Author: Orrymain
Category: Slash, Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing: Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating: PG-13
Season: 2 - October 19-20, 1998
Spoilers: None
Written: April 27,29-30, May 1, 2021
Summary: No sooner did the debriefing about the second mission to Cimmeria end, than SG-1 was called back into action in an attempt to rescue SG-2 from hostile natives on another planet.
Disclaimer: Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't. A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fic(s): "Thor's Cimmeria"

by Orrymain

SG-1 was already seated at the table in the conference room. After spending most of the previous day on Cimmeria, the team was grateful that General Hammond put off the debriefing until this morning. As a result, all four were well rested and eager to report on their experiences on the primitive planet.

"Good morning," the major general greeted as he entered and sat down at the head of the table.

Automatically, Jack and Sam stood, following protocol and respect for the base commander's presence. Once he sat, they also sat down again.


"Well, Sir, we were correct in surmising that our destroying the hammer last year opened Cimmeria up to a Goa'uld invasion. The planet was overrun with Jaffa and some guy named Heru'ur."

"The son of Ra and Hathor," Daniel interjected.

"Basically, Sir, the Cimmerians were easy pickins for the Goa'uld, and so were we."

From there, the details of the most important events that happened were relayed to Hammond. Any other events would be mentioned in the team's individual post-mission reports.

"Sir," Sam began as the debriefing was coming to an end, "I'd like to prepare a new Sagan Institute box and take it to Cimmeria as soon as possible. While the Asgard are probably keeping a closer eye on the Cimmerians now, I'd feel better if Gairwyn had a new box she could send through if something happened."

"We can make a quick drop off," Jack suggested.

"No, SG-1 has plenty of duties to attend to in the next couple of days," Hammond negated. "Captain, prepare the box. When it's ready, SG-3 will accompany you to Cimmeria. As the colonel said, just a quick drop and return trip."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."


Hammond stood and headed towards his office.

"Uh, General, one minute ... please," Daniel called out, approaching the man so that he stood within a couple of feet. "Sir, I wanted to ask you about the Asgard and Ros..."

Just then, the klaxons began to blare.

"Incoming transmission," the technician called out over the public address system.

Without hesitation, Hammond and SG-1 hurried to the control room.

"It's SG-2's code, Sir," the female tech reported.

"Open the iris."

The MALP began transmitting the image of Lieutenant Casey, one of the original members of SG-2. The skilled marksman looked frazzled and was constantly looking all around him.

"General, SG-2 is under attack," the man gasped.

"Under attack? By whom?"

"It was crazy, Sir. We were just sitting there, talking and enjoying one of the native meals. All of a sudden, the locals stood and started firing at us. Lieutenant Blaine was killed. The majors and I ran for cover. General, these people shouldn't have the type of mass casualty weapons they're using on us. We're overpowered. We need help."

"It's on the way, Lieutenant."

The transmission ended suddenly.

"Sir ..."

"Jack, SG-1 will lead the rescue mission," Hammond ordered. "SG-3 and SG-5 will go with you. If you can, find out who is behind this attack, but your primary mission is to locate SG-2 and bring them home."

"Yes, Sir," Jack acknowledged, leading his team to the locker room to change into the appropriate basic drill uniform and then to the gear-up room where they packed on extra firepower. "Daniel ..."

"I have my Beretta."

"Not good enough for this mission. You've been trained on the MP-5, and you're going to use it."

Daniel nodded as he took control of the high-powered weapon and slung it across his shoulder as Jack so often did.

"Teal'c, you, too," the colonel ordered.

The Jaffa willingly took the MP-5, but he also continued to grasp his trusty staff weapon.


The final chevron locked, and the event horizon appeared following the mighty kawoosh that always preceded it.

"Be ready," Jack urged. "Casey appeared to be concerned that he'd been followed. We could have an unfriendly greeting party just waiting for us."

"The Marines are ready," Colonel Robert Makepeace spoke on behalf of the other teams, both of which were staffed solely by Marines.

"Move out!"

