Ouch Otra Vez

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - April 1-3, 2017
Spoilers:  None
Size:  26b, short story
Written:  July 14-15,17,20, 2017
Summary:  Life repeats itself, causing a scare for Jack, Daniel, and their brood.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s):  “Ouch!”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Ali!

Ouch Otra Vez
by Orrymain

When the Jackson-O'Neill children gathered in the hospitality room for breakfast and began talking, they were interrupted by a loud whistle coming from their dad.

“Escucha, ninos,” Jack requested as the children obeyed by listening to their father.  “Hoy es un español sólo día.  Todo el mundo habla sólo en español.  ¿Comprender?”

The children either nodded or responded with a simple, “Si,” to acknowledge that the only language allowed to be spoken throughout the day was Spanish.  This was a common teaching tool for the parents when it came to engaging their children in secondary languages.  Jack frequently urged the brood to speak other languages when appropriate with their friends, acquaintances, or anyone they met when they were out and about.

“Use or lose it,” was the general's mantra on the subject.

“El desayuno está listo.  Ayudarse a sí mismo,” Daniel encouraged, urging his children to grab what they wanted for breakfast since the morning meal was ready to be eaten.

For thirty minutes, the family chattered in Spanish.  By now, the children were all fairly proficient at several languages and Spanish was definitely the easiest for them, especially since they knew a lot of Hispanics who were friends, part of the staff at J-O Enterprises, neighbors, and/or some of the military might at Stargate Command.

“Ricky, parece que está comiendo un caballo,” Jack teased about all the food on the boy's plate that made it seem like he was eating a horse.

“Estoy muy hambriento,” Ricky replied, stating the obvious that he was really hungry.

“¿Panqueques, hash browns, tocino, harina de avena, pan tostado, y una tortilla?” Brianna chuckled.  “Bro, es una comida grande,” the tomboy chuckled about the big meal (pancakes, hash browns, bacon, oatmeal, toast, and an omelet) her brother was eating.

“Yo como todo Papá y Papi nos hizo.  Duro debe elegir qué comer,” the Spitfire explained, saying that he loved everything his parents prepared and he had a hard time choosing one food over the other.

“Se arrepentirá más tardee,” Jenny warned, certain her brother would pay later for eating such a big meal.

Ricky responded that he loved eating big breakfasts, saying, “Me encanta los desayunos grandes.”  This was true.  He tended to love a hearty meal at the start of the day.  “Mmmm.  Esto es una gran tortilla, Papi,” he said to his daddy.

“Gracias.  Me alegro te guste.  Asegúrese de comer lentamente y parar cuando esté completo,” the archaeologist replied, telling Ricky to eat his food slowly and to stop when he was full.

“Lo haré,” Ricky agreed.


That afternoon, Ricky only picked at his lunch.  It was the belief of his family that he'd overdone it with his breakfast.  His brothers and sisters teased him lightly as the afternoon wore on.  Jack and Daniel wondered if Ricky might need something to calm his full stomach since they noticed he was spending most of the recent hours sketching, or so they assumed since they saw him with his drawing tablet while sitting in the gazebo.

When dinnertime rolled around, Ricky didn't even nibble at his food.  He took two bites and stopped eating completely.

“No tengo hambre,” Ricky spoke quietly, telling the family that he wasn't hungry.  “Estoy cansado.  ¿puedo ir a mi cuarto y acostarse?”

Jack and Daniel exchanged a look upon hearing that Ricky was tired and wanted to go lie down in his room.

“Estás sintiendo bien, hijo,” Daniel questioned, asking Ricky if he was feeling okay?

“Estoy cansado,” the boy answered, claiming he was only tired.

“Adelante,” Jack permitted, allowing the child to leave the table and go to his room.

Sensing his parents' concern, Little Danny promised, “Jonny y mantendrá un ojo sobre él.”

Jack and Daniel smiled and nodded appreciatively at the two Munchkins, happy that they would keep an eye on Ricky that evening.

