Raising JD

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - May 4, 2012
Spoilers:  None
Size:  25kb, ficlet
Written:  December 20,24,26,28-30, 2017
Summary:  It's a typical day for the Jackson-O'Neills as they go about their daily business while also tending to four-month-old JD.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

Raising JD
by Orrymain

“Okay, Daddy has a couple of phone calls to make, but don't worry.  I have the baby monitor with me, so I'll know if you need me.”  Daniel smiled at his four-month-old son and sighed contentedly.  “I can't believe we have you.  I love you.”

The monitor in hand, Daniel left JD in his crib in the nursery and headed for his den to make the phone calls.


Little Danny was headed downstairs when he decided to check in on his littlest brother.  He peeked inside the nursery and observed JD was wide awake, staring up at his Winnie-the-Pooh mobile.

~I know!~

The child genius hurried downstairs and retrieved a special item before returning to the nursery.  He sat down on the edge of the rocking chair seat and began to play the guitar, an instrument he'd taken to from the first moment Jack and Daniel urged him to explore the instruments kept in their music room.

“Slow down, little baby,
There's lot of time ahead.”

Little Danny continued to play, his fingers strumming the guitar strings lightly.  He hummed as he played.  It wasn't anything complex, but it was a simple, sweet tune that lured JD's focus from the mobile to the sound in his world.

“Look around, little baby,
There's so much to see.

Don't worry, little baby,
You have a big family.”

Once again, the guitar player hummed as he picked through the strings.  He looked over at the crib and smiled.

“We love you, little baby,
Remember that, little baby;
We'll always love you.”

Little Danny smiled at JD and then he looked over at the doorway.

“That was beautiful,” Daniel told his namesake.

“I just made it up.”

“Which makes it even more special.”

Little Danny stood up and walked over to the crib.  Still holding the guitar in his left hand, he reached in with his right hand and grinned when JD took hold of a finger.

“Daddy, why does it make me feel so good when JD holds my finger?”

Daniel walked over and stood next to the Munchkin.  He watched as JD tried to make his grip tighter.

“Well, it's because a little life is reaching out to you.  He's counting on you to love him, protect him, play with him.  He's telling you in the only way he can right now that he loves you and needs you.  I think right now JD is thanking you for sharing your song with him.”

“He's my brother.  I'll always share with him.”

“I know.”  Daniel rubbed his namesake's shoulder supportively and suggested, “Why don't you go play for a while?  We have class in an hour.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Little Danny agreed as he gently pulled his fingers away from the baby's grasp.  “Bye, JD.  I love you.”

JD's fingers wiggled and then his whole body moved.  He was about to cry when he felt the secure hands of his daddy lifting him up and then pulling him close to warmth.  He felt safe and surrounded with goodness that he knew was love, even if he didn't yet know the word for it.

“Oops,” Daniel laughed.  “Time for a diaper change.”

“This is Barbie, JD,” Jenny told the baby, who was lying against a pillow on the three-quarter bed.  “And this is Ken.  They're dating.”  She drew a huge breath and noted, “Actually, they've been dating since they were made.  I think they got married.  Angela said they got divorced, but I don't believe that, unless Ken was bad with Barbie, but he loves her and protects her.”

Suddenly, four-year-old Jenny scowled as her mind processed what she'd just said.  She looked at JD, who was focused on her completely.  The girl pursed her lips.  She was actually on her knees, leaning forward as she positioned the dolls in front of her brother.

“Okay, well, see, Barbie's very pretty, but she's also very smart, JD.  I think that surprised Ken because Barbie can do anything.  She can, um, fix her car, and repair the leaky pipes in her dream house, and she speaks lots of languages.  She doesn't really need Ken to take of her.  She just wants Ken to be her partner.”

The redhead nodded.  She liked those words much better than the ones previously spoken.  Putting down the dolls, Jenny climbed up onto the bed and picked up JD, resting him against the front of her body.

“JD, Dad and Daddy don't let us watch much of the news 'cause they try to protect us, but I've seen some of my friends' mommies and daddies, and sometimes, the daddies don't respect the mommies very much.  Some of my friends get real sad.  Their daddies yell at their mommies.  You should never yell at a woman, JD.  It's not nice.  You talk, but don't yell, okay?  You hafta respect women, JD, and we have to respect you, too.  It's very important, okay?”

~You tell him, Jenny girl,~ Jack urged on privately as he witnessed the scene from the doorway.

“Ken, I need a new dress,” Jenny pretended Barbie told her boyfriend.