Jack led the way, with Makepeace on his six. The other personnel followed, all extra alert and ready to dive in any direction to avoid any potential blast that might come their way. Fortunately, it was quiet at the Stargate. Jack motioned for the teams to spread out, but to head towards the northwest.

"O'Neill!" Makepeace called out. "There," he said with a motioning of his head.

"For crying out loud," Jack sighed, sprinting over to the man's body. He rolled the body over. "Casey."

The man had a blast through his chest that looked worse than a normal bullet wound. Sam, who had more medical experience than any of the other rescue team members, observed the injury.

"So, did they follow him and kill him, or did they let him send the message and then kill him?" the SG-3 team leader asked.

"I guess we'll find out."

"Sir, there's something strange about the lieutenant's wound."


"It looks like the bullet, or whatever, penetrated his chest and then, well, his organs look ... dispersed or pushed back. I don't know how to explain it."

Jack nodded. He wasn't any type of medical expert, but he could see the oddities that his second-in-command was mentioning. He stood up, looked around, and then motioned for the teams to move out once again.


The three teams moved cautiously, but also as fast as they could. They had no idea where SG-2 was. The unit, led by Major Lou Ferretti, was doing a first recon of the planet designated PK2-984. They'd reported back that the locals were friendly and eager to ally with Earth. Yet, according to Casey's report, the natives turned on SG-2 in the middle of a peaceful meal, opening fire and killing one team member for no apparent reason.

~Where? There's no sign of a town or village here. Crap!~

The rescue units went miles without seeing any sign of the locals or a town. Jack gave everyone a ten-minute break, during which he heard a familiar sound.

~Which direction?~

The colonel again listened to nature's sound and was certain now what it was. The location of the natives was a guessing game, so Jack chose an old tactic: follow the water. That was the noise he'd been hearing, water running in the distance. He led the teams to it and then they again fanned out as they ran with the water towards what the colonel hoped was SG-2.


"Argh!" a Marine groaned from being shot in the arm.

Everyone looked over at the downed man, who was moaning and twisting around from pain. Suddenly, a group of five locals opened fire on the SG teams. Orders weren't needed. It was a simple matter of fighting to stay alive.

Makepeace dove for cover behind a tree, while others on his team went down to the ground, all firing at will.

The leader of SG-5 called out to Jack, made a motion with his hand, and then nodded to his team members to follow him. The unit withdrew slightly and then attempted to go behind their attackers, but the firepower aimed in their direction was massive. Their own submarine guns were villainous, but whatever the locals were using was even more terrorizing. They had to get to the rear, though. Otherwise, the SG-5 leader feared they would all be killed within the next few minutes.

"Aim to kill," Jack shouted as he became aware that his teams were up against a nightmare. He ducked and rolled to his left. He sought out a target and fired, hitting the man right between his eyes. ~Geez.~

Jack was desperate to check on his lover, but he couldn't afford to take an eye away from the four locals still firing away. They were all doomed unless SG-5 successfully got to the backs of the natives.

"Jack!" Daniel exclaimed, using the MP-5 to shoot one of the locals in the knee.

The man fell to his knees, cried out in pain, and then stared at Jack with deadly intent. He aimed his weapon and had his finger pressing against the trigger when Makepeace shot the attacker straight through the heart, killing him instantly.

"Aim to kill, you idiot," Makepeace spat at the archaeologist.

"Makepeace, back off," Jack ordered. He fired, killing a native approaching behind the Marine colonel. "I'd recommend you keep an eye on your six, and leave my team to me."

Makepeace wasn't happy, but then again, Jack just saved his life. On that, the other colonel was correct. Makepeace allowed himself to be distracted, and that wasn't a good idea in situations such as this one.

The firefight continued until SG-5 accomplished their goal. Approaching from the rear of the locals' position, the four team members opened fire, shooting until the enemy dropped and were motionless. Indeed, all five of the locals were now dead.

With the situation at a temporary calm, Sam headed over to the injured Marine. She gave him morphine for the pain and then bandaged his arm. That was all she had time to do.

"Can you continue?" Makepeace asked his teammate.