“Jenny, ¿vas a ayudar a tío Lou con su mañana MonsterMobile?” Aislinn asked, wanting to know if Jenny was going to help Lou Ferretti on his truck tomorrow.  She looked at her daddy and asked, “¿Hay una manera de decir MonsterMobile en español?”

“Uh, un monstruo de camiones?” Daniel put forth, suggesting the phrase that referred to a truck that was a monster.”  He added, “Pero lo que tío Lou llama su camioneta es realmente un apodo o nombre propio, MonsterMobile así sería correcta.”

Jenny nodded, understanding her daddy's added response that the MonsterMobile was like a personal name and was the nickname that Lou used when referencing the vehicle, so she was right in simply calling it the MonsterMobile.

“Sí, Papá y Papi dijo que podía pasar la tarde,” Jenny confirmed, saying that their parents said she could go over to Lou's in the afternoon.

At the conclusion of dinner, the family went about their business, playing, reading, studying, and otherwise keeping themselves occupied.


Jack and Daniel were in the study.  Jack was relaxed as he sat at the end of the old, comfy couch that was against the outer wall.  In his hands was a western novel.  In his lap was his lover's head as Daniel lied cozily on the sofa.  He was reading a recently released book that dealt with exploration, especially the heart and soul behind the desire for discovery.

Upstairs, the younger children were settling down for a good night's sleep.  They were changing into their pajamas, saying their prayers, and entering into end-of-the-day conversations.  They knew their parents would be up within a half-hour for their goodnight rounds.

In the boys' room, Jonny and Little Danny were talking about the Colorado Rockies baseball team that played the Seattle Mariners earlier in the day.  It was only Spring Training, but the boys were lamenting that the teams tied and the Rockies didn't win the game outright.

“Es sólo práctica, supongo,” Little Danny put forth, believing it really was just practice and wasn't an indication of how the team would play during the regular season.

“Sí.  Van a ser grande este año,” Jonny declared, thinking the team would be great during the 2017 season.  “Ricky, ¿Qué te parece?” he asked, wanting the Spitfire's opinion about the upcoming season.

“No me siento muy bien,” Ricky sighed.

Wanting to know where his brother was hurting, Little Danny walked over to Ricky's bed and asked, “¿Dónde le duele?”

Lying on his side with his hands clasped over his lower abdomen, Ricky answered, “Mi ombligo,” indicating his belly button.

Alarmed as he processed information he'd read and even studied, Little Danny hurried to the intercom and stared at his options.  His parents could be anywhere in the house and he didn't have time to search room by room.  With a sigh, he pushed the button that would carry his voice throughout the entire house.

“Dad, Daddy, Ricky's sick.  Come quick.”

“Hang tough, little brother,” Jonny urged Ricky.  “Dad and Daddy are on their way.”

Not one to waste time, Little Danny pulled out the emergency medical kit that was kept in each bedroom.  He removed the digital thermometer and placed it over the boy's forehead, moving the object slowly to each side until it beeped.

“Ricky, are you okay?” Jenny asked as she ran into the room, followed by Aislinn.

“Na-huh,” the boy responded just as Chenoa, Lulu, and Brianna entered the boys' room.

Jenny saw Little Danny with the thermometer and inquired, “Does he have a temp?”

“A little one,” the Munchkin responded at the same time David arrived with JD in tow.

“Hey, what's going on?” Jack called out as he followed his husband into the room that now held all but two of the brood and that was because Jennifer was spending the night with her best friend, Sheila, and Jeff was at a designers and buyers show in Las Vegas with Alex Dennison for Arconics Ltd.

Daniel sat down next to the still boy and said, “Dad and I are right here.  Let's turn you ...”

“Ow!” the boy exclaimed when Daniel started to move his son to a supine position.

“He has a slight fever,” Little Danny informed his parents, showing his dad the thermometer reading.