Jack laughed to himself and shook his head while thinking, ~But Ken is still paying the bill.  Women!~


In the nursery, Jonny was playing with JD, his littlest brother situated on his tummy.  The baby's head was up as he watch Jonny with intensity.

“This is a salute,” Jonny explained as he demonstrated how to make the gesture properly.  “Salutes are important.  They show respect for superior officers.  I'm gonna be a general just like Dad and Grandpa, but you no hafta to salute me, cause we're brothers.  See this?”  He picked up something of value he'd brought in specifically to show to the baby.  With reference, the Munchkin explained, “This was Dad's Airman's Medal.  He gave it to me, JD, after Little Danny and Ash and I went on a real mission.  You don't know about that yet, but, here.”

Jonny handed the medal to JD, who was now able to grasp things in his hands.  JD cooed and made all kinds of noises as he held the small object.

“Oops!  JD, you don't eat Dad's medals, 'specially the one he gave me,” Jonny chuckled as he pulled the tiny hand away from the mouth and ultimately retrieved the medal back.  “This is one of my most favorite things, JD.”

As the Munchkin put the medal back in its container, he kept one eye on JD.  Then Jonny gasped.

“Oh, wow!”  Jonny called out, “*Daaaaaddy, Dad!  He rolled over!*”

Daniel was the first to reach the nursery and was quickly followed by Jack, David, and Chenoa.

“He rolled over.  Look!”

For the first time, JD moved from being on his abdomen to his back, and he looked very comfortable.

“Way to go, Son,” Jack called out.

“I hate missing that,” Daniel sighed.

“Daddy, you didn't see me roll over, either,” Chenoa stated.

“In my mind, I did,” Daniel replied as he picked up the Mouseketeer and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  “I love you, Noa.”

“I love you, too, Daddy,” Chenoa declared as she threw her arms around her daddy's neck.  “Do you think JD will do it again?”

“Oh, yeah, I know he will.”

“Let's give it a shot,” Jack interjected, placing JD on his stomach again.  “You're on, Son.  Roll over.”

“He's not a dog, Jack.”


“Oops.  Sorry, Katie,” Daniel apologized to the beagle who apparently joined the family without being detected.

JD giggled at all the intention he was getting, but he didn't roll over again.

“Everything in your time, JD.  We'll always be here,” Jack told the baby.

“Always, JD.  I'll always be here and I'll always protect you,” Jonny added.

Jack and Daniel exchanged a smile.  Jonny was JD's self-proclaimed protector from day one and neither had an objection to the sentiment.


“You must have been hungry,” Daniel mused with the fast intake of his lunchtime bottle that he put on the table before sitting down in the rocking chair with his youngest son.  “You're already growing so fast.  You're it for Dad and me, so slow down a little, okay?  It's all gone by so fast.”

Daniel placed a kiss on JD's forehead as he rocked in a slow and steady pace.  For a couple of minutes, he simply enjoyed the feeling of holding the baby.  His mind reflected on the Munchkins and how gingerly he held them.  He was much more confident now.

“Okay, how about a little story?  Once upon a time, there was a magic land.  It was big and full of mystery.  There were giant pyramids with even bigger secrets.  There was a couple, a man named Melburn and a woman, his wife, named Claire.  They're your grandparents; and my parents.  They wanted to discover those secrets and they did; well, not everything, but they learned a lot.  One day, JD, Daddy's going to show you those pyramids.  The end of ... the beginning.”

The father smiled as the baby yawned and slowly closed his eyes.

“Grandpa and Grandma are watching you, JD.  Daddy didn't have very much time with them on Earth, but I know they're here, loving me ... and you.”

For a few more minutes, Daniel hummed a soft tune as he took in the joy of being  a parent to the infant.  Then he carefully stood and placed JD in his crib.  He watched and enjoyed the goodness he felt until he finally turned and exited the nursery.


Chenoa, who shared the nursery with JD, was waiting for Lulu to finish her homework.  The room was also Lulu's, so there was a lot of love surrounding JD all the time.

“Lulu, can you concentrate if I play with JD?”

“Uh-huh.  I'm almost done anyway.”

With a nod, Chenoa took JD out of his crib and placed him on the floor.  She took several toys out of his toy box and put them all around.  Then she sat down and watched to see which toy the baby wanted to play with.

“Too many to choose from?” the seven-year-old asked.  She took away most of the toys and left only three.  Then she smiled when JD put his right hand on a long caterpillar and giggled.  He grabbed it and pulled it close.  “I don't think it taste very good,” she said when JD licked the head of the toy with his tongue.

By accident, the baby squeezed the toy and heard a sound.  His eyes lit up and he looked around, trying to find the sound.

