Author: Orrymain
Category: Slash, Drama, Romance, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Established Relationship
Pairing: Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating: PG-13
Season: 4 - July 24-26, 2000
Spoilers: Crossroads
Written: March 6, March 13, 2021
Summary: When Teal'c is reunited with an old flame, sparks fly, putting SG-1 in a difficult situation.
Disclaimer: Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't. A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

by Orrymain

"Daniel, there's something between those two," Jack said as he and his lover headed for the conference room.

"Leaping to conclusions?"

"No leap to make," Jack claimed. "When this Shaun'auc of the Red Hills showed up using Bra'tac's IDC, you could feel the electricity. Teal'c forgot the gate room was full of SFs. They spoke some Jaffa lovey dovey words and then she unloaded the bomb."

Daniel mused, "Lovey dovey? Jack, when did you learn the language of the Jaffa?"

"No words necessary, Daniel. This was body language, very clear and obvious body language."

"And, uh, the bomb?"

"Something about having information that could destroy the Goa'uld."

"Okay, that's, uh, definitely something," Daniel said as the two arrived on Level 28.

Jack sighed, "She called me Teal'c's apprentice." He ignored his soulmate's chuckle and continued, "but Hammond was a great and strong leader among humans."

"It's okay, Jack," the archaeologist assured as he failed to hide his amusement.

"Well, as an afterthought, she did say I was a warrior of great skill and cunning."

"Okay, we're good then, right?"

Jack shrugged just as the two entered the conference room and took their seats. This was bound to be an interesting meeting, if only in the fun of watching Teal'c and Shaun'auc. Quickly, though, the colonel's attention went to the presence of Doctor Janet Fraiser. While her participation in briefings wasn't uncommon, it didn't usually happen until some situation involved something medical.

The briefing went on for several minutes until Shaun'auc collapsed to the floor in great pain and was sent to the infirmary. Once Janet completed an examination, Jack and General Hammond would go there and get an update.

Until then, Jack was walking with his archaeologist back to Daniel's office.

"Did you see that snake just pop right out of her and dance around?" Jack asked with some disgust.

"It wasn't dancing."

"No, it was looking for a new host," Jack stated strongly. "That's so not going to happen here."

"Well, it's not what she wants," Daniel reminded. "She wants a Tok'ra host."

"She can have one, if they agree," Jack responded. "So, what do you think?"

"Well, it's certainly different. I mean, as far as we know, there's no way to communicate with a symbiote. If she can really do that, it could open up a lot of possibilities for the Jaffa."

"Great weapon against the Goa'uld: befriend them and get them to betray their own." Jack shook his head. "I'm not buying it."

"I don't know that I do, either. She said she was able to do it with kelno'reem, but the Jaffa have been doing kelno'reem since they carried the larval Goa'uld in the beginning."

"Did you understand all that medical mumbo jumbo?" Jack asked.

"You mean about the exchange of hormones and electrical impulses on an unconscious level?"

"There's that."

"Basically, Janet was just saying the symbiote is essentially an internal organ to the Jaffa and the exchange of hormones and impulses is part of their immune system."

"Forget the tech stuff," Jack said as the two used the elevator to go up several levels. "I just don't believe she can chitchat with a Goa'uld."

"Well, that's her claim, only that they do it with feelings and images and not actual words."

"Right, a Goa'uld wants to join the Tok'ra and tell all."

"We should remain open-minded," Daniel put forth. "It won't be long before we know anyway. I mean, her symbiote's matured and has to move on to another host, so either a Tok'ra gives this a shot or the symbiote goes to the next Jaffa and life goes on that way."

"Call me skeptical," Jack said as the couple exited the elevator. "I don't believe a friggin' Goa'uld that says it doesn't want to harm anyone." He paused and sighed, "She seems like a nice lady, but I don't believe she's rehabilitated, or whatever, a baby Goa'uld who's now grown up and ready to do what Goa'uld do, none of which is good."

"Well, let me know what happens. I'll be ... in here," Daniel said, having arrived at his office door.

"Did you see the static in the air between Teal'c and Shaun'auc?"

"Maybe. We'll talk about it later."

Daniel entered his office and Jack headed for the infirmary to find out whatever Janet might have learned.


In the medical bay, Janet reported that Shaun'auc's symbiote was fully adult and that her immune system was breaking down. In fact, the physician was concerned about the Goa'uld leaving the woman's body and taking that of another without warning. She brought up quarantine as a possibility to protect the personnel at Cheyenne Mountain.

