Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - November 2011 - January 2012
Spoilers:  None
Size:  23kb, ficlet
Written:  August 18,21,26-27,29, 2006
Summary:  Janet is about to become a grandmother, but when the heck is Cassandra going to have her baby?
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my past fic(s), “The Little Ones,” “Blowout,” and “Unexpected Miracle”
4) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Linda, Jodi, Claudia, QuinGem!

by Orrymain

Jack sauntered up to Doctor Janet Fraiser, who was seated with her back to him at one of the SGC medical workstations, leaned up as close to her right ear as possible, without alerting her to his presence, and whispered, “Boo!”

“WHAT?” Janet shouted, literally jumping up from her seat, her hand flying to her chest.  “Jack O'Neill, don't you *ever* do that to me again, or I'll find needles taller than you, and you *won't* like where I put them!”

Jack laughed, “What's so fascinating?” as he motioned with his head over at the medical chart on her desk.

“Nothing,” Janet sighed, closing her eyes as she continued to calm herself.

“Doc, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you,” Jack apologized, suddenly realizing just how startled the petite physician had been.

“You didn't?” Janet asked, her eyes probing the general's.

“Well, not really,” Jack smirked.  “You're a little extra jumpy today, though,” he observed.

Janet waved her right hand at him, dismissing the fright, as she replied, “Maybe; probably.  I'm just a little worried about Cassandra.”

“Cass?  Something wrong with the baby?” a concerned Jack inquired.

“That's the problem; there is no baby ... yet,” Janet spoke, adding, “Based on when Cass said she conceived, I figured the baby would be born on the tenth, but ...”

“We're passed that, Doc.”

“That's the point, and what I don't understand is why she's not concerned.  Every time I talk with her, she's bubbly and enthusiastic,” Janet commented, sitting back down on the chair.  “I've talked with Dom, and he says everything is fine.  Jack, how can everything be fine if she's beyond a month overdue?”

Jack shrugged as he stood with his hands in his pockets, suggesting, “Maybe you're wrong about the conception date.”

“That's another thing,” Janet said, spinning her chair around and pulling out a folder from underneath the medical chart she'd been staring mindlessly at when Jack had first approached her.  “When I asked her to confirm it, she said she couldn't.  She told me I was being a worrywart.  I figured she just wanted to be independent, first baby and all, so I haven't asked her a lot of questions.”

“Has she had any difficulties?” Jack inquired as he pulled up another chair and sat down near his brood's surrogate aunt.

“None that I know of.  You've spoken with her,” Janet began.  “Has she seemed different to you or ...”

“Janet, she's just been Cass.  She's talked miles around Danny about the baby, and believe it or not, considering our little surprise-to-be, that takes some doing,” Jack chuckled, referring to the biological child he and Daniel were about to have, thanks to alien technology.

Janet smiled, then sighed, “Maybe I am wrong about the date.  Cassie told us she was pregnant in April.  I know that initially she used a home pregnancy test.  Maybe I misunderstood her, and she was just a couple of weeks pregnant in April.”

“Then she'd only be eight months pregnant,” Jack deduced.

“Yes, except in one of my conversations with Dom when I was trying to pinpoint things, he also mentioned that the baby was conceived in mid-February.  That's in line with the original date I calculated,” Janet stated.

“The tenth,” Jack reiterated.

“I don't want to worry them, and I don't want to pry, and ... first babies are often late.”  Janet smiled, saying, “Maybe I'm worrying about nothing.”

“You know Cass and Dom wouldn't let anything happen to the baby,” Jack reassured.  “If something was wrong, they'd tell you.”

“I wanted to go be with her during the birth, but when I told her my downtime schedule, she made me change it.  To be honest, Jack, I was a little hurt.  She doesn't want me there until after the baby is born,” Janet lamented.

“Maybe she just wants to share it with Dom,” Jack tried to soothe.  “I'm sure she wants you there,” he said, reaching out to hold Janet's hand for a few moments, offering comfort from one parent to another.  ~There's gotta be a reason for Cassie's attitude.~

“Children -- just wait, Jack, until you and Daniel go through this,” Janet teased.

“Not gonna happen,” Jack said, sitting back and smirking.


“I'm not letting them plant any seeds, or grow any flowers, until I'm dead,” Jack mused.

“Planting seeds and growing flowers?” Janet laughed.

“With eleven kids, you learn to talk in riddles,” the major general mused.

