Million Dollar Son

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - November 17, 2016
Spoilers:  None
Size:  30kb, short story
Written:  April 25-26,30, May 1-2,4-5,16, 2010 Revised: April 24-25, 2011
Summary:  A special day between father and son leads to questions, doubts, and uncertainties for Jonny Jackson-O'Neill.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s): “Million Dollar Baby” and “Million Dollar Conversation”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Ali, Tammy, Navi, Claudia, Mama Bear!

Million Dollar Son
by Orrymain

“Daniel, Mister Charmers is insisting that you sit in on the conference this afternoon,” Karissa advised her employer.  She looked over at ten-year-old Jonny Jackson-O'Neill and saw his shoulders sag.  “I've tried everything I can think of to get him to agree to a change in date.”

Daniel leaned back in his chair.  He and Jonny had been trying to have a father and son day for a while.  The oddest things kept interfering.  Today, though, he was determined that nothing would interrupt their time together.  He had a few papers to sign, which was why they were at the office in the first place. Then they'd be going to the Mountain for a few minutes.  That was a treat for Jonny, even if the reason was that his daddy had agreed to review a tablet that the linguistics staff was having a problem deciphering.

Shaking his head, Daniel instructed, “Karissa, please tell Mister Charmers that as he has already been advised, several times I might add, that as much as J-O Enterprises values his business, he can suck eggs.”

Jonny spit out his water he'd just taken a gulp of, while Karissa stood dumbfounded.

Daniel laughed at his son's reaction.  It was everything he'd hoped for.

“Okay, don't tell him exactly that,” the archaeologist told Karissa.  “Tell him we appreciate his business, but he's known for weeks that I wouldn't be available this afternoon.  I can't do it.”

“Daddy, if you really need to ...”

“No,” Daniel interjected firmly.  “You and I have plans, and we're going to stick to them.”  He looked over at the smiling woman and stated, “You know what they say.”

“He deals with it, or he can go elsewhere.”

“You got it.”  Daniel signed his name on the final piece of paper and announced, “And I'm done.  Jonny, we're out of here.”

“All right!” Jonny exclaimed happily, getting up and heading for the exit.

As Daniel neared her spot at the doorway, Karissa observed quietly, “He's grinning so hard I think his face might crack.”

“We've been trying to do this for the last few months.  There's always been some last minute interference.  I don't need Mister Charmers' account.  I do, however, need my son.”

“Have a good time.”

“Thanks, Karissa.  If you manage to keep the account for us, there's a bonus in it for you.”

“Oh, time to turn on the charm,” Karissa laughed.

Daniel chuckled, patting her on the arm as he hurried to catch up with the oldest Munchkin.


The few minutes at Cheyenne Mountain turned into twenty-five, but that was okay with Jonny.  He loved going to the Mountain.  His parents might be retired now, but they still helped out when called upon.  Plus, Jennifer and David were still involved in the Teen Gaters program, and even Chenoa was training to go off-world on a diplomatic mission.  Jonny couldn't wait until he was old enough to join the program.

“Thanks, Doctor Jackson.”

“My pleasure,” Daniel stated.  He smiled at Jonny, who had paid close attention to what his father had done, albeit covertly and not overtly.  “One more stop, just to say 'hello' to Aunt Sam.”

The sandy-haired boy grinned and led the way.  He knew the Mountain better than some airmen did, thanks to playing covert games with his dad and siblings.  They spent a few minutes with Sam, which lasted a bit longer since she sought out her science twin's advice on a problem.

“Okay, well, we have plans, so ...” Daniel paused, looking around Sam's lab.  He walked out into the corridor, looking up and down it not once, but twice.  “Oh, crap.”

Sam chuckled as she walked up behind the archaeologist.  She put her chin on his shoulder and giggled some more.

“I'm glad I'm not the only one he does that to here,” Sam mused.

