Kelowna No More

Author: Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Mini-Angst, Drama, Romance, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  7 - January 15-19, 2004
Spoilers:  Meridian, Fallout, Maternal Instinct (minor) and Full Circle (minor)
Size:  47kb
Written:  January 29, February 1,6-8, 2004  Revised:  August 5-6,12,21,23, 2006  Revised for consistency:  February 27, 2007
Summary:  Jonas Quinn and the Kelownans visit Earth.  How will Jack keep Daniel safe this time?
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my past fic, “They Don't Understand”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, Charlotte, StarShadow, Linda, QuinGem!

Kelowna No More
by Orrymain

“Jack, we have to try.  It would be an injustice not to,” Daniel opined sharply as he debated with his lover in Jack's office at the SGC.

“Daniel, you're still trying to save the universe.  We can't be there for everyone all the time,” Jack replied from his seat behind his desk.

“But we can do our best to try and help a friend when they are in trouble.  They aren't asking for weapons, Jack ... just a few days of our time,” the compassionate archaeologist spoke as he stood in front of the colonel's desk.

“We don't have a few days.  I might be able to talk Hammond into a day, but ...” Jack began.

Brusquely, Daniel refuted, “A day isn't long enough.”

“That's too bad, Daniel, because it's all I can ...”

Interrupting the moderately heated discussion over a potential mission, Jack's phone rang.  As Jack picked it up, Daniel folded his arms across his chest, several papers dangling from his right hand.

“O'Neill ... Who? ... When?”

Daniel noticed Jack had looked up at him with fear in his eyes.  The look caused him to physically stand up a bit straighter as he listened more intently to Jack's side of the telephone conversation.

“Carter should be in a meeting with her department.  Interrupt her.  Teal'c is probably in his quarters ... No, he's with me.  Tell the General we'll be there in a few minutes.”

Jack hung up the phone, stood, and walked over to Daniel, who was surprised to suddenly find himself on the receiving end of a deep and thorough kiss.  He hadn't had much of a choice in the matter as Jack had definitely taken charge and was devouring him.  It felt to Daniel like an odd assortment of passion, possession, and fear.

The papers the archaeologist held in his hand fluttered, some dropping to the floor as he gave in to the demanding kiss.

“Jack?” Daniel tried to inquire as Jack ravished his mouth, though the fight for coherency was difficult.  He found himself leaning into the kisses, his arms moving to hold Jack closer as they kissed.  ~Hmmm, love him.~

Jack's kisses deepened, his tongue reaching for the furthest corners of Daniel's mouth.  Responding totally, Daniel moaned, becoming totally lost in his lover until the rest of the papers he'd been holding slipped out of his fingers, joining the others on the floor.

“Remember that,” Jack requested two minutes later when he finally ceased his intimate 'attack' on his lover.

~Gawd, he's good at that,~ Daniel inwardly praised as he recovered from the unexpected ravishing.  Once he regained his composure, he asked, “Jack, what's wrong?”

“Those *people* are back.  Danny,” Jack groused as he cupped his husband's face.  “I am so tempted to do what I did the first time.”

Daniel shook his head in confusion, asking, “Who's back?  What are you talking about.”

“That ... Jonas Quinn guy and that arrogant bunch of Kiwis,” Jack responded, not attempting to hide his dislike of this particular alien race.

“Kelownans, Love.  They're from Kelowna,” Daniel corrected, now totally understanding Jack's panic, fear, and kissing assault.  “For the record, I love you, and I'm not going anywhere.  Uh, and neither are we, by the way.  I mean, we can't walk out of the SGC again.”

“I can do anything I want,” Jack argued defiantly.


~These dang wings should be worth something,~ Jack inwardly groaned, seriously wanting to make a dash for the exit.  He hadn't released Daniel from his arms, and now he took a deep breath as he rested his forehead against his lover's and bemoaned, “That dang dream we had, Danny.  It felt so real, so real.”

Silently, both Jack and Daniel remembered the unusual dream.  It had been a surreal experience.  The couple had gone to bed one night, after an especially long and tiring day at the SGC.  Daniel dreamed of being on a planet, Kelowna. There had been an accident there, and, in order to save the world, he had crashed through a window to deactivate a device.  However, in doing so, he had taken in a fatal dose of radiation.

As the dream continued, Daniel had chosen to ascend, to become one of The Others, a group that included Oma DeSala whom they had first come across when they had found Kheb a year or two earlier.  As an ascended being, he had witnessed several important events, including the destruction of Abydos in which the entire population of the planet had been killed.

When Daniel had awoken, he had felt confused, and his confusion mounted when Jack had awoken at exactly the same time.  The two had needed a moment to focus and get their thoughts together, but when they finally began to share the dream, they realized they'd shared exactly the same dream.  Every moment and every event they'd seen, albeit from different perspectives, had matched.

