The Name and the Fantasy

Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Missing Scene/Epilogue, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - August 3, 2007
Spoilers:  Stargate Atlantis: The Real World, Stargate Atlantis: McCay and Mrs. Miller
Size:  16kb, ficlet
Written:  December 21-23, 2017
Summary:  Jack and Daniel get an amusing earful when Sam pops in for a visit.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~

The Name and the Fantasy
by Orrymain

It was evening on a warm Friday in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, and Jack and Daniel were enjoying a visit from Sam, who popped in right before dinner to see the triplets.

“Carter, it's been one heck of a day,” Jack had greeted his 2IC, which is how he thought of the astrophysicist even though he was retired from the Air Force.

“I could go, Sir.”

“Are you kidding me?  Daniel and I haven't engaged in adult conversation in days. Get your six in here.”

Laughing, Sam had gladly walked inside the home and ultimately combined her visit with the babies with dinner with the parents.  She even assisted in putting the Munchkins, as the triplets were called, to bed.

“How are things at the SGC, Sam?” Daniel asked as the three sat around the table in the kitchen nook.

Putting down her mug of coffee, Sam replied, “Guess who was in town recently, or maybe I should say, on Earth recently?”

“Who?” the archaeologist inquired.


“For crying out loud,” Jack whined.  “Still an arrogant wannabe?”

“Pretty much.”

“Didn't he dream about you ... naked?”

“Jack!” Daniel chastised, getting a not-so-innocent shrug in response.

Sam cringed.  It wasn't too long ago when she needed McKay's help.  They were on the Odyssey when the somewhat aggravating scientist told her about a recent incident when his puddle jumper crashed into the Atlantis ocean.  The puddle jumper was sinking and he was trapped, concussed, and almost certain to die.  In his strained mental state, he conjured up an hallucination of Sam.  Having her there, if only in his mind, helped him to survive.  He was essentially thanking Sam, even though she really didn't do anything herself.

In that moment, Sam had replied to the story with, “Okay, well, that's ... sort of nice.”  The she saw a certain kind of smile on McKay's face and became uncomfortably suspicious.  “Was I naked?”

“Partially,” McKay had unabashedly affirmed.

The whole situation gave Sam a case of the creeps.  She really wished McKay would get a life, one that didn't include her as part of his fantasies.  As quickly as she could, she refocused on the present.

“Let's not get into that.”  Sam paused nervously and inquired, “How'd you know about that?”

“You're not the only one who keeps me up-to-date, sometimes,” Jack spoke slyly. “Okay, tell me.  Why can't McKay stay on Atlantis?  More to the point, what'd he do now?”

“Jack, he's not that bad.”

“I didn't say he was bad, Daniel, I said he was an arrogant wannabe, an annoying arrogant wannabe,” Jack expounded.

“Oh,” Daniel responded succinctly.

To the blonde, Jack spoke, “I repeat.  What did he do now?”

“Well, we needed his help,” Sam corrected with a reluctant smile.

“Now that's fairytale,” the general put forth.

“Actually, Sir, it's not.”

“Do I want to hear this?” Jack asked his husband.

“I do,” Daniel replied with a hint of a smirk.

With that permission to speak, Sam informed her friends that, “It started with McKay's sister, Jeannie.”

Surprised, Jack asked, “McKay has a sister?”

“They've been estranged for years, Sir.  Get this: McKay's been mad at her because she chose to get married and have a family instead of devoting herself to a career in theoretical physics.”  Sam shrugged and added, “She could have been one of our leading scientific minds if she hadn't chosen to get married and have kids.”

“Sam, being a mom is important, too,” Daniel pointed out before drinking more of his coffee.

“I guess so.”

“Whoa!  You're on the bumbling wannabe's side?” Jack questioned in surprise.

“I didn't say that, exactly, but Jeannie is very smart, Sir, and she understands more than we realized, and probably more than she knows, even now.”

“So, what happened?” the lovers asked in total synchronicity, causing all three of the adults to chuckle.

Sam explained how she came upon a mathematical proof written by Jeannie and how it fit in with one of McKay's experiments that could result in a crucial improvement to Gate travel.  When she couldn't convince the woman to assist, she asked Rodney McKay to return to Earth and ask his sister to join him in the project.  When she still refused, he had his sister beamed up to the Daedalus, the Air Force vessel that regularly ferried back and forth from Earth to Atlantis.  After she finally agreed to participate, the siblings went to Atlantis where they were successful in building a bridge of sorts between Atlantis and Earth.  The problem was that they also had to deplete a zero point module to collapse it in order to save the universe.

“Carter, are you crediting McKay with saving the universe?” Jack asked pointedly.  Before she could respond, he added, “That's *our* gig.”

“Um, well, you're retired, General, and, well ...”

“Leave her alone, Jack,” Daniel chuckled.  “He's teasing you, Sam.”

“Sometimes, I'm not so sure.”

With a smug expression, the general returned in a low tone, “That's just how I like it.”

“He's just having fun having an actual conversation that doesn't include spit-up and gurgles that he pretends are giggles.”

“Don't tell me you aren't enjoying this,” Jack challenged his soulmate.

Daniel avoided answering the question by drinking more of his coffee.

Trying to change the subject, Sam asked, “Sir, do you know McKay's full name?”

“That would involve reading his file.”


“I might have glanced at it.”

Daniel rolled his eyes and then inquired amusingly, “Is he an O'Neill?”

“Daniel, I could shoot you for that insinuation and no one would convict me.”

“I hate to disappoint you, Babe, but you already shot me.”