“No.  It's becoming habit.  He likes to see if we'll notice: covert.”

“He is very good at it.”

“Too good,” Daniel sighed, turning around to face Sam.  “He loves it, Sam.  He loves everything military.”

“Well, so does the general.”

“Yeah,” Daniel acknowledged, looking over his shoulder at the empty corridor.  “I'd better go find him before he dials the Gate, or something.”

“I wouldn't put it past him,” Sam chortled, imagining how that would create complete chaos in the gate room.

“Me, neither.  *That's* the problem,” Daniel claimed, even though he was also amused by his son's gumption and capabilities.  He lifted his hand and waved at his dear friend.  “See ya soon.”


Jonny had decided to go look at the locker room where his parents kept their civvies while working at the Mountain.  He had no problem going floor to floor since just about everyone knew who he was.  He was often saluted and referred to as General Jonny.  He was old enough now to realize the special treatment he was being given, but it was fun, so he made the most out of it.

With a smile on his face, the Munchkin realized he'd found the gym.  He hadn't been in this particular gym room before.  He was going to keep walking, but then he heard voices, and he didn't like what they were saying.

“I saw them come in.  He's here with one of the spawn,” the first man spat.

“Why don't they stay retired?” the second man returned amid a groan from the weights he was lifting.

“He's got that longer hair again, you know.”

“He's the woman,” the second man cackled.

“Fights like one, too.”

“How many times did we give him a workout?”

“A couple of times; he never fought back.  He's not just a queer; he's a yellow queer,” the first man said with a sneer as he stood up, his workout session coming to a close.

“We could have made sure Jackson never came back here; he sure knew how to hug the wall.”

~What does that mean?  I don't like these men,~ Jonny bristled as he heard the two men laughing sadistically.  ~Daddy should have hit them back.~  He sighed, ~Little Danny's just like Daddy.~

“We're too kind; didn't want to hurt his feelings,” was the sarcastic response.  That's when the first man saw the boy staring at him.  He recognized the child.  “Who do you think you are, kid, walking around here, eavesdropping on conversations?”

The second man turned around, standing when he saw the child, who was tall for his age and therefore seemed older.

His hands on his hips and his feet separated into a military stance, the boy angrily answered, “I'm the son of Doctor Daniel Jackson-O'Neill, and you're lucky I don't kick the tar out of you.”

“Kid, get out of here,” the man suggested with a flippant wave of his hand.

Not heeding the advice, Jonny walked right up to the first man, staring up at him as if he were his equal in height and even more overpowering than the rugged Air Force sergeant.

“My daddy is not a coward, and if he wanted to, he could beat you up big time!” Jonny asserted in a low harsh whisper, disliking the brutes in front of him.

“Sure, kid,” the second man responded mockingly.

The first man questioned, “You want to know what your daddy is, Kid?  I'll tell ya. Your daddy is a ...”

“Jonny!” Daniel called out.  “Come here.”

The Munchkin glared at the two men, but he was feeling very emotional all of a sudden.  For a reason he didn't understand, he hurried back to Daniel.  In fact, he ran back, leaping into his waiting arms.

“It's okay,” Daniel soothed, holding his son tightly.  “It's all right.”  He heard a sniffle or two, which was highly uncharacteristic for the general in the making.  He swayed a bit as he held Jonny, wanting to soothe him.  Then he saw the two men beginning to laugh.  “I think it's time for you two to go.”

“I think we'll go when we want,” the second man refuted, sneering down at the Jackson-O’Neills.

Still holding Jonny, Daniel took several steps towards the two men.  He looked piercingly at them, and when he talked again, it was with force.

“Let me say this one more time.  Get out of here -- now.”

His head nuzzled into Daniel's neck, Jonny watched the two men exchange looks before grabbing their gear and leaving.

Daniel held Jonny for a few more seconds, giving the youngster time to adjust, and then he suggested, “How about we sit down and talk for a bit?”