What had amazed and scared the soulmates even more was when some time later, things from the dream had come to fruition, or people they had never met before except in the dream, suddenly appeared.

The dream was the defining moment for Jack and Daniel's relationship.  The year before they had been working hard at trying to throw off the NID, Colonel Simmons, and Senator Kinsey.  They had done such a good job of it that a lot of people at the SGC had believed that the two men had grown to hate each other.

The loss of each other in the dream had brought home to the two just how precarious life could be.  Both Jack and Daniel had decided that they didn't want to continue with the sniping and snapping at each other that their deception had required.  They'd take their chances with the NID or whomever wanted to try and take them down.  Never again would they hide their friendship.

Yet, the dream had been difficult for Jack especially, and thus, when the SGC had actually come upon the world of Kelowna, and there had actually been an inhabitant named Jonas Quinn that resembled the exact same Jonas Quinn they had dreamed about, Jack reacted the only way he knew how -- he had ordered SG-1 back to the SGC immediately.

“What did you say your name was?” Jack asked in disbelief, clutching his P-90 tightly.

“Jonas, Jonas Quinn,” the man answered as he smiled, showing teeth that Jack thought could rival any Osmond family member.

“And the name of this planet is ...”

“Kelowna,” Jonas affirmed, confused as to why Jack was asking things they'd already covered in conversation.

~I could have sworn that was just a vitamin pill the Doc gave me earlier,~ the colonel sarcastically thought.  He pulled back, tapping rapidly on his P-90 as he puzzled over the unique situation.  He looked at Daniel, who was staring like a guppy at Jonas.  Jack repeated, “Kelowna.”

“That's correct.  Let me show you around.  We have some special operations going on in this facility,” Jonas offered.

“Naquadria,” Jack surmised, remembering the dream he and his soulmate had shared.

Jonas looked surprised for a moment and then, sporting a perky smiled, asked, “Yes.  How'd you know?”

“You're *building* a bomb!” the colonel exclaimed.

Shocked, Jonas responded, “Well ... that's not exactly ...”

Jack didn't wait for the answer, barking, “Never mind.  That's it.  Let's go!”

“Sir?” Sam asked, not understanding why her CO would order such an abrupt exodus.  She'd never been told about the dream.  ~Why are we leaving?~

Jack literally grabbed Daniel by the arm and headed for the nearby Stargate.

“Jack, maybe ...” Daniel tried to speak as he was ushered to the DHD.

“No maybes, Daniel.  DIAL ... NOW!” the older man ordered anxiously.

Pulling free, Daniel replied, “Jack, wait. We should ...”

“Oh, forget it.  I'll do it myself,” Jack said as he stared at the dialing device. ~Geez, I should do this more often.~

“I'll do it, Jack,” Daniel insisted, shaking his head as he entered the symbols, afraid that if Jack dialed they might end up on some horrid world.

“Colonel, did we do something wrong?” Jonas inquired, having followed the team to the Gate.

“Yes, you ...”

“Jack!” Daniel sharply chastised.  Looking at Jonas, he intoned, “It's nothing you did.  The colonel just ... has an allergy that needs, uh, immediate attention. Thank you for the visit.”

Jonas nodded, though still confused, and watched as SG-1 departed his planet.


General George Hammond, surrounded by armed Marines, stood at the base of the ramp waiting for his flagship team to return.  He had been surprised by the unexpected blaring klaxons and the shout from Sergeant Davis a minute earlier of an incoming wormhole activation, supposedly from SG-1.

“What's wrong, SG-1?  Why are you back so soon?” Hammond asked when Jack emerged through the Stargate.

“Wrong address, Sir,” Jack answered as he walked down the metal ramp.

“Excuse me, Colonel?”

Tersely, Jack responded, “General, if you don't mind, I'll meet you in your office in a few minutes.  Daniel, let's go.”

Jack's voice gave little room for Daniel to argue, but still, everyone was fairly shocked that he just shrugged and followed Jack out.

“Major, do you have any idea what that was about?” Hammond asked, stunned by the abruptness of his second-in-command's actions.

“Not really, Sir,” Sam answered.

“Teal'c?” the major general asked, looking expectantly at the Jaffa.

“I believe O'Neill wished to remove DanielJackson from the planet,” Teal'c spoke in a stoic tone as he handed over his weapons to the weapons sergeant.

“Why?” Hammond inquired, getting nothing but a stare in response.  He took an audible breath and exited the gate room, thinking, ~What burr is under Jack's saddle now?~


The colonel walked through the hallways at a frantic pace, not saying a word until he and his lover entered the locker room.

“Change your clothes, Daniel,” Jack ordered as he began to unsnap his vest.