“One-hundred point eight,” Jack noted aloud.

As gently as he could, Daniel pressed against his son, wanting to find the source of the pain.

“Daddy, he said his belly button hurt,” Jonny reported.

~Ut oh,~ the archaeologist responded silently as he recalled a similar feeling from years prior.

“Not my belly button, but near my belly button, but now it hurts here.”

~Oh gawd.~  Daniel glanced over at his husband and said, “Call Janet.”

“Nearest phone?” Jack asked.

“Our phone is on the desk,” Lulu answered.

“Run!” Jack ordered his daughter, who immediately zoomed out of the boys' room and retrieved the phone.

“Here, Dad.”

“Thanks, Lil' Bit,” Jack said as he took the phone and called Janet.  “Doc, we have a medical situation.”


“Ricky,” Jack answered.

“Jack ...” Daniel called out with a raised hand and his fingers wiggling in a quest to be given the phone.  Once the phone was in his possession, he spoke, “Janet, he has a little fever and it hurts when he moves.  Uh, listen, remember my scar?”

“Daniel, there could be many causes of his pain.”

“It started with his belly button and has moved to his right and lower abdomen.  We thought he was just full from a big breakfast, but he only picked at his lunch and he had maybe two or three bites of his dinner.”

“Alright, we still have to rule out a lot of things first, but take him to the Academy hospital and I'll meet you there.”

“Thanks.”  Daniel handed the phone back to Lulu and instructed, “Call Jen at Sheila's and tell her Dad and I are taking Ricky to the Academy hospital.  Tell her we'd like her to come home, but it's her choice.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“What about Jeff?” David inquired.

“The number is downstairs by the phone in the living room.  Give him a call, but tell him we don't know anything yet.  This show is a great opportunity for him to learn from Alex about the designing world.  I'd hate for him to come home if this is just a case of indigestion or something.”

“Okay,” David acknowledged as he walked out of the room to make the call.

“Whoa!  David!” Jack called out.

“Yes, Dad?”

“He could be out with Alex at dinner.  Make sure you don't leave a message that might scare him, okay?”  With David headed downstairs, Jack looked at Brianna and advised, “You're in charge.  Make sure the security system is on once we leave.”

“Can I go with you?” Little Danny asked.

“Me, too?” Jenny requested.  “We have to be together.”


Carefully, Daniel picked up his son, who grimaced at the movement and tried hard not to cry at the pain he felt.

Everyone but Lulu headed downstairs, moving somewhat slowly as to not cause the male Spitfire anymore pain than necessary.  As the family approached the front door, Lulu ran down the stairs and met up with the others.

“Jen's coming right home.”

“Thanks, Lulu,” Daniel responded.  ~I hate to ruin her overnight stay, but I'm glad she's coming home.~

“Don't worry, kids,” Jack advised the brood calmly.  “Ricky will be okay.  We'll keep you apprised.”


Little Danny turned around to see what was happening in the backseat of the truck where his daddy was trying to keep Ricky comfortable, but the Spitfire was feeling every tiny bump along the roadways.

“Daddy, I'm gonna throw up,” Ricky warned.

“Jack, stop the truck,” Daniel called out.  Softly, he soothed, “It's okay, Ricky.  Dad's pulling over, but if you can't wait, it's okay.”

Fortunately, Ricky held it in until the very moment that his feet touched the ground and then he heaved out the contents of his stomach.

“Don't worry, son.  It's going to be okay,” Daniel spoke softly.

“Here, Daddy,” Jenny called out, handing her father some wipes to clean her brother's mouth and face.

“Thanks, Jenny.”

“Did I get Dad's truck?”

“Hey, don't you worry about that,” Jack responded quickly.  “You can't help being sick.”

For the children, that was a strong declaration of love from their dad, the general. They all knew how precious the vehicle was to him.  They also knew the truck paled in comparison to how their dad felt about them.