“I didn't mean to act like a baby,” Jonny sniffled, wiping his eyes with his hands as he sat down on a bench, straddling it to face his father, who also straddled the bench.

Facing his son, Daniel reached out and took hold of his hands while replying, “You're not a baby.  You're upset, and that's okay.  Tell me about it.”

Jonny nodded and explained, “They said they used to beat you up and you didn't fight back.”

“They're right.  They did, and I didn't,” Daniel admitted.

“Why not, Daddy?”

“Jonny, you know that I don't like fighting,” Daniel began.  “I never have.  I'm not a fan of the military.”

“Dad's military,” the sandy haired boy reminded.  ~And I will be too some day.~

“And I'm very proud of everything's he done, and you're right to be proud of him, too.  Son, I don't like violence.  I fight when I have to, when my family is at risk, when my teammates are in danger, or when it's necessary to protect our freedom, but I'll never fight just to satisfy the egos and ignorant attitudes of men like the ones who just left here.”

“But they beat you up.”

“They hit me a couple of times, that's all,” Daniel corrected.  “Jonny, back then, things were ... worse than they are now.  My hair was long, shaggier than it is now, and I looked like a toothpick.  I'd ... gone through it before.  We've talked about that.”

“About how it was after Grandma and Grandpa died?”

“Yes.  I didn't have anyone.  I had my books and my studies, and it didn't matter to me how I was perceived.  When I began working for the government, here at the Mountain, there were a lot of situations like that.  I wasn't a very good fighter at first.  I had to learn if I wanted to be on SG-1, though.”

“Dad taught you, huh?”

With a small smile and a nod, Daniel affirmed, “Yes, he did.  He made sure I passed basic training, which Grandpa insisted on.”

“Did you tell Dad what those men did?”

“Those two?” Daniel asked, motioning over towards the door the men had passed through a couple of minutes before.  “No.  Jonny, if I had, Dad would have ...”

“He would have beaten them up,” Jonny surmised, knowing how protective his dad was of them.

“Yeah, probably, but that would have made things worse.”


“Because Dad couldn't be with me all the time, and when he wasn't there, those men, or others just like them, would have wanted revenge.  They wouldn't have gone after Dad; they would have made it worse for me.  Dad didn't always understand that.  Sometimes I did tell him about ... certain people.  Actually, Jonny, I think Dad sort of ... handled things without me knowing it.  It lessened over time, and I think Dad had something to do with that.”

“Did you ask him?”

“Dad's job, in his mind, is to protect me.  Back then, he might have ... fudged the truth a little.  Besides, Jonny, men like those ones you saw in here today, all they understand is violence.  They wanted me to fight back.  Not fighting, not letting them bring me down to their level, was a little satisfying because they didn't like that.”  Daniel paused for a moment and then continued, “As time went by, they didn't like taking my orders, either.”

“You gave them orders, Daddy?”

A bit reluctantly, Daniel conceded, “I had a hard time with that at first.  Dad was quick to tell me from the beginning that as the highest ranked civilian on the base, I was actually pretty much, well, not quite but almost equal to him, and that meant I could give orders.  Did you notice how they responded when I gave one before they left?”

“They didn't at first and then ...” Jonny paused and then he brightened as he asked, “Did you use general eyes?  I couldn't see your eyes, Daddy.”

“Yes, I did,” Daniel chuckled, “and I had a tone to my voice.  It's something within you, Jonny, a ... a confidence.  It took me a long time to get it, but once I did, it was a lot easier to deal with those types.”

Jonny scooted over and twisted his body around.  Now father and son were both facing the same way, only Daniel's arms remained wrapped protectively around the child, whose feet now stretched out on the bench.

“Daddy, how come I got so upset at those men?” Jonny probed contemplatively, his brown eyes staring at the punching bag that was near the wall.

Daniel smiled while continuing to hold the boy.  He placed a kiss on Jonny's cheek and felt the giggle in response.