“Jack, are you sure this is a smart idea?” Daniel asked, though he began to do as the older man requested.

Sharply, Jack stated, “Daniel, we're going home.”

“Jack?” Daniel shot out a warning glare at his lover's choice of words and the aggressiveness behind them.

“Just change,” Jack requested, his eyes begging Daniel to go along.

~He's so stubborn sometimes, but I ... I do understand,~ Daniel thought as he pulled off his green BDU jacket.


“Jack, what are you going to tell the general?” Daniel asked as he and his partner headed for the major general's office several minutes later.

“You'll see,” Jack answered.  ~Wish I knew,~ he silently thought as they headed up the stairs and crossed over towards Hammond's office, immediately seeing that Hammond was talking with Sam and Teal'c.

“I don't know, General,” the blonde stated.  “We were talking with Jonas Quinn.  He's sort of an ethical advisor to the Kelownan leaders, and all of a sudden, the colonel said we were leaving.”

“He gave no indication of why?” the general inquired curiously.

“No, Sir, I did not,” Jack interjected as he and Daniel walked inside the office. “Carter, Teal'c, if you wouldn't mind excusing us.”

The general nodded his consent, so Sam and Teal'c exited, after which Jack closed the door behind them.

“With apologies, Sir, are you planning on following up the contact with Kelowna?” the colonel questioned.

“Jack, just what the blazes do you think you're doing?” General Hammond asked, totally shocked by his second-in-command's unusual behavior.

“I realize this is out of the ordinary, General, and that it may add to my overly abundant jacket of miscues and rebellion, but Daniel and I are going on vacation.  We want nothing to do with that planet at this time, especially with Jonas Quinn,” Jack spoke commandingly.

“Colonel O'Neill, maybe the two of you should pay a visit to the infirmary,” Hammond suggested strongly, looking at the two men.  ~Why would Doctor Jackson go along with this?  He's just standing there.  This isn't like him.~

“No, Sir.  We're going on vacation, and, I'm sorry, but if that isn't acceptable, we retire,” the colonel announced.

“I can't retire, Jack,” Daniel intoned quietly, brushing against Jack very briefly.

“Okay, I retire. Daniel quits,” the older man corrected himself.

Hammond was confused by Jack's attitude and mystified by Daniel's almost playful acquiescence to the comments being made.  More than that, he was angered by the inexplicable actions of his most valued personnel.

“Colonel O'Neill, you will ...” Hammond began.

Adamently, Jack interrupted, “No, Sir. I won't.”

Just then the klaxons sounded, causing all three men to glance over through the window.  Hammond, Jack, and Daniel headed quickly for the control room where Hammond was informed that Kelowna had made contact.  Jonas Quinn and others wanted to visit the SGC.

“Permission granted,” Hammond responded, nodding for Sergeant Davis to open the iris for the visitors.

“We'll be back in a few days, Sir,” Jack stated brusquely.

“Colonel ...” Hammond began, ready to stick the colonel in confinement.

Just then, Jack saw the Stargate kawoosh and stated, “We're gone.”  With no further warning, he grabbed Daniel by the elbow and headed out of the control room, leaving the major general even more stunned.

It had taken just twenty minutes from the moment Jack realized they had been on Kelowna to get Daniel out of Cheyenne Mountain.


As the lovers rode home in Jack's Ford truck, Daniel reminded, “Babe, it was only a dream.”

“Dream or no dream, Love, you aren't setting foot on that planet ever again.  I don't even want you around them.”

Daniel looked out the window without saying a word, and several minutes passed without either man speaking.

~Wait a minute,~ Jack thought as he put his foot on the brake for a stop light. “Danny?”


“You didn't argue with me.  Oh, yeah, sure, you started to say a couple of things, but you didn't fight me, not even when I ... geez, when I pulled you out of the gate room,” Jack stated suspiciously as he put the truck back in motion after the light turned green.

With a bit of a smile, the archaeologist replied, “Yeah, well, don't ever try that again, Jack, but that dream ... gawd, it felt real.  I know it wasn't, but even now, it's like I can ... I don't know, feel it or something.”  He turned his head to face Jack, just as the truck began to cross the intersection.  “I don't want to die for them.  I don't want to leave you.  I have a place to belong now -- with you, and I don't need to be some ... some glowy thingy to figure that out.”

Jack pulled over the truck, set the brake, and ravished his lover, after which he exclaimed, “Geez, I love you!”

“I love you, too,” Daniel replied, his hand caressing Jack's left cheek.  “But, uh, I don't think General Hammond is very happy with us right now.”

“I won't risk you, Danny. I don't know who those people are, except for what we dreamed, and, frankly, I don't really want to know.  Maybe they aren't monsters, but I'm not taking any chances with our lives.  Where do you want to go for our vacation?  Hawaii?  Fiji?”

