Rubber Duckies

Author: Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17 (mild)
Season:  2
Spoilers:  Need
Size:  13kb, ficlet
Written:  December 18-20, 2005
Summary:  Jack introduces Daniel to some new friends.  Merriment and embarrassment ensue!
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) This is for Claudia who really wanted the rubber duck comment from 'Strange Things Happen' to get more depth.  Here you go, girl!
2) The Rubber Ducky song is taken from 'Sesame Street' as made famous by Ernie and the Jim Henson Muppets.
3) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
4) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  QuinGem, Claudia, Linda!

Rubber Duckies
by Orrymain

Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson had fallen in love.  No one was more surprised by this than these two strong and independent men.  Yet their love affair was less about their gender than it was about their hearts.  Both had been amazed to realize that, in their own words, they were a couple of romantic saps, something they were still trying to deny, though each denial carried less conviction.

At the same time, neither had a problem with their masculinity or any kind of identity crisis.  Jack was still the tough-as-nails colonel, intimidating airmen, sticking it to the man, and taking guff from nobody.  Daniel, while less self-assured on the outside, was still the intelligent, compassionate, and peace-loving explorer who stuck up for his ideals and beliefs even when everyone else was against him.

Nor did their newly forged relationship mean an end to the Jack and Daniel off-world battles, which tended to occur whenever Daniel wanted to learn more about the cultures they discovered, especially when Jack simply wanted to acquire new weaponry and hightail it home.  Sometimes, Daniel's less-seasoned actions came at a price, such as with Shyla, the princess he had tried to rescue who ended up having SG-1 imprisoned.  Still, down deep, Jack wouldn't change his lover, not for anything.

“Danny?” Jack asked, entering the younger man's apartment.  “Daniel!”

“In here!” Daniel chuckled from his bedroom.  “Geez,  you don't have to bellow,” he said as he walked out to greet his lover.

“You like my bellowing,” Jack said quietly as the two met, their eyes locking onto each other's.

“Right,” Daniel mocked in agreement.

Jack laughed, and then the two engaged in a proper hello, a tender kiss that built in intensity as their bodies demanded more than they'd had time to share in the last three days.

“What's in the bag?” Daniel asked curiously about the stuffed, plastic bag Jack held in his hand.

“You'll find out later.  What's for dinner?” Jack asked as his stomach grumbled.

“It's not me you love; it's my cooking,” Daniel teased as he moved around Jack to go to the kitchen.

“Only when you feed me steaks,” Jack replied.  “You know how I feel about a couple of thick, juicy ...”

“We're having salad,” Daniel said with a straight face.

“Salad's a good side dish,” Jack acknowledged, nodding.

“It's the main course,” the younger man stated.


Laughing, Daniel replied, “Don't worry, Babe; you don't have to mutiny.  The steaks are in the refrigerator.  I wasn't sure when you'd get here; didn't want to burn them,” he smirked, glancing over his shoulder.

“Very funny, Danny,” Jack said in response to the reference to his barbecuing skills, tossing the bag and his jacket onto the sofa in the living room.  Entering the kitchen, he walked up to Daniel, who was just putting the steaks on to fry, and slid his arms around him, kissing his neck.  “What can I do to help?”

“Uh, well, ex...exactly what you're doing now would be, uh, good,” Daniel stuttered.

Jack smiled.  His shy lover would participate in most any sexual activity they came up with.  He was adventurous, curious, and eager to try new positions and even loving games, but when it came to speaking the words, to talking about intimacy, especially his wants and needs, Daniel was all-too-quiet.  Jack vowed to cure him of that nervousness one day, though he wondered if Daniel would ever really lose his shyness.  To be honest, he wasn't sure he wanted him to.  It was, after all, very cute.

“I can handle that,” Jack replied.

“Please, uh, do.  I mean ... gawd,” Daniel said as he leaned back into Jack for a moment.

“I love you, Danny,” Jack stated as his hands warmed Daniel's abdomen.

“I love you, too ... a ... a lot, Jack,” Daniel stated.

“Love you more,” Jack teased earnestly.

“This isn't a contest.  I need some pepper,” the younger man requested.

“I am your slave,” Jack said, bowing slightly as he backed away to get the desired seasoning.

“Just make the salad,” Daniel ordered.

“As you wish, Master,” Jack joked.


Laughing, Jack went to the refrigerator to pull out the ingredients he'd need. It was going to be a good night.


“How about a shower?” Daniel suggested late that night, long after dinner and their round of intensive lovemaking.  “We're, uh, sticky.”

“I have a better idea,” Jack said, throwing off the covers and heading for the bathroom where he started the tap, adjusting the knobs until the temperature was just right.

Daniel climbed out of bed, walked to the doorway and smiled, saying, “Bath?”

Jack smiled in return, adding, “With bubbles and a surprise.”

“A surprise?” Daniel queried.

Walking by him, Jack said, “Trust me.”

“I do, and that's what worries me,” Daniel said as his naked lover disappeared into the hallway.  Chuckling, Daniel walked over to check the water.  ~Perfect temperature.  How does he do that so fast?~

When Jack returned the two men got into the tub, though Daniel was surprised when Jack took a position opposite him.  Normally, the two romantics sat together, one leaning into the other's chest.  He loved that -- a lot, so he was a little confused at Jack's choice.  In fact, it made him nervous.  Was something wrong?  Had he displeased his lover during their lovemaking?  Was their relationship ending, and this was how Jack was going to tell him?

A horde of negative emotions flooded the younger man, and soon, he was frowning and breathing a little heavier, that is, until Jack leaned forward, taking Daniel's hands as he kissed him tenderly.

