Space Break

Author: Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  NC-17
Season:  7 - August 4-5, 11, 2003
Spoilers:  Forsaken (very minor), Enemy Mine (minor), Space Race
Size:  37kb, short story
Written:  April 9, October 21-24,29, 2005  Revised for consistency:  March 22, April 2,7,10, 2007
Summary:  Jack and Daniel enjoy a break in space as Sam has fun in a space race.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Sometimes, Jack and Daniel speak almost telepathically.  Their “silent” words to each other are indicated by asterisks instead of quotes, such as **Jack, we can't.**
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Claudia, QuinGem, Patti, Heather, Linda, Sara!

Space Break
by Orrymain

“Colonel O'Neill?” Sergeant Walter Davis spoke over the phone.

“Davis, why are you calling me?” Jack questioned from his kitchen, where he was just about to pull a beer out of the refrigerator.

“General Hammond would like you to report back to the Mountain immediately,” Davis noted.

“Davis, please don't tell me we're going to have to save the world again,” Jack sighed.  ~Danny should be home soon; I hope.~

“No, Sir,” Davis answered quickly.

“Then ...”

“Uh, I believe it's a diplomatic situation,” Davis informed, glancing over at Daniel, who was just approaching his desk.

“That's not what I wanted to hear, Walter,” Jack replied, as if chastising the sergeant.  “Tell him you couldn't reach me, that ...”

“Jack,” Daniel interrupted, having taken the phone from the sergeant.

“Daniel, what's going on?” Jack questioned.  ~And why aren't you in your car, on the way home?~

“We have an assignment,” Daniel answered.  With a small smile at Davis, who stood and walked away, he added, “It won't be so bad -- one, two days tops.”

“Daniel!” Jack whined.  ~I'm still injured, for crying out loud,~ the colonel thought about his injury sustained during their encounter with the Unas just days before.  He'd only spent a day in the infirmary, which had been fine with him since Daniel had returned to the planet to try and negotiate peace between the Tau'ri and Unas there.  ~Okay, so it's just a little sore, but geez!~

“The general wants you here in an hour; better move it.  Bye,” Daniel said with an urgent tone, hanging up the phone.

“Daniel .. Daniel?  DANNNIEL!” Jack shouted to the dial tone.

“He is coming?” Davis inquired as he returned to his desk.

“He'll be here,” Daniel answered, giving a knowing smile.

“I'll warn ... I mean I'll inform the general,” the sergeant stated, heading for Hammond's office.

~And I think I'll go talk to Sam.~


“Daniel, whose friggin' idea was this?” Jack complained as they stood in the privacy of his office not quite an hour later.

With all of the security equipment in Jack's office having been turned off, both men were free to speak openly, or engage in other activities, should they so choose, which they often did.  At the moment, though, Jack was griping big time. He'd just been told that he and Daniel would be attending some meetings with political and business residents on the planet Hebridan.  Meetings were never his idea of fun, especially when his original plans had been for two days of downtime, during which he would be wining and dining his archaeologist, after which he hoped to get very, very lucky.

“General Hammond's,” Daniel answered with a slight smile as he stood with his arms folded across his chest.

“Out of the blue?” Jack asked skeptically, his entire body brimming with sexual frustration.

“Not exactly,” Daniel replied, moving to stare at the wall, part of which was full of photos of airplanes and Jack with various Air Force buddies from throughout the years.

“Daniel?” Jack called out, his voice full of accusation.  ~If this was Danny's idea, I may just hurt him, *after* I devour him, of course .~

“What?” the younger man asked innocently.

“You're staring at a blank wall,” Jack stated flatly.  “The pictures are two feet to your left.”

“Oh, sorry,” Daniel said, turning around and folding his arms again.  He was as sexually frustrated as Jack was.  After all, he had only stayed at the SGC to finish up one report and then make sure his staff understood their priorities for the next couple of days.  Before making his getaway, though, he'd been summoned to the general's office.  “What, uh, was the question?”

“Daniel!” Jack snapped.

The archaeologist replied, “It was ... uh, Sam, sort of.  Actually, you can't blame her; all she did was report in, as ordered.”

“It's never that simple,” Jack groused.

“Yeah, well, Sam was off-base when we had an unexpected visitor and  ...” Daniel began.