"Yes, Colonel. I'll be fine," the man said as he essentially shooed Sam away and stood up on his own.

Makepeace nodded. His team was full of Marines, the strongest and most daring of the country's arsenal. He believed this with every part of his being. His man would stand and go forward, never lagging behind or serving to distract the team. He was confident of that.

"Get their weapons," Jack ordered. He doled out the masterful guns, giving two each to SG-3 and SG-5 and giving the fifth weapon to Sam to utilize. "You're our best marksman, Carter. Make good use of this."

"What makes you think she's better than me?" Makepeace groused.

"You're good, Makepeace, but Carter's better. Check out the records when we get to Earth," Jack responded smugly. "Let's keep moving."


Jack was frustrated. The teams had traversed for hours with no sign of life. Maybe following the water wasn't the right move, but it was too late now to change direction. He had to follow his gut, so the teams went onward until noises were heard in the bushes.

"Psst," Jack quietly called out. When the other rescue members looked over at him, he lifted his right hand and pointed over to the left, where movement in the bushes could be seen, even now in the twilight. The message delivered, he nodded at Teal'c, indicating the Jaffa should follow him. ~Stay on my six, Big Guy.~

The SG-1 teammates stayed close to the ground, trying not to be easy targets. As they neared the bushes, voices were clearly heard. The voices confirmed this was another team of natives who wanted to kill the SG teams. That was all Jack needed. While part of him wanted to capture at least one of the attackers for Intel purposes, the important thing was to survive.

Jack tossed a grenade into the bushes. Seconds later, three locals came out, coughing and gagging. Some had burns visible on their bodies.

"Stay where you are," the colonel ordered, but the response was in a language he didn't know, nor did he have time to think about it since the apparent leader aimed his weapon at Jack. Not wasting time, Jack fired first. He killed the leader, while Teal'c took out the other two with his MP-5. "I guess these guys have something against talking."

As the other team members approached, Daniel stood over three of the dead and considered their appearance.

"They, uh ... they look like natives you'd see on 'Gilligan's Island'."

The remarked felt like an odd comment to the others, except for Jack who easily envisioned more than one episode with characters dressed in a similar fashion to the dead locals on the planet.

"I mean, look at them. Bare torsos with strands of beads. The beads aren't the same, though. This one has things attached to it."

"So do these, Daniel," Sam pointed out.

"Yes, but not as many. I think these ... bolder pieces might be honors or achievements, or something of rank between them." Daniel continued to view the bodies. "They're wearing simple loin cloths and moccasins. How the heck did people like these acquire weapons like those?" he asked as he pointed at the guns near the felled natives.

"That's a good question," Jack stated. "I have another one." With all eyes on him, he elaborated. "Take a good look, Makepeace, these are modified MP-5s."

The words were shocking, but as various SGC personnel took closer looks at the weapons, they were forced to believe what Jack said.

"How, Sir? We haven't seen any Jaffa."

"Carter, all we've seen up until now are a few natives. We know squat about this planet or its people *or* how they got hold of Earth weapons."

Jack looked up at the setting sun and ordered, "We're moving forward another three or four clicks. Then we'll get some rest. Makepeace, distribute those guns to the ones who don't have them yet."

SG-5 was now fully armed with the modified weapons, as was Makepeace's team. The fifth weapon was discovered to be unusable, a result of the grenade blast, so the only flagship team member to have one of the more powerful guns at this point was Sam.


The rescue teams were at rest, though spread out somewhat. Teal'c was on guard duty as was a member of SG-5. The two exchanged locations from time to time before a switch was made to a member of SG-3 taking over for the SG-5 guard. Teal'c didn't require sleep, so he remained the protector of the teams for the entirety of the night and early morning hours.

When Jack and Daniel both sat down, leaning against a rock, the younger man sighed, "Jack, I'm sorry about ..."

"Daniel, you did what you thought was right. I'll give you that, but the next time I say, 'aim to kill', I expect you to follow my order. You're on a front line team, and sometimes, that means shooting to kill. We are now in a shoot to kill situation. You get that, right?"

"Yes, I get it."