“So, General, what did you need?” Janet asked, ready to move on from her concerns.

“Well, Doc ...”


“Cassie, uh, about the baby ...” Daniel asked over the phone, having called his surrogate niece before heading out for another Christmas shopping excursion since the magical day was close at hand.

“Uncle Daniel, I am so excited I can't stand it!  We made the cutest little nursery. It's like Piglet in outer space,” the pregnant women gushed.

“That sounds wonderful, but I was wondering when ...”

“And we found an antique cradle that is so awesome.  We had to restore it a little because ...”

Daniel smiled as he listened to the woman's cheerful ramblings about her preparations for the baby.  Try as he might, though, he just wasn't able to speak a complete sentence, his question about the baby's birth still unasked.

“Oh, Uncle Daniel, Dom just walked in.  Oh my, isn't he sweet?  He brought me flowers.  Love you,” Cassandra spoke, hanging up the phone.

Daniel glanced at the receiver and mumbled, “Love you, too.”


While Jack and Daniel were anxious about their own upcoming new arrival, Janet was on pins and needles as the Christmas holidays progressed.  She was trying not to interfere, but she just couldn't figure out why Dominic and Cassandra weren't worried about the birth of their child being so late.

At the moment, Janet was at the Jackson-O'Neill home, checking on things there.

“I'm worried,” the doctor sighed.

“Is something wrong with Bean Sprout?” Daniel asked, alarmed that something might be wrong with their unborn baby, currently nicknamed Bean Sprout.

“Oh, no, Daniel, I'm sorry,” Janet quickly spoke.  “I was thinking about Cassandra again.”

“Okay, that's enough of this,” Jack said authoritatively, tugging Janet by the elbow and leading her and his husband downstairs to the study.  “Ferretti gave me this thing for my birthday, and I thought he was daffy,” he spoke about the webcam he held in his hands.  “Danny, would you hook this thing up, please?”

Daniel laughed, knowing his military minded husband wasn't quite as computer illiterate as he made himself out to be.  At the same time, however, the archaeologist knew he could get the job done more quickly than his lover could.

A few minutes later, the webcam was up and running, and after a quick check with the Dominic and Cassandra in email, suddenly there was live conversation with video, courtesy of the computer.

“Cass, no more skirting around the issue,” Jack ordered the very pregnant woman.

“Skirting around what issue, Uncle Jack?”

“Ask your mother,” Jack responded, moving out of the way and passing the buck to Janet.

“Thanks a lot,” Janet retorted.  She turned to face the computer and asked, “Cass, about the baby ...”

“I can't wait, Mom.”

Janet sighed, “Cassandra, your due date was November tenth.  Aren't you concerned that you've ...”

“November tenth?  No, Mom.  Where did you get that idea?” Cassandra asked and then took a drink of water.

“From you, Sweetie,” the mother responded, glancing at Jack and Daniel for a moment.

“Mom, I never told you that,” the daughter negated.

“Well, not in so many words, Cassandra, but you said you conceived in the middle of February, so naturally, ...”

“Oh my gosh!” Cassandra suddenly exclaimed, putting her hands to her cheeks.  “Oh, Mom, I'm so sorry.  You don't know, do you?”

Nervously, Janet answered, “Don't know what, Cassie?”

Cassandra smiled and said, “Uh, you know that place I'm from, for real?”

Jack, Daniel, and Janet all shared a look.  Cyberspace was not secure, so they knew they were about to talk in code.

“Of course, Sweetie,” Janet intoned.

“I can't believe I didn't tell you before, but, well, gee, Mom, I've never been pregnant before,” Cassandra rambled.

“Cassandra, what?” Janet asked, wanting the truth of the situation now rather than later.

“Ah, well, the timing is a little bit different there,” Cassandra explained.

“Different?” Jack and Daniel asked in unison.

With his arms folded across his chest, Daniel inquired, “Different *how*?”

Smiling shyly, the pregnant female answered, “Mom, I asked you to come on your downtime so you'd be here for it, in January.”

“JANUARY?” three confused voices said, their reactions a bit loud.

“It takes a little longer where I'm from,” Cassandra noted.  “Are you sure I didn't tell you?  I thought I did when I told you when I wanted you here.”

Janet smiled, feeling a tremendous weight lifted from her.

“Aliens,” Jack quipped.  “I like the number nine.”

