Author:  Orrymain
Category:  Slash, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Jack/Daniel ... and it's all J/D
Rating:  PG-13
Season:  Beyond the Series - September 7-14, 2017
Spoilers:  None
Size:  32kb, short story
Written:  September 8,11, October 8-13, 2010
Summary:  The brood studies mythology, and the god of the heavens brings something unexpected to the family.
Disclaimer:  Usual disclaimers -- not mine, wish they were, especially Daniel, and Jack, too, but they aren't.  A gal can dream though!
1) This story was written on request for Wolf Mistress and has some basis in fact.
2) Silent, unspoken thoughts by various characters are indicated with ~ in front and behind them, such as ~Where am I?~
3) Thanks to my betas who always make my fics better:  Classic, Tammy, Ali, Navi!

by Orrymain

“Okay, more easy review, and I'm talkin' 'before you could talk' easy,” Jack stated as he walked around the long, rectangular table in the hospitality room where eight of the children were participating in the current homeschooling lesson.  “According to Greek mythology, the big guy was ...”

“Zeus!” three of the children called out, all laughing at the quick responses.

“I like these questions,” Ricky chuckled, watching his siblings nod their heads in agreement.

“I told ya it was an easy review,” Jack responded with a grin.  “Hades was the god of the dead and underworld; Poseidon the god of the sea.  What about the great and powerful Zeus?”

“He was the god of the heavens, Dad,” Little Danny put forth.

“Too easy, even for easy,” Jack mumbled mischievously.  Pivoting on his foot to change directions, he looked upon the smiling faces around the table.  “One at a time, and don't step on one another.  Tell me what Zeus was a god over, like god of the heavens.  Jonny, start.”

“Thunder!” the eldest Munchkin exclaimed, making a big to do of his answer.

“Noa,” Jack acknowledged and then waited for her answer.

“Zeus was the god of justice, Dad.  He was the one the Ancient Greeks went to when they had a problem,” the eleven-year-old curly top answered confidently.


“He was the god of the sky, too,” the Spitfire answered without hesitating.  “I like a blue sky.”

“Let's stay on topic,” Jack interjected quickly.  “Ash.”

“Hmmm.  They took all the easy ones,” the middle Munchkin whined.

“Easy review,” Jack reminded pointedly.

Just then, with Jack facing away from them, Jonny repeated his thunder sound, while Little Danny squiggled his fingers in a falling pattern.

“Oh, rain!” Aislinn exclaimed with a broad smile.

Jack gave a fake grin as he responded, “Yes, and little helpers end up with extra homework.”

“Munchkins stick together,” Jonny mumbled under his breath, not the least bit sorry for his assist.

“And little generals do reports on Hermes,” Jack countered.  “He's the god of ...”

“Mischief,” Jonny groaned.

“Two pages, double spaced, our regular margins: Hermes, the mischief maker.  Due tomorrow before dinner.”

“Ah, Dad.”

“Going for a three-pager, my boy?”

“I'll stick with two pages, Dad,” Jonny relented.

“Chip off of the ole block,” Jack mused, putting his hands on his namesake's shoulders.  “Lulu, back to Zeus.”

“Zeus was a cloud gatherer.”

“Good girl.  Okay, kids, why are we going through this?  Why the review over mythology you learned years ago?” Jack queried, curious what the brood might say.

“It's just a reminder,” Aislinn suggested.  “It's like keeping our brains going.”

“Yeah,” Little Danny agreed.  “We file things in compartments, and if it just sits there, it's pointless.”

“So we have to use it sometimes,” Jenny chimed inn, tapping the side of her head.

“Those compartments can get dusty,” Ricky teased, causing everyone to laugh.

“Exactly,” Jack responded, clapping in approval of what he was hearing.  “So, over the next week, think about Zeus.  I want each of you to keep a log of things that remind you of Greek mythology, but especially Zeus.  Next week, we'll do a wrap up, and in addition to your logs, each of you will make a presentation.  You can write a poem, a short story, or a report about Zeus, or make drawing or even create a piece of artwork.  Anything creative will do.  I don't really care what it is, but bring me Zeus.  Questions?”

A round of shaking heads was Jack's response.

“Okay, recess.  Daddy picks up with your math lessons in twenty minutes.”

Cheerfully, the children headed outside, eager for the study break.


