Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - August 22-23, 2011
Spoilers:  None
Size:  27kb, ficlet
Written:  August 25,28, October 5,8,13-14, 2011
Summary:  Things are shaking at the Jackson-O'Neill residence.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s):  Unexpected Miracle
4) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Navi, Alverine!

by Orrymain

Excitement was stirring on a number of levels for Jack, Daniel, and their entire brood as the end of August neared. The biggest news was the presence of Bean Sprout, which was the nickname given by the family to the life growing within an alien technology called a womis. Through this special device, the biological child of Jack and Daniel was growing and, hopefully, would eventually be born, healthy and normal.

Dubbed Toto by Jack, the womis that was nurturing Bean Sprout was kept safely in Daniel's den. A monitor had been hooked up downstairs, however, so that the kids could check in on their sibling whenever they wanted.

In addition to this, there had been a successful play put on for family and friends as well as the completion of a major remodel at J-O Enterprises.  Then tonight, Brianna was ecstatic after being told she would have the chance to swim with dolphins for the first time, thanks to an offer by Megan Williams, the Director of Operations for Jack and Daniel's company, to take the tomboy with her on an upcoming vacation to the Bahamas.

“You think she's asleep yet?” a seated Daniel questioned his husband as they shared some quiet time in the backyard.  They'd completed their goodnight rounds several minutes earlier.  From his spot on the patio step, the archaeologist smiled as he patted Bijou's neck, who was resting along his thigh.  ~We're not exactly alone, but that's okay.~

Jack was actually half sitting and half leaning against the railing of the patio.  From his vantage point, he could see Katie, the youngest beagle, stretching out in the grass several yards in front of the patio deck.

~Guess she likes wet,~ the general thought about the moistened grass, a result of some light thunderstorms late that afternoon.  Now, though, it was clear and a pleasant seventy-one degrees out.  Addressing his lover, he answered, “If she is, she's dreaming about Flipper.”

“Uh, dreaming,” Daniel sighed wistfully, yawning on cue.

“It goes along with sleep,” Jack quipped.

Wryly, Daniel faced his Love and returned, “I think I've forgotten what that is.”

“Don't look at me, Space Monkey.  You're barking up the wrong Rip Van Winkle.”

Daniel let out a snicker and was about to suggest it was time to hit the sack when a thought occurred to him.

“Shibatwray,” the linguist cursed in an alien language.


“I promised Lulu she could have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.”


“So, we don't have any.”

“There's a whole package in the cupboard.”

“There *was* a whole package in the cupboard,” Daniel sighed as he gave the mama beagle a last pat before standing up.

“Who?” Jack questioned.  “Come on, Danny, tell me.  I'll have them court-martialed,” he added.  ~Who would eat an entire package of cinnamon rolls?~

“General Hammond.”

Jack stared at his husband as he contemplated the situation, cleared his throat, and replied a tad meekly, “The man has a right to his rolls.”

With a chuckle, Daniel walked forward, gave his lover a quick peck on the cheek, and declared, “I'll be back in a few minutes.”

“You could go in the morning.”

“Not with how tired I feel,” Daniel responded in a half-yawn as he headed inside the house.  ~Need rolls, bed, and my Jack blanket, not really in that order, but it will have to do.~

“I hear ya.”  The older man nodded and sighed in the direction of Bijou.  Then he smiled.  “Guess it's just us then.”

With a yawn of her own, Bijou ran into her doghouse and was quickly followed by her daughter.

“Sure.  Forget the hand who feeds you,” Jack teased with a groan.  ~Nice night.  Think I'll just stay here for a bit.~


Just four blocks from his house, Daniel was driving cautiously down the road in his shiny sports car.  He had the radio on, though he noticed it wasn't on his normal station.

~David's music,~ the father thought about the ten-year-old boy.  He cracked a grin as he opined, ~Jack needs to stop teasing him about Selena Gomez and saying that David looks like the Bieber.~

All of a sudden, Daniel felt something odd.  It took him a moment to process what he was feeling, but once he did, he knew exactly what it was.  There wasn't any danger; he was sure of that.  However, the event was unexpected.  Another thought ran through his mind that caused an immediate change in course.