Daniel smiled seductively, his tongue outdueling Jack's as they kissed again, and then he answered in a low voice, “Bed.”

“I do love the way you think, Doctor Jackson,” the older man responded, sharing one more kiss before restarting the truck and heading for their country-style home.
//End of Flashback//

“It was just a dream, Jack, and we've worked with the Kelownans since then,” Daniel spoke about the alien race that was apparently returning to the SGC.  “Jonas isn't a bad guy.  He proved himself when he worked with us during the exchange program.”

Jonas had come to the SGC for a period of time after Earth and Kelowna established a relationship.  He'd been assigned to various teams, including SG-1, much to Jack's chagrin.  The program had been successful, both Jonas and the SGC representative who had gone to Kelowna reporting positive experiences.

“He smiles too much, and I think he wants your job,” Jack noted.

“That was the dream, Jack.”

“He looked at your fish funny,” the colonel remarked, clarifying, “the ones in your office.”

“Jack,” Daniel stated with a bit of exasperation in his voice.

“And it's your stuff, Danny, not his.  He touches it, and I'll ...”

“Jack, stop!” Daniel commanded sternly.  He pulled his head back, his hands coming up to cup his lover's face.  “Listen, that dream was over two years ago now.  I promise you that I'm not going anywhere, Love.”

Jack sighed, “Danny, not one foot on that planet, not today, not ever.  Promise me.”

“I did,” Daniel reminded, his eyes gazing intently into his lover's.

“Promise me again,” Jack requested, his need to hear the vow restated overwhelming him.

Daniel kissed his husband soundly and assured, “I promise.  I will not go to Kelowna, not today, not ever, unless you're with me, and you agree.  Okay?”

~I caught that 'with me' business, but I'll let it slide,~ Jack decided as he nodded.  He sighed, “Are you angry I made you promise?”

“No, Babe, I'm not angry.  I love you,” Daniel answered as his thumbs rubbed gently against Jack's face.  “So, Jonas is here?”

Jack backed away slightly and answered, “Yes, and I don't know why, Danny, but Hammond wants us all in the briefing room.”

“Then we should go,” Daniel stated as he moved towards the door.

“Danny, I'll try to talk Hammond into those few days you want for that other situation.  I can't promise anything, but I'll try,” the colonel spoke seriously.

Daniel smiled, saying, “Thank you, Jack. That's all I've ever asked of you -- that you try.”

Jack nodded and then followed Daniel to the briefing room.


Kelowna was on the verge of exploding.  Actually, the planet's leaders, with their enormous internal political differences, had changed the world's name to Langora.  It was broken up into three countries -- Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation.  It was news that had surprised the SGC.  While anything official would carry the Langora name, unofficially, SGC personnel continued to refer to the planet as Kelowna.

The naquadria, which had been thought to be native to the country of Kelowna, was not, and, in fact, was actually manufactured from nacquadah.  The process that converted the energy source was automatic, and it was happening under ground.  Unless Sam, working with Jonas, could figure out the conversion process and stop it, Kelowna would suffer an explosion that would make the entire planet uninhabitable.

If the explosion couldn't be prevented, the Langoran people would need a new home.  On their behalf, the SGC made contact with their allies on Madrona, who agreed to allow the Kelownans and their sister countries to relocate to their planet.  Stubborn and obnoxious as always, however, the main three Langoran nations weren't satisfied with their potential new home.

Instead, each nation wanted to relocate to a separate planet, something that wasn't likely to happen.  The argumentative factions barely got along, something that was evident by their tone and demeanor with one another.

Knowing the only solution was to try and get the off-worlders to mutually agree to move to Madrona, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, and General Hammond were about to begin negotiations, hoping to convince the representatives to agree to the proposed relocation.

At the moment, Jack and Daniel were in Jack's office, discussing the situation. The door was locked, and the security equipment turned off.

“Jack, it's not that I mind your trying to help, but you really don't need to ...” Daniel began.

“No, no, I insist,” Jack spoke, placing his hand over his heart.  “It's my job to assist in any way possible.  Shouldn't we begin these negotiations soon?”

“Jack ...”

“Daniel, let me stick around until I just can't stand it anymore, okay?  Please,” Jack requested.

Daniel walked up to Jack and brushed his lips briefly against the older man's, then he nibbled gently on Jack's upper lip, and slowly, like a rapture in slow motion, his tongue slid inside of Jack's mouth just as he leaned into Jack even more.  His right hand moved to the back of Jack's head, his fingers gently massaging, almost tickling the area.

“Wow!” Jack panted when Daniel let him up for air.

“Let's go,” the archaeologist suggested with a grin.