Back in the vehicle, the family completed their journey to the hospital's emergency room where Janet was waiting.

The petite physician hurried to the gurney on which Ricky was immediately placed and instantly began giving instructions to the nurses as they walked urgently towards an examination room.

“I want a CBC, BUN, and electrolytes Stat.”  Once in the room, the doctor paused, carefully observing the child even as the nurses began giving her updates on Ricky's vitals.  She turned to the parents and asked, “Has he been lying down like that for long?”

“Uh, yes,” Daniel responded.

“Aunt Janet, he's been like that since dinner,” Little Danny clarified.

Janet considered having the children removed, but these were not ordinary children and while she was gleaning information from the family, she wanted the kids to stay.

“His legs are flexed,” Janet noted for the record.  “He's not crying or emotional.”

“He is if you move him,” Jenny noted.  “He cringed, too, every time Dad's truck hit something in the road.”

“And he threw up on the way here,” Jack offered.

“Okay.”  Janet moved in to begin a closer examination of the child.  “Ricky, I want you to use one finger, just one, and point to where it hurts the most.”

The Spitfire pointed as instructed, after which Janet began to palpitate the abdomen, starting away from where Ricky pointed.  She carefully felt one area at a time, seeking out any indication of irregularity inside the body.

As she grew closer to Ricky's pain spot, Janet asked, “Did you sketch anything today?”

“I started to this morning.  Alex is working on a new condo and he wanted me to think of a new way to set up a media area in the living room.”

“That sounds exciting.  Did you come up with any ideas?”

“I think so.  I thought maybe the sound sys...ouch!”

“I'm sorry about that,” Janet spoke with a smile.  She was happy, though, because she'd managed to keep the boy distracted as she examined the tender area where he'd pointed to earlier.  She looked at her staff and reported, “Pain in the right lower quadrant, but no sign of perforation.”

Jack and Daniel stayed still near the entrance to the examination room and each of them had their hands on the shoulders of a Munchkin, while Jenny stood about a foot in front of them.  She wanted to be right by her ailing brother and she occasionally took a step forward before stopping herself and returning back to her original spot.

“Ricky, I want you to sit up, very slowly,” Janet instructed.  “Cough.”

Ricky knew what doctors wanted when asked to cough, so he did so, but he winced and a tear of pain was released from his eye.

“Thank you.  Now I need you to bounce.”


“Bounce,” Janet repeated and then observed Ricky's reaction as he did so.  “Good job,” she praised while motioning for a nurse to help the boy lie back down.

“Aunt Janet,” Little Danny interjected.  “I'm sorry.  I don't want to interrupt your examination of Ricky, but I just thought of something.”

“It's okay,” the physician replied as she walked over to the edge of the room where the Munchkin was standing.  “What is it?”

Ricky couldn't hear the discussion.  He was too focused on his pain.  He closed his eyes and thought about happy things, or tried to, anyway.  His mind drifted to ice cream, his Etch-a-Sketch, the zoo, Captain Nice, and his best friend in the brood, his twin, Jenny.

Meanwhile, Janet and the family listened to Little Danny's observation which was he thought Ricky needed to urinate more than normal today.  He even recalled that the last time his brother needed to go, he'd waited so long that he struggled to walk to the bathroom.

“He was walking funny and I just thought it was because he was holding it in too long, but now I think it hurt.”

“We should have said something then,” Jonny sighed, feeling like a failure as a big brother.

“Jonny, it takes a lot of information and observation to make a diagnosis,” Janet responded.  “Holding it in is something we all try to do sometimes, right?” she said with a smile.  Seeing the boy's nod, she looked at Little Danny and spoke, “Thank you for the information.  It helps me a lot.”

The doctor returned to Ricky and asked him a couple of questions and then ordered additional testing.  When that was done, Janet motioned for the family to follow her outside and then glanced downward at the three children.

“Go ahead,” Daniel instructed, giving his permission for the doctor to speak freely in front of the children.