For the next couple of minutes, Daniel told his soulmate how Warrick Finn, the captain of what had once been a prison transport ship, whom they had met the year before, had come to the SGC.  The reason for the alien's unanticipated visit was to discuss a potentially mutually-beneficial deal with General Hammond and Sam.

Warrick wanted Sam to assist him in winning an annual race known as the Loop of Kon Garat, where the winner was awarded a lucrative contract with Hebridan's Deep Space Exploration Project.  Sponsored by the Tech Con Corporation, the race was the best, and often the most lucrative, method to find the most qualified pilot for the contract.

Diplomatic negotiations between Earth and Hebridan had been slow as the two worlds became cautiously acquainted and learned to trust each other.

The alien knew that Sam was eager to study the ion propulsion engines on his spaceship, the Seberus, so in exchange for her assistance, he offered her access to the Serrakin technology and direct access to the ion engines, off the record, of course.

“And Hammond is just letting her go gallivanting off with some alien to run a *race*?” Jack challenged.

“Well, actually, uh, Warrick just wanted her help with a naquadah generator, but it was really Sam's idea to go along,” Daniel admitted.  “She, uh, convinced the general that the best way for her to learn about Serrakin technology would be to see the Seberus in action.”

“Daniel, it could be dangerous,” Jack stated, not liking it when any of his team was put in danger.

“And fun,” Daniel spoke softly, after which he relayed the conversation he'd  had with Sam in her lab after the briefing.

> //Flashback//
“Look, I know that this could be dangerous” Sam admitted.  “But this is our job, right?  It's what we signed on to do.  We take risks in the hopes of achieving new levels of technology.  If, and I stress if, participating in this race happens to be a little bit ...”  Sam made little uncertain yet playful sounds.  “I don't know ...”

Daniel stared at her with a tiny smile and said, “Fun?”

Grinning, Sam replied in a girlish tone, “What's a girl to do?”

Daniel smiled knowingly as he responded, “Nothin'.  That's ... that's just what I thought,”  ~But Jack isn't going to like it.~
//End of Flashback//

“Daniel, are you telling me that our downtime has been cancelled because Carter wants to have *fun*?” Jack questioned, his tone definitely on the unhappy side.

“What's a girl to do?” Daniel answered with a smile, quoting their teammate's earlier question.

“Stay home, and have babies!” Jack answered in a raised voice.

“Jack!” Daniel chastised.  “You're always telling her she needs to have more fun.”

“That's not quite what I had in mind.”  Jack sighed.  “Danny, you just got back from playing with the Unas again, and I was shot, for crying out loud.  I want some hanky panky time,” Jack whined, his shoulders slumping in despair as he sat down on the front edge of his desk.

“Jack, it was a minor injury.  We've both gone out with worse; Janet cleared you,” Daniel stated.

“She would,” Jack muttered.  “Little Napoleon is playing games and ...”

As Jack trailed off, his words indistinguishable, Daniel pointed out, “This isn't a dangerous mission; it's not even a recon.”  Seeing that the older man still wasn't softening, he added, “Of course, I could go alone, which, would mean ...”

Jack growled as he interrupted, “I get the idea, Daniel.  This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to go right back out with that relocation project.”

“That's only for a couple of days, too,” Daniel reminded.  Grinning, he said, “It'll be a piece of cake.”


With a mischievous idea forming in his mind, the archaeologist walked up to his lover, grinning as he placed his arms around Jack's neck, and promised, “We'll, uh, find the time for us, Jack.  I promise.”  As his fingers gently pressed against the back of his lover's neck, he asked seductively, “Did you know that Hebridan has *a lot* of places to hide away in?”

“How would you know?  You've never been there,” Jack challenged.

“Love, where there's a will, there's a way!” Daniel responded with determination, raising his eyebrows.  “And, uh, I have a *whole lotta* will.”

“That's what I like to hear,” Jack replied just before the lovers began to kiss.  He still wasn't thrilled by the idea of visiting Hebridan, but if Daniel was game for  little one-on-one adventure on alien soil, stealing secret moments while in the middle of planetary negotiations, then he was game, too.  After all, there was nothing at risk on this mission, and the negotiations weren't crucial to Earth.  Besides, he knew his 2IC well enough to know that she planned on having a good time in the race, so why shouldn't he and Daniel have a good time as well?  ~Might be fun at that!~


Stepping onto the planet late that afternoon, which was similar to Earth in many ways, Jack smiled, instantly seeing the possibilities.