Shaun'auc awoke, thanks to the Goa'uld neutralizing the sedative she was given. In speaking of this, she used the word for child, which angered Teal'c.

"The demon you carry within you is no child," the Jaffa insisted.

Shaun'auc argued, "Do I not carry it in me as I would my own? Have I not taught it right from wrong as any mother would? You have closed your mind, Teal'c. I expected more."

Teal'c and his old flame discussed the situation privately after Jack and the general left the infirmary and Janet moved away.

"The others I can understand, but you have known me since before I went to the temple. How can you doubt me? This is my life's work!" Shaun'auc stated.

"A life lived in worship of the Goa'uld," Teal'c responded.

"No, I believe now as you do that they are false gods."

"Words from one who became a priestess in the temple."

Shaun'auc emotionally explained, "One day as I meditated in the temple with the others, I heard the thoughts of my symbiote. Dreams that were not my own. I reached out to him with my mind and I heard it answer, not in words, but in grotesque images and pain. I realized then that the being that I carried was no god, a powerful mind, yes, but not that of a god. I dedicated my life that day to showing it the way of peace. It understands now that the Goa'uld are an abomination. Can you not see what it is that I offer?"

"Bra'tac is wise, but I do not know why he would have sent you here like this."

"He believes, Teal'c. How can I make you believe too?"

"There is a way."


Sam walked into the archaeologist's office and called out, "Hey, Daniel."



"Just, just researching the Goa'uld," Daniel answered as he stared at a binder full of images and other information collected on the Goa'uld of the last several years.

"What do you think?" Sam asked. "Do you think it's possible for a Jaffa to convince a Goa'uld to turn into a good guy?"

"Well, anything's possible, and I think we should be open to ... possibilities, but I'm not sure it's really happening."

"You think maybe she wants it to be true so much that she's convinced herself that it's happening, like with a false pregnancy."

"Maybe, but Bra'tac apparently believes her, so ..."

"So, maybe we should let this play out."

"We may have to let the Tok'ra decide."

Sam looked the photo to see what Daniel was looking at.

"Here," Daniel said, standing and walking in front of his desk. He pulled out a book and began leafing though it while telling Sam, "See if you can find anything."

Sam nodded and sat down at Daniel's desk. She picked up the binder and studied the image of the Goa'uld that appeared on the screen. Daniel sighed, unable to find what he wanted and began to search through various files atop his desk for the one he wanted.

A few seconds later, Jack walked inside the office.

"How is she?" Sam asked.

Jack answered, "Ah, Fraiser says she has maybe a couple of days tops. Find anything?"

"No, but Teal'c knows more on the subject than I ever will," Daniel replied.

"He sure doesn't believe her," Sam noted.

Leaning down on the desk, Jack remarked, "Well, there may be more than meets the eye here. I'm thinkin' they got history."

"History?" the blonde asked.

"Oh, yeah," Jack affirmed confidently.

Daniel refuted, "She's a temple priestess."


"So, they don't do a lot of dating."

"Maybe not, but there was some serious sparkage when she arrived!" Jack asserted.

"Okay, the question is, what if she's telling the truth?" Sam put forward.

"So what? She can't tell the Tok'ra any more than they already know, can she?" Jack asked.

"Actually, Sir, she can. The Tok'ra ..."

" ... consider themselves different than the Goa'uld, I know, but let's call a snake a snake, shall we?" the colonel interrupted.

Sam replied, "Physiologically, they're both parasitical and pass on their knowledge through genetic memory, yes, but the majority of the Tok'ra left the Goa'uld gene pool over two-thousand years ago."

Daniel added, "Yeah, they probably learned a thing or two in that time."

Sam continued, "Which makes Shaun'auc's symbiote very valuable, Sir, to us and the Tok'ra."

"If Teal'c doesn't buy it, then I don't buy it, and there's no way of proving it, so what are you going to do?" Jack returned.

At that point, Teal'c entered the room and requested the assistance of his teammates.


"So, that was ..." Jack began as he and Daniel were heading for the conference room later in the day.

"... unusual," the colonel and Daniel spoke in unison.

Jack, Daniel, and Sam were just in Teal'c's quarters where the Jaffa for the first time ever went into the deepest state of kelno'reem during which his heart stopped. It was a forbidden practice, but according to the visitor in the infirmary, that was the only time when she successfully communicated with her symbiote.

"Teal'c says his saw his old man," Jack recalled about the event.

"Not just that he saw him. Teal'c saw Cronus murder him," Daniel pointed out.