With no other vehicles in sight at this late hour, Daniel did a swift U-turn in his Silver Fox vehicle and increased his speed somewhat.


Just as Daniel was musing over David's infatuation with the popularGomez, Jack was still on the railing, staring up at the stars and enjoying their magic.  A growl grabbed his attention.

Bijou darted from the doghouse, with Katie not far behind.  Both made a beeline to the patio door.

“What?”  The general watched as the beagles began pawing at the door.  “Hey, it's not col...”

All of a sudden, Jack noticed something odd.  The ground began to shake slightly, but not expecting it and not having a sound hold on the railing, he went backwards, falling to the grass below.

“Okay, only Daniel gets to rock my world,” the silver-haired man remarked to the night sky.  “Whoa!”

As he sat up, Jack found himself with a lapful of two beagles.

“Next time, more warning,” the man groaned as he transferred the beagles from his lap to the ground.

“Woof!” Bijou replied, heading back to the door.

~The kids.~  Realizing the concern, the general let out with an expletive.  He saw the looks of the dogs and justified, “See what you say the next time you land on your butt.”


With a start, Ricky sat up.  He was scared, something Jonny immediately sensed from the other side of the room as he, too, sat up with a start.

“What that?” Ricky called out nervously.

“Don't know, but we're okay,” Jonny assured, hurrying over to his brother's bed.  “Little Danny!”  With a frustrated groan, the oldest Munchkin again called out, “Little Danny!”

~Name?  It's me.~  Little Danny yawned, having slept through the disturbance completely, but now being awakened by his fellow triplet's call.  “Why are we awake?” the almost five-year-old yawned again in a style that was very much like his father's yawns a bit earlier that evening.

“The bed shook,” Jonny explained, one arm around the Spitfire, the nickname that had only recently been assigned to both Ricky and his spirited twin sister, Jenny.

“Blankie fell on floor,” a still jittery Ricky explained as he stared down at his favorite blue blanket that was crumpled on the carpet.  He wanted to go get it, but he was still frightened.  ~Want Dad 'n' Daddy.~

Jonny immediately retrieved the treasured blanket and handed it to Ricky, who held it tightly to his chest.  He sighed at the comfort he felt from the bedding, which was a source of security and comfort to him.

Unfazed and with his hands over his head as he stretched, Little Danny deduced, “Earthquake.”

“Quake?” Jonny questioned, sitting up straighter.

More asleep than awake, the young genius quoted Webster's dictionary as he recited, “A shaking or trembling of the earth that is volcanic or tectonic in origin: earthquake,” after which he settled back under the covers, yawning and urging his brothers to, “Go back to sleep.”

Jonny nodded, but continued to hold the somewhat insecure Spitfire.


Meanwhile, just as Ricky had lost hold on his blanket during the slight swaying of the house, Aislinn and Jenny both woke up, not as much from the brief shaking as from the sound of a picture falling off the wall.

“Ash, look!” Jenny called out, bringing attention to the picture frame that was surrounded by shards of glass.  ~Need to tell Dad 'n' Daddy; have to be careful around that glass.~

“Maybe it was a bad nail,” the youngest of the triplets rationalized, not wanting to blame Jeff for having done a bad job of hanging the photo.  As she began to get out of bed, she became aware of movement.  “Jenny, we're moving!”


At the same time the picture was on the verge of falling off the wall in Aislinn and Jenny's room, Chenoa and Lulu were in their bedroom, which originally had been the nursery for the Munchkins and then the twins.  Soon, this would again be the nursery for Bean Sprout, once he or she was born.

The girls had actually fallen asleep in Lulu's bed.  Unbeknowst to their parents, after the goodnight rounds, the two had engaged in a little gab fest, so much so that Chenoa had gotten up and snuggled in with her sister so they could whisper and not risk being heard.  This was important since this room was the closest to the master bedroom.