“Uh, wait,” Jack said, looking down, wanting to make sure he wasn't exhibiting a need inappropriate for the corridors of Cheyenne Mountain.  “Just checking.”

“Gawd!” Daniel exclaimed, shaking his head as he opened the door.


“I'm amazed you lasted as long as you did,” Daniel remarked sometime later.

Jack had managed to sit through hours of the negotiations, but, finally, he'd had his fill, leaving the outlandish demands of the Langorans in Daniel's hands. Teal'c had also decided to discontinue his input, not sensing that any progress had been made at all.  Thus, Daniel continued on his own, but his efforts had been fruitless thus far.

“Daniel, those people are the most arrogant, pompous idiots I've ever met, and that takes a lot of doing, considering I've also met the Tollan!” Jack exclaimed.

“I hate to say this,” Daniel sighed.

“Say what?” Jack inquired.

“Well, I ...”

“Danny, what?” the older man asked, wondering if he should abduct his spouse and flee from the SGC as he'd done before.

“I agree with you,” Daniel opined about their visitors.  “Their planet is going to blow up, and they're arguing about things that just don't matter right now.”

“I love it when we agree,” Jack teased.

Daniel smiled, saying, “I have to get back.”

Nodding, Jack began, “Maybe I should ...”

“No, Jack.  You have better things to do.  Besides, we're on Earth, at the SGC. Nothing's going to happen to me here, and I'm not going to Kelowna,” the younger man reassured.  Seeing his lover's stare, he quickly added, “Or anywhere else on Langora.”

Jack groaned at the inane political differences that had attributed to the planet's new name, and then he confided, “I get nervous anytime those people are around.  Dang dream.”  More confidently, he urged, “Do your thing, Danny.  If anyone can talk sense into those idiots, it's you.”

“Thanks, Babe.  Maybe if I borrow your P-90,” Daniel quipped as he walked out of the office, leaving Jack chuckling slightly.


After an exasperated Daniel hadn't had any luck with the negotiations, Jack decided it was time to step in.  With General Hammond's blessing, he interrupted the current session and informed the Langorans they had messed around too long, telling them the SGC was withdrawing their offer to transport them to Madrona, or any other world for that matter.  They would have to solve their own problem.

Jack wouldn't mind seeing the Langorans fall victim to their own arrogance. The entire situation was, after all, a problem of their own making.  Sam and Jonas had discovered the build up of naquadria was caused by some testing the then-Kelownans had done two years earlier.

Even Jonas had admitted, “We did this to ourselves.”

Daniel stared at his lover, knowing it was a bluff, but he smiled when the factions began to back down, practically begging Earth to help them.

When the session ended, Jack and Daniel were headed for the commissary, each desperate for a break from the nonsense of the last couple of days.

“I told you that would work, Daniel,” Jack confidently stated.

“Yes, but telling them the way you did. I couldn't believe you said that in front of the general,” Daniel commented about his lover's less-than-tactful approach, one which included an undiplomatic and somewhat graphic line to accentuate the SGC's position.

“Well, it was the truth.  Those stuffed shirts weren't thinking about their planet's survival; they were just posturing. I was sick and tired of putting up with their crap, and personally, I don't know how you survived all those sessions,” Jack opined.

“It wasn't easy, but it worked out okay, and speaking of which, after we eat, I should go check on things; make sure no new squabbles have broken out.”

Entering the commissary, the two decided not to talk about the situation for awhile, choosing instead to talk about other things.

When the break was over, Jack walked his lover back to the briefing room where the negotiations were taking place.  He wanted to take Daniel into his arms to say his next words, but they were in plain view of security cameras and passing SGC personnel, so he knew he couldn't.

Instead, Jack quietly spoke, “I'm proud of you, Daniel, for hanging in there with those people. You did good.”

“Thanks, Jack. I'm,” Daniel pointed his hand towards the meeting room, “gonna go inside.”

“Meet you later,” Jack stated with a smile.


Fortunately, the relocation to Madrona wasn't necessary as Sam and Jonas were able to figure out a way to stop the impending explosion.  Content the visitors would once again be gone from their lives, Jack went to check on his second-in-command and get a full report on her experience with Jonas on Langora.  Afterwards, he spent the next few hours attending to other SGC business.

When he was done with his tasks, a whistling Jack walked down the hallway, eager to track down his lover.  He'd already checked Daniel's office, Sam's lab, and the commissary with no luck.

As he passed an airman, Jack stopped the man and asked, “Have you seen Doctor Jackson?”

“Yes, Sir, just a few minutes ago.”

Jack became frustrated when the Airman's words ceased and sternly asked, “Okay, *where* did you see him?”

Sensing the officer's frustration, the airman answered, “He was with Jonas Quinn, Sir.  They were headed for the gate room.”

