Skinny Dipping

Author: Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Humor, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  2 - early
Spoilers:  None
Size:  21kb, ficlet
Written:  January 12-15,17-19, 2006
Summary:  Jack and Daniel venture to the Minnesota cabin together for the first time as lovers, and Daniel is a little shyer than Jack would like.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
2) This fic stands alone, but it does reference my other fics, “The First Christmas”
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  QuinGem, Heather, Claudia, Tamara, Linda!

Skinny Dipping
by Orrymain

~This is the life,~ Jack thought, standing on the porch with his hands on his hips as he took in the early morning air outside his Minnesota cabin.  He glanced over at the broken down boathouse and sighed, remembering times past, both as a little boy with his parents and grandparents and years later with his own family and little boy.  ~No, not going there.~  He looked back inside the cabin, having left the front door ajar slightly.  ~No, definitely not going there, not when inside is the most beautiful man I've ever seen -- My Danny!~

Jack took another deep breath and extended his arms out in front of him, swinging them around to his sides as he took in the scent of the fresh mountain air.  He'd slept in, for him, the old cuckoo clock on the wall just now striking fifteen past seven.

~Poor cuckoo clock; lost your cuckoo when I was a kid, and no one has ever fixed you,~ Jack mused at the inanimate object.  ~Maybe one of these days.~

Jack's lover was still sound asleep, wanting no part of Jack's habit of early rising.  When Jack had tried to coax a good morning kiss from the sleeping man, all he got was a swipe, as if he had been a fly, and a grumbled, “Sle'ng.  Go 'way,” after which Daniel had grabbed a firm hold of Jack's pillow and mumbled, “Love lots.”

Even though he had been talking to a pillow, Jack smiled, knowing the pillow was a representation of him.

~Okay, Fish, you're all mine,~ Jack told the non-existent fish that were in his pond, or rather, the ones he pretended were in his pond.  For the colonel, fishing wasn't about catching trout or salmon, but the bond he felt with nature.  Perhaps even more than that, fishing was a time when Jack was able to relax, leaving the dark corners of his mind buried and worrying about nothing but having wood for the fire during the wintertime and Froot Loops for breakfast.  ~Beautiful morning,~ he thought as he took hold of the small rowboat he would soon take out to the middle of the lake.


Jack leaned back in the old boat, his fishing hat shielding his eyes from the warm late summer sun.  He knew this would be his last trip to the cabin before the rain and snow season kicked in.

~It's gonna be one hot day,~ the fisherman thought as he cast out his line, a look of total peace and contentment on his face.  ~Hot, hot ... and hot.~  He grinned.  ~Gotta get Danny to go skinny dipping.  There's nothing like a little naked one-on-one with the pond.~

Reaching over for a soda, Jack let the peace of the morning take him, thoughts of Daniel filling his mind as the time passed by.


“No, Jack!” Daniel argued, pulling back from the older man who had a grip on his hand.

“Danny, it's fun!” Jack exclaimed when Daniel broke free of his hold.

“I am not going skinny dipping,” Daniel maintained, folding his arms across his chest as he put some distance between himself and Jack.

“Why not?” Jack asked.

“Jack, what if someone comes?” Daniel questioned.

Jack leered lustfully and said, “That's the idea!”

Daniel raised his eyebrows and replied, “You know what I mean.  What if someone sees us?” he asked.

“We're miles from civilization, Love,” Jack replied.  “No one comes here without a specific invitation, except maybe Franklin, and he only comes when I ask him to drop off supplies or do some work around the place.”

Franklin DeMilo was a long-time family friend of the O'Neills whom Daniel had met during his very first trip to the cabin, before the two men were lovers.

“Well ...” Daniel spoke, still not convinced that some mystery person wouldn't pick this time to show up unannounced at the small cabin.

Jack grinned, his eyes shining in anticipation, and his eyebrows moving up and down as he approached Daniel, pulling him into his embrace, which wasn't as close as he would have liked since Daniel was still self-hugging.

“No one will see us, and it'll cool us off,” Jack assured.

“We can go swimming in our swim trunks,” Daniel refuted.

“Which I'll promptly remove and ...”

“No, Jack,” Daniel said, backing away.  “NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!”

Jack sighed, badly wanting to engage in skinny dipping with his lover, but Daniel was being firm and insistent.  He approached his lover, wondering if there was something more to Daniel's refusal than just shyness.