“Lulu, wake up!” Chenoa demanded after awaking to a disturbing feeling churning within her.  “I heard a noise.”

“What noise?” the curious ballerina inquired.

“Don't know, but I'm scared.”

Hearing the tiny scoot of one of the chairs to Chenoa's tea table set, the girls jumped up and ran out of the room.


In the boys' room, Little Danny's head had just touched his pillow when he sprang up and called out, “The girls!”

“Protect!” Jonny ordered, jumping off Ricky's bed and running to the doorway.


“Jenny, let's get out of here!” Aislinn suggested strongly.

Unafraid, but not knowing what was happening, Jenny nodded and folded back her bedding to make a quick exit.


“Where are they?” Chenoa cried out anxiously to the empty master bedroom, being the most disturbed about the earthquake of any of the children, with the possible exception of the male Spitfire.

“Maybe they are still saying goodnight?” Lulu put forth, not aware of the time.

In a flash, the two left their parents' empty room and ran to the newer part of the house.


All of a sudden, there was a convergence of Jackson-O'Neill children just outside of the boys' room.  The shock of seeing one another unexpectedly caused a few gasps.  The chatter was frantic and nonstop until Jonny put his fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Calmly, Little Danny asked, “What?”

“We need to find Dad and Daddy,” Jonny answered simply.

“They aren't in their room,” Lulu advised.

“We checked, ” a somewhat shaking Chenoa answered, smiling a little when Ricky scooted over to her for moral support.

~Blankie fell on floor; no like that,~ the boy pondered inside, the scare still stirring inside.

“Downstairs,” Jenny stated calmly.  ~Why are they so upset?~

Young Jenny had been frightened badly once when she was just a toddler, but since then, little truly bothered her.  Her parents had taught her to be unafraid and to know that she always had them, her siblings, and their extended family of friends to support her.  Jenny believed them, so much so that Jack and Daniel sometimes wished she wasn't so secure.

“Let's go!” Jonny ordered, taking the lead as the children charged through the house, heading for the stairway that went down to the living room.


“Woof!” Bijou and Katie barked in unison as they charged inside the house.

Jack sprinted in behind the beagles, prepared to bound up the stairs to check on his children.

As the general took his third step inside the house, the front door flung open, and Daniel hurried into the entranceway, pausing only long enough to close the door behind him.  He walked purposefully into the living room, intending to climb the stairs to make sure the children were okay.

In seconds that felt like minutes, Jack, Daniel, the beagles, and the younger members of the brood all came together at the same time at various points of the stairs.

“Down here,” Jack instructed, waving his arms in the proper direction.

After everyone moved to the safety of the living room's interior, hugs and feelings of relief swept through all of them.

Ricky, gripping his blanket tighter than ever, ran up to Daniel with his arms held high.

The father responded immediately, picking up the youngster and holding him comfortingly.

About then, Chenoa scooted up to Jack, who immediately lifted her up into his protective hold.

There were instant sighs of security.  All was well; the family was together, almost.

“We need to check on Jen,” Chenoa told her dad.

“And Jeff,” a calmer Ricky added.

The requests were followed by demands to make sure Brianna, David, and the rest of the family's zoo were all okay.

“Wait,” Daniel interrupted.  “Dad and I need to check on ...”

“Bean Sprout,” a chorus of concerned children erupted.

Before Daniel could move, Jack sprang up the stairs.

“Stay here,” Daniel ordered the children, after which he bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

The children were worried, and then Jonny remembered the monitor.  He ran over to turn it on.

“Jonny, we shouldn't,” Little Danny chastised.

“This is an emergency.  He's our brother,” the oldest Munchkin rationalized.

“Or sister,” Aislinn interjected strongly as she walked quickly to Jonny's side.

In no time at all, the younger children huddled together and were completely focused on the monitor.


“The womis is fine,” Daniel sighed, closing his eyes in relief after doing a thorough examination of the area.

Jack's arms gently enclosed his Love while he nestled his face into his shoulder. He didn't want words right now; he just wanted to hold Daniel and gaze in wonder at the womis that was bringing their child to life.