~Oh, yeah.  There *will* be a time and a place,~ the colonel thought happily.

“Right this way,” Warrick invited, leading SG-1 inside the hangar where the Seberus was.

The cheerful alien introduced the team to his younger brother, Eamon, who, however, wasn't quite as enthusiastic about Sam's participation in the race.  He felt they could win without the assistance of the Tau'ri, and he made his opinion known as SG-1 stood and listened.

“And you must be Major Carter, the one without whom we could not win the Loop,” Eamon greeted coolly.

~Gotcha; I get the message.~  Jack caught on to Eamon's insincerity right away, but nothing was going to get him down, not with all the titillating 'Danny' thoughts he was having in his mind. He responded sarcastically, “You know, I feel all warm and fuzzy.”  Turning to his lover, he asked, “How 'bout you?”

**Jack, behave.**

**What?  Did you hear that warm welcome?** Jack asked, not the least bit remorseful about his remark.

**So, he's not eager for our help; Warrick is, and Sam doesn't seem to mind,** Daniel noted.  ~She's just a girl out for a good time,~ he smirked.

“Major Carter, if you are to be my co-pilot, you will need to know how the ship works,” Warrick stated, passing Sam a thick book.

Sam took the book, asking, “What is this?” as she looked down at the open volume.

Warrick answered, “A complete operations manual for the Seberus.”  As Jack and Daniel peeked over Sam's shoulder, Warrick explained, “I had it translated for you.”

“Thank you,” Sam answered brightly as she reviewed one of the schematics in the book.

As Daniel made a face, Jack observed, “That's not our language.”

~Definitely not my language,~ Daniel thought as he turned and began walking away from the group.

Sam answered, “It's mine, Sir.”

“Right,” Jack responded, looking over his shoulder at his slowly fleeing lover.  **Where are you going?** he asked.  ~You can't leave yet.  I'm still here!~

**Away from that mumbo jumbo,** Daniel answered.  **That gibberish gives me a headache.  Babe, you don't want me to have a headache, do you**

**No, no, no!  No headaches.  Danny!**

Jack's frustrations increased when Teal'c finagled his way out of the meetings Warrick had arranged for them with high ranking government officials and leaders of the largest businesses on the planet.

“T, you comin'?” Jack asked.

Standing tall, the Jaffa replied, “MajorCarter has requested that I remain so that I may assist her.”

Jack's eyes widened slightly, and Sam smiled nervously.  In response, Teal'c simply gave his two teammates a small, inscrutable smile.

“She did?” Jack asked skeptically at the exact same time Sam asked, “I did?”

“Indeed,” Teal'c responded, staring intently at Sam, his eyes imploring her to go along.

Getting the message, Sam stated, “Right.  Yes, thank you.”

Not missing a beat, Teal'c informed Jack, “I do not wish to disappoint MajorCarter.”

**Danny, I've been had.**

**It's not the first time, Babe.**

Hiding his growl, Jack remarked, “Yes.  I know the feeling.”

As he faced Jack, Warrick, who would be leading Jack and Daniel to meet with the Hebridan leaders, politely asked, “Shall we?”

A tad reluctantly, Jack told the Jaffa, “Stay in touch,” then he and Daniel exited with Warrick.

**Danny, he lied.  That big Jaffa told a great, big lie!**

**Jack, if you could get out of these meetings, wouldn't you?**

**In a heartbeat,* Jack admitted.

**Then give Teal'c credit for finding a way out of the negotiations and ...**

**Having fun with Carter?**

**Something like that,** Daniel agreed.  **But also giving us one less person to sneak away from when the, uh, moment presents itself.**

**I like the way you think!**
//End of Flashback//

The remainder of the day's activities had Sam becoming closer acquainted with the Seberus, Teal'c learning the computer systems that he and Eamon would be watching as the race occurred, and Jack and Daniel making initial contact with the planet's diplomats.

As night came, Sam and Teal'c remained at the hangar since there was much to be done and learned before the race began.