“Danny,” Jack spoke seriously.  “Is there any reason why you don't want to go skinny dipping?”  Jack was staring intently into his life partner's eyes.  If Daniel lied, he'd know it.  If Daniel attempted to cover up for some horrible experience in his past, he'd know it.  It was important for the older man to make sure of Daniel's reasons for not wanting to partake in some harmless fun before continuing to tease and prod him.  ~Gonna get you enjoying life if its the last thing I do, Danny,~ Jack silently promised.

“No, Jack.  I just don't have the confidence you do that no one will show up here.  There's nowhere to run out there, you know,” Daniel answered.

“We could leave our clothes on the dock, or robes, or whatever you want,” Jack spoke, still gauging Daniel's responses carefully.

“Jack, I am not going to be caught with my, uh,” Daniel pointed down, “sticking out for anyone but ... gawd ...”

Jack smiled, “You're so shy, Danny.  How could you have gotten this far in life being so bashful about your beautiful body?”

“I am not beautiful,” Daniel argued stubbornly.

“Yes, you are,” Jack answered, smiling.

Daniel groaned as he put some more distance between the two, saying, “I just don't want to take chances.  We don't know who might show up.  What if Hammond sends someone?”

“He wouldn't do that!” Jack argued.

“Are you sure?” Daniel challenged.

Jack paused, knowing he'd covertly turned off their cell phones, and that if Hammond really did need them, it wouldn't be out of the question for him to send an airman or two to the cabin to fetch the two men.

~No way am I admitting to that possibility,~ Jack silently intoned.  “Danny, I love your body, and I promise to protect its virtue should that happen.”  Moving forward, Jack put his hand over his heart pledging, “I will stand in front of you; it will be my shortcomings that would be visible.”

“It's not short,” Daniel responded, wetting his lips.  “I don't want to take the chance.  Give it up, O'Neill.  No one sees whatever I have anymore but,” Daniel admitted.

Jack smiled in realization and relief.  His lover was shy, bashful, modest, and a one-man only lover.  There wasn't anything sordid in the younger man's past that accounted for his opinion.  Armed with this knowledge, Jack inwardly vowed to free his lover of such conservative restraint.  Skinny dipping was just too much fun, and part of the fun, truth be told, was the possibility of being caught, not that Jack wanted that to happen.

“I love you, Danny,” Jack said, planning his next move as he spoke.

“I love you, too,” Daniel answered shyly, a smile on his face.  Sensing his lover's determination, however, he sternly added, “But I am NOT going skinny dipping.”


Jack's attempts to get his lover to explore the new world of skinny dipping during their stay at the cabin failed miserably, but still, he refused to give up.  As their final hours at the cabin approached, he knew he had one last chance to lure his shy soulmate into a naked dip in the water.

~This might be taking it too far,~ Jack thought as he hurriedly worked to carry out his plan.  ~Too far?  It's drastic!~  Undaunted by the extremes he knew he was going to, Jack exited the cabin and prepared for the fallout.  ~You'll thank me in the end.~


Inside the cabin, Daniel was just finishing up taking a late afternoon shower. He rinsed off and turned the knobs to the right, stopping the water from beating soothingly against his skin.  His hand reached out of the shower for the towel that he knew was in place on the rack.  Not feeling the terry cloth, Daniel's hand traveled up and down the wooden rod several times before he finally pulled back the shower curtain and peered out, realizing that the towel was gone.

~It was there when I came in,~ the archaeologist thought.  ~At least, I thought it was.~  

A bit cautiously, Daniel stepped out of the tub/shower combination unit and looked around, quickly becoming aware that the usual stack of linens was no longer there.  He opened the cabinets, finding nothing of use.  

“JAAAAAACK!” the younger man yelled, frustrated by not getting a response.

Daniel peeked out of the bathroom and then hurried into the bedroom where he was sure he'd find his clothes, leaving a trail of wet footprints and puddles where he paused.

“What did he do?” the archaeologist asked as he saw that every stitch of clothing had been removed from the bedroom, including Jack's.

Not only were there no clothes, but the sheets, blankets, and even the window coverings were gone.

“I'm going to kill him!” Daniel exclaimed as his frustration grew.  Taking a deep breath, Daniel walked dripping wet into the living room, yelling, “JAAAAACK, WHERE ARE YOU?”

Daniel rubbed his arms as he roamed the interior of the cabin, searching for something to wrap around himself.  Jack, however, had been quite thorough in his task.  There wasn't a drape, linen, towel, or scrap of material in the entire cabin.  Even the pillows had been removed.

The naked archaeologist had very little choice.