The lovers stood silent and still for several minutes until they realized they needed to return to the children in the living room.

“Thanks, Toto,” Daniel spoke softly as he and Jack left the den.


Back with the brood, the parents were reminded of their next goal: checking on the other members of the family.

“We'll start with Jen,” Jack agreed, motioning with his neck for Daniel to lead the way.

“She's probably asleep, so, uh, let's not wake her up unnecessarily,” Daniel told the children as he walked to the stairs that led up to his daughter's over-the-garage bedroom.  “We'll just look in for a few seconds.”

As quietly as possible, Daniel opened the door, only to be pushed forward by a rush of children.

**Didn't I just tell them not to rush in and wake her up?** Daniel asked his husband via their unique communication that was silent to all but them.

**Wrong agenda,** Jack replied, somewhat amused by the situation.

Jonny leaned in close to his oldest sister.  His head cocked to the right as he practically placed it on Jennifer's pillow.

An eye opened, and then another.

In a raspy whisper that was interrupted with yawns, Jennifer asked, “What is it you want to do now that Dad and Daddy won't like?”

“Jen!” Jonny complained, nodding over to their parents.

At the same time, Jack cleared his throat, drawing Jennifer's attention.

“Oh, okay.  What's going on?”

The question was all it took.  A flurry of voices caused Jennifer to sit up in confusion.

Daniel took the chance of speaking amid the cacophony of voices and gave a quick explanation about the short earthquake.

“We're gonna have hot chocolate,” Aislinn told her sister.

“Gonna have some, too?” Chenoa asked with hope in her eyes.

Not feeling the urgency, Jennifer slid back down to her pillow and made a “no” type sound.

“Go back to sleep, Jen,” the archaeologist told the girl.

“Thanks, Daddy.”

Jack and Daniel took the kids out of Jennifer's room, unaware of just how disappointed they were about their oldest sister not joining them for what was now an early morning treat.  A similar scene played out in Jeff's and David's rooms, as well as in Brianna's.  The kids were happy their siblings were okay, but were a little disheartened that none wanted to join them for hot chocolate, which was really an excuse for them to be reassured by their parents that all was really okay.


After ensuring that their pets were okay and making a big batch of hot chocolate, Jack and Daniel took the children into the recreation room and settled in for a little earthquake chat.

“How come we had an earthquake?” Lulu asked curiously.

“The plates moved,” Jenny answered succinctly.

“They did?” Jonny asked, stretching his neck to look into the hospitality room to see if the dinner plates had moved.

“Not those plates,” Little Danny sighed.  “The tectonics.”

“What are tec...tec... what are those?” Jonny inquired.

“Big slabs of rocks,” Little Danny answered with a yawn.

“While we do have earthquakes in Colorado, we usually don't feel anything here,” Daniel informed his family.  “This was ... unusual.”

“Daddy, it made the picture Jeff put up fall,” Jenny informed her parents.

“There's glass on the floor,” Aislinn added.

“Okay, we'll take care of it when you go back to bed,” Daniel acknowledged.

The discussion continued for a just a couple of minutes more when Chenoa sighed, interrupting the talk.

“What's wrong, Princess?” Jack asked.

“I just thought Jen would want hot chocolate, too.”

“She's just ...”

“... right here,” Jennifer completed, interrupting her younger father's response as she pulled her robe taut.  “Did you make enough for me?”

“Absolutely,” Jack returned with a happy smile.

Chenoa grinned, put down her cup, and ran over to her sister.  She felt Jennifer's embrace as they hugged.

“I just wasn't awake enough to know what I was going to miss,” Jennifer excused.  “Forgive me?”

“I love you, Jen.”

“I love you, too, Noa.  Help me get my chocolate.”  Jennifer smiled at her parents. ~Close call.  I guess I was really tired not to realize that I needed to get up.~

“I wish Jeff got up, too,” Ricky lamented, fidgeting with his blanket..

“Did I hear my name?” Jeff called out as he approached from the front part of the room.