Jack coughed and with an elevated voice rationalized, “You were *shooting* up the gate room!”

“Technicality,” Daniel dismissed.

“Fellas, it's Meredith,” Sam laughed.

“Meredith?” the lovers queried in unison.

Snickering, Sam nodded and verified, “Meredith.”

“I should have read his file years ago,” the general mused.  ~Gonna remember this for the future, though.~

Sam grinned as she recalled the moment she'd heard that little gem.  Jeannie called her brother by his first name, leaving Sam stunned.

“Your name is Meredith McKay,” Sam had questioned the fast-speaking scientist.  ~This is too good to be true.~

Annoyed, McKay had explained, “Meredith Rodney McKay, yes, but I prefer to go by Rodney.  Look, could you just stick to the point here?  Look out the window; much more interesting than my name.”

“That's a good one, Carter.  Danny and I needed a chuckle after the day we had,” Jack commented.

“Um, there is something else,” Sam stated while trying not to laugh, the simple thought nearly forcing her to bust out chuckling.

“Do tell,” Jack beckoned.

“Elizabeth was ... injured recently.”

“Is she okay?” Daniel asked as he leaned in more over the round table.

About General Landry who currently ran Stargate Command, Jack opined, “Hank would have mentioned it to me if it was ... fatal.”

“She's made a full recovery, but she wasn't out of commission that long, although I guess it's a matter of terminology.”

“Carter, what are you talking about?”

In round two of Sam's exposition, she told the couple about Elizabeth Weir's coma-induced hallucination during which she believed she was back on Earth.  Her world was turned upside down, her fiance dead, her bad health a result of having a supposed mental breakdown, and everyone denied the existence of the Stargate, including Jack.

“Me?” Jack echoed.

“Yes, Sir.  Elizabeth was very specific.  *Major General* Jack O'Neill knew her from her work on a treaty, but he knew nothing about a Stargate.”

“Well, now we know she was hallucinating.  I only have one star.”

“No explanation for that, Sir,” Sam replied.  Suddenly, she felt the piercing stare.  “Oh, uh, I meant about the rank, two stars.”  She gulped and muttered, “You know, no explanation about why you were a major general and just a brigadier in her hallucination ... Sir.”

Jack smiled and remarked, “Two stars: love the rank and the pay increase.”

“But you have three stars, Jack, and they're all sleeping in their crib in the nursery.”

“Yeah, those are my kind of stars, the burping, drooling, and giggling kind,” Jack mused, his smile broad and his eyes shining with happiness.

“That's not all.”

Once again, Sam told Jack and Daniel more of the story, and this time, it centered on the resolution of Elizabeth's hallucination.

Incredulously, Jack asked, “Fantasy?  I was her fantasy?”

Sam laughed and reminded, “Elizabeth realized that one part of her life was real and the other was the fantasy.”

“And I was in the fantasy?”

“I think that's obvious, Jack, unless you've been holding out on me,” Daniel noted.

“With Weir?  Don't think so, Dannyboy.”

“Don't call me boy.”

Jack smiled evasively, reading a lot into his lover's expression.  He was hoping the look was an invitation for a good night's loving.  On the downside, the facial sculpting could be a threat that resulted in him spending the night in the doghouse.

~Think positively, O'Neill.  He needs you, at least twice for the kiddie wake ups.~

“Elizabeth said you, the you in her hallucination, challenged her on what was real, but she held her ground; said you were the fantasy.”

Jack cocked his head to the side and voiced, “You know, I don't mind being fantasized about occasionally, but if I were, I mean, come on, if I'm right there, in front of her, how could she say I was just a fantasy?”

Daniel blinked, trying to follow his husband's train of thought, and then he realized he was nuts for doing so.

“It wasn't really you, of course,” Sam reminded.

“Who was I, uh, him, or it ... Carter, I'm getting a headache.”

“Sorry, Sir.  You were Niam.”

“Yep, that clears that right up, all clear now, not a question in my mind.”

“You're a little out of the loop, Sir.”

“Ya think?  What's a Niam?”

“It ... he's a Niam.”

“Tell you what, Carter.  Let's forget Niam.”

“Who?” Sam asked with a straight face.

“The ...”  Jack let out a groan upon the realization that his 2IC was jesting with him.  “Carter, if you weren't such a good friend, I'd transfer you to Elmendorf.”

“And before you do that, Sir, I should get going.”

“Hot date tomorrow?” Jack teased as he watched the blonde stand up.

“Yes, with some not-so-happy friends who live way, way out.”

“Oh, uh, anything we can do?” Daniel queried.

At that point, the cries of the babies began to filter through the  baby monitor that was on the table.

“Thank you, Daniel, but I think those three need you both more.”

Daniel stood, gave Sam a smile, and said, “I'm glad you came by.”  As the intensity of the cries increased, he stammered, “Uh, I ...”

“Go on.  I'll let myself out.”

“Carter, you're a peach.”

Jack and Daniel hurried upstairs to check on their triplets, leaving Sam alone downstairs.  She smiled as she put her purse over her shoulder and picked up her keys.  She ambled to the front door and chuckled as she reached it.  Her colleagues were turning a page in their lives, battling the sounds of infants instead of the throaty threats of creatures who lived in another part of the universe.

“You go, guys,” Sam encouraged quietly as she opened the door and locked it behind her.

Life was full of changes and uncertainty, but for Jack and Daniel of Colorado Springs, they had all the changes they needed, thanks to a diaper service that would be by in the morning.  Yes, life was good for the Jackson-O'Neills.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~

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