“You know how you and Little Danny keep telling Dad and me how you're an equal part of both us?”

“We are.”

“Yes, you are,” Daniel confirmed strongly.  “Jonny, I know you love the Air Force.  I suspect one of these days you'll really be a general, but I hope that when you are that you'll be like your dad is now and not how he was when I met him.”

“I know that story,” Jonny stated.  “That's when Dad did stuff just because he was ordered to.  He didn't care about what happened because of what he did.”

“He cared, Jonny.  He just couldn't think about it.”

“You taught Dad to think, huh?”

Daniel chuckled and amended, “I suggested that he ask a lot of questions.  Once he started to let himself wonder how A affected B, it changed his perception of how things should be.”

“So how come I got upset?”

“Because I'm your daddy, and they were attacking me, and you didn't like that ... and because ... because sometimes, Son, the part of me who didn't fight back, not because I was afraid, because I wasn't, but because fighting for the sake of fighting does more harm than good, that part of me comes out in you.”

Jonny said nothing, but his grip on his father's hands was tight.  He was deep in thought, trying to process the fact that for the first time when faced with an adversary, he had surrendered to his emotions instead of being prepared to fight.

“Jonny, you know how strong Dad is, how he protects us, all of us, and how he isn't afraid of anyone or anything, right?”


“But you've seen him cry, right?”

“Dad cries.”

“Yes, he does, and he's not ashamed of that, either.  He probably wouldn't want to do in front of SGC personnel, but part of being a man is acknowledging when something hurts or makes you sad or ... maybe an injustice makes you want to throw up because there's nothing you can do about it.”

Daniel paused, struggling to find the right words to get through to his son.  Just as he was about to continue, Jonny spoke up again.

“Dad's brave.”

“He sure is.”

“You're as brave as Dad is.”

“Well, I don't know, but ... Jonny, the only thing that ever really scares me is when I'm afraid something will happen to Dad, or to you or to one of your brothers and sisters.”

“Or the girls,” the boy put forth.

Daniel smiled as he agreed, “Yeah, or any member of our crazy little zoo.”

“You could beat up those men, if you wanted to, huh, Daddy?” Jonny asked.

“Probably.  Dad ... trained me very well.”

Jonny turned around, his knees bent beneath him, and asked, “Daddy, can I really be a general and be like you, too?”

“Absolutely.”  Daniel reached out and rubbed his thumb against the boy's cheek. “You can be anyone you want to be.  I know you want to be like Dad, that you want to be in the Air Force.”

“I wanna fly jets like Dad did,” Jonny put forth enthusiastically.

“I know, and I believe in you, Jonny.”

“But what if they order me to do something I know is wrong?”

“Well, if that happens, you'll have to decide what's more important -- the order or the consequences.  No one can decide that but you.”

“What if ... what ... what if ...”

“Jonny, I will always love you and be proud of you, no matter what you do.  All I will ever ask of you is the same thing I've always asked Dad to do.”

“Ask questions?”

Daniel smiled, nodded, and confirmed, “Ask questions and think.  Just consider the order and what it means, whatever it may be.  What bothered me about Dad when we first met is that he didn't ask those questions.  He just acted.  Be yourself, Son, and ... be aware.  If you do that, I'll be so proud, just as I am right this second.”

“Daddy,” Jonny began, looking down a bit timidly.


“I know more than I let on about some stuff.”

“I know.  You've learned how to do that from the best,” a smiling Daniel stated as he tilted his son’s head up and tapped his nose playfully.

“Dad says if they don't think you know anything, they'll tell you everything,” Jonny confided as if Daniel had never before heard the concept.

“Sometimes, that's true.  The, uh, dumb game can be a little annoying, but it's worked for Dad.  He's learned a lot by acting dumb.”

“Tootie doesn't like it when I act dumb,” Jonny told his younger father about one of his closest friends.

