Scenes of the Season - Scene 3

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Holiday, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - December 7, 2013
Spoilers:  None
Size:  16kb, ficlet
Written:  November 25-26, 2017
Summary:  Today's holiday scene is Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.  Can it really be that simple?
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) Though part of a series, each scene stands completely on its own.

Scenes of the Season - Scene 3
by Orrymain

--Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Inside the Jackson-O'Neill home, six young children had their faces pressed against the patio door.  Snow was falling and they couldn't wait to go outside and play.  The triplets, now seven, were hoping to have enough snow to build a snowman while the twins, who were six years of age, were calculating how far they could slide on the snow that was already present.  Twenty-three-month-old JD, the youngest of the brood, was simply giggly at the thought of snowflakes falling on his head.  In hopeful anticipation, all the kids had on warm coats, galoshes, and mittens.

“Okay, I give,” Jennifer told the children, who cheered as their sister unlocked the door and followed them outside.  ~What can you do?  Kids and snow: they are meant for each other,~ she mused.

By the time Jack and Daniel bounded down the stairs, their entire brood was outside, playing in the snow.  There wasn't that much of the white substance yet, but the kids were making the most of what they had.  A tiny snowman was over by the beagles' doghouse, while Jenny and Ricky were taking turns sliding on the snow-covered grass, though they never slid far on the short runway they'd built up.  As for JD, he was having a blast, toddling all around as he tried to catch tiny bits of snow, all under Jennifer's watchful eye.

The older children were chatting as they watched and assisted their younger siblings.

“Hey, what happened to breakfast?” Jack called out as his stomach grumbled.

“On it,” Jeff promised.  “Bri, Noa, you ready?” he called out to his assistant cooks.

The three children headed for the kitchen, while Jack and Daniel took over watching the group of six, freeing up the others to do as they wished.  As it turned out, they all stayed, happy to spend time together under the weightless morning snowfall.


This Saturday at the Jackson-O'Neills had only item on the family agenda and it was time to begin the fun.

Jennifer led the charge, reminding the participants of the assignments.

“David, you're in charge of the Cowboy Cookies.  Bri, you've got the Italian Christmas cookies.  Lulu, you're the leader of the sugar cookies.  Ash, the chocolate chippers are yours.  Little Danny, you get to do the peanut butter rolls.  I've got the Snickerdoodles.  Everyone else, help out or get out of the way,” Jennifer instructed with a chuckle.

The children made use of both the regular kitchen and the hospitality room.  Bags and/or boxes of flour, white sugar, brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and baking powder were everywhere.  Cartons of eggs, an assortment of spices that included cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, and cubes of butter were on the counters.  Bowls and pans of all sizes were out and ready for use.  Almost every large mixing spoon and spatula the family owned was in one of the brood's hands. Ovens were warming, parchment paper was in place, and holiday-shaped metallic cutters were at the ready once dough was prepared.

Jack put on some Christmas music, a CD of festive music that Jeff made.  At seventeen, he was accomplished at creating items such as this disc, which was an accumulation of music for all ages of the brood.

The cooking kids were singing as they worked on the cookies, while others were playing in the game room or spending time with one or more of the family's pets.  Confident that Jennifer had everything under control, Jack and Daniel spent some time in the study preparing their list of who to send Christmas cards to this year.


Some cookies were already baking in the oven, while ingredients were still being mixed and prepared.  Aislinn carefully spooned her mixture in a large bowl.

~I need another egg,~ the Munchkin thought as she carried her bowl with her to retrieve another egg off one of the counters.

At the same time, David had an even bigger bowl that was full of sugar of both varieties, flour, baking soda, and more.  He was searching for a hand mixer when the unthinkable happened.

~There's one,~ the twelve-year-old observed.

Faster than anyone could blink, David and Aislinn collided, their bowls banging together and the ingredients falling all over them and the floor.



With anger building, a fight loomed, until David turned it to another direction.  Without warning, he grabbed some of the mixture that remained in his bowl and tossed it on his sister.

Agape and aghast, Aislinn retaliated.

“Guys, what's going on?” Jennifer asked in shock.

David and Aislinn gave each other a serious stare, one that faded as they both tossed everything left in their bowls at their oldest sister.

Laughter soared and in seconds, all of the cooks were throwing their mixtures at one another.  Some mixtures were already creamy.

“Don't you dare, Little Danny!” Jenny, who was helping Jennifer, ordered.  It was too late.  His peanut buttery accumulation of ingredients was on her head.  “Gonna get you!”

Hearing the noise, the kids in the play room ran in and began to chuckle at the sight of their powdery siblings.  Jonny couldn't wait to get in on the fun.  He grabbed an open bag of sugar and simply tossed it everywhere.  Not to be left out, Chenoa picked up the large plastic jar of cinnamon, removed the lid, and let it fall over both Little Danny and Lulu.

“Noa!” Lulu whined.  Then she laughed and retaliated with eggs, smashing two of them atop her sister's blonde locks.  “Egghead,” she giggled.

Bijou and Katie ran to the kitchen and began to bark incessantly, which alerted Jack and Daniel in the study.  The parents arrived just in time to see Mittens and Calico lapping up some of the fallen cream, butter, and vanilla extract mixture one of the cooks had been using.  Before they could say a word, they heard another outburst.