Meanwhile, Jack and Daniel were given accommodations in separate rooms.  Normally, that wouldn't have been an obstacle, but the rooms were in separate buildings on opposite sides of the city.  Making matters even worse for the desperate lovers, there was no way to sneak in a rendezvous since their accommodations were with leaders of the diplomatic community, something that had Jack gritting his teeth.

It was definitely a long, lonely night for the separated couple.


Bright and early the next morning, as the race began, Jack and Daniel met with the planet's leaders and began to discuss what each planet had to offer the other.  When a deal was finally made, Jack was happy; that is, until the celebration began, and the couple was caught up in even more festivities.


“Make it fast, Jack,” Daniel urged quite a while later.  ~What's his problem?  He's taking forever.  Doesn't he know I have needs here?~

“I will.  Just be patient,” Jack said a bit abruptly.  ~Geez, it's not like I'm doing this on purpose.  Friggin' communications junk.  Doesn't he know I have needs here?~

“Patient?  *You* are telling *me* to be patient?” Daniel challenged.  ~That's a first.  Hurry it up, Jack!~

“Look, Daniel, it wasn't my idea to make this call, you know,” Jack chided as he stared down at the equipment.  ~We could be taking care of these needs, if we didn't have to make this call.~

“I was just trying to give us a reason for leaving the celebration party.  You didn't have to take me literally,” Daniel said, starting to raise his voice.

“Are you suggesting we start off our negotiations with Habitude ...”

“Hebridan,” the younger man corrected.

“Whatever,” Jack stated.  “With a lie?”

“Just get on with it,” Daniel ordered.  “We can discuss ethics later.”

The four-stage race Sam and Warrick were competing in was well in progress.  After two stages, four of the ten participating ships had dropped out, and the Seberus was in last place, having suffered a power outage.  As the third leg began, three more ships dropped out, leaving just the Seberus and two others.

Teal'c was monitoring the race with Eamon at the control center in the building that normally housed the Seberus.  Eamon was suspicious that his supervisor, Del Tynan, had accessed his computers without permission.  The two decided to investigate the suspicious activity by confronting Tynan at his Tech Con office.

Jack and Daniel had sat through hours of meetings, the highlight of which had been the fruit tray, which Jack had enjoyed tremendously.  Now, though, they were finally 'free', if they could just get through this check-in with their teammate.

“Daniel, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can get back to the *real* agenda,” the older man stated as he sat down and studied the communications system in front of him.  “Where's Carter when you need her?”

“In a freakin' race, right where she wants to be!” Daniel whined, anxious to get out of their current location and to some place more appropriate for a private tet-a-tet.  “Get on with it, Jack, so we can be where *we* want to be.”

Jack chuckled, though he, too, shared Daniel's frustration.  They had twice attempted to make their getaway from the endless stream of meetings.  Twice they had been alone just long enough to get hot and bothered and 'up'.  Twice they had been interrupted before Daniel got to enjoy the full pleasures and satisfaction of their escape.  To say the younger man was frustrated wouldn't be doing his emotions justice.

“Jack, make the freakin' call,” Daniel ordered as he stood with his arms folded.

“I'm trying.  Chill, will ya?” Jack snapped, squinting at the panel and prodding at various likely controls.

“Chill?  You're the one who is going to *chill*, Colonel, and all ... by ... yourself.”

“I'm calling; I'm calling,” Jack said, finally hitting the right buttons, connecting him to the spaceship that Warrick and Sam were on.

“Carter, you there?” Jack asked.

Surprised by the call, Sam responded a bit hesitantly with, “Colonel, Sir.”

Pleased at the successful connection, Jack looked back at his lover, saying, “I got it to work.”

Daniel stationed himself behind Jack's shoulder and in view of the screen.  He was anxious to get the call over and done with.

Turning back to the video screen, Jack asked his 2IC, “How's it going up there?”

Sam admitted, “We ran into a little trouble, but we're fine now.”

“Sure?” Jack questioned.  ~Say you're sure, Carter.  Danny and I have plans.~

“Yeah.  How's it going down there?” Sam asked.

~Down *is* the word,~ Daniel thought silently.  Before Jack could begin a lengthy complaint about the meetings, he said, “Uh ... good.”  He leaned forward over Jack's left shoulder, their heads nearly touching.  ~I talk faster.~

Jack glanced quickly at the side of Daniel's neck and swallowed, all kinds of impure thoughts racing through his mind.