“They miss each other,” Chenoa opined as she and Angela Wilson watched their four Shetland ponies romping around playfully.

“That's why they get play dates,” Angela replied, the young girl standing on the bottom rung of the wooden fence.

“Girls, it's time to go,” Sara Wilson called out from the doorway of her father's ranch house.

“Okay, Mom,” Angela shouted back.  She jumped down and prepared to go inside the corral with Chenoa.  “I miss riding them.”

“Me, too,” Chenoa sighed.  “We're too big now.”

“I still love them.”

With an even bigger grin, the curly top agreed, “Me, too!”


“When are you and Mark going to break down and buy your daughter a real riding horse?” Sara's father, Mike, inquired.

“Horses are expensive, Dad.”

The now completely gray haired man smiled, laughing to himself.

“What's the laugh for?”

“I'm trying to remember the last time you actually called me 'Dad',” Mike answered cheerfully.

Sara smiled, walked up to her father, and gave him a kiss on the cheek before replying, “Child of the sixties, Mike.”

“I recall,” the man responded glibly.

“I wasn't that bad.”

Mike laughed, “You were perfect.”

“Let's not exaggerate ... Pop!”

“I can still throw you over my lap, young lady”

“'Young lady'?” Sara echoed.  “Mike, I love you,” she declared as she gave her father a big hug.

“Mom, can you open the trailer door for us?” Angela called out as she led Hot towards the horse trailer that was attached to the rear of her mother's car.

“Be right back,” Sara told her father before heading over to assist the girls in putting Chenoa's two Shetlands, Hot and Chocolate, into the trailer.

“Thanks, Aunt Sara, for bringing Hot and Chocolate to visit with Dunkin' and Donut,” Chenoa stated appreciatively, referring to Angela's two Shetland ponies who resided at Mike's permanently.

“My pleasure, Noa.”


Tuesday afternoon, Chenoa returned home from a morning of riding, full of excitement and urgency.  She'd been with Angela again, only this time, they'd been at the large ranch owned by Angela's father's employer.  They'd been going there for years to ride the man's horses.

Unfortunately, or perhaps it was really a fortunate happenstance, Chenoa's parents were running some errands, leaving the bulk of the brood home on their own recognizance for a couple of hours.

“Brood, meeting,” the young girl called out over the intercom.

Within a couple of minutes, Brianna, David, Lulu, Jonny, Little Danny, and Jenny were gathered around their sister.  They were the only Jackson-O'Neill children home at the moment, except for a weary JD who had just volunteered to take a nap.

“I need your help,” Chenoa announced as she stood amid her siblings in the living room.

“With what, Noa?” Lulu asked.


“Oh,” Jonny expressed as if understanding completely.  He looked at Brianna and David and explained, “Dad gave us homework to do something creative about Zeus.”

“I'm using Dad's kiln to make a platter,” Lulu announced.

“How can we help you?” Brianna inquired, always willing to help out with homework if she could.

“Well, we have to save Zeus,” Chenoa told the others.

“Save him?” Jenny questioned curiously.

“Yes, and Ares and Athena, too.  If we don't rescue them, it'll be horrible.”

“Noa, Zeus can save himself and the other god and goddesses, too,” a confused Jonny assured.

“Jonny, I'm not talking about mythology.”

“Then what *are* you talking about?”


“Who is Zeus?” an exasperated Jonny questioned.

Chenoa chuckled, causing her little brother to let out a groan that sounded like their older father.  In seconds, the other children were laughing, too.

“Come on, Noa -- give,” Brianna urged.

“Okay, well ...”


“Daniel, it's not that sim...ple,” Jack stated, his response stilted by what he saw.  ~Uh oh.~

“No, I don't think it is,” Daniel agreed, though he wasn't as much referring to their topic of discussion upon entering the house as to what he was now observing.  ~Trouble.~

“Welcome to Hacienda de Alogo Cheval Faras,” Aislinn greeted.  “Here's a truffle, Daddy, and for you, Dad, I have a Big Hunk.”


“Tread carefully,” the archaeologist suggested.  ~Okay.  I get it.  It's all about Greek, French, and Arabic horses.~

“Dad, Daddy, look!” Ricky requested, pointing to his siblings behind him.

“Yes,” the general responded flatly.  “We see.”