“Watch out, Bro.  Here it comes!”

The speaker was Jeff, who successfully landed an egg on Ricky's chest.

“Ut oh!” Jonny called out as he spied his parents.

Jack and Daniel looked over their children who were scattered between the kitchen and hospitality room.  The floors were slippery from an assortment of cookie ingredients.  The tables and counters were a mess from a combination of food items.  Their children were dripping eggs, creamed items, and everything from salt to chocolate chips.  Their clothes were white and gritty and in need of a wash.

The brood tensed.  Christmas was over before it begun.  The kids were sure of it.  They were all going to be grounded for life.  Jennifer would never graduate college because her parents were about to lock her in her room for eternity.  Each brood member just knew life was over in one way or another.  Jonny gulped, seeing general eyes in both of his parents.  He'd never make airman now.  At the age of seven, his military career was over before ever starting.

Bijou and Katie sat quietly at the feet of their humans, Jack and Daniel.  Even though weren't certain what was coming.

With menacing expressions, Jack reviewed the troops and then looked at his husband.  He blinked one time.  Daniel bobbed his head just slightly, something the children didn't notice, all too consumed at the misery they were certain was about to befall them.

“Listen up!” Jack ordered.  He scowled and then reached for an open bag of flour and threw it on the children closest to him.  “Gotcha!”

Meanwhile, Daniel headed for the salt and let a box of it go towards those in the hospitality room.

The ingredient battle was on again.  Everyone was laughing and attacking with any food they could reach.  It went on and on until there wasn't a single ingredient left untouched.  The whole family slid down onto the slick and gooey floor.  Boisterous and almost gagging laughter filled the aired, easily overtaking the music playing in the background.

The ingredient battle went on for several minutes, basically exhausting everyone.  Finally, though, the family settled, their chuckles and giggles ebbing, but their smiles wide.  Some were holding their stomachs, while others tasting their clothes that had some tasty food on them.

“I can't believe you did that,” Brianna said to her folks.

“Oh, Bri.  Dad and I have had some, some *really* good food fights in the past.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Jack, behave,” Daniel warned, sensing his lover was thinking about the sensuality some of their food fights brought about.

“Hey, I was only agreeing with you,” Jack rebuked.  ~But he's right.  Yummy: my Danny is yummy when covered with food.  Hmm, where's the Jell-O?~

“Are we in trouble?” Lulu asked.

“Nah,” Jack assured.  “Like Daddy said, we've had a few.  Ya gotta have a good food fight every now and then.”

“That would be now.  Let's not do this again for a long ... really long time,” the archaeologist suggested as he took in the full spectrum of the disaster that was the kitchen and hospitality room.

For a few minutes, the family remained on the floor.  Jack and Daniel told them an edited version of their very first food fight they'd had many years earlier.  The kids loved it.

~We have such cool parents,~ Brianna thought, relieved there was no punishment for the craziness and mess of the situation.

~Dad 'n' Daddy are funny,~ Aislinn giggled to herself.

“Okay, kids, it's that time.  Clean yourselves and clean this house.”

“I'll get the central vac,” David volunteered vocally.

“I'll get Calico,” Lulu piped up.

“I'd better get Mittens,” Little Danny added about the cat whose fur, like Calico, was a glob of yuck.

“Uh, Dad?  Daddy?” Jennifer spoke up timidly.

“What is it, Jen?” Jack asked as he stood up.

“I think we need to go shopping.”  Jennifer looked all around, stood up, and sighed.  “We seem to be out of most of our cookie ingredients.”

More giggles ensued as everyone not standing stood up and began to brush themselves off.

“Right,” Daniel acknowledged.  “Jen, you and Jeff make sure everyone cleans up, themselves and the kitchen and,, well, everywhere.  Dad and I will go to the store.”

“You're leaving us?” Brianna mused.  “That's brave.”

“No,” Jack negated.  “Kids, you just got your free food fight pass for the decade.  Do it again, and none of you will see the light of the day for a long, long, lonnnnng time.”

Jonny gulped, seeing the eyes in his older father that he knew to be true.  He wasn't going to risk his chance at being a general over another food fight.

“Gotta clean,” the little general ordered the brood.  “It's an order.”

“And,” Daniel began.  “Someone stop JD from looking like a ghost.”

The children looked over at their youngest brother and joined in on one last huge laugh.  The toddler was doing his best to poor more flour and sugar over himself, giggling with every drop he managed to land on his small body.

“I'll take care of JD, Daddy,” Chenoa promised as she headed over towards him.

“Thank you, Prin...,” Daniel paused and corrected, “Snow White.”

Chenoa chuckled, making the connection and aware that she looked more like a sack of flour than a princess at the moment.

With that, Jack and Daniel headed upstairs to take showers, after which they headed for the store to stock up on all the ingredients lost in the food fight.

By nightfall, snow was still falling in Colorado Springs.  The Jackson-O'Neills, though, were warm and safe in their home.  They were snuggled together in the recreation room, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying some of the Christmas cookies that were finally made after the cleanup was finished and the items restocked from the grocery store.  The children were growing weary, but were having too much fun watching “Frosty the Snowman” on the large screen TV to give in to sleep.  Life was just about perfect as this scene from the season filled the family with love and joy, and lots of cookies, too.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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