Daniel continued, “We, um, we're going to help them bring a Stargate here, and in exchange, we get an ion drive to study.”  ~And I really have things I'd like to do besides talking with politicians and getting race updates.  Nothing, uh, personal, but I'm about ready to explode.~

“Really?” Sam asked.

Jack replied smugly, “Yes, so no need to take any chances up there.”

The archaeologist stood up straight and backed away again, which Jack was thankful for, because if his lover had stayed that close for much longer, he wouldn't have been responsible for his actions.  He continued the call for another minute.  Then the older man leaned forward and disconnected the transmission.  He turned back and smiled amorously at his lover, raising his eyebrows.

“Jack, not here!” Daniel warned, seeing the lust in Jack's eyes.

“Where would you suggest?” Jack inquired.

“Well, somewhere that's *not* where one of the dignitaries can walk in at any time.”

“I have an idea,” Jack replied, standing.  Brushing by Daniel, he leaned over and kissed the side of his neck.  ~Couldn't resist.~  “Reflex,” he teased when Daniel looked at him in surprise.

“I'm going to kill him,” Daniel responded, feeling his body react yet again.  “Gawd.”


“It's tiny, Jack.  This is your idea ofmmmph ...”

With the slamming of the door, Daniel's objection to a quickie in the first linen closet Jack could find were silenced by an O'Neill Special, the kiss that was certified to take the younger man's legs from normal to Jell-O in zero-to-three seconds.  His knees wobbled during the kiss as he forgot about any objections he may have had to the location of their aggressive fondling.

Excitedly, each removed the other's green BDU jacket, and Daniel was pulling up Jack's black shirt so he could kiss the hairy chest he adored.  He went lower, his fingers fumbling but working quickly to undo Jack's belt, button, and zipper.  As he lowered the pants, revealing Jack's erection, Daniel was set to begin his pleasure when all of a sudden he stopped, his tongue languishing on his soulmate's length.

“Danny?” Jack asked, looking down.

“Oh, no, O'Neill, *not* this time,” Daniel said, standing up and giving his lover a pointed look.

“Oh, no, wha...oh!” Jack smirked, realizing that this time, Daniel would be taken care of first.  ~Oh, this is gonna be good, Dannyboy.~

After a few more gentle kisses and a whispered “I love you so much,” Jack's passion flamed and took control.

The colonel grabbed Daniel possessively by the shoulders and pinned him against the wall, his eyes dark with lust.  Just the sight of those eyes was enough to cause Daniel to shiver with anticipation. Jack kissed Daniel hard, little moans escaping from the younger man's throat as their tongues dueled.

Jack smoothly unfastened Daniel's belt and zipper, and, with one last look in his lover's eyes, he lowered the green pants to the floor, following them down to settle on his knees.  With great enthusiasm, Jack worked his lover, his tongue and mouth performing all the right actions while his fingers gripped Daniel's bare hips.

Daniel's fists were clenched in Jack's hair, and his head was thrown back against the plastered wall as he felt the waves of sensation rising from Jack's earnest efforts.  He didn't know if he could hold on much longer.  He'd been teased so many times that he thought that all Jack would have to do was touch his shaft, and he'd explode, but he fought to wait, to enjoy every touch, suck, lick, and stroke Jack made.  Nothing else existed for the young man at this moment, except the sensations and pleasure his Silver Fox was lavishing on him.

Daniel couldn't wait.  With his eyes tightly shut, his hands moved to grip Jack's shoulders.  He tried to remain quiet; knowing they could be heard through the door, but he couldn't hold back the gasps when wave upon wave of his release filled Jack for several seconds.  Daniel's chest heaved in and out from the pleasure he felt.

Jack's passion and hunger for Daniel hadn't diminished with his lover's release.  He had plans for more, *now*, and with Daniel still glowing and breathing hard, he stood and, with a quick peck to his Heart's lips, lowered the willing man down to the floor.  It was a tight fit for the tall men in the small closet, surrounded by crisp, white, folded linen.