“Here, Jeff,” the Spitfire acknowledged while patting the open spot next to him.

“Hey, Bro!” Jennifer called out.  “Noa, give Jeff this mug.  I'll get another one for me.”

“Okay, Jen,” Chenoa happily agreed as she took hold of the beverage container.

As everyone settled down once again about a minute later, David entered, his hair mussed and a big yawn on his face.  Still, he saw his family gathered and knew this was the place he had to be.

“You started without me,” David teased.

“You said you were sleeping,” Jack reminded.

“I was,” the boy admitted.  “Then I smelled the aroma of chocolate.”

“A boy after his own father's heart,” the general quipped as he grinned at his archaeologist.

“Let's not go there,” Daniel suggested.

“Do you know how many mornings I woke you up by waving coffee in front of your nose?”



Giggles reminded the two men that they were surrounded by the love of their children, not to mention of few members of the zoo.

As David sat down, Little Danny got up and ran to all corners of the room where a person could enter.  He hung his head sadly as he returned to his spot on the sectional.

“Sproglet?” Daniel called out to his namesake.

“We're almost all here anyway.”

The family exchanged several looks, but it was Jenny who suggested, “Maybe she's taking care of Calico.”

“Callie was in my room,” Lulu replied about her cat.  “She went under the bed.”

“But then she climbed in with me,” Brianna chuckled from the kitchen, petting the cat she held while walking into the rec room.

“Good girl, Callie!” Lulu called out, smiling when the cat jumped to the ground and eagerly ran over to her, meowing all the way.

Little Danny's face brightened as he suddenly felt warm inside.

“We need more hot chocolate,” the middle Munchkin announced with a huge grin.

“Did I miss much?”

The answer to the question was told by several voices all at once.

~Sure glad Callie kept pawing me until I woke up again,~ Brianna thought, happy she'd finally gotten the feline's message and came downstairs.


With the children and animals bedded down once again, Jack and Daniel closed the door of their bedroom.

“What a night,” Daniel opined.

“Who knew a little quake would create such a fuss?”

“We did,” the archaeologist mused as he turned and kissed his husband.



“Let's do a little shaking of our own.”

“Create a seismic wave,” Daniel teased seductively.

“With lots of swells,” the older man spoke suggestively just as the lovers kissed.

Foreplay was in full gear as the two landed on their bed with Daniel on the bottom.

“Oh, crap!”

“Daniel, the dang cinnamon rolls can wait.”

“I promised her.”

“She's already forgotten.”


“Take her with you in the morning,” Jack put forth.  “Daddy/daughter time.  Have one there; bring the others home.”

Daniel considered the possibility and made a decision.

“There's gonna be a whole lot of quakin' going on here soon.”

“That's my Angel,” Jack crooned happily.


A few hours later, Daniel and Lulu were in his silver sports car, heading for a local bakery.  The radio was on with lots of chatter focusing on the events of Monday evening.

The unexpected excitement had been a result of a magnitude 5.3 earthquake, the largest in Colorado since 1973, that had occurred at 11:46 p.m.  The epicenter was actually nine miles south of Trinidad, which was a couple of hours south of Colorado Springs.

“I'm glad we don't have a lot of quakes, Daddy,” Lulu commented.

Daniel just smiled at his curly-haired daughter as he thought, ~Depends on what kind of quake it is.~

“Daddy, can I have two hot cinny rolls?”

The indulgent father replied, “Why not?  It's a special morning.”

“How come?”

“Because it's just you and me, Li'l Bit.”

“Maybe I like earthquakes after all,” the little girl giggled.  ~I like special time with Daddy, and with Dad, too.~

~Me, too,~ Daniel agreed inwardly, turning off the radio and tuning in to a lovely morning with Lulu.  ~Thanks, earthquake, for a shaking night with my husband and a terrific morning with my daughter.~

From an unexpected event, the Jackson-O'Neills had enjoyed a terrific hot chocolate gab fest and some special time together, and being together was the best thing for this somewhat unusual family.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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