“No, not yet, but I'm sure we will,” Daniel muttered to his husband before biting into his truffle.

The lovers continued to take in the sight of their re-decorated living room.  It had been transformed into a stable, via well placed curtains and blankets.  There was even a horse in the living room, although it was actually a two-piece horse costume that had been used in one of the family skits a couple of years earlier.

The costumed horse began to dance around and sing “Home on the Range.”

“Come sit down,” Lulu urged, taking the free hand of each of her parents and leading them to the sofa.

“Lambs to the slaughter,” Jack mumbled as he sat down.

Jack and Daniel exchanged a look when they realized that Lulu and Ricky had kneeled down and were removing their fathers' shoes, replacing them with their favorite, more comfortable slippers.

As Brianna and David got out of their costume, Aislinn turned on David's latest music gadget and engaged the play list, which was a lengthy line of country western songs, and not the current pop country tunes, but classics from a vintage era featuring Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.

The next thing the parents knew, Brianna was walking towards them with soft drinks in her hands, specifically, a Pepsi for Daniel and a Coke for Jack.

“I would have brought wine and beer, but I didn't think you'd approve,” the tomboy remarked as she handed over the cold plastic bottles which had their caps already opened.

“Dad, Daddy, do you know the proud heritage of horses?” Little Danny queried as he got down to the business at hand.

It was pointless for either Jack or Daniel to attempt to answer as the next thing they knew, the child prodigy was giving them a fifteen minute power point presentation on the majesty of horses.  Assisting him with graphics, including a couple of beautiful posters that had been printed out, was Jonny.

While they listened, Jack and Daniel ate their candy treats and sipped their drinks.  They also enjoyed neck massages, courtesy of Chenoa and Lulu.

In the middle of the brood's activity, JD wandered downstairs.  The almost six-year-old had just awakened from his nap.  He yawned and rubbed his eyes, after which he smiled at his parents and ran to them for hugs.  He was about to settle in between Jack and Daniel when Jonny whispered something in his ear.  The boy giggled and promptly left his parents to follow the sandy-haired boy and Ricky over to the side of the room.

The presentation was followed by Chenoa giving a talk about the benefits of owning her two Shetland ponies and how they'd been sources of comfort and education, not to mention a cornerstone of responsibility for the children.  As she talked, Jonny, Ricky, and JD disappeared outside, confident that Chenoa and the others could handle the ongoing presentation.

“Okay, kids ...” Jack began, leaning forward.

“We're not done yet, Dad,” Jenny chastised as she turned on the TV and pushed 'play' on the DVD.

~Silly me,~ Jack thought while still trying to figure out why the brood was so fascinated with the topic of horses at the moment.

“Aren't they beautiful?” the redhead asked as she worked her way through the controls and halted the picture at the sight of several well-known horses, both real and fictional.

Perfectly timed, just as Jenny stopped the DVD, JD shocked his parents by reappearing.  He was now wearing an oversized cowboy outfit that had been meant for Ricky, and he was sitting on Chocolate, riding her right into the living room with his brothers sandwiching him on foot.  He sang a verse of “Happy Trails”.

When his brother was done, Jonny put on a very dejected expression as he bemoaned, “I can't ride Chocolate anymore.”

That was the truth, not just for Jonny but for most of his siblings.  Ricky was the shortest of the younger brood, except for JD, and was the only one who could still get on Hot and Chocolate from time to time, though he was just about to be too big himself.  That's why Jonny had seized the opportunity to insert JD into the mix.  JD loved riding the horses and was the right size.  For Chocolate's sake, he'd made an executive brood decision to put JD on the pony instead of Ricky.

“I'm already too big,” Chenoa lamented.

“Me, too,” Lulu added.

“All of us are, except for JD,” Little Danny pointed out.

“Dad ...” Chenoa began.

“Whoa!” Jack exclaimed.  “Pitch noted, but before you continue, get that horse out of the horse, uh, house!”

The children giggled, and then Jonny helped his little brother perform a U-turn on Chocolate and take her to the stable at the back of the yard.

“Dad ...” Chenoa began again.

“Uh, just a ... a minute,” Daniel interrupted.  “Noa, let's make this easy on all of us.”

“Who, what, when, where, how, and why,” Jack clarified.