Knowing time was limited, Jack prepared his soulmate quickly with one hand while rubbing Daniel's sweaty chest with the other, all the while kissing his neck and breathing in Daniel's scent.  He then entered with his shaft, going gently at first, but then speeding up and pressing deeper ... and deeper ... and deeper.

“Jack,” Daniel called out demandingly, the younger man's hands grasping for something to hold on to as Jack pounded against his prostate.  He didn't want it to end.  He could feel himself growing hard again as Jack worked rapidly, the sweat falling from his brow.  “Jack!” he called out again in pleasure.

The older man grunted and let out sounds of his efforts as Daniel reached down and began to work his own length, the nails of his other hand scratching desperately to find purchase against the wall.

“Danny!” Jack called as he thrust his length one last time inside his lover.

As Daniel worked himself to completion, the lovers came together, both unable to breathe as the sensations flooded their bodies.  Jack's arms and knees could no longer support his weight, and he collapsed onto his lover's chest.

“Good ... more ... wish,” Daniel said in his euphoria.  It was the Daniel-speak that only Jack knew, and that fact continued to fill the older man with pleasure.  “Want ... closet ... gawd ... first ... good.”

Jack chuckled, his fiery lustful passion finally releasing its hold, and replied, “I love you, Angel.”

“Too, love,” Daniel said, his speech still fractured as the lovers settled.


It wasn't easy, but the lovers finally found a place to clean up.  Soon thereafter, they became aware that they had a missing teammate, Teal'c, and that something was amiss on Hebridan.  Teal'c hadn't responded to their check-ins.  They didn't think anything was seriously wrong yet, but decided to go to Tech Con headquarters and see what they could find out there.

Feeling refreshed and pretty sappy, the two approached the receptionist who was seated behind a white counter inside the Tech Con lobby.

“I'm sorry, I can't let you inside the complex without clearance,” the brunette stated with the calm aloofness of receptionists across the galaxy.

Daniel replied, “We're looking for people we think are inside the building.”

The receptionist responded, “If you give me their names, I can check and see if they're here.”

“Okay.  One of them is named ...” Daniel began as he hunched over the counter, but he hesitated, not remembering the name.

**Euphoria still interrupting your brainwaves, Love?**  Jack spoke, “Eamon.”

“Eamon,” Daniel agreed, smiling.  **That tells you how long it's been.**

**Or that I'm just very good,** Jack smirked.

“And his cousin, Murray?” the receptionist inquired, remembering the handsome stranger who had signed in with Eamon.

Excitedly, Jack echoed, “Murray!  Yes, that's them.”

Smiling, the woman acknowledged, “Yes, they're here.”

Daniel replied, “Good.  Can we go inside now?”

Still smiling, the woman said, “No.”

**Jack, let's not stand here all day.**

**Got it handled.**  “All right,” Jack began smugly, his post-coital spiky hair clearly evident at this point.  “Here's what I'd like you to do.  Pick up that phone, call Mister Whoever-Runs-This-Place ...”

“Hagan,” Daniel said.  **Brain cells kicking in now.**

“Hagan,” Jack said.  **Glad to hear it, Danny.  This may be a new record, and I wasn't even trying that hard.**


The receptionist spoke, “I'm sorry, but I just can't.  There's ...”

Jack interjected, “We're old friends. Tell him Mister Man-who-has-the-Stargate is here to see him.  He'll understand.”

With a hint of playful arrogance, Daniel reiterated, “Stargate” to the woman, who was a tad taken aback by their twin smirks.

Gesturing vaguely towards the woman's headset, Jack urged, “Go ahead -- buttons, phone ...”

Pressing a button and speaking into her headset, the woman said, “Mister Hagan, please.”

Happy, Jack looked at Daniel and exclaimed, “Nice!”  **I've still got it, Danny.**

**Uh,** Daniel looked around.  **So do I!** he said as he covertly reached over and quickly grabbed hold of Jack's pants, effectively squeezing his lover's privates.

Jack's eyes widened in surprise as he exclaimed, “Daniel!”

With a pleased look, Daniel chuckled and then nonchalantly walked away, whistling.

“Is something wrong?” the receptionist asked.