"Okay, then we don't need to talk about it anymore, do we?"

"I guess not, but I am sorry."

"I know. Get some sleep, Danny," Jack urged softly, his tone completely different than it was only seconds ago.

Jack closed his eyelids to rest, but he wouldn't sleep. Years of Special Ops training and being on covert missions taught him to sleep only lightly, enough to refresh his body and yet always be on alert. He heard everything, but only reacted when necessary.


"Well, isn't this sweet?" Makepeace spat as he saw how closely Jack and Daniel were to each other.

Jack's eyelids opened as he calmly replied, "Makepeace, you already have one black eye. Would you like me to make it a matching pair?" When the sarcastic Marine said nothing, Jack added, "Good. Now get ready. We'll be moving out soon."

"Jack ..."

"The man's a moron, Daniel. Don't let him get to you."

"He's also a good Marine."

"Yep, and that's why he's still at SGC. I might reconsider that one day, though."


As morning settled in, the teams ate their MREs to nourish their bodies, but it was not a casual breakfast. Eyes darted all around for fear of another attack. Conversation was minimal. Finally, it was time to continue the search for SG-2.

"Sir, I've been wondering about something," Sam quietly spoke to her CO.

"Wondering, thinking: all the same," Jack quipped. "Spit it out, Carter."

"Well, it's just ... these people don't match up to a civilization that knows about MP-5s."

"We've already established that fact."

"Yes, Sir, but for people who do have these guns, they aren't very good shots. They seem to be focused on killing us, but so far, only Casey's dead. I don't want to jinx us ..."

"Then don't," the colonel interrupted sharply. "Look, something's very wrong with this thing. We all know that, but I don't friggin' care that they're bad shots. They are trying to kill us, Carter, and as long as they continue to make that attempt, we aim to kill. Understood?"

"Understood ... Sir."


The rescue personnel emerged from the forest to a more mountainous terrain with vast plains and a lot of mountains and hills. They approached a ridge that gave them a good view of the land beyond their position.

"At least it's something different," Jack spoke. "Teal'c, Carter, Makepeace," he called out before leading the group to the top of the ridge.

"There's hundreds of 'em," Makepeace observed.

"This appears to be a tough situation," Teal'c added, earning a role of the eyes from the SG-3 colonel.

For a few minutes, Jack and the others remained, staring in the distance below and watching as the locals appeared to be eating. More modified MP-5s were visible. Finally, Jack nodded. He turned his back to the ridge and let out a sigh as he made his decision.

"Makepeace, go back to the others. I want you to fan out, six to eight feet apart, and move forward in one line."

"We'll be easy targets."

"Not if my plan works. Do what I say, and we'll be out of here soon." Jack added, "Wait for my signal."

"What signal?"

"Just watch over there; you'll see it," the colonel insisted as he pointed to northeast.

"What about SG-2?" Makepeace questioned. "Our orders are ..."

"Makepeace, I know what our orders are. I've given you an order. Carry it out ... now!"

Unhappy but aware that Jack was technically a higher rank at Stargate Command than he was, the Marine turned and headed back to where the others were located.

"Teal'c, go with him. Make sure he does exactly what I said. I want that line," Jack stated.

Teal'c nodded and turned as he started to follow Makepeace out of the area.

"Teal'c," Jack called out. "Keep an eye on Daniel. I don't trust Makepeace."

"Neither do I, O'Neill. I will keep both eyes on DanielJackson."

"What's your plan, Sir?" Sam asked curiously.

"Follow me."

Jack led Sam on a trek up a small mountain that was located on the right. It took them a good two hours, but from their new vantage point, certain key elements became clear due to good eyesight and the use of the binoculars. The colonel sighed and nodded. He'd gambled, and now he believed the win could be achieved.

"Carter, see the man in the middle of those others?" Jack asked as he pointed across to a hill where several locals were standing on what appeared to be an entry to a cave that went inside the hill. The apparent opening was located two-thirds of the way up the hill, with a winding path visible that led from the base of the hill to the cave. "Focus on the beads."