“Do this, JD,” Chenoa instructed, showing the baby how to make the sound by squeezing the toy.

It took JD several attempts, but he was able to recreate the sound, even though he still wasn't sure where it came from.  Then he looked around the room and back at his sister.

“No more caterpillar?  Look at these toys.  Which one should we play with next?”

JD found a rattle and shook it, but then he threw it down.  Chenoa tried to hand it to him again, but he turned away and began to cry.

“It's okay, JD.  I found a giraffe.  See?” Chenoa asked as she showed off the animal.  “I can make him walk.”  For a minute, the youngster pretended to walk the giraffe and even introduced him to her crocheted unicorn that her mother made for her.  When JD reached out, she handed the multi-legged animal to him.  “A giraffe doesn't really have all these legs, JD.  Maybe we should take you to the zoo.”

A few minutes later, Chenoa called out, “I'll be right back, Lulu.  JD and I have to talk to Dad.”

Lulu nodded while Chenoa stood and picked up JD, who was still gripping the giraffe.  She also had another item in her hand as she headed for the door.  She and JD barely walked into the hallway when she spotted her father.


“Hey, Noa.  Hi ya, JD,” Jack greeted enthusiastically.  “Everything okay?”

“Dad, I don't think JD likes this rattle.”

“How come?”

“Look.”  Chenoa tried to give the rattle to JD, but like he did before, he turned around and made what appeared to be a frown.  He began to cry until Chenoa pulled the rattle back.  “I think he smells something, or something.”

“Good catch, Princess.  We'll sanitize this and find it a good home.”

Pleased with the praise, Chenoa took JD back to the nursery.


“Good afternoon, JD,” Jennifer greeted upon entering the nursery.  “You look relaxed and ready to go to work, and I know exactly what you can do.  You can help me clean.  Yeah, I drew the nursery cleaning chore this week.”

Jennifer picked up the baby and gave him a kiss.  She made smiley faces at him and enjoyed the tiny being's giggles and sounds made in response to her actions.  She pulled out the duster and began to whistle while she dusted with her right hand and kept JD secure in her left arm.

“Being a Jackson-O'Neill means doing your part, all the time.  Dad and Daddy change it up regularly so no one gets an easy or hard task for long.  It's not so bad.  Oh, are you going to help me for real?”

Jennifer was chuckling after JD reached for the duster and grabbed onto it.  She gently guided his arm so the duster moved correctly.

“Great job, little brother,” Jennifer praised as JD cleaned the dresser used by Chenoa and Lulu.  ~Technicality that I'm guiding his little arm to go where I want it to go, but it's the thought that counts.~

“Ut oh.”  Jennifer frowned at the baby.  “JD, did you really have to do that now?”  Then she laughed and put the duster down before heading over for the changing table.  “It's okay.  We all have to do what we have to do when we have to do it.”  She laughed again.  “I'm not sure if I sounded more like Daddy or more like Dad just now.”

The young woman continued to whistle, her eyes beaming of brightness and light as she looked upon her youngest brother.  She leaned over and gave him a kiss.  In response, JD smacked his lips together, waved his arms, and focused sparkling eyes at Jennifer.

“One day, JD, I'm going to have a baby, or two or three, and I hope they're all be just like you, so sweet and adorable.”  Jennifer completed the diaper change and picked up the baby.  “Now no more distractions, JD.  We have work to do.”


“What's up, JD?” David asked when he entered the nursery.  “Time for your homework.  You can't get out of it simply because you can't talk yet.  Science has proven that babies learn while in the womb.”

David, who loved all babies, picked up his brother and carried him into his room, which was next to the nursery and accessible through a door that divided the two rooms.  He sat down at his desk while keeping the baby secure in his lap.

“These are some of my rocks.  This one is an Australian Thunder Egg and this is a Basalt rock.  That's one rock plus another rock and that makes two rocks.  One plus one is two.”

David put the rocks in JD's hands so he could feel them and stare at the coloring.  Then the ten-year-old moved aside his rocks and pulled out some rubber bands.

“See how these stretch.  They're great for putting things together.  Let's count.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  Six.  Wow, JD, we have six rubber bands.  That's pretty cool.”

David pulled on the elastic bands and even shot one off towards the wall, causing JD to giggle and clap.  That encouraged David to do it one more time, but then he thought better of it.  He could never be sure when one of the family cats or other critters might run in and he didn't want to hurt them by accident.