“Maybe that's because she doesn't understand why you do it.”

“Should I tell her?”

“That's up to you.”

“I like Tootie more than I've liked any other girl, Daddy, except for my sisters, but they're different,” the boy advised.

“Yes, they are, and I think Tootie likes you, too.”  Father and son smiled and then Daniel asked, “Are you okay now?”

“Daddy, what about Little Danny?”

“What about him?”

“He doesn't want to join the Air Force like I do,” Jonny sighed.

“I know.  Son, you both have your own dreams, and even if they mean you go separate ways for a while when you're older, you'll always be each other's best friend.  More importantly, you'll be brothers, looking out for each other.”

“I'm the oldest.”

“Little Danny can take care of himself.  He'll be fine,” Daniel reassured gently as he saw the conflict in those chocolate eyes of his oldest Munchkin.

“Would you be mad if he joined the Air Force, too?”

“Uh, no.  Jonny, all I, or Dad for that matter, wants is for each of you to be happy. How you do that is up to all of you.”

“I love you, Daddy,” Jonny proclaimed, throwing his arms around his younger father.

“I love you, too, more than you know,” Daniel responded, hugging his son tightly.

The two stood up and started for the door when Daniel felt his son's hand slip into his.  Apparently, the oldest Munchkin wanted the connection, and that was just fine for the archaeologist.

~He's almost too big to hold anymore.  Gawd, I liked that, that moment when he leaped into my arms.  Our Munchkins are growing up, Jack,~ Daniel lamented, a part of him wishing the triplets were just five years old again.

“Little Danny wants to go Harvard, like you did.  Would Dad be mad if I went to Harvard, too?”

Daniel chuckled and then assured, “Dad would be very proud.”

“Maybe Little Danny and me can do both, so we can be together all the time.”

“Maybe,” Daniel replied.  ~They had separation anxiety when they were babies.  Geez, I wonder if they could pull this off?  What a crazy thought.~


“Daddy, here's a mayfly!” Jonny exclaimed, pointing to the leaf on which the insect had landed.

Daniel walked over and knelt by his son, nodding as he affirmed, “You sure know your bugs.”

With a grin, Jonny replied, “You taught me.  I remember, Daddy.  We came here before.”

The archaeologist looked into his son's eyes and asked, “Do you remember that? That was a long time ago.”

Indeed, Daniel had brought Jonny to this exact spot eight years ago today.  It was November 17, 2008.  Ironically, much like what might be happening today, J-O Enterprises had lost a client then, too, at least temporarily, because of Daniel's decision to spend time with the Munchkin.

“I was little then, but this is where I found Bogey, riiiiiight,” Jonny looked around and then pointed to a rock, “there.”

“Yes, but you kept that to yourself for a while.”

“I wanted Bogey to come home with me.”

“And he did,” Daniel mused.

“We saw a lot of bugs that day,” Jonny stated.  “There's a crayfish.”

“It was a lot of fun.”

“Like today,” Jonny declared, smiling brightly at his daddy.

“Yeah, like today,” Daniel agreed.  ~You were my million dollar baby that day.  Now you're my million dollar son, just like your brothers and sisters are ... no, I'm wrong.  A million is way too low.  You're all priceless.  This time is priceless.  I feel sorry Mister Charmers can't understand that.~


After spending more time at the creek, Daniel and Jonny went to a park and played catch for a while. They also ate lunch at McDonald's, and then Daniel let Jonny sit in the driver's seat of his sports car.  They pretended to go on a long drive, with Jonny behind the wheel.  The leisurely drive then turned into a game of James Bond.

“I have to drive fast, Daddy.  The bad guys are up ahead,” Jonny advised as he made sounds of revving up the engine.

“Better use the rocket booster.”

“Right,” Jonny responded, pretending to press a button.


“We need to upgrade.  There's a triple ripple rocket booster out now.”