“No, no, nothing's wrong,” Jack said.  **Paybacks, Love.**

**Counting on it, Babe.**


By the end of the race's third stage, Warrick and Sam knew their ship had been sabotaged.  Fortunately, though, they had made great headway in working around the damage and had even rescued a fellow pilot whose ship had been beyond repair, not that he'd been particularly gracious.  After combining their technical skills to get the ship functioning again, they were contacted by Tynan, who told Warrick that he was holding Eamon and 'Murray' hostage, thereby forcing Warrick and Sam to drop out of the race.

At the same time, unaware of their teammates' situations, Jack and Daniel were waiting to speak with Mister Hagan.  They'd been taken to a large rectangular-shaped room.  To the left of the door was a chair, which Jack immediately noticed.  It seemed to call out to him, especially since his knees were letting him know that they didn't appreciate their prolonged contact with the hard floor of the linen closet, and he was still in a playful frame of mind.  He really didn't think Teal'c was in trouble, but, rather, was off on his own adventure with Eamon.

Just beyond the chair was a pond that ran from the outer wall towards the building corridor.  For an office building, it was a very peaceful setting.

“Danny, do you really think Teal'c and this Eat Man guy are in trouble?” Jack asked, slinking down into the chair and pulling Daniel onto his lap.

“Jack, we can't do this here,” Daniel whined, struggling to get up.  “And it's Eamon.”

“Why not?” Jack teased and then kissed his lover soundly.

“Mmm.  I ... because someone might walk in any time now.  They might even have security cameras.  Let me ... goooo,” Daniel ordered as he finally freed himself.

“Fine.  I'm going to take a nap then,” Jack stated a tad childishly as he pulled his cap over his eyes and settled into a more relaxed position in the chair.  ~Besides, I need to have my strength back for our next mind-blowing sex session, which will be as soon as we get out of here.~

**See!** Daniel communicated as he stood by the chair.

At that moment, an armed guard had walked in to wait with the couple.

Daniel just shook his head as he walked away, though he was still spinning from that kiss.  He wished they could just leave and find another closet to make love in, but he knew they both wanted to make sure Teal'c was okay.

Time passed, and as Jack rested, Daniel tapped the sole of his shoe absently against the surface of the water in the indoor pool.  He wished his shoes were off so he could feel the water against his skin.  Then, he heard voices and realized other people were entering the room.

**Jack, wake up,** Daniel said as Hagan finally showed up.

**But I was having a really hot dream.  You were naked, and we ...**


Jack jerked upright and slid off the chair, pushing it back and nearly scooting it into the pond.  He began to walk over towards Daniel, rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up properly and get the vision of a naked Daniel out of his head.

“Doctor Jackson, Colonel O'Neill,” Hagan said, watching as Jack moved closer.  “Sorry to keep you waiting. It's so nice to see you again. What can I do for you?”

Daniel answered, “Um, we think a ... member of our group might, somehow, be lost inside your building with, uh, with one of your employees.”

“Lost?” Hagan questioned.  “That seems unlikely.”

Jack said, “Well.”  He paused, then explained, “You've gotta know the guy.”

“Of course.  Come with me,” Hagan beckoned, leading the two to Del Tynan's office.

Since Eamon and Teal'c were present in the office, the two were easily 'rescued' with little effort or resistance.

Eyeing Teal'c and Eamon with their hands tied behind their backs and dressed in the red bellboy-like attire they were wearing, Daniel approached his friend and said, “Nice outfit.”  Without a pause, he added, “You guys okay?“

“Indeed,” Teal'c answered.

Jack teased, “How many times have I told you, don't get caught by the bad guys?”

Ignoring Jack's quip, Teal'c explained Tynan's motivations, saying the man claimed, “he was protecting his people from a Serrakin conspiracy to enslave the humans of this world.”

Tynan retaliated, “I did what I had to.  Your kind are a disease.”

Eamon argued, “The only disease here is greed.  If he was protecting anything, it's a deal he made with Muirios, which, I suspect, was quite lucrative.”

Now that the hostage situation was under control, Eamon quickly walked over to the communication panel and let Warrick know they were safe so he and Sam could re-enter the race.

Though it was close, Warrick and Sam only managed a second place finish; still, to Sam, her participation in the race was well worth her time and effort.


With Teal'c assisting Eamon in the post-race analysis, Jack and Daniel waited inside the hangar for the Seberus to return.

“Jack, I was thinking.”