Chenoa drew a huge breath and then answered in a speed like ramble, “Zeus, Ares, and Athena.  They're horses.  Zeus is a stallion.  Athena is half Tennessee Walker/half Quarter horse.  Ares is their son.  The sooner the better, but probably by Thanksgiving for sure.  Um, well, I thought maybe Mike would help with the where, and,” looking at both her parents, “and you'd be the how.  I love them, and they were abandoned with nothing but scrub and hardly any water, and if we don't, then they'll be separated, and Zeus might be ...” she sniffled, “well, he might be ...”

“Okay, we get it,” Jack sighed.  “No, we don't.  Scrub?”

“Someone left them to die, Dad, in a place that didn't have any edible plants or leaves or anything.  One of Mister Granger's stable hands found them, but he doesn't want to keep them.”

Just then Jonny returned with Little Danny at his side.  They quickly caught up to where they were on the agenda.

“Noa ...” Jack began, staring at his daughter.

“Dad, Little Danny has a turkey sanctuary, so why can't I have a horse sanctuary?”

“I can think of a few thousand reasons,” Jack groaned.  ~And a few thousand acres.~

“We can help find them homes,” Daniel responded.

Chenoa's head bowed as she whispered, “They'll kill Zeus.”

All of a sudden, the parents were looking at a group of very sad children.  Jack looked over at Daniel, a feeling of déjà vu hitting both of them.  They just didn't want to go through that again.

“Why don't we call Mike and ...” Jack began.

“He said 'yes'!” Aislinn exclaimed, quickly covering her mouth and then laughing.

“Stay!” Jack ordered, standing and motioning for Daniel to follow him upstairs.


In Daniel's den, the lovers both took big breaths and then faced each other.

“Danny, let's call Mike.”

“Huh?  I mean, uh ... what?”

Jack let out a sigh and explained, “Why fight nature?”

“I, uh ... I don't ... understand.  You ... you're okay with this?” the younger man questioned in surprise.  “You want three horses?”

“No, I don't want three horses, but it's too dang hot.”

Daniel blinked in confusion several times.  It was fall, and it definitely wasn't hot, inside or out.

“I don't ...”

“Daniel, let's assess the situation.  Our horse loving daughter has fallen in love with three throwaway horses.  She isn't content with us finding homes for them.  She wants a horse sanctuary and figures because you caved with Little Danny ...”

“*I* caved?”

With an aggravated look, Jack continued, “The point is, Noa wants the horses.  She's enlisted two-thirds of the brood.  The rest will fall into line.  Let's say we refuse.  What's going to happen?”

“Rebellion, pouting, and more horse videos, magazines, pictures, posters ...”

“Move it along,” the older man urged, motioning with his hand.

“Horses everywhere,” Daniel stated simply.

“And?” Jack prodded.

“Pouts.  Lots and lots of pouts.”

“Exactly,” Jack acknowledged.  “Sooner or later, you'll cave.”  Seeing his Love about to speak, Jack held out his hand, one finger extended.  “Ut!  Ut!” he refuted, shaking the finger at his husband while shaking his head.  “You will give in, and then you and I will argue, and one day I'll come home and find some old stallion in my truck.”

“I don't think he'll fit.”

“The kids will find a way.  They always do,” Jack sighed.  “Danny, we've been there, done that.  I don't want to go through it again.  Besides, Noa's put those ponies first ever since we got them.  She's earned our trust that she will be responsible for the horses.”

“Actually, we'll have to board them, and you know what that means, Jack.”  Daniel paused, staring his husband in the eye.  “This won't be an inexpensive proposition.”

“It's too hot,” Jack repeated with a loud sigh.  “Let's just say the kids rebelled, you caved, we argued, and then I saw the light.  Let's save your emotions and what's left of my hair, and let's call Mike.”  With a shrug, he added, “It's only money.”

“The brood needs to contribute,” Daniel proposed.  “We can't just let them keep showing up with homeless pets and thinking we can add them to the zoo.”

With a look of incredulousness, Jack's focus on his Love was strong.  He felt like he was in The Twilight Zone and that they had just traded places.  Daniel had just stolen his argument.

Suddenly, the archaeologist chuckled.  With a shrug, he headed for the phone to call Sara's dad.