~Oh, yes, I do.  Where are my keys?~ Daniel snarkily wondered.  ~I'll just get in my car and ...~  He shook his head, thinking, ~And what?  Drive naked someplace?  Great idea, Jackson!~

The frustrated man sighed.  His keys were gone, no doubt still in his pants' pocket.  He truly did have no choice.

With a sigh, Daniel opened the cabin door, his body safely behind the wooden object and just his head peering out to see what was outside.

“Hey, Danny, it's a beautiful afternoon out,” Jack called out, his Irish grin working overtime as he stood over at the side of the cabin.

“I'm going to kill you, Jack!” Daniel threatened as he hesitantly walked outside, his hands covering his privates.

Jack laughed at his lover's modesty and headed back towards the dock, knowing Daniel had no choice but to follow, which he did.

“Danny!” the older man called out alluringly.  As Daniel looked from the side of the cabin, Jack stripped off his own clothes.  He did a bit of flaunting for his Love and then dived into the pond.  When he emerged, he waved his right hand and urged, “The water feels great!  Come on in!”

The younger man let out a huge sigh, but he had to admit that the water looked very appealing.  More than that, his naked sexy lover was making him crazy with desire.

~I'll kill him later,~ Daniel decided, walking towards the dock, his speed increasing until finally he dove in, Jack admiring his lover's slender body and particularly the part that jutted downward as the dive progressed.

When Daniel plunged up through the water, Jack smiled as he swam closer.

“Jack, I'm ...”

“Later,” Jack interrupted, kissing his soulmate.

“No, now!” Daniel insisted, backing off and hitting his lover with a huge splash of water.

“Oh, no, you don't!” Jack argued, clutching both hands together and creating a huge jackhammer into the water, drenching Daniel totally.

The great water fight was on, and both Jack and Daniel delighted in their child-like fun for several minutes.  Neither was the victor, and yet both were winners as laughter filled the air.

Jack loved hearing Daniel laugh in such a carefree fashion.  He knew it would be short-lived, and soon, the realities of the world would push Daniel back into his defensive mode, but right now, with just the two of them here, the younger man was free and letting go, something Jack promised himself he would make happen as much as possible in the future.

After a while, the lovers ceased their water fight, moving together with eyes locked on each other.  They kissed, passion flaring with each second that kept their lips joined and tongues mingled together.  Treading water, their hands roamed their bare bodies, their fingers tingling in excitement at the feel of their skin.

Daniel bit lightly on Jack's lower lip as he pressed closer to his lover for more kisses.  His right hand found his lover's length and began to stroke it, keeping a harmonic pace with the strength of their kisses.

Jack's body was anxious for more, and he drove the two towards the edge of the pond, back over near the dock.  It wasn't too deep there, not in the area just to the right of the wooden outstretch, and he had a little something stashed away at the corner of the dock.

Soon, the archaeologist was backed up against the grassy levee.  His feet just touched the muddy bottom, and he could swear fish were brushing up against him since his body was tingling so much.  Jack placed a trail of tender kisses all along Daniel's neck, shoulder, and arm as his hand now teased Daniel's length with short, taunting touches.  Covertly, Jack's left hand reached up at the top of the bank, near the dock, and found the lube, its cap already loosened.

Moving in for a powerful kiss, the older man distracted his Love, the kiss sending Daniel reeling.  Without much warning, Jack's finger, greased with lube, worked its way inside his partner.

Daniel's head flew back, and he moaned loudly from the sensation.  Jack kissed the younger man's chest, moving from one pectoral muscle to the other as his own head remained just above the water's edge.  Another finger joined the first, and together they prodded Daniel to want more, so much more.

“Mmm ... oh ... Jack,” Daniel whispered, swallowing as his head rested back just against the top of the bank.  Feeling the older man's fingers withdraw, he groaned.  “No!”

Smiling, Jack inserted something that would please his lover much more than his fingers.  With a gentle push, Jack's shaft entered Daniel.

“Oh ...  yes, go ... more ... yes!” Daniel called out, already long gone and lost in pleasure despite the fact that they had just begun.

With his feet firmly planted at the bottom of the levee's underwater edge, Jack began to move inside his lover, his pace slow at first, but steadily increasing with each minute that went by.

Daniel's arms reached over, gripping against the grassy dirt as he dug in to endure the blissful pounding of Jack inside him.

“Never ... never knew ... gawd, didn't know ... could be ... this ... Jack, more ... JAAAAAAAACK!” Daniel called out, begging, yearning, needing more of his Love inside him.

Filled with sensations that took him to a place he couldn't even imagine before Jack, Daniel's nails dug deep into the grass.  Jack's hands were rubbing, pressing, and squeezing Daniel's buttocks as his length pounded against his lover's prostrate.

