* * The Jack and Daniel Time Line * *

Warning: MAJOR Fan Fic Storyline Spoilers Below

Year 1 - January 1996 -- Jack and Daniel meet and go to Abydos, where Daniel stays behind and marries Sha're. Jack returns to Earth and retires again. Daniel remains on Abydos for a little over a year. The Stargate Program doesn't exist; the Stargate is simply gathering dust at Cheyenne Mountain.

Year 2 - Season 1 - June 1997 -- For the purposes of molding my fanon with series canon, season 1 actually begins in February of 1997 (based on dates mentioned in the episode "Politics") and goes through June 24 and the episode, "Within the Serpent's Grasp".

Jack and Daniel's friendship blossom; they acknowledge they are best friends; Jack realizes it's more with the events of “Fire and Water”; Daniel finally discovers Jack's feelings after “Solitudes”, though nothing happens between them yet; Sha're is still under the control of Apophis and the Goa'uld.

Year 3 - Season 2 - June 1998 -- Jack and Daniel become lovers after “Serpent's Lair” and the utterance of the infamous “Space Monkey” nickname. This occurs June 26, 1998 and is, for years, considered to be their anniversary. After a period of adjustments and Daniel dealing with his guilt about Sha're, Jack and Daniel go to Disneyland in August and meet Goofy; Daniel learns some truths about his parents' intentions, the lovers take their first real vacation to Phoenix; Sha're has her baby and is still a Goa'uld.

Note on "Hebetude" - in retrospect, it can't be mapped out on my master calendar, but the story is part of my fanon and its events part of the universe. This is the story is tacked on to the end of S2.

To meld canon into fanon and make sense in the master calendar, the episode "Secrets" is essentially 'jumped' ahead. Daniel mentions it's been 'one Abydos year to the day' when Kasuf makes contact, which pretty much coincides with teh August 21st airdate of the episode. Thus, the episode was put into the universe as occurring between "Prisoners" and "The Gamekeeper". Also, the Season 3 opener, "Into the Fire" is combined with the Season 2 cliffhanger, "Out of Mind" to occur completely in the second season.

Year 4 - Season 3 - June 1999 --
Their first anniversary after the events of “Into the Fire”; Jack asks Daniel to move in full time; Daniel has a horrible couple of days during which Jack buys him an outrageous sporty car which Daniel calls his "Silver Fox" after Jack; Sha're dies. Jack begins to secretly train Daniel in earnest on covert operations.

For storyline purposes, "Nemesis" occurs on July 4, and then Season 4 would begin on July 5 with "Small Victories"

Year 5 - Season 4 - June 2000 -- "Small Victories" occurs on July 5, after their second anniversary. They deal with Daniel's humilation on Euronda, Anise, and memory stamps, among other things. Daniel bulks up more and continues his covert Special Ops 101 Training.

Note that the story "Trouble in Paradise" begins in Season 4 but crosses over into the early part of Season 5.

Year 6 - Season 5 - June 2001 -- Their third anniversary after the events of “Exodus”. Jack's jealousy takes on a new intensity.

Year 7 - Season 6 - June 2002 -- Their fourth anniversary after the events of “Redemption” and again, Daniel is obviously alive and well; Meridian is but a dream, a useful warning they make use of where some events do happen but absolutely no glowy thingys in site! The couple realize the power of touch, and Daniel goes through a bit of an identity crisis.

Year 8 - Season 7 - June 2003 -- Their fifth anniversary after the events of “Fallen”; Jack puts Daniel's name on the property deed for the house; Daniel proposes; they get married on November 16, 2003 in Canada and honeymoon in Australia. The couple's family increases by two ... beagles, that is, and they make plans to adopt when Jack retires and other family plans. Meanwhile, a plot develops where someone is after Jack and is willing to use Daniel to get to him. As a result, Daniel is kidnapped and tortured, and given an alien drug that comes back to haunt him time and time again.

Year 9 - Season 8 - June 2004 -- Their sixth anniversary - Jack and Daniel plan their retirement and the countdown is on to when they start their family. Note: In my universe, anything happening in Seasons 9, 10, and beyond will be incorporated, when appropriate, into S8 or later, if not ignored entirely. For me, the 'real' series ends towards the end of S8.

Year 10 - Beyond the Series - June 2005 -- Their seventh anniversary. Jack and Daniel finally live their dream, setting up their own business and starting their family. Even so, they still get called on to battle the Goa'uld, and both confront demons from their past as they move forward toward their new family life.

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