Not surprised, Janet explained, “We have some tests to run, but I suspect Ricky has appendicitis.”

“Like Daddy did?” Little Danny asked.

“Yes,” Janet answered.

“What is it?” Jenny questioned.

“The appendix is a small organ, like your finger, that is like a pouch and opens up to your large intestine.  It's located about here,” Janet demonstrated as she put her hands over her abdomen.

“Where Ricky hurts,” Jenny surmised.

“If something obstructs the appendix or blocks it, it can become inflamed and bacteria can grow.  The problem, as your daddy recalls vividly, I'm sure, is that the appendix can burst, and that's very, very serious.  All that bacteria is released and it can cause some very bad things to happen.”

“How do we stop it from bursting?” Jenny inquired.

“An operation,” Little Danny answered.  “I read all about it a long time ago when Daddy told us about his appendix bursting.”

“Hmmm.”  Janet looked up at the parents and gave them a stare, but she didn't say anything.  ~I'm not sure they were truthful with me that day.~

Neither Jack nor Daniel reacted verbally and they tried to keep their expressions blank slates, but inside, both were quivering from the truth that they'd been making love when the event happened back in 2000.

“What does the operation do?” Jenny queried, full of concern for her twin.

“We take it out,” Janet responded.

“Won't he need it?” Jonny questioned.

“No.  To be honest, Jonny, we really don't even know why the appendix is part of our anatomy.  There's some feeling now that it helps with infections by storing beneficial bacteria, but ...”

A variety of “Huhs?” and “What's” stopped Janet's words.

Janet laughed, “Bacteria can be good and bad.  I tell you what.  If you are really curious about it, I'll tell you everything you want to know and more about the research later, but for now, trust me when I say that we really don't know anything for certain about what the appendix does.  What we do know, is that when they get infected like Ricky's, we have to remove them.”

“So it won't hurt him, not to have it, I mean?” Jenny sought to verify.

“Sweetheart, doctors have been taking them out of people for many, many years and, just like your Daddy, they don't miss the appendix at all.”

“Are you sure?” the little redhead asked the older redhead.

“As sure as I can be about anything.”

“Okay,” Jenny responded strongly, essentially giving her permission for the surgery to take place.

“What's our timetable?” Jack inquired.

“I need to wait for the test results.  Jack, Daniel, I still need to eliminate a few other possibilities.  If everything confirms what I suspect, we'll move ahead with surgery tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” both parents acknowledged.

“I would suggest saying goodnight to Ricky and going home, but you're not going to do that, are you?”

“Not a chance,” Jack affirmed.

Janet nodded and left the family alone so she could continue her tasks while awaiting the results of the various tests as they came in.


“That's the scoop, guys,” Jennifer advised her siblings after getting an update from their dad.

“I bet Ricky's scared,” Chenoa sighed.

“Dad and Daddy are both there, and so are Jonny, Little Danny, and Jenny.  In fact, Dad said Jenny's already sneaked into Ricky's bed so that he's not alone at all, not even for a second.  Aunt Janet's looking the other way,” the oldest sibling said with amusement.

“Jen, it's not right,” David opined.

“Ricky needs all of us,” JD put forth.

“He does, Jen,” Aislinn avouched.

“We are the brood,” Brianna added with a smile in her eyes.

“We're not like other kids, Jen,” David averred strongly.  “Well, we are, but you know what we're saying.  We support one another and we need to be there.”

“Jen, we need to go tell Ricky goodnight,” Chenoa insisted.

“They're gonna kill me ... again,” Jennifer sighed.  “Okay, get your coats.  Make sure the zoo is secure.”  The young woman reached over for her purse that she'd plopped down onto the sofa upon arriving home after getting the call from Lulu. ~Well, Dad and Daddy won't get too upset.  We are their children, after all.~


“Ash!” Little Danny called out.