"Well, vision or not, what I got out of that was that Junior hates Teal'c. Why wouldn't the snake inside Shaun'auc hate her, too?" Jack questioned.

"The point is that Teal'c felt the communication with his symbiote, and if he claims there was contact, than Shaun'auc could be telling the truth."

"And now we get to spend time with Anise. Isn't that special?" Jack quipped.

"Behave, Jack. They're here to be helpful."



During the briefing, the origin of the Tok'ra was discussed. It all began with their queen, Egeria, Roman goddess of both fountains and childbirth, who broke from the Goa'uld over two-thousand years ago. It was her offspring that became the Tok'ra.

As Anise explained it, "Egeria came to the Tau'ri to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans through the Stargate as slaves. Ra found her and killed her, but not before she spawned our movement."

The Tok'ra have not grown in numbers, which Anise also explained.

"Very few Goa'uld came over to our side, but none in the past few hundred years. Our numbers have diminished as symbiotes unable to find new hosts died or fell in battle. That is why Shaun'auc's offer is so provocative. Until the symbiote is blended with a host, we cannot be sure of the outcome; but if what she claims is correct, we could one day increase our numbers."

Anise decided to take Shaun'auc's offer to the Tok'ra Council, but she stated it would be a difficult decision. Before she left, Teal'c reminded Anise that the symbiote was fully mature and Shaun'auc could only carry it for another day or two. He pleaded for a symbiote to replace the mature one so that Shaun'auc could live.

"I do not wish for her to die," Teal'c stated solemnly.

Anise promised to do her best to find another symbiote, but offered no assurances she would be successful.


Teal'c went to the VIP quarters where Shaun'auc was now staying. He updated her on the current status with the Tok'ra. The female again experienced pain, which alarmed the Jaffa, who didn't understand why she waited so long to contact the Tau'ri.

"I was afraid you would not believe. Since word came to the temple that you betrayed Apophis, I have thought of you every day."

"As a Shol'va?"

"No, Teal'c. Because of you, my doubts became certainties. When we were children, you were always the strongest, the bravest. That you would one day be First Prime was never doubted, but then you did what no Jaffa before you had ever done. You challenged the gods themselves and won." Shaun'auc stroked Teal'c's face. "Among many on Chulak, you are as revered as the gods once were and yet you walk away."

"My place is here," Teal'c stated firmly.

"Is it? Bra'tac cannot be expected to bear the burden alone. It was you who first began walking this path. Do not abandon those who have followed you this far."

"I have abandoned no one."

"When I die and you are the only one capable of teaching others what I have learned, what will you do then?"

Teal'c returned, "Do not concern yourself with me."

"I have all but given my life for a cause that you inspired!"

Teal'c eventually started to leave the priestess, when she asked him about communicating with his symbiote. He told her everything.

Teal'c and Shaun'auc continued to talk until finally they kissed passionately after he admitted he did not want to lose her for a second time. The two Jaffa spent the night together.


That night, Jack and Daniel spent time relaxing while listening to music in the living room of Jack's country-style home.

"Danny, I'm telling you: sparkage."

"I'm not arguing, Babe, but why do you keep talking about it?"

"I'm not sure," Jack admitted. "Something about Teal'c is bothering me."

"Maybe it's that this ... sparkage seems so strong to you, but yet, he's siding with us. I mean, he's skeptical."

"Could be."

"Jack, I have a suggestion."

"Which is?"

"Sparkage, as you say, is a wonderful thing. How about we create some of our own."

"We'll spark the night away," Jack sing-songed as the lovers kissed and headed for the bedroom to ignite all kinds of electricity between them.


The following morning, Daniel was ready to go off-world with his team after word came that the Tok'ra accepted Shaun'auc's offer, but he needed to bring his lover up to speed on something. He approached his soulmate and subtly lured him away from Sam and Teal'c, who were still gearing up.

"Jack, the craziest thing just happened with Teal'c before we got the message about the Tok'ra agreeing to the offer. I mean, it was strange. I think we have a problem."

"What happened?" the older man asked while he adjusted his BDUs slightly.

"I was going to ask Teal'c to have breakfast with me."

"Danny, you said you weren't hungry this morning."

"Well, uh, okay, I confess, Jack. I didn't want Froot Loops and since you haven't gone shopping in a while, that's all you had."

"So, you figured you'd sneak a meal in the mess hall while I wasn't looking."

"Something like that, but about Teal'c."

"Okay, I'm listening," Jack responded.

"I bumped into him in the corridor near Shaun'auc's room, and he was ... peppy."


