniel spoke quietly, his fingers tapping Jack's skin in beat to the entrancing drums.  “Tonight, Babe, we're lions and tigers, feasting on each other in the wild.”

“Oh, my!” Jack gasped just as his husband dove in for a large helping of his studmuffin.


As the night rolled on and the lovers immersed themselves in their love, Jack took a moment.  Something was bothering him.  He hated to stop, his length ready to keep pace with the beat within his lover.  Still, he just couldn't continue, yet.

“Angel, this morning, Jenny was sneezing, and ...”

Daniel's hands rubbed enticingly up and down his lover's buttocks, his fingers kneading the skin in time with the African chant.

“Co....covert, Babe,” the younger man gasped, his body screaming to feel his Love within him.  “Pro...mised her a ... som...something,” he said, chuckling slightly that he couldn't remember what it was at the moment that he'd promised the girl to act a bit 'allergy-like' that morning, just for her older father.

“No allergy attack?  You're sure?” Jack questioned.

“Secret mission,” Daniel reaffirmed with a smile.  Then he slapped his lover's behind, pushing him inside.  “Yesssss!  Gawd, go, Jack.”

Knowing his lover wasn't requesting him to leave the room and feeling freer now that he didn't have to worry about their redheaded Spitfire, Jack connected with the erotic sounds and rhythms that filled the house and began to make love with his husband once again.


Amid kisses in the wee hours of the morning as the lovers bathed, Daniel questioned, “Jack, when did you know it was me?”

“I had an inkling when you mentioned a dozen.”

“Just an inkling?”

“I was still on guard,” Jack affirmed.  “My inkling grew to a hunch when you mentioned following orders.”

“You have good hunches,” Daniel remarked as his hands slid along his lover's buttocks with a sponge, making sensuous circles.

“And, ah, I knew for sure when we bantered over education and learning,” Jack stated.

“I'm glad you knew.”

“It was fun, Angel, except for the Oma DeSala impersonation,” Jack expressed in a near grunt as he impaled himself inside his Love.

“Oh, yeah ... fun ... gotta ... have ... oh, yeah, fun!”


Mid-morning, a happy Daniel and a very sappy Jack were getting dressed.

“Danny, this place is wild.”

“Yeah, I, uh, was a little blown away by it when I first saw it,” the younger man acknowledged.

“How'd you find it?” Jack asked, buttoning his shirt.

Daniel sighed and then looked at his lover with steadfast eyes as he explained, “Jack, the truth is that this place belongs to someone who works at the Mountain.”

“Holy mackerel!  You're kidding?  Danny, it's a .... a ... ”

“Pleasure palace,” Daniel chuckled.

“There's that,” Jack agreed, looking up at the jungle decor that blanketed the room.  “Who?”

“Who what?”


The younger man let out another sigh while he stepped into his pants and zipped them up.


“Okay, okay,” Daniel spoke.  Reaching over to pick up his tan, pullover polo shirt, he expounded, “Listen, I found out about this person's ... interests by accident.  It was a silly conversation one day, quite a while ago, when this person mentioned ... something they like to do.  Jack, when I asked to borrow the place, they agreed, but they asked me not to tell you their identity.”

“Tell me you didn't agree to that,” Jack said a bit sharply.

As he adjusted his shirt along his waistline and hips, the younger man answered, “I told the person that we, you and me, don't keep secrets; that I'd try not to reveal who they are, but that if pushed, I would tell you.  Jack, please remember, you and I are free now, but there are people at the SGC who still have to be cautious of every little thing in their private life that isn't by the book.”

“What book, Daniel?  The book of S and ...”

“Stop!” Daniel exclaimed, raising his hand up.  “Look, Jack, if you absolutely have to know, if you're going to tell me 'no problem' now, but then turn around and start sniffing around at the base, if you can't just go, 'wow, what a wild and sexy night we just had; glad we could experience the place just one time'.  If you can't do that, Jack, tell me, and I will tell you the person's name.”  He sighed and then added, “But I'm asking you not to make that demand.  I'm asking you to remember last night and this morning and let it make you smile.  I'm asking you to let this person, someone who has saved our lives, by the way; I'm asking you to allow their secret remain their secret.  Please.”

“Do you have any idea how curious that makes me?” Jack asked honestly.

With a chuckle and placing his hands on his hips loosely, Daniel admitted, “Yes, and I'd be curious, too.  Babe, I wanted to do something really ... out there for us. We don't usually like extreme ... sex, but we do love to be adventurous.  I wanted this date night to be a little extreme and ...”


“Erotic.  I remembered that conversation, and I drummed up the courage to ask about it.  Let me point out, too, that this person is trusting us and took a fairly big risk here.”

“Danny, that person isn't doing anything ... illegal?”