“Uh, Jack,” Daniel called out from the open doorway to Ricky's room.  “We have company: the brood.”

Jack let out a tiny snort as he replied, “Surprised?”

“No,” Daniel responded.  He glanced behind him and saw Ricky and Jenny both asleep on the hospital bed.  “Let's get things organized.”

Janet wasn't surprised, either, and though she'd gone home to rest before the scheduled surgery, she'd left orders to allow the Jackson-O'Neills to stay in one of the empty exam rooms unless it was needed for an emergency.  The room was just three doors down from Ricky's.

It also didn't surprise anyone when Jeff showed up around three in the morning.  Nothing he could learn from Alex was more important than being with his family when something as serious as a surgery was on the horizon.


The next morning, Janet skillfully removed Ricky's appendix via the less invasive laparoscopic procedure and by the end of the day, the Spitfire was already in a much better state of mind, and body.  He'd been helped out of bed a couple of times since the end of his surgery as early movement was advised for healing.

“I have a scar just like you, Daddy.”

“You sure do.”

“That makes me extra special, huh?”

“Well ...” Daniel chuckled.

“Can I see your scar again?” Ricky asked.

Daniel shrugged and then lifted up his black woolen turtleneck sweater.

“Mine's not as long, though,” a disappointed Ricky sighed.

“I was older.”

“Daddy has a bigger body,” JD explained.

“Does the scar ever fade?” Aislinn asked, trying to imagine how she might look in a swimming suit if she ever had appendicitis.

“No, it's there for life, but you can apply some oils to help it fade a little,” Daniel answered.

“I wanna keep mine like it is, like yours, Daddy.”

“Whatever you want,” Daniel returned with a smile.


The next afternoon, Ricky was released from the hospital.  Janet laid out the ground rules for the nine-and-a-half-year-old.  For at least three, and perhaps up to five or six days, there was to be no strenuous activity which meant light play only and no lifting of anything heavy to him.  If he felt a cough or a laugh coming on, he needed to put a pillow beneath him, below the abdomen as a support to help alleviate pain.  Sleep was encouraged, day or night, as his body healed and, perhaps the boy's favorite order, no baths until his stitches were removed in approximately seven days.  He was also told that if he were in pain, to do activities that would distract him, like sketching or playing card games.  The Spitfire was also prescribed medication to control pain, as needed.

For dinner, Jennifer and Brianna prepared a menu of liquid items, not just for Ricky, but for the entire clan as they supported their recovering family member.  Even Bijou and Katie imbibed soup for their meal.  Meanwhile, the family enjoyed creamed soups, baked apples with skimmed yogurt, and/or chicken broth.

Earlier in the day, the two girls, along with Chenoa and Lulu, prepared a menu for the rest of the month, one that would avoid fish, fried foods, pastries, and sweets, and which limited the intake of red meats.

“Perdón por los donuts, Papá,” Ricky said to Jack about not having donuts for a month.

“Está bien, hijo.  Te amo más que cualquier buñuelo KK,” Jack responded, telling the Spitfire that he was more loved than any Krispy Kreme donut.

“Vale, Bro, sonrisa!” Jeff instructed, telling Ricky to smile as he snapped a few shots with his best camera.

“Ahora estaba loco,” Daniel laughed as he pulled down his shirt, putting forth that it was crazy to take pictures of his scar with Ricky's still-stitched one.

“Tomaremos fotos cada semana, una mirada visual en cicatriz de Ricky como compara con el de Papi,” Jeff stated, noting that he'd take a picture every week to document Ricky's scar as it progressed and compared to Daniel's.

The crisis was over and the family was full of laughs and smiles, causing Ricky to keep the pillow under him most of the time.  On this evening, they were officially concluding their Spanish language day.  The Jackson-O'Neills were grateful for Ricky's recovery, for Janet's skill, and that they were all together.  That's how life was meant to be for Jack and Daniel plus brood and zoo as they lived their lives in Colorado Springs.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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