My Jack and Daniel Universe

Artwork by Maureen Middleton

There are a few “unique” things about my Jack and Daniel universe to be kept in mind:

1) My universe is consistent. You could put every story I've written together and form one big novel. There is only one first time, one fifth anniversary, etc. So, while the stories aren't necessarily written in order, going from S7 to S3 to S6 to S2 depending on what stories are written when, it's all Jack's and Daniel's lives and their history together from the beginning to now.

2) All the stories stand alone. You don't need to read all of them to enjoy any given one. At the same time, because it is one big universe, you'll probably enjoy it more if you know all the history, but it's not required. There are some story arcs where stories are written around a particular plot or theme. They are still standalone projects. I have provided a listing of stories by arc for anyone interested.

3) I follow show canon as much as possible, with some notable exceptions.

    ** The big exception, of course, is the element of slash, but I'm a believer in canon and like to "explain" the "real" story behind some of the things we see on the show. Thus, what happens on the show, happens in my universe, but it may not always be what you think!

    ** Another big exception is that my universe is ascension-free. Oh, yes, the events of Meridian get mentioned and explained, but there's a twist. Daniel never gets sucked into the Oma Zone. Jonas Quinn does exists and has made it into a few fics, including "Dinner at Seven" and "Kelowna, No More." Season six episodes, however, have all been Danielized. Daniel was there, after all, in the flesh!

    ** By the same token, Seasons 9 and 10 have been Jack-ized. There is no way that Jack would leave the team to go off to Washington. We all know that. He remains on the base, as does General George S. Hammond. Is Jack still a general? Yeahsureyabetcha! There are twists and turns, though, so you'll have to read to find out exactly how the stories develop and just how Jack gets those promotions.

    ** The core story, "They Don't Understand," covers the reality of what happened with "Meridian," and another story, "Dinner at Seven," actually goes through the events of "Full Circle," "Fallen," and "Homecoming." No deaths. No ascensions. It's all very logical in my Jack and Daniel universe.

    ** A fourth big exception was necessitated by the sad events in "Heroes" towards the end of Season 7. I have made the decision to not follow canon with respect to the "Janet Fraiser" character. The events of "Heroes" in which Janet is killed is explained in my story, "The Truth about Heroes: Janet's Song." Be assured, Janet remains a huge part of the universe.

    ** The latest big exception is that I firmly believe S9 and S10 are AU. I point to the fish in the final scene of "Moebius", to the fact that in part of the S9 opener Daniel suddenly had an apartment again (when he had purchased a house in S7), and that out of the clear blue, Jack suddenly has a motorcycle. Sadly, things were not put back right in "Moebius Part 2". Jack himself notices the fish and says 'close enough'. Well, we know that close enough really isn't.

In my universe, I will incorporate whatever parts of S9, S10, and the SG-1 movies I choose to into the universe. Two characters have been incorportated into my universe, Doctor Carolyn Lam and General Hank Landry. The others have small bits and pieces. I am working on my version of the Ori storyline that will ultimately deal with how Cameron Mitchell and Vala are handled long term.

4) What of the infamous 'ship' plot? It is there, but in my universe, it's totally explained and not at all what you think. I've been told my take on Sam and the proverbial “ship” hasn't been done quite the way it is in my fan fic. Sam has a vital role in the lives of Jack and Daniel, but you'll have to read to find out the full story! Rest assured that there is no Super Sam in my universe and that wishy washy element that has frustrated many in canon is not present.

5) My world is, well, honestly, “tame” in certain ways. Jack and Daniel screamed at me to let them have sex in “Melons, Fiber and Krispy Kremes,” a cute little tale about grocery shopping that had me totally stumped. I mean, geez, they were shopping, and they wanted me to write them having sex in the parking lot?
Well, they won, and I wrote my first NC-17 scene. I've done a few of them now, but be forewarned, that my NC-17's are Disneyized. If you read them, you'll find out what I mean! The funny thing is, I've gotten some very nice feedback about my NC-17's. I suppose there are a lot of people like me who actually do enjoy the overview more than the technical. Patrick Swayze always said that the imagination is much better than the visual. That's why Ghost worked so well. I believe in this, too, and that's how my love scenes are written for the most part.

Readers will notice the "tame" in language, too. My fic is 99.9% profanity free. Instead, Jack's worst is "friggin'" and "crap" while Daniel tends to use "freakin'" and made up words in Abydonian or some other language. Some may argue with that. Even my betas sometimes say "but it needs to be stronger," but you won't find it. Sorry, Jack.

6) It was so sad when Don S. Davis died. I was fortunate to have chatted with him a couple of times, and he was so kind. I cannot kill off his beloved role of General Hammond. In my universe, Hammond is alive and vital, just as Don was. I did do a tribute story for Don, to help us feel his loss. It's entitled simply, "Loss."

7) Lastly, my Jack and Daniel universe is happy, sappy, and full of love! There are several hurt/comfort stories and lots of angst and drama, too, but each and every story has a happy ending; no melancholy or unfulfilling endings. If you suffer through their torment, and there is plenty of that (alien drugs, stalkers, attempted rape, jealousy, torture, etc.), you will find the light at the end of the tunnel! It's a dark-free zone!

The "Beyond the Series" fics have taken the characters to an entirely unanticipated place -- a family with kids while still working at the SGC and having their own archaeological firm. It's a crazy madhouse, but not for everyone, but just as the beagles have their own following, so do the children.

My guys are tough, independent, strong-willed men, but they are also romantic fluffs with each other when they are alone, and they've completely changed each other's lives, and are better for it. Thus, consider this your “Sugar in their Veins” warning!

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