“The gate room?  Why?  What were they saying?” Jack questioned anxiously as his heart rate increased.

“Only that Quinn was trying to convince Doctor Jackson to visit Kelowna and ...” the airman explained, surprised when Jack turned and hurried away before he had finished his sentence.

Walking quickly, Jack headed for the gate room.  As his disgruntlement grew, so did his pace, his speed increasing every few steps until his walk became a jog and then, finally, an out-and-out run.  He felt like he was about to explode.

“DANIEL!” Jack called out with a raised voice as he approached the doorway to the gate room, practically bumping into his lover, who was on the way out.

“Hi, Jack!” Daniel greeted warmly.  When his lover simply stared at him, Daniel began to take a closer look at the older man, noticing that Jack was out of breath.  “Are you okay?”

“Geez, Daniel,” Jack said, doing a one-hundred-eighty degree turn and running his hands through his silver-gray hair.

“Jack, what's wrong?” the younger man inquired, following his soulmate into the corridor.  When Jack shook his head, Daniel queried, “Jack?”

Suddenly, Jack tugged on Daniel's right arm, pulling him along as they walked the corridor.

“Jack!” the archaeologist objected.

“Come on,” Jack ordered as his eyes searched for their destination.

Daniel had no clue why his partner was so upset and was surprised when Jack suddenly opened the door to a small, darkened store room and dragged him inside.  He blinked when Jack locked the door, not bothering to turn on the lights.


The older man began to devour the younger man, his tongue instantly slipping inside Daniel's mouth.

“Mmm ... Jack...wha...what ...”

“Shh,” Jack uttered as his hands kept Daniel pressed to him by firmly holding Daniel's back.


“Shut up, Daniel. I'm busy,” Jack ordered, his kisses ravishing the younger man with desire.

Jack was a man on a mission, and his mission was Daniel, so much so that at the moment, Daniel wasn't sure what his name was.  In the space of a few seconds, he'd gone from being curious to being silly putty.

Jack backed them to the corner of the small room, placing Daniel up against the wall.  His kisses never stopped, and then Jack's hands reached inside Daniel's pants, rubbing briefly against the younger man's hard shaft.

“Want you,” Jack gasped.

Daniel didn't respond. He was already long gone, having figured out Jack's agenda during that first hungry kiss.

Jack began to kiss and suck Daniel's neck, and, at the same time, he completely undid Daniel's pants.  Daniel moaned and called out Jack's name when Jack began to stroke Daniel's length.  Then, the older man went to his knees in an instant, beginning a dedicated quest to turn Daniel into a quivering mass of gelatin.

Having pulled Daniel's pants and boxers completely down to the cold floor, Jack flicked his tongue in a rippling effect against the tip of Daniel's length. Then he began to slowly swallow his lover's erection, sucking gently, moving the shaft in and out of his mouth in a slow pace that gradually became faster.

Daniel's eyes were closed, his head leaning up against the wall. His hands were on Jack's head, his fingers running through the fine strands of Jack's hair.  As Jack's sucking motions increased, Daniel shouted out his lover's name again and moved his hands to Jack's shoulders.  His head moved forward, looking down at his husband.

“Gawd ... Jack ... oh ... yes ... GAWD! ... JACK! ... OH GAWD! SHIZELKA!

Jack hadn't heard that last word before. He'd ask Daniel about it later, not that he really needed a translation.  He moved his hands to Daniel's buttocks and pinched at the same time he nibbled on the shaft.  He heard Daniel cry out, making him glad the room they were in was soundproof.  When Daniel thrust into his mouth, Jack sucked harder, keeping Daniel in place.  He released the shaft and kissed and licked all around it as his hands made circling motions on Daniel's butt cheeks.

Jack gasped, “Come for me, Danny,” and again took Daniel's length into his mouth.

Within seconds, Daniel's release filled Jack's mouth.

Daniel gasped, his body slumping forward over Jack's head, as he spoke, “Love you so much, Jack.  Oh, gawd.  Jack.  Jack.”

Jack stood and kissed his quivering lover, not stopping his quest.  That had been step one.  Now, Jack was ready for the big show.

“Love you so much, Danny,” Jack said in between kisses.

The older man walked backwards a few steps, bringing Daniel with him as their kisses continued.  Daniel was unhinged from Jack's love, willingly going wherever Jack directed.

Jack gently pulled them both to the floor, taking a moment to pull off Daniel's shoes and bottom clothing for convenience.

As Daniel watched, still quivering from anticipation as well as the incredible experience he had just gone through, Jack removed his own pants, boxers, and shoes.  Then he straddled his Love, more kisses ensuing.