“Oh, okay, we'll do that when we get home,” Daniel stated, going along with the suggestion.

“Can I help?”



It was after dinnertime when Daniel and Jonny finally returned home, which was much later than what had been planned.  As promised, Daniel let Jonny help as they installed the new triple rocket booster into the Shelby-American car.

“Careful, Daddy.  It might explode,” Jonny warned.

As he held the invisible item, Daniel responded, “I have the safety on.  It'll be okay until we get it installed.”

“It has a safety?” Jonny asked as he looked all around Daniel's hands at the invisible object.

“Sure, right here,” Daniel responded, his index finger on his right hand tapping on the transparent item.

“Oooooh.  That's a neat idea.  I didn't know that.”

The scene caused some giggles among the brood, since no one understood what was happening.  Daniel and Jonny knew, though, and that's what counted.


That night as the lovers settled into bed, Jack leaned over on his side, propping himself up by his elbow.  He looked at his Love and then proceeded to steal a kiss, or two or three.

“Everything okay?”

“Jonny met some old acquaintances of ours today,” Daniel answered quietly, rubbing Jack's arm.


“Lawson and Johnson.  Remember them?”

“Buffoons who look like men?”

“More or less,” Daniel acknowledged. “They haven't changed.  Apparently, Jonny overheard them at their best.  I guess they saw us come in.”

“I wish you hadn't stopped me kicking their butts that time; or you could have at least let me transfer them somewhere cold and dull.”  Jack saw his husband's shrug and knew it didn't really matter anymore, so he moved on.  “So what happened?”

“He started to be General Jonny, and they didn't buy it.  I stepped in as soon as I caught up and that ... started Jonny thinking about things.  Babe, he's a little scared right now.”

“Jonny and scared aren't two words that go together,” Jack responded, not sure what to make of what his lover was saying.

“He showed a little bit of ... me today, and that's what scared him.”

Jack cocked his head in surprise, though he was still unclear on what happened.

Daniel continued, “Up until today, he'd always reacted like you when faced with an adversarial situation.  Well, actually, he did react that way, except he felt something more than outrage and anger.  He wanted a hug, Jack, and he didn't understand that.”

“Maybe you'd better start at the beginning,” Jack suggested.

When Daniel had finished explaining, he added, “He needs reassurance that he can be Jonny without disappointing either of us.  He needs to hear it from you, Jack.  You're his hero.”


“Jack, this isn't about me.  You know how he looks up to you.  He does to me, too, but it's the military thing.  He needs you to tell him, Jack.  He has to hear it from you,” Daniel insisted.

Jack sighed, nodding as he replied, “Growing up is dang tough.  What happened today, Danny, is that our son made a realization.”

“Which is?”

“He wants to be like you, too, and being like you means *I'm* not as perfect as he thought.”

“I disagree, Babe.  It's not about perfection; it's about being himself.  He's afraid of having to make a choice and hurting one of us.  He wants both worlds, and he wants Little Danny to go along with him.”


“Yeah.  He has dreams of both them joining the Air Force, flying jets, and graduating from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford.”

“All three?” Jack asked with widened eyes.

“Little Danny prefers the scholastic route.”

“What are we going to do about it?” Jack questioned.

“Let them grow up and be however they want, and you need to make sure Jonny understands that being in the military doesn't mean he's turning his back on Academia, or his brother.  I think that's a part of it, Jack.”

“The kid's only ten.”

“I know, but it's in his head now.  Just ... talk to him, okay?  Let him know that whatever his ultimate choice is, it's okay, even if he does have a big dream to do both.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll talk Little Danny into it.”

“How would you feel about that?”

“It's his choice, Babe, not mine.”



“I'll talk to him, but after I do, can we not think about this for another ... seven or eight years?  I'm getting a headache,” Jack groaned, closing his eyes as his head dropped back onto his pillow.

Daniel laughed and agreed, “Okay.  So, what should we talk about now?”