“Always dangerous,” Jack teased.

“Oh, I don't know.  I've been thinking closed spaces, heavy breathing, naked bodies ...”

“Daniel, you're talking, you know,” Jack warned, looking around to see if anyone was nearby.

“If I'm making you nervous, I could get *up* and then *down* and then *up* and *down* and *up* ...” Daniel began tauntingly.

Jack closed his eyes, trying to shut out his lover's voice.  He was getting hard, and this was so not the time and place for it.

“Daniel!  Stop it!” the older man ordered.

“Stop what, Babe?” Daniel asked innocently.  “I was just talking about getting up.  Do you want me to go?  But then, I'd have to *come* back.”

“I want you to shut up!” Jack stated forcefully, but quietly.

“That's part of what I was thinking.  Shutting up, getting up, coming over, going down, lots of shouting, grinding, sweating ...”

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Jack whined as he crossed his legs in desperation.

Daniel smiled to himself at a job well done.


Back at the SGC, Daniel had teased his lover for hours, just as a bit of payback for the frustration of the two days on Hebridan.  Their linen closet session had been followed by an intense coupling at home that night back.  Both men had been left satiated beyond belief, and Daniel, especially, had been left as happy as a puppy who had just found a child to love.  Then Daniel left to handle the relocation project.

Now that their latest separation was over, one that had lasted a little longer than anticipated due to interference from Ba'al, with an assist from a bumbling scientist named Felger, the archaeologist was ready for some more suggestive fun.  He'd started in on his soulmate the moment they'd been reunited, and he hadn't stopped since.

Daniel picked up the phone in the corner of the corridor.  It was a fairly secluded cubbyhole area.  Looking around, making sure no one was within hearing distance, he dialed Jack's office.

“O'Neill,” Jack answered formally.

In his sexiest voice and grateful the phones weren't monitored, Daniel spoke, “Up and down, hot and bothered, you and me, naked, sweaty, pounding away.  I'm in you, and ... Oops, gotta go.”

“DANIEL!” Jack barked and then stared at the handset of the phone, frustrated by the dial tone he was hearing.

Sam had just stopped her forward motion, having seen Daniel on the phone, and had called out, “Hey.”

Hearing her call, Daniel had immediately gotten off the phone, leaving a hardening Jack in distress once again.

**Daniel, you are so dead!**

Smiling as he ignored Jack's silent shout, Daniel said, “Hey” back to Sam and moved to walk with his teammate and friend.

“I just heard from Warrick,” Sam told Daniel.  “The winner of the race hired him as co-pilot on her new contract with Tech Con.”

“That's great,” Daniel responded.

“Yeah.  He sounded really happy,” Sam said a bit flatly.

Daniel observed, “You don't.”  As they chatted about the ion propulsion drive Sam still had to study, he then correctly deduced, “You're just sore that you lost.”

Sam admitted, “Well, come on.  It wasn't fair, bunch of cheaters.”

Grinning, the archaeologist inquired enticingly, “So, whatcha gonna do?”

As they turned a corner, the blonde answered emphatically, “Next year, I'm gonna kick butt.”

“Speaking of butt, I have to take care of something,” Daniel smirked.

Sam stopped, her eyes as big as quarters as she exclaimed quietly, “Daniel!”

Smirking, Daniel said, “I sort of left him, uh, well ...”

“Daniel, T.M.I.  Go on!” the blonde urged as she laughed from embarrassment.

“On and on and on ...” Daniel continued teasingly.

“Daniel!” Sam exclaimed with big, bright eyes, shooing him away.

Heading back towards Jack's office, Daniel grinned.  The frustration hadn't been all that bad, and actually, the last few days had been pretty good; fun, even.

**Babe, sign out,** Daniel communicated bluntly as he changed his direction.

**Daniel, you have your nerve, telling me to ...**

**Naked, you and me, in forty minutes, if you move your butt.  Hot, sweaty, up and down and up and down ...**

**Last one home is bottom ...** Jack bargained as he headed for his office door.

Laughing, Daniel made a beeline for the elevator that would take him to the parking level.  The truth was, for these two soulmates, top or bottom, up or down, tiny alien linen closet or home in bed, equaled the same thing -- bliss -- and he couldn't wait to experience it yet again with the man he loved.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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