Sam looked and noted the man's necklace was full of items that Daniel believed symbolized achievements or honors. The men around him seemed to be keeping their eyes on him. There were three woman visible, all kowtowing to the man at the center.

"He's their leader," Sam stated.

"That's exactly what I'm thinking," Jack acknowledged. "I have a hunch."

"Like the Indians of the old west," Sam responded. "Kill the leader, and the rest don't know what to do until a new leader is selected."

"It's a gamble, but I'm thinking a direct hit buys us enough time to get back to the Stargate."

"Sir, SG-2."

"Inside that cave," Jack speculated. "I know we haven't seen them. They might not even be here."

"It's a gamble."

"One we're going to have to take. It's up to you, Carter. No pressure."

"Yes, Sir," Sam acknowledged.

As the blonde prepared to shoot, Jack used a reflective glass against the sun to signal Makepeace. If the other colonel was paying attention, the line should be on the move now.

"Wait ... wait ... wait," Jack said, repeating the command until he felt the SGC personnel were where he hoped they'd be. "Whenever you're ready. Just don't miss."

"Right. No pressure," Sam echoed.

With precision, Sam pulled the trigger. It took a few seconds for her bullet to reach the assumed leader. It was a direct hit into the heart, causing the leader to fall mid-sentence to the ground.

Jack and Sam watched as the confused locals responded to the fallen leader, but were unable to revive him. A chant went out, revealing the death. As was the custom, the locals took the lifeless leader down the hill and to a place to the left of where people were eating. There was a long rock that apparently served as a religious bench. It was between two trees that provided shade. The body was placed on the rock while the hostiles all kneeled and lowered their heads in some type of ritual.

Makepeace was amazed. He and the others were within feet of the locals when the shot rang out. When the death chant was heard a moment later, the locals dropped their weapons and began to kneel with bowed heads. Quickly, the personnel went to the right, having seen another reflection sent by Jack. It was Morse code that told them Jack and Sam were heading up to the place on the opposite hill where the leader was standing when shot. The Marine was ordered to shift his men in that direction and wait, unless the locals began hostilities once again.


Jack and Sam easily made their way to the hill. They moved with cautious stealth in case other locals were inside the cave. Entering, the teammates had their weapons at the ready, aimed and ready to shoot if their scan showed any natives.

"Sir!" Sam exclaimed as she lowered her weapon and went over to the two surviving SG-2 teammates.

"Lou, are you okay?' Jack asked as he removed a gag.

"Yeah. Sprained my ankle, but I'm okay. Jack, Casey?"

"Sorry, Lou. He didn't make it." Jack helped his friend up and then assisted Major Warren in standing. "What the heck happened?" the colonel questioned.

"How the heck do I know? One second, we're all laughing and smiling like old friends. The next second, the locals opened fire. I'm not sure how we're still alive."

"They're bad shots, Major," Sam interjected.

"Okay, let's get out of here. I'm not sure how long our distraction will hold up."

Jack and Sam helped SG-2 out of the cave and down the mountain where they met up with Makepeace and the others.

"O'Neill, I think they're about to elect their new leader," Teal'c reported.

"Then let's skedaddle back to the Stargate," Jack replied.

"Sir, all these weapons," Sam said, not finishing her thought.

"Take what you can carry. We can't worry about the rest."

"C-4?" Sam queried. "It would only take a minute."

Jack nodded and everyone quietly gathered up as many of the modified weapons as they could.

"That's it," Jack urgently stated. "I don't like the looks of what's going on over there. Carter, do it now. Everyone else, start for the Stargate."

Jack lagged behind, though, watching as Sam refined the pile of weapons, making it more likely that a blast would destroy as many of the guns as possible. She placed C-4 in two places and then joined the colonel. The two backed until Jack was certain they were out of range. Sam pressed the button, pieces of MP-5s floating through the air.

The colonel saw the locals looking over at the blast. He sensed they were anxious, but the new leader wasn't yet appointed, or elected, or whatever the process was. Jack just knew once that leader became the leader, the locals would track the SGC personnel down with the intent to kill.

"Let's go!"