Cassandra chuckled, “Eleven is more natural.”

“That's why you didn't ...” Janet paused, again concerned about the security of the internet.

“Mom, you know how it takes some women a little longer to show?  Well, I am definitely one of those.  Honestly, I didn't mean for you to worry.  I actually forgot that ... where I'm from, we do it in quads.  It's the same really, just a bit slower ...” Cassandra stopped talking, not sure what words to use.

“To make sure the seed is sown?” Jack jested.

Laughing, the pregnant woman agreed, “I guess you could say that, Uncle Jack.  I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but I guess I've been a little distracted.”

“Apparently,” Jack responded.

Smiling, the pregnant woman asked hopefully, “So, Mom, you will be here?”

“Of course, I will, Sweetie, and thank you for clearing this up.  I was so worried,” Janet confided.

After chitchatting for a few more minutes, the call was terminated.

“All that worry, and it's just her physiology,” Janet lightheartedly lamented.

“Biology will get you ever time,” Jack affirmed.  “Doc, when's your visit?”

“Cass told me to make sure I was there on the sixteenth of January, so I guess that must be the due date,” Janet surmised.

“Quadmesters,” Daniel spoke.

“From what she said, the first quad is probably just a protection, to make sure everything is fine, and then from there, the pregnancy proceeds like a normal Earth pregnancy,” Janet deduced.

“Are you sure, Doc?  What about her OBGYN?” Jack asked, a bit concerned about the abnormalities that might alarm a physician.

“I'll get the details from her later when I can talk to her on a secure line,” Janet spoke.  Glancing at her watch, she stated, “I have to go.  Bean Sprout is fine, Guys, and thanks for making this happen.”

“Anytime, Janet,” Daniel replied, placing a kiss on her cheek.


“I wonder what's going on?” Daniel asked as he and Jack walked the corridors of the SGC.

The couple had been called to the SGC by General George Hammond.  Normally, they wouldn't have minded, but their new bundle of joy was requiring a lot of attention.  To be more accurate, the men were being doting parents and couldn't get enough of being with the latest addition to their family.  Hammond had insisted, however, and told them that time was of the essence.  He had even sent Nyan over to babysit, much to the delight of their brood.

Winter weather had prompted both Jack and Daniel to wear warm coats, since a light snow had already fallen and covered the ground.  There was a chance of heavier snowfall as the afternoon progressed, so they were anxious to find out the problem and get back home as quickly as possible.

“The NID finally crossed the line?” Jack theorized.

“You mean again?” Daniel asked as they rounded a corridor.

As they approached the lieutenant general's office, Chief Master Sergeant Walter Davis cut them off, telling them to head directly to the infirmary.

Jack and Daniel shared a concerned look.

“Sam?” the younger man asked, wondering if she'd been injured.

“Nah.  He would have said something about Pete.  Lou?” the older man wondered.

“I don't think so.  SG-2 should be in meeting room three, working with SG-9 on the negotiations and procedures for the mission to PR8-231.  Teal'c maybe,” Daniel suggested as he quickened his pace.

The lovers knew it wasn't Janet causing their trip to the medical area of the SGC, since she was in Utah.  Today was the fourteenth, and Cassandra's baby was due in two days.

Hurriedly, the lovers made their way to the infirmary.  As they entered, they looked around, finally seeing Casey Hemmings, one of the nurses on staff.

“ISO-2,” Casey directed upon seeing Jack and Daniel.

“I feel like I'm on a scavenger hunt,” Jack responded as he and his lover changed directions to head for the private room.

Reaching the room, the two members of SG-1 were surprised to see Cassandra.

“Hi, Uncle Jack, Uncle Daniel.  I'm glad you ... EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH,” Cassandra yelled nonsensically.

“Contractions are four minutes apart.  It won't be long, Sweetie,” Janet spoke soothingly.

“Calming breaths, Cass,” Dominic urged in a relaxed tone as he stood by his wife's bedside, wiping her brow and holding her right hand.

“We decided it would be in the interest of national security to make sure Cassandra didn't have any unexpected problems,” Hammond stated as he stood next to the new arrivals to ISO-2.

“Hello, Sir, Daniel,” Sam greeted as she stood near Cassandra, opposite of Dominic's position.

“So since I was going to have our baby here, I really wanted you two to be with us.  I hope you don't mind me siccing General Hammond on you.  I ... wanted it to be a surprise,” Cassandra admitted.