“I was thinking we wouldn't talk.”

“Sometimes, My Love, I love how you think,” Daniel returned, his eyes sparkling as he cupped his husband's face.

A kiss later, Jack groaned.  Surprising his lover, he stood up and put on his robe.

“Where are you going?” a much deflated, in more ways than one, Daniel asked.

“If I know our little general, he's not asleep.  I'll be back, and we'll pick up where we left off,” Jack promised with a seductive gleam in his eyes.

Daniel sighed as he watched his husband leave the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

“Well, I'll bet that conversation will be worth a million dollars,” the archaeologist mused.

Yawning, Daniel shifted his position and pulled up the comforter.  He had a hunch his Love might be a while.


“Danny,” Jack called out quietly.  He was seated on his lover's side of the bed, and he was now fully dressed.  “Daniel, wake up.”


“You awake?”

“I am now,” Daniel responded dryly.  As he focused the partially blurred image of his husband, a result of still being half asleep and not having his glasses on, he observed dejectedly.  “You're dressed.”

Jack chuckled as he affirmed, “You noticed.”

“What's happening?  You ... you were talking to Jonny.”

“He was wide awake,” Jack announced.  “Danny, I have an idea, and I think it's important to carry it out tonight.”

“What do you want to do?”

Jack smiled and then filled his soulmate in on his brainstorm.

“Are you sure you want to do that?  It's risky, Babe,” Daniel responded.

“Yeah ... unless you have a problem with it,” Jack replied.

With a brief shake of his head, the archaeologist affirmed his acceptance of the idea.  A kiss later, and Jack was gone again.


A few hours later, Daniel was again awoken, only this time it was by Jonny, though behind him Jack stood smiling.

“Everything okay?” Daniel asked his son.

“Daddy, I told Dad that I want to be just like both of you, okay?” Jonny questioned.

“Okay,” Daniel agreed.

“I love you, Daddy,” Jonny declared as his younger father leaned over to share a hug.

“I love you, too, Jonny.  Maybe tomorrow you can tell me about your talk with Dad,” Daniel suggested.

“Okay,” the Munchkin agreed.  “Goodnight.”

“Night,” Daniel replied as he watched the boy turn back to face Jack.

“Night, Dad,” Jonny stated, hugging Jack one more time before hurrying out to go back to bed.

Jack walked over to the door and closed it.  He had a contented smile on his face.

“Sounds like it went well,” Daniel surmised, watching as Jack began to undress.

“Yeah, it did.  It was scary, Danny.  There was one moment when I wasn't sure I'd done the right thing, but he came around.  I think he got it.  He's the best of us, Angel, as are the rest of the brood.”

Daniel stood up and walked over to his now half-dressed lover.  He drew him in for a hug, his hands warming Jack's bare back.

“I know it wasn't easy,” the younger man soothed.  “But it was the right thing.”

As they gazed into each other's eyes, Jack told his Heart, “Do you know how much I love you?”

“I have an idea, and that reminds me.  You made me a promise, remember?” Daniel prodded as he leaned in and nibbled on Jack's ear.

“It's coming back to me,” Jack acknowledged with a happy moan.

“Get naked, O'Neill.”

“I love the way you think,” Jack declared as he quickly finished undressing.  “Hey, uh ...”

“Oh, yeah,” Daniel chuckled, taking off his pajamas.

Seconds later, the lovers were on their way to a very happy place, one in which had always elated them beyond belief and expectation.

It had a been a great day, an eye opening day even, and that wasn't a bad thing.  There was a lot of life ahead, and no one really knew what direction the children would take.  Kids were fickle at age ten.  Jonny's future, Little Danny's future, and all the futures of the brood were not written in stone.  They could change daily, even hourly.

What Jack and Daniel did know was that their family was more important to them than anything else, and right now they were enjoying just being in love and having their family safe, healthy, and happy.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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