Two miles from the Stargate, Daniel sensed something about his lover and asked, "Jack, is something wrong?"

"Yeah. My gut is giving me another hunch, only this one isn't good."

"They're coming, aren't they?"

"That's my hunch, so no slowing down." Jack hated running, but he jogged forward and shouted, "Double time. Let's go!"

While the group was already keeping a fast pace, now they moved even faster. Jack wasn't convinced they'd make it.

One mile out from the Stargate, the hairs on the back of Jack's neck bristled. His gut was screaming. They weren't going to make it.

"Eyes open. Watch one another's sixes," Jack ordered.

By necessity, the pace slowed so everyone could keep an eye out for the bad guys.

All of a sudden, the sound of MP-5 fire thundered.

Makepeace felt the bullet whiz by him. Automatically, he turned to see a hostile with his weapon aimed at the SG-3 colonel. The bullet struck the local between the eyes, killing him instantly.

Makepeace looked forward and stared in shock and disbelief. It was Daniel who fired the bullet, saving the life of Robert Makepeace.

The archaeologist lowered his weapon and exchanged a stare with Makepeace. No one said a word.

"Daniel, get to the Stargate and dial her 'up. We don't have time to dilly dally."

Daniel began to run for the Gate, with Sam keeping up with to provide cover for the archaeologist, if necessary.

Jack gave Makepeace a smirk and noted, "The geek just saved your sweet life, Makepeace. I *don't* want to hear anything about SG-3 playing games with artifacts and relics in the future. You got that?"

"Understood," the Marine responded.


Daniel and Sam reached the Stargate. Sam stood within two feet of Daniel, prepared to shoot if hostiles approached.

Shots were heard as Daniel inputted Earth's address.


"Go! Go! Go!" Jack ordered the group which ran full speed towards the Stargate.

One by one and sometimes in pairs, the rescuers and the rescued entered the wormhole to Earth.

The colonel was the last one to reach the Stargate. Quickly, he fired, not at the locals, but at the MALP, destroying the camera and transmitter. Not satisfied, he placed C-4 on the equipment. He walked to the event horizon and pressed the button, watching as the MALP was demolished into pieces. Seeing locals approaching, he aimed to kill and fanned a fire of bullets that, if nothing else, caused the attackers to duck in order not to be hit. Jack stepped through the Stargate to safety.

"What kept you?" Daniel asked.

"I destroyed the MALP. I don't know who these locals are, but it's for certain, someone is helping them. I didn't want them getting their hands on our equipment."

Janet's medical team began to evaluate SG-2 for injuries or issues. Fortunately, Ferretti's sprained ankle was the worst of it, though Major Warren was dehydrated from lack of water.

The debriefing was scheduled for an hour from the group's return.


By the end of the debriefing, there were a slew of questions without answers. Hammond announced that at least for the time being, the planet would be designated off-limits. There would be no further missions there. He also advised he'd be alerting the Joint Chiefs to the existence of the modified MP-5s. Perhaps at some later time, diplomats would return to the planet to attempt peace with the natives and get some of the answers they were seeking.

The major general dismissed the teams to return to their homes. As he stood, he saw Daniel heading for the exit.

"Doctor Jackson, you wanted to ask me something yesterday morning," Hammond reminded.

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry, Sir. I don't remember. It probably wasn't important," a very weary Daniel replied before heading to the locker room to change into his civvies.


The lovers entered Jack's house where Daniel immediately sat down on the sofa.

"I'll get us a couple of beers," Jack said as he headed for the kitchen. He pulled out a six-pack and returned to the living room. He stopped walking, smiling and shaking his head. He put down the beer, retrieved a blanket, and placed the warm object over Daniel's sleeping body. "I love you, Danny."

Jack took hold of a single can of beer and sat down in his comfortable recliner that was near the patio door.

~That was a hard mission. Been through worse, but you haven't, Danny. You did good. I'm proud of you.~

For Jack and Daniel, it was now about restful peace and relaxation. It was also about being together, in silence and in sleep. They were two men with one dream and with every day, that nation of two grew stronger and more confident.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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