Daniel shouted Jack's name, his body moving upward from his lover's sensual blows.  With each yell, Jack moved faster and harder, the sound of Daniel's voice urging him on.

All of a sudden, a twig snapped and then another.  Though immersed in their lovemaking, the sound of the breaking limbs slowly made its way through to Daniel's brain.

“Jack, stop!  Wha...what was that?” Daniel asked, leaning forward, his hands gripping the older man's shoulders as he looked all around.

“General Hammond!” Jack exclaimed.

“GAWD!  WHERE?  SIR, I'M ...”  Daniel's quickened heartbeat slowed again as he realized he'd been had.  “I'm going to kill you, Jack.”

Jack chuckled, saying, “It's just a couple of squirrels playing, see?”

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the squirrels running up and down some nearby trees.

“Danny,” Jack said softly, caressing his lover's right cheek.  “No one comes here without an invitation.”

“It's just ... I don't want anything to happen to you or your career,” Daniel spoke softly.

“My career means a lot; you mean more, and this,” Jack said, moving in as close as he could, “you and me, together, is all I want or need for the rest of my life.”

“Uh ... where were we?” Daniel said, lost in his lover's gaze of forever.

Jack smiled, quickly rekindling their urgent need.  Their kisses deepened, their touches both taunted and soothed, and then their love returned them to a desire that couldn't be denied.

Their passion was again overflowing, and they were nowhere close to wanting it to end.  For a minute, Daniel lowered his head to rest on Jack's shoulder, his arms hovering over the older man's body and his palms pressing against Jack's shoulder blades.  He gasped as Jack's shaft moved inside him, exploring those places that drew deeper and more frequent moans from the younger man.

With the next powerful thrust, Daniel's body was lifted upwards.  Almost reflexively, he rose out of the water, his body half on the levee.  His length was right in front of Jack now.

Jack couldn't resist and found himself enjoying a taste of his lover, engulfing the whole of Daniel, eliciting new sounds from Daniel that excited him.

Daniel groaned, complaining when Jack stopped his licking and touches, but the groan was temporary.  In a flash, Jack pulled himself out of the water, placing his body right on top of Daniel.  In seconds, Jack was again inside his partner, thrusting and impaling his length, causing Daniel to yell his name loudly.

With Daniel's legs hooked around Jack, the older man, now at his end and ready to burst, made a final, long and deep push inside Daniel.  He called out Daniel's name as his body stilled for a split second, the fluid of their love releasing in full within the younger man, and then Jack collapsed down onto Daniel's chest, the two gasping as they clung to each other.

“J'ck?” Daniel said, swallowing just as his hands began to rub his lover's back.

“Love you, Danny,” Jack said.

“Dip skin, yes ... more ... all time,” Daniel spoke in his own version of post-coital English.

~What did he say?~ Jack asked himself as he settled, finally removing his shaft from inside Daniel and pulling them over to their normal position, Daniel now on his chest.  “Oh, yeah,” he said, having put together the pieces.  “We'll go skinny dipping every time we come to the cabin, weather permitting, of course.”

“Time all, skin, oh, gawd, yes,” Daniel said, still not functioning on all speech cylinders yet.  “You ... thank much.”

Jack chuckled as the two enjoyed the calming motions of their passion and engaged in more hanky panky, even as the sun began to set.

~I knew he'd thank me,~ Jack thought as he smiled, knowing, though, that he was the one who should say 'thank you' for the love and life that one Daniel Jackson gave him each and every day.


“It wasn't funny, Jack,” Daniel said as he returned the last pillow to its place on the sofa.

“But it worked out perfectly,” Jack smirked.

Daniel took the pillow and threw it at his lover, who ducked.

“Pillow fight?” the colonel asked.

“We don't have time,” Daniel argued, knowing they needed to be on the road to go home within the hour, and they still had some cleaning up to do.

Jack cozied up to his lover, taking him into his arms, and said enticingly, “It's a beautiful night, Love, and you've never really skinny dipped unless you've done it under the moonlight's glow.”

Daniel stared at Jack's delicious brown eyes and began to salivate.  Ripping off his clothes, he dashed out the cabin door, calling out, “Last one in makes the call to Hammond.”

Laughing and feeling totally blessed for having the love of Daniel Jackson, Jack disrobed and ran after his soulmate.  The delay would mean having to call General Hammond and coming up with an excuse as to why they would be late in returning from their downtime, but Jack didn't mind.

~I'll think of something,~ Jack thought as he dove in the pond.  ~After all, there's always an 'or'.~

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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