“Gawd, no,” Daniel answered quickly.  “The person is just into some things we aren't, but this was exciting, wasn't it?”

Smiling and now completely dressed, as was the younger man, Jack approached his lover and took him into his arms as he answered, “Very exciting, and I know you are a little shy in talking about things like this, so that makes it more special.”

“Can you give this person their privacy, Jack?”

“Danny, whoever it is, just allowed us to have one wild ride, and it was *greaaaaaat!*  Yeah, they can have their privacy,” the general agreed.  “Ah, one thing ...”

“I checked it out completely, Jack.  I borrowed Sam's equipment and did a full sweep, very, very, very detailed.”

“That's my genius,” Jack said, kissing his husband.  “Hey, who has the kids?”

“Teal'c stayed over.”

Jack laughed, “And you really had Jenny pull a snow job on me?”

“Babe, you were so wound up.  I needed something that I was reasonably sure would keep you a little sane, while you growled at everyone,” Daniel chuckled.

Jack nodded, realizing the truth of the statement.  Being moderately worried about the little girl had kept him from going over to edge, as well as from suspecting his lover had arranged the wild retreat.  The subterfuge had helped the surprise remain a surprise.

“Do you remember what you promised the little mission specialist?” Jack questioned.

Laughing, Daniel said, “I told her she could watch *and* ask questions when we do the maintenance on the lawn mower.”

Shaking his head, the older man quipped, “You'd think she'd rather have a new dress or toy, but, no, our Red wants to understand how the mower works.”

“She and Jonny ...” the archaeologist stated with a shrug, trailing off, the words not needing to be spoken, since both parents understood that those two of their children had always been interested in how things fit together and work.

“What about that conference you had scheduled yesterday?” the older man questioned, still wanting to understand the fullness of the surprise his soulmate had arranged for him.

The younger man laughed, “Babe, Megan was in on it.  She didn't know the details, but she wanted the grizzly bear put back in his cage.  I told her I had something planned and that she just needed to make sure you came to this address.  She suggested using the conference as a ploy, so we ...”

“Lied?” Jack smirked.

“Did what was necessary,” Daniel proclaimed, smiling at his happy husband.

“I love you, Angel.”

“I love you, too, my Silver Fox.”


Monday morning, Jack entered the offices of J-O Enterprises, smiling and greeting everyone cheerfully.

“Top of the morning to ya, Dora Lass,” the general said to Dora King.  “Still twinkling those toes?”

Dora King, a dance major at the University of Denver, responded cheerfully, “Every day I can, Jack.”

Jack actually took the young woman in his arms and twirled her around, dancing a few steps of a waltz with her.  She laughed gaily as he bowed and continued onward.

“Bibi, find any skeletons lately?” Jack chuckled as he jumped on the bone expert's desk.

“Not yet, Jack.  Of course, if you've ruined that report I just spent hours on, they may be excavating your bones one day,” Bibreanay Appleton responded, pointing at the scrunched up papers that were only partially visible, the majority covered by the man's buttocks.

“As My Love would say, oops!” Jack expressed without remorse, standing up, gathering up the papers, and trying to straighten out the crinkles in them.  “Try an iron,” he jested as he placed the papers in front of the scowling woman and walked away.

Upstairs, the happy man saw the company's Director of Operations and spoke, “Megan, Me Darlin', you are looking bea-uuuuuu-tiful this morning.  Any crisis I need to know about?”

“Donald called from Cheyenne.”

“The Mountain?”

“Wyoming,” Megan sighed, rolling her eyes.

“The Mountain could use excavating.  Maybe we should suggest that to Washington,” Jack joked.

“I'll let you make that proposal,” the woman responded.  “They've hit something at the site, but they aren't sure what it is.  He's going to call later if he thinks it will cause a significant delay.”

“Good, good,” Jack responded, still smiling.  He glanced down, seeing Megan's stocking clad, but shoeless, feet.  “Lost  your Tracy Ellens?”

“Ellen Tracys,” Megan corrected.  Seeing Jack's grin, she quickly realized he'd just been teasing her, messing up the name of the designer shoes on purpose.  Thus, with the man in such a good mood, she decided it was the perfect time to ask for a day off to spend time with her visiting fiancé.  “I'm still wearing them in, but not today.  Uh, Jack, Yazid is going to be in town at the end of the week, and I know I was supposed to meet with you and Daniel for the reviews, but I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I took Friday off.”

“When's he coming in?”

“Wednesday night.”

“Why aren't you taking off Thursday?” the co-owner of the company inquired.

“Well ... I ... on Friday, you made a big deal out of making sure I was going to be here on Thursday for the meeting with the Mobius Group.”