“Mike, that's a fantastic idea,” Jack opined as the discussion on the horses was ending.  “Lou, Solomon, Dale -- they'll have a ball,” he added enthusiastically, referring to his friends Lou Ferretti, Solomon O'Shea, and Dale Rancolini, all of whom he knew would be willing to help with the project being discussed.

“We really appreciate this,” Daniel added.

The couple concluded their call and stood up.  They were headed for the door when Jack stopped his Love, spinning him around gently and pulling him into an embrace.

“Danny, we spoil them.”

“Rotten,” Daniel concurred.

“I don't care.”

“Their hearts are in the right place, Jack, and we can afford this, and they will have responsibilities.”

“We need to go see Jack,” the general suggested, referring to a foster member of the zoo who they paid the upkeep for and often visited.

Daniel chuckled, “Maybe you can convince Mike to add a donkey to the place.”

“Nah.  Jack has friends at his caregiver's place.”

“We'll go next week.”

After a kiss, the lovers again headed towards the door, but then Daniel stopped and asked, “Jack, what's that 'too hot' business?”

“When Billy and I were kids making a ruckus, my grandmother used to grab us by the ears and tell us it was too hot for scuffles and to behave.  It just came to me.”

With a chuckle and a nod, Daniel headed for the stairs as did his Heart.


The anxious brood were scrunched together on the sofa as they waited for their parents. They'd told JD all about what they were trying to do, since all he'd been told earlier was that he needed to ride Chocolate and sing a song.

“Maybe we should have played more of Flicka,” Jenny pondered.  “Dad loves Flicka.”

The discussion didn't go much further as the kids heard their parents returning.  They held hands as they waited for the verdict.

Daniel had his arms crossed in front of his chest, while Jack put his hands in his pockets.  Both stood in silence for several seconds.

Finally, Jack grinned and announced, “We're having a barn raising.”

“A what?” Ricky inquired.

“We're going to get some friends and family together, go to Mike's, and build a barn for the horses to live in,” Daniel elaborated.

Slowly, the light dawned on the children, and the cheers erupted, followed by hugs that included their fathers.

“There will be regular responsibilities for all of you,” Jack put forth.

“And that includes maintenance and upkeep, as in money,” Daniel added.

“We'll discuss all of that later.  Right now, we need to know a few more details before we call Mister Granger,” Jack stated.

A beaming Chenoa answered all of her parents' questions, eager to call Angela and tell her the news as soon as they were done.


“So next Saturday we'll spend the day at Mike's,” Daniel began as the brood was gathered around for a family meeting.  “We should be able to get the horses' barn built if we're organized and everyone shows up.”

“I'll make sure they come,” Chenoa responded.

“Done!” Jack responded, writing down the information.  “You stay on top of the volunteers,” he agreed, pulling out a sheet of paper and handing it to his daughter.  “These are the 'yes' folks.  Keep 'em in line.”

“Yes, Sir,” Chenoa acknowledged with a grin as she reviewed the list of family and friends who had agreed to help out when contacted by Jack earlier that day.

“Noa, not everyone may be able to be there all day, so try to get time commitments and then we can make a schedule.  Mister Granger is willing to keep the horses until we're ready to take them, but we have a lot coming up so it's best if we can get this done on Saturday.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Chenoa responded, jotting down a couple of notes.  She looked over at the middle Munchkin and asked, “Will you help?  I might need video messages with 'the pout'.”

“Sure,” Little Danny agreed, his smile fading when he saw Jack's stare.

The boy's concern faded, morphing into a big smile when he heard his dad's next statement.

“Jonny, you'd better have the intimidation factor ready for those who 'the pout' doesn't work on.”

There were a few giggles to accompany Little Danny's smile and Jonny's grin.

“On the financial front,” Daniel interjected, “Dad and I are taking care of the housing issues and costs.  However, hay and feed, treats, and some other costs will be your responsibilities.”

The kids nodded, already prepared for that mandate.

“Jenny, big horses are different from Shetland ponies,” Daniel began.  “Your assignment is to research how to approach horses.  Read up on making sure we don't frighten them, and how humans should respond to them.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Ash, research the proper feed and treats for these breeds.  Noa, I want you to help her.  You two can make some phone calls later.”  After the two girls nodded, Daniel continued, “Lulu, we'd like you to look into horse accessories.  Again, they might be different from what we do for the Shetlands.  Ask questions that are specific for Zeus, Athena, and Ares.”