“We're surprised,” Daniel replied with a loving smile.

“Cass, there's nowhere else we'd rather be right now than here with you,” Jack added.

The couple moved over to stand behind Dominic, giving the medical staff plenty of room and Cassandra her privacy.


“MEN ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!” Cassandra whined two hours later.  “I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER LET YOU TOUCH ME!” she shouted at Dominic, pushing him away.

“It's a natural reaction,” Janet promised her son-in-law, smiling at the bewildered look on his face.  “Don't worry, she doesn't really mean it!”

“I DO *TOO* MEAN IT!” Cassandra shouted, her expression reminding Dominic of the little girl in the movie, “The Exorcist”.

“She's possessed,” Dominic heard himself say.

Jack chuckled, earning him a tender jab in the arm from his husband.

“Push, Cassie,” Janet urged as she was handling the delivery herself.  She was grateful, though, that Carolyn Lam was there, backing her up.  “You can do it!”


After another few minutes, Cassandra Luca held her baby boy in her arms.  She beamed as she traced the newborn's lips.

“Time of birth:  4:32 p.m.,” Janet spoke reverently.

“He's all here, Dom,” the new mom spoke with love.

“You're the greatest, Cass.  I love you,” Dom tenderly intoned, carefully bending down to kiss his wife.

Sam and Janet exchanged a look, both awed by the birth and feeling so proud of Cassandra.

**You just can't beat this experience, Jack,** Daniel said via the lover's special non-verbal communication.

**It'll never get old, Love,** Jack replied.


Janet and Carolyn completed all the normal checks on the baby, determining that the newborn was in absolutely perfect health.  Dominic had held his son for a while, and now the babe was back in Cassandra's arms.

“Would you like to hold him?” the young woman asked Jack and Daniel.

Smiling, Jack moved forward and took a firm hold of the sleeping, seven-pound-one-ounce newborn.

“He's a good one, Cass,” Jack spoke with a grin.

After a moment, Daniel took the baby and held one of the tiny hands.  He still marvelled at the gift of life.

“He's beautiful,” the archaeologist opined softly.

“Tommaso will be a handsome young man as he grows up,” Cassandra predicted.

Jack and Daniel nodded their agreement, not surprised at the chosen name since Dominic's late father was named Tommaso.

“Ah, little Tommy,” Jack abbreviated, causing everyone to chuckle at the instant nickname.

Dominic looked at Cassandra and nodded, after which the new mother spoke, “Tommaso Giovonni Daniel Luca is his name.”

Knowing Giovonni was Italian for Jonathan, his given name, Jack looked over at his surrogate niece, a bit surprised.

Daniel smiled, a tender expression on his face as he looked at the new parents and then back at the baby he was holding.

“You two have been the most important men in Cassie's life,” Dominic spoke. “We wanted to honor you for always being there for her.”

“Thank you,” Daniel whispered, feeling truly touched by the gesture.


“Tommy and JD are gonna be good buddies,” Jack predicted as the soulmates headed home in Daniel's silver-colored sports car, nicknamed the Silver Fox after the older man.

“That was so sweet of them to name him after us,” Daniel noted, a sappy smile on his face as he checked for traffic before making a left turn.

“Yeah, I wasn't expecting that,” the older man remarked.  Then he chuckled, “I didn't know Cass could yell that loudly.”

“Poor Dom,” Daniel responded, remembering all the derogatory comments Cassandra had spat during the birth.

“I'm glad I'm not a woman,” Jack said, making a scary sound as he shuddered.

Laughing, Daniel said, “Now that would be interesting ... Jacqueline.”

“Let's not go there, Danielle,” Jack advised.

Daniel grinned at the memory of the prank he had once pulled on his lover when he had dressed up as a woman, all to teach Jack a lesson about generalities and the problem with making them, even in jest.

“The brood is going to be thrilled; another baby to play with,” the silver-haired man commented.

“Maybe someday Dom and Cassie will move back to the Springs,” Daniel stated.

“Maybe.  Daniel, I'd make a lousy looking woman,” Jack opined.  “Hmmm.  What color foundation would compliment my skin?  A little blush might help.”

Daniel rolled his eyes, knowing he was in for a crazy conversation for the remainder of the drive home.  Inside, though, he felt happy and good.  Another amazing birth had just extended their loving family of friends, and that made life better than ever.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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