“Pshaw,” Jack said, waving his hand.  “Take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.  In fact,” he reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and extracted a one-hundred dollar bill, handing it to the woman, “go shopping, and buy a new outfit that will blow Yazid's brain.”

“Um, thank you,” a very stunned Megan spoke as she stared at the crisp new bill and looked over just in time to see Jack enter his office and close the door.  ~Date night must have been really something.~

Megan pulled out the large envelope that was in her desk.  She smiled brightly as she took the happy grizzly bear picture over to Jack's office door and firmly affixed it in place.

Just like a few days earlier, the door opened suddenly as the general started to call out, “Meg...”  He paused, surprised to see Megan standing right in front of him.  He looked over at the smiling bear and then back at Megan.  He grinned and said, “Megan, if you ever get a chance to visit the jungle, I highly recommend it.”  Then he said, “When you get the Nelson survey, bring it right in.”

Megan laughed, “Of course.”

Jack closed his door, and Megan returned to her office, just in time to pick up the ringing phone.

“Megan, it's Karissa.  I ...”

“Karissa, you just *have* to come in today,” Megan said to the woman who had the day off.

“I do?”

“You know that new outfit you've been wanting?”

Karissa sighed, “I can't afford it, Megan, but it sure would open some eyes.”

“Get in here, and find a reason to talk to Jack.”


“Let's just say he's in a happy mood.”


As the end of the workday approached, Daniel walked inside the office.  He'd spent most of his day at the SGC, but wanted to review a few things at the office.  He knew Jack would still be there, but neither man needed to be home until six, when the first of their brood would be returning home from their various activities that day.

“Daniel, whatever you did to that grizzly, do it again!” one worker greeted.

“Daniel, thank you so much!” Dora exclaimed.  “Wow, another raise, and I just had one two months ago.  Being a college girl still, I can't tell you how grateful I am.”

“Doctor Jackson-O'Neill, thank you again for understanding about my need to change my work hours.  I promise it's just short term.”

Similar remarks continued all the way through the building.  The archaeologist didn't know what to think.  It sounded like all the employees had gotten something out of Jack that day.

“Daniel, you and Jack are the best employers ever!” Karissa spoke, giving her boss a kiss on the cheek.  “Oh, sorry, but I'm so excited.”

“What did he, I mean we, do?”

“I only wanted one outfit, but Jack not only gave me the money for it, but told me to arrange for a day of pampering at the Garden of the Gods.  I've always wanted to do that!  And the best part?  It's going to be next Tuesday -- a workday, and I'm getting full pay.  Oh, thank you, Daniel!” the woman exclaimed, walking away and twiddling her fingers as she waved goodbye.

“Hi,” Megan said as she smiled, having heard the last exchange.  She had already powered off her computer and completed all of her end-of-the-day tasks.  She walked up to Daniel and added, “I don't know what happened last Friday, and I don't want to know, but whatever it was, please do it again.  He's been happy, sappy, and totally ...”


“Yeah,” Megan giggled.  “See you on next Monday,” she said, walking away.

“Monday?” Daniel questioned in surprise.

“Unless you've decided to come in tomorrow.”  Cheerfully, the Director of Operations explained, “Jack gave me Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off so I could spend some time with Yazid while he is here in the Springs.”

Daniel smiled at the young woman's comment, knowing that his surprise trip to the jungle was the reason for Jack's current generosity towards their employees.

As she reached the stairs, Megan looked back and quipped, “I am curious, though, why he keeps singing, 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'.”

Daniel's head dropped as the woman laughed and headed down the stairs to leave for the day.  He turned and entered his lover's office, shocked to see the general dancing around to music by the Tokens.

“Jack, what are you doing?”

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle,” Jack sang, working his way over to his lover, scooping him into his arms, and beginning to lead him around the room.

“Babe, we're not in the jungle; we're in the office,” Daniel reminded as the two danced.

Undaunted, Jack spun himself around, wiggled his hips, and answered, “I've got jungle fever.”

“From what I heard on my way in, that's, uh, a very expensive fever.  I'm not sure I want to know, but how much of our money did you give out today?”

“Don't know and don't care,” Jack spoke seriously, returning to his lover and leading them around the office again.  “Danny, sometimes life is just good, and you celebrate.  I'm celebrating us, and our night in the jungle.  What do you say to that?”

Daniel gazed into his lover's eyes and responded, “Near the village, the peaceful village, the lion sleeps tonight.”

“To the moon and the stars, back again and beyond, I love you, Danny,” Jack crooned as the song continued on the CD.

“Forever and always, Jack, I love you, too.”

Lost in their love, Jack and Daniel enjoyed forty-five minutes of just being together, singing, playing, and dancing in the older man's office before returning home to their brood.  The lovers felt refreshed and renewed, each agreeing that an occasional jungle escapade was definitely good for their ever-strong nation of two.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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