“I love you, Danny.  Why are you acting like it's the end of the world?” Jack asked, confused at his soulmate's state.

“I ... well ... I ...”


Daniel swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and quickly asked, “Whyareyousittingwayoverthere?”

It took Jack a moment to process the one-word, multi-syllable sentence, but when he did, he smiled and kissed Daniel again, explaining, “It's temporary, and it's my surprise.”

“Temp...temporary?” Daniel stuttered as relief began to relax his tension.

“I love you, Danny; I'm not going anywhere,” Jack reassured.

Daniel smiled, almost afraid to speak.  For just a few terrifying seconds, he had truly believed the worst.  He nodded, and Jack kissed him again.

“Ready for your surprise?” the older man asked.

“I can't wait,” Daniel replied, watching as Jack leaned over the side of the tub and reached in the plastic bag.  “This is for you,” Jack said, revealing a classic yellow rubber duck.

“A rubber duck?  You brought me a ... a rubber duck?” Daniel asked, totally stunned by the gesture.

“No,” Jack answered, pulling out more surprises.  “I brought us some rubber ducks.  These two are my favorites,” he said, revealing the two ducks painted to look like the comedic team of Laurel and Hardy.  “After all, Danny, you do get me into a lot of fine messes,” Jack quipped, pretending to flip up his tie that wasn't there.

“You're sick, O'Neill,” Daniel remarked as he stared at the floating objects.  “What are we going to do with ... with ... with these ... these ...”

“Ducks, Danny -- rubber ducks,” Jack completed, suppressing a chuckle.  “I couldn't find an archaeologist duck, but one of these days.  How do you like my baseball duck?”

“Oh, he's, uh, a duck,” Daniel responded dryly.

“My duck's better than your duck,” Jack said, using the baseball duck to shove against the graduate duck.

“Watch it,” Daniel said, grabbing his duck a bit hesitantly.

~That's it, Danny; let yourself go.  Let's play,~ Jack silently encouraged.  “Quack, quack,” he said out loud.

“Wha...what?” Daniel asked.

“You're the linguist duck; translate!” Jack challenged.

“Oh, well, uh, quack-a-quack quack ... quack,” Daniel responded, causing Jack to grin.  ~This is ridiculous,~ Daniel thought, his adult self inhibiting his game playing.  “Jack ...”

“Ollie.  Call me Ollie, Stanley,” Jack said, taking the Oliver Hardy duck and making it swim.  “That's another fine mess you got me into a couple of months ago, Stanley.”

“She was going to jump off a cliff,” Daniel's Stanley Laurel duck responded.

“And what about last week with that chieftain?” Ollie aka: Jack inquired.

“They just wanted to get to know us better,” Daniel defended.

“We almost ended up Tau'ri stew,” Jack argued lightly.

“You're exaggerating, Jack,” Daniel said as he charged his Stanley duck into the Ollie one.

“Ouch!”  Jack looked at his lover, smiling as he took his baseball duck and went hunting for graduation duck.

Daniel grabbed the scholarly yellow item and began trying to avoid the vengeful sporting duck.

“You can't hide from me,” Jack said.

“Oh, yes, I can,” Daniel said, sliding the duck behind his back and slipping lower into the water.

“Just where I want you to be, My Pretty,” Jack cackled as he jumped his lover, engaging them both in some covert duck maneuvers.

“Gawd,” Daniel said with his head just above the water and his arms around Jack's back.

“Baseball duck has a plan,” Jack said, raising his eyebrows seductively.

“Oh ... he ... does?” Daniel asked, wondering what Jack had in mind.

Suddenly, Jack broke out in song, jovially singing:

Rubber Ducky, you're the one,
You make bath time lots of fun,
Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you;

“You, uh, are?” Daniel asked, his eyes shining with amusement.

Jack's response was to answer with the song's, “Woo woo be doo”

“I'm almost afraid to see what you have in mind,” Daniel stated, after which Jack continued his slightly off-key tune.

Rubber Ducky, joy of joys,
When I squeeze you, you make noise!
Rubber Ducky, you're my very best friend, it's true!

“Oooooooh ... uh, oh ... Jaaaaack!” Daniel said in response to Jack's action on his hardening shaft.

Winking, Jack continued his task.

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo

Every day when I
Make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's
Cute and yellow and chubby

“I'm not cute or yellow, and I'm most definitely not chubby,” Daniel denied, though his words were gasped as the baseball duck rubbed against his length.

“Rub-a-dub-a-dubby!” Jack continued, ignoring his lover's comment.

Rubber Ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you.

“Oh, Jack ... gawd, yes ... the ... where's the ... JACK, GET THE FREAKIN' DUCK BACK ... yes, oh, yes ... RUBBER DUCKIE, I WAAAAANT YOU!”

Jack suppressed his laughter and continued to help the rubber duckie please the younger man.

Rubber Ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of -
Rubber ducky, I'd like a whole pond of -
Rubber ducky I'm awfully fond of you!

Jack and baseball duck worked his lover to completion and then Jack kissed Daniel soundly.

“Danny, I have more rubber duckies,” Jack told his lover.

“Where?  Gawd, where?  Want ... want rubber duckies,” Daniel said, totally spent from Jack's efforts.

“That's my Danny.  Now here's Puck Duck.  He, uh, has something else in mind,” Jack said in a low voice.

“Oh, puck me!” Daniel said, scooting back further and readying himself.

Never before had Daniel Jackson imagined that rubber ducks could be so much fun!

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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