“Bri,” Jack began.  “Ares is a foal.  We need you to learn about his treatment and weaning from Athena.  Mister Granger will help us there.  You might want to talk to the foreman of his ranch and call Pam.  She knows about Hot and Chocolate, but let's make sure we have a vet who can guide us in this.”

“Consider it done,” Brianna stated.

“Bri, Cowboy knows all about foals,” Chenoa stated, having twisted around to look at her sister.  She glanced at her parents and explained, “Cowboy is one of Mister Granger's ranch hands.  I'll bet he'll help us.”

Jack nodded, prompting Brianna to write down more information which Chenoa imparted about Cowboy and how to reach him.

The general continued, “David, you're in charge of coordinating with Mike about the horses once they are there.  If Mike needs anything, I don't want him having to call us.  I want us there first.  These are *our* horses, not his.  He's doing us a favor.  Make a supply list and stay in touch.”

“We, uh, might rotate that chore after a while, but at first, we want one person to coordinate on a regular basis with Mike.”

“Gotcha',” David acknowledged.

When the assignments were done and the other family business concluded, the Jackson-O'Neills headed for Mister Granger's ranch to see the horses for the first time.


“There comes a time when all gods must retire,” Chenoa orated as she stood on the stage in the recreation room.  “And when they do, they get to relax.  It's called retirement.”

Jack and Daniel both chuckled slightly.

“Maybe it wasn't like that at Mount Olympus, but our Zeus will never have to worry about going hungry again.  He can be with his wife and watch his son grow up.”

The brood applauded as Chenoa used the remote to put up some of the video footage taken a few days earlier of the newest members of the zoo.

Zeus and Athena, both ten years of age, were running around Mister Granger's stable, side by side as if they didn't have a care in the world.  All of a sudden, five-month-old Ares ran over to them.

“Such a happy family,” Aislinn sighed as she sat on a floor pillow, leaning forward, her elbows on her knees and her chin resting in the palms of her hands.

The solid white stallion's mane and tail was a slightly darker cream color, though it wasn't really different enough to notice.

“I love his eyes,” Lulu stated about Zeus.

“They're crystal blue, like Aunt Sam's,” David pointed out.

Athena, the half Tennessee Walker and Quarter horse was bay in color.  When Ares wandered over, she immediately stayed close to him.

“She's so protective of him,” Brianna noted.

“Her eyes are chocolate brown, like Dad's,” Jenny pointed out.

All of a sudden, Jack let out a loud 'nay', causing his kids to laugh.

When the camera did a close up of Ares, Jennifer grinned and remarked, “What a beautiful foal.  He's a perfect mix of Zeus and Athena.”

Indeed, the young buckskin was a light cream color and had a tri-colored tail and mane of white, gray, and black.  In addition to having the same crystal blue eyes as his father, Ares also had a distinctive marking, that of a heart on the right side of his neck.

“He's all about love” Aislinn sighed.

“Geez, Ash, why is everything so romantic to you all the time?” Jonny asked.

“I'm a girl,” Aislinn responded simply, as if that answered everything.

“Oh, yeah.  I forgot,” the boy responded with a roll of his eyes.

“And that concludes my presentation about Zeus and what happens when gods retire,” Chenoa announced, smiling at the applause as she went to sit down.

Jack and Daniel exchanged a look of confusion on how to grade their daughter.  While of importance and high interest to the family at the moment, it wasn't exactly about mythology.

“Next,” Jack called out, trying to keep the show going on.

“The Greek Pantheon,” Jenny began, “is either a place of worship or a group of gods.  These gods were symbols of concepts, like love and war.  We know all of that, though, so I thought instead of me telling you all stuff we already know, that we could talk about our own pantheon -- Zeus, Athena, and Ares.”

Jack and Daniel chuckled.  Chenoa's presentation hadn't been the first of the night to refer to the horses, and Jenny's probably wouldn't be the last.  That was okay with them. The kids were excited about the horses, and the parents were enjoying seeing how they were bringing the horses into the mythology.  As for grades, the instructors decided that ultimately, each report was 'A' worthy.  After all, this was one family with a lot of imagination and even more love to share.

~~Finis - Finished - Done - The End - But is it ever Really?~~
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