Their shafts rubbed together, Daniel surprising himself a bit in that he was so quickly ready to go again.  Jack had him so excited, so full of desire, that he burned full force.  He was on fire again, just as Jack was.

Their kisses were powerful and demanding, their tongues flipping over each other and fully exploring the other's mouth.  Moans were coming from both men.

Jack's hand moved down and again, Daniel became silly putty in brief moments, as Jack slipped his fingers inside his lover, hoping they were moistened enough from Daniel's release.  He hadn't brought any lube with him. They rarely carried any inside the SGC as it would be too hard to explain away if discovered, though occasionally they risked it.

Jack and Daniel didn't have this kind of sex inside the SGC much, anyway. Sometimes, though, either their need was too great to wait, or they simply felt like taking a risk.  It didn't make sense, but there were times they needed to rebel.  This union, though, was pure need.

Jack needed Daniel urgently. He couldn't wait, and Daniel was more than eager, having lost his rational brain cells after the first kiss.

Jack entered his lover and began thrusting, slowly and gently at first, but then escalating to a pounding barrage, impaling his length against Daniel's prostate. Jack's hands pressed hard against the floor beside Daniel's head, and Daniel's roamed Jack's back for a time.

“Dan...ny ... Mine ... Love you ... Ne...ver ... leave ... me ... Ne...ver!”

Jack's forward motions were precise and rapid. He couldn't remember ever being so quick-paced before.  He wasn't a jackhammer, but was beyond that with a bombardment of direct hits against Daniel's most sensitive spots.

Daniel was shouting Jack's name as their bodies continued their merging. His fingers dug into Jack's back.  His legs hooked up over Jack's as he arched forward, leaning his head into Jack's shoulder.  They'd done this a few times.  It was awkward, but it gave them a pleasure that had been unequaled. He bit into Jack's shoulder with the next charging of the man's shaft inside him.

Both men called out the other's name, each shouting out single syllable words of their ecstasy. Sweat fell from Jack's brow to Daniel's chest. Then, Jack pushed forward one more time.  He grunted loudly, his release coming. He knew Daniel was ready again, so he moved his right hand and stroked Daniel's erection a couple of times, and that was all it took for Daniel to come again.

Jack collapsed onto his husband. Both were breathing laboriously, were soaking wet, and were completely satiated at the unexpected round of lovemaking.

For one of the few times in their history, Jack discovered he couldn't speak. He was euphoric.

“Geez,” Jack finally spoke when he found his voice. “Stars ... stars, Danny.”

Jack wasn't able to move his head. He hadn't moved much at all, and neither had Daniel beyond caressing Jack's back.  Their bodies were still trembling from the convulsions of their orgasms.

“Jack ... gawd,” Daniel finally said about two minutes later, “in the freakin' store room ... gawd.”  Daniel was still gone in spite of his words.  “Wow!”

Jack finally moved to the side, his head resting on Daniel's left shoulder.  He discovered that, to his surprise, he had tears falling from his eyes.

Daniel felt the tears as he held his husband, stroking his body thoroughly. He had thought it was sweat at first, but now, as his fingers caressed Jack's cheek, he knew they were tears.

“Jack?” Daniel asked in surprise, his concern drawing him out of that other plane of existence he had been in.  “You're crying.”

“Sorry,” the older man whispered.

“No. I mean, you know that's okay; I cry all the time, but ... why?”

Jack shook his head, and, for some reason, Daniel felt it was important to hold Jack as securely as he could.  He did so, placing a kiss on Jack's sweat-soaked hair as he did so.

“Danny, I thought ... I couldn't find you, and then some airman told me where you were.  He said that Jonas guy was trying to get you to go to that moronic planet.  I got scared, Danny,” Jack confessed.

~My crazy husband,~ Daniel inwardly thought.  Placing another kiss upon his lover's head, he then reminded, “Jack, I made you a promise.  I keep my promises. You know that.”

“I also know that you are without a doubt the most giving, compassionate, self-sacrificing human being ever born, and if you thought that you were needed somewhere, if you thought that giving yourself up would save others, you'd do it in a heartbeat. That dream, Danny. You did exactly that. Saved those ingrates from self-destruction and ... died,” Jack lamented sadly.

“Ascended,” Daniel corrected.

Jack scowled, “It doesn't matter. You were gone.”

“I came back, Jack,” Daniel said, his hands warming his lover's skin.  “Think about it, Love.  Even in that crazy dream, I couldn't stay away.  I came back to you, because I never should have left in the first place.  It was a stupid dream, Jack.  It made no sense.  I would never leave you ... never.”

Jack finally moved and looked into Daniel's eyes, asking, “Stay ... stay with me always?”

Daniel smiled as he promised, “Always, My Husband -- forever and always.”

Jack leaned over and kissed Daniel again, and then they started to get up, knowing they couldn't stay in the store room much longer.