"Peppy," Daniel affirmed. "He wasn't interested in breakfast, but I wanted to let him know I was around if he wanted to talk."


"And he grabbed me by the shoulders and went on about the days of the Goa'uld being numbered because of being able to communicate with them."


"And he said if this works, he plans to remain at Shaun'auc's side."

"Yep, that's a problem," Jack agreed.

"One more thing."

"It can't be any worse." The colonel saw his Love's grim expression. "Can it?"

"He also said if Shaun'auc died, he wouldn't allow her ... sacrifice to be in vain."

Jack let out a quiet groan as he glanced over at the Jaffa.

"Thanks. We need to get going," the colonel said as he headed out of the gear up room. "Let's move," he ordered the others.


On Vorash, SG-1 and Shaun'auc met with Anise, who introduced them to Hebron of Paraval. Hebron was willing to be the new host to the Goa'uld inside Shaun'auc. Jack was still doubtful, but Hebron remained firm in his desire. With the female again experiencing great pain, the Goa'uld transferred into Hebron's body.

The Goa'uld explained, "There was no more time. Shaun'auc's life was in grave danger. I had to act." After ensuring the new Goa'uld was ready for Shaun'auc, Hebron's Goa'uld announced, "I am Tanith. It is my honor to pledge my allegiance to the Tok'ra."


With the transference an apparent success, Jack wanted some of the promised Intel, but Anise said it wasn't the right time. She pointed out Tanith wanted to join the Tok'ra, not the SGC.

Jack felt lied to yet again, and even Sam questioned the lack of information being given to them. As they argued with Anise, Shaun'auc returned with Teal'c. She now had a new symbiote inside her, so she was well. The Tok'ra agreed to allow her to stay on Vorash for a while, as she requested in order to get to know Tanith better.

Tanith and the female Jaffa acted like they were family, having an emotional reunion, something that also disturbed Jack.

"I guess we'll just mosey on back to Earth; tell General Hammond how the Tok'ra boned us again," Jack spat, leaving the room and followed by his teammates.

Anise followed to try and make some type of peace with the colonel, but he wasn't having any of it.

Teal'c remained behind for a few minutes to speak with Shaun'auc while the rest of SG-1 waited for him at the Stargate.

"Jack, Teal'c's not going to leave her," Daniel opined while they waited for the Jaffa.

"There is that possibility," Jack agreed.

Teal'c, however, did catch up with his teammates and returned with them to SGC.


It was nighttime in Colorado Springs when the next briefing was held and Teal'c delivered the big news.

"It is with much sadness that I must take my leave of the SGC," the Jaffa told General Hammond.

There was some debate over whether or not the goal of getting Intel to the Tok'ra was achieved or not, especially since Jack believe the Tau'ri had an equal right to that information.

Jack continued to argue for Teal'c to remain on Earth, but the Jaffa insisted, "I belong where I am needed most, O'Neill, and that is on Chulak at Shaun'auc's side."

An off-world activation occurred, causing the conversation to cease. It was Anise and two other Tok'ra who carried a stretcher with a cloth over a presumed body. Anise told Teal'c that Shaun'auc was dead as was the symbiote she carried. Her body was found outside her chamber. Anise stated the death was the result of having carried Tanith for too long.

Anise advised, "I wanted Teal'c to have the body for whatever spiritual ritual he may wish to perform."

Daniel and Sam returned to their offices, leaving Teal'c to mourn and Jack to do whatever he needed to with General Hammond as a result of this unexpected turn of events.


Later, Jack sought out his archaeologist in his office.

"Anything new?" Daniel asked.

"Hot new."

"What does that mean?"

"Teal'c and I are headed back to Vorash. His symbiote communicated to him that Shaun'auc was murdered."

"Murdered? What? How?"

"The Doc's already proven it."


"It's a little complicated, but Teal'c says Cronus murdered his father by crushing his symbiote and in doing that, the symbiote's blood mixed in with dad's. Apparently, that makes for a painfully slow death."


"And Teal'c says Junior shared this to demonstrate Goa'uld hatred and superiority."


"And Doc did the tests and found Goa'uld blood in Shaun'auc's bloodstream and trace amounts on her hands."

"Oh, uh, and Teal'c?"

"Ready and ripe for revenge," Jack answered. "Don't count on me for even a late dinner."

"Shouldn't Sam and I ..."

"Hammond doesn't want this to become a big deal," Jack explained. "He knows he can't stop Teal'c."

"So, you're going along to keep the peace?" Daniel questioned incredulously.

"No, I'm going along in the hopes I can stop Teal'c from committing murder."