David reached over and grabbed his stuffed frog and said with some nostalgia in his voice, “This is Squiggy, my frog.  We've talked about him before, but he's important.  I'm probably too old, but I don't care, JD.  I used to sleep with Squiggy cuddled into my arms.  Now I just keep him on the bed.  Well, sometimes, when things are bad, I'll hold him.  Dad and Daddy said that's okay, and I agree with them.  Squiggy's like a stress reliever and he reminds me of my parents, my birth parents.  He helps me remember them because I'm trying not to forget and it's hard, JD, it's really hard.  I'm growing up and the memories aren't easy to see as much as they used to be.  That's why I've written them all down.  I haven't told that to anyone, but it's what I do.  Any time I remember something, I write it down.”

The boy put the toy frog back on the top of the desk and looked around for another item to play and learn with.  He nodded slightly when he saw his handkerchiefs that he hadn't put away yet after doing the laundry.

“These are definitely needed to blow your nose with, especially when you have a cold during the winter.  This is a white one, and another white one, and this one is blue.  I love blue.  So does Daddy, and Dad, and Little Danny,” David mused.  “So, let's count.  One hanky plus one hanky plus one hanky equals three hankies.”  He laughed as he took hold of JD's fingers and demonstrated with, “One finger, two fingers, and three fingers!”

Looking at the clock, David realized his playtime was over.  He had more chores to do and didn't want to get in trouble, so he took JD back to the nursery and made sure the baby was comfortable and safe before heading downstairs to complete his obligations.


That night, Jeff sat at his computer, reviewing photos he'd taken covertly throughout the day.  He felt great satisfaction at the results.  The sixteen-year-old was becoming a real aficionado of photography and was developing several ways of putting his love for taking pictures to use.  His plan for these photos was to put them into a small book that would document all the ways that the family interacted with JD on an average day.

“Hey,” came the greeting and the tap on his bedroom door.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Family meeting in fifteen,” Jack announced.


“Whatcha' workin' on?”

“Nothing really.  Is JD in the nursery?”

“He's having a tet-a-tet with Winnie,” Jack laughed.  “See you downstairs.”

Jeff nodded and quickly put his pages in order.  He placed them in a binder and headed for the nursery.

“Hey, Bro, let's have a quick talk,” Jeff suggested.  He placed the binder on the bed and then picked up his brother.  He walked over with him to the bed and sat down.  He scooted to the rear until his back touched the wall and then he reached for the binder.  “Do you remember these from today?  Look, this is Little Danny playing the guitar for you, and this one, see, that's Ricky letting you play with his Etch-A-Sketch.”  Jeff laughed gaily.  “There's Dad, just being goofy with you.  Dad loves to be silly, and you were loving it, too.  Here's Jen, showing you how to clean the window, but I like this one better.  Yeah, Bro, we all got our diapers changed when we were babies.  You'll be embarrassed for life, but look at your face and look at hers.  That's love.  It's life.”

Jeff thumbed through the pages quickly, knowing he didn't have much time.  Every member of the family was included, including the dogs and cats.  Bijou and Katie especially made it a point to spend time with and watch over the baby when JD spent time in the nursery.

“JD, never take anything for granted.  I'm becoming a picture taking nut, I think, but it's because I want to remember everything, the good and the bad, the silly and the ridiculous.”  Jeff sighed.  “My dad gave me a camera when I was six and I took a lot of pictures of bugs and planes and landscapes.  I loved being in nature, but pictures should show everything, JD, not just places or things, but the people you love.  I regret not taking more pictures of my dad.  Maybe that's why I'm so intent on documenting this family, my second family.  You were born into being a Jackson-O'Neill.  Half of us were lucky enough to find our way here.  Don't take anyone for granted, JD.  I'm going to make a book out of this and when you're older, we'll talk about it.  Hey, I know I'm older and am probably going to miss out on a lot of your life, but I'm still your big brother and I have a few things I want to share with you, so you can learn my life, too.”

*Jeffrey!* came the loud should over the intercom.

“And that's me getting into trouble,” Jeff laughed.  He scooted off the bed and put JD back in his crib.  “Do me a favor, Baby Bro, and go right to sleep because I'll be in big-time trouble if you don't because I've got you all excited.  Love you, JD.  Have good dreams.”

Jeff retrieved the binder and quickly put it back in his room before joining the family in the living room.  He endured a stern expression of rebuke from his dad, the general, but otherwise, all was well.  One day, he'd share his mini-book with the family, but for now, it was a secret between he and JD.  It was a simple reminder of the joys of being a family, not through big, fanciful events, but through the everyday moments that comprised a day in the Jackson-O'Neill home.

For the Jackson-O'Neills of Colorado Springs, life was full and rich because every day was full of moments like these, simple daily events that shared the joy and magic of life.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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