“Oh ... crap.  Jack, look at us.  We didn't even take off our shirts.  We're all ... yucky.”

“Yucky and sticky and sweaty and, geez,” Jack replied.  He had to admit that they'd just done something really dumb.  It was a long ways to the locker room, and while it was the end of the day, he knew two SG teams were due to return, or had just returned, from missions.  Another team would be departing soon.  “We'll have to do the best we can; I'll come back later and make sure we didn't miss anything.”

The two men made use of what they could find in the store room to clean themselves and the room from the messy residue of their union.  It wasn't easy, but they were finally satisfied with their efforts.  Then, their attention focused to themselves.

“Jack, we look ... we look like we just ...”

“We did just, Daniel,” Jack groaned, but then he smiled.

“What are you smiling at?” Daniel asked, still desperately trying to not look like he'd just had sex.

“Just thinking,” Jack responded.  “Maybe Jonas Quinn should visit the SGC more often.”

“You're kidding me,” Daniel laughed. “You don't like him, Jack.”

“No, I don't.  Look, I admit maybe it's not justified, but I will never take chances with you.  We, you and me, will never step foot on Kelowna-Langora-whatever they choose to call that hideous place in the future. I won't allow it, Daniel, but,” Jack smiled alluringly, “this was, uh, hmmm.”

“Good?” Daniel grinned.

“Just good?” Jack asked, looking insulted.


“Better,” Jack chuckled as he moved to take Daniel into his arms again.  “It was incredible.  You were so edible!”

“Jaaack,” Daniel blushed.  “You did a great job of ... eating me.  I think I truly know now what it feels like to be a Tootsie Pop!”

Jack laughed, “And now, I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop!”

“Jaaaack!” Daniel blushed as he nuzzled into his lover's shoulder.  ~He'll never stop.  Gawd, don't ever stop!~

“Love you, Danny.”

“I love you, too.  You don't have to worry, Jack, and that's a promise,” Daniel spoke softly.

“Thank you,” Jack replied, knowing he needed the reassurance.  “We should try and get out of here.”

“Showers?” Daniel asked.

“Oh, yeah, but, uh, don't get too close!” Jack warned.  ~Wouldn't take much.~ Seeing his lover's surprised expression, he smiled and explained, “Just don't think I could survive the temptation.”

“Oh,” Daniel said softly.

At that moment, the two heard the klaxons blaring.

Daniel commented, “That'll be SG-12.”

“Let's get out of here,” Jack suggested.

“Jack, we both look ... I mean, I know there's not a sign on our heads, but gawd, our shirts are wet.  We just both look ...”

“Like we just had great sex!” Jack laughed.  “Okay, I'll go first.  I love you,” he intoned, leaning over for a final kiss.

“Love you,” Daniel replied, watching Jack try to escape the storage room without incident.

Daniel paced the room a couple of minutes, studying the shelves.  From sheer boredom, he picked up a roll of toilet tissue and was bouncing it in his hands when the door opened.  He just about had a heart attack, literally jumping as he turned.

“Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor Jackson,” an airman said, turning on the lights.  “I didn't know anyone was in here.”

The airman was clearly surprised to find the Head of Archaeology in the darkened room.

Blinking at the sudden brightness, Daniel gulped, “I, uh, needed ... I mean, we're all out of ...”  He extended his arm slightly to show the roll of tissue as he completed his sentence, saying, “this, and so, uh, I came ... I mean, I, uh ... Did you need something, Airman?”

Daniel decided to try a direct assault to get the attention off of him.  It was something Jack had taught him long ago.

“I came in for supplies, Sir.”

“Then shouldn't you be getting your supplies?” Daniel asked aggressively as he headed for the door.  “Orders should be carried out quickly, Airman.  Stop ... dallying!  Is that understood?”

“No dallying.  Yes, Sir,” the airman replied as he snapped to attention.

Daniel smiled, walked out, and headed down the hallway.  He was feeling good; that is, until he saw a Marine staring at him as they passed in the corridor.

“Doctor Jackson,” the Marine acknowledged.

“Oh, gawd,” Daniel said softly, realizing he was still holding the toilet paper in his hand.  As he pressed the button for the elevator, he laughed to himself, ~That's it.  The next time the Langarans show up, we're leaving the base.~  He stepped into the elevator, pressing the button to the locker room floor. Remembering the mind-blowing sex he and Jack had just had, he grinned. ~Then again, maybe I could arrange for Jonas to visit at least once a month. Yeah! Once a month ... at least!”

Daniel exited the elevator, looking totally sappy, and he felt it.  Life was good, and it was about to get even better because in a few short minutes, he and his husband would be going home to their nation of two, and nothing was more important or more wonderful than that.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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