Stepping It Up

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  4 - October 9, 2000
Spoilers:  The First Ones
Size:  11kb, ficlet
Written:  December 29-30, 2017
Summary:  After Daniel is rescued from the Unas, Jack has to step it up, only that means putting Daniel right in the thick of it, and that doesn't make the colonel happy.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!

Stepping It Up
by Orrymain

“So, I was thinking that, uh, maybe we could plan to return to ...” Daniel paused.  He was seated in a chair that he'd brought forward to be in front of Jack's desk.  He wanted to talk about an idea he had for gaining the trust of potential new allies, but his lover had an intense expression on his face and it wasn't focused on him.  Something else was distracting his lover.  “I thought maybe I'd go back and live with the Unas.  I'll send you a message every now and then.  Bye, Jack.”

As Daniel rose and headed for the closed door, Jack snapped out of his deep thought and called out, “What?  Danny, where are you going?”

Wearing a small smile, Daniel answered, “Nowhere.  I just wanted to get your attention.”  He heard a deep sigh from the other man.  “Jack, what's wrong?”

“I'm stepping it up, Daniel, but I don't like it, for you.”

Daniel walked over to the desk, stopping directly in front of it.  He folded his arms across his chest, something that steeled him from danger and the unwanted.  His arms, now stronger and bigger from having trained with Jack, protected him from hurt.  He wasn't sure what was coming, but his insides were stirring with fret.

“What are you talking about?”

Jack's brown eyes shot straight at his blue-eyed archaeologist, but they went right threw him as he remembered a moment from less than two weeks ago.  It was a normal day at Stargate Command.  With Daniel on a dig with SG-11, SG-1 was busy with on-base projects.  He was supposedly doing paperwork, although the truth was that he was teaching Teal'c how to play Hide and Seek, level by level.  Their fun was interrupted by an off-world activation that proved to be the unexpected return of Daniel's friend and SG-11 member, Robert Rothman.

The panicked Rothman reported that Daniel was kidnapped by some unknown creature, probably an Unas, that killed one of his teammates in the process.  The rest of them went after Daniel, hoping to free him.

Getting permission from General Hammond to lead the rescue mission, Jack had also stated, “Recommend units one and two, P-90s.”

It was the last part of that statement that was on the colonel's mind now, the part about the P-90 weapons.

“Daniel, Hammond and I had a meeting and we're phasing in the regular use of P-90s for all SG teams.  We want to have the conversion complete within the next few months, if possible.”


“Look,” Jack began as he stood up and walked around his desk to where Daniel stood.

In response, the scientist turned to his left to face his colonel.

“The MP-5 is a nifty little submachine gun that's worked okay for us, but it's not good enough for what we're facing these days.  We need to gain an advantage, or at least stay on par with our enemies.”

“Jack, I don't understand the problem.”

“The P-90 is a straight blowback-operated 5.7mm submachine gun that carries a fifty-round top-loading magazine of ordinance with a cyclical rate of fire of nine-hundred rounds per minute.”

“Jack, I'm an archaeologist.  I don't need the hist...”

“Yes, you do, because in one-hour your training begins.  SG units one through three will begin using the P-90 on all missions as soon as they are certified.”

“Jack ...”

“Daniel, you're an expert on a rifle.  I know that.  The Beretta is a piece of cake for you, too.  I know that; *and* you can hold your own on the MP-5.  I trust you with my life on all three.”

“Not the P-90?”

“You'll learn it,” Jack sighed, turning and walking over to stare at a shelf that held a few military knickknacks and some books.

“Jack, what's wrong?”

“I don't like it, Danny.  I have this gut feeling that the more military you have to get, the more you'll ... lose.”

“I'm not sure I know what you mean.”

“This fight with the Goa'uld is changing all of us.  I don't want you to change.  I don't want you having to learn how to use submachine guns.  I don't want you killing.”

“Neither do I, but we don't have a choice, Jack.  We've come too far.  We have to finish this, and if that means using more powerful weapons, then we have to do what we have to do.”

“You don't like killing.”

“Neither do you.”  Daniel smiled and closed the gap between he and his life partner.  He raised his right hand and caressed the colonel's cheek.  “Jack, thank you for caring, for ... wanting me to be who I am.  I wish ... I wish we didn't have to do a lot of what we do, but we're in a war for the survival of Earth and other worlds, and we, *I* can't walk away from that.”

With the door closed, Jack felt safe to take his next action.  Truth be told, he would do it even if the door were wide open.  He leaned forward and kissed his Angel, the man who made his heart soar and for whom he lived and breathed.

“I love you, Danny.  Shooting P-90s isn't part of the game plan.”

“I love you, too, and it looks I don't have a choice.  You know that, or you wouldn't have scheduled training time for me in an hour.”

“It's a great weapon: easier to grip, easier to carry, easier to deploy, but it's part of an escalation and my heart says I don't want you going there.”

“I get that.  You're naturally protective, and I guess ... I guess I don't mind that ... much, but we're in this together, Jack, so show me how to use this weapon so I can protect your back the same way you protect mine.”

“Is that an order?”

With a chuckle, Daniel answered, “No. It's a request.  We're a team, right?  That's what you always say.”

“We are a team.”

“Then teach me.  That's your job.”

Jack and Daniel kissed again before Daniel headed for the door, saying, “If training is beginning, I have a few things I need to take care of first.”

“Hey, you wanted to talk about some idea or something.”

“It'll keep.  Jack, it's okay.”

Jack nodded as he watched his lover leave his office.  At this point in life, he needed Daniel like he needed air.  He wanted his archaeologist to be free to study artifacts, learn languages, and lecture about societies.  He didn't want him killing Goa'uld or other beings with P-90 weapons, but Daniel was right.  They were a team and had been for years now.  To be part of that team, to be safe, they all needed to be proficient, experts even, with the most advanced weaponry at their disposal.

The colonel sighed and started back for his desk when his office door opened and shut again, only this time he saw the lock turned.  Standing there was his soulmate, grinning and with a lustful leer in his eye.  Normally, it was Jack initiating a risky on-base liaison of their bodies, but this time, in a rare move, it was Daniel.

“I thought you had things to do,” Jack spoke slowly as he took just two steps to his right.

“I do, very important things.  Care to join me?” the archaeologist asked as he began to strip off his clothes.

It was moments like these which made Jack glad he'd had Sam rig the camera in his office.  During a regular day, he could turn on a tape that played a loop of Jack dutifully going through paperwork, even when he wasn't there.  It gave the colonel freedom, especially for moments like this one.

“Dannyboy, you're on!”

Within seconds, the men were undressed and ravishing the other.  It was a statement of love and a promise to protect the other, no matter what.  It didn't matter how intense the state of war was or how advanced the weaponry was used in the fight.  Jack and Daniel were together, for better or for worse, because they were a team, partners for life, and maybe even more someday.  Right now, though, things were hot and rising in the office of the SGC's second-in-command, and that was just how the couple liked it.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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