"Good luck," Daniel returned. He looked at his watch and silently quipped, ~Late dinner? We're already beyond late.~

Jack nodded and left the office.


On Vorash, Teal'c quickly went after Tanith, ignoring Anise's wishes for him to wait. He fought various guards who tried to stop him from locating the Goa'uld. Finally, though, the Tok'ra guards gained control, several of them restraining the Jaffa physically.

Jack approached, kneeled down to his friend who was on his knees as he struggled, and promised, "Teal'c, we'll get the Goa'uld out of the host."

"No," Anise negated as she approached and heard the colonel's words. "He will be infinitely more valuable to us if we do not."

~Crap! They've done it again!~ Jack accused, "You knew."

Freya, the host of Anise, responded, "We suspected, but only after her death. Teal'c, we truly had hoped Shaun'auc had succeeded, but if we allow Tanith to believe he has deceived us, we will be able to use that against the Goa'uld."

Teal'c returned, "Disinformation."

"Yes, if we control what he sees and hears, the Goa'uld will never know our true intentions. We will be able to use that advantage for months. When Tanith no longer serves a useful purpose, we will extract what Goa'uld secrets we can in other ways."

"What about the host?" Jack asked, standing and walking over to the Tok'ra.

Anise took control at that instant and advised, "He knew well the risks. When we have learned all that we can, we will try to remove the Goa'uld. We are fighting a war for our very existence. I make no apologies for the means."

"Are you okay with this, Teal'c?" Jack asked quietly.

"I am not." Teal'c stared at Anise and continued, "But I will agree, for now."

At Teal'c's insistence, the group made their way to Tanith's chambers.

"Hello, Teal'c. You must feel the pain of Shaun'auc's death as deeply as I do. It is a terrible loss to both of us and has been difficult. Why have you come to see me?"

Teal'c responded, "To look upon you and know that Shaun'auc's sacrifice will not be in vain."

"You have my promise. I hope one day we will meet again, Teal'c, and, together, remember she who meant so much to both of us."

"We will meet again," Teal'c assured. He bowed his head. "You have my promise."

"Well, if you folks will excuse us. We have things to do on Earth. Teal'c, let's go." Jack waited, watching as Teal'c continued to stare at Tanith. "Teal'c, time to go."

The colonel was relieved when Teal'c finally backed and turned away from Tanith. It was too close of a call. At any second, Jack feared his friend would do to Tanith what Cronus did to his father. Quietly, the two SG-1 teammates transported out and gated back to Earth.


Minutes before midnight, Jack entered his home. He'd smiled when he saw Daniel's car in the driveway, indicating his archaeologist was waiting for him. Sure enough, Daniel was sprawled out on the sofa, his eyeglasses danging at the edge of his nose, a National Geographic opened and barely resting between his body and the sofa, and clear signs of snack bingeing on the coffee table.

Jack kneeled down and gently tugged on his lover's arm while softly calling out, "Danny, I'm home. Danny!"



"Oh, I guess I fell asleep," the archaeologist said as he slowly sat up and put his glasses back in place. "How'd it go? How's Teal'c?"

"The Tok'ra knew, Danny. They blasted held out on us again." Jack told his Love the whole story. "Teal'c's full of hatred. I'm not sure how long he's going to let the Tok'ra play spy games with Tanith."

"He's hurting."

"Yep. I'm not very happy myself. Dang it, Daniel, the Tok'ra never tell the whole story."

"They're just protecting themselves."

"They're holding out, and I'm tired of it. I'm also just tired."

"Are you hungry?" Daniel asked. "I, uh, made you a sandwich in case you wanted something."

"Yeah?" Jack grinned. "That was nice. Let's eat."

The lovers adjourned to the kitchen where Daniel retrieved the sandwich. He even had one for himself. Keeping it simple due to the hour, they also grabbed a bag of potato chips and each selected a soda to drink. For Daniel, that was Pepsi and for Jack, it was a Coke.

The two enjoyed their impromptu meal and didn't talk anymore about Shaun'auc or what occurred on Vorash. Instead, Daniel relayed the day's sports results, pleasing his lover. They talked a few minutes about politics, too, and also about a couple of summer specials that would be on TV in the next few weeks. They talked about anything that didn't have a thing to do with the Stargate Program or Cheyenne Mountain. Finally, they went to bed, made love, and fell asleep in each other's arms. For Jack and Daniel, life was often challenging, but where there was love, and they had a lot of love, there was happiness and peace. The lovers called it their nation of two and it truly was special and unique.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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